The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1936
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VOL. XXXIII—NO. 72 BLYTHEYILLE COUKEEK NEWS THS DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND GODTIIEASY MISSOURI. X 1 iSlyUj«ylIl« Courier Blylhevllle U»ll} New* BlyUievllle Htrild MlMUulppI V»Uej Wader BLYTHRV1LLK, AUKANSAS, TUKSDAY, JUNK _ _______ v ciyuievuie iitriu] UiMuulppl vuiej wtaei »u i i nr.v iui<iv, ««I\;U\ISA;», IUI'.SUAY, JUKI'; S) I'J.iu SINGH"! COPIES F1VF CFNT" STATflSlEADYlol^ Enthusiasm Lacking as Republicans Meet STE IB Landon Platform Dividers Meet Opposition or. Farm and Money Planks CSiiang Asks Cantonese to Discuss War Plans' proaching centra! government men and the possibility of a clash was foreseen. Orders Withdrawal SHANGHAI. Si (UP)—Ge i oral Chiaiij Kai-shek was leparli' in dispatches from Nanking to day to have ordered the iroojjs of the central government to retreat to avoid a clash with the advancing; Cantonese frc'.ii the south. CANTON, china, June 9 (UP) -Chirm?, Kai-shek, generalissimo of the Central Chiiu 1 ^^ urm/, has iml'.cd Ihe army leaders, Li TKiniB-Jen and Chan Tal- ttir; to Nanking to discuss Joint pcliey in opposing Japanese penetration, newspapers reported to- Reports from Canton today quoted some army leaders as proclaiming they were anti-Japanese and would fight Iheir way through any central Chinese who tried to op- IIY 1AT.K C. WILSON pose a march nori'mvard to oppose United Press Staff Correspotulcntj Japan. PUBLIC HALL. Cleveland, O., I Cantonese troops, advancing In June 9 i UP)—Formally equipped I Hannan province, were reported ap- with a keynote speaker and n bfate of temporary officers, the Republican national convention hit its stride today In the big political parade which will lead lo the nomination of Gov. Alf M. Lcndon for president of the United States. Senator Frederick S t e i w e r, handsome Oregonlan, . was elected keynote speaker today at Ihe first session of the party's twenty- (irst convention. There w^is no opposition. Thc convention recessed at 12:33 until 8 p. in., when Stciwer will set off the first national pyrotechnics of' the campaign year with a keynote speech rallying thc G. O. P. to rout the New Deal. The convention got away lo-a- late start 4!) minutes after' 11 n. m., when it was scheduled to convene. Trouble Over Platform There was scant enthusiasm today. A covered wagon pulled up outside to typify the pioneer spirit of Governor. Landon, who went . lo .Kansas from his Pennsylvania birthplace -and is planning" iiow 111- cJiange^ 1 his "pla'crr'oT' residence to Washington, D. C. Landon platform drafters ran Into revolt over a proposed farm plank today and hopes of cooperative effort by Senator William E. Uorah dwindled when his aide, former Senator John Thomas, of Idaho, declined the key post of chairman of thc Republican resolutions committee. Trouble developed also over suggestions for a monetary plank, on which Borah has demanded Unit Governor Landon make clear his position. Tile Thomas refusal was regarded as a blow to hopes of Landon managers to obtain friendly cooperation of Borah in writing the Republican 1936 platform. Today Thomas said dcnnitclj that it would be impossible for him to serve in that post. Stciwer For Vice-President A group of slates controlling 200 votes has postponed caucus arrangements, possibly in an effort lo exert pressure on Landon to bid Borah a final goodbye. One of these slates is New York and another is California. The Landon men arc conlident they can manage the rebellion as it has developed so far. Vice-presidential spe c u I a t i o n centered oil Steiwer. He is on the political sweet, spot tonight. If he makes a great £i>eech he probably will be rewarded with nomination to thc second highest office in the executive branch of our government. New York Cotton As Borah Girded for Finish Figlu UPPP'HERE Whisp Resident Who Disappeared