The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLVTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAi AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION; VOL. XXVil—NO. 235 Blythevllle Courier, Elylheville Dally. News, Blytheville Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. U.:, ARKANSAS. THURSDAY, DKCKMRER IS, 1380 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS. iHe's the World's Richest Man Wins Bankers Award for 4-H Work;. Manila Sec-'; one! and Hatcher Third, j OSCEOt,A. Ark.. Doc. 18.—First' jiri/c" frr the best organized Roys 1 and Girls 4-H Club in Mississippi' County was awarded the club nil Burdelle, at, a meeting in Osccolaj Wednesday when club records were tumilatPd by County Agents S. D. Carpenter of Osceola, J. E. Critz of B:ylhcville and Miss Corn Cnlemaii, home demonstration agent and winners ann'imced in Ihe 4-H Club contest sponsored annually by the Mississippi County Bankers' Assccation. The Burdettc club won with a! total score-ot 81.05 points out ft] a possible hundred 'points, the score} card listing the following six requirements: Highest total enroll-', mentfi mcst meetings held during' year, best attendance at meetings,I highest percentage of members reporting, highest percentage of I nviivibcrs exhibiting at county and I community fairs, and greatest to-i tal ne profit on products raised. The club had an enrollment ot j 45 boys and girls, the largest total; Here is OF LOCH Verification of First National's Records Is Step iowarcl Reopening. Auditors were at work today on the books ot the first National bank, making a check which will establish definitely the amount of the shortage for which A. E. Scott and J. E. Shlpman. former bank employes, are now in county jail awaiting federal prosecution for embezzlement and falsification of records. The audit, sought by directors of the bank as a preliminary to reopening of the institution," was authorized yesterday by treasury department officials, and W. J. Peck and two members of the staff ol the W. J. Peck Auditing company of Caruthersvtlle, W. V. Robertson and A. B. Young, were here today to commence work. Officers of the bank said this morning they were ready to make application to the comptroller for authority to reopen the institution as soon as Ihe audit Is completed, provided that It does not reveal a shortage substantially in excess of enrollment of any club in the, and he is neither Henry Ford nor the $511,000 revealed in a check of county, showed a total net profit or John p. Rockefeller, either. He Is the books by William B. Young. S304.12 on products raised, and hod. 'lie Nizam ot Hyderabad, a princo bank examiner, and bank employ- comptete records turned in by 85 cf on Indian native state, and hlsles. That the shortage will exceed per cent rf its members. L. H. Autrey, principal ol the Burdeite royal coffers are said to contain gold and jewels worth mere than school, is sponsor of the club andi one billion dollars. Unlike olher cfflcors are Wm McKay, president; rich men. he dcos not put his mon- Arnold Ford, vice president: Zclma ey out at interest but keeps It all Scott, secretary and .Mildred Jar-! where he can put his hands on It. ratt. reporlfr. Wins Cash Awards The club will receive the Bankers! Association award of $10, which, to gether ivilh otter club.awards! won- in the same contest will be[ iriUei ..tomorrow-by J. K. Child?,'' cashier of the Bank of Reiser and i secretary of the County Bankers! AES-elation. ; f SG.OO « which ; 80.51 points, and the third prize i of S3.00 to the Halcher 4-H Club | (in Littls River, which scored G3.92J paints. Arnold Phillips is president i f UH Manila Club and the [ Hatcher Club is sponsored by Mrs. J. T. Davidson. the amount now apparent is regarded as extremely unlikely, as the books have been carefully examined and "a great many individual accounts verified. It is impossible to say now how long the audit will take or what delay, if any, may be experienced in obtaining permlsson to reopen, but officers of the bank are hopeful that the inslitution will-be doing business .within a few ..weeks. - -". .Tiie past week has seen