The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1936
Page 3
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•ftJ£SDAY, JUNfi 9, 1836 !, (AftK.) COURIER NEW9 FHA Pamphlcl Describes Living Accomodalions al Modest Cosl A Home For f?2,000 <&Sfc&- ' WASHINGTON, D.. C.—In the Federal Housing Administration 1 .-, Technical Bulletin No. 4, on Principles of I'lnnnine Small Homes. House B, with four rooms, represents one step nbovc the minimum in accommodations consistent witli decent living, it has one more room than House A. which represents about the minimi'in. It can be built nt a cost ranging between $1,050 nnd $2.0U). according to estimates of the Housing Administration, depending upon conditions In the labor nnd material v markets in a given locality. Using the ordinary methods of construction, a four-loom house Is about (he largest that can be economically built on one floor. This is particularly true when a cellar is to be installed. A house of more than four rooms can be built more cheaply in two stories. The reason for this is the excess of foundation and roof necessary In houses that are spread out and the greater number of cubic feet available In compact houses for the .number of square feet of exterior walis that house them. The nearer the house can come to a cute in shape, Ihe more economical it is to build. The only added expense in a two-story house are the stairs, 'brl the amoiml of hall space can be cut down lo cqmpensale for the extra space occupied by them. Witli four rooms, an economical plan can be evolved wilh a small hal! off which op?n Ihe living room bedrooms, nnd baili. Add one more room and the hall must be elongated lo reach that extra room. In nil houses there should,be a complete separation of Ihe sleeping nnd living quarters. To make It necessary for persons in a bedroom to. pass through the living room or any other room lo read: the balliroom is bad planning anc bad housing.. Ttie bedrooms should all open on a hall on which tin. bathroom also opens; The excess v )n, he|2l)l makes in (inference in the framing cost, a the memliers used in one-stor; houses nre slrong enough for two- story as well. Bv careful planning, stock lengths of Iinnber can be 'used witli little waste, and bearing par- tilions can be locnted so as lo tic , short and dirccl. In smnll houses, long members, even Ihough a liltle more expensive per foot, can be used to bridge the whole span from outside wall to outside wall. | The saving in labor and freedom in planning with this method will more than offset, the extra cost of material. The concenti-alion of plumbing. Ihc cenlralizazlion of the heating plant, tlie avoidance of breaks in the outside walls and roof, the keeping of rconis in rectangular forms, all make for economy. In this little house, designed by the Federal Housing Administration, aiid designated as house'"B" in its booklet "Principles of Planning Small Houses", emphasis has been given to maximum accommodalion nnd adequate comfort In tlic bedrooms. The living room is small, but the shape nnd wall spaces lend themselves to satisfactory furnishing and use. The kitchen Is compact, but allows space for either a small table or more cabinet space. Laundry trays uould be installed in the utility room, If desired, instead of using tile combination slnk-nnd-tmy fixture, shown in the kitchen. If n coal range were to be used, the position of tlic chimney could be changed lo the partition between the utility room nnd kitchen, making it available for the range as well as the heater. The Federal'Housing Administration estimates Hint this lioirie mny be built under the Insured Mortgage System nt a cost ranjing .from- 51,050 lo $2.000, depending upon 'location. This figure, of course, does not include the' cost of the, lot.' Housing Question Box Q. I have noticed plumbers using Lhe terms "regular" enamel and 'acid-resisting" enamel. What is the difference? A. Regular enamel is not acid- resisting. In other words, It is not Immune to damage from citric acid juices nnd the acids in garbage, coffee grounds, medicines, etc. Acid- resisting enamel, on the ol'ner.hand, cannot be damaged by any of the ordinary acids usually found