The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1951
Page 11
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I 'AT AtWrUBT 8, IWl BUTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAG* Our Boarding Houw with Moj. Hoopl« OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams MOUF FIXED TO CHOMP <5OME , HE- HEH-HEHf RESULAR COON—DON' LET ME STOP SHOP AND OFFICE PICNICS BAH/ OH, FRANK., CCME HER6--STARLK3HTB JUST BACK OFF THREAD AND HAS <SOT SOME MUST HAVE SOME ro axiese! (.00k ATTMe SMALL- MOD6L4 VMS CAOSHT.» you?-*— WCLL, Y00 VJERC SOWS, X FASWOJ6DA BEMT-PlA) 0fJ-A-6TRlNG AMD HOCJkCO A SIAWT.' I'LL FETCH HIM FROM Hl£ MOOBIIJ6AT THE eose/ e ENJOYING THOSE VUU5AR BUMS' COMPAKT/MORE THAN MIME.' ALL we SOT l& I/OFANTS we OUSHTTO FRO 1 BACli TO THEY MAMMIEG.' «; THE ASSEMBLY LINE A LIFT FOR LIFE! WILD WEST CHARITY STANtMSH BY CHARLES JUDAH IX ITEN MONTIJO look his knife away from Duke Roger's throat "Must I leave him unharmed?" he asked Charity Standish. Charity looked at the onhappy Duke. His eyes were swollen, his lips cut, his mouth bleeding. "He's damaged some," she pointed out mildly. Kenneth Montijo raised the knite's point, but h« still held Duke. "1 might walp him," he said hopefully. 'Tye always wanted to try it. You can have his hair as a souvenir." Rogers groaned. Angel shrieked. Charity said, "Let him go." Ken obeyed. "Better tw 'em, or lock 'em up." Charity looked down at her fallen Angel. "Mine won't cause any trouble,** she decided complacently. "All right. Let's get out of here. 1 As she passed the bar. Charity sa w herself in a mi rror. S he stopped and stared in horror. Her face was streaked with dirt and smeared with blood. One eye was swollen and would soon be purple. Her hair hung in lank brown strands. Her suit, which she had chosen for traveling, was soiled and torn beyond mending. Observing her dismay Kenneth Montijo chuckled. - "You can be repaired, ma'am/ lie assured her. .:' She indicated the new reflection his own, that had appeared beside hers in the mirror. Ele was more battered than she; his clothes were in even greater disarray than hers. "I'm not so sure about you," she said sweetly, "We're not pretty," he admitted "Maybe we better get outside where it's dark." The Plaza had been abandoned to San Lorenzo's epic of the cen tury—a gun fight between Duke logers and Ken Montijo. And if een eyes watched the victor merge with Charity (undoubtedly he conqucior's prize, trie spoils or which the battle had been aged) they remained discreet— n dark corners or behind heavy shutters. Ken, not at all satisfied that it lad been wise to leave Duke at arge, hurried Chanty awny from he Four Aces. But when they cached the shadows their steps agged until, as if by mutual con- ent they, stopped. He fumbled in his pocket where h« had stuffed he money swept off the dice table, mtil he found a slip of paper, Charity's I.O.U. He gav« it to her. "Tear it up." She obeyed. The white scrap* of .per floated to the ground. "Where are you staying?" • • • IT was the end of adventure x Only the hotel room remained with its packed trunk and Doug lying drunk on the floor. / "Do I has f « to go home?" she asked. The blood of Kenneth Monttjo's cautious Scotch mother warred momentarily with that of his reckless Spanish father who, reversin Lhe Yankee procedure had made a fortune trading between New Mexico and the East. Yet Ken neth's mother had not been toe cautious to give her heart 10 Loui Montijo, nor to follow him to N> Mexico Territory, a thousand mile in distance and,200 years in .time from St. Louis where she wai born. Now he looked at Charity am Spain won an easy victory. "Like to go up to the Aztec The casino will still be open." At the thought of more gamin tables, more whiskey, more stal smoke laden air, Charity shrud dered. "No." she said. ' would you like?" ,&• Suddenly she knew. "Let me lake you someplace." In half an hour they were at th« IPs crest overlooking the valley. he had never before seen it at ight. Bathed in moonlight it was ven lovelier than by day. - *" "The moon's been misbehaving, oo f " Charily said. "It got drunk nd splashed its light all over the alley; and look at the stars, some- ne's dug a million new ones out f the black pit of night since 1 ast saw the sky in Ohio." Kenneth did not know that Iharity was talking thus to es- ape the memories of hours spent iere with Doug. He was uneasy. accustomed as he was to poetry n nature, in words it embarrassed im. "You see more stars here than n Ohio on account of the alti- ude," he volunteered. Charity did not lik* to tx winged in mid-flight. She came Muttering back to earth. "Darn the altitude," she said iccinctly. "If the sun Is hot it's he altitude; if the nights are cold, t's the altitude; if a man get* drunk, it's the altitude. Everything hat happens in New Mexico Territory is the fault of the altitude. i wouldn't be surprised if I fell n love all on account of the alti- :ude." "Might have been at that," Kenneth agreed amiably. "Who is the guy? Does he live around here?" • • * OHAR1TY realised with a shock ^ that he was, after all, a stranger. An impertinent stranger who Listened uninvited to her conversation and gave her officious advice. She burst into laughter. He grinned sympathetically. ''What is it?" 