April 21 Is Alive >ncl Well ' ,„ .Charles 'Whiter, ; G2-year-old resident 'iof .. lhe,:\vhisp. ; community Eputhr'bt ;li3achviile,'. whose." Misap pearance April 21, while on ri visit here, ' aroiis'ed considerable interest and caused officers here and at Loachvitlc to institute' a search for him, has reappeared. Police Chief . Ed .Rice said that he saw Walter ; in (fits city yesterday. The old' man remained silent as to his disappearance and seemed to resent file activities of officers who were asked by relatives to search for him. Rice said. Walter, postmaster at Whisp for many years, was said to have had considerable money on his person possibly about $200. When he could ! not be found there was suspicion that he might have met with foul play or committed suicide. The suicide theory had been given credence because of a note members of his family said I'ney had found in a record book at his home in which he snid that when t was fouV3j he would "be with and mother." Chief Rica took steps to notify Valter's relatives of his re-appearance here following the meeting estcrday. It Is understood, how- vcr, that they had already heard bat he was alive and safe. Army, Navy am! Air Ministries Consolidated by New Government PARIS. June U IUI>)-.-A rrvj- Aillonary untllcaiKoi of Ihe cuun- liy's national defenses was ellecl- cd by the new left \vii:j government today. I'owor was cente'dl in a ecmmittce headed by tcd«u- ard Ualadier, minister of luitioiinl defense. Two decrees elfectod the rcfonn. considered of vilal ImiiurtancL 1 In view of llii> duiuierous European sllr'itlon. The- llrsl. published In today's Ofliclal 'Journul. unites the ministries of, .witr. navy imd'nlr under Ualadlt'r as minister o! defense. The second, promulgated by Ihe supreme war council under Dul- adlcr, Insliti tcs a permanent (intense comnilttce of which adlcr will te president. ••'••• Seualli Molorisls, Enroulc To Little Rock, Injured Near Marion Dyess Will Greet First Lady Today I'cssll rily thai Sirs. Iteasc- vi-ll might P:IVS lliruiiKh Itly- lliovllle \-.\\v today was SITU In uiloculEruu'd u']ltir!s from Mr-m- I his thai she ulanr.'Hl in leave her tniln nl DytTsliurK and n.olcr frrtn liliTt- to Dyess uil- iil'y. til thai fuse she wmilii rrnlinlily cross the river cillu-r at CYltmiwoiid t'olnt, luirlh of lii'H', cr at Ashliurl, nt-nr Lnx- nra. UYIISS GOI.ONY, Ark,, June 0 (UP)—Dyess colony's some l.SOD resldcnl.s (Idled up luday for visit tonight horn Mrs. l ; 'rani;lln D, Hoossvclt, 'Hie coloulsl.s, pioneers li ,pnivhi|! model homes and fin in a heretofore spiirsely settled urea, will receive (he ilvsl Inrtj of thc laud and a parly of YVTA niul KEHA olllclnl.'i. who will come here by automobile. Mrs. Roosevelt will arrive In Memphis from St. Louis In a special parlor car at 0:20 P. M. She nnd her party Immediately will: tnotor to Ihe colony. They trecl; to arrive shorlly ajloi dr.'ik. After an Informal Inlk lo the orientals, Mrs. Roosevelt will moti'i Uiick to Memphis, where she will join the presidential special short, ly piiiit midnight tis It rasw.i through for Hot Springs. BOflSEKELT SILL- ENTER Elf Eenator William E. Bcrah. the pcreimial progresoivc In Republican mnks, was in calm but determined mood after he arrived in Cleveland and studied reports from his lieutenants. Antl-Landon delegates looked to the "aging lion" for leadership, and a sensational speech was expected to. murk his bid for personal favor and platform adherence to Ills anti-monopoly principles. iurglars Take Cash from A. W. Havs Store NEW YORK. June 9. (UP)—Cotton closed very steady. open high low closs . 11C5 1165 1164 1164 July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May 1090 1087, 1089 1086 1089 1097 IMS 1095 1095 1097 1164 1086 1085 1086 1034 1089 1097 1094 1095 1095 1037 inch Spot Average Is 11.71 The average price of 7-8 middling cotton on the 10 markets today was 11.74. the Bly- thcville Board of Trade reports Growers selling 1935 cotton toda' will bs entitled to a subsidy of .21 of a cent pjr naund. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III.. June 3 IUP>— Hogs 8,fOO Top 10.15 170-230 Ibs. 10.10-10.15 140-100 Ibs. !).00-10.Cfl Brlk cows 8.60-8.00 Cattle 3.200 Steers 6.90-8.10 Slaughter steers 6.00-8.75 Mixed yenrlinas and heiters 5.50-8.35- Elaughlcr heifers 6.00-850 Beef cows 4.75-5.50 Cutters and low cutters 325-4.5S Chicago Com high July GO 3-4 01 3-4 Sept. 57 5-8 58 1-4 low (id 1-2 57 1-3 corn <H 5- Tntrudcrs who forced their way hrough a rear window into the Byrum Implement and Seed Co:n- lany store, climbed across a par- iticn. dividing Ihe tending, into hs A. W. Hays slore, 110 Eas Main street, and stole alrout $2C cash ever the week-end. The slore has been looted similar manner on previous occasions. Ten Acres in Walker Lake Community plele Loss Is Zioncheck Goes For ' Walk Around Hospital WASHINGTON,' June. 9 (UP)— Gallinger hospital attendants established a closer watch today over Representative Marlon A. Zioncheck, playboy congressman from Washington, after he broke Trim i ""^ of " lc I )s 5' c hopathic ward and V,UI!1- s t r oii c< i through the grounds In bare feet and flowing bathrobe. Xionchcck was sent to the hospital for- observation by alienists after a series of escapades which kept him In almost constant hot water with thc police. Grasshoppers have destroyed ten acres of cotton in the Walker Lake community, east of Yarbro. and are na some damage in other fields nearby. Jim Hatlcy, tenant on Huffman Brol'ners farm, reported the hopper damage to the county agent's office 5'esterday and after an inspection trip County Agent J. O. Fullerton issued a warning to farmers to prepare to combat the pjst. Ten acres of Hatley's cotton was so complete- [ day from" Little" Rock"to" quesUoi LEEJSI1I Three U. S. Judges Will Hear Attack on - St. Francis Taxes LITTI.E ROCK, Ark. — Three federal Judges will preside at special court session here June Vt to consider the Frisco railroadV suit to enjoin the St, Francis Levee District from collecting 1935 Icveo • district taxes asscsscc Thomas member Fort Dodge, the Eighth ly destroyed as to make replanting necessary. ' Despite the lateness of the season Hatley is putting in a new crop. The Walker Lake grasshoppers presumably were hatched from eggs laid last fall While, serious in unplowcd land, infestation at t'tiis time apparently is confined to the Walker Lake community, County Bailey's Assistants to Question^} Negroes '^^^S Jlldgc Assistants in the office of Carl E. Bailey, state attorney general, are expected to conic here Saturday from Little Rock to question a number of local negroes in preparation for the hearing before Federal District Judge John E. Martineau late this month on the p=- tillon of Bubbles Clayton and Jim X. Carruthers, condemned negroes, for a writ of habeas corpus. Statements made in thc allegations sst forth in the petition for the writ. In which it was charged la., ; Circui Court of Appeals, has been de signaled to preside with Judge Hcartsill Rayon of Fort Smiti and Federal Judge Martincau I •)-MAIUO&; Ark.,' Ji)nti (I • Five- Mls.sciui-lan.s-, • eii -route to ;|ie Arkansas • cenleiinlal to -sec President 'Roosevelt,/ were .'. Injured four seriously, todny : when their automobile left the highway cunc near here and turned over. They were ri'shed to a Memphis hospital where first reports ;ald all were expected lo live. The Injured, all from Setiath. are: Wells llarkey, 72, and his wire, Miu. F'llile llifrkr.v. both of wliem suIU'rcd Internal Injuries. Willie llamlln,. S'2, and Mrs. Hnmlin, 44, both internal Injinle.i. Charles Hatnlln, 0, their son, bruises. The car went over an eight fcot bail!:, ran about . 