The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1930
Page 4
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Itfr Uinl imicli r:mlicr rrnin him. she her liking lifter turning iluMii u II rM nirrr. XO\V CO O.\ WITH Till: STOIIV CHAPTER XXVI pAUL COI.MEIf bad said. "You're '• *• Invited to lunch at Marls Kur-1 roll's. How do yon do it, my boy? I I'm invited because 1 occasionally' write a niece nboul Claris wblch j doesn't do lier any liarin, but |ol her. Mrs. Farreli. lio learned, jwas n widow, niul Maria licr only 'child, niul Marls Informed lilra tlial slio Imil been childhood. on llio stago keep that appointment nt three, Han find I hail better duck. Can wo drlvo you down?" lint Marls Bald no, sho would drlvo her own car, and at tho gate 1'anl lingered to ask her If eho had nmdo arrangements to nttcnd the liicturo premiero tho following "Under mother's watchful eyes." Jlarls lold Dan presently: "1 saw llial iirctly frleiirl of yours, Aune Winter, yesterday. I understand slie lias signed a contract al Gratul United." Anno v. p as now working In Mur-1 me?" .llu Collins' picture at Aiualsa-i "I'd like to i miilcu 1 , liitslit Is R?" • • • I "A week from l-'i ' rySN nodded. "That's true," lie ! llio Cartliay Circle. 1 j-^ saiil. and .Marls told lilm slio iiad seen Aniie relieaisliiR. "Slio lias a lovely voice, GO low ai!>! sweet niul • nlco to listen to. It's really veiy .[iretiy: 1 envy her. You knew tliat slio was yolny to liavo a couple of son^ In Martin Collins' picture'.'" J)au saiil bo iliil. "Ho manages to l;ecp ixislcd week, Wliy, no." Maria Ealcl. Then bow about going with very much. What May night, at * N their way tack to town Paul to Dan that be nsk Anno Winter lo the opening. "I've already put in n bid r\ " Ho was a Hop, ho lold Colllcj. i^t n flop. Continental signed o without knowing a UiliiK fthout me except that I'd written n fc\i rkd and ihey happened to want o :i:akc a plcluro oul ot ono oJ hem." '"ion're crnv.y," l'a\i\ said. "Just crazy." 1 "» Eaner thnn 1 ever was, Troiihlo with me, 1 hud a WK Lead. Coiiiincutiil didn't Ilko my hrlsht ':i\ so I told them lo fire me." II') said, llatly. "Well, nobudy fu Is Jiimphu; at any of llicm," and lie talked on In tho same vein, 'lm; lo pcrsmido Collier to ac- n lib argiiincnt that unlcsn ho was nhlo to sell a screen story lor "Nice Collier oli^Livcil, about licr.' Dan sintlcil and spoke acnin to Maria. "Anne la you know, your coiniil "Anil you may bo sure that Maris four Beats." And he Enlil, girl, Maris. Like her?" "Very nice," Dan said mechanically, and was silent again, think- 1'aul glanced at , him taking vocal lessons, Slie'll lie glad to get , you're asked just hccauso you're i mcalls "•" Cull '«f '"hi him. "Maria yon. Maris made a special re- is u "° ot llle fcw ' mls ' ani1 sl ' c are " ot her but ,, , , t , , , , . Korlmer looked doubtful, Collier was firm. He said. "I'm taking charge now. You're getting away from that typewriter-understand? It'll do you good: you need a change of scenery and a pretty gal like Maris to whisper sweet '. ! ;uind. Maris'.'" man!" Marls Don't you. to the crIclL " ls "'' llc a I""" sllc '--"'Ehcd merrily, flushing perfect tectl '- " I> ?" 1 llkcs lo bellcvo ucar " ly a11 scrccu " col)l0 al '° c:ltl >'- ""' he l '°«n'i really Ihlnk so; lie's a freo lauco ba not good . nothings nt you. I told her you'd i s>lcl ' a half-hearted cynic!" come." I "Sure, I'm a pal," Paul said, 1 1920 Ford KoadsKr $395.00 (t> * nn nfk •P'iUU.UU 1 18iD Cncvrolct 4 Door Sedan ...... 1 1!)2Q 1'cJiliac i l)oor Sedan ..... 1 1021 I'ontiae. 1 Door Sedan ..... 