The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1939
Page 5
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TtJgSOAY, jULY.18, 193S ii •. (ARK.yCUIUau NEWS Women At Work--Are Their Incomes Necessary? MJJMME^»at>**M»»»^——^•««««« m » n -••—^»—_^_-^^^__ . L __ ' . • . .' - •' .' ,' • '.-•.'.'-' ' J Economist Finds Bui Few Married Women Of Independent Means Work BY JOHN' T, FI,YNtf 'Hie movement to restrict by law and by policy the employment of married woiujyi arises entirely out ot the eccnomie situation. The man out of work who sees Ills neighbor and his wife both employed feels —quite humanly—that some sort of Injustice Is being done to him. Since it is In economic consideration this agitation originate. 1 ;, the thing to do Is to look at It on Us economic side. • Out of 48 million working pco- Iile in this country, abcnt one.- fonrlh of - them 1 ' are women— .roughly 10.750,000. Of these, 3,000,000 are married women. This ts the army which Is now the center ot the attack. A glnncc, however,- will revea that the great bulk of this employment is found among people in the very lowest income brackets One-third or 1,000,000 arc found In domestic and personal service. One- lifllrare found working as operatives In manufacturing establishments for low wages. That Is, welt over half or I.fiOO,- 000 are very poof women employed as servants and as workers in factories. They are women whose employment, Is necessary to subsistence, •. • Now, what of the other half? First of all, it Is not to be assumed that because a woman has a husband, she has a provider. There arc no figures obtainable, but we my assume safely that a lai-gc number .of these 1,400,000 women fall into one or more of the following categories: t. Women whoso husbands have no employment at all. 2. Women whose husbands arc ill. 3. Women whose husbands have deserted them and di not provide lor them. . . ' '1. Women whose husbands, as well as themselves, work for very small wages. VERY SMALL GROUP, ACTUALLY .1 have seen some estimates- mere guesses, it Is true, but by competent observers—that at least half of the women outside domestic and personal service who arp married and employed will be included In the first three—women with 111, unemployed or worthless husbands. . No cne in his-senses will,,: of course, contemplate preventing such woitteir from'working. Ari'd If this estimate is true, we' may eliminate half of the remaining 1400,000 married women." This leaves us 700,000 lo be considered. Now this brings 115 back ta the fourth category abivc. It is equally clear that among women not in personal or domestic service or whcse husbands are 111, unemployed •or worthless, there will be some whose incomes are very small. As a matter of fact, in looking at the economic aspects of this married-w-:man-worker problem, we have t» keep in' mind the various income brackets.'In the very lowest Income brackets employment of married women is quite common— colored and white workers whose wives also work as laundresses and as servants, too, and at odd jobs. As we gel lo the higher income brackets/ the number of married women win are employed is quite small. Among the 700,000 married women not servants and whose husbands work, there are a very large number whose husbands earn very little—smalt-scale clerks, .messengers, men in seasonal occupations, men In the innumerable toiv- wage groups. The truth is that when we eliminate these the actual number of married women employed but who are'economically independent is quite small. The object of all this Is to de- Demonstration Club News Notes IXH Club Meets : ; Mrs,'j.'M. Slovens was iiv charge of tho program' presented , al'tho '•• moling of Iho Uell Homo Demonstration club Friday, jiily .7,'at'trio homo of Mr,s. M. \v, Lewis. < • . • She ,\vas assisted lu the-' presentation by Mrs. Jim ROSS, nud Mrs. ,k ,,} v> lx:wl5 - T l'« subject was Culling ffcns fov Egg Production," Mis. J. 'i'. Ronfro gave tlio tie- vollonul urter which the group snug, "Amerli-n" and Mrs. Noble I Gill rend Iho i»em for Iho month, "Tho Man Who wins." The hostess sorved watermelon : during tho social hour which followed. Musical. Comedy At Crowley's Ridge State Park , lo Be Given Aug. 3 • High temperatures prevailing in Ihis section caused postponement today of this musical comedy "The Belle of .Barcelona" which was to have been presented Thursday night in the beautiful amphl- ih.»t rn „(. q rowtey - s R y B;> state Park at Walcolt, Ark. D. B He'ag- itr, park superintendent, announced that because of. the hot weather the show .will be presented two weeks from Thursday, on August 3rd. . this will be one of