The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, AUfiUST 27, I MO. m.YTHF!VIM.R, (ARK.) COUR1RR NRWS They Thrill At Air Races Increase of Advance Loan lo Co-cp Members to 90 Per Cent o! Material Help . Hy 1. HEM, DUOOKS ••Announcement by Carl William c-.;ic,n jiitmbtr' af the Federal Farm Hoard, ilmt arrangement: have been perfected between ih l.-'.ard a::J thc American Cou-jn C:i I'PV! ^livv Association which wilt c-n- able llie co-op cotton farmer to '41 mJvunces of SO per c?n: en t; mat-k'-t value of his cotton is bnun to Ix; encourafeiiK lo ihi" .-cui i*'j says, in part, an editorial in on 1 , ol l'.:e city auliy paptn. Another headline says, "Co-op Ailvancc lo Aid l-'m-mci." "Reiter autl imports that cotton \va.s b^in^ held in the south contributed tc the advance," is a statement made in .one New Yorl: dispatch ileaiii'.j with Ihe advance in the market iu the past .couple of ciays. Senatov Joe T. Robinson says he regards me agreement of the federal form board "as a hslpiul factor in a very distressing situalion now confronting ihe people In i large parl of the cotton producing aver,." A meellnt! of SDme four hundrei farmers and business men, held ai Manila yesterday, brought more than fifty new members into the coL- ton co-operative association with indications that many more from Democratic Candidate for Senate! I-'AIlt DAREDEVILS— Hair-raising by Mrs. Eddie Lund, above Uarir.g paractiu'.e jumper, bid fair to cclip:.? Ihe activities ot l>'.e stern. sex at Ihe National Air Races a! Chicago. Two oiher fair sky Upsels in Races for State Legislature; Author of income i ax Law Defeated LiTILB ROCK, Ark., Any. 'JO.— InliodiicliuiL-; will UK In or- jdir before ihe 1931 General As- jscmbly ol llie Ajkunsas legislature ';;et>: u. v.-n Ij si-lions business ol law making. I Two U|,stw were the deteals of |lic-|i. Alfred J. Hall. Logan conn- !ty, Liuthur of th; income lax law ! which became un issue In lhc cam. |pai8ii, and Senator Tost us A. Hull, jRureka Springs. administration jlei'.iier In ihe 1020 .sennle. Butt iwas defeated m tils race 1'cr Hie IlL-ulc-nant iiuv^rnorsliip by Uuv- iK-ucc E. Wilson, administration! iwhip in file house during (he last' | session. Included in the list of newly nominated candidates at the Ucin- jccralic primary—which is tanta- jiiKunt. lo electicn in the fall— !are r.jveral members of previous i legislature's. They include: Rcpre- 'ccmaiivQ w. T niackwell. Yell |county; Senator W. W. Rnney. j p.kCiu;-y couiuy; Representative J. |M. Talkingtoi:, White county; \Vil- isoii Cardwcli, Washington county; IfTonator Rk-liMd Muson, Ouachlta cecity; W. U. McCabe, Baxter county, and Kent Toney, Jetfer- tjiat section would follow the lead, j : Wers monopolizing llie spal'ighl are Jean Ln Rene, l?fi, and Ruth ; Newspapers, generally, over th? :ouon" proclucing south are cafry- COU ijiy lieadlines and articles in which th ' ' ' J opinion is expressed that rent action of the Federal Firm Bonnl and American Cotton Co- opeialive Association, by tiieir ic- cenl decision to advance DO 1X1 \ cent of lhe market value on co-op j members' cotton has offered the so- | lu'lon to a Uu-KC P'J« «' ih - cotton j farmers' marketing problems. Far- | liiers arc being urged by agnciil- | litralexpcrts, business men bank- j crs senators, congressmen, farm ( Itr.ders and others to