Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 2, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1896
Page 7
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Ornamenting It "recently occurred to Tiffany & Co., the New York jewelers, to ornament a bicycle elaborately with gold, silver, and precious stones, believing that some wealthy customer would esteem so handsome a mount. They preferred-to pay $100 each for Columbia Bicycles For their purpose to using any other make of ** wheeLTheremust be no question of quality in a bicycle selected for such ornamentation. j* Therefore they chose Columbias STANDARD OF THE WORLD Unequalled, Unapp'roached. Beautiful An Catalogue of Columbia and Hartford Bicycles la free if you coll upon ftny Columbia agent; by mail from us for twi 3-ccnt atunpi. v _ SHILOfl BATTLEFIELD. Third Annual Reunion to Bo Held May 29 and 30, ftlnny 1'rotninflnt RTcn Will Deliver Ail- UresMt's—monument to Uo Dcdlcatod by thu IXInth Illlnolsi Veterans' A.HKUchiUon. POPE MANUFACTURING CO, Factories and General Offices, Hartford, Conn, " Enoch Siorea and Agencies In almost every city and town. If Columblaa are not properlj ciprtitnted In your vicinity lit ui know. I l.MUTABLKS. L.OCAL TIME TABLES. Soll'l trains lirrwcen ''Pooi'la and Sandusky" nnd "Indianapolis and Michigan." Direct connections to nnd from all points In the United States and Canada. L. E. & W. I*. B Arrive Lcavh * SOUTH BOUND. No 21 Pacific Ex Dally.. 7:10 um 2:u3am No 15 Indlunap's 'Sx Sunll:45am No.' 23 Mall & Ex ex Sun. 3:25 p m 8:10 p m No Hit Passenger ex Sun No. 131 Rochester Hocal Arrive 4;45 p m. except Sunday. NORTH BOUND. 5:20 a m No. :<i Mail & Ex ex Sun.10:22 a m 3:30 p m No S2 Michigan City flatly 4:45 p m 1:55 p m No 24 Detroit Ex ex Sun No IM Accom. ex Sun,. 6:45 am •Does not run north of Peru on Sunday. Trains 21 and 20 run dally between Indianapolis and Peru. No. 20 via Tipton arrives at Bloomington at 0:52 P. m. maklnfe' direct connection with C. & A. fast train arriving In Kansas City at 8:3o next morning-, connecting dl-' rect at Kansas City for Denver. San Fran- clr/o and all points wes.t. Free reclining chairs between Tipton and Missouri river for all passengers. Nos. 20, il. 22. and 23. connect at Tipton with main line trains for Sandusky, Peorla and all points east and west. For ticket rates and general Information call'on J. J. Skinner ticket agent, L. 13. & W., Peru, Ind., or C. F. • Dally, general passenger agent. Indianapolis, Ind. [Special Correspondence.] The first* monument to be erected on flic Shiloh battlefield 1ms been erected by Ibu NinMi Illinois Veterans', asso- ciution nnd. will be unveiled dni'hig' the nniuni! reunion ou May 23 iuid 30. The monument is made of Barre (Vermont) £i';milu aiid is C .feet long; nt the base, 3 i'ect (i inches thick. The second base is 0 J'eet by 2 feet (i inches. Tile die is 4 feet S inches wide, ~ feet 2 niches thick, o 1'uet 4 inches high. The cja.p is 4 feet 10 inches long', 2 feet 4 inohes wide nnd 1 foot S inches thick, making' the monument 7 feet 5 inches high nnd uoifi'binij 10,000 pounds. The cost was $1,000. It is a beautiful structure: On the cap is u knapsack, crossed guusnnd military cap with olive brunch nnd' oak leaves. Ou the front the monument' is inscribed as follows: "Xinth Illinois Frifantry Volunteers." On the reverse: "April 0, J8G2—Present for duty, 573 men; killed and died of wounds, 103; wounded, 203; total killed and wounded, 3CC." This was the heaviestloss sustained by-iiny regiment in this or any other siug-le battle of the war, according- to the number eng-afred. Gen. Jesse .1. Phillips, the first colonel of the reg 1 - imcnt, nnd now one of the supreme judges of Illinois, will deliver the oration at the unveiling*. Many other prominent men will be