The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1934
Page 3
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TUESDAY, .MARCH 20, 1934 ELYTHEVILLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE All Set for That Rainy Day; Umbrella Plane Flies Local Company AVill M;r ulaclurc Product BMhoville Pliinl A lonir.ila. Call, o! tiiis iniii-Hiiiii ui iii'-ic[> is in iiivc-ntnrt by Cliai'lfs ci'.y. lor ill-. 1 '• >:ile ;~ ii'i-iiiiic.-i fi'id <>'•"•'''•' !;;• ni:iiiiiln<.'tiii-e;l in 'Hi' 1 Curl ' ; ' L . ll|1- \KrtiiM for dh)];i:Jii'i o: ll:f iiriKli.fl '.vji.fl !,... •;,.,.„'!: •(! l.v ,1 il-.w'x- i.l -.-.i-ll hiniwu iir n. Mr Carl '•""" ''•'" 1K- Oi-iulii-r us nr<»viT uilli thi- Ik-iiii 1 oi I'lii'.vcn. l:a-. r-.-i: lii... ]»fciitim lu iJ'Voti- all In.; \t, i!ir- maliiuaUiiM u! tlii U lial. A|il>licnl!un f'li 1 « palm: Ix-cn n<-H-T'l«l, Mr. Civil lr.svir.v- just iftm-ncd from W;ishini;t'i:i. !>. C.. u-lii-r:' h'' *|H-ni M-'x-ra! days. Tin- c-'n'-micai. \vhich is licld in' •,i tlo'.h tube, and v.-liidi will In 1 1 hO'ci for W C('!l'.') ;;'.T IC'H !aUi under the building, is UK- ir,i;l: ol eu-.liv yv-A^ oj work, Mr. C-.irl MaU'd. A .';radua'.r of ibf. 'flicni of iKu-lidrluirt oi the U:iivcr>!!y uf Io\\a, Ames, Mr. Carl 'xcrl:cd for a unrulier ot ycji's. ,:irioiiL/ lei mile. 1 ,, '.vhich avr lou;:tl; r. . ., ^ , -rl . i Hi 1 iihius 10 liav: d<.'inoiiEV.'a.ii<>'.is-. of the clUMiiital,.which i.s gi!ai-,iii-! teed for ihi't'c- ycr;i.s. " Mr. Carl, \vho has FLS his as-'; srolat? iu tl'.t 1 vfn::ire, Bryant' .Stewart, ha.s refused a very sub- j .sumtiii! oiror In;- his lotnmln. l!i dnts IKK p!an to sill any stock. sitl'n:; novelty in uirijlaiics i.s this "in::l)i-ei!a" ty|x> sliip. tested ivilli MICCC.S.S In Chicflgo. Tiikln .'M)) a l£3-fwt run, it .run iHtaln ;i .SJIPH! o( I'd miles nil hour nnd land .it a UO-dcgrec ang :".";-f<>:>t [-'.nit 1 , 'i'liv ui;\U has a V.'-l'-'V. firfulcn- "swing" in.sie.-icl * of Mandartl monoplane con Mr.,i-r.r.n at::! is driven by a 12.i-liovseixiv.-cr mo'.or. H can come siiy i',s iiuemors. lu earth slower than » iiavnclune, A Fioo?c\ r (;ll Christens New Warslu)) Honor Rolls P.-T. A. Will Buy Swings for Shady Lane School At a business meeting March U ' the Shady Lane P.-T, A. voted to I purchase swii'.us for the ! pl.iygroiind. The meeting wn.s iK-Sd nl the home of the pre.^idem. Mr.s. P. S. Pnrker. On .March H fit teen members met at, the home of Mrs. MIKnii stoner am! quilled c flov.'rr RBriicn nuilt. winch will be given i away soun at ;i pemiy soci".l nt iho ' sch<xjl Leachville Socielv —• Personal The Leachville Civic Li-ngu L:iit Round U;i party, .March M.rj., u-as attended by chib women from throughotid"the counly. The affair began with n li!isii::=s men's luncheon, at'.ended bv loc-al bupip.t-ss ar.d professional men. At 1 o'clwj;: there was a luiic!:eon for c/ub womtn. folloived by bridge 1 , rummy unri rook. Prizes