The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 20, 1934
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Served by the United Presn VOL. XXXI—NO. 2 BLYTHEVIIIE COURIER NEWS rnnr* i>f\«rriiT * Uin kiT^tut? r» A tiv*ti <-».« kis-tiiinuw « ,^., . .__... • - w ^»—^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTHKA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1SSOOHI HOME EDITION ISlythevitlu Dally News nij'tlievllle Cnirlor Mississippi Volley beadcr Hlylhevlllc Herald BI.YTUBVIL1.K, ARKANSAS. TUKSDAY, MAKCH HO, IWM SINGLE COPIES PIVI5 CENTS I HELT MOVES TO AVERT AUTO STRIKE War Ace Assails Air iYlaii Advisers R. F. Moore (Is Victim; William Borowsky, Driv- ey of Car, Absolved Ii. P. "Rube" Moore, nboiu. GO, bachelor fanner, u'us falciliy iri- jiiU'ii ill an accident oil Highway 18 about 12 miles southwest 01 Hlythevlllo, near Koseiand, ut 'J o'clock this 'morning." lie rital .siioitly afterward. Moore's neck was broken when lie fell to the pavement niter bc- int struck by a car driven by William Borowsky, Manila mcr- clKiiu/ The accident, un unusual tjue. was described as unavoidable by witnesses, and investigating officers, who absolved Borows'/y o! bki'.ue. liorowsky was driving towards Blytht'Ville and Moore was walking on the highway in the opposite direction. The fanner wa.s on Uie east side of Ihe highway, to t!ie right of Borowsky's car. The Mnnila merchant said that the aged pedestrian, as if nUractcd by somelhiiiE to his rear, looked around :is thr cnr passed and then turned back in (he direction hi. wa.s traveling, apparently losing lii.s balance .slightly as he aimed His head. A.s Moore turned Ills face struck the back door oi uasflng car. a door hinge tearing a gaping hole in his face. The blow spun Moort around onto the .side 01 thr car and then to the pavement. He died before an am Dulance, summoned by Horowsk; and other witnesses, arrived. Funeral services for the, age former, who once operated a conn try. .fitprfv in the Roseland vicinity were incomplete 'this afternoon. : 'I if* understood that nu''immcdlat relatives survive him. Inlcrnational Oi'gani/alion Traded in M i 111 a r y Secrets Find Evidence That ' Stavisky Was Slain', PARIS, Miir. 20 i'uP)~-Tlin flisi; evidence Hint Alexiindre Slavics.! banker whose $30.000,001) scliemi.- colliii'scd and led to one of ll;i' 6r»ve:,i .'cundiils France lias evvi known, did no) commit suicidr Ijitl \uis sliilu liy secret Jiolici' to dust his lips, uas oll'erjd m- day. Members uf Uti! ptirl!iwienl:ii'y WaVHS Ro<l(ls find UlllQUS Public Interest Demands Agreement That President Roosevelt should 'purge his official family of those raitorous elements" that had advised him In cancelling nir mail contracts, \vas urged by Ctiplain Eddie Rickenbacker, World War ace, when, as shown in this dramatic pose, he testified before the Senate Committee on Pasloffices on a bill for permanent! air mail legislation. PARIS. Mar. 20 (UP) — Two young Americans. Robert and MarJorU! S«iu. breaking under a merciless cross examination, were (U'claml by iwiice lo<lay Co have revealed details of the urealest [espionage riii^ in history, rcach- |ing across the Atlantic lo the United Stntcs. Jubilanl, Hie secret service os- scncd officially chat iwllce cliurg- cd the riii!? operated in Itfhalt ol Germany anci Soviet Russia against Fi-ance. Greiu nritain and the United Stairs. It was nwriecl Clint the French tf-urr-t service h;ul the coliitbora- ion of tlie American and British ccret services in their Invesliua- !ons. Name NL'IV Sus|>ect.s Switz. an aviator, and his wife, n Vassar gnulirite, I.eld In separ- Ue prisons for cliree months, were akeu last night before Magistrate Ernest Benon, u-ho Is in chaige of commission invr-sifgnt I UK tin SlaUsky scaiulnl demanded a nc autopsy' of his body after view in films' lukcn Immediately after h (li'utli, when he was trapped bj j The films revealwl Wood stream-1 inj from's nostrils K<!