75 fee 1 Into a field and turned over. Senators Robinson and Caraway Are Traveling on White Mouse Special LITTLE UOCK, Juno 0 (UP)'— Aikanais oltlcluls todny completed their iUTmicemenls for the enlcr- liilnlns of President Roosevelt to- mcnw at thc olllclal opening of Hie stale's centennial celebration. The presidential train will cnm Ihe state line at West Memphis shortly ' after midnight and proceed to Hot Springs, where the president will cat breakfast nnrt then inspect the Army and Navy hospital. Shortly before noon President liocsiivcll and his party will motor- to (hi! country home of Harvey C. Couch for lunch and then go to thc Kockporl chvrch for short religious ceremonies. Will Spfuk At l.lltlu Koch- The president will reach Ll'uii Hock shortly after 6 o'clock and proceed to the centennial sladluln; where he Will deliver a 20-mlniite address. He will leave later that evening for Dallas, Texas. All olTlcre will remain closed throughout the . d,iy while Governor tiilrell and : other stiitc ulllclnls (jo lo Hot Springs to Join the presidential party. All streets. In tho .business . district todny had been . decorated with tings and minting . in ; nn- llclpallon of the . president's arrival. National guard, units -from : sev- eiul nearby towns have been called to t,hi> capital city foi uollia duty during the -afternoon wltili eounl-y and city officers will do a double shift of liullii; ,ind |o 'lee duty to care for the 30.001) to 50,01)0 visitors expected federal Investigator Makes! Preliminary Report "'•• Strike Inquiry on Seek $2,000 Judgment Against Uncle's Widow Trial of the suit broug'nt by Clarence M. Rogers nnd Ralph V. Rogers, nephews of the late J. E. Bell prominent Ulythcville business man against Mrs. W. C. Gates, formerly Mrs. Bell, seeking judgment for about S2.000, was underway In circuit court here today. hey charge that t'ney refrained from taking action In probate court to Impress a trust claim upon the I3cll estate localise of a written the hearing was" received yeslcr- i promise by Mrs. Gates to pay about day by Sid B. Reading, clerk of *"""" """' "' " " ''"' "'"" the court. Thc hearing will be held to consider the railroad's, application for interlocutory Injunction lo •losing Stack Prices NEW YORK, June 9. (UP)—The stock market today advanced for the third consecutive session, car- prices to around the best Agent Fullerton advises farmers that fear of mob violence and the ryinj levels of trie month. Volume increased slightly but still left much to be desired from the Wall Street viewpoint. Gains were best in the mercantile section, based on outlook for a substantial pickup in business when the soldier bonus is paid on June 15. A. T. and T. 170 1-2 Anaconda Copper — 33 5-8 Beth. Steel 52 3-4 Chrysler 05 1-R Cities Service 43-8 Coca Cola 101 Gen. Am. Tank 49 3-4 Gen. Electric 38 5-8 Gen. Motors 62 Int. Harvester 87 McKesson-Robbins — 9 1-8 Montgomery Ward 44 1-2 N. Y. central 35 5-8 Packard 10 1-4 Phillips Pet 3!) 3-4 Radio 12 Simons Beds 29 3-8 Standard of N. J 58 1-8 Texas Co 31 3.8 U. S. Smelting 89 U. S. Steel 62 1-8 Warner Bros 101-8 Zonlte ..,...,, G 3-8 elsewhere to be on the watch for thc pest. To combat the hoppers he recommends a poison bran mai'ii. consisting of one pound of white arsenate, 25 pounds of wheat bran two quarts of cheap molasses, two to three gallons of water and six lemons or oranges. The bran and arsenatc arc first mixed thoroughly, then the other ingredients are added and mixed well. The mash should be distributed between 7 and 9-o'clock in thc morning at thy rate of eight to ten rxnmds to thc acre. As it is very poisonous it s'nould be kept out of reach of farm animals. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. June 9. (UP) —Trade demand furnished the main support o" the cotton market today and prices closed with advances ranging *i 15 points. Best gain was in May, which closed at 1094. low closs 1158 1159 1081 1093 1081 1089 failure of negroes to be represented on the grand or p;tit Juries kept Clayton and Camithcrs from receiving a fair trial will probably be the basis of questions to b5 asked. Nine Years .for Pemiscot Farm Insurance Swindle OARUTHRSSVILLH. Mo-Clifford Hayward, Memphis. »:;'.