present and deliver addresses during- the two days'reunion. The comrades living; iu the south will send 10,000 White Cape jessamine flowers to place on the graves of 4,000 heroes who sleep on the ShJIoh battlefield. One hundred young- ladies, 50 from the north and 50 from the south, will place dead commander, and the battle wa> g-oiug' ou, Johnston's horse hod.died from the wounds he had received .at the time of the charg-e and Harris' horse had run •away. It was agreed tiia.tllarrisshouid .fS'o nnd notify Beauregard of Johnston's, death, aud Col. Preston would remain with the body and have it taken back to Shiloh church, which was done, and from there it wns taken to Corin.fh, Miss., imd to A'ew Orlennn, 3>.., wh'ere the remains nre buried in the-beautiful vault of the monument of the Southern Society of the Army of the Tennessee. The federa.] troops against which Gen. Johnston led the charge were the Ninth Illinois, Forty-first Illinois aud Thirty-second Illinois infantry, who so stubbornly held the position south of the Hamburg road on April G, 1802. The markers are now all up, and all can ' see the correct place where the great confederate commander died ou the Shilch battlefield. The Shiloh Battlefield association was organized April JO, 1S!)3. by the survivors of the battle on the occasion of their vi'sit to the battlefield when they held anniversary exercises on the .'!lst anniversary of the battlu. It is composed of soldiers, both north nnd south. The objects of the association are to have the old battlefield 'maintained by the'government as a great national memorial park. There arc buried over this battlefield 4,000 confederate dead who were never found nnd were not removed to the nat-tanal cemetery there. Secretary V, T. Lee, of Montieello, III., hns the names and post office address with the company and regiment of over 20,000 of the men who fought, at. Shiloh, representing every regiment, battery and command that took part in the battle. All these urg-ed that tie battlefield be preserved and the various positions marked wSexe the • commands fought during the, battle, and the graves cared for. The following .is a list of the officers of the association: OUR NAVAL 3IILITIA. Plan for Su'-Timcr Drill to Incroaso Its BQlcicnoy. Secretary I2pri:crt Arranfflns with the Uovt!r;mr.* of !/i!;e 11:1.1 CU;LH& sr.::ti;a lor I'racrlcivl K^porii.-nci ?.Ji>ri on [\Zun-cl'- War. or ffi ^ gynr-oriMll/^P;,"! f.jflpC •Daily. :Dolly except Sunday, Leave Arrive. Bradford and Col....'12:50 a m *2:45am /Philadelphia & N. Y..M2:50»TO • 2:46am Richmond <t Clntl....* 1:00a m *'2:20am Ind'pls & Ixyuisville..*32:45am I 2:30 a m .Eltner & Peorla • 3:05am «12:30a7n Crown Point & Chi..« 2:55am »12:40ara -Richmond & ClntL.T 5:45 a rn fll:20pm Crown Point A Chl..tC:OOam t7:30pm Montlcello it Effner..t S:00 a rn 1-12:40 P m Bradford & Col t7:50am t4:13pm Effner local freight..t 8:30 a in t2:15pm Ind'pls & Louisville..'2:00 pra 'l:30pm Richmond and Clr.U..* 2:10p m 'l:20pm Bradford and Col..;.' 2:05 p rn *l:10pn Phlla & New York....' 2:05 p m • 1:10 p rn Montlcello & EKner..t 2:SO p m t7:45a Chicago 'l:35pm *l:SGp Chi & Intermediate..'4:30 pm '12:80 pm Kokorao & Rich t2:30pm tU:OOam Bradford & Col -M'SOpm tl2:20pin J. A. McCULLOUGH, Agent. Logansport "FIRST MONUMENT ERECTED ON SHILOQ BATTLEFIELD. WEST BOUND. Jccal Frcluht, iiocom. diillr ex Snn....l2in p m ft Lf nls limited d;iliy, -old no 43'.... Iflttl p n J'nst llnll dully, 'old no 47' 8:17 p n •Kansas City express dnllj 'old no 41',.. 8:13 p n PEC express <J<illjfx fun 'old no ia ... 10.1D a rr No. . EAST BOUND. 2.11.T. A Boston lire d dally 'old nod?., 2:41 n m lljFnsi mall dully. wdnMU !):« u n 4 Atlantic Urn dully ex Sun 'old j,o-ll.. 4 02 p m 74 Local frt. ALCOHI. dallyeiHun 13 80 p ir EEL RIVER DIVISION. WEST BOUND. No 35 arrlv* 1U;30 a m o ; 235 p m EAST BOUND. NoSCleav? 