The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1930
Page 5
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WEDNKSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1930 KI.YTIIEV.ILLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first luimlon and one cent a word for each subsequent insertion. No advertisement liken foi 1 less tlian 60c. Count the words and send the cash, Phone 30G PAGE FIVE ANNE AUSTIN JUG BLACK PIGEON "MURDER BACKSTAIRS FOR SALE cli-r lirli! In : FOR SALE—1 Angora Gout, cart and harness, Clias. Bright, Phone 040-J. . 17P-K20 lilMIX lli:ill: TbllAV - *-hk'f muiii-i-lH In the mur- ll .11 AXTI'A SKI. III. »Uul at n .. |i:uly nn-i TJ.OUA Mil. US. m'* t-hi"U'l rcnill:i>; n m>to -'i *Iii> ittlnlvs Is friuti licr tiux- l IH;\TI-:|I M'llAliirii, Hliu - tlinl nultr. nnj J,Y1J1A, brr J ->dtn Huy* bhe lovril \lfti, mid is Kimivinp sri:(;iAi, IVVICSTI- Strawn thought Tt to II h nlir ' FOR .SALE—Chevrolet Coupe. 271 Model. Good condition. $15.00.1 ! Tialler, enclosed top. 512.50. Musi' sell this week. 510 Lumerate. ', HP-KID. FOR SALE-rSomelhliig nice for: Christmas presents—owing to my wife's death will sell li singing can-' ary birds, 3 cagts. all for S20.GO' C. H. Bums Store, 530 Sixth St. 10P-K18 lioitic Mm'* FOU RKXT FOR RENT — Modem four-room house. Newly decorated. 307 North Broadway. Cali 1512-F-4. 15P-K18 FOR RENT—Two rooms and bs'.h, furnished or unfurnished, close in. 700 West Ash St. 1CC-T1 FOB RENT—5 rooms and bath, 125 Mo. Ave.. $20.00. 4 rooms and batli, 1222 Holly. $18.00. E. D. Ferguson, Phone 100. 15C-K18 FOR RENT—Five rcom hoiise and bath, newly decorated and nicely furnished. Servant's house, garage. 1306 Chlckasawba. Call 83 or 280. ' 16C-K19 KOR RENT—Nice light housekeeping rooms. Cheap. 110 South Franklin St. 1CP-K19 FOR RENT—3 room furnished ant. COG N. Sth street. IGp-kzi. WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery. 210 S. Fourth St. OC-TF WANTED — Family Washings. Washed ant' ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Drown. 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF LOST AND FOUND LOST—White Setter named Dan. with black ticks, black ears andi spot on top of head. Information! leading to recovery will be rewarded. Scott Harris, Phone 636. 16C-K19 tOSt—Knife, with small photc-' Krapr.s on side, name Mrs. John H. Long en other side. Return to courthouse. cklO THU'KY «M,|:S, ifsu, rr(imi» II) lukv Mlth him. llunclir will. Ifnvlnn rv«T)- lliln^ to l.}Ula, «lilcli M|IUMK Mln'« f«-:ir nf dentil nntl K\\c+ r.jiltn nil- illllumil' mnifvr. llr Ipnrnii Itint Mln wi'nl nM «Ilh ItAI.l'H 1I.IM- }IO\I> TI«iir<:lny nl£ht, and *n\\ Si'irsitc l*rl<l:i>- nlfiUI, Ilic nlgbc hl-e- mmlf hrr ultl. Mill's tclla Dundee Hint Nllfn hr • Mllrtl nil Mln thnt morning, IIP ftmnil \lln nnd lO'illn Kane, And llnlph tlirro. It.ilpli »ennri! n lilllc jonlmix <>! hk rnlll»K on Mln n.i) Aflir llll.-s nnj I,)<I(n )r:ivc, l!li;iil|.