no-steps in the prosecution of Scott and Shipman, and Max B. Reid, their i -^ ,,,i attorney, 'said that he planned to i Institutions at • Foi'CSt Shut!Rock his afternoon In an effort to ascertain the reason for delay in filing charges against them. Charles Jenkins, department of justice spe- Be A Goodfcllow! This message is addressed to those eitiy.eiis of Hly- tlieville and vicinity who, no mutter how their fortunes may have been nfl'ccted liy drouth, imlu.strial <li>|>ression, or bank suspensions, nre eating Hire; square moats every day nnd enjoying the comforts of a warm home and adequate clothing. • A gooil many hundreds of your neighbors—fellow beings dwelling in this 'community—have neither food nor fuel. Before the winter is over their numbers will be greatly increased. : Ton, Mr. siiul Mrs. Coinfortuble Citizen, will be more comfortable if you know-.tlwt you are doing your share, to prevent any man, woimiii or child in this community from going without the b'arc necessities of life. Let the coupon bulow bring you peace of mind in this time of difficulties. Fill iil out as your means permit, and mail it with :\ check for your initial contribution to Fred Warren, treasurer of the Goodfellows, at the Farmers Rank and Trust Company. Enroll me as a member Goodfellow.s Club. of the Blythcville each To support its worlf I will give .... week: the first of each month. Phone No i Sign Here Address Pledges are for the period of the emergency, which apparently will be at least until next March or April. If you arc hot in a position to mnke a weekly or monthly pledge simply send whatever cash contribution you are able to make now. > .' N. B.—The best help is to put .a man to .work. If you can furnish a job, if; only for an hour or two, call Phone NoL 208 and a good man will be supplied at once. SELF, L ISTf NOTE University of Southern California Officer Found | Dead hy Friend. I.OS.ANQEUJS, Cal., Dec. 18(UI>) —Warren Brynm Bovurd, 45, vice- president of the- University of Southern California aiid prominent In political and civic circles, died here today from a self Inflicted bullet wound. There was considerable speculation about Ihe note lelt by Bovnrd. In their original report police said the message read: "Good uyc, Blanle, I am going to meet Dohcny's son." Friends explained that "fllanic" was a pel nniiv- for Uovard's wife, now In Wichita, Kans. Later Hari-v lialn of the Wllshlre division, said Ihe note read: "Good bye, Bluhlc. I am going." Bovard an. E. L. Doheny Jr., son rf the oil magnate, were close por- sonal friends. Young Doheny was shot to death more than a. year ago by hli secretary. Mrs. Bovaid, It was said, went to tho middle west two months! ago. Br.vurd's body was discovered by Louis McW.hlrter, who had been living at the Bovard home since Mrs. Bovard went away. The educator was stretched out on his ' ted clad In pajamas. There was a uaning hole In Ills bed from the bullet ol' a .45 automatic pistol. McWhlrter, a banker- and Ion" time friend of Bovard, immediately called police. Liiuj^ey Olive Brunch to Bishop jMumimg attorney's office at Little Kinimd Walters of the Lone I Doors Toclay. LITTLE ROCK.'Dec. I8.V.(UP) — Two , more .' norttiwe'st Arkunsi" banks were sweot In^fi th". stale's Oak Club near Blythcville won the] ' already extended list of defunct fi- corn production award with a yield nancial institutions, today with the of 10.2 bushels on his club sere, and Dorcthy Davidson, 13 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T.! , (•losing of tho PeoDle? Bonk of Berryville and the Fprmers and Merchants bank of Gr°en Pores'.. DnvidEOn of Etnwa'n, was awarded, n ? th " rc members of the A^ T ,e co'Ion contest on! Hudspsth groun. twelve of which --' ' "--'•- ' yesterday. bank was capl- first place in th^. —— ^.....-~. -.., . a yield of 1078 pounds of lint cot- i Emit l!wllr cial agent, left Blythevllle last week, supposedly to report his findings in the case to the district attorney; but no word has b=en had since then by anyone Interested in the ton grown on her club aero. The Berryville In tho poultry contest Mattie A.italiz'd at 510 000 with deposits of Sasaclay of Ihe Hatcher club won snT.MD. 1 and the Green Forrest in- j jhc first prize of S6.CO for a recrrd | stitutlon had capital stork of fin-: showing a net profit of £200.15 on|rwi with depcslls aggregating $158.