n round the home. In 'fact, Jt Is resistant to the action of every acid except hydrofluoric acid which is a glass solvent. Furthermore, it is a very 'hard enamel with an exceedingly fine texture and Ihus is ier lo clean ana will retain its high lustre if given reasonable care. Kadi.ilor Care When concealed radiators are I installed, the studs should be I doubted at each side of the open- ling. If it is in n bearing wall, the I space over Ihe radiator should be I trussed. The annual caUfn of whales in I the Antarctic exceeds 10,000. Sees Townsend I Plan Near Rocks The Townsend movement Is in deplorable condition and reorganization is needed sadly, Charles M. Hawks declared, testifying before the House probe committee !n Washington, as shown above. Hawks, father of lha famed flyer, Frank Hawks, recently re- clgned as Massachusetts area .jnanager oj[ . Q. We want to ncM a porch off the living room of our house on the side that has file fireplace. Will the floors Interfere with the use of the fireplace 1 A. It is always better to keep the wails on cither side of the fireplace free from doors, as doors mean traffic, and traffic around a fireplace robs it of Its coziness and makes it difficult to furnish. If your porcSi cannot be added at any other place, have only one door between It nnd the living room so that at least one side of the fireplace will not be interfered with. Q. We have old pine floors in our house, and they are badly worn In places. Could we put linoleum down over I'nem? • , A. Yes; but before laying it. the floors should be scrap:d and nil high spots removed; otherwise the linoleum will wear out more quickly at those places. If there arc plac»s where depressions are worn into file floor, new boards had better be laid to make Ihe floor level. Have Ihc linoleum cemenkd over fell. panels when the heal is on, but this seems to disappear In Slimmer. Can you suggest a way to correct tliisV A. 'Tills' Is caused by the shrinkage 'of the wood in the dry atmosphere created ' by the artificial heat. Tlic next time tliLs light streak occurs stain It to match the balance of Ihe wood,; then It may swell and shrink- without being noticeable. Q. I want to increase the size of my poultry Hock. I hnve quite a large piece of property on 'which my home is located. May I negotiate the necessary loan for a larger chicken house? A. Yes. Such loans are authorized by : the Federal .Housing Ad- Builders Continue Active at Osceola OSCEOLA, Ark—Conversion of the former W. D. McCiarrity house, 311 Bard Avenue, inlo n modern duplex apartment, will be completed this week. Mrs: Sain Coble Is the owner. Roy Annabel is the contractor. The interior of the H. J. Hale home is being redecorated nnd a new healing plant is being installed. The foundation of the T. R. Tindle home on Kelser avenue is being repaired, new floors nre being laid and n new'porch added. The Home Lumber Co,, began work this week on the new home of V. G. Bell In the Ennen subdivision. The former J. K. P. Hale home on Elizabeth strccl. now owned by S. M. Hodges, Is being repaint- CiViin Paini niid Cheap Millwoi'l; Hurl Appcav- ;nu';> Kid Salabilily Tin- two things III a nr>w housi Unit in,- must consptctous anil by wliloh ii | s judsi'd mo thv paint- I"B ami i hi.' mlllwork, or trim. Tlic fi'iiun- of the house. Ihc wh'lni; nnd iniiliig, I'von the plaster nnd mo nil concealed behind t«o items. As Important us those other ililugs arc, they count for bin,, in the eyes of tin- lay ol'i-orvor. So It Is ossi'iillul. if yon wuiit your friends (o admire yum- new h»im>, to insist upon the tlinr Is In those two lines. Too often in trying lo cut down Hie cslhmiU'.s of cost one Is npl lo IIRIOO lo one less cont of paint or I'liiuncl. or lo Iho omkslon oi sanding between conl-s, or, by Im- phrntkm, to a die^oer grailc of iiiilhvoik. It would be belter to save .somewhere else than to sacrifice on cither of these. For If cheap mlH- work is Installed, It will be there forever lo plague you: it.s open joints, warped edges, nnd raised grain cannot be eliminated completely. And to make n poor paint Job look well there Is not much thnl can be done short of removing il entirely and starting fresh, nnd