1 192D Deboto Roadster .......... LEE AIOTOU COMPANY 120 East Main Street UI.YTlICVILLc, ARKANSAS So Dan veal. Marls lived with ' .«« hi "E over to shake banrls with her mother In a protK little bouse I ller ' aml • Marls asEurcli Dan lhal In Beverly Hills. Tlie'ro was a pa-1 "Eardlcss of whether bo believed tio, tbroiiBb which they passed to ' l>aul or not ' sll ° rcal| y mcant what reach the door, where a frisky cat sil ° Eaid aljollt Alint! Winter. "She has a lot of lalent. really, golcllisb and Martin Collins likes her very out ofinincb; he told mo so. This picture she's In now—it's a comedy of come a frisky cat patrolled the rim of a fountain, with alert eyes on the swimming fnntaltzinoly reach. flft .UU Mrs. Farrell was charming and youthful looking. She stayed only brielly, explaining that Elio ball eaten an early and light luncheon and was go-Ing shopping. Leaving. sort from Collier saiil it was and told bcr tlio name. ''They're chaEigiug the name, anyway. It's a farco comedy, aud they're adding to tho love she admonished her daughter not j interest by packing somo song to forget a three o'clock appoint- j numbers into it It ought to be pient nt the photographer's, paused .Pi'ctty good." FOR SALE—120 acres timber land i within 10 miles of Blyllievilte. [ Sacrifice for cash. Ta^es S1.25 per acre. P. O. Box 124, Blythe. FOR SALE JMy home on West Main St. See me or G. G. Caudill J. T. HALL at tho door, endeavoring lo recall other Instructions. "Ami try to bo quiet, Maris." -Mrs. Farrell turned lo Paul aud Dan with a smile blending apology "Anyway," Maris said, "Anne Winter seems to btf pretty good." "You ought lo have seen tier In 'Eong of Ibc Slars.' tho piclufj Hur- jley made," Paul said. "Dan and and pride in Maris. "Mother speak- | Eaw tnc preview the other night at Ing again," si added: "ThcE And she Hollywood moth- ; lm \ was worried. Ho" had hoped Hint luncheon with Marls Farrcil would lako Dan's mind off tho things lliat wcro bjlbcrlng him bul he could not help noticing thai Itorimer was unusually quiet dur Ing (heir visit. Dan had finished litn screen story. It bad hccn rejected by two studios and was now nt n third, and ho was already st work on another Idea, having lost faith completely in tho first. A oncer duck, Collier thought; sensitive as the very devil and oh- slinale as a mule. . Collier had said (o him last niglit: "Yon expect loo blamed much of Hollywood. Just because they don't leap at your elory 13 no sign that you're, not good. II tho studios could recognize a winner every tlmo one ca:nc Ihcir way they wouldn't bo human. You were touchy enough when you wero working at Continental; now that you're on your owu, you're, even worse." He had lectured Dan stiffly; had hoped to provoko him Into an ar- Bumcnt—anything to lift the mood that had settled about him liko a black cloak. Bu!. Dan only Eaid, "I so." And Paul tried agaiu. "Whj don't you let me go over and talk lo Martin Collins, If you don 1 ' want to do it?" "Because," Dan said, "it's none of your business." And ho smiled, to take tho stint out ol his words, but Paul knevi that he meant exactly what he ha suppose FOR SALE -Small cash nt Cross Focd Shop. rcgisier 25ck'20 I'OK KENT FOR RENT— Three rooms nicely rurtiisli.