v:ent to Mrs. Floyd V. Wif.c. High at tontract: Mrs. PIusis Secoy, hith •.:•, rcok; Mrs. Leo Scllincycr, high a! auction; Mre. Jim Alcxjnrter. liinii at rummy. The travdini; pi-ia: went lo .Mrs. E. H. Tuber. At. 0 o'clock a dinner '.vc:i; served for out of town guests anil club members ami iticir !uislia:ids. Uatncs were enjoyed flurins the evening, with prizes sjoing lo Mrs. C. O. lledman, Blytheviile, Dr. A. Jl. Washusun. Blylllevilk 1 . T>". A. Ti. Ko'jinion. John Ecardm. Mv.s. Leo Scllmeyer. Mrs. Sybil Ho'.:trl.;. 1 Mrs. E. ft. Tabcr. Mrs! Bob Kijlen. am; Mayor Eob Eblen. TJr. and Mrs. A. E. Robinson anil Miss Dorothy six?nt Sunday Memphis with Mrs. IJobins mother. Mi's. J. L. bvatton. C. L. amilh has returned from a visit to Ho; Sprines. Ark., wh he alteinU'tl the races. Mrs. K. M. Howard and ' Mrs. Shaneyfcll were week em! giit-sts of Mr. and Mr.'. Jim Roderick at Marion. Ark. Foirest Smith, who is in the C. C. C. eami> at Fayetteville. Ark.. Hipnl the n-tvk end with his mother. Mrs. Maud Smith. Buddy Howard, who attends .school at Nashville. Tenn.. was a 1 . home for the \veck end. Mrs. L. G. Byerley entertained f Cnaiitaitnua study coitrw ijroup Ibe Civic Ueagne Thursday evening. "Our School Ijibrnn'. It's Nerds and Sorviir." will be the subject i-! Hie P.-T. A. meeting tonight. Tht:e will be a round table ilis- cu.xsion on home li'.eralurc. fl Is Si ripping Pounds I'VOID Once Husky Bly- lluivillc Man T.uw companii's thai ixwsl of he ui'lgtil-rediicliiK manic "f tlieli ^Is I isblels wilh Diclr "Ix'fDI-I' nd ulu-r" pictures uiv pa.islnn ii|: BOikl Ix't In Hie iierson of Join: iiicli.iuan, «ell knotsn ICH'iil man ^xi'ojn that lie didn't net l!uil wj\ on t.^lily-ruated medicine. .Inliii Is only a shadow of his for incr self now. lie welijlis a mci •t l.ill John tlpix'd llw si-.\!( fit '-'as jwinuls. a !us\ ol i: IKllllXls. ilml's [,]|! A dl.'t. jihnost stiictly i-onilni to vw,allies mid liuils ot wrum ', did it for lliirnaniin u he Mas .slririten .seriously 111 In N'o vcuib.'!- and fiiceu the iwcc.ssHy fiiltniij clomi his nyolrdii|X)Ls. Joli admits ho HiMicllmi'.'. longs for Juicy :,lnik ns WK us n blanket Iji lie's Mirklng to the diet. Jol:n \vas a meaiber of llmt fi moils tiiiiiiivlnitc ol n:c local l('t' !t pn.s'. M'vvnil yours ago wlisii It IB daini 10 tlie largest tlirci'-iini .squad i:f any jiCjt In tin- coinili I Other members were John Mcllnt |ey. v.lio iKlinlts IK-'S on no du .'<'i?liiiiK JI5 iwiind.s at tins tin nd llu- laic J. K. lii-ll, who tl|i|X lie tcali's In the iwluhlw.