become members of the associations and make an effort to help themselves out of their prescnl difficulty which has been occasioned uy the MirJincl: ! low' price cf cotton coupled witv : the condition caused by the unprecedented drouth. - -For some uvo weeks or more, ttie Courier Sews has bsen carrying articles in which this action on the ribrl ol the cotton farmer has been vir°ed. Some seven hundred o mere Mississippi county farmers hove taken this advice and become r£mb-rs of the Mirt-Soulh Cotton Growers Association. More are iol- lowing this lead and the numbe !S increasing daily. Ti-e ellorl to secure a ol- ri'c-e 'of lhc association in Blythe- vilfe so th« the local member: vould have the advantage ot dealing with the association in person has been carried on by m. Blythevillc "Chamber ol Commerce, through its agricultural committee r.nd special committees apnointci for tills specific purpose. Many meetings have been held and many hours ol work put in by the members of Ihese committees. Progress is being made, but no', in keeping with tl« benefits which the members themelvcs will no daub', re ceive from the movement, Ttie goai for ttie local office is slill about twenty-five per cent short of ih-.' required number of bales. H is hard lo understand why co 1 . ion farmers can bs reluctant to join a movement of this kind wind- Is entirely for their own benefit •ihe far.t that Ihe government of this country is behind this move ment with L_ nice should convince the skeptical that- every legitimate iu mience will be exerted to make ttie movement successful. 11 is hard Understand why business me;: whose entire inlercsl Is lied up m lhe welfare of the cotton farmer arc reluctant to lend their support lo the movement and sncour- ai'c iheir farmer friends lo be come members of the associations and lend their support to ttie sov- erinnent's efforts to help them. As has been stated before • number of times, the opening o. 8 branch office In Blylheville 111113« absolutely upon Ihe success of the effort to sign 10.000 bales o, cotton with the association. Thi quota required for this office represents normally aboul one-twelfth of Itiis county's crop. With the association ready ~ •••• tlcally thc whole market value of the co'.lon and permit the growers to hold for a better market, the farmers who hope lo gel a better price lor their cotton should com? forward and gladly pledge a part cj "their cotton to the association- part crop contracts arc all iha- are being asked. The matter is entirely up to the cotton grower. If government aid is wanted, it can be received onlv through membership in co-operative associations. Let your action in joining the association or holding aloof be your answer. Marketing agreements can be sc- fiarron, right, stiov.n in ihe inset abcve wr.iving :he gay-eoloi ?d lann- rette overalls, which they donned ai Demin'g, N. M.. when they encountered extreme over the desert in ;lie Long women's air derby. . son couniy. Women lost a member in Die House c'jmparid to the session two years ago. Mrs. Ethel Cunning_ . , _. . , i!rl| n "I Veil county was electol Beach-tD-Clncaeo lo thc HoU£e Ml . s Mau( , c E lirown. Clan-nden, was not a can- PAGE Til REV iOni:iiurd from |J»KI- fine) , theism ;• -'Kilter for « do/en years ll(1 l«i l iii-vir ;:i.,.ii HIM IJnlU'c 1 Sinus <:i|,i>,,: or UK- Wliiii> Ilmise llr n-li:- !iO>r.