The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1938
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 1938 BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS frAGfe SEVlilN Blow "WB MAKE 'EM 8EE- Ph'ohe MO CLASSIFIED l ADVERTISING INFORMATION . Daily rate per lino for consecii- ive Infections: pno time per line ,.. JOc ftvo times per lino pci- day ...089 Jlirce tinies |>'cr lino per tiny ..Ulic Six times per lino per day ....Q5c Alontli .rate per line 69c Cards of Tlianks 50c & 75c Minimum charge 50c ds ordered for Hirec or six ; and stopped before oxplni- will be dinrgcd for the mini- er of limes the add 'appeared 'and 4'a.tiislment of bill made. AU classified Advertising cow jubmittcd by persons residing outside of the city niii-sl be accompanied by caili., Kates niuy bo easily 'computed from above table. AolveitlJfiVg; ordered for IiTcgular in&rlioils takes the one lime rate. , No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Inser lion of any classified ad. Business Directory HARRY BAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE (Good Foirtd fit 'Good Prices All Kinds 3ea Food Fresh Crappie Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. Phones 6-F-4 & 878 Baby Chicks 61 Nbrtli. I'iiono 7«, " Tailors It you need a Tailor, sec George Muir, "Bljilieville's Only 1'nilor." Main & S. li. K. Batteries KliHVICK J. Ben Clime Phone 8 at Tom Jiicksoii's For Sale BIRD liens, Mrs. N. Baldwin, Dell, Ai'k. 24-pk n. EASY TERMS un used I-'rJg nli'es, Mnytng Washers, Delco light plants & nitllos. K. U. Get Sales Co. lionse uptown, o rooms ami balh •1 room servants house on rear of lot. Easy terms. Write Box "A" Courier News. 21'ck-4-21 000 Ini.shels of rccleaucd new rcdo beans. Delta Implements, Inc., phone B02. 13-ck-lf I'ot Saic 40 acre farm 3';. miles Blytlicvillc, all cleared. 4 room lliiugnlow. $2200 with $600 cash, balance over period of years to suit iMivcliaser, 80 acres :i milt's from ijmnl town in S. E. Mo. 52400. $000, 10 years on rest. 140 acres 2 mites of town 1-1 mile of hard road. S15 an acre. All cleared. Two good sets ol improvements. MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. 100 acres on Rood road. $10 acre. $3000, terms on rest. an .00 acres, well improved, 1'i miles of town. $55 un flcrc. $1033 cash. Rest Terms. Tin Work SNYDER'S TIN SHOP Mclal Work fur 20 Years Valves, Blowpipes, Seed Bins ALL WO£K GUARANTEED Money Hark Guaraiitctil STOP-A-LEAK Roof Coating Also Plastic Cement 322 No. 6th Phone 4 Coal My Coal Is Black But I Treat You Willie. LOCAL HAULING John P.iU'hanan '-"i-'SS* hCYillof^Ark. ° x '"" Phone 10J A lot of cut-over land come with small amount cleared. House & ;ani. 530 and $35 an acre. S100 down on 40 acres. Will take live stock or anything of that value for the cash payment. Nice home en W. Ash. Newly decorated out and in. ?lii;o. ?50G down, B«l. like rent. Two ileuses in West End. SG50 wil handle. Now renting tor ?22.50 per month. 