The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1949
Page 10
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PAOB TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 7, 1949 Yanks, Beaten by xi's, Finding Homers Scarce; Giants Annex 3rd Straight Win over Tribe ST. PBI'ERSBURG, F!n., April 7. M'l—Home runs, llirlr chief in- ttrument of destruction in the past, arc few tor the New York Yankees thene days, +In 24 pamc-5 the New Yorkers have hit only three rotind-tripper.s. Johnny Linrfell, Jerry Colernan and Tommy Henrlch .slru:'k Ihe blows. The Philadelphia Athletics beat the Ysnk.s, 6-1, yesterday. The New Yorkers break camp today. TULSA. Okla., April 7. Wj—Kevin Oonners, first baseman for Montreal last .season, will join Ihe Brooklyn Dodser-s today in Macon. Gn. Conners will replace Dee Pondy, unjther first baseman, who has been optioned lo Port Worth. The Dodgers blasted (lie Tulsi oilers 10-0. yesterday behind the three-hit pitching of joe Hatten. ORLANDO, Fla., April 1. <fl>t—Tile Washington Senalor.s. facing a heavy week-er.d exhibition schedule. planned a .itIff workout today and a day of tomorrow. Tilt Senators play the Philadelphia Phillies Saturday night sntl Ihe Chattanooga Lookouts of (lie Southern Association Sunday. Washington downed the Kansas City Blues. 2-1. yesterday. Dixie League Clubs Break Even in 4 Tilts PORT WORTH. Tex.. April 7. i<!'i •—B:.b Feller, superb in his last start for the Cleveland Indians afcalust the Pittsburgh Pirates, will attempt to silencf the booming bats o[ Hie Ni-w York Giants here today. The Giants won I heir third stralphl over the Tribe in Houston yesterday 10 lo 4. In seven aames. ihe New Yorkers have scored 59 urns on 9« hits against Cleveland pitching. That's almost nine runs and 14 hits a same. Yesterday'.! 11-hit Giant attsrlt made Early Wynn and ancient Satchel Paige Ihe victims. For the Trib«?, Lony Doby smashed a 440- loot homer over Ihe center Held Southern Association eliths broke even fn four exhibition baseball games IP.S'. nlfthl. The Rirminpham Hatons pulled i 2-1 derision a! DIG expense t>f the net roil Tifjerfi. lying ll up in the last of the .seventh, and Rfllherinz liie winning margin ID thr laM of tlie uintli. Fred Halfielri lift a liiplo and brou?])! Wnlly Puvilk-ti !n uitn th(- winning rim. Nashville scored a 2-1 triumph ovrr thr Macon Peaches of the South Atlantic I^nquf. Thr» Vol.*; Got both their runs in Dip [ina! frame. Atiiinta bowed (o the Philadelphia Phillies 7-5 wilh 6.243 fans Looking on It was the Phils' .seventh .straight victory and their I5lh 'if thr spring training season against eli;h( defrats. They slapped two Atlanta pitchers for M hits, including a home run by Richie Ashburn. and three doubles, for a total of 2 1 b-AFP, hil.s. Another laser among the Southern ball clubs wore Ihe Memphis Chick*, who yielded, 9-6. to ihr Indianapolis Indians. Trailing 5 in 2, the Indians staged a six-run rally in the eighth to take tlie game. II war plnyed at Memphis. i Al Little Rock. Die Travelers prepared lo meet Indianapolis o[ th> American Association today. Milt> Jonnson aud Ctmrle-s Giddcns were named R.S the probnble slat 1 Lin: Up to Old Tricks Former Diidjjer fcncc-ci usher Pole Ili-isi-r KCK-S l>;ii-k lo lake one <>IT wall at -1:1(1 mark in liraves' Hnideninn. fin., train- inn <-,imp. Manager Billy Soulli- \voilh mlc'iuis lo fit n i evi|;jli/e<| I'istol I'c'U- in in his pennant plans. 'Reserve Clause' Is Termed Essential to Baseball's Life 'Editor's Note: This Is the third In V series of stories dealing will) baseball's reserve clause and the arguments for and against It). n> Ted Smlts NKW YOHK, April 7—*/P»—Am- tiran baseball Is big with $300,0(10 to $400.000 investment hi ball parks and talent. All Its Lop urn .say H must have the reserve pinnae In live. Nol since the Federal League ihaltenged the two majors In 191415 has baseball been under -such heavy legal attack n.s' now. Danny Giirdelln. a non-star player formerly iv Wi the New York OlfttU.s, started It with his £300.000 ^tilt aimed at (lie clause, which ties players lo their club. In lf)!