The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1951
Page 12
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FAOB TWELYB BLYTHJBV1LL1. (ARK.) COURIER MEWg WEDNESDAY AUGUST 8, 1961 Russia Is Now Ready to Make U.S. Look Like Thorn in Peace Bonquet MOSCOW, Aug. 8 (&r— Moscow's press today published fully the exchange of statements between the United States and the Soviet Union expressing friendship between the two peoples. Now Moscow can be expected to press Its proposal for a five-power peace pa.ct, imd to interpret Its rejection by the U.S. as turning down of the whole Idea of friendship. The Moscow proposal calls for a pact among Britain, France, the U.S.S.R., the United States and Communist China. Tme press and radio of the U.S.- fe.R. now have given almost the entire Soviet population of 200,000,000 an opportunity to become acquainted with the exchange of messnges—(1) President Truman's letter commending a congressional resolution of friendship for the Soviet people, and (2) the reply of Nikolai M. Shvernik, president of ih» Supreme Soviet, the U.S.S.R.'e legislature. The texts were broadcast and were given wide display in the newspapers. Izvestfa Runs Editorial Tzvestia, the Soviet government newspaper, ran an editorial on the exchange, commenting that forces of "International reaction" now were striving to "confuse peoples with lies and to deceive them. There never was much expectation that the United States would accept the idea of n peace pact which Included the Communst Chinese. However, with rejection of the proposal, the Soviet press may be expected to go to work on this vigorously and to tell the Soviet peoples that such rejection cancels out any expressions of American friendship for the Soviets. Surprise Unwarranted The fact that the Soviet press and radio published that exchange should not have been a surprise The Soviets eventually will publish almost any kind of statement proposal from the West if they are sure they can get publication their answer abroad. ' Every newspaper in Moscow— even the Teachers Gazette—gave over its whole second page to the full text* of the letter President Truman sent to Soviet President Nikolai Shvernik a month ago, the accompanying U.S. congressional "Friendship Resolution," along with Shvernlk's reply two days ago proposing a five-power peace pact. The second page of Soviet papers Is reserved for foreign j&ws. "Thirsting for W»r" "International reaction, thirsting for new war, strives to use reaction- ary governments in order to confuse icopes with lies and deceive them, [zvesUn commented In a separate editorial. "They seek to present their aggressive policy as peaceful," said [zvestia, "and the peaceful policy of the U.S.S.R. and other peace loving countries as aggressive." Publication the exchange of messages followed broadcasts of their text* over Moscow radio last night. They were handled In much the same manner as were the critical comments by British Foreign Secretary Herbert Morrison and Prnvda's rebuttal Jest than a week ran Is Reported leady to Settle TEHRAN. Iran, Aug. & </Pj—Brlt- in's chief negotiator, Richard tokes, snid today he IB convinced ic I ran inns want to reach a fiet- Men May Still Vofuntor After P re-Induction fxam Men who have had a pre-Induction examination but have not been ordered to report for Induction may voluntarily en I Lit in the branch of service of their choice until Aug. 31, S. Sgt Arthur O. Balm and Chief H, O. Tiewater of the Army, Navy.and Air Force Recruiting.Sta- tion here, said this morning. Tlits 1* the second extension ol a change of policy In regnrcl ti permitting enlistment alter pre-in duction examinations. FAIR (Continued from Page I) iumj and awards. Competition In the Northeast Arkansas FHir is open to exhibitors from anywhere, Mr. Blnylock said Departments Listed The deparlments and their superintendents were listed as follows art, Mrs. Rny Hall; cattle (superintendent to be nnmed Inter); Future Farmers of America, Freeman Robinson; farm and home, Gertrude Holiman and Helen Wells; (lorn Mrs. C. A. Taut; Negro depnrt- m ent, V. D. Ha ley; poultry, (superintendent to be named later)., rabbits, Allen Rushing; swine, L. K Autry; and Pour-H. Keith Bilbrey Admission to the grounds will be the same this year as it was las year—30 cents for adults and 2C cents for children over 10 years of age. Grandstand admission will be announced for each show but reservec seats In the grandstand will be nn additional 25 cents. Musical Planned "Stars on Parade," a musica spectacle, will be presented Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Joie Chltwood's Daredevil Troupe will be a feature of the Fair's en tertainment, also. Directors of the Mississippi Conn ly Fair Association are L, H. Autry Charles