The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1944
Page 6
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BLYTHEVJLLE (ARK.) COUKIEB NEWS Truesdale And Belkas Winners '. Awarded Tag Feature "Over George Bennett And Gus Wisbar v<Youth, ; . speed and stamina paid off '•• with big dividends last night as'-Statf Sergt. Chris Bolkas and .Tvuesdale trlumpfiiod over . Gus Wisbar George Bennett ' In. the tag, match feature of' Promoter Mike Meroney's weekly wrestling show. Carrjing their older foes .td H terrific, killing pace/ 'Chri9«%nci '.Tufty" swept to a glorious victory In. the third and deciding fall of, perhaps the greatest single showl In local ring history. And what a show! It had everything a modern style rasslln 1 card should have, science, speed, cleverness, and action galore. Expected to stage a whale of a performance this quartet exceeded the wildest Imaginations of the fans who jam- mod kept the small arena In a wild state and were of frenzy throughout nnd came o.ut muttering to the fact that "this was the best," Those who looked for n fast moving, close, scientific duel received a pleasant surprise as the young lighter giants launched out In a rip snorting knock-down-amt-drng- 6ut affair after the first full that possibly exceeded anything ever shown here before. In short, it was a riot; it was super-terrific. Ge'. Winning Start Wisbar and Dennett, thanks to Borne heavy punching by the former, broke away to a winning start by snaring the first fall which was plenty fast ' and rough. Bennett powdered the Mexican champion out in 15 minutes with a body pin and body slam, following a brutal assault.' Wisbar completed the list-fall job by forcing Belkas to surrender with a arm stamp .in five more minutes. Then the thing slipped into high gear. Prom thence it was dog-eat- dog as the boys let themselves go in a great big way. Gus and the champion had to throw Wlsbnr and Bennett twice to earn the second fall The first time "Tuffy" got Gus with a full Nelson and •walked him to Chris' corner. The soldier let go a haymaker. "Tuffy" let go of Wisbar. Wisbar hit the floor with a sickening thud and Tuffy immediately crawled aboard. But It official. was no go, declared the A little later Trucsdale kicked the stuffing out of the German and got him with a double jack knife but had to hold him for sit least a half minute while the referee cleared the ring of the \j From Blytheville Airport \J Another shlrttall has been tacked to the wall In the airport office. It is that of Arnold Jones, Cooler, Mo., nlr enthusiast who made his first solo flight Sunday morning. Instructor Johnny Fields amputated the piece of garment nftcr Jones took the little Piper Cub up alone and unassisted to complete the first phase of his training as a :li'l!(i«i pilot. Cutting a fledgling's shlrttall off after he completes his first solo flight is a ritual of long standing and nobody is prouder of the ceremony than the new airman himself. • • • Others who have soloed here under Fields' watchful eye Include: Sonny Osbonie, C. B. Wood Jr., Eddie Rcgenold, Harold Sudbury, Charles S. Warren, John Tom Reeder, Ernest Halscll, Leonard Green Jr., Otis Cole, Helen Ann Niclvolson, Sergl. D. B. Bolt and Pfc. Joseph J. Calabrcsc. • • • Incidentally, after a lady solos, she is required to surrender some, scrap of cloth which will answer the purpose and this is tacked to the wall with her name upon it, proclaiming to all and sundry that she Is a full-fledged pilot. Airport customs play x no favorites. • • • A big, red Waco was a "visitor" at the air field this weekend. It brought A. W. Hays, Muskogee, Okla., uncle of Russell Hays, and was piloted by E. L. Thomas of Okmulgec, Okla. • • • Paul Hucklns, former manager of Hotel Noble, now In charge of the William Lcn In Memphis, flew up Sunday afternoon, bringing Mrs. Hucklns for a few hours visit with Blytheville friends. They headed their Luscombo back toward Memphis late that afternoon. Paul lias been flying more than two years. • • • Ideal week-end weather sent other enthusiasts off on cross- country lri|w. Cliff Sebuugh and Marcus Evrard took off Saturday for Fayetlcville, returning Sunday. Ernest Hnlsell made the first lap of a deer-hunting trip to Stone Comity In hts Luscombe, leaving the plane in Joiiesboro where friends met him with a car. John White flew to Fayettcvllle. With him went his brother, Boyd, Navy man. Seek Opponents For Papoose 11 Proposed Game With Armorel Apparently Won't Be Played Sylvester (Pop) Mosley eyed the falling rnin with enthusiasm and redoubled his efforts to gel a game for his Blythcvllle Junior High School Papooses this week. The veteran no doubt was mindful of the fine performance his youngsters put forth on the rain soaked field last week to defeat their rival Whirlwinds from Jones- bo ro, 13-12. But a I noon today "Pop" hud been unsuccessful, though lie hud two fine leads. Ills first tentative date was with the Armore! Rcddle.s who are members o[ the Northeast Arkansas C-Man