1045 a in Ko84ie«ve :):3u p m VANDAUA UN*. IS EFFECT MAY 17, 18%. THAIS S .LEAVE LOGANSPORT, IND. FOR THE .NORTH. , No. E. Ex. Sun. 10:31 a m for St Joseph No. 58 Ex. Sun. 0:10 a m for St. Joseph No. M Ex. Sun. SMO p m for South Bend . . FOB THE SOUTH .Ko. 51' Except Sunday 7;i7a. m. lor Terre Haute ,No. 63 Ex. .Sun. 2:47 p. m. for Terra Hauto For complete time pard. ptvlne all trains •nd stations, and for full Information aa to rates, through cars, etc., address J. C. EDQEWORTH, Agent. liOgansport, Ind. Or, E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent. St. Louis. Mo. people vriUi sora eyes, wak, eyes, aud red and inilam«<3 eyea, ; (paused by age, catarrh or otherwise, the .Brazilian Bairn is » priceless boon. Put ;15 or 20 drops of Ealm into a spoonful! of -warm water antj bathc,tha eyes well night aad doming, getting some of tha •olntiori into the eyes. Tiig relief and htnefit i.^'—nrth a hundred times tla . Preumonia. Mrs. A. J. Lawrence, of Beaver, Ps., Kyz: "Brazilian BaltD brought me oat -Of .a severs attack of pneumonia in iplendid shape. .It is a 'wonderful remedy for coughsand-lung.troubles. Also, tor outward use, for bhrn's, cold lores •nd, chapped bauds and fnee, it cures ike magic. It \o invaluable in the fam- Ujr." these flowers on the graves nnd plant a flag- at each grave. Senator Isham 0. Harris, of Teaner,see,.who was on the staff of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston, the commander of the confederate army at' the battle of Shiloh, when Gen. Johnston v.-as killed at two p. m. Sunday, April C, 3S02, bas located the -correct place where, Johnston v.'as wounded and where he died. The location of the: p.lace has been in dispute ever sirei: the battle. Senator Harris was at that time governor of Tennessee and wr..s a personal aid to the con federate commander. He .says den. Johnston led i charge : 't about t\vo p. m. just sotitb of tho Purdy and Hcinbiirg road, south of the peach orchard at the Roll house. Johnston sent Harris to lead the Forty- fifth Tennessee reg-iment in tho charge. COL. E. T. LEE. When he returned he met Johnston on the ridge just southeast of the Be 1 ! house. He rode up to him and saw he- looked pale. He said to him: "General, aren't you wounded?" He said: "Yes, nnd I fear Keriously." He saw Johnston reel in his saddle. When he rode up to him, he took his bridle reins, placed one arm around Johnston to steady !iim and rode with him basic to a deep ravine, when he helped him oft his liorse and laid him down under a tree. Me called to a passing- confederate sol- lier to g-o to the front, along- the line .vhere they were fighting, and ask tlii: officers for.n flask of whisky and bring t to him at once. . This the soldie* 1 did, and he gave Gen. Johnston a drink,- vhich he swallowed. He g-ave him a econd drink, but he cdiild not swallow t, and turned his head to one side and et it run out of his mouth. Just-then 3ol. William Preston, of 'Kentucky, irptber-in-laiw of^ Gen. Johnston,,rode" ip and, jumping off his; horse, ran to iim, placing his arm under hisheod, and mplorccl him to say something to him, could do-was to open his eyes nd recognize him. He died in'a, :few Thev wern nlnnr u-ith^.tlif PrcsiJcr.'., :,:±j. Gc". Johr. A. McClorr.anfl, Spr!n:-:(k!cl, I!].: Socrr.tary, Col. E. T. Loe, ^^01]l.!co:]o, Til,; a.Ksiyl.a^tsocr&tary, James \VIliinms, of Savunnali, Ter.n.; treasurer, Dr.-J. W. Cok'inan, MoiHlccllo,-111. Vico pR'FliU'nts—Senator Isliam C. Harris, Mcrnpliis. Ttnn.; Gen. A. A. I-Ilcken- loopcr,. Cir.cin.-.iLii, O.; Capt. I^cc Ilowcll, Al.'il>arr:a: K.