- hc-r poultry project, and Hattie Lee! 553. " I Nsedham and Arnold Phillips both] -j^ c $i^ e bankin? of Manila, who wen second and j too j. immediate action to nlnce the third places respectively, will caclii. t , vo ban |; S m the hands of depart- reccive in addition to the cash m{ , nt examiners. A c>wck prizes awarded by (he bankers association a nitcon cloltor watch awarded by the E. C. Robinson Lbr. i {n , d{ , uosUs of t , c ,4 Hlld5OeUl in _ Company of Blythcville to members j ,, itlll , otls , 0 ^ anproxim^telv 53,- Blylheville cr-mpeting from the District of the county. The E. C. Kobinson Company, in addition to offering '*-"- NEED If RELIEF Warm Garments (or Men, Women and Children Asked by Chairman. Warm underwear for men, women and children Is one of the chief needs of'-the Gcodfellows relief organization, C. A. Cunningham, the general chalrmnn, ^announced today. The call of used garmets for distribution among needy families has resulted in a supply of coats, dresses and other garments adequate lo all- Immediate needs, but failed to produce much in the way of'under- wear adapted to winter temperatures. The cash-raising aspect of the relief program is just getting underway, and while the response up to date has not been large leaders are hopeful that money enough for at least the most pressing needs will be provided. Several committees were at work yesterday nnd today under the direction of Dr. H. ^ ^ -| o ^ S. Davis, finance chairman, and 335.000 with capital and surplus ag- wrecked Ihe plant of the Texhomci I ODtninK l a number of contributions jresatiiw $-100.000. ' ' ' --------- Black " IE ye for Donning Saiita Costume fA this mornine bv W. E. Taylor, tanking commissioner. S'-OH-M lo- Wife of Texhoma Publisher Dies: Two Others Injured. DALHART, Tex., Dec. 13. (UP) — -Mrs. I. D. Oevine. injured last night when a mysterious explosion j s - Movement Which Started Yesterday to Be in General Effect by Friday. A two. cent raise in the retail price of -gasoline, which was Inaugurated ui a movement by two major-.Wholesale-refining'- companies,in the Blythcville district yesterday, will bo In general effect tomorrow, Inquiries of the leading oil companies and Independent dealers serving this territory today revealed. One major company slated tills afternoon that no order for a price advance had been received or anticipated but three of the other large corporations admitted their Bishop William T. Manning (above) «nd Jndfe Ben B. LJndsty, whose altercation in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, resulted !a the arrest of Llndstr.for disorderly jjjndiiti;^., ^... >',-:v^-:. P. -,'.:-: frauds State's Jefferson '.i I County Farm Deal Illegal -• J and "Outrageous" ; : PINE BLUI'T, Ark., Uec. 18 (UP) -Acllcn was Instituted in' ehan- 01 v court here laic yesterday sock- IIK to enjoin the stats penitentiary : ward from executing a deed trans-' : - errlng property in 'Jefferson coiin^- y purchased recently by Ihe board 'ran the Doming Investment cdtii- rany.' • '. ; . The action' was filed by. State Representative Curtis Cnr.iioh of Hope. . -,*'-' Claims Trice "Outrageous" ' ; . The petition alleges ttra property,', comprising 0,907 acres, was purchased -from Ihe' Investment com- ! I/any for $367,600', approximately;-. $53 per acre, which it Is charged Is an, "exhorbllant and outrnfeous price." -. • . It is further alleged the notes nnd mortgages Involved In the transaction were dellveicd nnd executed without consideration nnd for the sole purpose of Inflating the vnUmllon cf said real estate. -.The suit alVges that land ol"' : equal fertility and productivity"! nearby con be purchased at 520 to''; $25 nn ncrc, while-the penitentiary': commission paid nn average of $53 ' an acre. At least 1,000 acres of the", land arc covered with sand frcnj- the 1927 overflow of the Arkansas River, and Is untlllable mid unfit for the production of any crops, it. !urther,charges, and 1,000 acres lib . xtween the levee and the Arkansas" River. nnd is subject to oyeibW, nnd is of little value.