The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1946
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL 23. 1940 New Sofa Beds Solve Problem - •*»*" With Housing Crowded, Extra Dory Furniture Goins In Popularity The sofa l>eil— gem or double duty tin-nlturc-ls lulling n high ptak In popularity in these days of ' r ?* <letl housing. Even though 2,459.000 new homes are started tills year iiccorclliig lo plan, doubling-lip will be sllll heavier at the end of 1947 thnn at the start of rtemoljilizaijon In October, 1945 according lo officlnl reports from Washington. in Addition, hominy replacement needs will grow even greater. Consequently, many young couples are having so revise their plans for a four room cottage to a one room apartment. They will find, though, that u sofa lied plus other functional furnishings, can add flexibility to one room and will provide for gracious living. Made In 1'oth modern and period styles and handsomely covered with attractive rabrics. sofa beds look and serve both as lounges and a'.; comfortable beds. At night, they are quickly converted into double beds, and since they can again l>c obtained with mnersprinj; units in both the seal and the back, slumber comfort is assured. A roomy drawer underneath the seal furnishes ample storage for sheets, blankets and pillows <Hirln« the day. ° Sectional furniture offers unlimited opportunity for interesting arrangements and extra storage. space. All blank wall space can be lined with it. Those pieces which contain drawers and cabinets will come in handy for housing anything from lingerie to tea towels. Plenty or storage pieces are a must for a on e room apartment, and bookcases and knick-knack shelves interspersed among them will brc^ik the monotony and add eye appeal. • Sectional pieces need not all ue the • same height— they, can lie stepped • up or down, depending on the room ^£ 'arrangement. mf A small square dining tabl • • • • BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Double-Duly DeLuxe Washington Full Of Plans, But — Your Home Is L-O-N-G Way Oft PAGE BV S. BURTON NBA SUM M WASHINGTON, APHI n. INEA> — Almost everybody In Washington has a housing pUn. Several of Uiem are receiving formal intention from Congress, nnd the beginnings of some already are in effect. But yon can hole (his In red In your own little future-book, and check up on It when 1948 rolls around: Even if all [he projects now in the works, go through, and the so-called Wyalt ['Ian Is „ complete success, tlierc still will be close lo 2,000.000 families living "doubled up" or In furnished rooms or in temporary barracks, trailers and Quonset huts at lire end of 1947. And H will be several more Flexibility can b« added to your one room apartment through the use of one of the handsome new sofa beds. Equipped with innerspring units in both the s«at and the back rest, the sofa furnlthe* lounging comfort by day and can conveniently be opened up into a full size bed at night. s nng ae (which has extra leaves for future use) with four chairs can be used for dining purposes if the apart • Modernization Being Speeded Fireproof Materials For Major Repair Work Recommended : Thousands of American homeowners have been spurred by the end of the war lo put into effect •ment has kitchen facililies, and it can double for a bridge table and writing desk. Then immediately pairs and have been heio up for so lone by shortages of materials and labor. plans for major re- improvements which one °''| nut building authorities point out two easy chairs and a coffee table, I i] 1!H such wo ", k " slill v ...;,.