\-C^v. J. M. Thayor, Lincoln, N<:b.; Ccii V.''lllln.ni I'rcston Johnson, New Orleans, La.; Gcr.. I'.cv/ Wnllaro, Craw- for<j3v!!lt>, Inl.: Gfu. D. C. Euc-II, Paradise, Ky.; Col. D.. Jj, Mcndfraor., Dubuque, la.; Cc-n. B. M. l 7 ror>Us3. Ucthany, Mo.: Gen. Lrisil Du!:o. Liouisvijlf, Ky,; Gen. R. J. Oglesljy, Elkhurt, III.; Gen. A. D. Cook,' Denver, Col,; Gen, J. H, Clialnitra, Mem- j'lils, Ten:;.; G^n. John Glynn, New Orletina, La.; Sor.ator Cliarlcfi llanderson, Omalm, Xob.; Senator John Sherman, Mansfield, p.: Con. J. R. Hawicy, Hartford, Conn.; MaJ, Goarc'e W, McBride, Crar.cl Haven. Mich.; Hon. Jullua C. Burrows, Koliima- ^ooi JJiih.; Gon. John M. Palm*;-, Spring- nc-d, 1!1.: Gen. John C. Black, Chk-ngo, 111.; Gem. F. M. Cocltercll. Warrensburg, Mo.; pen, \VIillnm B. Bate, Nashville, Tenn.; C'ant. J^ W. Jr.vln. MeMinnvllle, Tenn.; Senator Jchn H. Etrry, Bentonvlile, Ark.; Cc.-nmodCire 1-1. M. Sweetser, EvansvIIle, Inc.; Hon. ;s'ev.':.on C. Elanchartl, Slirevo- po.-t, La.; Hon. Joseph H. Outhv.'mtc, Co- lumhuf, O. The bill for the purchase oad ini- provcincnt of the Shiloh. 'battle-fiekl passed the liousa-and senate and wns approved by the president December.28, 1S04, aud'the frunons buttle-iielcl where 114.338 men engaged in one of .the greatest battles of 'the,\vnr will be made a nn- tionnJ memorial park. Its affairs nre administered ty u commission appointed by the president, and consisting of. Co!. Cornelius Cadle, Gen. D. C. Buell, Muj. D. W.,,Iieecl and Col, F. L. Lovney. Col, Ii. T: Lee, of Jlonticcllo, 111., secretary of the Siiiloh Battle-fii'ld risso- ciiition, was the orgaxiizL-r and originator of the movement to make i he Shiloh tattle-field a natioiiul miiuiorial park, llo enlisted in the array in July, 3SG1, and .served over four years in. the Forty-first Illinois infantry, .partiLipatiiig ia nll'the buttles ;md morchcs'in whieh hi.". reg'imKnt took part, including Fort ITeci-y, Fort Donaldson, Shiloh, both clays' battles, CorintJi, Hatchie river,. Vickesbui'g, Jnckson, Miss., the march' to the sea'a.nd through the.Cifrolinas. He entered the.service in his. 101!) year. Hi: was .wounded in bJs right'hand aud shoulder in the terrible chanjivat. tho second battle at Jackson. Miss'., on July 12, ']SO:;. when. F'iiglv's brigcuk- was almost annihilated. He.has marl', 1 astudy of the battle of .Shiloh for many years, raul is familiar with all the details of that terrible conflict, Durijig the last two years he has clfvotcd alrnpst his entire time and cn't-r^ies to the organization of the yhiloh -Kettle-field association nnd 'the 1 ' \vork of securing .from! congress .tin- passage of tJie bill for the puruhn.se of the Shiloh battle-field 1 fur a national memorial park, which, has now -btft'ii. accomplished. .a.ud "fhis fa-' mutts .ba.ttle-'irld . wilI. be preserved ,'ES 'the inemorial for'.'Uic'survivors'.pf the •tinny of! .the Tenn' ->ci 4 no M^sis^ "' 'Secretary Herbert has announced this yi'iir's pro^-j-.-itrjrLie Toi the naval milUia of the suites bordering 0:1 r/hc two Ofc'aiis, ilio liiilf of Mexico and the grt'iil kikes. The i.'rogi'auune will bo i the Biost foiuprohi/usive one ypt issued f."i;nj- tin- n:iv;il ii'.'piii-lmunt. The militia, is l;:.'gi'p than over before, and the govprnors of nil states which r.iaiiitain V>::ltii'!oiis are favorable to cooperation with tin- navy i.his summer. As a preliminary step toward the drawing'up of a pla;i for Mie summer. Secretary Herbert . I'i'eeuVly ^requested the governors of all the'states'to'inform ihe navy dc- prirtlmtnti whether their hattdliODS de- sln'd to go on boanl vessels nnd go tiiroiigh [ivaeticrtl i-xfrcises with regulars.. Without e'.x-epticn .the governors hiive replied that the officers and njen of the naval militia were anxious for nn opportunity to t::he advantage of the offer. This means Ib.at,thcsaiior 1'nrees of New York, Massachusetts, Cohneetieut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. Maryland. Virginia. North Carolina. South Carolina. Louisiana. Georgia. California, Illinois. Ohio aud Michigan will serve for n time with the navy this sinnnier. SccreUiry Herbert has reached dcf- iojt« conclusions ns to most of the fc.ir turcs uf the summer progvajninc. There v.