Abbott, R. D. Hughes, Rob ert E. Blaylock, J. A. Leech, Ru.ssel Phillips, Raleigh Sylvester, E. R Jackson, Jesse Taylor, C. F. Tomp kins, B. G. West and Paul p r yor Mr. Autry is president o( the asso ciatfon. *°* Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. n go. SCRUB TEAM—The plumbing fixlurcs may bo crude, hut they work oil right as Pvt. Gordon Mosey of South Forth Western Australia, scrubs "Pak," a Korean orphan adopted as a mascot by Pvl. Mosey's unit. llcmont, with lirltntn on oil nation all/ation ns soon as possible. lie sntd the outcome dcpeiu liugely on tlic nllltudc the Irnniai take at today's bargaining sesstoi (cds: scheduled Jor 8 a.m. E. Premier Mohammed Mossadegh representative Is expected to pu forward his country's future tnten New U.S. Rocket s Hottest Ever "Hot Damn!" Says Skipper after Watching Test* at White Sands WHITE SANDS, N. M., Aug. 8 , AP) — Jubilant rocket experts] ushed with yesterday's soaring uccess. talked today ol new assaults n the rocket altitude record. They sent the seventh American iking rocket ever fired swooshing 35 miles up Into ft hazy New Mex- co sky yesterday for a new world ecord. Capl. A. E. Ehllnger, Navy skip, er at White Sands, summed up heir feelings. "Hot damn!" he said as he hurled Into the dugout near the aunching platform from the vant- ge point some three miles distant where he had been with Army Sec- etary Prank Pace, Jr., and other military officials. "I Just couldn't stand it way over here any longer." he said. Milton Rosen, head of the rocket iroject for the naval research laboratory, put Is this way: "We've Worked a long time for this and ve're awfully happy. But we're lever satisfied with any altitude." Firing to B« Next Year He revealed tliat Viking No. 8— he eighth In a series of 10 rockets —already Is being constructed. Fir- ng Is expected early next year. The flight almost straight up vas breathtaking to watch, but no nore so than the figures on what he rocket dfd: It reached a top speed of 4,100 miles an hour—more than a mile second. It took only four minutes, 23 seconds to set the record. You could get to the moon In less than C( hours at that speed. Recnrd Cracked Tlie 135 miles cracked by 21 miles the previous single-stage rocket record set Dec. 17, 1946, by a rebuilt German v-2, also fired here It was more than 27 miles better than the American rocket re> cord set Nov. 21 by Viking 5. The greatest height ever reachen by a rocket Is 350 miles, a mark recorded Feb. 24, 1046, by a Wai Corporal rocket fired some 20 mile in the air from the nose ot a V-2. tions toward the Anglo-Iranian Oi Company in a formal statemen then. Red Cross Asks For Volunteers Volunteers »r« needed by.the B*d Cross to do clerical work when the b'.ocdmobile comes to Blythevlll* tbls (all. Applications are now being 'Accepted at the Red Cross chapter house on North Second Street. Mrs. W. J. Pollard, chairman o( the volunteer service, and Mra. Vernon Thomasson, staff air chairman, announced today that the orienta tlon course for these volunteers will be given Aug. 16. The course will begin at 1:30 p.m. and will be In the Mirror Room of Ho:el Noble. ' REA MEET (Continued trom P*(* 'Hack Finns' follow Fish Planter's Trucks PUEBLO. Colo. —{XPj— Modern Huck Finns know a good fishing hole when they see one. When a tank truck from the Colorado Game and Pish Departmenl brought 3.000 trout to dump in Mineral Palace Park Lake, nearl] •"MR. AND MRS. TOMORROW"—Venus 0-0000 is the number about to be colled by the "Man of Tomorrow." on the neai little intor-planetary telephone carried by the "Woman of Tomorrow" on her belt. The futuristic- pair are on display at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City. The lady's costume, less telephone, might pass unnoticed in one of the big town's cocktail bars, bul the gentleman, in a gold and gray, one-piece ensemble with matching radar rings around hip head, would probably create cmile a commotion. * early 23,40 for several loads; late sales 23.10 down; 240-270 Ibs 22.25 76; few to 23.00; 270-300 Ibs 21.25 22.25; 150-110 Ibs 21.50-22.75; few down to 21.25; 120-140 Ibs 18.75 21.00; 100-110 Ibs 16.75-18.25; sow 400 Ibs down 19.75-20.50; heavie sows 17.75-19.25; stags 13.00-15.50 boars 10.50-1350. Cattle 2000; calves 800; small lot of prime mixed steer and heife yearlings 37.00-50; few good to kv choice steers 32.00-34.25; utility an commercial cows 23.00-27.50; car ners and cutters 17.00-23.00. BUILDING (Continued from Page 1) the home builders' lobby." After several days of analyzing the order, however, home builders were disillusioned. Steel Limit Outlined The order specifies that no Individual one-family dwelling can be started if it uses more than 1,800 pounds of carbon steel, including its plumbing supply hues, or more than 