The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1934
Page 4
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FAGS fOUB TUt BLYTHfiVlLLE COURIER NEWS xn tt»ii5& mnn op. piiiLuaam 0, a. JUKOCi, ajltor • H. W. BABOB, AdwtUo* UtMf«r (ARK.) COUBO5R NEWS foje ttaUeml AtfwtMoi Arkaatu' Dtillej, Inc.; New York, etivft, H. touls, »»»»:>, Ka>M*» City, Uenphli. . Published Evtry Afternoon Except Sunday, • Entered as wcond class jnitwr »l tlie post office at B:yUl«vJJle, Ar- kaivsas. under act ol Copima, October p, J517. Served oy the Un'.tcd Prws SUBSCRIPTION HATER By carrier In tin; wty of BlvtlicvlUe, 15c per week or %6S6 per year In Klvano;. By mall within a radius or 50 rollti, 13.00 ptr year, 11.50 (or lix months, 85c (or lljte mouths; by mall In postal rones two to fix. Inclusive, KM per year, in zcncs seven anc 1 eight, $10.00 IK-r year, |»yable In advance. The Library Uefoi'c louj; I he Blyllicvillr library will inovii liiitk to iU old homo, niiidc virlually new by the (J\VA. The building will bo tine ill whitli friends uiul patrons of the library can lake pride. They can express their satisfaction in the improvement in no belter way than by contribution!; of money or books to enable the library more effectually to fulfill its function. In hundreds of Blytheville homes are gowl books which are simply occupying shelf space, from which they are removed only for an occasional dusting. It would be u Kootl thins for their owners to remove them permanently, thus creating vacant places which would cry out to be filled, and the books would be given new life and heightened value if given to the library, where they would be a source of interest and pleasure to many. Don'l make the library a dumping place for worthless trash, but give it good books which deserve to be placed where they may be of continued usefulness. A Good ]of) Heccnl announcement by Mayor (.Veil Shane that the city of Blyllit:- ville has paid up Us back bills and is now on a cash basis reflects an accomplishment in which the mayor and members of his administration may take justifiable pride. The city's financial condition when Mayor Shane took office was not bad compared io that of many other cities, including some of the biggest in the country. Nevertheless tlie city VHS "slow \)!iy," and there were times when-even employes had to wait for their money. To correct I hat situation required sonic vigorous use of the pruning knife, and .some vigorous attention to the collection of taxes. The job has been accomplished and it is to be hoped that there will be no future backsliding under this or any other administration. 'Benefits' oj Liquor The world .sometimes seems to have turned pretty completely topsy-turvy, these days. Some of the liuie byproducts of repeal are illustrations. licnicmber the old days of the anti- OUT OUR WAY saloon campaign!!, when the liquor trade was held up as the great foe of the public school? Well, it bus been disclosed thai the Michigan Liquor Control Commission just has turned $500,000 over the stale to help pay the salaries of school teachers. This money conies from the com- mission'v; proliU on sales in the state's litjlior stores. Under the law, all but a small fraction of the profits must go to the school emergency fund; and the liquor commission points out thai it still has around $I,OOU,UUO to distribute. If we have reached a poinl where John liarleycorn is .supporting the schools, the world indeed is upside down. ' Losl in llu: Fog Col. Lindbergh Inus lust Ills bearings In ;i 1%' ol big business, wlicn IK Indignantly demands thill tilt 1 umil runlrai'lors t>e given "Ihcir rlKhl Io :i fnir Irlnl," he