\var<l(;d for Tear's TJosl Movie' i UP) — mr.uth and ...... ' npp'.irently. from Mrs. Annie Reaves Rush Dies at Luxora Today .Mrs. Annie Reaves Rush, 73, mother of Mrs. Delia Spann, died at the home of her daughter in iJi.xora early this morning. Sho had b^en in ill henlih for some time. Funeral services will be held Thursday morning at 10 o'clock at the First, Methodist church at Uix- ora '.vit hThe Rev. Mr. is'elron, pastor of Che church, officiating, interment will he made at Maplcwo^d cemetery at Ripley, Tcnn., at two o'clock in the afternoon. The Cobb Undertaking company is In charge of funeral arrangements. Tlie deceased is survived by. besides Mrs. Spann. widow of the lite Henry Spann, three other daughters. Miss Florence Rush. Mrs. S. C. boll, and a -son. J. A. Rush. Ills chest. Deputies In the andlelifi 1 amed Woman .Flyer Appeals to Committee for "Chance for Aviation" WASHINGTON. J,far. 20 (UP) — the espionage investigation. They VTCK- questioned for nine ouis without rood. Police said they involved ctK-inselvcs in contradiction after comradiclion. As a result, armed with, names of persons never before suspected in the long inquiry, agents raced through Paris in ihe early liours of today and gathered in five new persons lu add to a score, already under arrest or suspected. They announced that the ring, which they culled the greatest ever formed for private espionage, acted in behalf of a Europeaji power and extended its work not only to Great Britain and France, bin to the Uniled States. Were. Amply Financed It wa.i announced that, acting on information obtained from Mrs. Swltz, the secret tervice sought a Mrs. Aiiglard. a native of Bess- arabia, who apparently escaped from Prance when 18 pcrsoas charged with membership .in gang were arrested December 21. FLIERS JISSI1G Plane Fails to Return After Carrying Food to Depot on Ice Barrier LITTLE AMERICA, Mar. 20" P) —Pilot Wlllinm c. Bowl in and Wireless Operator Clay Bailey iv.crc missing tociny in the mono- pliine In' which they took, aft for a food depot. 100 miles out on the Ross ice barrier, Saturday. Admiral Richard E. Byrd, commanding the Antarctic cxpedltlcii in whose behalf they arc flying, believed ihot they were not danger. They carried WASHINGTON. Mar. I'l'L-sltU'nl Hoast'Veli loday warned nniway ninnagroiciitij and In boy tluit imlos-s they triii'h speedy uuiH'mcnt in [hell 1 wage contro- lailr'd""to ptS'vo "|')owder""bm'-i^: ^'"y 1L may be npcofsnry for him which would Inevitably IK- caiiwi! '« "d lo prolrcl Ihe public In- by a close range suicide shot. Mr. Roosevelt's position wns set lurlli in It-tiers Co W. F. Thlchoir, chairman of the confcri'iico com- mltlrr of manasieis, and A. Whllnoy. chuiiman of llm ralhvuy tubor cxeciilives association. Railroad labor hns rejected Ihe president's proposal for temporary coiillmiance of till- present 10 per cent cut. The railroads hud agreed cu tliis plan and withdrawn plan for a lurlher cul But labor lodiiy countered with n demand for a 20 per cent In- rieasc nnd siiortiy thereafter tiic president dispatched the letters. The president expressed rcgtet to learn that, no progress towurd nn agreement had bet'n made at FORDELP Pitt full emer- a month's Hit 1 conference and expressed (lie four that [lie yoort of the country was being overlooked. lie nlFo warned thai in stepping Into the picture he might have to appoint a commission lo examine thoroughly into the labor controversy "In order that, the country be advised of the merlLs," tars of "Cavnlcade." Judged Ihe best Him of the! year. Olive IJrooK ml Diana Wynynid are shown us they appeared In Los Angeles at h« ceremony of the Academy of Motion Plclnr» Arts and Sciences, vhcn gold ttalucttcfi were awarded Indlvldunls and firms for outstanding artistic nnd technical work In the lust 18 months. gency equipment and supply of food each. Bowlin and Bailey left camp here Saturday morning, dropped. food at, the 100 mile depot, ami took oft again. In an hour the plane sent word It was landing. that he was digging the plane In the snow because of high winds. He snid the gasoline supply was almost exhausted. He did not know Ills position as he was flying blind before lib landed. Admiral Byrd WHS ready to fly (o ihe plane's assistance n.s soon as weather conditions permitted Lions Club Entertains Cage Coach and Players Coach W. D. McCIurkin and nine members of his Blythevilie lush school basketball team, riinners-up in the recent district tournament, were guesls of the Lions club at its weekly luncheon at the Nobel hotel today. Coach McClurkin told of the value of pnysical education and Marshal Blnckard of the cage team also made a short talk. Ed Ford gave a blackface skit. Members