->. v.i^nely, tin sun- FI-IS ih:,i lie >:\v; ;i-, :'i ihiltl ;n):' I In- ( tliii! :'i-c'.v In lift nvj- Illfl's y.ild l!l Mi-.slssip])!. A f™ ycnis a™ when dnuo V-CTf lllaklllt ;, l.i-!:lk'il CMlIlt I'J IT • >ICJ1 ' (1 ll ; - 'I'll'. LUKl VTIlPtl Tir-'ti w.iv .,:!:,- r| v. hH ];• i -,>:.< (I. ••[ woiiV likr u> M" ih,- I...- ,( i|| ( . wimm, I m:in i- il 'Jl yi ,TI , ;v;->." 'I In- mi 1 , nip: tr.cli'd in di.'.np- linimmi i:t. I'erliair, n \v:i-, bill-r bin G:J:C- irvir rmiplalnr:!. 1' 1'ryor dorr Caged Animals Develop Liking fror Attendants didalc for rcnomiiiation from Moll-!. roe county. Mrs. Florence K- Me- Cl Jonll ?°». D - W. Johnson; La- Smith, Raven. Little Reck,, was defeated 'nyette. Guy Boyetl; Lawrence. J. Newton Sliibblpflcid, in her rai.? for the Senate. Two administration survived the primary. They Murray Reed; Run- nrujitc- his bliiulin.'s.';. Gen 1 v;u' liiiiilfjud fiom Cumberland University law -chnal a! Lebanon, Ten- nc.-Ksei 1 , In IfiD^. v till an e:«jL.'lleti' :ri':j:i] In ihii'r.dr.vs Oklahoma wa; n IroiHk-r icrniorv brskoiiln? lo n ycimx man wifi ambitions to succeed let jiclltlrs. c .-y he went llii'n in I'll'l "lie,- -i lirlel rcslcbnc? In Texas. Timv ho me' Flint marrlrl Nina Kir, 1 (jf I'lil-htlno. Tex. Fix years>r he went O the United Stiitrs Sfunte ns o:ie of j Oklahcmi's reprr'ontntlvcs and In ttie Senate he rpi:iahied until 1920. He wa.s firs! atiiiointcd by 111" vnv- ernor and then iv.-lce elected lor six-year term.';. H was his opposition to President Wilson's war measures and League cf Nalinm proposal. It is s-ild, Unit (UfeAte:! him. At anv rate he lost fir 1 Dcmoc'iiti^ Kr-nalorlnl nomination nnd lit', farmer friends quick- Iv co 1 . irvt'iicje by Tnriitn 1 ,' thflr Tom Mipnort lo £cn:it?r J, W. Hnrr^ld. Republlcnn. In Ihrj November Ister unlit he mourned thc platform. '•My friends," he began In tip •• -wine soft, deep voice v.-IUi which" he had been wontJio Ingratiate him-!.' self with Oklahoma farmers for- year, "the Republicans met nt Kan-;; •as City a few days ago nnd noin-" ;mted n candidate for president." • Then he paused, turned his vu-! cunt eyes upward and made the fa- • mlllar gesture of patting the hac 1 .: of his left hand mcditallvely with his right. "Bui." he suddenly shouted an he turned lils wide, blank, eyes full on • Ills audience, "we have rnct T 1 '' NAME A PRESIDENT!" H was Ihe defl touch . . . n:i 1 the thrill . . . that the lined, Irr . delegates needed. They burst in 1 .--' a noisy pnrado around the hall, a-- 1 • the convention went forward wit's!' enthusiasm. Through his yean of 'Jarkiif;'; Kc-nntor Gore's wife has be:n hb..' tireless companion. She ho,s rc'iO, lo him ;nosl of lhe thousands if- bcoks that line the walls of hi-, meat private library'In i:ls homo; iicrc. iiiul painted for him In worl? the pictures of life, of the Senate :u bu.'