that Is very expensive. It Is well, therefore, lo have a thorough umlcistniidlng before Ihe contract is sinned ns to Just what grades and kinds of wood are to be used for trim and how Ihe various Hems nre lo be Joined nnd finished nnd what sort of moldings arc to be used. Also the number of coaLs of each kind of paint to be used, its quality nnd make, nml how II Is to be treated should all be definitely atjrecd upon. lu making cuts In tlic estimates, i'- Is better to omit entire features limn to skimp on quality. Pick out something like built-in hook cases or pnnnllng oi- some such thing tliat cnn be put In nt some Inter dnte without disturbing the rest of the construction. Leave off a porch or n small wing, If necessary. They can always be added, but hnve what is built of the best quality applied In the most skillful way. Funds for additions maj In, obtained from a private iln- anclal Institution which operates under the Modernization Crcilli Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. AN ENDLESS CHAIN . When Americans build, Hie nnllnn prospers. And as It prospers mure Auu-ileans build. It's n ni'Vur-eiidlng cycle, and once It ^Is In motion It takes a umjor cahimlty lo halt It, U hus bi'i'ii said thai move fields of endeavor, more Industries, workers, and wage-earners mv iilt'ecled by the building Industry than any oilier. Analysis of Ihe statement only supports its vmu'lty, When you buy or build u house, you not only give work to Hie architects who design It and the laborers who put It up, giving Hi™ all-Important spending pimvr. but you also do the same IhliiB for till' workers In tlic factories (hut tnn out (he sinks nnd Ihe bathtubs, the BUUi'is and piping, the doorknobs and Munis, the light fixtures und \vlmlowpiincs. You do the same for the lumber-mill workw.s. the lumberjacks, nnd brickmakers, the men In the quarries, nnd n host of others. And you keep busy (ho men who transport nil these things by truck and train, lint tha cycli! extends even further: When the house Is built you. buy new Iiirniluie for It—rugs, draperies, lamps and things. And thus you enter uunther vast Held of Industry and help everybody In Hint also. As they earn so they, toil, build, nml the eyrie continues. Pet-hups none, however. Is more benefited Ihan you yourself when you aci|iilre a new home. In doing so you contribute lo your own satisfaction nnd MTinlly and the security of your children. When oiici- a pint of the earth Is yours no one can tnke It awny. It is a inure tangible acquisition than nny other thing you can buy. VINCENT TUTCHINCI. In Ihe Washington Sunday Hemtd. Front Porches Are Giving Way to Modern Terraces, Gardens In days gone by, n front porch | outdoor living nreu of the family. was us es-scnllnl in building a u n(is | K>cll „!,,„„.,, „„ mi(I ,„„„,_. L'd, and Is now a uni-ilon spot. bouse as n kitchen or parlor, and for gennratlons the turkey-red ntlinncnssnrs of the porch rbck- rs added n touch of color to our illagc scene. This porch, as well as Its Inevlt- ibte rockers, was distinctly an ministration subject to approval e<i n »d papered for rental pur- by your local lending' agency. Fo information .concerning approved lypes oi poultry houses you wiuid do well lo get in louch with your county agricultural agenl or the agricultural college In your state. Q Tsn't Ihcre some way of li eating linoleum Lo preserve it and keep il brighl? A. Floor wax applied to linoleum just as It would be applied lo wood will . give it a brighlfm- ish nnd prolecl It. It must ue renewed from time to time, Q What do you recommend that I use In replacing my porch steps lhat have rotted? A. It the i»rch is a wood porch, wood steixs would be the most appropriate, but the first slep "should be concrete or olher masonry .to keep the wood from coining in contact with Ihc Q. Where is the best place to put a. celling light In the ktlchen? A. That depends upon Ihe location of the sink and range. If one light only Is lo be used, it should be so located as to throw light on both these fixtures. If this is not possible, ixo lights should be put In, one for encrh. Look out that yon do not locate them where thr doors of the cabinets might strike