<. Ili.J. lh|. kllrl<L-» Jnuc Iia* tn-t-n itiiriu^kril. Stnrchlnff Ilic n;tlf. lie fnidu lrni-t'» In l>e hi'd- rrnni nf n man's hnvlng KlL-iit tilCTe lilt- nl^hl tn<roru. Ho <'nl!» CAITAIX STItAWX. u:'i, i-nnir^ i^ltli linK?r[irlnl itirn M'jil ilfln-ili CK, nnd IciirttM lluLI n Hinnll KfiV ivhlfli is nn\v E:IIII. \va* hi Hint mum ivltrn 11 iva* hrnrfbrd li.'fnrc. Up lipllevcx t^mt SIJIMKIIC irsrd Ilic ranni, nnd \vn* told l>y Mm to clrur nut, l.jdln cnttlc u|i In trll htm til tnkr MR thln^x nut. Siirnf-ili' relurni-d thrrt vvcnln^ nt:il lint TTLi- irrip. llrKiiltr thiK. Hirtiilfp dnrnn't believe Slir.iijijp il-il [I. NOW <ill OX WITH TUB STOHV CHAPTER XXV pOXXIE DUNDEE'S first thought l j iition awakening ilial Sunday;"itns was tliat It mitfrl iirovc to bo ratlier a pity that Jiia new apartment, as he loved to coll his thrcR rooms at the top of & jOcjRiiiR house wiiioli had onco !)«:i a FajiiiijiiaWo private liomc, farcHl Rcutit nn;l v;est. railier than CJVjl. At the Rhodes House, whose hc^i'iUiic; IIOUEC clamor and lack oi lirtvacy he hr.d abanrloned upon tal:!us the Nattering joh and decent E.ii:r.-y of "special Investigator at- ir.chcl to the district attorney's of- lire." Jie had gro\vu accnsloinerl to Ujing l]io Itoi ]^on)ins sun upon his rolr.Ciiiiit o'e'Ms an ai^alarm clock. His lazy eyes roveci over the I'.latn r.cvority but solid comfort of his liiLlrcom, a^d ou past the ov-en tlooi io t;iko in appreciatively the cq ly tnmrovtable and tnahculinc liv ins room. Then his eyes haltec upsu a cavcreil cat'c, iwung from a r.cilealal. . . . "Poor old Cap'n! . . . Must b wondering iviien tlie devil I'm go ?; to got up!" and lie swung on Led, loungcil sleepily into tlv 4T'M J -'-Duni "Jl afraid dee E found Ike ll'r.-.ilt'r.i Mtirnlny in (he liall just outside Ills living room door, "Listen, Cap'u. . . , 'NITA SlvMM MUHDUIIKO AT imiDCB.' I. . . Probably tlio snappiest | Etrcamer deadline- Uie XCKI has haJ for many a day. . . . Now let'H see—" He was silent for two inln- ules, wiillo his eyes leaped down Iho lesser headlines and Iho story of the murder. Then: "Good old to tell me. Strawn! Not a word, my (Sear \Vat- EOII, ahout your absurd uiasiev'J absurd pcrfoiinanco In havlm; 'the death hand at bridge' replayed! Not a word about Ralph Hammond, tlio missing ijuest! Not a word about Mrs. Tracey Miles bchiK lilil- deii away In the clothes closet while her linstcEa was being muidercd'. ... In fact, my dear Watson, not a word about anything except Straw n'5 own theory lliat a hived iimiin from New York or Chicago preferably Nita'a home town, ew York, ot course—sneaked up, ouchcd in ber \vindov:, and imped her off. Well—I can't sit ere all day gossiping with you. ork—mucli work—to bo done, en—Sunday dinner -ivlth poor ttle Penny." Four horns later a tired and dls- lirited young detec'.ive was climb- E the stairs of tho five-story walk-up" apartment house in lilch Tenny Grain and her mother atl been living since tho financial allure anil flight of the husliaud ml father, Kogcr Crain. "Hello, there!" It was Penny's •loudly voice, hailing him fron :c topmost landing of tlie sleep lairs. "All winded, poor thing?" Ills eyes drank her in—the fresh ess and sweetness of a domestl' 'cnny Grain, EO different from Hi horny little office Penny wh- riilcfl herself on her efficiency a ecrctary lo llie district attorney. "Sh-h-hl— Have they found Halph?" she whispered anxiously. He could only answer "No." "Mother's all of a twitter at tay laving a detective to dinner," she "Hadn't you heller lako a nap, Mother?" she added a minute later, as Mrs. Grain, with a sltyhl flush on her faded cheeks, began lo slack Ihs lessen dishes. "You mustn't hy a hand on these dlslics, or Hon- nio and I will have our (llshwash. ing iileiilc six>lled. . . . Hun aloug HOW. You need slf ep, dear." i: Not any more than you do. poor baliy!" Mrs. Cniin quavered, auJ then hurried out of the room. "1 knew you had something bail It's about—Halph, I suppose? 