„ ,„„.,, you have a bedroom. Hvn.g room \^,\^o avLilablHtyV m»t!S\a£ end dining room all rolled into one. The use of large mirrors on the walls adds spaciousness. The inside of the closet door should have a good sized .mirror and a drop leaf about half way up to double for a dressing table. Thus furnished, one room in either a private home or an apartment house, can substitute very comfortably for the much dreamed of four room cottage until building gets back to normal. Designer Likes Log Cabin Idea Architect Believes « " In Fewer and Larger : Rooms For Homes DES MOINES, la., Apr. 23 f UP) — .. .William W. Wurster, nationally - known housing architect, believes thai home builders might do well to . think about (lie old log cabin way • of life. 5 At a forum here recently, Wurster said it would be wise "to consider whether to have fewer and : larger rooms rather than "room after room after room." v Wurster. who Is dean of architecture and planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, pointed out that the old log cabin provided both outside anci inside finish plus insulation, all In" one ' "operation. About the only modern substitute, he said, is the cement block. The expert said greater use should be made of individual rooms, and ...that in many instances rooms could ;*be combined for better living, econ- •ffomy and convenience. Bedrooms, he pointed out, could be used on a round-the-clock basis Instead of only eight to 10 hours out of each 24. One suggestion was to use them as private sitting and study rooms during lire daytime. Kilchens could be Incorporated into the dining or living room with more convenience and "livability"' than the present system of having them separate. Wurster also advocated house plans thai "take in more of the outdoors." A room opening into a garden, or having a large area of glass would serve to make the house look larger, plus allowing Increased light and air to 2et inside. The expert admitted that house planners must accustom themselves . to doing away with "lesser comforts and refinements" if they want, to build homes In the &2.5000 to S5.000 class and have It modern and convenient. yea ITS afler that before every American family can have a home of Us own. The e.\a,ct extent, of the shortage thai has millions of men «nd women walking the slreels, In des- pcnue semch for n place to live, is In bitter conlroviusy. Estimates range from. President Truman's Immediately lo the statement of statement lhat 5,00,000 are ne«led Ihe Producers Council— whose members make thejr livings by supply- Ing coiistruclion materials aixl supplied— that 86D.OOO liomi'K are ur- Bcnlly needed. COMPROMISE: FIGUKK A survey by NBA Service indicates that most experts are willing to compromise on u figure uround | XOOO.OOO. This auree-j with that "f Expediter Wyatl. Ills National Housing. Agency soys that by the end of 1S4G, after utlllrfiiK homes there Is little disagreement to how many can be housed two years if the Wyalt program works. Aside . fiom mil,. real cslptr groups. public iiucslton now us to wlietlu>r u u , Wymt two-year . . o( 2,450.001) permanent, 'ami JoO.OOO u-mpornry homes l.s justified by llu> need. The controversy Is n-, to whether Wyatt's methods will c_l that munlH'r of homes built. The Wynll program proposes to provide during I'J-tU only IWO.OOO permanent and 250.000 li'iuixmiry liotnos, IB into 1941 with u minimum of 2.515.000 families living doubled UP. or in furnished rooms, or llv- Um apart for luck of housluu, the tions. etc.. »e shall, need M15.000 additional housing units, miide urallttbla by dentils, st>p:mi- APARTMENT FOR RENT This sign's a rare sight tuiluy, but N1IA wants mot? buUiNiiy don* for rental (Imi fur sulr. Male Help Wanted MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALISTS (MOS) JOB Radar Operator Toclililclau Kadlo Intelligence Control TecbuU-lan Alrcrilt Auvroach that were critical during the war. the tremendous backlog of new construption and repair will tax building materials manufacturers for a long time. Dealers report that most kinds of lumber are still difficult to obtain. On the optimislic side they say there has been some improvement in supplies of hardware and that military releases have eased the labor