35 pounds of copper. If the house is to have copper water pipes, a total of 160 pounds of copper can be used, but only 1,150 pounds of carbon steel. No structural steel, such as I-beam girders and columns, no aluminum and no alloy or stainless steel can be used in any house. Those figures may sound big to the uninitiated, but they fall far short of the amounts used in the average four or five-room cottage- their own power," Mr. nife aplalned. H« also mentioned tht his area. obstruction of oooperativ* tnuu- ilssion lines from power dami to Gov. McMath laid that the rural lectriflcation program ha§ been he most powerful force for build - ng a great America that tuu hit country. "You have trani- ormed farm life," he told th« icmbers of the cooperative. "Electricity Is -the most unpw ant tool we have (or building ^ ! >ur industrial, agricultural arm military strength," Gov. McMath aid. He told the group that ther* a shortage ol electricity now. The eleven directors elected were: . A. Rogers of Blytheville, Charles R. Coleman of Osceola, Tom Callia of Luxora, Charley Lutes of Blytheville, B. B. Threlkeld of Manila, J. B. Johnson of Osceola, John Beardeu of. Leachville, Claude Dun•an of Blytheville, C. W. Garrigan of Blylheville, W. E. Hagan of Blytheville, and Lloyd Shelton o! Osceola. 50 boy«, poles in hand, met it. Before the men finished dumping the pan-size fish, several lads had causht their day's limit of live and headed home. One boy didn't eveji use a line 'for one catch. A fish missed the lake and slid 'under the truck. The boy came up with the fish firmly clutched in his hand. Read Courier News Classified Ads. What's the good word at (. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111.. Aug. 8. (AP)—(USDA)—Hogs 9000; weights ISO Ibs up opened steady to 10 lo'wer; later mostly 25 lower than Tuesday's average; lightweight sows steady to 23 higher with some 170 Ibs down late as much as 25 lower; bulk choice 180-230 Ibs 23.00-35: top DART Most famous nonwih collar in the world L fine, Sanforized broadcloth. 3.95 Arrow^White Shirts Go Back-To-School TH» Stylelin* D* Lux* 2-Door Sedan IConHnuatian ol itanc/ord •qwfpm«^f and tttn* Wuttralid it diptndtnt on avoifabfli'f> of moUnafJ - * ^ - /f" , ^ ^, I \.J, *., 1 / <„'„' in its field! Longest of all low-priced cars— 197th inches from bumper to bumper! Heaviest— 3085 pounds of solid quality in the model ilhistralcd.t Widest tread— 5S-/4 inches between centers of the rear wheels, il looks and rides belter . . . it's built to be stronger and last longer . . . than others in its fictd! in its field! shipping ithout ipa ... and finest no-shift driving at lowest cost with POWER AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION* C h c vrol e l*s ti me -p ro ved Pnwerglide A uttjrtjn I ic Transmission, coupled vuth 105-h.p. }'al\-c*in- Head Engine gives ftncM no-shift driving at lowest cost— plus the mosl powerful performance in its field. No clutch pedal! No gearshifling! No power steps or surges! Only cfiorlless motion, hitherto undreamed of driving case, and velvet velocity ... a smouiii, unbroken flow of power at all enpinc speeds! Come, Iry Po'Aersilide—only billion-mile-proved automatic transmission in its field! *Coru binalion of Tn Ktrsfttde A u tomatic Trans mission and 105-h.p. Valve-in-Head Engine optional on De Lint models at extra cost. finest styling . . - with extrn-bcawifiiT, c:\lra-.slurily Bodies by Fisher! finest thrill* with thrift . . . only car in the low-price field \\ ilh a Vahe-in-Head fri&inc! finest riding ea»« . . . IhiiiAs lo its Knee- AiMion REdc, exclusive in its field! line in its field! Not only docs Chevrolet excel in size and quality— nol only docs it bring you feature after feature of the finest cars at the greatest savings—but it's also the lowest-priced line in its field . . . extremely economical to buy, operate and maintain. So why pay more, why accept less? Come in, place your order for America's largest and finest low-priced car— now. PAR The widespread favorite on every college caniuus. Regular or Frencli cufTs. 3 95 Arroiv White Shirts Go Back-To-School flnejt vision . . . wilh big Oirvcd Windshield and Panoramic Visibility! finest safety protection . . . with Safety-Sight nstrument Panel and Jumbo-Drirm Brakes- largest in its field! CHEVROLET GORDON DOVER Bmton-down osfrird classic. Like all Arrow§. H'l Mitoga cut for perfect fit A eg ATosry Dish for Termites... MORI PEOPLE BUY CHEVROLET* THAN ANY OTHER SULLIVAN,NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 Not tt jam e*fl giptriw T«r- nrto Co.! W«11 r*t •» eM t» their r«.«tni In JU-ttae! Fr»- teet rmr home! Oil •• t<*Uj! No Charge for hwpectio* Ail Work Guaranteed fhoM 2IS* Superior Termite Co.

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