The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on April 7, 1974 · Page 26
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April 7, 1974

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 26

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 7, 1974
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

IOWA LIVING BBS BfOffiES SUNDAY REfilStfcR t Affrfl 7. 1914 Iowa man buys land for $12 an acre in Paraguay By ERNTE ZXUGG FILADELFIA. PARAGUAY — Following the eternal land hunger of the Amish, Lester Hochstedler of Katona, la., boarded a plane with his family and flew to the Mennonite colony of Fernheim in the Chaco of Paraguay. In Kalona he had a good farm and lived among friends and relatives. His wife. Rachel, sometimes has a backlog of SO letters from these lowans to answers. But Hochstedler dreamed of a larger farm and room for expansion for his 10 children. In the Cbaco he bought 1,102 acres for $14 an acre— .$15,428. On the Hochstedler farm you feel the peace of country life and the strength of tradition. At breakfast, the family kneels to pray, read the Bible and sing hymns together to start the day right. The children's chores include milking the cows, picking dates, threshing dried beans and washing and ironing clothes. The Hochstedlers live in the village of Auhagen. In the next village, Schoenau, lives another Amish family, the Levi Borntragers of Hazleton, la. Mrs. Borntrager's father, Obed Gingerich, is deacon of the Amish Church in Hazleton. While the girls prepare breakfast, Jonathan Borntra- . ger, 20, begins the morning with pleasant thoughts about dogs. A half-grown hound lies on a. bag of feed. "He sure picked a nice soft spot tos sleep," says Jonathan. "I hope he will be a good dog when he grows up," meaning a good "hunting" dog. Jonathan and his brother, David, are hunters and cowboys. If their many cousins in Buchanan County, la., knew what a fine life they lead, there might be an Am• ish migration to the Chaco! In six months the brother shot 20 wild pigs-. They work for a rancher, but they can earn more money from the pelts of pumas and jaguars than from the ranch chores. The Borntragers have four •beautiful hounds that enjoy chasing the wild pigs. Once they hunted all night while the dogs cornered a puma. Jonathan and David like to drive cattle for three or four days, spending the nights under the trees. They like to be wild West cowboys and hear tales of real-life bandits and adventurers. One bandit hero is Jacob Epp. As a boy, Epp was stealing one of his uncle's steers when his own rope got tangled around his neck and almost strangled him. Another time, friends warned Epp that Paraguayan officers were coming for him so Epp laid in ambush and took away their pistols. Other officers cornered Epp at an inn. Epp pretended to be drunk, so they let him sleep it off while they ate dinner. When they had fin-, ished dessert and wine, Epp was gone. The Borntragers mix such frontier tales with stories ot their church's past. The founder of the church, Menno Simons, 450 years ago was a religious outlaw from the Spanish inquisition and rival reformers and had to sneak from village to village. Once he was sitting up front with the driver of a coach when police stopped the coach and asked if Menno Simons were inside. Simons turned back to the passenger compartment and shouted, "Is Menno Simons in there?" Borntrager likes to tell such tales with his 12 children eagerly listening. The oldest four, born in Iowa, can listen in English. The others, prefer their Pennsylvania Dutch. Six years ago with a group of 21 Amish from Iowa and Indiana the Borntragers trav- Levi Borntrager works on the wall of a new wing he is adding to his farmhouse, Wilma Hochstedler after Lester Hochstedler uses horses to help out during milking chores, morning chores. eled to Paraguay on the Japanese Ship Brazil Maru. The group headed for Cedra Tu (tall cedar) in the jungle. It is 30 miles by ox trail beyond the