-v f,ri;(!ts, ol his horns and ' his children ttiut- his eyes vvllliu/-- l-'or 10 years nov,- slie guided him through Ihc darkness, barns !i's. diiidieii and made his home. /•'• of this makes It easy to un'Jtr:;'.OTl why. when It appeared that I'll •.looters might bn able lo restore Ii's sight anil he was nskcd WTO', li; mo«.l wanted to «?. he replied as he did. H MJJI-S; Lee, S. N. Burke and J-ldolph, J. li Smltli; Snllnc, C. 11-! Curtis Cannon. Hempstead county, W. Johnson, Johnson "Is !L. Ward: Lincoln, J. c. "re Litlir Rock, w. E. Waldrop: Loyaii',! cy! and D. county. Two independents. I. C. 1IY .IOIIN M. MARTYN UiiileJ Prtss Staff Corrf spnndent PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 25 (UP)— for tlic House, have nnmuiiic'e'il Nea'e. Sebastian, nml James Camp- belt. Sevier. successful candidates , POPS, tigers and other carnivorous I (heir candidncies for speaker of the species may be the terror of the hcuse. jim-lcsand-'rule thernnsfin llicir s c on native habitat, Sut when they are bh any placed in captivity they vap.dly , mereM ^ fal| ;« uecome easily handled guests. |tween Osia Cobb. lhc onl Democlatl Re . ' : Scotl, I.. D. Duncan; Sear- S. E. Hollaoaugh; Sebaslian. elrctlcn vilih llic result that Har| reld was el"fteU. Ilirreld lifilil en Henry Stroupe and W. M. Wiule; ] Irving Neale. Henry KuulTiimii am! Uinoke. J. M. Bransforcl and w. J. w. Cluy; Sevier. J. R Camp- B. Graham; jradlson, C. I,. Me- bell; Sharp, T Kelly! St Francis Hnncy; Mnrien. W. R Jones; Mil-!Charles Fleming; Stone, Jcc Ward'' lei. U. P. Arnold; Mississippi, E. E. union, T. P- Oliver; Van Burcn. Alexander; Monroe, Ben llassell; Joe Hall: ashtnglon, Wilson on (solec- gil Romsey; White. Jnincs A. Ad- Ouachita.'kls and J. M. Tiilkiiigton: Woe-d- Mctstisoiiiery, Harold Walklns; Nc- .Cardwell, i. R. UoUirock and Vir- vaila, J. B. Silvey; Newton (svlec- tlon by convciitian); Richard Mason; Pjrry. J. N. Per-miir. W. W. Rnncy Y.-ll W T iiietor: Phillips, E. D. lloberison iaiackwell and Mrs Ethel C Cun- and E. s. Dudley; Pike. Fletcher niiightiin. Clement; Poinsett, H. B. Thorn; : .. Polk. J. T. Owens; Pope, J. w. j Sailors of ihe windjammer days and J. B. Evans; Prairie, I firmly believed lliat. catching 'n Rogers; Pulaski. Morgan ; shark would insure a fair wind for cue punsed and tlicn tin 1 ju!) 3?ni"0'- fine. R. Prior to their break. Gore 1'C.d been nn ardent Wilson sninnrl^r. ,Jii5l what cnvsed Ilia split has never been entirely clear. AI Biilllmore. in 11)12. he hid irp'le the pnecch placing WlhD name in nomination at th? Democratic national convention. After stveral years of obscurity as an atlorncy In Washington. Gore returned to the Democratic convention at- Houston in 1928. It wns a sliding afternoon 1111- dcr a blazing Texas sun and speak- i er after speaker had failed lo re3- An "artificial air" that a Kanv.;. has developed for use Ijy crews of submarines nnd ty aviators jl high altitudes Is com'ios;;! of a mixture of OXJBCII and itcllum.!,'! Holivla has two capitals. Sucre Is Itie legal capital and L'n Pa- if lhc actual seal of Ihe .exerutWft nnd legislative branches of UK [overnmenl. A radio slgnnl will IK attemnl^il to the moon in ihe near future bv Ur. A. Ifoyt Taylor, sup:rlntcnd:iil of radio at lhc Bellcview Nava: Research Lnboralory. Japanese lypcwriters have 7026- characters on the keyboard. The average size of - French farms is only seventeen acres, while farms In the United States average 130 acres. OILS ccrdiHE to C. Emerson Brown, Di- I $*"*£' Sticiicer PiP^t,- R r rector cf Ih, Philadelphia Zwlogi- ^^ Xk 'R^ RoyMiU i cal Gardens. • ,,,„„_ Harrison; Robert E. Bailey,' '•Surprising as it may seem,'! iRnssellville; Robert J. Wilson Fay-Brown declares, "the deer — lhal 'ettevilte; Paul Ward. Balesvlile- J mild and gentle creature of