>2, the supreme court finally ruled in favor of organized baseball nn the damage suit growing out of the Federal Leap-lie Ziffhi, Kvcr since, baseball has rested secure on that decision. The reserve clause has been in every baseball players' contract for lifl years and here Is the .structure thai hn.s risen: "Both sides understand that any blows at the thing called baseball would be regarded by this court as a blow Lo a national Institution." Professional baseball operates within a tightly knit organization. At the top is Commissioner A. B. Chandler, successor to Landls. Presiding over all minor leagues Is George Tnuilman. Under the major- minor agreement there is unity from the richest big city club down to the humblest Class D organization, if Chandler bans a man there is no place /or him in professional baseball. That is the ba.iis of Card-- ella's suit. Baseball has established in court that It can .sell radio and television advertising rights at whatever figure It can get. In addition there are rich hot dog and drink concessions In nil the parks. , nV? r >MtaI , h,d SO.000,000 f.&"S^Woht Sports Roundup Hugh t'ullerlun, Jr, paid admissions. are supervised, and ball players and •nine were 5B leagues operating! cUlb owners ; vho have w :, 1K Jering 1 '"" '•"'"* ' Ideas me disciplined. The influence of the major leagues reaches down all lliroiitili the minors. The MR boys own or support club.s in the sninKer le/iRties and use them to develop bull play- in <t:i8 cities. In organized baseball there 6,500 players. Saudlot. college, and informal cd. fence. The late Hack Wilson, for- j Pitchers lor the Rocks. m«r National league star, was Hie] /"* Now Orleans Pelican, look only other plaver lo accomplish Ihe advanlnge of a .sunny day to pro• * • pare for Friday* game with the St. Louis Cardinals. The Chattanooga T/tokout.s piny iheh first home exhibition panic feat. Sid Gordon and Johnny Mize hit • home runs for the Giants yesterday. It was No II for Gordon and the 26th for the Giants in '22 games. PENSACOLA. Fla., April 1. Wl— Ex-outfielder Err Dusak was scheduled for another workout as a St.. '•Louis Cardinal pitcher today against the Cincinnati Reds. On two previous pitching appearance*, Duaak worked against riie Boston Braves and the Heds. He guve the Braves four hits, five walks and six ruas in two Innings. Against the Reds last Sunday he hurled five innings, allowed Just three nils, two walks and one run. PYiday. They will meet the Phillies. Today they were to go to Atmiston, Ala., lor a game with the Rams. At Mobile, Manapcr Paul Cher- vlnko drilled hi.s pitchers on picking runners oil second base. The Bears also had a long batting drill. DALLAS, Tex.. Apvll 1. I/TV-Bill Kennedy, a southpaw, drew the starting assignment on the mound loi the St. Louis Browns today in -i game anainst the Chicago Cubs. The Cute hold a -six to three edge In the exhibition series with the Brown*. Chicr.go put across seven runs in the seventh inning yesterday to beat the Browns 8-5. Gretchen Merrill And Dick Button Favored In Skating Contexts COLORADO SPRINGS. Colo.. April 7. IAP>— Yo-.lthful Dick Bui- ton »nd Gretchen Merrill lake over the spotlight today as (he U. S. flg- ure skating championships move into second-day competition. Button of Englewood. N T . J.. holds the senior men's world championship,- European. >Iorth American und Olympic crowns. He is an outstanding favorite to defend his U. S title. Miss Merrill, six-time winner of i the senior women's event, may find 1 the 'going tough. Her chief competition Is expected lo rome frnm Yvonne Sherman, 18-year-old New Yorker. Hugh Graham Jr.. of Tulsa. Okla.. came through as expected yesler- - day as he set the pace among nine novice entries. The M-year-old mld- weslern junior champ received three first place votes and two second place, ballots to take the lop spot in school figure competition. Baseball Exhibition Results By Ibe AsstH-i.ilort 1'rrss Chicago (A) 7. PKUbureh (N) 1 Philntlelpliia (Ni 7, Atlanta (SAi 5 Bivminpllnin (SA) 2. Detroit <At I Cl\in»RO (Nt 8, St..Louis <A1 5 Brooklyn (N) 10. ITM 0 Ci-.u-mmili (N) 1, Ballon (N) n New York IN) 10, Cleveland (AM Philnrtclpliin iA) 6. New York <A> 1 Wellington (Al 2, Kansas Cit-y <AA> 1 