1 ' Penny's husky voice was scarcely audlblo above Iho rush of hot water Into the dlshpau. "You'd better tell me straight off, Bonnie. I'm not a very patient person. . . . ire lliey eotue lo arrest Ralph ,-lien they llnd him? There wasn't word in the paper about him Ibis r.oralug—" of TRAVEL COUHSE PLANNED BERKELEY. Cal. (UP)—A lllli- versity teaches most evcrythi:!? llsese dajs and in keeping wit'.i that program the University of California extension division will give a course on how to travel in Enropp. Tho ccur?e will be given in San Francisco beginning Jan. 21 and in Oakland t3g:nning Jan 23. under Che direction cf Newton H. Be!], who has just, ccnvpleted his s:venth trip abrca;!. THE BLACK CAT COFFEE SHOPPE Now announces new monthly rates for regular patrons. 3 regular meals daily— S30 per month. Single 3Ieal—50c. Sunday Dinner—7oc. small livin- mom and whisked th square of black silk from tlie cage Tlic parrot, formerly the propert; of murdered o!d Mrs. Hogarth o llie Hito'lcs House, but for the i>as .vc-ar tlie young detective's ofTicia "Wiiisoii," ruffled bis feather poked his srean-and-yellow hea between tiie bars of his cage an croaked hoarsely: "Hullo! Hullo! "Hullo, yourself, my dear 1 son!" IJiniclee retorted. "Your cation is over, olii top! It's hack o the job for you and nie boll;! . Which reminds me that I oiisht be tnlsiiig a squint at tlie Sumla i thcr* It ho had occastu to ro into tlio u|i;,lnlrs roonm In making hl s etlhimtes for tlio linlsli- up of the other Bide. Hut ho couluiils, ami Lyilli Carr, whom 1 also paw ngaln thin morning, porls him In it, that ho slaycil tu tlio i onsc occasionally when Xli.i was particularly nervous aboul Lc- lug alone, and that lovers." were net they are, Penny," lold her miserably. 'Cupiain ftlrawn has a warrant e.ndy, ijut of course—" "Oh, you don't havo to tell me yon liope Ralph isn't guilty!" she cut hi with sudden passionate' e. "Don't / know lie couldn't have done It? They always arrest tho wrong person first, the blundering Idiots— " "I'm afraid I'm tho chief Idiot, bul you must believe that I'm norry Hint It should be n friend ot yours," he told" her, and reached for tho pinto she bad rinsed of its Buds under the hot wr.ler tap. "Shcot tho works!" she Commanded, wllh hard flippancy. - Il 0f course I might have known that Canialn Slnnvn's theory about a gunman was Just dust In our eyes, nnd that only a miracle could keep you from fastening on poor Ralph, since be and missing—" "An outsider access tu Judge Marshall's pislol and liaxini silencer," he reminded her. «pOOH! . . , Don't wlpo (bo Mowers off that plate. Here's another." "Then—yon don't tlihik she ivai [=== In love with llalplil" Dunilee asked. "Oh. 1 don't know!" the cried. "I tlioiiRlit BO sometimes — had ihe firnce lo hopo so, nuyway. slnro llalph was to crray p.bnnt her." 