situation to a degree. Among major improvement's which | need to be made now arc replacement of worn-out roofs and sidings. Re-siding and re-roofing ar e essential to weather protection and appearance, and more and more homeowners are insisting upon fire protection as well. Among materials both which insure against wea- jlhcr and fire and make the Jiome attractive are asbestos cement shingles and sidings. These products were widely used for this tyue of .work during lire war and will be available in large ciuantl- tios for civilian use. These building materials are made of asbestos fibers and Portland cement combined under great pressure. Like cement, the combined materials become stronger with age. They require no preservative treatment and will not decay or rust, assuring long life and reducing maintenance costs to a minimum. FFA Members Will Attend Training Camp Harvey PORUC, president of the local chapter of Future Fanners of Arkansas, has announced thnt a Leadership Training Camp will be held al Camp Coiichdule. July ,,,,„„.,„,, (lr . • 8-Ausust 23 for FPA members. The Comiuii"i"a"'giii MUU»|V camp is located near Hoi Springs ' on lake Catherine. The camp and its facilities are owned nnd operated by the Future Farmers of Arkansas and Failure Farmers from all sections of the state participate In the Leadership and • Recreational program. , Recreational activities this year will include fishing, boating, indoor games, hikes, tours, water carnival and many other activltiei which will appeal to those who attend. Training: in forestry and wildlife consei vatlon also is a part of the program, Meals are provided at a minimum cost and a modern mess hall is operated. Local chapter members plan to attend the camp this summer, President Pogue said. o, 4 D. No. 2, BIytheville, Arkansas. Dated this 22nd day of April A. D. 194G. IRENE GRAY Executrix of the Estate of Lena Gray, Deceased. G. E. Keck. H. G. Partlow, Attorneys, 4J23-M-5J7 ^iilormatfoj; Center E<|iill>KMit Ttchnlclin Field Lln.i.uu Hidl. 0»l 4. a. u <J80 fi. -I. 3. 2 037 oil The Housing Exptdlttr proposes to channel the necessary m»t«rl»li and manpower to the . construction of small )K>me.s and Inexpciulvc «l>artmcnls by withholding them from more costly resMence*. To liulki. one mu»l hkve, a permH. In IH'uctk-e. permits will go only to vHcnme lor at Itut a month after roiwlritt'llon U coninleud. And em- pliiwls unii j>refer«nc« will be giv- *n lo liornen coslliiK Under $10.000 or lenllng und«r VtO a. month. If loo huge a proinvtlon of uppllca- lloni, are up uruuiul $10,000 or MO- a-inonth, ihcti the periniu will bu Jot'keyi'd to favor lower levels. With the Ktitxldy funds provided l>y congress, Wyatt proposes to entourage building materials pro<luc- i-i's to exiwiid, to ntlllw inainlnnl liluiHs to go Into tlie uunnfacniie of new product* tlml can .snUstl- tule for llione In shorl supply. He pruposcK lo Kuaiiinte* »al*3 for pre- l:ibrlnn«l house bulldtrt who will M'll for not. more, than $3500 for a one -bedroom house nlus $500 for I'ucl'f udditlonal bedroom. Wyatt IK counting upon prefuu- rlcatlon to .supply 250.UOO sin nil homes till* year and 000,000 next year, or KllKhlly more limn u. llilnt of nil the permanent home's on his by Icmdvertence, T' I idea hat bMU given crnacnt procrcat l» I duce principally «*? be purchued by the ^__» NHA denl«*. thta, *nd u no* Jng to cmphftftifet thtt | bulMlAcs Au*fc pte£ /•A' I part In tht pfognm, i large mtjorlty of th* new ittiould be buut for ami ratkl for sale. Not more than ataoat one out of «v*ry tt»« wtftt* or . , Ing to buy a home. Many do t i feel like • B£ftumlnj[ tii^ tantea n. heavy mortgage, even th many sections a vettrmn — to a Gl loan can buy a bome ' out putting up a single " his own money. • •. n And th c NHA agree* with b4lidr s that apartment* on be built cheaper and better with )<•«''i*-«- H|wn ci'Jtlcul materials, and Uellci 1 utilization or manpower, |_ capacity nnd raw materials, U stnglc-fumlly houws can. i/ AUcraTl Kc[Uf|iment GJ7 6, 4 Radio Repairman CIS r., 4.' ami ninny ullipj- -.kill* U.