The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1944
Page 5
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JUESDAY. NQVBHMBH 14,- ADVERTISING INFORMATION Charge 60 "Die Per line...... 52 lime* per Un 6 '''" " f l ,^« P« line * Ume. per Itae per d y 1J limes per line per day g 1 MontU per lino £ Ada ordered lor tht«» or .li' Wd stopped before expiration the ^^ f " the nu bUl PPeared "* /''or Ucdf<}6ni.'3H No. 9lh St. Phone 2117 Mrs. \V. L. Green. ll]lO-pk-ll|r Room in private home. Steam h«Tt Phone 28-14. lUH-ck-t Closcout prices on seed b W. J, K . Asheraft. phone «:. Cheap. See ' lljH-pk-11.21 30 acres highly improved land, C'/. miles south of Blyllieville. Private owner. Good residence, electric proved tenant house. Al'l undei fence, gravel road. Phone 13S °Snecd at oif d ECt of wlls "»~Ssi" Phone 2325. ' U|H-p'k-'li;i7 Pair three "yliu~oW~liorse LTuTeV WMI ^ i 1 f 0> i hrokcn> BClltlc ai1[ i of M « 1I!d - 2 1 ' 2 miles ""In o/ Manila, w. D. Skcens 82 acres just north of c . O. Lanes oil's a t No . 9 This fai . m ls '6 'Missouri. All improvements built new four years ago out of hr>5t "Wterial. Has nice flvc room ,e j- «ence, cxlrn good barn pDUltrv bouse, concrete water pi,,,,,, 1,0,,,,? four room tenant house. This 82 acres is of the very best tvpc of Pemiscot bayou ia,,d. Lights \vi icr, bath and all mo deni convcn" ;cs. School bus and mail route les Land Co., Russel! E. Males' plencoe Hotel, Phone 4G4. Si "wn by appointment only. i4-k-i7 M n electric line and pood ro-ul -'lce $100 per acre . Part cash ba ^™/2™. nd ,! j;ickl)0rclS ots. 2238 Caroline St. p r iri< on. i room apartment, light housekeeping. 1125 W. Sycamore. Bedroom with Phone 2133. kitchen privileges Ilf8-ck-tf Servant house to white couple willing to help occasionally with housework and yard. 1037 Ash. 1118-ck-15 Hooins for rent. 106 E. Mnin." Comfortable bedroom adlolniraj talh. joiv Walnut. Phone 2516 10-3-ck-tf T °P, Ca> ' Phone i Iicclals. Gift for '• Uil3-ck-tf ;; cslllc " ce for asle, see mo n « ,' i „ ia ! "' Blilg. H. C. Campbell. ll|0-pk-23 ~ individual cash, per acre, for small fnn)1 with warranlccd deed and nb- P , 'i 1 ^ 01 ' lle:u ' Mississippi or Pemiscot County, w ilh fnir buildings; all weather rond; eleclricitv or electricity available. Give price ! !!f ni> "°" ? nd lo=itlon in first letter. Will be j,, Blytheville one week. Write IJox D.P.B., % Cotir- !er Ncivs - ll|10-pk-17 ^»™»*«—^ * * * * 5 * » PHILLIPS For Clean Cars We Will Pay ^Upfofhe Following Cash Prices:" Vf.-ir Moilel 1937 1938 1940 1941 1942 FORD $ 515.00 640.00 775.00 860.00 1085.00 1285.00 OHKVHOl.ET $ 455.00 590.00 680.00 925.00 1110.00 1280.00 I'l.VMOIITIl $ 635.00 *» 770.00^, 940.00 1060.00 <* 1210.00^ 1275.00 4A Small tricycle In usable condillan. 32G7. ll|4-dh-tf 'ccans. junk, hides. For highest pnces see Wolf Arian, N . Highway M. Phone 2890. ll|2-pk-12|2 Soybeans, hay and corn. Blytheville Grain & Elevator Co. 10(30-ck-tf Ugliest cash prices paid for used cars, 192Q to 1937 models, any make. C. C. Eagan. 