-ill he distinct plans for t-lie Nort.Ii Atlantic states, the southern suites, California atid the states on the lakes. Different arrangement's nre r.jnde necessary by circumstances. For the exercises of the northern and southern states vessels will be detailed fro;n the home squadron by Admiral Ounce. The official programme will provide the Atlantic side. Presumably the Admiral v.-ill assign the vessels l»est adapted to accommodate the naval militia. Officers and men of the state troops ean learn man-of-war duty ns well on cne vessel as another, and the main idea will be their comfort while on board. Unless Secretary Herbert changes his pl:uis, the militia of the southern states will have their exercises afloat between June 1 and July 15, The secretary's intontion is that the period of evolution for thu northern states shall be from July 13 to July 13. For the exercises all the vessels of- the home fleet will bo available. Therefore,, one can be assigned to the militia of each state, and three days will suffice in wliich to take the lojid-snilors to sea. On the Pacific side there are only a few naval militiamen. Orders will be. issued to Admiral Et-nrdslec to provide a .ship for these, and to afford them the seme facilities for observation and prac'.icul work nfioat 'that the officers and men in the east are to have. On the lakes there is only one naval vessel, the. Michigan. She will be called into service for the forces in' Illinois, Okio and Michigan.' M OTHERS, Do You KNOW u****.*. Eatciaati's Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, juany socallcd Soo'hiiifj Syrups, oo£ i£0."L remedies for children ar^ caniposed of opium or moi-pliiiie? JDo yen ggnoxy tlukt epJura an-111101 phiii* .ire Mupcfylng- Jiarcc-.ic poisons? I»o YoM'ICltO'w thai hi no^t countnm dr:igg;isl^a;e not. pcnuitiwl lostkl narcoti/: without Jab^linj^tJicui poisons ? Po Youi KltOTiV 111 at you should not pennit any mc^ci.ae '.o be given yourchiVl , unless you or your physician Jinow of what it is composed ? 3>o YOUi Know that Casioriaica purely vegetable preparation, nsul that t. 3i^t6>" its ingredients is puLlisliol with every ootl.lt ? Do YOU Kuoxv that Castoria is the prescription ol'the famous T)r. Su:n«e* ritchcr That it has been la use for ncnrty tliivty ycarsi and that more CasU'jria is now sold tbac of all other remedies for children combiucd ? Do Yott Know thiit the Patent Office Department of the 'Ceiled States, and'dl' other countries, Iiavs issued exclusive riglit to Dr. Pilchcr nnd Ir.c, iissi^ns to use U« wt>rc, 11 Castorla" anvl fts foniiula t aud that lo imitate them is a slate prison ofien.'.c? l>o You Kl? yaw that one of the reasons for granting this govcrnmont proteclioc was because Castor.a had been proven to be absolutely liarmlCHH ? Do YOU KT1OTV that 33 Mivevaffe doseii cf Castoria arc furnished for .y$ ceiit*, or DIIC cent a dose? J>O YOU K»io>y that when possessed of thi r . perfect prc^rutio^, yG^.-cJJiirilrcnuirj lie kept vff^l, a»i that you :nay 3iavc unbroken resL? \VCll, tliOBC thltnyH are worth knowing:. T^cy £*_•£ facti* THe fac-Hlmile s-& signature of *~0ia^. ' Is on fcvcry Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. VAN CAMP'S BOSTON Bj Fo:! don't have to stew around to get them ready. Qpen tlie can and you'H Snd them moist, fresh and relish- able. They're deli- ;J cious either hot or.:i cold. \ I At all grocers', lOc, 15c am) 20c.' * Srr.il Oc for posture **K(I \ve VJ13 ' ' V Mir.cl you a temple can. ; JVAN CAMP PACKING CO., : * lr.di»n«po!i!!, Ind. -: r WILD BUFFALO ALMOST EXTINCT Superintendent Humphrey Ssys Vollow^ fcitono Purb nord !