The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1949
Page 3
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MONDAY, JULY 11, 1949 gLYTHEVILLE (ARKJ COUKIER NEWS PAGE 'THREE Truman Revokes Reappointment Nomination of Old Friend as Federal Marshal Withdrawn WASHINGTON, July 11— t/P>— President Truman today wlthdew the nomination of hi* old friend Pred A. (Bull) Can!II, for fe- appomtment as United Slates niar- t ill at Kansas City. Canfil's nomination for the neft term was sent to the Senate January 13. Apparently, the President actec to avoid a fight on Cantil's confirmation. Under the strategy, canfil can continue to serve on his preset) term, since he holds office tmli a successor is appointed and qual ifird. Tlie Senate Judiciary Commute lias taken no action on the domina tion of canfil during all the month it has been before Hie committee, Long a supporter of Presiden Truman In his campaigns in Miss omi, Canfil traveled with Mr. Tru man io the "big three" confei'enc ai pntsdam in 1945. He is always on hand when M: Truman travels lo Kansas Oil; helping wilh arrangements for In pre.sideiuial visits. Police Arrest 100 Pickets in Ship Strike HONOLULU. July 11— <&>— Polii arrested 100 pickets on traffii blocking charges Saturday as noi union workers arrived lo rtnioa linplate from the strikebound freighter Hawaiian Citizen under a federal court order. There was no violence. The striking stevedores said new pickets would tie sent to the ship's pier. When the U. S. Marshal drove Hu with his 30 workers, their trucks Were unable to nose through the three-deep picket line. Ten city policemen then appeared and ar- rcsled 100 of the pickets. The incident came as the waterfront strike entered Its 70th day, with the union offering to call it off if employers would agree in advance to recommendations ol a proposed presidential board ol inquiry. House Democrats Plan Caucus on Farm Bill J5-Y*0r Old Dream Tune Unpacked from Trunk Now a Record Favorite CINCINNATI—M'i—For 15 Hnrry Carlson took photographs— with u dream in Ins heart, and ix song in hi.s trunk. The MGM recording company bought Ihe tune, "I Thought 1 Was Dreaming," after listening to an arrangement by Francis Craig, a renowned songster himself. ; Carlson, a successful porlniit photographer, said the tune, and words for tile .song came to him 15 years ago \vhUc he was sleeping. Craig, thru a rising young orchestra Irndcr. ami uviter of many song hits -nniong them "Near You"—introduced it at the time on a radio "Hit.s of Tomorrow" program. Not more than 150 copies o! the song were sold. It went into O'Dwyer May Again Seek Re-flection NEW YOKK, July 11— <iVi— Mayor William o'Owyer has stepi>cd liack into the picture us a possible candidate for re-election next fall. u month ago, (lie muyor had stiui'k-hcd u movement lei draft him to run ngilin. And lK>forc lhat. he had an iiounced fhilly lhat he would not Hut then, a group of AFU and CIO tuiwr leaders called on liiil lo hmul him a .stalcmcnl saying: "You must run for re-election.' Tiie muyor siiltl he would think the matlcr over, and give lliem ai i an.swer next week. !ovie( Medical Paper Blames U. S| for Ills MOSCOW—M'l—The Soviet m«d- cal paper "Medical Worker" claims hat large numbers of Europeans are suffering from stomach ailments as a result ol eating Marshall Plan egg powder. "Medical Worker" claims that most American ege powder sent to Kurope Is Infected with bacteria of the salmonella family, danger- out bacteria held mporulM* far epidemic meat poisoning and oUwr serious diseases. "Medical Worker" cited an «»»T by a German doctor which appear«l In the American zone of Oer- many. The Soviet paper »ald th» German doctor had been exceedingly careful not to draw any conclusions from his study, but that he had given the basic facts. The earth's population In ISM Is estimated to have been 1,001,000,000. _! NPW JET TAKES CAMERA BOW—Here's the first flight picture of the Air Force's new all- xveVther jet propelledI F-94 night filler. The plane is a new version of the 600 mph F-SO Shooting Star equipped to fly in pitch black night and under all weather conditions. It differs fiom the Shooting Star in its extended nose section which has two cockpits—one for the pilot and one for a radar operator. trunk. There u -stayer! until Carlson went to Nashville. Temi., a few months ago to visit his old friend. Craig. Craig said the current musical he decided lo dusl off Carlson's dream. Tlie sale lo the recording company followed. The photoKiapli- the I er-MHlgwritcr is not closing up his uidio. but he is digging down into that old trunk nRain. "Why, through the years, as a hubby, I have picked out about 50 soins. with words ami music," Carlson T-H Repeal Fight Over If Truman Doesn't Revive tt WASHINGTON, July 11— lA'f— Several Congressmen said today tlie Tali-Hartley repeal battle on Capitol Hilt is over for this year unless President Truman orders otherwise. They predicted that unless he sends a flat command Lo the contrary, the House Labor Committee will continue to sit m> a\1 the repeal bills before it, including the one passed by the Senate. This would leave the T-H law stilt in force. The Senate bill, largely written by Senator Taft <R-Ohio>, would keep all the essential feat lues of the present 1 a \v. i t would authorize seizure of industrial plants, as well as injunctions against labor unions, to de?.l with national emergency strikes. The Congressmen, members of the House Committee who did not want to be identified by name, safd the issue may slay on tee until primary election