015 Clilckn- sawba St., Blytheville. 10;30-pk-llj30 second-hand clothing, men's shoes, women's and children's oxfords Bring to 316 E. Main. True-Blue Shoe Shop. 1013-pk-l2|3 Wil! pay'wsh for $10,000 worth of good used furniture. VVadc Purnitore Co. Will pay 2uc per ata. lor wire co»t Uudsoc Oleanert. Don't Sell Unfil You See Phillips Phillips Pays Top Cash Prices. No Violations PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. * Tel. 453 . -W Walnut at 6th Wanted To Rent Wanted 'nick driver. Good joMor man who wants to work. Phone 2977. _ _ 11113-pk-Illl', - Kro8er Storc |';!^' ",""', "?' m buster to bed one hundred acre> bean land by (he acre. H. L Rev nolds, Ark.-Mo. State Line. ' p'er' balance terms. Shown P™ p rT"'! trncnt on 'y- ., section. 3 ^, New roof. Outbuildings Sol foundation. Shade trees and n chard 5 5000- $ 2000 cash. ca?l Jh, 'me Stevenson, 838 or 3131. ll|7-ck-, Practically new room ''csiucncTTnd^crvn •ouso. Price $1800.00. 5800 M ?",) balance $25.00 per nmnl, H Campbell. Phone 2841. i I We have but we do nave so many new in ^^Sr"™ S -"" trical hot table lam * *«.vivni,xica j »- 107-109 R Main St ll|2-ck- Hardaway Appliance Co. 10-lG-ch-16 ' ll|2-ck-2 Steel Watering T^cughs"" Steel oil Drums Steel Garbage Cans Blyiheville fllachinc Shop. . . 30-ck-l 1J30 FARMS FOR SALE on easy TeTuVs loll, upland and bottom. 4lUm-' o X,\^ s y 20lom °™™ C W. Smith, Citizens Bank Bulld- j "g' Dex t". Mo. 10,28-pk- 212 1 , orucoal circulator Night phone 3303. o. S. . 10[25-ck-tf * Four „ r bath. Price $3000.00" H!"C. S Cami"; bell. Phone 264L ny-pk-i^io i SAVE ON i INSULATION" • Call us for free estimate. We install Kock Wool. MISS. CTY. LUMBER CO. I hone <J'15 t 10-2^-rh 9^ k Situations Wanted if, <^~ —/ .____ •> Licensed chaulleur wants"Job driv- .-... ing trurk. Phone 20S8. ll|9-pk-l(J U|13-pk-ll|lG real postwar for a young man wilh at least a hign school education (o learn a business that has a future. Apply („ i iob Van Hooser at DELTA IM PLEJUENTS, Inc. ll-10-ch-17 Wanted, Piano. Miss Jean Sarber, voice teacher, Hold Noble. llllO-pk-18 5 or B room house. Will pay one year's rent In advance. Call Harvey Parrish, phone 2045. 10114-ck-U Personal MEN, WOMEN! OLD AT 40, 50, 00! Wain lo feel peppy, years younger? Ostrcx Tonic Tablets pep up todies lackmi; iron; also contain vitamin Bl. calcium. Trial size only 35c. At nil druggists—in Bly- tlicvlllo, at Kit-by Drug, lljll-ckn ASTHMA AN)> HAY FKVKK Immediate relief from the spasms of bronchial asthma. Prompt relief from the distressing symp- t °" !s , ot 'my fever, with Asthma Ncfein. Full refund m|u , c , f n _ suits are not snlistactory. Kirbv »»•- Stores. il[10-pk 12110 Taken Up Black horse nuilel~sniooth month weifiht about 900. Owner ,„„; claim for payment of nd and expense of keep. V , mile solUh of I-osl Cunc. Z. N. Stulls. !j|fl-pk-12(0 For Lease The Z. A. Mcqnlsllon store wiiTi complete fixtures. Price S50 per month, n. c. Campbell, pho. 2G1I Pr.J. L Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main 