Middlecoff Favorite in Masters Open AUGUSTA. On.. April 7—i/T) — Dr. Cary Midctlcrnff. the fanner Memphis dentist \vns (he favorite lorlny In the first round of the Musters golf tournmncnt. On masters eve. Middlecoff finally became the favorite with his fellow fiolfevs, thr paHery, and the men who mnke il their business to know. The 28-year-old native of Halls. Tent;., had been hunched with Rolf's greatest tournament players—Lloyd Mnngnim. .Jimmy Demarot. Byron Nelson, Bohby l.onke and Sammy Snead. a,s ihe favorites of the masters. A recmt ly dlscnvevcd putting touch nnidr Sammy Head the No. 3 mnn to brut over the damp and fiusty Augusta Nat tonal Course of G.flflO yards. Other picks in this field nf champion. 1 ; rank this way: Jimmy Dem- em t, Byron Nelson. do fending champion CUutdc Harmon, and amateur Frank filrannhnn. This is Midrtlccoff's bis year .=n far. Hi.i highlights ot 1049 are runner-up at tlie Houston invitational: vs'iuner at the Rio Grande Valley ball players nre not count- S5.000 Minimum Pay Of the '100 players In the majors not. one gets less than $5,000 yearly. S;i Ja i'i es ra n ac. ti p town rds $ 100,000 for sin is such as Joo Dan\ag^lo and Ted Williams. Baseball, although a commercial enterprise. Is accepted on a noncommercial basis as important news. Newspapers, radio stations and now television spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to report It and pour out millions of words. Koncsaw Mountain Landis. when a federal judge and before he became baseball's first powerful commissioner, eveii declared from the AUGUSTA, Oa., April 7 liVi— One recurring complaint you hear a- louiut the golf circuit is that golfers don't have "color any more" ...There's a lot of truth In It. But you still can find a few like gaudily- garbed Jimmy Demaret and clout- In? Sammy Sncad and a handful of amateurs who don't give a hoot for appearances who still have the elusive quality...Snead sometimes gets peeved at the hillbilly yarns they blame on him, but he still can get the galleries with what Gene Sarazcn calls "dumb" golf .."They make the greens as fast as they can here and they some- 'imcs put the pins in very difficult liosilions." Says Gene, "I! t( t Carn- my just says, "I'll go for It any :lmc,' and he's liable to get into [rouble that way,"...Sure he does, !)iit Ihe fans like a guy who can ')elt that ball a mile mi they like •» Buy who'll take a chance, so day after day you'll probably see more of them following Sammy than any other player. A fiu.sla Wind Bi'yon Nelson replaced Bobby .Jones this year in the honorary role of the suy vho plays with the defending champion in the Masters Intercollegiate Baseball Play Under Way in State My the Associated Press The Arkansas intercollegiate Conference baseball race got under way Wednesday with Arkansas Tech defeating Arkansas State, 8 to 2. Freshman Bill Grady hurled Iwo- hit ball for the Wonder boys at Russellville, while his mates got to Dean, Nelms andd Taylor for ten. .State moved over to CJarksville Thursday for an engagement with the College ol the Ozarkm. Henderson's Reddies, who won't participate In Ihe conference pennant chase, clipped Ouachita, 10 lo 8. at Arkadelphla Wednesday. Six Ouachila errors helped the makeshift Henderson team, which was oulhit, 8 to 7. Although the sun appears lo b« small, its diameter Is 866,000 miles, which would make its density * million limes greater than tht earth's. ers. This the "farm system." Players are often brought up gradually from one to another until finally play in the triple-A circuits—Pacific Coast. International and American Association— puts the finishing touches on an athlete. Baseball has been .successful since the Federal League cases in keeping its family troubles out of court. Landis ruthlessly suppressed any efforts to ah baseball troubles before a jury. Ball players and club owners know if they ever kicked up a legal fuss their future in the bench In a Federal League case: i Rame could be clouded. Defense to Open Case In Pasquel-Qwen Suit Over League 'Jumping' SPRINGFIELD, Mo.. April 7— i.'lV~»Thr defense begins Its case to- dfiy in a federal court suit in which Jorge Parjuel, former president of the Mexican Baseball League, Is askinfr $127.500 from ex-major league catcher Mickey Owen. Owen, who jumped to the Mexican League following stretches in the major. 