-H.-S M I'l'I'Ttnuity fur Kunil Mfmly \vi»H Ki".,l |iuy. If you w,,rr lir rniily rliai-KiMl frum iln- Army cm or I Miy I'J. HMr,. *,1,1 I,,.|,| » k . r .,jfl |,, (MOM), you may now ^.llfl" i-,''t'lir ™ lll«r Aruiy In yc.n'r nn»]!/,i,l • ^-i' yoiu- prpvioin MO.S xi- you .in l,,./,ir, .I,,!,. ] il liu.l olil ItiP S|,,,ri,l fill orili^r. A|j,'ly LTniiti/iK Station, Joncslioro, Ark. al (!,, :tc).', F 9 40 H , ln ,»,l(. vim »1!1 W nr ' UL-intrl- U. H ,(rmy cilrral inJi.. Wnnln.1 l>i i lu'lji. Apply Wno.l. L':tTli-'.Mi For Sale nininic I'll.,,I, For Runt FOR SALE 225 Gal. Fuel Barrels Complete With Sleel Hacks for Oil Hciiturs We Stock and Install , All IMumbinK Kixturus Jess W! Provence 327 East Vine Street Phone 271 i) offset with conversion^ and rehabilitations of exlsttni; housing, Doublet! up in more ways ilum onr, Sliaw «f Kurt Fritiwisra bailies in laundry tub of :i|wrlmrnt (tut wus u ilruistorc. <:ukrem outltwk Is thu( it will be a lulls, lonf lime before pcuplt living, like this can gel u |>|uc« IhcyM reull.v like lo full homr. Wyntt prni;rnm of l,50n.(IOO units next yrur would cure for « net In- crense or U80.000 riimUli'K nnd would i educe thc number of homeless to J.C95.000. , Bill It would lonve 250.001) still living In converted niicl imcoiivuvt- ed burmcluj, In traitors nnd Quonset huts nnd colUipstble \vur hous- li)|j Inmi which they will have to bi' moved soon. Prlvnle building interests point out that, by no means all of. the homes scheduled by Wyall to uo stinted in 1946-1047 c:\n lie completed within the period, but they niitnriia! FARM LOANS / Ftlr ApprmW •S Prompt 8«rrU* RAY WORTHINGTON tiftvhif Tliln Section for 21 Yean 115 So. 3rd, Plytbeville, Ark. v-,l_.-m -fc , f,._, r,t,m r f,i ' !*• fr»<nlhl JMVWM f !•>!•! ftf * ••§!•« Time in rrwtcniial Pro ( r»m Sunday at 4 p.m. over WKKC Put New Roof Over Old For Added Protection ^ When you rc-roor your home, have [^ ll) e roofer or carpenter preserve t She old roof if possible. Roofing experts say It should be retained if it is not too badly deteriorated - because of the added insulating value Riid weather protection it will give. Protection from fire can be had by using asbestos cement .shingles, which will not burn. They can be applied over the old roof. Plast«r will not crack so easily wh«n you drive lacks or nails Into a wall If yon first place a small t piece of adhesive tape over the spot where the nail Is to be driven: IN THE PROBATK COURT FOR THE CHICKASAVVBA IHSTR1CT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. In the Matter of the Estate of I^na Gray, deceased. Irene Gray, Executrix, Box 317, R. F. I>. No. 2, BIytheville, Arkansas. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Notice is hereby given that letters testamentary were granted to the undersigned upon the estate of Lena Gray, deceased, on the 20th day of April. A. D. 19-10, by the Probate Court for the Chickasawua District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. All persons having claims or demands against said estate must present tliem. duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance before the end of six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, which is April 23rd. A. D. | 1946. If riot so presented • within such time, they will be forever barred. The address of the under- arre. The address of the undersigned is Irene Gray, Box 317, R. p. 1«9 N. First We Furnish Everything COMPLETE For the Bathroom and Kitchen PLUMBING ELECTRIC PUMPS SfPTIC TANKS WATER HEATERS Spring Cleaning Suggestions 'Argosheen Cleaner" Cleans woodwork, tile, linoleum, Venetian blinds and tapes, rugs, upholstery, removes spots from clothes. An amazing new product that will make your Spring Cleaning Easier. 