time draws near next spring or . until the next Concress comer to town in January, 19M. lying Saucer Spotters 'o Hold Convention ALEXANDRIA, La. July 11—I7I*> . —Have you seen a flying saucer? | If so, you are invited to a con- cntton. The Young Men's Business Club as announced it is planning a con- eiition for persons all over t.hc ation who have seen the discs- It'll ive them a chance to compare lotes. Scientists, science writers, and [ovemmciit investigators a 'so are o be invited. Discs were reported here twice .his week. WASHINGTON, House Democrats July called 11— <& a c a Lieu. 1 ; for tomorrow to dseuss farm pro duct ion payments legislation pend ing before the House Agriculturi Committee. A House leader sMd the sessioi was arranged to give Democrat members a clianuc to question com mitteemen on a trial-run prnduc lion payment bill sponsored b :hairinan Pace <D-GaJ.- Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111., July 11. iff i— (USDA)— HOBS 13,500; narrows and gilts all weights steady lo 25 higher than Friday: spots more on heavies; most sales 180-230 IBS 21.75-a2.00: top 22.00 fairly freely, popular price 21.15; 250-260 Ibs 21.25-75; 200-310 Ibs 18.25-20.50; few lots 320-330 Ibs 18.00-25: 150-170 Ibs 21.00-21.50; 100-130 Ibs 18.50-20.00: sows steady to 25 lower; bulk 400 Ibs down 15.50-17.00: heavier sows mainly 11.75-15.00; stags 10.00-13.0(1. Cattle 6000; calves 1500; tew good steers 24.50-26.00; lower grades slow; few medium 21.00-23.50; vc:il- ers 1.00 higher, few good heifers and mixed yearlings 2-1.50-25.50; littfe action on other grades; common nnd medium beef cows 15.0016.50: few gond 17.00-18.00; canners and cutters 11.00-14.15. Judy, Gubichev Shun Each Other In .Court Meeting NEW YORK, July II. (rtV— Judith Coplon and Valentin A. Gubitchcv mex in a federal courtvoom today, but they did not look »l each other. The purpose was lor argument of mot ions in the espionage conspiracy trial of the two. Federal Judge William Bondy set the opening trhi date for Oct. 17. Miss Coplon was sentenced Juty 1 in Washington lo serve 40 months to 10 years in prison for attempting to betray her country as a spy for Soviet Russia., She is free in §20,000 bond in the Washington conviction and on an additional $20,000 in the New York case. Gubltchev, 32-year old Russian engineer employed by the United Nations, was indicted with Miss Coplon on four counts charging conspiracy to transmit vital U. S. documents to a foreign power. He is free In $100.000 bail. FBI agents arrested both iti New York. Gubltchev seated himself on the loft side of the courtroom tociny. A few minutes later Miss Coplnn, wearing; a green dress, entered and sal in (.lie same section. Neither looked at the other. About 10 minutes later. Miss Cop- Ion rose nnd moved to the furthermost seat on the opposite side of the courtroom from Gubitchev, Read Courier News Want Ad-s Enough iron ove been taken from the Lake Superior district to fill nn ore train long enough to encircle the earth nine times. Many; Monikers The word "corn," used to refer to "maize" in the United States, generally means "wheat" in Great Britain and "oats" in Scotland, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. NOW! INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER REFRIGERATORS . "MISS CHIMATOWN"-Over 40(10 Chinese gathered in Plcns- anlon, Calif., to see 19-year-old Fanny Don crowned "Miss Chinatown 1949." The University of California co-ed receives a S250 wardrobe and a trip to Hollywood along with the litle. how to I keep out of court \ Drive safely and carry .sound Automobile insurance. If you Ho KAVC »n accident, your automobile msuranc: company should go to work immediately wah evpett clan and legaT staffs to save you nme, peace of mind and to avoid court •jccion, whenever possible, hy promptly sealing erery just claim. Consult us no* foi this kind of v.«Try-s»ving insurance service »nh a dividend ^paying policy written hf Lumbermen* Mufujf Casualty W. L. Tomke 1S4 CUBIC FOOT STANDARD MODEL Insurance Agency Cooper Bvilrfln; No. 2nd Wythevilte OIT1r« Phone 4B5.7 RetMenre Phnne 4127 down to 24 Months to Pay! Lowest Priced Nationally Advertised 8-Cubic Foot Refrigerator on the Market • Same fine, famous International Harvester quality... known all over the world. Same dependable efficiency ... economy of operation ... unfailing food protection. All this at new reduced prices... and low down payments, up to 21 months to pay. Just compare these wonderful title values bcfoce you buy! Imagine... a frccter compartment that holds 35 big pounds of frozen foods! A BIG refrigerator lhat holds more than 300 pounds of all fcindj of food. Sparkling white porcelain enamel interior. Quiet "TightAVad" unit backctT hv 5-ycar protection ptan. See these International Harvester refrigerators today! INTERNATIONAL' HARVESTER 3/2 SOUTH 2»P ST. PHONE 863 nd was for ".sweet music," and said. At DREIFUS No repair pro ible too tough for our factory Ifoined experts lo tackle, lei us put your fine wolch or clock bock into ihe running again. BREIFUS . Wear Iliammiris :iiKivi:sr mix in in uturmt. tumvuLi AMD call us now! Ring us right now—we'll demonitrata all th« big bonus features you gel m a Nash Airflyle. You owe it to yourself to know the difference of Amsrica'sonly car with wheel-enclosed streamlining . . . widerj longer, roomier interior* . . * Twin Beds. . . Weather Eye Conditioned Air. . i Unitized Body-and-Frame... 4-wheel coll spring ride . . . one-piece, curved windshield on all models. 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