them. Q. Is there any kind of bell i can Install under my dining room lablc lhat does not require a cut In the rug? A. Yes. If a stationary bell will serve, a floor bell with a plunger can be put in and the ru? placed over it, It you will want to move the bell about, a movable plate with a crown contact that ts very flat can be plugged into the floor' tell connection with a length of wire lhat makes it possible lo move It about under the rug wherever desired. Q. We have some dark-wood paneling in our house lhat shows a light streak at the side of the Realty Transfers Warranty Dccils James Driver. Charles B. Driver, Marguerile Driver Shipixm. Jettie Driver, Poscy B. Driver. Ruby Driver and Herberl Slilppen to U L. Ward, lots 4. 5. 6 and 7 of norlheast quarter of section 32, township 16 ?iorth, range 11 easl. containing 4C.2I acres. Low Shelves In broom closets the lowest shelf should be about 4 feet 6 inches above the floor, as this Is enough to clear broom nnd mop handles, and makes (be shelf uiore get-at-able. The word "Oetlisemane" is Hebrew for "wine press." Knitjjng Classes Tuesdays & Fridays, 2:30 P. M. 1109 chlckasawba INSTRUCTIONS FREE ORDERS TAKEN FOB "BERNAT" YARN Mrs. Leslie Hooper M>s. A. C. Haley • Phone 792 Houses now have n .street front, nnd n garden trout, 'and the porch on which we sit and even occasionally rock, Is In- the- rear Instead of llii! front. Porches and Icnaces may be unlit under Ihc Expert Advice Is Needed in Picking Good Color Scheme The use of color In the lioino 1ms undergone a change In, the past few years; yesterday there was the blue room, and the yellow room, nml the pink room, but. lodny no room can be so designed with any accuracy, for while « room mny have walls of blue, the rui; mny be of mulberry and I ho drnpe.s while or chartreuse, and the furniture mny be of two or three oilier hues. The day of the living-room suite all upholstered In n plush cut. from the snmc boll, nml over- drapes to match Is past. Now, the furniture Is n collection of individual pieces harmonious in pattern but distinct In design. Kncli nmy have u different, material us covering, but all must .be hi accord. It mukes more Intcr- •slliig rooms limn the old ftyle, mt require; much more skill In combining the pieces, for the blending of shades nml style.s rc- liilrcs taste and knowledge Hint 'oiv enn possess without conslder- iblo study and experience. However, while tho Interior decorator Is more essential now •linn a decade ago, the individuality of Hie owner should not be submerged beneath the decorator's Ideas, Tlie decorator should be tho owner's guide und mentor, but, lie should . try la express the owner's Individuality.* Nothing Is more pathetic than nn owner lost. In his own home. The home owner who wishes to express his own decorating theory may obtain funds from n private llnunctnl Institution ojicrntlng under litii'Moilornluitlon Oicdlt Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. American feiitiire ami had its I terms of the Modernisation Credit. poses. C. B. Driver Ls building n modem, five-room residence on Lee street, whicli lie will offer for rent. The Greyhound bus station, formerly located in part of the building used by Weathersby's Cleaners, has moved to the Barham block, soulli of Hn!e avenue. Mr. Wealhersby plans to enlarge his plant and will use the entire building he now occupies. Convenient Switch The switch for the living-room lights should always be located near the door that leads to the hall or stairway to the bedrooms, rather than near the approach from tlic front cntrat: Houston Home Builders Use FHA To Advantage HOUSTON, Tex.