last trading post at Tobati. Here the boys could hunt jaguar without fear of the truant officer. Snakes, monkeys, pumas, parrots and tapir were plentiful Another lowan in the group was Amos Gingerich. Another, Percy Click, came later. Borntrager used to paint barns with Click in Hazelton. While the boys built the first grass huts in Cedra Tu, Borntrager and the girls stayed in Tobati. The first house was for Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Hochstedler, the parents-in-law of Amos Gingerich. Mrs. Hochstedler was paralyzed, but undertook the long trip in good spirit. The Gingerichs have six children. It took a long tune to conquer the jungle that is so different from Iowa. Once some Paraguayans stole some tools. To- get back a horse that returned to its former owner, Borntrager had to go 60 miles, including crossing a flooded river. Once it took Borntrager three days to return home from Tobati in the rain. The wagon tipped over so he unloaded the lumber and left it there to be picked up later. He heard jaguars in the night, but he finally made it. His sons walked through the jungle to meet him. When the jungle became home to them there was one thing still lacking: An Amish church and bishop. Borntrager says you cannot raise an Amish family without that. So he sold out and moved to the Mennonite colony Fernheim in the Chaco. Here in Schoenau he has a very good bishop, Heinrich Hertzeler, and an Amish church. The Lester Hochstedlers and the Borntragers go to the same church. An Amish service has great dignity and form. You wonder how the women can keep clothes so white in this hot country. The SAVE NOW Hahn "Special- Value" /claries comply with existing ANSI .Industry ealely Standards on Hahn "Special Value" notaries. • Get a quality mower (or less-with advantages of rotanes selling (or much more: Pull 'n Go verlical starting, trimmer notch, enclosed folding handle. • Trim grass evenly, cleanly with patented Po'.v-R-Vac'mo'.ver design that stands grass up straight. • Aluminum alloy ho.using combines lightweight maneuverability with tremendous strength for long'lile. 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KNOXVILLE Heaberlin Saw Shop LAKE MILLS Covert's Welding & Repair MANSON "MaasSnToll Engine MASON CITY Curries Ace Hdwe. MONTEZUMA K. M. Service MONTICEUO McNeil! Hdwe. NEWTON Newton Bldg. Center ORIENT Nelson Bros. OSAGE Staff's Garage OXFORP * Oxford Hdwe. PELLA Srpver Hdwe. RYAN Great Plains Supply ST. PAUL Menke's Service SHELLSBURG Shellsburg Hdwe. SOLON Solon Hdwe. SUNBURY Petersen Store TIPTON Petersen Hdwe. WASHINGTON Lechner's Ace Hdwe. WAVERLY Niewohner Hdwe. WAYLAND Roth Hdwe. WHAT CHEER ' Ridgeway Plbg. $ Heating WHEAUANP Bob'? Motor Clinic . WORTHINGTON Jaeger,'i _ ' Distributed by: S'fc'ey Memo'/*' H«r. Si Ptui. M.i««so'« 5M?? f ARGENTINA A fr,i service has not changed in 450 years. In Schoenau, Borntrager bought 400 acres for $12 an acre. There is plenty more land for his 12 children when they need it. Borntrager likes it here amidst the Mennonites. True, the Mennonites are too modern for his taste, but he likes them for other reasons. More than half the Mennonites here still use the horse and buggy. Some 10 Amish families have moved from Fernheim to eastern Paraguay. Eight are left. At the yearly general assembly of Fernheifti the eight Amish men with their beards sit with 400 clean-shaven Mennonites. Lester Hochstedler is a successful farmer and well-liked in Fernheim, but still he wants to leave. For an outsider it is hard to understand. He says the Mennonites are too modern. He says the schools are not ^good.'The Amish-want their children to have six years of school under an Amish teacher who also has had only six years of school. A sure instinct. through the centuries warns the Amish not to undertake more learning than they'rfeed. XFor a while the Amish children had a Mennonite teach- Laverda Hochstedler irons clothes while younger sisters watch. er, Herbert Siemens, who