• Almost ExMnct. 'Superintendent Hoinphrey, of the Park Transportation company, says that buffalo in Yellowstone park are almost extinct, no matter what may be said to the contrary by government officials in charge of the game there. He heard of persons being offered 03 fresh hides during the winter, and it is impossible to save the herd in the park, the only buiTalooa in natural state now in the United. States. Last fall 'thc Smithsonian institution appropriated $7,000 to build n corral for the park herd,-and it was built. It is an inclo- sure 'of ten .miles." When search was made by Humphrey this spring not a bison was to be found. The herd, consisting of 160 animals, which w.ns seen Jest fall, was killed for heads and hides. Wild buffaloes are, therefore, cow extinct in the United Sta.tcs. EIGHTY ACRES OF FARM LAND FREE Or its equivalent in cash will be given to any active, wide awake and energetic young farmer, who will sell a section or more of the best farm lands along .the lines of the Chicngo, Milwaukee & St. Pnul railway in. South Dakota, at prices ranging from ?7 to ¥12 per acre; one-haJf, cash, balance on time. This Is the opportunity of a lifetime to secure a home, and this offer remains open for sixty days ouly. Thousands of acres in over twenty counties In South Dakota have been recently opened for settlement, which the disposed of on favorable terms to actual settlers. For furtber particulars address W. E. Powell, General 'Immigration Agent, 410 Old Colony build- in?, Chicago, 111. Excursions every day from Chicngo. of the. Pennsylvania Lines, where j)ort> ers will meet all trains and assist passengers who may desire their aid; tots charge of rolling cbairs when innded; meet carriages and make themselves generally useful to passengers. They, will be in attendance from C a. m. untQ 12 .miduight, ajad when accompanying passengers will carry parcels aud bans baggage. They are not ponnli.tciJ.to charge for this service, nor to intimate in any way, that a fee will be expected. Any recognition of their assistance must be iu the nature of a positive gratuity, entirely optional with the person served. EX- Ohio..'jirl, CHICAGO MAN GETS HIS BRIDE. Emit Matthcl Made Glad After Waiting for Five 1'curs, Among the passengers on the Havel, when she reached her pier iu Hoboken the other day, was Miss Annie Dolle, a pretty woman of 20, who came from (idttingen, Germany, to 'marry EniJ Alatthei, a drug-gist.of 204 South HalsteJ street, Chicago. She stepped jauntily down the gang-plank and fell into the firms of her lover, who has patiently awaited herarrivnlevcrsincebe leftGcr- many, five years ago. Tearsof joy filled the eyes of both, aa they kissed and hugged ench other to the amusement of a large <:rowd. Justice of the Peace flush, of Hobolieti,united the pair in niarringe in the oity hall in the presence of a large crowd,. They.took the evening's train over the Pennsylvania road to Chicago. HONESTY REWARDED? Mao Returns S13.OOO Worth of Sccurltlei to Cablicr Who Lost Them. The package of securities lost by Morris White, president of the Fourth national bank,, of Cincinnati, was returned' to .him by the.tinder, IT, A. Piket. an employe of the .Remington Typewriter .^company's agency. The package was opened and examined in the presence of Broker Button nnd was found to contain, in addition to tho "Spcon'rl national stock, negotiable paper that. Mr. White, in his caution, had. not reported. A dishonest finder could have realized 51.1.0CO on this. Mr. White gave reward of five dollars. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC.. On and after July 1st, 1SOC, and until Curder notice, all tickets Issued by chese companies, will be limited as follows: Single-trip tickets will be -limited to expire one day after (fate of sale, and will be accepted on regular passenger trains, and such other trains as are accepted on regular passenger trains, and «neh other trains as nre advertised to carry passengers, only for continuous train passage, if presented on or previous to date of expiration. Round-trip tickets will he limited to expire for going passage on the day after date of sale, and returning coupons will be limited to expire-ten (10) days after date of sale. Bath going and returning ooupons of round-trip tickets will be good Cor continuous train pass- ager, L. E. & W. railroad. on regular passenger trains, and men other tniins as nre advertised to ;arry passengers, If presented on or pre- rlous.to their date of expiration. .PITTSBUBG SAENGERFEST •' CURSIONS. June Ctb, 7th aud Sth, are dates which excursion tickets to IMttsbccg will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines for the North Ajncrlcan Saengerfest, Return limit, June 13th, DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION EXCURSIONS AT CHICAGO. Tickets to Chicago will be sold at Deduced rates via.' Pennsylvania LI nee July 3d, 4th, Dtb and 6th; good retura-. lug until July 12th; details may be obtained by applying to Ticket Agents.of Pennsylvania Lines. CHOICE FARMING LAXDS W' SOUTH DAKOTA. Along the^llne of the Chicago, Ililivac- w kce &. St. Paul railway can now be Had upon re.isonable terms. The crop prospects were never better and a glorious harvest for this year is already -assured. Thousands of acres of UUOCCE- pied lands in over twenty counties ace now open for settlement. For further Information address H. F. Hunter, Immigration Agent for South Dakota, Xo. 295 Dearborn street, Chicago, 111. UNIFORMED' ATTENDANTS. For Eastern Passengers via Ponusyl vania Lines. . •.. ; Ulo.su Sttiites. •"-. Sk'ntrs -of glns-'S. have .been invented and HIV pxppirtpd to replace theold steel 'fO-atrs entirely. They are raid, to he hotter 'sprr.d' niakcrs. mid to run nl- •inos't its-easily' over rough as over smooth ice. . . . ; . .'•' • .• [2!ar't )-.i»rv:inl:s'In Lqntlon. 1 '.Pliicii si''i'<:ini.s.' art. becoming quite; 'fiiji'hinh'Jii:! 1 '' 1 V- borh' servants'injLoridon A Uniformed Parcel Porter service was recently established at tbe Jersey City Passenger station of tbe Pennsylvania Lines. The duties of these porters a re-to look after the comfort of all arriving- and departing passfngers over the Pennsylvania System, and to accompany • them (If desired) between Cortlnnd street ferry. New York City and the American Line Pier, S!.~th Avenue Railroad, and the Central Railroad of New Jersey Sta.tlon; also between Desbrosses street ferry. New York City, and the Ninth -'Avenue Elevated Railroad. . . The Uniformed Parcel Porter service has just; been • extended.'. to Hie. loung mothers dread tho smnnwc months ou account of the great mortality among children caused by bowrf troubles. Perfect safety may tw assured those who keep ou band Do- Wltt's Colic and Cholera cure, an<5 3&- minlster It promptly. For cramps, bE- lous colic, dysentery and dlarrhoes,Lti affords Instant relief.—J. M. Johnston. Subscribe per month. Tor- the Journal, -I& «<a0tt DISEASES OP THE StOS. The intense itching ami smari5o£ 5n dent to eczema, tetter, salt-rheum,a diseases of the skin is instantly allnyMjtri' applying Chamberlain's Eye and -Skit; Ointment. Many very bad cases Jiavc ixoi: permanently cured by it. It is fXjGsll? efficient for itching piicr- utiJ n. ftvositortsro- erty'for sore nipples; •ch.-ppciT'i.T.nflSj?<rKii- blains, Trost liitcs, ,.nn:i rhrmiic pore -cyst. For sale by .druggists at £3 cents per :';TryDr.

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