The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1949
Page 2
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TAOM TWO BLYTHEVTTXE (ARK.) COURTEK NCWS MONDAY, JULY 11, TMI NATION TODAY Economic Experts Offer Heavy Reading Diet for Taxpayers of U.S. While the Summer Sun Boils RT James Marlntr WASHINGTON, July U. (A*t—Now th;U th« spy cases have becu put on ice—and unless we run into some uiifor^rni sensations—we can look forward to a .summer diet of economics, President Truman makes his economic report to CoiiKie.vs 'today. And that Is sure to be the cause of jeers and rlieers In Congress. It always is, every time he makes one. +-- — In fact, the Jawing bark and forth »bout It, in ?nd out of Congress, will use up n soort part of the week, at least. A»d you will b« hearing references to it up into next winter. As usual, this will leave the public a bit puzzled ss to who's right but hoping that things will work out and that we won't, in the end, land on our skulls with our pockets empty and no jobs. Crisis In Britain This puxzloment can be pxjwiricri a n y time I h e economist.** -slnrt fl.nging their jargon around since, after all, economics isn't a science, and a lot of experts were wrong in 1929, and since. Meanwhile, we'll have the British economic crisis with us for a Rood while, it won't be solved in a day or a week. We'll be hcnring about that for months, particularly since we'll be Involved []1 whatever the British do. There's the question of whether the CIO .into worker;- and the steel I condiuo workers \vill go on .strike. That i ""Hook decision' certainly will have an cf- fecl on (he economy, which is skidding a bit already. But that isn't all. in Congress a House committee K-as to begin today an investigation into monopoly in this country. So we'll be hearing about that. Then v.'e'll have to sit through— before Congress quits this summer —debates in Congress on renewal oT the reciprocal trade agreements act. HMTJ- Dfet for Summer Reading: This'seems certain to get congressional approval, but. not without A lot of palaver. Congress ts away behind time on this one. It was supposed to have been renewed before the date of its death, June 30—it had regularly been renewed every two or three years since 1934—but the Senate rtidn't get around to it. E And when the Senate g e ts j through approving the North At- \ Ian tic pact—it's working on that ] now and seems sure to okay it and •will then tackle the reciprocal trade renewal—H rnay take up the problem of voting money for arms for Europe, perhaps $1 bilKon. But even if the arms program Is considered In Congress this year, Jt's not all sure there'll be approval. So, by and large, you'd belter get ready for some heavy reading in economics, not the easiest warm weather reifding. even though ^bur 1 lives revolve around it. Waitkus' Condition Good After Removal oi Bullet CHICAGO, July 11. W)— The bullet which a young deranged typist fired into tlie chest oE Eddlr? Waitkus, Philadelphia Phillies first baseman, was removed Saturday. His comliUou was report e-d "good." '.Vaitkus was .shot in the chest with a .22 caliber rifle by Ruth Steinhayen, 19-year-old brunette typist, on June la. The shooting occurred in her hotel room where she hived the first foflsemjm on pretense of [piling him ".something important." The operation at Albert Merrill Billings Hospital lasted about 45 minutes. The lead slug hud lodged outside the chest cavity. Doctors said a "low grade infection" necessitated the removal. Hospital attaches .said Waitkus' Ls now "good," and the i Kood." He is scheduled! lo leave the hospital in about a week, (hey added. Miss Steinhagen was adjudged insane June 30 and commit led lo Kankakee Stale Hospital. Los Angeles Morals Crusade Starts Broad Probe of Police Department MALO.VK TELLS or BEATING— Dudley Field Maione (rigntt, ev, lawyer and diplomat, displays an automobile horn ring with which he claims he uiis beaten over the head during a traffic altercation at l»s Angeles, Calif. With him are Deputy District Attorneys Russell Brolcei (!eft> and Roll, who heard hts story and then issued complaints charging battery against three brothers, Arthur, Richard and Don p. Glasstjock, iAP Wirephoio*. LOS ANGELES, July 11. VP)— \ Whtn police vice raiders burst into 1 >awdy house proprietor Brenda Allen's bordello on the sunset strip 1 last year and 'ook her and some of her R'rLs jail, she vowed that she'd get their Jobs. Brenda's subsequent conviction ol attempted pandering, her sentence of a year In Jail and probation for five years touched off the most sleeping grand jury Investigation of police vice conditions on record here. The grand jury hasn't completed Its Investigation, but it has heard Hrenda. And, sure enough, the officers who were in on the raid Hvtn't In such good standing as policemen as of this moment. Sgt. Charles Stoker, who precipitate the grand jury Inquiry hy charging that another police officer, Sgt, E. V. Jackson, was collecting $150 from Brenda for each eirl in her menage, has been sus- "ended and is at liberty on bond i a burglary charge. Policewoman Andre Davis, who helped him work up the case Srenda. has admitted to the grand •vry. Deputy District Attorney \dolph A'?XP ider says, that she 'led when jhe testified in coiiri lealnst Miss Alle A* -iiider yesterday joined Churchman Denounces ^Policy of Communists CHICHESTER, EnR., July 11. W) —A leading world churchman snid Saturday night present Communist policy of making "yes men" of churchmen Is more dangerous than persecution in the early days of the Russian revolution. He was referring to the, church-state conflict in En .stern Europe. Holland's Dr. W. A. Visser, general secretary of the World Council of Churches, expressed this view in opening a six-day conference of church lenders. Sixty of the 90 members of the \vorld council's central committee are attending the conference in this ancient cathedral town. 