7 oz. Size 59c 14oz. Size $1.00 65 79 C ABSORKENK "Thc Ilall of, willlpaper cleaner AMERICAN FLOOR WAX— used by floor contractors iwuimi K. '/.. FLOOR CLKANER— Good quality Quart DEM AN DO—One coat flat oil paint—A perfect one coat job. Over new wood, new or old plaster, can be used over wallpaper or water paint—A revolutionary product by Benjamin Moore. Gallon $2.70 NU-ENAMEL—Beautiful HigK Gloss—Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, automobiles, ice boxes—All colors and sites. Plenty of outside white and popular priced enamel—All guaranteed top quality. Floors refinished to look like new. Authorized "KENTILE" ASPHALT TILE HEALER Authorized SLATS-O-WOO1) AWNING DEALER Any repairs, maintenance or remodeling you wish done to your home may be financed wirti the Universal CIT Corporation, no down payment and 36 months to pay. Let us figure a plan for your needs. DEAL'S PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE Benjamin Moore Paints Nu-Enamel Paints 104 So- Fi ^- Phone 469 |HOW! ANYONE CAN HAVE PLENTY OF HOT WATER IN A JIFFY! NKW POCKKT SIZE I'OKT- ABJ,E WATER HEATER COSTS LESS THAN §2.0(1 Boils Raster Than Gas! Merely place n LIGHTNING PAST- WAY Electric Water Heater In a tub, pan, pail, or kettle conlainliii; wnter. Ping in the nearest socket, presto — In a few mtnule.-; hot water! A sufficient quantity, whiter, summer, day or night. Vaster than gas, yet costs less thnn J',1.00. No fires to build or hot water In carry. No running up and down stairs. No top heavy fuel Ulls. Handy! Portable! Inexpensive. Originally $3.15. Now less than $200 Tom Little Appliance Co. and Leading Hardware & Appliance Stores' Everywhere IT CAN HAPPEN HERE! And to You! Good Housekeeping he)i>s prevent fires. Kul if is not always n CERTAIN defense an'>'nsl loss. Sometimes, in spite of all your prctvi ill ions, .some catastrophe m:iy befall your property, with heavy loss resulting. In the long rim, your best defense is properly written insurance. Lei us write it for you. We know how! General Insurance Agency Phone 2fill "Everything In Insurance" F. W. \VHITNER First National Bank BHg. Where Your Flowers Are — You Aral Ono cull to an will arrange to have' your remembrances sent, not juat oiicei bat month after month. Ask about this plan. SHOP r*u «n Mn. I. M. (MM) WUH> FOR SALE I ' by E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 551 • . 10 Doors - 2/10x6/0 2 panel No. 1 @ 4 Lb. bag DDT Powder . , ......... 1 Lb. 2-4D Weed Killer (Makes 60 gal.) Soybean Flat Wall Paint ........ Gal. Cotton Insulation - 100 sq. ft. WALLPAPER- 1/3 Off Wallrite, 500' roll .......... • ..... United States Automatic Water Heater Vaccinol (kills termites) ........ Gal. Dutch Boy Outside White Paint Gal. Bruce Floor Cleaner ......... '.'•".. ;QJ. Tuflwstre Wax ................ Qt. Bruce or Johnson Wax ........... Lb. Sani-Wax .................... ft, Floor Polisher - to rent ....... per day Linseed Oil ................. Gal. Turpentine . . '.' ............... Gal. Shingle Stain ................. Gal. Lavatory & Fittings ....... ......... Toilet & Fittings ............ ..... 18x20 Sink & Fittings ............ 6.00 2.00 4.50 2,60; 6 SO 114.00» 1.561 3.60, .60 LOO .70 .79 1.50 117V 1.50> 1.20J 26.00 23.00? 15.00 Keep Cool This Summer, ' • a HUNTER-CENTURY FAN He comfortable on those future hoi summer nights^ Let our engineers and me,'' chanics install a Hunter Attic Fan in your homej No obligation for an .accui , rale syrvey, residence or; commercial. .-''.'.'',Attic Fan and the instal*- lation may be financed enT FflA. No down payment^ , 36 months to pay. The • Hunter-Centtnr-' : t*Ma inch Airspeed Pedestal fan£' is ideal for home or bbsi*r: ness. II will adequately" yenlilate a large space. Bring Your Fan Problems to Us. l HbWRD tow COMPANY HatJwart • Electrical Supplies HUNTER-CENTURY 24-inch AIKSPKKU 213 MAIN STREET n«. ;o» • LYTHtVIU'l, ARKANSAS • Hornets •ACLE

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