- "•.'. ' Another Allegation'Is that part p'fj-II the • real estate described" 'in tlia "j.l deed lies In the Arkansas River. Drnln Authority for Purchass. ,:The, flrat : allegation is that ' the i IcF ' iIiMflV-''nJ>iliyK"'J-h'i»- .'/fa«w$*-W.*I*in-A i Times, weekly newspaper at Tex- [ nnd Pledges. The action nf the two bnnks su-! homa "on the'Texas-bk'liihonia iin« i Men and women wishing to help' v F . fPmq rvT~i<i YTIRI *.1r4ir.rr llllcinrtcc frt^ll- n-1c oH-!K_ JJ_J I- _ t ,1-, L ... n-n,,i^» f/l^.t n^.l ^I^IV. t n .. < ~ ,~ .*l-L-.« (r 11 1 o, Ul^. . id A U f > died in a hospital here this morn- provide food and clothing for laming. • i Hies in this community who by rea- Burdtce Smith of Hemphlll, Tex.. s ' n of drouth and business depres- CHICAGO, Dec. 18. (UP)—This Is one Christmas eve that Mrs. Carrie Budd is not going to be hit in the eye or on the nose, not at least if a.suit for divorce can For;five consecutive .Christmas eves, Mrs. Budd charged liv a suit on file today, -her husband John not: only • refused to play Santa Claus for the children himself but Klso objected to her doing so. Pour times when she. donned the Santa makeup and jingled inlo Ihe house Budd became so enraged he hit her in the eye. The fifth time, she charged, he hit her on the nose. This year, she said, she wants to play Santa Claus again but is taking precautions ahead of lime by I prices had 'mounted to 19',4 cents filing the suit- n full week In ad-' a gallon while a fourth company stated a similar advance In its prices would be effective tomorrow. Three local Independent dealers. Including two wholesalers, slated that the 17!-j cent price was still In effect at their stations today tut admitted they would probably follow the lead of lh* major compan 1 les Friday. No reason Tor the ndvance in i prices was given by any company j except It was ordered to ' confirm with messages from district cmccs. NEW YORK-, Dec. 18. (UP)— The controversy between former Judge Ben B. Llndsey of Denver and the Rf. Rev. William T. Manning, bishop of New York, ended today when Llndsey announced he would not sue the churchman for libel and invited him to attend his lecture on companlonale marriage Saturday. 1 - Slays Self While Wife Sexks Help LOS ANQELES, Cal., Dec. 18. (UP)—Mrs.- Ben Llndsey, wife of the foremost advocate of coinpan- lonate marriage, is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and her condition Is critical, it was learned icre today. . It was said Mrs. Llndsey, who Is con to become a mother, has been n poor health since her husband was disbarred from the courts of Colorado more than a year ago. His arrest in New York for causing a disturbance In the Cathedral of St. John the Divine aggravnled Ihe illness, physicians said. hausted by a night's vigil beside her i husband. Lawrence Lowensteln, 37, i MEMPHIS, Dec. 18. IUPI—Retail gasoline prices here mounted two . selling for real estate broker, who had threat- Warren, Gcodfellows treasurer, at year (Continued on Pago 3) Italian Seaplanes Wait Better Weather Conditions ROME. Dec. 18. (UP)—The flight of twelve Italian seaplanes led by Air Minister Halo Balbo, from Italy T»-o of the remaining nine suspending yeslerday. the First Na- IVmal hank of Harrison and the First National bank of Eureka Sorlnes operate under nat'ona' bnnkins charters and have been Two Cases, of Tularemia Diagnosed at Osceola placed in hinds of a nitional tink i near Osceota, were definitely dlag- rxamlner from the ofilce of the i nosed when reports were received comntroller of currency. The banks closln? vesterday and ' storm yesterday and landed at the Spanish naval base near Cartagena and on the Balearic Islands. Six Holiday Bandits Meet Death in Chicago CHICAGO, Dec. 18. (UP)—SK 1 bandits, most of the mldentlficd ns nmntiurs seeking money lor the holidays, have been killed In Chicago this week in a series of pre- Chrislmas holdups for which the police were prepared. The total was raised to six las! nlshl with the slaying of three bandits by police or their intended victims, reorganization of affairs but closed outright. No p!ans.for reorganisa- tion have b°en nnriounced and It Is believed the affairs of the various Institutions will be liquidated by the state. to South America, was delayed to- t^dav did no' attempt to take ad- dny in the Mediterranean. Strong' of ,the five day orovislon j son. 59, and her son. Jesse Sturdi-i northeast winds hailed navigation : between (lie .Balearic Islands and the mainland. The planes were separated by the Farmers Bank and Trust company. New emphasis was given today ! by Chairman Cunningham lo the OSCEOLA, Ark., DEC. IB.