since has been purged as a heretic from the Mennonite Church. A young Amish man, Ernest Schoop, was purged from the Amish Church. In the Chaco and eastern •Paraguay there are many shades of belief and custom. Some Amish will not use motors in vehicles, but will use motors which s t a y in one place, for example in a saw mill. Some will not use rubber tires on their buggies. There is some purging or separation of people who do not follow pure doctrine or customs. Much of the movement from place to place is due to these conflicts. Water also plays a role in people's lives here. The Chaco suffers periodic drought. In eastern Paraguay water is plentiful. Perhaps that is the chief reason some plan to move to eastern Paraguay, where there is a fine Amish colony 'called "Light and Hope." LaVern Hochstedler fastens a tie to his goat. Mrs. Hochstedler sorts figs, Announce dean's list at Iowa Falls The Reelitef i Iowa Newt Itrvlc* IOWA FALLS, IA. - Dean Glen Warford has announced the dean's list for Ellsworth College for the 1973 fall semester. The following students earned a grade point average of at least 3.20. ACKLBY — Lisa J. Gerdes, Ann E. Hamilton, Barbara S. Harms, Cindy J. Harrensteln, David L. Kenlnger, Linda L. Kurth, Nell E. Lawton, Dennli R. Lauterbach, Mlchitl A. Who Says large Families Are Out Of Stylo? ff JERRY MASON SAC CITY, IOWA 30913*411,7l?fft42*M*7 ^ StN^F Of eiTA'.41M I t EPGAR BAHS |P» NAME ADDRESS. CITY.. Olien, Larry R. Ross. ALBXANDIR - Harold F. Lariin. ALOONA - Mary K. Scherer, ALTA VISTA - Tim P. AMES —'Sharon J.^Holmas. APLINGTON — Marvin onay. . _ J. Blerman, Lee A. Dohrman, Brenda M, Gelken, Barbara J. Green, Randall J. Meyer, James R. Meyers. BEAMAN — Brenda J. Heltmeyer, Carla K. Mast. BLOOMFIELD - Terl L. Bogle. .... Schlpper . - E. Beaderstadt, Rita M. Wlllet. CEDAR FALLS - Daniel B. Tedlle. CEDAR RAPIDS — Lisa A. Lewis, Oehnrah K. Vine. CENTER JUNCTION - Sharon K. Antons. CENTRAL CITY - Alan R. Raw-ion. CHARLES CITY — Lori-J. Hanke. BLOQMhlEUD — Terl BRISTOW — Arlyn K. ! BROOKLYN - Bryan Pamela J. Kasal, Rlt< CLARENCE — Kathy J. Balrd, Debo' " avid A. Paul. Michael A. Samuel- rah K. Bunn, David A. Paul. HORN - CLEG son. -CLINTON - Fayetle L. Clausen. COGGON - Nancy S. Klnley. COLPAX—Ketherlne-A. Mlltburnr COLLINS - Cindy L. Schmllt. CRBSTON - John L. Blazek. DANBURY ** Tom L. Cameron. DENfsQN - Douglas A. Peterson. DELHI — Donild W. Porter. DBSMPINIS -Jerry F. Imholf. OFKE n Korean J. Hem men. DOWS — Renee M. Rockrow. SHSSiHS^ Wcherd C. Brecewell. EAGLE OROvf Mcrl * n f "' Havn ' BLBERON..-.. cerpi* t. Birmiis'tef, Rita R. Dvorak. f LDORA - Ronald P. Hausman, Me- \Tln«fa J.Lamoreyx, Olive M. Norem, . M-vnda S. Travis. ELGIN - Cerole L. Fenner, Linda L. Lehman, Kandy D. Tatro, Mellnda W- Terry S. Hulbert, Debra nt, Tgdd A. Moon. /Corcoran. M. Hunt, Todd A. Moon. |VERLY r Deanne J. harms. FAIRBANK — Margaret R. Co hy j! Thler. LEY -, Timoth Sharon r'frfe, Ruisell I, Peferson, •• ?{ ;. Peterson, . Suianne M. 'urvls, Gary F. &6l?&ff_£_**#• fcuh Y. da A- . , Reece, John P. Bobbins, Reece, Bobbins, talzer, Soto. Mark A. Stilzi Suddenbero, Debora James R, Woods. Donne K. S. Trlpp, D. Schlabaugh. -..T. e M ei Fri,- DtS)raj ' Buriy ' Mich - LAKOTA - Jolefie Kollasch. !*i,— Wendy G. Buss, Deborah ri !»«y«rf -r Steven L. Schatter. ii-YwY. "7 £*"Y Mi Dedisman. MARSHALLTOWN - Jacolyn M. Chrlsterson, Debra A. Leonard, Je..nine K.Rob- - ..f bertjardt, Michael D. Strathman. MAYNARO — Barbara A. Sleek. MCCALLSBURG - Ruth R. jwedt, MONONA „ Mary C. Goeftfer, Shilla ' M. Marovets, Wendy J. Russett, Juriv K SllririttnHnrl - ;' HB , Rilcki. >A -"Coren E. Brooks, Shelly frMetSl. &nc E y n 'A h .' U RK'. W$&$K$w"t- **>» »immKi*ti$: K. -* S. Joyce VI66NCB C -, Nancy-' K. Greg S. Paris, Clark A. ftrJ«s.& v>«aK»*i!-. C. Vender. Td G. Hlnti, Martin . I ,., Stickler. -' Kenneth p. Mth' f [PA^we K: ^cMniU; IteSwAiw* yen C7N,l.el»ii\, plejjo/a)) 7. Per- J. Ml* v w

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