naively indicate* how fnr Ilic nlt'litdc of his pn'scnl, wealthy associate:) Ims permeated Ills thoughts. Col, LJndboi'ijIi conceives those canceled air mall conlracls us sncred pioixrty rights. The I'rfsldcnt'.s canct'liilion without 11 trial lie rc- gnrds us tyrannical conliiraliun. Jt docs not occur to Lindbergh, any more than It would occur Io Ills employers. Hut those contracts were not, rights,, bill privileges. That Ilic ycircriiincnt money WHS not payment tor services, but ft gift nv.ide to tm'llwr u public purpose—the development of commercial aviation. The contracts bc^un n.s liyr-fc sub-sldies, frankly bcgei'd lor. But 11 WHS not long before the ail 1 mull i-ump:mtcs. like the ruit- roiuls before them, were looking upon ^ov- criiincnt aid a,s u p:nl uf tlu-ir cor|X>raU> as- scts. which could not IK alienated from tlictn wllhoul their coiisrnl. Piesidcnt Koowvoll's caiirclalion older put the contracts back in the subsidy cluss, where they belonged. 11 \v:is simply a cuse that the government, yave and the government took away. No (rial \vas necessary. Lcynlly. hi (net. no trial was possible. Kuch contnici s|>cclficd tlmt it could be iibrogutcd without notice lor any cause. II was obvious IhiiL the government, already IXMset-scd the right Io end tin: subsidies without proving Hie slightest wrong-doing on the purl of the companies. I'lesldent Hoosrvelt decided thai the public. puqioEC of developing commercial avlatiun was not being served by liaiidini; over government funds to stock Jobbers and profit grubbers. That. Col. Lindbergh does not. see this view proves noUiiiiB, except thai his vision is obscured by his interests lind the Interests ol his friends. And It is rather Ironic that the son of that other Charles Lindbergh, who fought for tov- ernmenl ownership und operation of ALL transportation and iililille.'i. should be telling Con- gicss thiil government oixjnitlon of tin- air mail is •'un-American." Un-Amciiciin. Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr., u fanatical patriot ami an idolater of American institutions und ideals, would have resented thai. — I'lillndclpliiii Kccord. The cultural ideal of Ilic present-day America is nul so much knowledge 115 it i.s the desire and ability lor accomplMlnncnt. — i'rol. Albtit Einstein. Tlie people waul nudity, and come back for more. Oddly enough, the ladies applaud the moil after a inullsl number. —Billy Robi'. New York night, club owner. 1 wish there was some way to cnn; six:cu!a- llcn. Hul. I think you have tot Io clu.iujt: yimr nice of human bjinjjs. because ihcy like to MX-culnlr. —Percy H. Johnston, ,\e« York banker. By George Clark i • a* f$s. / V- / V W ' i I'.K ' / rv> f'l • \ JY.4y\j>^oM'J W **''' W' ¥<] >* ^/iL: < ra ii « -r v y|P "•• <&-(?$£ -•'-' > S^A^^.v v_ fr I' Jb;':^% :^j< h The Map!e Grove cemetery association met Tuesday afternoon and elected the following ofliceis: President, Mrs. Julia Browne; vice- president, Mrs. J. G. Sudbury; secretary, Mrs. Blomcyer; corresponding secretary. Mrs. W. M. Crowe; treasurer, Mrs. E. E Alexander; parliamentarian, Mrs R U King. Father nvvyer. former chaplain of St. Mary's academy In Little Rock, has arrived in this city and is now in charge of Die Catholic parish. He succeeds Father Build-bach, who hu-s been assigned to Ihe church at Atkins, Ail:. "We mimed her Siinili for Aunt Sadie, but we're uoing to call her Sallv." Birthmark Superstitions Lack Any Scientific Basis .Hv Williams f LISSEN HERE, WORRV WARTJ DO VOU PILE SO MUCH MORE \ ONTO VOUR CAN EAT? 1 MAFTfl GlT IT H16H, SO 1 KIN SEE WHUT .<;. & \ I ." \ •HEROES ARE MADE * MOT BORM IIV 1)11. MOltKIS l'ISJIIti:lN Kdltor. Joarrnl uf the American iHcilicul Association, and of llyeeia. the lle.ltli M.