1 ; with the SL Louis Cardinals and Brooklyn Dodgers and service in the U.S. Navy, has a counter claim of 563,000 against Pasquel. Harry Feldmnn, former New York Giant Pitcher who jumped to the Mexican League along with Owen find several other major leaguers was to testify for the former Brooklyn catchers today. i Owen yesterday contended -U ia Paqucl. in firing him, owed hh SSI,428.50 on the contract alone He charged the Mexican millionaire wr\s the one guilty of breach o: contract. Owen told the jury that he hac 4SC Cage Star Drafted By Baltimore Pro Team JONESBORO. Ark.. April 1—L — Bcnnlc (Big BeiO Wllhelm, high] scoring Arkansas State Collccc hask-1 olbal! stnr, tins been tJraffed bv the Baltimore Bullets of the Basketball Association of America. A native of Tnylorville. Til.. \Vil- Jtehn also is a leading pitcher on the Arkansas State baseball sfnmd. During oprn; runner-up nt the SI Peters- Ivouble with plnycr.s only once din- burp open; winner of Urn Mtnmi in B his 5t!1 >' '" Mexico—that spn four-ball, and parlnrr of ,lim FYr- rier in winning the Jacksonville onrn. VFW Reaches Quarter-Finals Eansas tiiaie naseiiall sqund. inptu the war he was with Carl-; qua r Inrt.. April 7. fAP> — Mankato, Minn,, defending ehani- pion In Ihe national Veteran?; of Fore-in n Wars basket bull lourna- t, n\rcis Fail-field, ta.. in the ler niml round tonight. with Claro Du;\ny, Cuban outfield cr on nn opposing team. The trouble developed. Owen test ified, when Duany, attempting ij ] score, charged home plate standing Meet up a nd was blocked hy Owen. "He swung at me and I swung a him and the umpire jumped iii an son's Rnldcrs in the Pacific Area.' Other qunrlPrnnnJ pairins'sii»i)ch: stopped it." Owen said. Astoria, Ore., and Aurora. Neb Akron. O.. and the host Anderso: Team and Anaconda, Mont., an Winnmac, Inrt. Blytheville Greatest Money-Saying Sale! To Be Held on East Main Street Across Street from .lack Robinson's Gin Saturday 1 p.m. Rain or Shine RAILROAD DAMAGED —WAR SURPLUS CLOSE OUT MERCHANDISE AM Merchandise Guaranteed This Merchandise will sel to the highest bidder DON'T MISS THIS SALE! • Protect the Finish of Your Car • SAVE MONEY ON THIS PORCELAINIZE SPECIAL! On Friday, Saturday, and Monday rlead Courier News Want Ad» RITZ, THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today 'THE BIG FIGHT" wild Joe Palooka Comedy and Newi ... Reason Riven The high alifornia Lads Win hree Titles in AAU National Boxing Meet BOSTON. April -7_(,T>|—Three 'akland, Calif., youngsters hcadcc or home today wearing 1949 n a - 'onal A.A.U. boxing crowns. And one of them, Maurice Harp- r. 18-year-old schoolboy, could oast he was the outstanding bat- ler in the bulky liclcl of 184 that tarted in the A.A.U.'s Blst tournament here Monday afternoon. Harper gained the top individual lonors by knocking out defending hamplon Eugene Linscott of Ui'and Rapil.s, Mich., in the second •otmd of their U7-pomids final iout last nisht. Oaklaudcrs Johnny Ortega and Jimmy Mitchell also became litlists. Ortega, about the smallest mite n the three-day competition, won 112-pounds title by defeating Nathan Brooks of Cleveland, and Mitchell, the 118-pound laurels by out-pointing Walter Rawles of Nor- 'olk. Va. As a result, their Califorinan .cam clinched the group championship with 19 points, seven more than the nmner-np Hawaiin forces. regard which we have for Byron. Fashion note: Several of the pros are usinK brilliantly-colored golt bags made of the same material they use for football players' satin pants...Only >l\l»n brig liter on this course are the officials' green jack- els. Someone said they use them to cover billiard tables between tournaments. Feminine dcpt.: Betty McKlnnon, who is visiting the tournament here with Patty Berg. Arkansas State women's cJinnipion but lives in Mount Pleasant. Texas. She belongs to an Arkansas club 67 miles from her home...Babe Znlmrias is getting ready to play i" the Texas PGA championship next month—but not against the men. Nine