The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1949
Page 11
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THURSDAT, APRIL T, BLYTinEYTLLl (AMC.y WDURDEE HEWS Cash Funds Suit Hits 36 Agencies Arkansas T«st Cast To Include Money Never Appropriated LITTLE ROCK, April 1—</P)—A special supreme court will be necessary to pass on validity of the use of cash funds by stnte departments, agencies and Institutions, It was Indicated today. Rep. James A. Gipson of Saline County, who Tuesday announced plans for a court test of cash funds f;ald today he Is amending the proposed complaint to Include 36 r.tate fluencies, Including the supreme court, which operate unappropriat- ed cash funds. Being a party to the litigation It would be necessary for Iho present members of the supreme court to disqualify when the case comes bfore it. It would then be the ciutj of the governor to name a spccia court to decide the case. Court attaches said the lust time the high court disqualified itself li a body was about 20 years ago who: a salary Increase was contested. Rep. Gipson said that he would file suit In Pulaski Chancery Cour against the State Hospital 'attacking expenditure of money from H cash fund without a legislative appropriation. He said that lie had decided to ".letlle the matter a! stale employes -.using cash funds for all time." and glpvas amending his complaint to include all of the 36 state' agencies which operate cash funds. The supreme court has a cash fund derived from fees for licensing attorneys. Court officials said It was used to purchase books for the supreme court library. Other agencies, including all colleges, have cash funds which receive money'from various non-tax sources. Most of the money does not go through the slate treasury and is spent wlihont an appropriation by the legislature. Attorney General Ike Muny said yesterday that if Gipson Is successful In halting unrestricted use of cash funds, a special session of the legislature miHht be necessary. But he added. "I'm ready lo have a suit on Ihe matter to get It settled finally." KOI! ELETKN Babich Appears in Court Mrs. Heart Decides— To Seek Way To Stay Alive After Her Year Is Up Milton Bablcli, 19,'Csecjnd from left) enters court room for habeas corpus hearing Rt Milwaukee, Win He later was charged with first degree murder In the ricaUi of Pulj-icia Birniiugnam. 16. Left Is Detective Cavit. Adolph Kraemer. Rinlit from Babich Is unidentified man, youth's mother, Mrs. Fabian Babich; his wife, Kathleen, 17, sister oi slain girl; and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert BirmlnghHin. (AP Wlrephoto.) Singing Cowboy and Tiny Hindu Halt Stampeding Elephant Herd in Texas Armed Forces Brass 'Afraid to Testify' WASHINGTON. April 7. l/P) — Top-ranking Army. Navy and All *» Close Shave GONZ.ALKS, To:.. April 1—W)— singing cowboy riding n stallion ind a tiny Hindu mounted on the .mallest elephant in captivity quiet- id an elephant lieni stampeding across Texas hill country. The elephants stampeded while being [limed in a movie scene. It was like the old cattle stamp- dos—when a herd could bR sent thundering by a few pistol shots. ;%to! shots—blank ones—started he elephant scramble. The animals were part, of a herd of 25 belonging ,o Daily Brothers Circus, in winter quarters here. Cowboys and handlers nnzed the elephants past .lack Orr's news reel camera once. Orr said the fake stampede was 'unrealistic. Circus Owner Ben Davenport told his cowboys lo fire some blanks. Dudley Autry, brother of screen cowboy Gene An try, and Chuck Carson. Hollywood stunt innri, obliged. Both are circus performers. The elephants were frightened into a real stampede. Handlers fled as the trumpeting el pph a n ts p own ded by. But not Autry and the little Hindu, Singh, Irom India. "SiiiRJi found Butch—Dial's the smallest baby elephant, in captivity —and hopped astraddle his neck. Butch. 