-tioc 00 i».ii:<l.s. no! rolls ill several city 'chuols for I lie first month of the .ccftud .semester have been nu- lounccd its follows: Lange—Penildine Ellis, Mary Lynn Jackson. Joe Ai-wood. Sudbury—IB Grade: Charles Anderson: 4A Grade: Hetty Bearden, Mary Lovelace. Shirley RoBers; 51! Grade: Claudia Bennett, Helen Henry, Marie Ho|i]ier. Claude aicwart. Charles Williams.. Viryil Winters; SA Grade: Doio'.liy Salika; GA Grade: Doiolliy Cross, Kallnyn XfcaauBhey. William Wooten. Central Ward—4th Grade: Ben- tonne Jageci-s. Mary linbcocfc Jellye Claire Huffman, J.ack Chinnblin. George Uubbar-.l. Saili Mntltls; 5th Grade: Hunter Sims, Dick While, Vir^iuiu Armstrong Vei-a Elizabeth Gotvh'lch, Sara Lou McCutcheu; 6B Grade: Dctt!. Margaret Dmignn. fjarthol Hyde C!:nrles Robertson; CA Grade: Russell BUT. Mnnsfield Washbura I Betty txni Kramer. Jean Tintii 1 land. Junior High The. following pupils made no frradc lower than J3 dining th5 last, six weeks term in Junior Hi'jh school: 7B: Charles Covington nnd Amy Ruth Morris. 7A: Mark Andeison, Jerry Co!:en. Juanita Grimes. Billy Liggett. Joyce Somers. U. W. Moore. Thomas Scay nnd Harold NatJiari Hoicutlial. SB: Iris Kleban. 8A: Billy Brewer, Earn Kvrard, Morso Kochtitzky, Sue Uamey and Mnrjoric 1 Warj-en. For the fourth month of the first semester these v,-cre on the honor rolls: O-O § OJ IP — GEORGE SCARBO DAN THOMAS KIDNEY TOLER SICKS A D.ME IN ONE Or- HIS EMSS FCOH START TO HNi«l Of A ur ROLF HOPPID A FO5.LIKCa.l^hirB THF. JOB, PLAYED 87 WE v-flTH ThE COVPA ED DP .S LEAO-,S-J 3 TA!(f) AT COKEY l9UtiD 31 iFarmers Enrolled asp Members Last Nighf; Osceolans Also Join Tile nucleus of a Farm Bureau Kanb.illon [or ths> ClilcKasawba •• district of MteKslppI coiinly was formed Insfnighi wlicn 31 farmers., cniollfil as members at a iiiccllnj;• nl Hie. courUtoiisc at wlilcli K. A. O'Neal, jiresiclent of iho American •• m Jiiircau l ? i'doi-ftllon, s]»kc. 'I'ho mei'lliig \vi\s well atlemleU . aiifl men interested In Iho movement, c.xpre.ssrfl Iliemsclves as well pleased, C. Ci. Smitli Introduced Mr. O'Neal utul J, p, Tompkins made . a brief appeal for tin? I'orniatlon of la slraiix uTmnili'allGii of faniiei-s. Slmllu vmcctlngs lv,»v« l)Mn cull- • rd for W Arkansas tonntles this week and nexl. 40 Juln at Osccola. OSCKOLA. Ark—forty members Jolnixl tile Houlli Mississippi County Pavm llnretm nt a rti-organl'/a- I'lon meeting here Monday nltcr- iiDaii wlien E. A. O'Neal, prcsUeni of tlie Aiuerlcnn l-'arm Unrcnii Fed-.; {(.•ration, ami J. F, Tompkliu od- (Ircssed 200 farmers at the court- Services Held Sunday for Mrs. Jim Earls STEELE. Mo. — Mrs. Kin U-e 3uvK. 55, fell (lend Sntimlny movii- .son. nl the Jiojne of hei Aubrey Eiiils, wUl\ who*.!! she na<!e tier home. Dentil WILS u|i- pnrcntly (lite to hcnvi troiihle. Mi>. Enrls. foriKcrly of Grcen- llclfi, Tenn., u-nr. the widow of til? lal:- Jirn KarLs. who fiietl alioul age. Mr. Earls was one of tli» early settlers of Hits of tile county. . , Fmu'i-Li! ,i;er\'iccs were conducted ai Hie Unpitsi cliurch aftirucoti with tlie Rev. D. K Fo.sier of Canitlm-.svUle offlcint- Ing. assisted by the Rev. A. B.i Sadler, local Rapilst pustor. Mil.. Eiirl.s is survived by lu-u sous of H former intiriln^e. Henry anil Hoy I CarU'i 1 . ami five sons by her man-Inge