The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 27, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TITF 1 . FinMTM A WT VITWcn A nr^n r\ts Mrm'Tnii? K cn» t i-irr ..,,-..« . „.„ _.. _ ^^^^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—No. l.'l!) niythevllle Courier, " Blythevitle Daily News, 14'Ut nAlnllA irm«1,l • ri-_j i i it- ii r i. -__ _ - J^teyjjJLjfcgMj Mississippi^Miix-adcr. ^lllOVlI,LK. ARA m,YTIII<:VIU,K, ARKANSAS, VVKI.)NKSI)AY, AUGUST 27, 1930 FALLING TREE i Heads Arkansas IRI oFPERy[[n iDroughtRelie " ; TO FACETRUI. Will Force Ex-Dictator to Court (or Alleged Misdeeds. LIMA , Pcni., Aug. 27.—The man . who for 11 yc-ars ruled Peru will j be farted la face iriul for tilieged i iniu.-onduc.-i in his office it was' generally believed here today. ! Former Presidem Auguslo B., LtBUia v.'hu look refuge on the 1 ciui.ser Almirante Grau Mondav. i apparently with the idea that lie i was U> be' Iranspoiled away Irom j Peru lias been ordered back to Hie i capital. LegiiSa bft the iiacimry ; suddenly when a revolt forced his resignation. The I Alarsluill Fiojd 3d Wed in London 'Siolilless Senator Who i Noinmaied Woodrow Wil- : son Stages Comeback. lly SlOnXKV DUTCIItlt N'KA Service Wriltr ; WASHINGTON.—Fifly-lwo years ! a«o an eight-year-old boy down in i ' Mississippi was blindtd in the lighi ] : eye by a slick thrown by a play- I male ... at 15 his other eye faii ed, sympathetically , . . at 22. lie was graduated from law school. i his fellow-students having read I aloud to him ... at 32, he was a ; territorial senator in Oklahoma . . ' at 38. lie becams a member of the ! United States Senate ... at 50 —FIGHTS RIIITI.LR it res- : I I U H I U 1111 I I L L 11 gov nounced officially today thai th? boat had "surrendered." News of the "surrender" was published in La Prensa, the oil: newspaper. It said that oflici lhe Almlrnnte Cirau did no. ..., cgnize the military junta, but de- ! cided to abide by the national movement following an ultimatum • sen- them by the junta "in view of i their obstinate attitude." " This latest development is cred- : D'I , D ,,l c t iied to both students of Lima and rllot Dallies OfiaKC Ifl to Lieut. Col. Luis Sanchez Cen-o i who led the original revolt al Are- j Hiiipa last Friday. Sanchen Ccrr.- wirelessed the commander of the Alminnte Grail that he must de liver up the former president and Intimated that the provisional government in,Lima had been install- | ed through a plot of Lesuia. Two Factions Developed The brief revolt which unseated Ihe .<i7-year-old dictator 1ms da- j veloptd two factions contending for j rule of the country. Sanchez Cmc: ' centrals Arcquipa and other large ' departments lo the southward and f holds that any government form- ! and often does. Such is t be story of "Blind Tent" Gore, the man who nominated Woodrow Wilson for president at Baltimore in 1912. wnc has now emerged from the political bushes with Oklahoma's Democratic nomination lor the U. 3. Semite, thanks to a heavy farmei MILITU ' : Governor Sends Group to Highway Camp; Farmers i Claim Negroes.Hired. LONOKE. Ark., Aug. 27. lUI'l Trunk of Tree Kills Workman Art-hie Miller. 3ii-yi>tir-old farm<•>' til lhe Kei'ce communlly,. \'as InMiinily killed when h? was crushed liy n falling tree, while ^oviocn this morning. According to reports Miller wilt) . .. . . uo ullltl workmen. Virgil Llnden- -A detachment of national guards- ; lllu allcl Jce Wicker, had jusl cam- i-rlled n highway conslruc- i l"' lwl Uiuhl 8 n W S t«c andstarl- •' Theirs was "the most exciting rvcdding Lcndon has known years"—so one English newpaper described il. And here- you for men pal tlon ninii) near here today Unit was - tired upon by Irate drouth stricken larmers who were refused work by the constructors. The ginird detachment of ten .men. iliree non-commlssloncd of- i fleers and Capialn -Morris Moore, ' was sent here last night