the most lavish musical comedies given In this section with nvagnirirent 'costumes, -•>*•« music. H.OCO snuare feet of special scenery and 75 persons in the cast, choruses, ballets • - and c, chest) a. • While most o[ the seats will be open .to the public at no cost., there will be a few reserved seats at 35 cents each. Visitors who come to the park for the show have been advised to come early so they may enjoy a swim and lunch In the picnic area before the show starts at 8 p. m. —adv. (ermine just how serious an economic- problem we are facing. I think the facts are such thai, even If a good argument can be made against employing the wives of well-paid workers on some other ground, no argument at all can be made on the economic side, because the numbers of wonien Involved is IfO small to make this a major problem. But in no, case can it be considered of economic seriousness to society. There is an idea that a married .woman at work displaces some other worker. But this is not true, unless she and her husband are earning a very large income ' EARNINGS SPENT MAKE MORE JOBS The person whs earns. $30 or even $60 spends all, of his or her income. And if he or she dees, the money, as soon as received, passes out into the channels cf. trade and makes employment for another person. 'Hiis is not true only when the following hvo conditions are ob- serv»!l: (j) That (lie person who collects Income saves a lar«e part of it and (3) docs not invest it. This cannot be said of men and women who work for. moderate wages. All of the money which flows-Into their hands: flows out again promptly, or nearly so, and as promptly provides employment for others. . . : . In the case of wives and husbands who eacii earn large sums, of course an economic Injury ; to society may be observed where U) they, save, heavily and (3) fall to invest. -But such cases, are so rare-^s: to. be -quite unimpj'rtant in a nation of, 130,000,000 people. My-own.conclusion.on this issue "cEs AND FEVER And Other Malaria Misery! Don't go through the usual Malaria suffering! Don't go, on shivering with chills one moment and burning with fever the next. Malaria is relieved by Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Yes this medicine really.'works. Made especially for Malaria. Contains tasteless qmnidine and iron Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic ac- Is (hat it is, from the point of i view of economics, n tempest In a teapot. 'Mind Your Manners -Thousands. take Grgve's Tasteless Chi .Tome: for M.laril |nd swel?' 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Would you say— BUlf HOW PAY THIS FALL! TIRES, TUBES, RADIOS, PARTS, REPAIRS, BODY & FENDER- WORK, AND PAINTING. All On Fall Time NO DOWN PAYMENT BUY NOW ~ PAY ONE PAY WENT THIS FALL ,' TOW LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. • money; 633 Alwa.Va Open NATURE PRESCRIBES Plenty of Water and Suashine For Your Plants and Flowers Of course, only Mother Nature herself • can provide the sunshine, but .Von can 'supply the water whenever and wherever it .is needed for growing plants <, . and.'flower's. This is only one of the . many advantages enjoyed by. users of "city water" (luough our facilities. BLYTHEBILLE WATER COi licinanl ,\llen, Blgr. "Walcr Is 1'our Cheapest Coinniodlty (in "A parly called you mul left s. "This is Mlja AiKlreivs" this number?" u cs i - W | m t Wouh) Y OI , bo" so- (b) "Mr. Brown telephoned nnd lullou-(b) Don't uac "narly" in left this -number ami asked that sense tlml yoii call him"'/ • —~ . ^_ TH-o-lii-Oiie ligi Caiiillrd BUCYRUS, O. (UP)-Whllo can- eggs Lloyd E. Afowrer rc- he fountl n largo egg which contnincrt .11 perfectly - formed Ansncis 1. No. 2. Leave Hie money. 3. No. 'J. Ask If yon may call back. . Wash, (UP)-P. 11. nirsllno, dean ot Ilio school ol pharmncy i\i Wnslilnglou Stair, College, suld thai Tor the 15U1 consccuttvo year every phmumcy of the mUHullon has y passed cxiimlimtloiisofi tho slntc board, nitrliig that period > more than WO future prmnnucliUj wore examined. Golfer, 70, Score* 4« I/DNDON (UP)-A hole In onq at llic ag^ of 19 Is the feat of Alfred Moue. Ho UJd It ivltn ,a wooden, driver or^tlw I 189-y.rd hote wliti »>»,j8y g^ and 'wHlv. vislbiljtyN poor :'.it th Bramh»U Oclf chi^cSwijK. ™ - smnltei- egg within Its shell. Wert Optometrist "HK MAKKS 'KM SKE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 We IMVU oideis for itboul 20,000 iWMnds Qf Hairy VoU-li Seed. J« order (p buy a qartoad.'*? wed, orders for 20,000 pounds more of this swd. ty KetUtij; Ihis seed in a cailcad. lot w<> <;an offer you a BiKdall) (OH price. 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