lo Mr. EarLs. Lrytm. Aubrcv. Cledath, Athc'r and Cf-r:l. ClCHAW) CXX V.EARS o: OF TWO PETHECKTl! HE LOOKS FOft LUCK. Judge Believed Accused Held All Time Record JAMESTOWN, N', Y. (UP) — mice Allun K. ilmiiii Ijellcvc.s Cnr] VomiB. : in Jill thin for liitoxtcnllon, InlLTc-slnd In llu 1 iniin's rrrord. li: jlldb'i' ordcri'd cfliirt iillciul- iinl. 1 ; lo look his hjfilory. Tlioy foiiiHl: 1—Tlmt Younn hns hccn ur- riilitiiL'd 7fJ tlnii'.s on rhnrrc.s o[ In- toxicntlon since 11105. 2—1'lim, IIK 1ms iv.iirt S'ilfi In lines. 3-Tlint he ha-i M'rvtil lliivc ycnrs, oni- 1110111)1 mid 111 ilnys In i jell. iKliji- liaritfir t'omtnlltcd Yiuinx to fiayvlllc jnll \vhcn lit' u-iis im- nblt 1 to pny n SIO flni-. ll<" Miitlun, [Hilnltd out llmt siicli luiiMirs w;-ix- brraklnn the ni-w bnvfcrr tk'i'ii^e Inw which rctiiiivcs all bfii-bi'i-liix tt' nulled on only In iviiiilni- IwrbiTlin; (iniivlfia. wlili-h. the c-lilcf :ailrt. the stnljlfs, cinrUlHM-.s :iiul IiK-'kur ronins WCMX) :: -|llM. Ho->-rrnl ollltir-i-. 1 !. Hie chief \V1L^ (old, h'.ul Irsti \vlui<-.|-.lH8 fin-cluck or scruiitivj a nmn'; I)!:- for wlmK-vi-r ilu 1 subject 1'lnns nre lo rebuild llic J^nrni niircnu with county nnd commuii-. ty coiuiiilttccmcn M'ho have served luring the two recent ucrenge eftin- v.iluns n;i ti incmbcrslilp nucleus.., Mi'inters of tlie county committee! were named lcni|>ornrj' officers as lollowx: C. D, Aycrs. cnnlrman; J. P. Toiupkliu, vice chairman, nnd'.'. lliifn.i nriinch, socrclnry-trensiirer. .slub- (lie l,l(|imr Stuu-s 'ITIlllvrt MANCllKSTKIl, Conn. (UP)— Hi fun- iinililbllfoa there were 13 Ililiiar dls]ii:ii5iu-les in Minieheslcr. Nnw, bosidi-.s dni^Jilores, there are. ill places wliPi-f lifiuor may be piir'-litiM'd. Family Receives Aid munlKr of iicrsons have aided' .). !>. Miller fnmlly since their homo, household furnLsliliiKS and' most of their clothes were toltoyi' ed by fire several rtnys HBO. The family wits lefi practically. destllnle when all their Monelngs'i were lost Since that time they; have received hip Hint has en-' allied (hem to overcome tlielr handicap in part itnti they nr« grateful lo their friends, ' • Read Cornier News Want Ads.- fuH-oHJCATC Barbering Cops Banned By Cleveland Chief] Find 'Father of Oregon's' Naturalization Papers OREGON CITY. Ore. fUP) — Natnrati/.ation ptipers of Dr. John Loiiglilin, "Faiher of Oregon." were discovered in vaults of the county recorder's office here. Dr. McLoughliii, factor of the Uiltish Hudson Bay Fur Company, befriended American settlers in Oregon in early flays. When the fur post as discontinued, nflcr Oregon was ceded lo the. United Slates, Dr. McLoiighlln remained anil took a farm. The iKUuralh'.alkm papers were Ksued by the secoiut district court of Oregon Territory. Sc|it. S, 1851. CLEVELAND CUPl— I'ollec ile- avtiiu'nl mcmlKM-s will tic Inkluc the law Inlo their oan hiiiul.