-«j«ini' A birthmark may be a iiiclul thing for purpose of identifies lion, or it may be of parliculrir value to you. us a beauty spo'.. il it happens to he n dark, dot on your chci'k, thin or shoulder Wade. Hut (here nrc several Lyix-.s ol birthmarks, and tiboul as many Tslitloiib regurdlng Iheh. And you'll llnd very few people without blrtlicurks at all. Whenever a baby .las a strawberry mark, its mother is likely to remember an uncontrollable iip]ic- IHe which she liiid for strawterncs, which was unsatisfied. If the baby has a hairy and phT- mentcil mole, the mother imiy have some memory ol being frightened by u mouse or a dog. Sometimes a baby is born with' a skin that resembles in £|M[.S (hat of a fish, and there arc 'Iniiiiiiicriibl: superstitions n lion I fisli. But 'all these birthmarks arc merely malfoi illations of the tis- sura, and Ihcy me not related in any way Io mental causes. MOM birthmarks, if not, loo extensive, nvc nol "dangerous to health and arc treated easily by modern scientific methods. In most cnse.s, they arc made up of tniiill blood vessels. When they are Hat with the surface of the skin, they are a l»rl wine color and are called iwrt wine marks. K they are raised above the surlace o'f the skin and nrc soil m:d spongy, they resemble. Mrawbrrries and nrc called strawberry mart:'). There i-s only one 'type nf birth- murk that may have potential danger—Hint Is Ilic mole which Is bluish-black or slate colored, and which varies in Mzc fioui tliat of a pinhead to si'vcia] inches Ir diameter. H this tyire or mole become.-, irritated, it may t -:o',, Mirtdenty and develop Into a tenons form of cancer. Cases of this type hair I ;L . C ported in medical articles. if .such a mole occiiis on a part ol the bo<ly on whicli it is likely to Le irritated, it slioulii have prompt treatment. It has been found, through recent investigation!!, that the strawberry-birthmark is treated -best with radium ami Uie best time- to do Ihis Is during the first, few years of life. The .skin of the young -child lirals promptly. The port whirr marks do not respond as readily to radium us do the .strawberry maiks, but in many instances ihcy can be treated successfully by rc|>ciii freezing with carbon dioxide snow. A method much used for the non-hairy mid piginenlcd moles is the electric needle, which destroys the blood supply at, the bottom of the mole and thus causes it to dlsnpiiciir. The Editor', Letter Box BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Ih* t«M it Uw Thursday, March H«. 1924. The "Home Theater" was the name chosen for the new theater being buill on Easl Main slreet, by Clyde Robinson. The winning name was submitted by H. S. Foster, ol Mils city. Mr. roster received an annual pass as a reward for his suggestion. TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 193-1 THIS CURIOUS WORLD fi— - _ .— K ^^^^^^j^^^^^^ ! ANCIENT ciry ' ^***«*«~- V'— 6UILT ON TOP EXCAVATIONS SHOWED CITIES, EACH BUILT ON THE Ru,N5 OFl TS THE MRST DATING, BACK TO THE LATE Read Cornier News Want Ads. IT IS THEORETICALLY POSSIBLE ONE PAIR. OF AUSTRALIAN RABBITS TO HAVE 7W£/\/jy - , VvOOlD USC UP ALL THE CARBON DJOXIDE IM THE MR. IN 37 VEARS.IP 7Hey DID ~ NOT gETURN ANV THBQIJSH DECAV. Ilfinnch Sclilicinami was the discoverer of the buried cities the groat mound of Troy. The mound iuelf was about 125 fe , high, but till nm; cities were found after digging only 50 feet. U'. nisi settlement having been founded on u hilltop 76 icet high.' >j N'U.VT: Dues .1 Kubimiriiu- meet v.ith mure water rcsMancc bclu' (be water, iir un tbe