of (he school team who were guests ot tlie club were: J. W woman [o fly the Atlantic alone, appealed to the senate committee today not to "kill aviation with strict regulations before it had a chance to grow." Mrs. Putnam, fifth in a string of famous flyers \vho have testified on a proposed bill to return airmail contracts to commercial operators, nskcd the post offiee committee to "consider plans for the future." "Aviation is a very young industry." she said, smiling. "Any bill you have in mind should be ;ery simple. I think it is urgent, •ovvever. to do something (or avin- ion immediately." Wearing a brown tv,-eed sport ;uil and a brown hat, Mrs. Put- iinm arrived early and waited about 10 minutes for Chairman tiennelh D. McKellar and other conimitlecmt'ii. She ga\c her name lo a steno- Observations =. b j C. B. «-•; Numerous readers who made inquiry in recent hciv week. concerning the late ol the "1 Years Ago" column will note tha this feaiuie has been revived. 1 will continue lo appear for sever ill months, at least. The sad- fact is that former managements of this paper gave LIGGtHIRIRL iBflLLDl DPtpTODH FOB Cm 11 Former .Wilson Milling. .One, Council S<$t and City Co. Manager Charged:/' ClcVlc's 'job "'. Prcsen Will) Embezzlement | Only .Contests A. F. of.L Presiclcnl.Urges:! Detroit. Leader^ lo Ac-'| cepl Invitation' ' DETMOn 1 , Mlcif,, Mtif.>20.<UP)-M, President IWosevolL today Iptervcn- eil in the llircaleiicd strike ;or 1QO,-! 1 000 aiiiomobile workers and asked i labor lender* lo" withhold action; until Ihci'i: could bo a couferomie In.! Wiishlnglon "lo. reconcile llw ex-;l Isllng dllTercnces," ' '..:; In a Iclugimn to William CoUlns,; Detroit leiiresentnltve of the Amer-.; Icnn l^ilcnillon of l,abor. Ihe presl-"- dent asXcil the union leaders to-, advise him Immediately if they; would meet with htm on Thursday.* in Washington in a last, endeavor : to mnke pence. Declines lo Itevrul Answer Collliw nnnmincert receipt of ejsngi! slioitly before a projected'; L-ctln got the leaders from 24 ct ; ic greatest plants hi the nation,-; hlch was to determine the actual elhod of. iimklng the workers' like voles eflecllve lomotrow ; ornlng. . . fie replied to the president's in-.' fntion but declined to discuss the"], •nor of his answer until he should '•< inve ImtJ time lo present It to the!' Iher lenders. . j "I have no power to act at tlicl resent time," he said. :| Tile president's message said: <"In tl'.c public interest I am cou-.'i trained to rciiuosl you lo wilh- io!d strike acllon called for this ificrnoon until I can have conferences In Washington in an clfort to ccoucllc tl'.c existing dltrercnces. I iiiggesi Tnntsduy. Will you advise ne Immediately?" OSCEOI.A. Mnr. 20.—The trial' The line-up for the miiulclpn of Pnul Liggett, former manager election April 3 was definitely cn.i of the Wilson Milling Company, with expiration .of llio filing per Earhart Putnam, first They said funds teemed unlhn- . .,.. .,.. .„„_.,- „,__„ ilc( ) anri [na( ag( , ms lvcrc p . lj(1 generously for documents supplied by Frenchmen employed by the navy mid the powder, gas, and other military services. Information obtained from young couple led police to announce that the espionage ring, with great thoroughness, concentrated on seciet military information touching poison automatic weapons. sr.d a dog skd team was ready j little core lo itic preservation of " ' ' ~ - - -• - ' 0|(J nlPSi w hich nre in a lamentably ragged and fragmentary con- plane to he within eight to fifteei charged the embezzlement [ O d yesterday. uchnig navies, airplanes, I r--. 1 r 1 r> ;as. nrlillery, powders, and ut Y ancl <-OUnty Looper- ale in Street Improve- ,rapher ant! said proikienc ol the she was National Holland's Queen Mother Succumbs to Bronchitis THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Mar. 20 fUPi — Queen Mother Emms, mother of Queen Wllhelmina and cy. Charles Brogdon, Marshal lilack- ard. Carl Rylee nnd Dick Tipton. IStli Child n«rn OiiEGON CITY. Ore. (UP)—Mrs. Harry Minard. -12, gave birth lo her 18'iVt child, a daughter, recently. Sixteen of the children are alive. The fnther, a laborer, is 49. Closing Stock Prices 118 1-2 City Court Case Decision Expected in Two Weeks Circuit Judge Neil Klllough indicated lo attorney^ yesterday that his decision on the plea of Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham lor a writ of mandamus to compel ihe Mississippi county quorum court to appropriate for maintenance of tlie municipal court would probably be reached In about two weeks. There had been some expectation that Judge Killough would ter judgment, in the case on his rival at Osceoln, yesterday to x?n the spring criminal court ses- on there. His informal state- ent yesterday may mean that e will render judgment at the ose of the Osceola term or soon ment Project She was 75. Queen Emma had been gravely 111 for days and physicians had iTiven up bow because of her age. New York Cotton H 1-2 A. T. and T ....... • ..... Hr.oconda Copper ' ..... Bethlehem Steel ........ « Chrysler ............... 52 1-1 Cities Service .......... 3 Coca Cola ............. 108 General American Tank 38 1-4 General Electric ....... 217-8 General Motors ........ 37 3-8 International Harvester Middiewest Utilities ... Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Pclro'.cimi Radio NEW YORK. Mar. 20 CUP)— Cotton closed steads'. open high low close Mar 1194 1194 1193 1198n May 1200 1212 1198 1206 •hu 1212 1223 1208 1218 Oct 1220 1238 1223 1233 Dec 1237 1247 1233 1242 Jan 1242 5253 1238 1245 Spots closed steady at 1230, up 10. 41 5-8 1 1-4 31 7-8 33 3-8 5 1-2 17 3-4 1 3-4 Simmons Beds 191-8 St. Louis-San Francisco 3 1-2 Standard of N. J 45 1-4 Texas Co 26 U. S. Stci'l SI 1-2 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 20 (UP —Cotton closed steady. open high low close Mar 1191 1195 1191 1198b May 1197 1210 1195 1204 Jul 1210 1222 1207 1210 Oct 1225 1234 1220 1231 Dec 1234 1243 1231 1239 •Ian 1240 1245 1233 1242b Spots closed steady nt 1214, Preliminary work hns been started for the widening of two blocks of Walnut street from Second street to Broadway. A force of workmen today were ' cutting and reiiiovng trees in front o{ the rl house where the curb will set back approximately seven feet, making n 45 foot street. C. A. Tout, coastriiction engineer In charge of the T.wfc, snid that city and county authorities were cooperating in the project which will be accomplished at a comparatively small cost, ns the city will utilize the labor of citizens summoned for the semi-annual working of streets. The cost of material for the block In front of the court house is only about $300, Mr. Tant said. dition. Tills accounts for occasional lapses in a feature which apparently is popular with ninny readers of the Courier News. oOo Personally f have no great sympathy with the notion that the' government is under obligation (o provide for able bodied citizens. The obligation of Ihe government, it seems to me. Is lo conduct affairs in such a way ns to mate It possible for every able botlletl citizen to provide for himself and his family. Plainly, however, this latter obligation has not been met, and (lie result is that, right or wrong and for better or worse, It has become necessary for Ihe government lo provide the necessities of life for thnsc who can't get them any other way. U Is not n hsppy situation. For those on the receiving end it is umillntlng or demoralizing. For lose who pay taxes to support nen in idleness il is expensive nd a word Is due also in bchal 1 those In direct charge oi dls of approximately $3,000 from the Three veterans -of one or mor company, was begun In 'circuit terms \vero' practically assured o court here today. Liggett Is rcprc- nnolhcr - livn year term when n sailed by Bruce fvy, Osceola at- 0]lc entered the lists to seek tlie torney. positions. Unless the nnmes < Liggett left the employ of the some ,, re sent unknowns should b company when his Ixxiks - were wrltlcn in nt the last minute, on audited in Mnrch, 1933, and the „ rf . mo te possibility, they a ortn«c. which it Is charged cov- scheduled to continue, ns city ol'- rlbution icond. ter opening court here on April i and wil1 bc furnished by the ou nly. The trees growing between the lOrtli sidewalk snd the curbing re being cut and removed, bill hose actually growing in Ihe •ourt yard will not be cut. The block from tin? railroad to Broadway will be broadened to approximately 35 feet, greatly Im proving traffic and parking con riitions near the postoffice. "linton L. Caldwell and G. E. Keck File Pledges LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Clinton L. Caldwell of Manila. Mississippi ounty, filed a corrupt practices 'ledge in the secretary of state's >(fice yesterday as a candidate for lie nomination for congressman rom the First district, William J. Driver o! Osctpla Is the present congressman from that district. G. E. Keck of Blytheville filed a pledge as a candidate for re-nom- natlon for fudge of the Second Judtclnl Circuit. Clricago Wheat open high low closi May 87 1-8 87 5-8 86 1-2 87 3- Jul 87 n-3 81 1-3 86 5-8 87 5.