—Eleven out o! 33 permits for residence construction issued in this city In n single day were for houses thnt were to be built under the insured Singli Mortgage System of the Fcdera Housing Administration. Two o the eleven were, to be built for families with Incomes, of less than $3.000 per annum. In one case a permit was Issued to a bank employee with nn income of $2,2(10 per annum. The house was a two-story, seven-room frame dwelling and was covered by an insured mortgage for {3,000, which was to be amortized over a twelve-year period. An architect an annual net income of 51,883 a year was given a permit to build a one- story frame cottage. An Insured loan for $2,750 is to be repaid In 19 years. origin back in the days of our early settlement. The first linml- ;ranls were hard-working )>cople who labored witli tlicir hands for .heir very existence. Servants were practically unknown, and for some years the log cabin and later tin: plain llltle clnpboardcd collage sheltered households that hud HUle lime for rocking oil n porch. But ns individuals prospered and could afford hired help nnd thus gained leisure, lite desire to display tlicir improved estate and let. their neighbors know that they no longer worked from sun- np lo sun-down became apparent, So they built front porches. Thus It became n symbol of genility nnd every house lind to have one. The original purpose was last, as Hie years passed by, nnd Ihe main object of tlic front porch cnme lo be as a vnntftgc point Irom which cncli household could keep track of the comings and goings of the neighbors. This lasted up to the decline of the horsc-and-biiggy era and the advent of the automobile. But the dust and noise produced by the early models in our macadam roncis soon inntlc the unprolecled front porcli an unpleasant place to sit, and gradually It fell into disuse. Now we hnve reverted to the habits and customs of our tors and seek privacy nnd quiet for our leisure moments. Tin; old backyard, that shabby spncj v.'llii Its ruothentcn gnuss cpol where Monday's wnsli wns exposed, where the boys of the family built (heir nondescript hnls nnd kept their rabbits nnd pigeons—lhat dc- pcsllory of trash, has heroine the Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Light for Convenience*. A garage light set In Ihe center of the celling will be of HUle use if any work is lo be done on tho cnr. The light should be so locnlei Mint It will be dlrcclly over III motor. That Is where It Is nccdci most. The vlrco gleans silken tissue from spider webs and weaves It Inlo ll-i nesl. RADIO REPAIRING, A Complete Line of Tube! and I'arli BUtiBARD TIKK A MATTKUY CO. PHONE 4*i Rcan Cornier Nev.-s Classified Ads Raw sugar, before it Is sen through a' refinery, is yellow. ELECTRIC ,t ACKTYl.KNK WELDING AT IIEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE jBarksdaleMffrCo. PHONE ID Now Is the Time to Build Your Home - - Easy Monthly Payments This company will gladly liclp you with your loan applications. Through an-angemcnU perfected liy the American Asphalt Roof . Corporation, wo have connections with the Planters Batik and Trust Company, Forrest City, Arkansas, whereby it will handle all new construction Federal Housing Administration title two approved loans in Hl.vtheville and vicinity, East Arkansas Builders Supply Company Ed R. Jones, Mgr. Phone 29 DON'T SUFFER FROM HEAT We are helping P. liit of Blythoville citizens lo lie more comfortable this summer with Kcd Top In s u 1 n I i n ^ Wool placed in the attic. Consult u s about reducing your summer lieal overhead. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE -10 Use your BO N U S for a Home FIRST! No bettor-use could he made of the funds you rn- ceive as compensation for your wartime service. LOOK AT TMKSK UAKGAINS: HOG W. Ash St.—5 rooms and bath, Excellent residential location $1,000 212 S. Kran'klin—8 rooms and bath, Near business district. A real bargain nt $1,000 017 Park Aye.—5 rooms and bath, No paving tax $1,000 G28 Park Avc.—3 rooms, No paving tax. Good repair S GOO 105 W. Rose St.—'i room house, "Newly, decorated. Close in $ !)00 127 E. Kentucky—G rooms and bath, Excellent location ?l,nOO SIS S. Franklin St.—4 rooms, City water. Close in $ 500 Terms Can Be Arranged G. G. CAUDILL Phone 7!)7 mi; N. liroadwav l.iltlc drops of water Leakitt' over head, Makes an awful puddle In a fellow's bed. RE-ROOF THE UNIVERSAL WAY WIND AND WATER PROOF - FIRE- SAFE - BEAUTIFUL TO LO'OK UPON AND COSTS SO LITTLE Let us measure your roof and give you an estimate. FHA Financing If Desired E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. LUMBER I 100 — . ^ BtrTMEVtLLf PHONE IOO We Do The Post • LUMBER -ioo APKAHSAS

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