surface'; f\ — . tu ' '» f Jiarez May Get Nudists | 8,IM>0 Mouse In Wvnming If JUAREZ. Mexico (UP)-A Cull- : CHEYENNE Wyo (UPj-Thc \ forma nudist cult lender will visit ; arc approximately 3000 head i -Juarez to determine whether Die uioore in Wyoming, a census in border city is a suitable site for a (completed by Dr Robert A Ho-l ' proposed 52,000,000 nudist camp, it cr, head of the state game'depar Jment. showed. TODAI t. kf <h . fai;t nua I.DI Til-:, iwo f. l-c « ma-,|titr.ttfc pan* at Ihr- kiiiiif n! rJrh JIM Flt:i.n. litn. fcn. kCIrd l-CIl ii:KFItlKS. one ' «T ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nc*s lias been authorized to announce (he following a.* candidates for piiblic office subject to the Democratic primary next August: I'or Member t>' t oii;rcss CLINTON L. CALUU'ELL I-'ur Sheriff ami Collrrtor CLARENCE U. WILSON For Kc-clcctioii for Sccor.d Term For County Ttcasurrr JOfc S. DTLLAilUNTY ROLAND CJRKfcN for Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG A DO IKON SMITH Fnr County Courl llrtfc FRED KLEEMAV For Ue-ElecLion for :u-i Term R. L. (UILLy.'ciAISES U. C. (IKE) HUDSON For Constable of (Jldckatawha Trnvnshin JACK ROBERTSON' prurU. KOB CITY Hectlon Tuesday, April 3. Fnr City Clttfe S. C. CRAIO R, L. MCKNIGHT ROSS DEAVERS For Cily Atloriitr BAA] MAXA'tT Employment ami t|i c Prolit System [To the editor:! Chiirles G. Ross in Sunday's Post Dispatch says. "What is siiid here of tbe present applies also to Ihe predictable future: il is not iwssiblc for Industry under the prevailing profit system—to wipe oill unemployment. Il follows that numbers of persons—must continue to be provided for at public e.xitense. Whether these numbers are iargt or small depcndo upon—the extent to which—industry—distributes pi-oiils to workers." He Ml.s SIOBO as a bare .subsistence wage. a m ] 10 million as ;i conservative esiimate of the unemployed, which means 10 billion dollars a year to give ihcm nil a job. His -study indicate.-, the National income, from dividends, interest, nd royalties to be S10,- a year. If this were to furnish joijs for the unemployed either voluntarily or by law. ndm:ni»lni[cd without cost, It would furnish tare subsistence Jobs [cr the unemployed. but would leave the unemployablcs, ol whicli we have no official estimate yet Io be taken care of. The argument is made that the gradual rc-cmployiucnt ol Uitor will increase buyitu; w . VC r. Uicrr- by nddlnu tu profits, allowing more bibor to In- hired. The uiwaid spiral, sixjkcn of by Donald Richberg. nut our experiences with prolll. Hie natural de^re tor prom. is Hint it M.mulales production bcyoni! ihe purcbabin- poxr-r of wages, and the do*n'.<ard cniml i.-i ngriin in force A» important thin? :., the tech-' "'leal groR-ih. ti, c use of mrchm- ery and power, the ability of one man to do what 10 formerly dlri ^^h!^. 11 ^,^, 1 ^^-;; ^yH^is^ii more labor nor pav h'mhci n-aa- W1| . T|1C ! "' orcss "nis are' crowded". I Mid in the "HERALD" K ycara ago. what i s wrong L<S the !u"' RU! ( ™' lwral »P of the means of lc ,f r H °" f> m] ^ II tile l lront «' s The Technocrats call It the price system. Senator Long is altrr it with a bharc Oar Wealth Society Crll il what, you will. To correct it v.m lequire a muted fmit. ZEPH O'BRIEN. . n Ihl^. er thin kr klMK . - TJEAO Micngct) rooms for t: trio it La Florida, z 110- In the old and crowded section ,-. Havnna, faring tbc narrow tiuu famous street of small phons thai i3 known as Obispo. Lottie went to her room ot once and Beau,' upo> other care and tt ;; abruptly K'ai BS coilia MCTitabin. Once E;UVD »e throb luipati?atl: i uctH ;»* way was again clear. The walla tnat so often rof <ln fr:ir T11K ST011V CIIAI'TER XVII IK ancient automobile moved forward In a' manner suggesting th* gait ol a startled jackrabbit. rcrllj-i iknl » bl«n Iraia kl« S^l nil. klllr* » (inn nni» Ihnl tM., r^rl vxtlfn him fnri-»,.r fT-nm i:-irni,i.E FIKI.II TTbe« iir i«-c. tn L'nlin hp- hnpr* to mrrt MlIIIIIH \OVi:S. »vliii lii-Irlrnilril I'al.lll,, n. a <:klld. Hoyo :il»n i. .MA«C1A TIIEAIIWAV k..». 