from Camp MrRae on orders from Governor Haivr-y Parjiull. Tils detachment was heavily armed nntl lhe Munition was described as serious last night, but no ! breaks had been reported today. The (aimers' complaint was that the Ayar:. CcnslriLctlon company had hired many (miners to work | on fills when the project wns start- jcdon Highway 70 early this suin- ' mcr. That was when - promise of lhe ills' charged farmers and mbsliUilcd ™ to l):lck "*•»>' (r °'» *>'«'' ' f«»l»U '"omenturily slum- bled across, a log and the trunk of (he tree slipped from the stump, sinking him acioss the shoulder and chest. Miller was dead by the time his fellow workers succcded i'i lifting (lie tree from across Ills body. The • deceased, who wns well known in Hie Recce school community. Is survived by his widow 7uither"'ouT-! Mls ' Mnry Mlller ' tllrcc daughters, Margie. Margaret, and Winifred, and a son. I-'. M. l-'micral services will bo held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock and llllc " l! ™ 1 w111 " llldc nt Snw ' gccd crops wns good. Within past six weeks the company Marshall Field 3d. v.eallhy Chicago merchant, and the fcnucr Mrs. ! !l e ; r ?±,l'™"™S!!",./ OI " m 5"" l " S1 ' Dudley Coats. British society leader, when they emerged as bride Bitlrn " Illcli P II Ll'DUIld; Is SCOTT CITY, Kan.. Aug. 27. (UP)—AH unprecedented bat'le in the air between ' a horrificr pt!3t and a" rattlesnake was verified-las' j night when H. "Hanpy"i..\vlggins I avialor. ob:ain?d snake bit treat- I mcnt at a Scott Oily hospital. ; Wiggins said lie was pounding I his plane through the clouds al- i most a mile above tr.e ground whrn ;nake reared Us head over th"* ,)il. and grcoin fr-in the Marylebone Regisler Office. As news of the secret marriage ceremony spread about the English capita], thousands cf persons thronged the streets outside the reiUitn? otlice nomination and now (aces anolher ,, . , , iv^uurj uuut. i l.:':don papers gave mete space lo the ac"ount.i of Pielv —----'-- •- volt. Stone blind, far from lich ; mid visibly aged, he defeated oiu ! millionaire oil man for his party in the general election in Novem- i the fanners contended. This caused widesprcad'Sufferlna because of lack o( contemplated ! woik during the crop failure paused ' by the drouth, It wns staled. Tlie gathering of farmers was re yers cetnelcry. Funeral plans are m charge of (he Cobb Undertaking! company. marrinri.' thin ' B.""».-"IIE ui minin:, »n» it ... .... o-.... . . tmuiiuiA ncrtcd Mondav nlphl Thev ili>- her. His Republican opponent I, , to «'« '"urn of the dirigible R-1CO from Canada on the- sumo- cay. : ! mm(lcd employment mu construe Senator W. E. Pine, seeking a sec end term. To understand Ex-Senator Gore's comeback one should visit Oklahoma and see how '15 works—and leniEinber thai lhe state has a big fanner vole and that i, ese farmers, ridden by drought and beset by low prices, are far from satisfied and hi a mood for a change. ! This scene might be laid in any .rural Oklahoma town: i In the wake of a parade lint j K wound its way through lion cfficiah; =atd the task rcmilr d I .'killed labor for running tractors p and dumps on the 12 miles of gading [liDJcct. ' l Guards were placed at the OFTOOf Representative Driver Attacks Cotton Exchange 1 As Legalized Gambling. Swim From — • o t • " « '• uliliras W "C placed at the camp . • - PRTUr n i^l 11 1 n 't/U V f*f* K' nna rc l ]orlccl "ml a dozen shotsj MANILA, Ark., Aug. 27.—Betorc p II I H r r! ^"^ 1"^ ^^ V»JlV were fired through tent tops that 50" merchants and farmers of the 1 H I III U ' . • ^i <• I'"is 1 "' from umbnsli. western part of Mississippi county I 11 I lit- II JA _ ^ T £> ?- t V/ '•'• -' • and .south Diin'^.V jaunty,-; Hon: • ^-J ^-J d X t^ L y lljllliniirn • A • lil • W Driver, congre.