-.'d lor liyht housekeeping, ers, . . . But Marls is such a hardworking person, and sho siuinly won't rest." "We'll ECO that she does, Mrs. Farrell." Paul Collier promised. "We won't even let her talk." Anil Marls' mother laughed. "1 see you don't know .Maris as well as I do." Luncheon was served by a quiet- fooled maid. There were pleasant things said about Jlrs. Farrell, and Dan gathered that spectacularly hlond Maris was very proud Uuiled. Anne has n fiouajsaid. He tried not to bo Imrl about i"™ ll< ' r ' and a dance in it, and Hie gal's enough to ho signed lo n contract. nt Amaltninalcd or any other studio. . . . A.S'D Paul said again: "Vou'i* crazy. I won't nrgiio wllb t man Dial's lost bis renson." I'a ul was clear-sighted and wlso enough lo know tbnl Uorlmer bad Olhrr tilings on bis mind thai lie was sayiiiK nothing abniit. and Anno Winter wns. ono of them, 'rylng lo put himself In Dan's ace, bo reasoned (hat H would bb alhcr disheartening to be In lovo vitli a sir! whoso progress was not notched by tils own. Anno was ;ohig ahead fust now; unless the nicMiccleii happened she would bo getting somo prelly Important •nles very soon. And Aune bad tarled from scratch. Some day bo might even bo n Mar; It all lepcuded now on tho "breaks" Flio got aud how the public liked her. Sitting bcsldo Dan as they drovo o town, Paul remembered the day :bat had shown him tho letter join Xlggy Young, directing him to look up an obscnro extra girl named Anne Winter, and he nice lo her. And ho remembered how in had fiimcil—until bo met her. Well, Dan bad been nlco to her, all ilfiiit—too nice, [icrliaps. It being nice was responsible for Diui'a present frame ot mind. In Collier's philosophy no girl was worth all thai (rouble. Tliey were on Hollywood lloiile- vanl now. "Your old home," Paul said, motioning toward (be Roosevelt. "Yep." Dan said. "How about tbnl idea of mine? Are you going lo call up Anne and ask her to the opening?" "I'm thinking about It." Paul said, "Just out of curiosity, i'.ott- long has It been since you'vo I used to keep pretty SUPPQSiivGJ MACK M& SOME- COUtP TLV Wl-Trf -THE ,-FfeOM EASf-Ib'- MEUi VORK >rr 6 WOULP i-r ARRIVJE ATT TOR -MR-TV' PAVs Wqftk, YoU RATdE-R RECEWE OR START Af TOR -THe \ AHIP DOUBLE; ^X. IrllKTV COUPLE. we BREAD OF BOOTS AND 'HER BUDDIES HAPPY DAYS1 f j It J&*; f . . , By. Martin there—no fooling." After lunch they sat out In the patio and talked about a forthcoming picture In which Maria was to he featured. It was her tirst picture as a featured player, and -Maria was thrilled about it. She it. ile said, "AH right, my boy; I i rlo - c lracli ol >'"". but slnco-yon'vo guess you know best." | chained yourself to that typewriter And Rorinier was a bit contrite, i 0 ' yours . . ." "Look here," he said; "Martin Col- 1 U;ln E:il| l lins knows I'm on the loose. And, he-! w ccks. sides, Collins doesn't run tint place j over there; he can't do everything : it was two or tbrca "Shu's pretty busy; work- nights some; too. IJ "Well, give Ihc girl.a break nnd and Collier talked a great deal, with !to go to work over al Amalgamated Dan sitting by and smoking, and commenting only wheu Lc was di- ho'd like to do. If they want nio,' ;l!ic ' 1CI ' °"t. Yon can't expect her rectly appealed to. Paul presently looked at bis watch and stood up. "Quarter to three." ho said. "It you expect to they'll tell me so, because Collins lold them about me when ho went over there. And anyway, I'm not so sure that I'd go, with nothing moro than Collins' say-so to recommend me to them." to work all 11m time." Dan thought: "I'll o.nit bothering her. 1 won't even call her v. If she wants to see mo she o* call me." Anne telephoned him that "'"6- (To B« Coiitliuiuil) eve- \SJOOTS Uto PRttt IM A SirvoiW covi- TtSV WK. VliOVU *jWh WAb \M 51MJO CUP r FOR RENT—Furnished apartment j Main, Phone 108 Kentucky, Phone 683. 21cM 551. 27pkl RENT—Light, Housekeeping FOB RENT— furnished rooms. | rooms, furnished, 700 West Wai- Mrs. Ted Green, Phone CSC. | n »t. 25pklL- 26c-tf AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OR j WANTED TO RENT furnished Matthews, Lusora, Ark. 2GckO UNITED STATES. Permanent house or apartment. Phone I phis, Temv, or see me. G. W. positions: clerical, mechanical, 598. 