-;! lit-reafier it ihi-y s:ie:ik duivn to I ihs stnblts (o gel llwlr luir cut I with lioi-fe;.' tail-c!-o;:|)-.]-s. Polire Chicl Cieorne J. MnltiU'itz. learning thai nmalciir Iwrljer.s weie tlntirlsliln:; f, Ccntrnl ! J n- TIMS TO USE VlCKS WOSE DROPS. me^^ ALREADY GOT A COLD ...VlCKS [VAPoRuB TONIGHT! of VicV5 CoWa-Coiniol Pl«n In «»ch Vicks jJ«ck«i») MS;^^;*'^"'CONTROL OF COLDS Cenlral Ward—1th Grade: George Hubbard. Jctlye Claire Huffman, Wanda Fisher. Bobbie Jean Douglas: 5th Grade: Bettye Mar-1 inrct Doiigan. Bill Cliambl'm. ir-! inia Armstrong, Vera Elratom jocdrich. Sara Lou McCiitchen: illi Grade: Russell Farr. Lloyd Ward, Mansfield Wasliburn. Bcltye r . Lou Kramer. Lynette Tucker. Mary Jean AfTlick. ' I Mr. W. R. Daniels of Richmond Sudbiiry—4B Grade: Doris Adams.! HH1 - N - Y - writes: "Have nnlsl«.-.l Doris Muir, LnFetra May, Martini i '">' second boltle of Kruschen Salts Fat Men Mill Town items Her lings fluttering in the breeze, (he U. S. S. Parraeut is pictured ;h;!-ng down the ways at Quincy. Mass.. alter her christening by Mis. J.nurs Kooscvelt. duughter-in-law of the President, pictured below -,iilli M'.e bottle of .champagne. The Fnrragut, named for the hero ot ^;l)b;'c Bay. is one of the first t'roup of destroyers built for the U. S. Navy sii.ce completion of the wartime program in 1020. CHURCH EXCUSES By Gco. W. Barb»m MWarlancI, Shirley liogera: 4A Cir.ide: Claudia Bcnnslt, Mnric Hopper, Rita Pollock; SB Gr.ide: PesBy Burirs. Nannie Craig, June Workman; OB Grade: Dorothy Cross. Ktitlierine ^5cGnuBhy. Rinh Suthrrtaml, Billy Wooten. Langc—5th Orade: Mary Lvnn Jnckson. Pearldtne Ellis; "cih Crnde: Juanita White. Read Courier News Want Ms. —Results—Removed 3 inches fiou waistline—am 25'.'.. move ai-.tive— mind is clear—skin eruptions have disappeared—am -1C years old—frel '20 years younger." To lose fat take one liitlt lea- spoon of Kruschen Salts in a of hot water before crcakfusl i every morning—an 85 cent bottle : lasts 4 weeks—Gel it at any drus ' store in America. If not joyfully satisfied after the first bottle- I money back. —Adv. 7 that the church would be strengthened by the loss, that a lot ofi church members were like bad, accounts on the merchants book— would nol IK accented by the creditor as assets. Rev. nnd Mrs. Jim Fosliie. Mr. and Mrs. Garrctt and Mrs. Mainly t'obb. all of Vlcksburg. and Rov. ar >'l Mr.s. DcPriest. Mrs. John Nonlicrn. Mrs. By-.d and Mr.s. Bailey. O f Holland, visited Thursday with R t -v. J. 13. Cunningham, wlio is very 111. Mrs. Tommie James. Mrs. Herman Thaycr. nnd Miwcs Jocil and Emma Moran. of Friendship. vi ;1 t- ed MLV Florence Cimiiii-.-jhain Ilmrsday nfteinnon. ' K.illu-vn Annsiron». who has fccfn ill. is iniirVi improved. Mr. and Mrs. F!. Vires a-.-e IK- parents of a son. bom March 6 He lias ix-on named Sonny. Little Peggy Mills is very ill. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis \Vntkins are the parent.? of a 7'.