'It's me—on a hill top in New Mexico in the middle of the night with a man whose name I don't eve'n know.* 1 'I'm Ken Montijo." 'Charmed, Mr. Montijo, may 1 present Miss Charity Standish, though I'm afraid no one in Ohio would beUeve it." She came ^Joser laughing her lips brushed nls cheek. "Now I know they wouldn't. 1 * "I thought you said you were in love,'* he said slowly. "I did, I am, I mean I was—" (To Be Continued) The average current of" the Amazon \& about three miles an hour, ^l Mert'i • delicious sparkling drink, different from any you've fasted, that LIFTS your day's energy within 2 to 8 minutes . . . give i you new LIFE fait. Pep* you pp when you'r« low. Nothing like h—everyone loves it. Keep a car- ion or a cast at bnnd, for a real Irft fof life. At soda fountains, too! There was a young brids, quite sad, Her biscuits turned out fclnda had. But her man, a nice guy, Meyer's Bread learned to buy, And now they are happy and glad. WANTED MEN and WOMEN W follow l»d> on HotplUI Inraranc* Great demand — Good Par When In the Hospital friends send! Flowers — We Send You Cash Seellnitedlnsurance Agency; 106 S. First St Blylheville "Everything in Insurance" At Lower Rate* A. r. DIMrlck REPAIR SERVICE AH appliances: refrigerator*, freezers, ranges, and washers. Radios and small appliance*. AH our work is taaranleed. Adonu Appliance Co. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Mrlei Extra Power Get The Best "I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POEFZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 HAIRY VETCH New Crop Vetch Seed IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Place Your Order Now! We Accept PMA Purchase Orders Blytheville Sovbean Corp. Phone—6856 — 6857 SHEET METAL WORK )F ALL KINDS Custom work for (fins, »Ifilf» mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo W '"ch thickne.w. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 S««th Broadway Phon. 2fi51 WATERMELONS WHOLES - HALVES - SLICES As Low As only 3e Lb. Not Iced 4c Lb. Ice Cold Blytheville Curb Market — 130 E. Main — FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL' BLOMER On the Prowl 1 OUW4TA FIRE YOU BOTH f BUT 1 DO HAVE TWO BABOONS To REPIACE YOU; SO You GET TRIPLE DUTY / "B«cau«« the city of Paris celebrated It* birthday the tame dat« as mine thi» year, my grandchildren insist I'm 2000 yean old." SPEAKING a- roop,TW<r MKHEN'S '. OPEN — LETS il||( OH, OH—A Noise IMSIDE/ O v --^-., ,. (F WE GET CAUGHT THEY'LL BOOK AT US/ PRISCII.LA'S POP Sure dire BY AL VERMEER . .\ SO RESTED FROMl OUR VACATION, ' CAN'T SLEEP WHY DON'T YOU GET ' AND SCRUB THE KITCHEN VIC FLINT Emergency Operation HOLD ONJ, LAD/ TWE-YV& l ' &&SIT FOR TI-I& A^^6ULANCE•/ RY Mlf'HARI, O'MAI.l.^Y and RALPH LANR THI* I* 6KIPP&R SKOOR 'VHv BBINS1NS XX) A WN&SlDt Ata AT ONEr OF TM& A\O^T DARINS HOLDUPS IN YtAR*/ A PWVATE POLIC&WASi Ufci DE. . AMOTHER \\AN 1* AT O6ATWS W\ / nv ^', *n DR. STANTOM/ DR. 4TANTON/ PRE-PARE- FOR IMM&DIA.T& EMER- S&NCV OPE-RATIOM/ vvx CAPTAIN EASY A Systematic Search BY LESLIE TURNER Dlt> VOU y WOT NET. WE FIGURED Hfi'P TRY TO GST AS CMCK THM-j FAR FROM THIS CITY AS POSSIBLE BEFORE HK THIEVING V PICTURE K SPLA5HEP OVER THE FRONT PAGES OF OUK PAPERS... ROAO BLOCKS WERE \ BUT THW Wfts' SET UP SV PATROL CARS \HOUR5 ACOJ HE BEFORE MtTIGG COUIDW \MU5T BE TR4II16 KEACHEP THE CITY'S OUr- TO HIDE HERB SKIRTS! AMP AIL TRANS-/ FOR AWHILE! PORTATIOM TERttlNMS WWCHEP, VET— -3; EXAcrLV! SO WE'RE ^MRTIWS * SMfEMATIC f Ikl THAT CASE " HIS CAR WOULD STILL BE Itt TOWM. .^n^^n.^^^ DI DUIW AMD THERE AREN'T IF 1T& NOT HERE, WEIL MAMV OWOM COM-/ KNOW HB MUNAGED UERTIBLES— / SOMEHOW TO SUP THRU OUR FINGERS BUG? BUNNY Snoo7,e On, Sylvester ALLEY OOP Score One for Koo/.v BY V. T. HAML1N I'LL TREAT MY PRISONER V—C^E NEITHER! AW/F AS I S E E FIT. 1 AN Y- /WELC\ AMY HUTTING'S BODY DOMT LIKE IT'S( I DON'T\ GOING TO BE , „,„ APTTOGETUrn J( LIKE I DONE.l'LL DO I GUARD IT.' / IT MYSELF.' ^ f SEEMS YOU i [JUMPEDTH'I ^r)S;<iC\ GUY, 1 H E W-JDHOvV.' SAW ANYONE HANDLE I V N-fl>v»s.««w""» I ASWORD LIKE THAT.. %'^i'SV\ GUY '' HE \ MORELIKEACLUB I iir? I TOOK \ THAN A BLADE.' ^$m ^ySs 'I: Vi ^ \V-h-a-l?? BY EDGAR MARTIN

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