League, but the meeting of the Arkansas teachers in Little Rock apparently has thrown a monkey wrench Into his plans. Then the Earlc Deserves are being considered Joi 1 a game, possibly for Thursday night, even though the Earle coach likely would prefer the night before since varsity is slated TUESDAY, -NOVKMUKK M, I'M ment with the strong Hughes outfit on Friday. ; ,';' Tnuehles Corning Up Regardless of the opposition, Couch Moslcy Is doubly anxious for action, since his charges are booked to tackle the strong Marked Tree seconds here next Wednesday which should be one of their toughest assignments, Over In the Chlckasaw wigwam Coach Avvll Green Is going about the arduous task of getting his Chicks ready to face strong Humes High here Friday night In the first of three straight home engagements to ring clown the 1011 curtain. ; While conscious of the fact that Humes rales ns one of the stronger tennis in the fast Blutr City circles, Coach Green believes the trlljc Is Just about due to retxmnd from their overwhelming defeats by Joncs- boro and North Little Rock and be fit for the Bengals. Hullle of Itebounds For the Tigers, theirs also Is; a rebound case. After racklnjj up rive wlnii In u row, including a victory over the Defending Champion Central Warriors, s the Bengals suddenly went Into reverse nnd have finished on the short end of battles with .South Side nnd Christian Brothers College, But that city league Is traditionally one of continuous upsets and when favorites take it on the chin there Is not even the expected Officers' Club Holds Election Maj. Morris Shealy Is Named President, Succeeding McGuire Major Morris Shealy, finance of- iiccr a,t the BAAP, was elected president of the hoard nl governors of the Officers' Club at a meeting Friday night. He succeeds LI. Col. Harry R. McGiilrc, post executive officer and two-term president of the board. Uuc in great measure to Colonel McGuire's active administration, die new president takes over the up the wins and losses to decide who is the title holder. But Humes Is considered ciuite formidable. Their record proves that and the Chicks must be at their ppnk to check their power assaults nixl dangerous overhead game, according to all reports. Another heavy training session Is due for the Chicks today which will wind ii|) the rough work. From then on until game time Conch Grcer reins at » time when the affairs of the club are In the best sta,tc of that organization's history. Major SlieaJy was commissioned in 1010 and, after about a year's service In llic slates, was assigned to the European Theater where he organized finance activities for the ATC. Returning to this country in January, he wns made disbursing officer at the Walnut Ridge AAF nnd attended the Command and General Staff School from June 12 until Aug. 18, when he was .'.rdered to this station. In civilian life he was an accountant and auditor, making his home in Montgomery, Ala. He won Ills LLB degree at Jones University of Montgomery, In 1038. Four other officers were elected Friday night. Major Car) E. Bailey Jr., of Little Rock, commanding officer of the local civilian pilot training Bioup, was chosen first vice president. Capt. John B. fiylandcr Jr., of Americus, On., section commander of Training Group i, was elected second vice president. Second Lieut. Harry MargolLs, of Seattle, Wash., assistant legal claims officer, and First Lieut. Roy A. Miller Jr., of Allentowii, Pa., a flying officer, were chosen members, of (lie board of governors. NOTICK Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at retail at Midnight Inn, Highway 01 North, Blylhevllle, Nflsslsslppl County. The undersigned states that he Is a cltrzon of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he -has never been convicted of a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned lias never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Volney Johnson. Subscribed and sworn to before me tills 13lh day of Nov., 1914. Oscar Alexander 'Seal) Notary Public. My Commission Expires 3|14-1945. NOTICK The undersigned, J. G. Hargctt, proposes to erect a building 16 ft.x 24 ft., of concrete construction, on Lot 8, Block 10, located approximately 200 ft. North of Lee's Gin, to be used for business purposes. (Signed) J. G. Hargctt, 10124-31-1111-14 "Cnnioufleur," n French word meaning to blind or veil, is the source of the word "camouflage." other two contestants. However, he could have held him an hour, if necessary. .Belkas kangarooed Bennett into slumberlsnd and had iilm pinned' £rom Cairo, ,111, Saturday after- Observers who looked in the cabin of.ilhc, visitings Luscombe down but the Impulsive Trucsdale leaped into the ring to congratulate his partner before the fall was declared and Referee Meroncy made .Chris do it all over. Bennett W«s in no fit shape lor much competition and went under in another minute. Roush It Up The R'Ooly third fall even lind a ;session of towel choking to go with the regular stuff, but Belkas nnd Truesdale survived