-^man froin Fills ed must bo with his sanction. .... The Lima group has asked San- ] Last Rites Will Be Conducted tomorrow for Great l : ilm Star. ATLANTIC CITY, Aug. 27. (UP) —Three haggard men staggered out. of the surf today and tcld a slory ! of huw they hud btc-n swimming. for eii^ln hours after the wrecking' of the schooner Francis T, with | HOLLYWOOD. Cal.. Aug. 27 tUI'i --Lon Chancy, filmdom's"man of a!;i cre\v ci scie thousand faces," will be buried to j The ir.c-n, Jchn fore he resigned. Forrester to Direct Baptist College Sports! cr ^!™'- in5 his unique battle with the rattler , which apparently crawled into th i plane while it was at rest in a han- Ercl vct ! car. tho ship hitriled down out of I cvcr llM rd, "I drove today over "My friends." he begins in a ! voice that is tender and pleading 1 resonant as anv vo;- JONESBORO. Ark.. Align.' t 27. President J. N. Mallory at- Jonesboro Baptist College announces that Bax Forester, famous athlete from Piedmont College, will lie in charge of the majir sports in the local college and thai he is due to arrive some time next week to be- finally pushed the trlakc ! overboard, righted the -ship air- landed so hastily in a pasture that he almost wrecked the plane. a road from Port Towson that war rotight and dusly. Time atid again f was bounced helplessly in the seat, of the car, and ( made a solemn resolve." A rancher hurried out and! Al lhis I )Clnl - llle speaker turns dragged Wiggins, almost approach- I llis olilld °VCs upward and pauses ing unconsciousness ' " ' ' and poison, from his lancher i'.uiTJed him here, where from frii;ln j • • • ;llul '- 1 '' 115 V le l)ack ol " ls bent. Tho 1'eft hand meditatively with hi? ho.snital attaches said he will re- ', gin lining np the men in prepaia lion for tlle siege of heavy games | confronting Hie Baptist Braves, i Coach Forester nnt only made record for himself in Piedmont Col- ! lege but has a previous record in j Howard College. He is an out- I standing athlete, and has been very j successful a sa coach, fie is a! young man's friend ami will be' found taking a leading part In 111 j builtling cn tne lnorni ,, g of 5,,,,. i the student activities around tnc tember 2 for regis'ration H s Larre. Claude '• frrminii] Wlio Tnnlf P.nrl in m-rt-ow beside the body of his! Atkinson and Freeman Bombuiy. : " ' RO looKlallln father in Forest Lawn cemetery, I snld the schooner had sailed out Glendnle. Rev. Michael J. MullSns,'of Halifax for the Bermudas. Last pastor of the church of the Good might Atkinson, Bon bury and Larre Shepard, will officiate at, 2 p. m. I were chosen to take the frail dory In. his last interview Chanrylto rankc thei r way to shore. :ave views on what he called liis j They said ttiev tcok lhe (lory Pulas'ki Jail Break Captured Near Liltle Rock. LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 37. (UPl — Arlcss Wagner was back in the Pu- :uidn:g principles. In it tlm actor . through hig'.i running seas for ' nski county jail loday with Virgil revealed a surprising secret, that'about 11 miles (hen a wave caught Williams while officers continued cf his portraying roles of mis- j the small craft and pitched the j lo s ™rch for four of their com- Ehapen and often hideous exam--three men into the sea- Larrc de- ' Pinions who escaped from jail Sun- All Bui One of Nine Girls' Who Were Poisoned Suddenly, Have Recovered. LONOKE, Ark., Aug. 21. (UP) —The mysterious poisoning of nine rchool girls, students at a Union county consolidated- school located near the home o( Senator Joe .T. Koblnsoii, today occupied -(he attention of Union county health officers. Tile students were taken violently 111 yesterday afternoon and wtre ;', removed to homes in the neighbor- :i hood after physicians from Lonok'e.' : : summoned to the building by the . principal, had administered to them. All had recovered today except three who physicians said were. In a serious condition. The poison was believed to have been caused from drinking wuter kept hi a water bucket