'OB BALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL BIZEB Than BrWre Lukw Oic«olo Tile I, Culvtrl Co. «••»• •" 0«*,U, Ark. PRESCRIPTIONS Pr*ahc*t Hiofk Gninintced Uent Prlew Kirby Drug Stores Eor Sale 289 'Acre* tf h! Improved UK4 Htghwijr 11 tomt atllfg south of Bly- IherlUe- C. G. Smith WE mi, ALL DOOTOKI PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MONW STEWART'S Roaches, Kit* «nd Mlc« eUml- oatea. Conlmel nrrlo* In control Painting and paper hnnginjTTli Freeman. Phone 2434. _ Il|14-pkl2ju Mrs. Housewife. Just lo monTdnys elo-mprf 5 !? 1 "" ™ SS an<! u P h °lstery 3306 01 "" " CW metl >°<I- Call n;9-pk-11[23 4C4. BATTERY est CMi^' 8 ^ Char8i "e on new- Mt Cities Service Quick Charger Pickup nnd delivery in city. PS WEBB'S CITIES SERVICE STATION "wy. Gl & Railroad 10-31-pk-31 Lost Oc German Shepherd pupTTTn oW. Answers to name "TuUbv Finder notify P. B . a,^, v AppIIaace B ' lld - to Courier of nee. Biddle Exterminatort Free EiUmatci. II 8. Third . Pb onl) tm ».'iTS SIHEV'RE OUTTQ cff6E^wEra='^ T - ys ^ L ' /V)EC03nATE --C.AVT;.' FCCVARD TO MEANWHILE, ALLEy OOP AMD AZRO. VJELL IMSIDE TME.aTY, COKmNUE TOTUBS LOOKIT '.' A VJHOLE ARMV _. v US ASJD EZIOW D15P1J5ASCD wrn i ' COMIMM.S LIVE OUT THE HOUf^.' THE P-OUSEN SOME DUMP. WHERE VOUjSAV.l MUST LEFT yOUR/IWEUiV^p AiX i ^ \~: ',•'./.-:-/-!))• k^,^-^ •rfA~..-,:r^L ; . : •-..-..... ' • RECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS »y MKHIUU, BLO8S1J f. GUESS vou'o HAVE B££M PRETTV SQf!E AT Me IF I'D THE KIDS , JRRED ME, IT SORT OF MAKES FEEL ClOSC TO, •^— You/ / -To •16 nussian'cily 4V Brazilian, rnacav/ 48Varnis! ingredienl'v; PREP HARMAJJi A SHORT CLJI To " ' WE'LL SOO^ K N Rl WASH TUBES BY LESLIE TURNER AND THE TCEE,ALREW)y CUT WfJEARLy VHRU AT THE BASE, CRASHES ACROSS THE ROAD WUFOOl!/ TR ^ N6 BOOTS AND HI5RI)OIES BY EDGAR MARTIN )Vi -. xoo? WVW DO YOU MY J TO \it 50 ?f\»V?|.0'ri'SW>F' \ \ GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES Phone 229! BEMEDALED PADRE •— •-' HORIZONTAL ^VERTICAL : 1,7Pictured . I Likely (-^ , most decorat-. 2 Entice ] ^t ; eel chaplain , 3 Pickles *^ : '•/.I" *is war x " 4Epic poem 13 He holds the 15Right- line) -— Heart (ab.) - ,' 14 Great Lake 6 Canvas shelte'r f 15 Symbol for • nickel 16 Group of three 17 Mega live 19 Near ' x issuilable- , 2 ??ll1!. e l e ., c °!" "Symbol for m ^1 Abstract being j r0 n ] awarded Hie . horses • fDislinguished 25ByitscU ^Service Cross 26 Finale /fi Verbal v 127 Born , \28Mergo 30 Obtained , _ 26 Follow afler 20 Asseverate « Create. /2_3 Speedily M. Compass point ~~ 33 Symbol for sodium 34 Ocean (ab.) 35Ei(her, 36 Cotton fabric 38 Birds' hoiv^ 40 Belongs to it 41 Old (var.)' 42 Danger 45 Golf teacher 47 Malt drink 48 Music note 49 Palm lily 50 Ventilates 52 Sun god 53 Rave 55,57 He was awarded the - • Star for I i bravery inf ' - - • action 58 Important •' \ metals Preserve Your Car With Phillips'TubricatiOT Phillips Furnishes the Finest Lubricants

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