- pound dsughter. oorn Thursday. Mr. and Mis. Ollic Hamilton and Mrs. I.. M. Bradford left Monday for Memphis, where Mrs. Hamilton is Inking treatments. Jim—that's my hustaiiti—says : . lot ot jicoplc think thai sonie- 11111!; 15 going to happen to nil; chmrhes. He fays if it's good i« like most everybody, he i.s for i!—bv.t if it's tad he doesn't sec anything ho can do about it. He is usually u-cirried about the A-lio'.c thing and has been ever v.e lost our church letters. 1 told h>m that as \vc have not teen gohu to church since moving here Mvctal years ago thai '.vc mo no", in n position to .'•ay or even s^ir^s ^-hat tuny hanprn j in our ehurcji. lie lias been read-; my rome nui^F.r.iiii: that claims i thaf. atom fifty ]:er cent- of the; pir-aelieix h;.i,- stated that they] do r.o'v briicve that, then* is u i I told h!:n not i this as it does! prove anything. I | Slight Damage by Fire : Wall boards. fitted snugly I .isainsl a line thimble, \vcrc ignited at the W. li. Daughcrty reM- ! deticc. 307 .N'orth Broadway, at jneon yesterday, but firemen halted the fire before much damage Had been done. The loss estimated at about M5 by Fire Chief Roy Head, including a wetting given wall paper "ear the source of the blaze. TAKE HOME A PACKAGE OF T BEDFORD'S PURELY VEGETABLE LAXATIVE hr-avcn or hell, to worry about v.ol change n and this same magfi7.ino say^ the rlurches are losliif a great msny innnbtrs. I told Jim—timt's my huibaiid—not to let worry' him. that probably there were .•i lot ol folks like he and I—! GRADE A Raw Milk Fbone 7t Craig's Dairy Burial Associations Must Allow Choice of Undertaker Every burial association now operating' legally jn tliis state must allow free and unrestricted choice of undertaker or funeral director. The association may designate a fnneval (Hrectoi- hut if for any reason the family of Ilic deceased desires to choose another funeral director it's wishes shall be respected and payment made hy the association to director chosen by family. Absolute designation of 'a director against wishes of the family is now positively forbidden. "I like to arrive at my destination looking fresh and feeling fresh. Of course I wouldn't be without my car at home; it't essential. But for long trips, I'll taie the comfort and depend, ability of a train. Also—my husband isn't Croesus, »r.d 1 appreciate tile saving in dollars and cents that train travel affords!" lo Si. Louis j BlythrvilN illiiiind Triii Coacli Fnre SSSj .On- Way Tare Ocod in Piilliunn Cars S7.I2 Dntiiid Trip Cicod in Pullman Cars : Id u.iy Limit W.S1). | ti Months Limit 5U.1RI , i Rent or Rerth Clinrgc Additional i 4 One Way Coach Fnre Now Daily i EITccl from lo— Cfcalr Car-Coach F«r« One w«r F«rc Ronnd Trip 10 I1»J Umit Ocod in rullirin or Txrioc C»n (Swtor Btrth Chine Aidilk.nil) On; W.T F«re Roynd Trip ItDir Unit Kocnd Trip £ Mo;:Sl Limit

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