- MUsissippi Senate Votes Down Whisk JACKSON. Miss., Mar. 20 (UP — The Mississippi senate texts blasted hope for legalizing the sa of whisky in the state by indefinitely postponing the May bill, passed by lt>e house, and by killing a senate substitute measure. of die government': With limited facllitlc. or their work they are supposed o meet the needs and uphold tin morale of the destitute, and a he same time to guard effectlvcl gainst any ot the benefits of th elief program going to person vho could possibly get along with out them. If they adhere I rules for the Investigation of Hi iccds of all applicants they or gtillly of letting red tape stan n the way of human needs. I Ihcy don't ihey soon nnd tha they are feeding tunny who nr lot entitled to help. All in all it ts a sorry mes. The remedy, however, is not mo 1 liberal distribution of govcrnmei nid. but elimination of the cond lions which make that aid race sary. , ed n period dating back lo Ihe ncinl5 The thre( , nrc: II of 1930, was discovered. Thompson first weird G ••pete" nidcrman, * .. Grepn , WASHmaTdN,..Mnf. 20 (UP)—II President Wllliam-.Grcen of Ihe. I American Federation oJ Labor tp-jl day dispatched a telegram . trolt union leaders urging them to;| accept. President Roosevelt's propos- • al fo rn truce In the automobile la-, bor controversy. "1 sent my telegram lo William ; I Collins, our Detroit representative,:! as soon us I had learned that Mr. I ] Hoctfavolt hud extended his invlla-: ticm for a conference. I urged Mr. Collins and his associates to accept. They will consider the Invitational a meeting in Detroit today at 5 ).m. and. will make their decision' ] at that "time." said Green. ." Jackson, third ward nn( | Sam MnnnU, city leadline lust night. Hall Is n onncr alderman, now seeking to come back, while Shonyo, although 10 stranger In city hall or cmnt- louse circles. Is seeking a municipal elective office for the firs' time. Steinberg is tlie "baby" of Vo^omnv 'involving the trio and by far (he youngest' !0(|000 mcu (11 a May Jul Chicaao Corn open high low SO 7-8 51 1-8 50 1-2 51 52 3-4 53 1-5 52 1-2 53 Industrial Payrolls Up WASHINGTON. Mar. 20 (UP) — Weekly industrial payrolls in- o ffuncral "arrangements, creased SI2.000.000 from January j 15 to February 15, nnd 345,000 Nine Year Old Tomato Boy Succumbs Monday James Nando Hastings, 11 year old son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Nattdoti Hastings, died at the family home in the Tomato community at nine o'clock yesterday morning. Funeral services will be held at Sandy Ridge cemetery at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning. The CoW> Undertaking company is in charge He was subserviently indicted p ^ .• id has been at liberty under n 'j ( i,. rm!in .000 uond. attorney. Circuit court opened Monday for Thc rncc is wWo op( , n j n ;i le Marcli term. Circuit Judge mmA wnr< i w m, j 0 ] m Rouey an- ell Kllloiigh of Wynne is presld- llomicing that lie will not be a Only three cases, Including cand i ( | alc to succeed hlmseU. Pe- ic Liggelt case, nrc carried over , 1Uons nlnclng tllrcc m llK racc . I tire old docket. One, the case jjaroki Sternberg. Jim Hall, and gainst G. A. Warren, charged Q ghonyo wero nied before the 111) the theft of a pair of mtile.s f - oin P. M. Barton, resulted In it onviction of grand larceny after Jury trial yesterday nnd Waren was sentenced to seven years the state penitentiary. The other case, that of the stale gainst Archie Olscii, Tyroma nrmer. charged with the murder C. L. Long, probably will not ome lo trial at this term due to he absence of witnesses, officers Tlie grand jury will be asked to ndict 2D prisoners held in the .ounty 3aii on. charges ranging roni minor infractions to murder, and Indictments also will be ought against several who nrc out on bond. The number includes eleven