1'.-il>Mln !• Inomrrnt liv ^rnttdnl tf mttr fcllM (li !Jhr mrcfl in lliivnnn, liepinc fcml I'alilhn tlifre. llrnnxhllr SIB At'llUKY. tlllrd l:ntll.limnn tind 1'nbll rmhrr. iitKini a «mrcli lor ki, j would cbooso hotels wbero the , seemingly wholly at caae'and only i atruptly trom the narrow street casually Interested, settled in a bad a look of a of age and of uitc dcpo. lealbcr-covered cbair in tbe solidity. Once I'ablito saw A -Ir lobby to look over the situation. I leaning over a milled Iron bafiis Two Americans tat near him, i trade and belo\s ber a man. Ill; talking ot "tlio vacuum cleaner i bead lifted. Snalcbcj »• aoua, They rolled Ibeir thick Cilra e to him. sweet in tlicmselvc-lj their their cigars from one side of mouths to [be other and voices rose offensively loud. None o! field's friends. Beau realized as he bad before, were at all likely to come iiere. Tber but with 6weclnes3 increased b;M tbc sofl blackness of the nigbi \ by tliat marvelous stage ECtltni- which is Havana and by tbe city 1 .! pervasive feeling ot llKlil-licarlcd.:! tbrilliugly romantic banplncE! "It one were even half h red ' " wmll(3 cbarin." 1'ablilo thougli/ "imj tush' '"Pt the cst prices. Yes. be and Lottie and I'ablilo were sate! Comfortable and free from anxiety, be let bis mind tvandor. He Imagined Lottie could in less than 10 minutes remove from the vacuum cleaner "ilosv long will It tnke to reach 1 salesmen tlioir gold cigar cutters fVivaiia?" I'ablito asked 1'cclro, | OI1| I I'sl'lors. Ho smiled a little, j bis eyes on Ilic unsuspecting tbe driver. Au unusually severe jolt pro- \ 'Gated an immedtatc auswcr. (salesmen. heavily. T A MIRASOL proved to he i tawdry hostelry near Hie dock: wbere houses and building; ' tblnncd to present, a uiueli Ics; ' picliiresque effect and wbcre (hi salt water crept Into the nigb : i| air, leaving it damp. P.iblito tolc"' tbe cliauffcur to wait for him am Pablilo Innl wandered to tbc 1'cu'r'o lVi'rn'c7."»DillInB a andi wi<l0 'loorv.-ay Jcuditis into tbc lettius tbe car take its course ! rarrow strc<;t - "o turned s»d- K iiothine liappcncd to the ln-i donl> ' anti " 10v eiJ to Beau's sido.j'" terior ot the vehicle, Pedro said.i J. m S01LS OLU r ° r a wliilc," UC]^. if they did not hit anything and t!od bcius willing, they sboulcl reaeb Havana in four hours or less. went Into the place. He found himself in a tug roon svith a biRb ceiling, stucco »'all and a tiled floor. There Ben a blue glass nea Sister on tbe yellow oal oaiu. j A rase in wbich Havana'. "Are you dead euro Rboutl swcct rose£ wcro mcrcllcssl: tliat?" BCUII askcil uienacinsly. j cro(T(Ici1 stood close to a tray o "Yes. You can't stop me ami! i " k ' s| " lUcrin 3 Ilcus Beau, looking more fri s hteuc«l l'.^ 11 B ° " arrt with you " J<>u.| P**" 13 waited. The proprtala s.-ii-^asrfi^.;-.-. - »E-ES^—is,^ I "1 don't mca:i to bo ugly, bull-vailed longer, fm goins to go where 1 please."