'That's the point. Penny." Dundee (old her gently. "Everyone I've lalkcil lo Hits niornliis, luchnl- Ini; Spragne, seems suro (hat Ralph Hamilton was mad uliout Nlla Scllm," "Ho of course lie wmiltl kill or'. Penny seoffeJ bitterly. "Vcs. rcnny—wlieii h.n Oisenvcidl ilrain'il over (he mirror fiaino In n bedroom In Nita's house. . . . l-'nr they were (hero lo be seen vhcii Ralpli went into that bedroom yea- tcnlay morning." "How ilo ydu know bo saiv tbcni?" "Uecaiise Iw left this belilml him," Dundee aOmlttcd reluclnnily, EIIU] wiped bu hands before dra\v- ing an Initialed silver pencil finm hisbreftst pocVol. "I found it umlcr the edge of the bed. Tlie Initials lire K. H." • "Yes, 1 recognize U," Penny ml- milled, turning sharply (iway. "I save It to him myself, for a Christ- OUR BOARDING HOUSE WORM/US lowVMi •euse ea-r A OR CUcrrHlMG{ IF MEET A PERSON OML.Y GU/E A BALE <SF CHRISTMAS CHEERFUL WSTEAD OF TEARFUL i CLUB BRIGADE BOOTS AND IIER BUDDIES LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT! By Martin jiacers. lo £?? bsv.- rnu^h Contain with a auicic vliispcred, trying to he gay again. Sho did not look "all of a twit- er," this pretty but rather faded middle-aged 1 little mother Penny's. A gentle dtgnlty anil pn tieiit sadness, which Uundi 1 * were habitual of her, lay in the failed blue, eyes and upon the soft, sweet mouth. . . . But Mrs. Grain "WC-a ushering him into the living room. 1 'Scuse me! Gotta riish up!" Penny flung over slio ran away and with her motlicr. Because Penny wns watching him and was obviously proud o! her skill as a cook—skill recently acquired, he was Kiirc--D:indee ate as hearlily as eealed depression would permit. "I'm going lo help wash dishes," he announced HAY One hnlc or a train lead. EAR COR?!, shuck en, 88c bu. Slv.ick oif, SCc per bu., in car lo'.s. Cotton States Sales Co., Tnc. Blythevillc, Ark. Phone 174 or LD 18C6. PAVING TAX Time (o pay Paving Taxes if selling shorl. The penally is ;oo hi[;h for anyone lo neglect ).i>inK before the books Close— Rcllcr Pay Now— C. J. EVRARI). NEW YORK, Dec. 17. Cotton closed very steady. Open High Low Dec. new 954 078 Dec. old 952 953 958 983 1011 1031 1055 l!n not delay lo pay 1'AY ING AM) SK\VKR TAXKS Doc. 31st is the last Day. fay io:iay and svoid the vus'.i. G. G. CAtMlt.I,, Collector. Local nnd I 0 nj distance haulinj. Special rales on carlnail lols. Team fur [oca! hauling. V. li. WASlfAM TKAXSFEH llflO I'liickasawl-.i I'honc 851 B7S3 WALFOLE I'"or Klcctric Work 1'limic 31-1 Why !> ;I y More Than Half I'rico For Aulo Parts? JACKSON AUTO 1'AUTS 202(1 M;iin Phone CO Plenty to hang him would hardly have Dumise went ou. "Polly Oeale nm afraid that llalph trould come to ceived a wire from a ballistics expert in Chicago this morning, con- Kalph promise lo stay and that bolti Clivo nnd Polly (lid Hot Irnst him to keep hla promise. Clivc limk- one:l Polly lo join him in Iho solarium, \stthout entering the llv- That Is why, I aiu b fired the bullet Which killed JSMta You've washed that Plate long euouph. Let me dry it hi lg r]om lo E , lcak to X ' hel ' c ara olhcr mtmber they said they stayed thcro until Karen discovered tlie murder. I am sure they chose that place because of its many windows "Such as—" she challenged. "Spraguo admitted to mo this — they could watch for Ralph's car him with proofs, that lip sometimes dash .out and head him off. slept in the upslaira bedroom — him away by force if necessary, lo .keep him from nmkiiiK a scene. believe they knew he iiail murder Penny interrupted. "—and that he slept Ihe're Friday' in his heart, and that ho would find night, after he and Nila had quar- ;v way to yet a uun — " He still contends that the Dimly there came