at the door ol the building. Dr. T. E. Benlon, attendant physician, called to the school from Lone Oak. said the action of the poison Indicated strychnine. Miss While, principal of the school, told authorities thai Lticl- cus While was the first to be stricken after taking several long drinks fiom the bucket. The little girl hart been Ihe lasl lo return from the playfleld after the recess period and complained of feeling thirsty. She went back to the bucket three times before she fainted.. Her condition and thai of. her: Msler Marie, 11, and Thehna Hud-" son. 10, was regarded, a'a serious. Thclma's older sister, Lorec, became violently Ul last nljhi • and • _• doctors prohibited her'parents from removing her. lo Little Rock 'for • hospital treatment, fearing thelonr trip would .exhaust the lltlleVgirl, 'and -cause death.-•-.<.,^.;-;£'-'...^. '•.-•;} Oihere affected ivei'v?: ^Evelyn Deity. Bessie 'Pearcy, Mary Pierce, Cnppa Reed and Helen Reed. The Union coruolidalert school Is localed seven miles wesl of here..' The water bucket, Miss White explained, lias been in use for three dl.'-lrieL delivered a forceful address in support of (he American j ton CooiicraUve Association, and its branch, th; Mid-South. The luP: was made from an improvised platform on the back of a truck In Hutton's Grove. Ihrec miles north of Manila. The Lions clubs of Manila i and Lenchvillc had sponsored tlu i meeting, itnd every store in both (owns had closed for (he occasion.! Driver traced the history of col-1 [^"unTdn consolidated school at (on raising for the past twcnly | noon ,„,„ cne o( lhe nlne st udents,. years. He showed lhal farmers^had Thelma u,^,,^ remaiiv-d in a lost money year In and year out. ser | ous condition. Others were. One Seriously 111 pies of man's cruelty lo himself and Iclared they lo others. • eight hau'.s been swimming their feet day. Wagner was captured late yes "I cidn'I know K I have succeeded I lol 'E ;i «l bottom where they could terday 12 miles southeast of here in leaving this impression wilh Ihe l^™ 1 '- 1 ashore and fainted wilh ex- , sit j orll y "f 1 ," llc public, tut I have played, ciei-y j''~ "" ihaustio:]. character with the definite idea : that no maKer how bad or distort- crt the man portrayed, he is funda- VUtCfiffiH es, i »,j -i Ci J_ i ri |" lanll « OlUdeniS JQ Register Tuesday _ __ • * ,,.„. , , ... . , 7 ... " *' "" a motorist. The fugitive was famished and leadlly Mel officers uf plhns of the prison break. He said his wife. Mildred Wagner, held here In connection wilh the jail delivery, slipped him saw blades with which he planned lo e((ccl his ercapc so he could join her and continue their S IJUIIIUI.-U IU I'l could join hci ! honeymoon. while manufacturers had arnasssd enormous sums. He gave as lhe cause of this the fact lhal the manufacturers had cooperated wilh one another. The failure of the few t cotton cooperative movements that | have been initialed in lhe past had been due lo lack of cooiier'alion. Bui (his present organi/alion Is not a county'one, a state one. nor a national one. It Is really an international movement. Driver criticized the legalized gambling o( tlv? New York Slock Exchange, and other exchanges. He said the members of the Exchange, the spinners, and other cotton buying agencies were lhe enemies of the Farm Hoard ami were doing all they could Korl Tcv.-son. m " nity '" through yo'.ir com- i ..j hpijfv | the greatest art , to appear at the High School! wilh a number of the leading schools in lhe Mississippi Valley Conference. The schedule furnish this morning. Classes will be _. ranged according to tlle numbers j luVco'lol-'u] running' male" al- piclures "Blind Tom" in ! action, bin the real reason for his a1 '" i reason explains, too, the in the world. ifiNaval Officer Victim of , -hat tight glows in the sin-scarred ! faces." Chancy spoke with sin- i eerily. 