-Two f » cl tliat "?e Blytheville relief or- cases of tularcmia or rabbit fever, Eamzatlon has neither an obligation or the resources to- help families from outside this city and the adjacent portions of Mississippi county. Rumors trat the national Red s rr o'.her outside relief agen- were helping to meet the situation here are absolutely without yesterday from the state health department laboratories in Little — _. atton nere are aowiuieiy KIUIUUI ter p ace west of Qaceola. The dis- found;1 (i 0n , he declared. All mon- ease Is in a light form. and ma , erla i that is being used These esses run the total of cas-! , n charitable work here has been Bond Sales His condition Is serious and pny-1 siclans are doubtful if he will live.! Health bonds are being purchns- Financial reverses led to his break-: ed throughout Mississippi county down, his wife said for the anU-tuberc-iilosls campaign I with the schools playing a prpml- ]nent part. • Teachers of the Biythcvllle scn- ]lor high, Junior high. Su,1bury and ;Lange elementary sciwols, Dell. Ar• morel, Osceola high grades, Wilson. iicl'iliirirt this' • •- rtc!leff [he sale was main — Act 170 of the 1927 Legislature— Is Invalid, in that-; It does nob provide' for any means ' : .| of payment fcr real estate so pur^..; chased. It further . alleges that no ' othtr act .or acts of any General Assembly .of Arkansas, provide for any method of payment for any.ln? debledness by penitentiary • corn-;]! tnlsslrners In the purchase of real, ll estate, and It charge that- the • commissioners are without authority to carry out the provisions of . the contract except by thepassage of nn enabling act or acts by the General Assembly. ..... , Three Members Dessert Stcsg on Arms Issue PARIS, Dec. 18. (UP)—Tile cablj'• j net of Premier Theodore Steeg was .1 deserted by three members today as. j It entered the chamber of deputies to meet Its first test in it vote ot confidence. . The resigned members had !"ob- Jccted to the socialist demand that In return for the parly's support the government push a program of disarmament ahead of the established policy oC guarantees of ; na! tional security. . - , . Officers Seek Men Involved in Evadalc Mercantile Co. Burjrlarv. Fascists and Police Clash in German Cities j BERLIN. Dec. 18. (DPI—Numerous clashes between Fascists arid anli-F.-isclsto, resulting in minor A group of empty-handed sate 1 riots and disturbances, occurred in | blowers arc being sought by deputy German cities last sheriffs In the Osceola district of [ Mississippi following the blowing of a safe in the office of the Evadale Mercantile company at Evadale Monday night. The big, heavy steel safe which has. occupied a corner of pany's office for many years. Many rioters were arrested and orie policeman was injured when j national socialists clashed with po- ; lice at Coblenz. Two persons were ! injured In a. clash between stu- : dsnts and "Nazis" at Bonn. Pas- cists broke up a socialist meeting was nt Nuremberg. FLASHES ol nltro-glycerme. 'me explosioni, r ,, ..... -^ ...... ,...-, knocked one door free cf the safe; Vermont (jOVCrnOr VOTE S30,000,(KH) DROUTH AID l Yar bro and the county department and sent It smashing into the offlcs | lU on , 0 n roon ' c C,, WASHINGTON. Dtp. 18. II1P1 .. .... '..-. I- ..