the; t,. ahaier, Wynne' Dr J vvcodlnnd-is one of our real j George. Djrdanelle;' Joe Kimsev -:urcfs of trouble. Here al .the Malvern; Ed Dillon ENKOtKl 24 HOURS I No milter haw Uic* ted irjt>-1 bo:n, C«rlx>!l ioiuntly &l {uin, rjpea»icdhs&ll worst or carlnn:!»'o Zoo \ve have learned through bil- tcr experience that the buck deer, with all his glorified headdress. Ls Ilendricks, Little and Reck; Caldwell. Pine Blufl; T. P. Atkins. Des Arc; Elmo Chancy, BiinUley; limes. His temper is very bad nnd never is it safe to turn away from him. Dozen?, of times keepers have had really narrow escapes from a painful goring when one of these ALMOST STRAIGHT DOWN!—! lowerini fellows has put his head not Hie fine, stately beast he ap- j. M . Q lmr i es , Helena: J. A Ben- paars lo be but -•---• • "cvnery critter bul a juitural born netti Dennott;' Ta!,' McGehee Now r" to be. feared at all Edinburgh; W. P. Norrell, Monti- The dream of all flyers—an airplane that flies straight up and Sown as well as forward at the right as almost is shown to the down and charged. Tile dee ibi a very gentle specimen either when jhe is cncci put into a wire-enclos- cello; Duval L. Purkins. Warren; C. L. Poole, Hampton; L. U Mitchell PrEscott; N. A. Stewart, U?w- isville; Winfrey Lake, De Queen; W. H. V. Walilquist, Mammoth Springs; M. I. Sinister. Himtsville; ' C. R. Counts. Mulberry; Guv Walls. H=ber Spring?; Dr W. H. Abbiug- lon. Beebe; J. F. Brewer, Murfrees- luounu almost vert callv at thp air , —. , 7, ~ -.^v""^* AI. u. ixorneet. j-orresi ice" It ?r a ,\ auto-giro one ot' ; hs vvl ". tnte ^ chance afforded | clty . j. A . T]lorntolli Meila; s . o i thc features of the show Arrow lltr '° b " e M * ^ P "' Wh ° 1S "' wh «"»'. Sulphur Spring.-,, indicate its path of descent. ftary ' . . Representatives: i = '"noli! Publisher Vanishes "The African Buffalo is probably Arkansas, Ballnrd Deane; Ashley, the next most perilous charge of Fred Switzer; Baxter. W. U. Mc- the keepers here, although in his Cabe; Benton. w. J. Bullock and : natural state, he ranks among the E. Graham; Boonc. Lewis Dowell' 1 first on tho danger list. j Bradley. Carroll Hollensworth; Cal-i •They arc noted for their cunning jhcun. M. W. Prcclor; Carrol, Tert i and have been kmwn to scpn-at • ;Coxsey; Chicot. Carroll Warficld; ' when pursued and part of their Clark. T. N. Wilson an^ J M herd to attack a minting parly j Thomas; Clay, Earl Day; Chburnc. i from the rear. They have remark- j Dr. s. A. Turner; Cleveland. George ! able memories, similar to lhat of'E. Brown; Columbia. Wade Kltch- i thc elephant, and if ever one o!;tns and Sam- Grumpier; Conway.' these beasts gets a grudge he will jc. C. Eddy and E. H. Sellers- 1 await his chance to get even. . iCraighead, Archer Whealley; Craw-; Private and government boats and aircraft were pressed into the search for Van Lear Black, right, wealthy Baltimore publisher and aviation enthusiast, whs mysteriously disappeared from his "yacht Sabalo. pictured above, off the Jersey coast. He was last seen silting cured from the office of thc Cham- ,on the railing ot the boat and it fcer of Commerce, the county asent-:. ! vv as believed that lie fell ovcrboarc" fcer of Cor any member of Ihe committees or from the association's field men Decide today ond do your parl in Ihis movement for yo:ir own hem- Mi. Fish ponds