<iod o pica of gvnty of two counts of spurious selling of farm picra- crty Insurance to citizens of t):is county ;,nd was sentenced i i a total of m-,i j. C nr s In im sMle penitentiary, in a brief .v.-::)'! nl the circuit court h"l<i h::ie Inst week kefo-c Judges Jan:<<: >.!. Reeves. Hay war! j>;,*scd through the county la.s,, fall and soH im>"- anco policies to people li. the stay action in pending a final porary order restraining the district from prosecution of suits in all other -courts decision. A $2,000. part of a .sum their mother had allegedly placed with Mr. Bell for investment on behalf of Yicr children. They claim that Ihe letter in which Mrs. Gates promised to personally care for the obligation has been lost. The plaintHTs, about 24 and 28 years of age, live at St. Louis. Mo. Chancery Courts of thc Western i Shane and Fendler are attorneys and Eastern Districts of Craig- j f °r tnc plaintiffs, and Holland and head county. Chickasawba and! Barham and Harrison, Smith and Osceola districts of Mississippi! Taylor represent the defendant, county, and of Critlenden and Court will adjourn late today un- Polnsctt counties, which liad been'"I " c - x t Monday. filed by thc district, was Issued' Martlncau. at Joncsboro C|, argcs Abandonment A similar suit has been filed bv the Missouri Pacific railroad,: seeking to prevent assessment andj collection of taxes totaling $13,160.33 on 79.87 miles of main line nnd 18.45 miles of branch line. LITTLE noCK. June n (UP)— Sum E. Whltaker, special agent lo Atty. Gen. Homer S. CuminhiBS, reported to Gov. J. M. fnlrell today (hat ho had found ilcncc of peonage in the east Arkansas tctmnls and day laborers strike area. Th2 icpcrt, telegraphed to thn governor, Is only preliminary. Whitiikcr said he woidd make u fuller report later lo Washington ai'i.horillcs and also to the governor. Ills Investigation, however, hns been completed. At IC'irle, Ark., ten neyro strikers, held in crmnecllon wllh the strike, were released today upon order of Governor Futrell. They were arrested and llnsd for vagrancy shortly utter the strike call more than two weeks ago. Services at Lcachville for Charles C. Mead, 74 LEACIIVILLB, Ark. — Funeral services were held at the Melho- illst church here this afternoon To: Chailcs C. Mead. 74, who died Monday at his home here. Burial was mnda at the cemetery a! Kennel t. Mo. Mr. Mead, a blacksmith, is srr- vived by his wiclow and four children, two sons. Lionel Mead, of Memphis, and C. C. Mead, of Joiner, and two daughters. Mrs. Catherine Jltcad liuffell. Little Reck, and Mrs. Winnie Mead Moore, of Ix'aehville. He also leaves a brother, John Mead, of Caruth. Mo. Broken Arm AH Right . 6 V.O •»u»"t*ullllll. l ll . _ Month After Marriage lf Name ^_ G ! ls in Pape It was said yesterday that, law-!.' ycrs for thc district nnd the Mis-j' Company \ MEMPHIS. Tcnn. — Charging i thai her. husband abandoned her lts.s lhan a month after their marriage. Mrs. Dorothy Still Rushing. terday Hied against Den ! drut of (he formerly of Stccle, Mo., yes- suit for divorce M. Hashing, pvcsi- Uun-Jcp Tiro Com- Don uwhcars of Oklahoma city Okla.. doesn't mind breaking his arm if as a result he gets his name July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May open . 1155 . 10S5 . 1084 1085 1083 1034 high 1160 1093 1089 1089 10D3 1094 1085 1083 1084 1089 1093 1094 Spols closed steady at 1190, up 3. The Cotton Belt railroad also has a suit pending against thc district, seeking lo enjoin collcc-| lion of 1935 tax assessments to-' April 4 May 3. year and separated ] j],, in the papers. The six-year-old j chap, who is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sandcfur, broke his left arm | yesterday when he fell from a tree which he was climbing. • Wiule relatives were concerned I over his accident his first words were. "Ob. will I get my name In paper?" 