the rin (hat movlo-of-Ham- Penny excused herself lo answer it. illon business,'' Dundee went OIF COOR5TL ,6tt T. KSX ••• if she had not spoken. "Ho ad- HOOOO '. VAt wrvn HIM ,TVV ww voo v? Ht WER6MT WAXVOWWfc IW ' hack, walking like a somnambulist, mitted alfo that Nlta had told hiiji WrWC WWO OF X AM ? CAW X KE take hi.s things away when He "That was— lialph! left Saturday morning, but he soys cccn 7;no;u i'tfo is <lcar!.'" (To llo Continued) it was (mly because she didn't want New York Cotton (UP) — New Orleans Cotton The Harvard team, after being coached by Arnold Honvcen, of Russian-Jewish descent, is to be tutored now by Eddie Casey. The Crimson eleven seems lo be an nf- j fair for the Co'nens and the Kellys. VKCta: StvJHlftL COOUO NEW ORLE;\NH, DSC. 17. (UP) Cotton closed very steady. Open High I/r.v Close ... 050 B92 Close 978 981 984 981 1011 103S !05S 101)5 Jan. Mar. May July Oct. 9D2 985 1018 1047 10G5 1000 The iun cnptitln of the Cornell football team is Cristobal Miirtl- nez-Zorills. How did he ever happen to miss the All-America selections. Spots closed steady at 961, up 33. Spots closed steady at 995, up 35. Horse racing-was a popular sport i plants in Italy is expected to reach England's fir.'t census was taken j mere than 33TO years ago, accord- | a production of 10,000,000,000 kilo- wat hours of electricity by the cntl of this year. jn 1801, when the population was ing ;o Hittite inscriptions found in 8.893,000. : Mesopotamia. FOR THE HERMIT SHIP? VoO rjour I'SAN OU6 OP Tttose Aia MACHINES YOU? S HA£ BSShl A gCICSi TWCJOHSU ALL .-STOOD IT ME.X-V- 8S AU-R'^HT, BUT VIS W*.'£ "B SET HUAOOTCf MEGS... SHoOLOEa. AVO CABRY TD :,\y SHIP AND You so 0-4 COULD...-ASS ID WATS To see . . . ~ UIWi (Jovj:: VE DAV O wia BE WASH TURIiS • .-TVAT CAN SPELL •srtooi we\\. JUST • LONO U? r\ \>10RD\ PERKPiPS WE'D tR-TeaTH OR PEWWS GO RMS'. NO use GlTTlMO SOU. CHANCES TriW CRP>NK IS OMW TRNlN<iToS<:r\RE US. OH, U1YM W 1 IHMtMT Ti\W FCOV MP.CH1N6? \ FEEL IT IN VIE. AR.6 TO SHOT \MTHG cfNPX- fiRS (NMENT10N UVCEOUBS H6OT1B (\N' TrttS'RS SCARED OF OOR OF 'EM. AN5 wl£ &OT MI\K6Trt6 MUST B6 D^A\TTtD TUPCY TrtETHREE BVT OVER THE 6AOUS NQT6, LOTTA HOKUW TvlEM IF TWBR IOH \S SOLD TO COSTA &VAUDE TPAMKTM6 x^FftMX REPRESENT' DID YOU KNOW THAT— Tcm L!eb, who coached the Nctre Dame line last yoar, and new is ccaching Loyola at Los Angeles, predicted that Southern California would rlay the Ramblers. ... He gave an interview in which he criticized weaknesses in the Notre Daine line and backfield. . . . Hocknc picked up the paper at Tucson and read it. ... Carefully RccKne clipped it out. . . . Did fc paste it up in the dressing room? . . . Bert Metier, the little Notre Dame guard, says both Pitt and Carnegie Tech shewed more drive in the attack than U. S. C. . . . "T.vo Minutes" O'Brien said the Northwestern line wat' better than the Trojan wall. . . . Bill Henry, Lcs Angeles Times wri: er. said after tho game it was : dirty shame that lest his icnlly ecoii players and had to fall back on bums like this fellow O'Connor. To red:;cc ti'.e smoke evil, ar electrical trap has been devised which consists of a scries cf plates installed in the^ chimney and subjected to high-voltage current. SaD settles on ihc plates after belli!; attracted to them and is removed by a water spray.

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