in Manilla in which are raised for i-nsumpticn In a heavy swell. Black hart flown more than 125.000 miles In all parts of the world as a passenger in hi;. own and other planes. Marriages between first cousins arc permitted in Alabama. California. Colorado, Connecticut. Dela- V 7 — „ ,..y,&7* ll) <i' ^uiurauu, uonnecucui, ueia- during the typhoon season whtn Dis(rict Commbl c d, K ^nnU U_ ««.lnl.l <n crt^ \1'3 T Pr* ' . . - _ . are worth more than $10.000,000. nnrt the annual harvest from these ponds Is valued at more than 53.- uCO.OOO. 1 S ia ' Kentucky. Maine. Massachu- s, New Mexico. New York. North Carolina. Rhode Island. Minnesota. Sculli Carolina. Texas. Vermont land Virginia. "One instinctively distrusts lions and tigers; therefore thc danger i •ES. but wclves. never showing any rigns rf affection, cannot be misjudged. ' "Poisonous snakes may be adjudged ir\ the same light. There is nettling any more deadly, but evil is expected r,C them and alway s they will rlrike nnd Iry away rather than fight. to gel "As a mailer of fact," Brown lord. Jim Scc-lt and J. Arthur Spinks; Criuenden. Robert Eber- hardl; Cross. S A. Gooch; Dallas, L. E. Purdy: Deshii. G. D. Hester; Drew. J. w. Klmbro; Faulkner. Kennclh Colfell; Franklin, John Billlnger lid J. P. Claylon; Fulton, 11. O. Smilh; Garland, R. I,. Gilliam and Elmer Taekelt; Grant. P. J. Clark; Greene. J E. Thompson; Hempstead. Curtis Cannon and J. JL. Pilkinlon; Hot Springs. Jim Toney, Sam Lcvinc and Ben Fein declared. "Ihe only safe guestsJMorehcad: Howard. W." H."Poland- here are our birds. No matler ho<v,-^dependence, Virgil Bute and O. teriibe the vulture, eagle or liasvk.sL. Latting; Izard. T. E. Lawrence; il will fly from a human being and Jackson. J. H. Hill; Jefferson. Kemp only on rare occasions will turn — - - and face an enemy. Ajiy adult who will /ace or pursue one of these birds can nine times out of ten render it helpless. "But of all the animals, birds and snakes here thc real pet is our, Cheetah, or hunting leopard. She j Is absolutely gcnlle and has never offered to be the least bit ugly to anyone. She has many friends both among the staff here and among the visitors." Members of the Senate and i House of Representatives in Washington's lime were given f6 a day during the lime Congress was actually in session. In 18H Ihey were granted a salary of S1800 a year. ! Just when the brush came intM | existence is not definitely known I bin, wilh his vmlin^ instrument I thc great Chinese philosopher Con- • fucliis wrote his marveious phll- • osophy. ] TOhen Wont OASSIIIED Will/ LOUR motor de-serves consideration snd care, give it the protection afforded through 70 years of experience by Barnsdall, T/JJ WwW'j first 'Refmtf, available wherever you sec thc Blue BE SQUARE. look for the thousands of motorcars displaying the attractive red, bine and gold radiator emblems of the I!e Square To Your Motor Club . . . yours is free for ttie asking. It is the emblem that stands for the utmost in motor protection wherever you may drive. BE SQUARE TO YOU'R MOTOR THE WORLD'S FIRST, GASOLINE /AOTOR Oil Kinit lo Dumb Animall ..... iVcK 1 tbtj also iaf: Bt Sq:i3rt la Ycxr Afo/pr. C*srt «:.'/ prclmlg lie life of yt:ir uic'ar, Rfiy ufx>n Be Square lils art Lubrication Soviet you ste the •SH SQUAKE

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