'Iron-Clad' Case Sought In 3-Ycar-O/d's Death CHICAGO. July ll—oP>—State's attorney's officials worked today to "build an iron-clad case" before they seek a niurrier indictment against 15-year-old Robert Munday. Al unday is accused of killing < Whilcy) Laux, three years old. Robert made a statement, State's Attorney John S. Boyle said, that he hutiR whitey in the basement of I heir home Wednesday night. Boyle said, "we don't want any more Villascnor or Lang outcomes." i He referred to two tecn-iige killers, | Rafael Villnsennr who was sent to \ the S t. Charles State Training Women's Eyes Removed After Death for 'Bank' In a wolf's tracks, the two rear trades of each group of lour footprints are made by the forefeet. mnd the two tracks in front arc made by the hind feet. Indiana's motto roads of America". "The Cro5i- DAYTON. O-, July It. f/Pi—A dy- | Ing woman's request that her eyes vbe given to an eye bank for sight restoration has been curried out. The woman—identified only as "Mrs. H." died of cancer. An hour later her eyes were en route by airplane Lo Sight Restoration, Inc., In New York. Four months ago "Mrs. R." revealed her pin n, but with one stipulation: her name was not to be used. She said she wanted ' RcnUon, even \ii deiv*h." J-T Wait no more^iny lady! TJl» gfor/oos Packard chapter In your We b«gmf of new lower prices / Just look at the new, lower (trices on the finest line of Pnckards ever built! A'nd then lake a wise, Ions; look beyond the price tags. 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Prices nay vary slightly in adjoining areas because of transportation charges. EXTRA VALUE NOTE: All pric« include fender shields, direction signals, courtesy and mint; lights, electric clock and cin- arctte lighter. "Comfort-selector" seat cushion springs. School and Howard Lang, who wa;- freed on grounds of youth. Robert was president o[ »'\veiro organization or children called the "Hang Man's Noose Club." Officials decided not to confe. \vlth JuvenEle authorities on the ease. A petition charging incorvig- Ibility WHS filed In juvenile court tmrt will be heard by Judge Robert Dunne July 20. anklng Superior Judge William R. McKay to modify the terms of Brenda's probation. Judge McKay excoHaled Miss Davis for her admitted prejury and a^ked: "Suppose a death sentence lad been involved here; are you :olng (o premll perjury like that lo occur here on the part of police officers?" , lawyer reminded the court that his client had at no lime lied tc the court and had served two month of a sentence LhrH was obtained under perjured testimony. "H seems you are Irving lo make white mark with a piece of charcoal," observed Judge McKay. Allen, lien her place was closed down by (he raid, openly boasted that although she had been arrested 32 times, she had not served a slnple day in jail. Judge McKay said he would not alter Brenda's probation until and unless he could hear directly from Policewoman Davis. He said he also wanted to hear the testimony ol Sgt. Stoker "bout the raid and subsequent developments. Subsequent developments include a reorganization of the police department, the resignation of Police Chief C. B. Horrnti the ap- iviinlnient of Marine Maj. Cion Tours M*dit«rron*an Warren N. Lane, electronics technician; third class, USN, Ls scheduled to arrive at the Island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea for a live-day visit. He Ls the son ot J. T. Lane, Rt. 1, Osceola. In the late summer, Ihe striped skunk eats many grass hoppers and crickets. NOTICK OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR FEKMIT Notice Ls hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas has Issued a permit. No. 233 to Roy Childress to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described ns 17 West Second Street, Lenchvllle, Ark.. ThLs permit issued on the 1st day of July 1949 and expires on the 31st day of June 1950. Roy Cliiklress the circulation of recall against Mayor Fletcher U petitions Bowron Brenda's counsel, Max Solomon. W. A. Woiton us temporary chief, Vnf .ilriped skunk helps iarm- ers by destroying mice and digging out beetles and their larvae. fi ft fi WITH QUININE' \J \J \J BRINGS fAST RELIEF FROM CHILLS & FEVER Don't fool uround trying known medicine*. You can now ce( reliable, time-t^ed 666 with QUININE. Tht« H no fAit«r acting or belter home remedy for malarial chiUa snd fevwr on Ih* market. G«t BW> with quin- •" rmlnv...nnd get quick relief. DUE TO MALARIA IT'S TIME TO SHINE WIIM THE $HM£ THAT STAYS! it has a hard-wax finish GRIFFIN SUCK • IIOWN • TAN • OXtlOOO ASPHALT BOTTOM COTTON PICK SACKS THE LONGEST WEMIHC COTTOK PKK SACK Ot THE MARKET. OUTLASTS TWO OR;? THREE DUCK BAGS - BY ACTU Ai TEST:*;' THE ASPHALT WHO* BEARS LIKE I ROM! '•I BEMIS BRO. BAG CO. MEMPHIS >, TfHH for Sale By ALL LEADING JOBBERS Teacher Learns 4 W's ZELLNER'S CLEARANCE "It took New Perk ?oap." says Mint Clara Schneider, 178 5. \d\ewi\de, Memphis, "lo teach me about Whiter Hashes Without H'ork! 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