„!,.,,j fon'n-!.!! Within fhn cofo limr»v«r tr^ • llaiHB UTeen S sS'J blown open with a powerful charge | of nttro-glycerine. The explosion ; WASHINGTON, Dtc. 18. (UP) —The house almost unanimously this afternoon voted $30,000,000 es on record from this county to i g | von ' locally, and Is Inadequate to three. Mrs. Harry Miller, of Osce-! meet local needs, to say nothing MEMFI!' ola, who contracted the disease last of caring for people from a con- Search of for relief of farmers In drouth 'already announced which bought •'''''"- "--• |$50 bonds the Barfle'.d negro con- •gregatlon has done likewise. of education have purchased $80 wall. Within the safe, however, tho • wo-th nf they hortis burglars ' found nothing tut b" ri - i Inndditlo'i tot 'cnezro churches in^ss "papers. In addltlo.i to t..c negro cmircnes . They did stricken areas. LAURINBUHG, <UP>—The First • winter, has practically recovered N. C. Deo. 18.'from the effects. National bank ! — -. nnd the Scotland County Savings-f5 T7]t J;i CAU.. bank of Lanrlnburg were dossil r> " nc '" SClZCS today, involving approximately! $315.000 in deposits. ] slderable dlslanw. The announcement was prompted by the fact that people from Tennessee, Missouri, and more or . ... " j less distant parts of Arkansas haw from Indiana Bank'^™ applying for aid of the local ! Red Cross office. SEEK MOTHER IN RIVER MEMPHIS. Dec. 18. (UP) — the Mississippi river j here for the body of Mrs. Vrggy Patterson, Chicago, who left her b»by In a Memphis apartm:nt house with a note pinned on the coat saying she would "end it all in the river," \vas begun today. Judge Anderson Opens | Defense Of His Record! D MEMPHIS. Dec. is. iup)-Thej rantages Will Produce nnd: RUTLAND. Vt.. Dec. 18. (UP)- st ore. :Gov. John E. Weeks, here on a prls- Offlcers were of the 'opinion that! on tcur, announced today lie was the Job was the 'work of amateur.-, j undecided as to a successor to Sen- ; as enough of the high explosive | ator Frank L. Green who died yos- was used to open a dozen safes, it I tcrday. ;ls believed. - - • WEATHER PLAINFIELD. Hid., Dec. IS. (OP) I i —A bsntilt, pbslng as a traveling : t , SMISn Officials Given , ., , o |, i .. .. | salesman, waited at the door of the: Lite for ;V,e"01T ACtlV.ty, Firs'. National Bank until it open- I Poincare Improving ;ert today, then locked four employ-I PARIS, Dec. 18.'(UP)—Raymond HUESCA. Spain, Dec. 18. (UP)—, es and eleven customers In a room 1 Poincare, former.. French president, I who his been seriously 111, began Five officials sentence-! l/> lifr. i:n-]and slole $4,000 to $5,000. prlsonment for Ihclr part in the The imprisoned victims hammer- recent revolt al the Jaca garrison j ed on the door, of the room until were taken to Jaca castle today. ' help came, The bandit escaped. to Improve today. "The amelioration continues," a physician's bulletin said. Soldiers Flee in Nighties as Fire Destroys Barracks DES MOINES, la., Dec. 18. (UP) —Two hundred'cavalrymen at Port Ues Molnes fled into the snow in night clothes today as fire destroyed Ihe barracks of E and P troops. [Damage was estimated at $50,000. defense of Fcdeu! Judje Harry B. | ! Anderson of the west Tennessee ! district began l.erc today with T.! O. Vltiton, prominent Memphis' banker, the first witness called. i in Europe j, ! or siicw tonight In eastern por- HOLLYWOOD, Col.. Dec. 18.' lion; colder in western portion to* (UP)—Alexander Pantnges, once ; night, somewhat colder In southern the leading vaudeville magnate of and esstern portions Friday. offered to the house Judicial committee, ehadsd ty Andrew J. Hlck- cy, Republican. Indiana, and answers charges made by the govern- i ment at preview hearings that} the Pacific, has announced According to ths official weather plans to product motion pictures < obse rver, Charles Phillips, Ihe mln- In Europe. • Imum temperature her; yesterday P«ntages is at liberty pending Msi wils 29 degrees end the maximum 39 degrees; cloudy. On th simo day I1LCI1I/ ill pro IL-U.> u(..n nija i ** *» ^ , . . . , . „ • ja utyit-a, iivuiij. \JH ui .VAIII" uujf Judge Anderson was guilty of mis- ""I*' 1 {;>r a new trial - Hc was M »-|a year 330 the minimum tempera- conduct in handling bankruptcy vlc t"a °H Ctlar 8 es of assaulting Eu-i tlire w:s 20 dcgrc:s and fnc maxl- nlce Prlngle, 17, dancer. jmum 63'degree; cloudy.

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