11V FKKDKKICK A. STORK llnlliid 1'n-ss .Stall Correspondent AliOAHD UOOSKVEW SPECIAL, En Route to Hot Springs, rtrk., June fl <UP>—While Republicans gathered hi Cleveland . to , nominate his opponent for the presidential election. President Rr.ose-vcit sped through thc D,!tn- ncrntlc South today on n "frlencl- cvl- ly visit" to the Southwest. Crowds gathered at stations Ihroryh Tennessee to greet the oresident and local party leaders boarded the train for brief conferences. Mr. llocscvclt left Washington last night on a trip that, will take him 4.000 miles, largely through Democratic territory, during the next week. Three major addresses and several Informal rear platform appearances in Arkansas, Texas, In- Jiana and Kentucky will be strictly non-political. White House at- lachcs emphasized. Democrats In the states planned rallies to greet thc president, however. llcosl I.lkcly for .foe T." ." While the president's speeches are expected to be non-political his visits were regarded as of. considerable political significance despite Ihe fact that most of thc section to be visited is considered safely Democratic In the national election. In the presidential party were several prominent southwestern- crs. Those aboard Included Chairman Jesse Jones, of thc II. P. C., Karl A. Crowlcy, postoilice solicitor, Charles A. Jones, of the HOLC. and P,rooks Hays. Democratic national committceman from Arkansas. ; Also with Mr. Roosevelt were both Arkansas senators, Josepli T. Robinson, senate majority leader, and Hattie Caraway. Robinsen comes up for re-election this fall. The president is expected to give him a boost. Mrs. Roosevelt will join the presidential party In .Memphis early tomorrow; Thc first long stop will be In Hot Springs. He will be received by slate and of three-ludee " nun vi IBM v.i,\ Mobe^smcnis 10- • n . o ,-,. p. i ------ ...... - i, tu j,, t ....... taling $9.753.50 on 83.29 miles of! Kcd otorc bin FUSS Braggadccb community anl •.•l-Hmain line and 18.73 miles of! i t' n where wht", were rcpuriUwl by; branch line. j Incorporation Papers a DalUu, Texas concern Hay- Hearing before the ™ a r ^""^ ft 4 fcderal C01 ' rt was «V he rrem ?' "!} d sl " te '^istetlon Is 'involved In Ihe ine premiums in advance ' suit Hay ward was apprehended in I ' ^__^____ Memphis sevcial weeks .130 wl>«i| he was recofu-lr.ed by a snv.i'l >onj French angel fish, one of ol Walter Phillips. I'hilh.ih cans- j most hcaullful residents of the ing his nr-est and city. relurn s I tlecp. can captivity. .. -. Ihe live only a month In U1TLE HOCK, Ark.—Incorporation papers were filed willi the secretary of slate's office here yesterday for thc Red Store Gin company, of Manila. Incorporators of the concern, which has a cap- ilul stock of $20,000, nre listed as Dr. V. R. Fox. Richard W. Fox and James N. Moore. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Probably scattered thnndcrshowers tonight and Wednesday. Not qvite so warm Wednesday. Memphis and Vicinity—Increasing cloudiness tonight. Wednesday i;loudy with showers and ccolvr. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 92, minimum 64 open clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- July 84 t-8 rls, offlclal weather observer. I Sept. 85 local officials there tomorrow and will ccnjnuc lo Little Rock for thc first cf his major addresses. The speech, to be delivered at thc Arkansas centennial celebration, will be made at 6 P. M. (C. S. T.). Afterward Mr. Roosevelt will go lo Robinson's home for dinner. He will have lunch thc same day at the home of Harvey Couch, Arkansas utilities magnate. The president will motor to Rockport. Ark., In the afternoon to attend an old fashioned camp meeting, and thence to Malvern where the presidential.' train will be waiting. Chicago Wheat high low corn 84 1-2 83 7-8 84 3-S 85 3-8 8f 3-4 85 1-8

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