4-H Club Gives Show Fatal Accident in Na- At Manila Theatre the tcday is as follows: . - „ wjn „ Mr ' lorcster '.each student wlll.necd for tly. sen,- nom- Qualifies in Model Contest l i ester wil be designated. All those :e for governor, who. practically j Joseoh Wolf or t ..... -.,-.. ----- s ----- , .. penniless, campaigned by Jackson. Tenn.. i u . hr) 1]nve no( bccn va( . cinn|C( j must | i,^;^',,^ . either be by the beginning of the! Ti (Vini in \r 10 i£ °' T I tcrm ' cr bri " B n certi[ icatc thai j ed •Belli il iMCR.en7..c, letm.. niey have had smallpox. School ! "Blind Tom" and "Alfalfa ' October 17 al Jonesboro. "'"' b<?Bin Se P t(>mbcr 8 - ' arc vrMy much like "home October 24 at Marble Hill. Missouri (Will-Maytield). October 31 at Jonesboro. November 7 at Morritton. nnsas iKardin). November 21 «t Memphis, Tcnii..;..,,, <<tuslll , lvvu generations ,n a i a v'.' i ~, , , 'family microns times, she still "iro living oil In Tulsa or Okla-. ^ember 27 at Jonestoro (Car-'looks forward to the honor of hav-' honia City his modpl Ai i W ni to detcat It. "If ever 1 can gel the support of my colleagues, ' I will wiue oul every collon exchange in country." This statement i brought a long applause from the Aug. 27. — The j crowd of both larmers and mer- Herman Davis 4-II Club presented j chaws. a theatrical performance at the i j E. Crit7, county agcni, acied New Theatre lasl night before a I O s mr.sler of ceremonies. Other Aug. 27. (UP)—A navy good-sized audience. The perform- 1 ! speakers on-the program were. A. pursuit, plant caught fire and consisted of four one actiG. Little, of the First National] | crashed at die southeast end c' P |avs - with songs and ;ckes given Bank of Blylheville. and C. G. l! tli<- granrtuond while hurtling by Individual members between the ! Smith, a member of the board oi A parade to advertise the' directors of the Mid-South Coop- ,' in • i-l • MANILA. Ark., tional Kaces in Chicago. AIRPORT able to leave their beds. County authorities have decided to abaixion investigation, it was announced, because it would add to the confusicn surrounding th.i poison easel • Will Try Again to Remove Nail from Lung MEMPHIS. Tenn.—JCES ' Collie, 17, of Leachvllle. Ark., who received treatment at the- Baptist lids- pltal more than a month ago. when surgeons attempted to remove • n, nail from his lungs, was back' 'at 1 lhe hospital yesterday, still troubled by the nail. . . The youth swallowed the nail more than four years ago wh'ile wrestling with a companion ut.liis home. His condition is said to be good. Surgeons will make another attempt to remove the nail. qualified ^nr,r;i!>-'^- ing over the state. | day in lhe weekly meet of the local " reu S" - . s P a <* " ISO miles per acts. A parade to ad •o the liickory-shirted. blue-jean- unit. American Model Aircraftm ; T lrmg the natlonal air "^ show was staged diirmi farmers in rural Oklahoma both ond Gliders club flying the craft i y ' n ,°° n ' This cl " b has ! , . r~- > .. !,»_,,- n:,,-. n« -_ V*"6 l "^ V.1111V | . l. p nlrw .* o r ,i,.n tl, 111. .''Ulg Bill" 30 seconds. He was given vanced mcdcl as a prize. Lieutenant J. p. De Shazo. 28- y.?ar-old pilot, was removed from Will Discuss Familiar s; 1 Questions of Religion When the Rev. Samuel L. Joekel. D. D.. of Austin. Tex., conducts been"one "of ; the necessity for hasty action in a|?, n '' evangelistic meeting at" the" the most active in (he history ol; time which was critical as the pres- p !"t Presbyterian church begin- Ihe local organization. Only a' cnt is. They urged the merchants nln S Sunday, August 31, he will ing the after- j crative Association. Both stressed discuss a number of familiar qucs- j Scant Seconds Separate nthersville). FAU CLAIRF t.AU CLA(RE. lions speak louder tutored three famlly ' Mlss generations of taught i 1 )— AC-; m rural schools two vcars before -— '- • - - Though Oklahoma is best known as an oil state, it is the farmer vote thai really counts and when t.ies; ci.uu VIENNA.