that last bitter scrap, though they themselves were none' too chippy. Tuffy wiped out Bennett in 12 minutes with a body •pin. ; following thing tackles and hflr'd knocks. t • Wisbar made one lost desperate rally to recoup the losses but it didn't work. He and Chris wound up with a nifty, spectacular kicking duel with the sergeant getting the better of It in four more minutes with a body pin. The teams broke even in the exciting preliminaries. Wisbar trounced Belkas with flying tackles after being all but beaten by body scissors. The brilliant session lasted 15 minutes. Traesdnle conclusively proved to Bennett that he wasn't nicknamed "Tuffv" for nothing. The game little champion matched rough for rough to defeat George at his own favorite game as the customers roared approval. A rolling rocking chair split "dood it' after seven fast and furious minutes. noon wondered whether the white baby shoe wasn't attached for good hick by l| s pilot, Cecil Robinson. WhenYourlnnards are Crying the Blues Bloodhound Goes AWOL COLUMBIA, S. C. (U.P.)—Off! clals at,nearby Fort Jackson were seeking a purehred bloodhoum Army'dog named "Texas," whose duly it was to apprehend escaped military prisoners. It seems tha "Texas" had gone-AWOL herself. WHEN CONSTIPATION makei Jon fed mnk as the dickens, brings on itomich ipset, sour taste, gisa; discomfort, take Dr. Caldwell's (a moua medictae to quickly pull the trigger on lazy "innarda", ajid lelp you feel bright and chippet if ala. DR. CALDWELL'S IE the wonderful team iaiative contained in good old Sjrup Pepsin to make it so easy to take. MANY DOCTORS use pepsin preparations in prescriptions to mike the medicine more palatable and agreeable to tike. Sobeauie your laxative is coolained trt Syrup Pepsin. INSIST ON DR.CM.DWELL'S— thefavorito olmillionsforSOyears, andfeeUhatvhole- soine lelief from constipation. Even finicky children love it. CAUTION i Use only as directed. SENNMrVXATWE CONU!mo ' N SYKDP PEPSIN r*\ 14..-; u.-utTA ^ PAVING TAXES DUE * * Paving Districts 2 and 3 taxes will be delinquent Dec. 1 r 1944, * * Avoid Penalty — Pay Now ; V; Byron Morse Collector AM*' * \,«T* j 114 N. 2nd St. 1 hey go right ahead will concentrate on play timing and and run out the schedule then ndd getting his cripples patched up Head Courier News Want Ads, SCENE: First floor, of the Hastings home TIME: The evening of August i, 1944 1. ^The 'desk at which Mr. Hastings operie3 his monthly bills and .wrote an indignant letter to the electric company, protesting their advertising that tKe average family gets twice as much electricity for its money as it did .15 years ago. 2. [The electric clock at which Mr. Hastings (ookcd to see if he had time to mail his letter before dinner. : 3. [Trie family radio, with* Junior parked close beside it, listening to "Jerry and the Jeeps." •-* • •** 4. [The porch light yhicfi Mr. H. switched on to guide thVdinner guests. " 5. The percolator, ready and waiting to do dinner duty. 6. The electric range, filling the kitchen with appetizing odors. 7. The refrigerator, from which Mrs. H. was taking trays of tinkling ice cubes. 8. The iron', with which Nancy was pressing a dress for her date. 9. The b'aclc p'orcli, on which Mr. H. paused to think things over — realizing that his family 'did use a lot more electricity nowadays, and maybe the company was right after all! TO. The trash can into which he tossed his crumpled letter. Don't Waste Electricity Jiitl buuii ll'i Cttip ind Itn't Rtttaed! mm 'KOIAUST'.S CllOICril r.»o fomula [Mil liy Tliorulcu k Minor CHiiU-. Itclluna liilo ilD. Itfhlin.', Rorencsi QUICK 1 'J'Jjcu (pnOs Ihrltik iivelHiiii; ag(U-ni. Ccl $1.00 luba :iorulou & llljior a Uwlnl Olntuicjit. Or Kct liotnton A Miner lEcctul rkii]}|ioiillorlf« cn/y a : ccnu rate. Try. UOeroiiS' «oj 'i'00AV. all good drug stores everywhere -In Blytlieville, at Klrby Drug. CHICKASAW West Main Near 21»t St *t start* 12:45; Bun. aUrt* 1:48 Night shows 5:lJ Except Monday, opciui 8:45 ContiOBoat shown Sat tad San. Tuesday BUDDY N1TE 2 Tickets For the Prlc« of 1 POWER OF THE PRESS' with Guy Kibbcc * Gloria DicUson Comedy Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "THE G&EAT MAN'S LADY" wilh ftrbara .Stanwyck ,t JncI McCrea :iiitl HONEYMOON LODGE" with Harriett Hillianl New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M, Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air _ Cooling System ^m Tuesday 'CRIME BY NIGHT' wilh • Hichard Travis Serial & Sliorl Wednesday & Thursday "CAROLINA BLUES" irilli Ann Jlillcr & Kay Kyscr Fo\ News & Short Open 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Tuesday PAL NITE 'Adventures of a Rookie 7 with Wiilly Drown & A tin Carney Selected Shorts Wednesday & Thursday RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 1:!5~Show Star* at 7:30. *' SATURDAYS A SUNDAYS Boi Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1:15 Tuesday & Wednesday Tuesday Night Is Opportunity XlgM "GUNGA DIN"

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