2 ] 2 years oil, and Singh managed to mill the baby elephants." Davenport said- He explained the baby elephants could not keep up with their larger relatives. Aulry .spurred to the head of the other ninniiiB elephants. Shooting nnd waiving his hut, he started the milling. Others joined him and kept the animals circling "just outside the city limits" of Gomales. The circus owner said. Orr had to run for. safety but his camera, set automatically, photographed most of the stampede, it wns finally buried by the charging beasts. But the film was uninjured. of this notice or they shall be for- vcr barred and precluded from any icncflt in satd estate. The Executor should be addressed: V. b. Taylor, In care of The First •falloiml Dank, Blytlicvllle, Arkun- us. Dated this the 23rd day or March, [9-19. W, L. Taylor, Executor of the EsUte oi Sam H. Williams. Deceased. Holland <t Taylor, Attys. for Exec. In the Probate Court for the ChU-kiis»wh:i District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. in the Matter of the Estate o( Sum H. Williams, Deceased Notice to Creditors Notice is hereby given that Letters Testamentary were this day finmted lo W. L. Taylor in the EstiUe oi Sam H, Williams, Deceased. All peisons having claims igainst said estate are hereby notified lo exhibit the some lo sale Exrculor. properly authenticated within six (61 months from the riato Except for the bandage, four- year-old Paul Hastings, Jr. looks none the worse for his narrow escape, when he accidentally fired a ^bullet through his head In Salls- 1 bury, aid. Paul smiles despite patches on wounds caused by bullet which entered under Jaw, went through throat and came out an ear canal, grazing his skull.— (AP Wlrephoto). Foce officials "arc afraid to testify" before Congress, Senator Bridges in-NHi charged ye.sterdny. "I think it's it teriblo tliins when people avc afraid to give their opinions." Bridges added. The outburst came at a Senate Armed Service:* Committee bearing on President Truman's -proposals for tighter unification of the arme.l services. OKLAHOMA OITr. April 1 VP>. "But —Mr*. Heart hu made up her 5 i le mind. •he now hu the iniwer 10 the queitloni »h« asked America l«»t week—what to do wllb. h*r 110,000 and the 13 months she can expect to live. She li *oln» to H* more doctors, hoping they can find some way to keep her ailing heart beating when her year la up. But It took an international flood of mall —12,000 letters —to make her change her mind, At first she !iad rejected the Idea it mart medical assistance, saying she had seen enough doctors and that they all agreed. But then letter afler letter came In... "...Don't give up, I was supposed lo die In 1937... " "...Doctors' estimates are Just' estimates..." Many letters cnme from medical men, urging her seek more advice. Last Friday, when tht mall reached Its peak, the 51-year-old widow retreated to » sanitarium. I didn't WMit my friends to know what my real name was." he sntd, "but they began to sus- iccl and cnlled me. Ivhnd to gel iwny and rest and think." She siild It would be Impossible 'or her to answer the Incredible stack of mull. I h»v« • purpot* now, 1 In (he Probafe Court for <he Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. In Hie Matter of the Estate of Probate No. 1904. " Joseph K. Elkins, Deceased Notice of Administration Notice is hereby given time Letters Testamentary were granted to the undersigned upon the estnte oi Joseph E. Elklns on the 22nd day o: March, 1940 by the Probate Court of the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas. All persons having claims or demands ugaltis said estate must exhibit them pn> perly authenticated to the under Fresh Dressed Hens & Fryers Fresh Country Eggs For Salt at All Times \V« Also Pay TOP MARKET PRICES For Live Poultry Commercial Dressing Solicited Johns Produce Pho.4107 W. H'way 18 signed for nllownnce wltliln six .nonths from the date of tile flvsl publication of (Ills notice or they shall be baired forever end precluded from any benefits In said estnte. Tlio nddrm of Hie undersigned executor Is 1501 West Asli Street. Blytlicville. Arkansas. Dated this 22nd day of Mnrcli 1049. Orvllle o. Elklns, Executor Reid and Roy, Attorneys. 3|!M-31-4|7 A Message Of Thanks I wish lo use this means of thanking my friends that supported me in the recent election. I want you to know that I appreciate your effort*. W. C. GATES PILES Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Grin Tbou*ancli ehanr« grotni to xrliu. UM k rtorlor*' formula to rcUflvt ciiacomforl if pHuc. 3«nt druKjjlsU by noted Thorn- We say FREEZING is the modern way to preserve :on A Minor CUnTc. Surprising QUICK ! pain. Itch. (rrlUUon. . . __ . . L alirink iweMLnK, UBS 'nctorx' wny. 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