- The Smokers' Club organized here 40 years ago, is stiP going strong— and so are the pipes. nons speak louder than words i coming here wliere she has lauqht I Timers ore in the mood for a B"mg sirong-and so thinks George Slubblefield, alias continuously) for 46 years with - ; clla »EO "icy naturally look f 3r I Lc "C clay pipes, of a WnKn^l T/SV.I-.F. ...!,„ rj__..,.. . _Ji*" 11 «>».«i^ttllIl t l. J -" _. . -" ... I tflfffV .irrt narniiif nr ] : ...... , ' vu.n.i.nul.J.J I li,k -lu JfUIS ttllll Robert Johns who was Identified record cf having missed her claws as the man who held- up the Fester • only four clays in nearly half "a siate bank In June. On being in-i century. - troduced to the county jail here! M exclaimed, "What a cracker- : leaders among their own kind. ic life of Oklahoma's blind so- ' plpes ' Cl 8 a n;. cheroots, or clarets has hern almost as colorful nsi°; e "°- Permitted to bc smoked by very old vin- are permitted in the club, a^ and porcelai- •cts GOOD PHEASANT CROP The Ion has ull ........ „,.„.,»,.., ....... -i, k i tllc peculiar brand of politics play- m ™»crs of the club. box! "When that statement failed- PLANK1NTON. S D (UP)— Al cd '» Hie state from which he hails ! to impress he added "Anyone could though many otlier crops have snf" ' ~ and ' ln Us P ersonal P has °. ,P a set cut of hero." Nevertheless the fered from, hot wralVr anri I thctic - ' ers take the responsibility of sign-: Do With Jesus.' Who Is Called _. . n THEV FOITFT JOK '"5 thcsc Podges is as much nlthe Christ?" "The Greatest Pass- IJerby KaCCrS WAB\SH Irt- 'ilJPi—Frlpnd^' !ilacltcr as hc who n=ld back in l e ? c in the New Testament," "How foree- when lop'riivl- -vis in h,™' 1917 Blld 1918 -" had a 8 reat «ftect jta Hav^ a Revival." "The Marks CURTIS AIRPORT, CHICAGO his sevemv slx^i hirMdiv th?, vr»r I li P° n hts "s'^rs. Over fitly men. Of a Christian." "The Audacity of ,.._ •>•> .,rr,, ^-..._ ....... . ' " ocienij ^IAUI , in.-> vim | nll>rf(rllf , ,„ .„„,, ,„ ot , oott ,„„ Christianity". and "The Mind of Christ." The plans for the meeting are virtually complete, according to the | pastor, the Rev. Marsh M. Calla- jway, ---_, _ --- v ... V u, «'<OOCVClJl.J-^LAUll, - lliilULl> IIL!^> Vt-rH i , , . . . . . Aug. 3,. (UPi-Two aviators who end there were c.nlv three red ' ties ! plc , dgca -}° " nd '" nt le f st landed their powerful monoplanes cn the Davis table W.icn Jw sat • M '*- nnd only 13 seconds apart after racing down lo his blnhday dinner For more than half-way across the as long as he can remember Joe! continent, awaited today the arrival has worn r.o ties but red one and '• of Art Goebel to decide the winner each birthday he received between : of the men's Pacific non-stop air 50 and "5 from his frionds. derby. matter consideration. wsrc glvlng the | Local Auxiliary Shows Way to Units in State SOLVING THE PROBLEM KELSO. (UP)—Skunks ur,;d to At a, meeting of the membership: bother the cook of a Weyerhausei DANVILLE. III. (UP)-Small sal- been arrested after shooting up a,nocks c( t>e young birds many of restaurant here. 11 he fecond and third liatchinj. He has never teen airplane or a sky iContlnuca on page three) <.>.. i.«.,, n,,.u,io. u-.u.uu LUIII MLS nrsi wnc 9i:u asxea ,or gasonne ana oil- Tn.J released Jnlv 9 1929 Recaptured een an auto. ar. two months lalar took i second one attendanl Oiled her gas tank and here recently the fl<h was 17K scraper and al- and serious complications In his then preparing lo Jill the oil asked: Inches "lon 5 aiid woifihod one pound > page three) Iflnancc ensued. I-what VinH IIMW?- -:..,^ .,.. .. • jand six ounces members will continue through this week In an endeavor to secure 100| pakl memberships before the slate j ARKANSAS—Increasing cloudl- convrnllon. jness tonight and Thursday.

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