! Tbcn tbc maa niovcfl tqmrtf.t iry to give us tbc slip." licnu | bi m a nft Pnblilo. In a voice ,. srtnpcd bcr baa to ,'„"£t!" ^ Aud^c'c.Tdo"l" I Sons' oesc'ri^Kor^''" 1 '"^ __ Me ami Lottie, we knosvjTlic proprietor siiook Iii3 ! solemnly ami called Ilia dauj nodded shortly and • Maria, wlio came running ftrTn*;! | tbo kitcbcn. Stiu beard the tab' ; and shook ber head also. No. the: 3 Havana was breathing i had seen no such gentleman. An: (Illicitly tlian U did by \ God knew them to bo spcaiia;v.:| bel[i. lit dirt uot buow wiiat Pedro bad said. He only Kr.e'.T fliis wa^ "one helluva ride." l.nttlf. vlltirg between Hoaii i:ul I'aliliio's. He let U rest tlicrc. ! too! Tlie more be saw ot Hie sir! the . hn-.v." niorc tie pitied bcr. Moreover be PaMito was lonely. At length her licail luniccl toward the doo dropped tn bis slioiildcr. liounc-i «... ing np again at every jolt in Ibc roud I'ablito slipped bij arm. arouud ber shoaldcvs. "You're one of us now. day. A brcczo from Itic water the miUcreil those awnings tbat had not been raised at nightfall and tlie truth. They bad __ guests that season. Maria bad tohl biiu. "I guess 1 am," ho a^rtoJ mis- groups ot young Cubans slooil! ciccffcnt mem'o'ry" aud'never tori crably. .here and Ibcre oa [be narrow | got lUoEO whom ellc sa; r. No, no' "llotiey. look at (he tlars," Lot- r>ilvc . nlcut - swinging canes orj xiicy bad seen no sucb geutlcina lie saiil suddenly. "1 never icca lcaui "S "I tlitm. sturiuj lazily i Vablilo forgot' caution auii »sii so nmuy in nil my life! They're a " a o^'Ucs "tbc udveulure." | f or Koycs by name- Again " swell, aren't tbcyV" A moment laicr slic ..^.,. „„.. ...___ "Anil do you notice the way tbe atl(i t!lcrc nl)OVO beared stones or! grimy pages. The Senor, if b eavlti EmcUst" Lottie Hiiftcd " lulllci1 concrete Pablito. walking, i wished, could see— deeply and Pnbllio. follow !u- her Sll ' v ll!C r ° U:I EC o[ some tropic trco I Slio HuUercrt tbc leaves. Ther example,"tdiiud the luVmoil o! hi?- or thlclc -*riiiikcd. Mg-lcatcd vino, was nanie after name wrltle spirit Io be a little quieted. Cuba , " a rc!) clic(l tlie cilge of ibc thcrf. I'ablito read them ove bo tlioiiRbt. was a wonderful land'I ^l" 0 Central anil hero signaled but nowhere was Noyta' Eignatu" How lislclle would love all this! thc driver of an automobilo tliat Something seemed to tighten 3 ( Largo, handsome iitolor cars j heads shook. Maria opened lb' on _, followed ramshackle ones. Here thick rogiEtcr, displaying II I'ablito, thinking this, drew anay < < ?lc _ ; | _ from Lottie. Sha sit, Inirt and ! atttonnobile liai1 lacc curiaina at i b time, slie nc- " a wl "dows-. lace on Hie backs ot e clillled. liut wlib cldcd. Bbe could win ultn. rtc- SUo , stepping ' dcrod, the driver ard -.«.. .. u <i lllc: scals aml n va °e would worMor"tlia'rand""iiotbins i ""I?* 1 " 6 , 1 *' IC(1 napcr flol «rs- e i se . [ La ilirasol," I'ablito ordi Slia turned to Beau tbco and Hid ber bead on bis shoulder, j r6 p 0ateg . Tbe rar leaned 8eau slipped an arm around bet•,, Pablfto 88 he eet oae , t on , h patted ber upper arm and yawned step but r1ghtc(j , |self ° wh ° en 1 J= 7l|ae ' :r ' i TC as Inside. Then they were off. She'd set Pablito, Lottie rowed [The car sped through to« streets a^aiu. ber head 011 Ucau's sbuul- wiib that sjietd wbtcn slways der. She ciojed Ser syee tkes lo;aaii:e; auij terrl!« r-ewcoosrt say »a laleni- praysr. [to Kjvana, ta'KinE aharp il to be (or hire. Thc ] I'ablito's heart a'nd for mi insia^-l ! bo tell faint.' The proprietor jag. I ecslcd n glass o! wine and *'* r 'jf to get it. — her. smiling witn an effort, aiailo raado tier ahand 011 lid dreams or one of ll>p players «,[ Jai alai and dream or Pablito fc ( t months thereafter. She tnousVI of him as the bloni) oaa •with th.:l tortured blue eyes irtose lips hi|J tremblerl a soconi when ehe «aii, • "No, Senor. No such guest as yo describe. h»e teen *llr.ln ot' houia," (To B« CeotiMcd)

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