26pk30 salesmanship; experience nnneces- sary. Salaries S25-5100. weekly, | WANTED—Three furnished rooms transponation furnished. BOX 1115,1 at once Good location. Call 354. CHICAGO, ILL. 27pk28 -NOTICE Bids will be received on me -one Oak school luilding ot the oHice o( the County Snp^rinten- '_" FOR RENT—Nice three room FOR HE NT—2 or 3 light housekeeping. Phone 848. looms for 1020 Hoarn 27pkl apartment, bath, garage and private entrance. Phon? 12-W. 26pl:29 WANTED For Rent Two stores on Second street, also cotton office up stairs wilh»nortli skylight. Grand Leader building. Apply on premises. 1. RCSENTHAL ! WANTED—Three or four room modern IIOUK; in good localioii Box "H" Courier News. 25ck28 I WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and iror.ed by competent white woman, Mrs. Brown, 704 S Lake St. 17ck-tf NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 ju r denial offices will be closed ;ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. I> H. Moore. Dr. H. A- Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. V. R, WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freiyht and packages anywhere. Special rales on carload lets. Local Phono 831 Memphis Phone 3-9315 rist Mill and Poultry House- I will buy your corn and do ctis- lom grinding. Will asso buy your chickens and eggs. T. R. Shepherd, 309 Sonlh Franklin. 21nk2fl Closing Stock P tcei A: T. and T 2145-8 Aviation fi 1-1 Chrysler .- 231-4 Cities Service 273-4 Coca Co'.a 177 Fox 48 General Eleclric 72 1-B General Motors 47 7-8 Grigsby Griinow 141-2 I. T. and T 407-8 Montgcmcry Ward 343-8 Packard 123-4 Radio 405-8 Simmons 243-4 United Gas 3G7-8 U. S. E'.cel 1707-8 t WANTED—neliaule man between jilent at 10 o'clock a. in. September man in Blylheville. I ages of 25 and 50 to supply old 12nd, 1930. Aug. 25, Sept. 1 •\Vc want one Regardless of past, experience, if' established ' ' •"- demand for Kawleigh you are honest and willing lo work hard, yon may want. So,? Mr. be the Choate at Glencoe Hotel Thursday morning. 27ck28 Good Health Products. Surety Conlract required. Company furnishes everything but the car. Closd profits fo r hustlers. Write '.he W .T.. Rawleigh Company, Mem- ville. 25i*l If party seen taking bicycle from roar of Bclotc's store return, it, no questions will be asked. 26ck29 9o?* \ 00V --- HER , VD\J' COMl *T FRECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS By BJbeset 1 GETTER RlDS_ IMTO ASATG. AH' B21MS A Dcx;To« BOSS WERT !He Makes 'Era Set Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems ' Phone 52 Ingram Bldg. BIyLhovllle, Ark New York Cotton Ctlon closed steady. Open High Low Clo?o Oct. Oct. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Mar May .... Jtilv .... old new olrl nev; old new IIG2 1149 1184 11(51 11D2 1173 1180 I2ir> 1229 1177 1160 1103 1175 1200 1184 HOG 1215 1234 11C3 1142 1183 1158 1102 iir.n 1185 1200 1217 Spots closed quiet al 1170, oil 5. New Orleans Cotton Open High Low c:osc 1138 1157 1129 1141 1157 1175 114G K57 1172 1182 1157 11GS 1181 llflli 1172 1184 1208 '1210 1100 1200 1216 1216 1210 12115 Spots closed quid, unchanged ,v 1188- Oci. Dec. Jan. ! Mar. May July JU^f.P^ri US!CLE CLEW HE STOLE. TK£ F6LLA REDDlhlS A V10RSE 6O'/ THAU E\ER VJAS AM' HE BAD BLOOD'S ,\ ALL R!6HT-~ op A BiT-i' 1 -!- ee AS A FIDDLE M A DAV OR. SO — THEM TWi SOIMS TO TRACK DOG.'.' MOM'N POP /BOX 1 . U rtiXHES YOU TWENTY YC1VRS SCB TdCT VNTO BIO SURPRISE ^y.:C6WM ~fiC'^2X'

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