nurder charges, nine ot which Involve negro defendants. The two white men charged with murder and held to Ihe grand jury arc r. A. Bymitn, Carson farmer, who shot and killed his son-in-law. Clarence Morse, as the latter drove nway from a Wilson filling station one day last fall, and Charles Woodruff, young Etowah farmer, who shot and killed J. U. Surratl during a drunken altercation on Little River a few weeks ngo. R. H. Robinson of Kclscr is foreman of the grand jury. ly United Press A final decision by America's inlmnonllo leaders to make peace or fight tomorrow's scheduled strike In the Industry was' an^r' ously awaited today us labor un-' rest spread In many widely separ-> atccl sections of the notion. : The crisis was described. as a. vital test of the administration's recovery program and was watched closely by President Roosevelt, \vho : | may Intervene. In Detroit, center of agitation, lor recognition of the American Federation of Labor, plans went' ahead for a of the candidates. He is the manager of a cotton gin here. There j was some rutuor this morning that the name of Ror.ey, who says he Is ready to "let someone else have It awhile," may be written in on the ballot, but this could not be verified. The clerk's race presents another contest with Sidney Crnlg. successful veteran of more than one cnm- pnlRn, striving lo hold Ills place against the challenge ot Ross Reavers, former city treasurer, nnd L. McKnighl, magistrate, tax iallTntlon board member, and county farm employe. close persons were re-employed. Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins -said today. Nominate Candidates To Seek Offices at Manila Insuil, Storm Buffeted, Seeks Port oi Safety ATHENS. Mar. 20 (UP)—Samuel Insuil continued his Jtfcdlterrancnn In unpleasant weather today while he sought a place of refuge In a world that seemed smaller! n. Brccrton. C. B. C.'iMress. Clar- each day ns additional countries! once Ashabramicr. Harry GoWou, G MANILA.—Three men were nominated for the office o! mayor in a mass meeting last night at, uhicli nominations were also made for other city offices. The Municipal leecllon will be held April 3. C. W. Tipton, H. Y, Uttlejolm and Wllburn Wells iverc chosen jis the nominees for mayor, any McHenry and J. W. cNcdham will run fo rrccorder. Five aldermen will be chosen from E. W. Esslg, Raymond Pox, I. R. Shedd, Walter Grlffltv W. L. Thompson, W. T. Colts. A. walk out at 9 a. m. more than huge Industry, mid threatening to involve more than 250.000 in allied industries. Manufacturers meanwhile speeded up delivery of automoDllcs and waited outcome of tlie conference of Industry lenders and General Hugh S. Johnson in New York. The Industry said it would never ' recognize the A. F. of L. Many other strikes were In progress or threatened. In San Francisco a strike of dock workers was called for Friday over the "closed shop" issue. In Pittsburgh, heart ot the steel industry, observers foresaw one of tlie most determined battles in hlflory between capital and labor over collective bargaining rights under the NRA. At Detroit abont 150 workers of tlie Bower Rollins Bearing company struck, virtually tying up iroduction. In the Cleveland area employes oi the largest clothing manufacturer voted to be represented by. a labor union as opposed to a company union and thousands of. workers In plants allied with the nnto Industry were ready to strike unless their unions are recognized.' In New York state a series of, CWA strikes was In progress end 1 In N'esv England negotiations were unsuccessful for settlement of n .••hoe strike invoking 6,000. MOSCOW (UPl—The Soviet Red Cross has announced the purchase ol 20 hospital airplanes lo aid sufferers in remote regions. denied their ports to htm. There was no specific word of him. Private advices were that the ship had been forced to lake shelter among tlic Aegean Islands because of rough seas and was delayed. -\fike jr., R. J. MsKlnuon, R. Ray and Riley Duncan. R. 3. Hud- WEATHER Arkansas— Fair, warmer tonight. son was the only nominee for city Wednesday partly cloudy, warmer attorney. R. A. Ray presided at last night's meeting, with Ouy Mcilenry as secretary. I In east portion. Memphis and vicinity—Fair night and Wednesday, with rislns temperatures.

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