gals will be invited to play in a special division. Dots AH. Brothres Bob Hamilton, who claims to have picked five straight Kentucky Derby j == winners, names Capot as his choice this year... When Gene Sarazan reached the 15th hole yesterday, a spectator asked: "Isn't this where you made that famous double eagle?" Gene said yes and proceeded to fire a birdie four. The spectator then mumbled, "where can I find Byron Nelson." and walked away.. Ted Williams, the busc- baller. recently acquired his first set of Rolf clubs but argued there shouldn't be a putter in it..."That part of the game is like the International pass in baseball, it ought, to be outlawed." said Teddy.. A lot of golf pros tSnead for instanced might agree with him. NEW Box Opens Week Day: ?:!)!) p.m tMiitinee Saturday Si Sunda; Sat. Sun I p.m. <,'ont Showtaj Manila, Ark. Shows tiVUltV N Id III Lnsl Time Today "LARCENY" with John Payne rtntJ Joan Cuulficld Also Shorts Friday "BIG SOMBRERO" with Gene Aulry Also Shorts Saturday "RETURN OF DANIEL BOONE" with Klliutt Also Shorts Uii! Opens 6:4i—Starts 1:15 Last Time Today 'DAISY KENYON' Joan Crawford Dana Andrews Henry Fonda Also Shorts Friday 5: hat urday "BLAZING ACROSS THE PECOS" diaries Starred as "The Durango Kid" Smiley Rurnctte Serial: Chapter 4 of "RKX AND RINTY" Ex-Muhlenberg Coach Takes Job at Syracuse SYRACUSE. N. Y.. April 7. (API — FJoyd B. ScliH-nrtz(vaWer. who made a big winner of little Muhlrn- foerg College, today takes over the Pleasure Driving Banned At the Expense of State UTTLE Arkansas ROCK. April 7 Highway Department THEATER LEACHVILLE , ARKANSAS STARTING TIME Weekdays: T.lid & 9:00 p. Saturday * Sunday: 1 r With Continuous Box Office Opens at 7:00 employes are not to rhive department automobiles and trucks for personal use, even for soing to and from work. That ivas an edict laid down by Director J. C. Baker at FI meeting of the ten district supervisors here yesterday. singer, whose 19-18 orance team sal- job of restoring Syracuse Univer- vaged only one game in a nine- sity lo football prosperity. I same schedule. The litlle-known Mnhlenherg mn- | Schwartiwaldcr's appointment gician succeeds Reaves (Uibsl Bay- was announced last instil. Thursday "ADVENTURES OF GALLANT BESS" (The Wonder Horse) IN' CINECOI.OTl Cameron MUchcll Audrey Long Also Shorts Friday "RIDE RYDER RIDE" (IX CIXGCOLOR) Jim Ban mm T)nn Reynolds as "Lillle Beaver" Serial: Chapter I of "Rex A- Riniy Also Shorls ONLY $ 10 COMPLETE Imperially (nr von rar oivnrrs \rlio<c aiilnmnblle has lo st.inrt mil In the weather, this porrclaini/e wav is ^rrv in\porlanl. A Ituisli, ilnrablc coatins Ihal fight-; off Ibr rain and lilKtrrinc s»n kreps thr fiiiWi beaiilifully hriclil. .\nn. fur .1 days cnlv. iic'll dn the rnmnlrte jnli—wash. |iiilish. nnd .ipplx Ihr s|inial |mr- rrl.tiniir «a\~_for just SIO. a hia savinc! 11- n>r soon. Blytheville Motor Co. Open 24 Hours Daily Broadway and Chickasawba Phone 4422 UtC of a Pleasant Reception SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN. BLENDED WHISKEY. 8S.8 Ptoof. 55M Grain Neutul Spiritj. Sesgram-Distilleis Coiporjlion, Chrysler Building, NeK Last Time Today "Thaf Wonderful Urge" with Tyrone Power, Gene Tierne.v and Reginald Gardiner Neu-s, Cartoon *: Short Friday PAL NIGHT 2 for the Price of 1 "GIRL FROM GOD'S COUNTRY" witli Chester Morris with Charles Bickford Also Short Subject Saturday (DOUBLE FEATURE) "Under Western Stars' wilh Hoy Rogers 'VALIANT HOMBRF£ with Duncan Rrnaldo ™ anil Carrlllo Serial: ".Tiiticlc f«irl" Also Shorls BLYTHEVIULES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE. Show 5sl;irls Weekdays 1UK) p.m. Snlurd:iy :ind Sunday: Continuous showing fn>m 1 :OU p.m. Last Time Today (DUUBI.E FKATUHK) "PITTSBURGH" «ilh Jlarlcnc Dietrich, Riindoliih Scotl and John Wayne 'PERSONAL COLUMN" with GeorRe Sanders. &9 Lucille Ball, Charles Co bumf and Boris Kgrloff Also Short Friday * Saturday (DOIJBI.K FEATURE) 'SONG OF THE SIERRAS' H'llh Jimmy Wakelj- and Lr.e "Lasses" While 'HERE COMES TROUBLE' wilh William Tracy Joe Sawyer, and Beverly Lloyd Serial: "Chick Carler, lle(c<*Iv«" No. 8 Also Cartoon 1',

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