5 room house and bath on goat street for S850 with $300 down talar.c'c like rent. We have many linnjuins in rnrn mitt city property. CMl or see me R. M. Beck 103 'So. 2ml St. IMiouc 100 For Sale Pretly home with haVdwbpd flcors 102 Keiitucky. corner First. Pric ,. till J.p'aia..". for. Will rent al $30.01 Possession today. Radio• XI.UUXU Expert Radio Service PARTS, TUBES, BATtERIEi llardawaj Appliance Cu. Henry Werner; Main & 5th Phone 23: 5'i acres and fl iMiii Main -St... \ypnclcrfii $2100 on terms. Wanted To Buy S25CO Worlh "f USED FURWTUEIK All Makes Radios Repaired WADE FURNITUilK CO. 112 W. main Phone 155 3 acres on No. 01 near ttolf Units 5 room collage, other improve " 1Cn|S ' S50() *-'« H.O.L.O. pj-lt 5 25M Scc jt an(l makc auVoffc it. Must IK sold. Thomas Land Co. To Settle An Ks'lilB wo nice houses, now renting for 22.50 per month. $500.00 down, ilancc like rent. If. C. Campbell, dministrator, 110 Ho, VTankhn. lO-ck-4-11 0 or CO acres ot land. D. n. Garner, Armorcl. !2-pk-4-l'2 icnuine teoutheni Lbrcdo Soy- ns. Threshed early. Kecleancd S. 0. Dobbs Armorcl, Ark. Box 4 U-pk-4-tl Pretty \i'c\V Ito'nYo 'oh Davis '61, $30,00 A mb'nrti, ili'oiVijis t»i|iu) ia'9 acres Wi)\l, (our hohsis iviul barn, iH ilal'f Mopi\ ;coi,h|i)iniily. 11 acres jo) Dell, Avkaiisiis. , See KnVi Comfortable Ijcdi'ojSiii at 615 W. WuliiiU. IMVo'nb 351. 24-ck-U OoiiifoVtable lieilrponi. pliuu'e ii'vi-J. Call ill 025 YV. Main. iVi'k 4-17 Modcvit 3 I'oqm apAvUnent. Newly decorated. JLJiUurnlsh'cii. Corner mul 2nd, Alsio business build- All kinds of tlinii) Klmmlnj; ital Arnold, 317 , Vaw oyster Invigorates [mil oil Bllmulnnl.s. one dose starts na-.v pep. Value $1.00. Special price »9o Gall.Avrlte Kill))' Urns. Ding Sloio Kirby's Active Liver PiHs Arouse Sluggish Liver* ., iijni «JK Li.»il«(l|Ci. AJIIVO l.lttr l'lll» KPl il Ihr "A 1 . ?•">» »I >our >[u«([«hii,.«, .no n>»>l» ?»» .'wl,ll*o < ,10. [mriun. KIJ 'ttr.nutm of .uri.liii |iui.ur,i njlh ' , Ing iicxl lo .Krogor Store. F. Sithott, Phone 8-ck-tl utlt, bedroom, Call 102. 1017 Wnl- Iff-ck-lf Freeman Brothers. Painters and Piipi'i'liniisjer.*. Phone 321, The Zollncr Slipper Sliop sells Paris Fashion Shoes, by Wahl Shoe Co. Used .t'uririUfre 'OR SALE—12 good young mules, cash or terms. C. H. \Vliktle, 6 ,iilcs south of Rosclaud. 8-pk-4-8 Hay—Soylicans—Oats Sred Corn—Milch Cows And Tractor Work. See W. L. Tale, Armorcl, Ark. 10 volume sel ol Stan dard Reference Books with loosa cat binder. Call 230 or 702. 15-fa-fa Wantefl \\K .ItUY & SUM FURNlTlJRE huV NOW - 1'AY .FAI>L - Next tiS GulT iiitnru Hotel 11 Foiir passengers lo .share expenses to phoenix, Arizona. James Mills, Brownice's Store, Dell. 25-pk-2[> na.lj6t| Tc'^t 88 ,$60 IVr Ton i i'riiiif, j'olik i;. ' i "old • til Klrb? «a»th. Fouiul Leather folder with a keys. Owti cr- can linvc same by iwyfilg cost of this ad. B(B'ck leutlirr Vey liolder cdnluli.. Ing nbc key. Ow^er can linva fame by paying cost or this ad, Courier News. MeiAl key ring wllh 13 Jipys. FoihUl .nenr High Scliool. Owner, can have same by 'paying cost of tills Timing Pianos tuned and repaired. Call George Ford at Wade Furniture Co.-. .I'liimo 155, Sk'iUh lioaVcd rooit\ \Viil! 803 W. As>i, iilibtti! 151. Nicely 'ii r0olii(!, lioaVii if ' icely iuC'ii r0olii(!, lioaVi if dcslrc'rt, fti'oub 603. 113 K. 'On'er- '• " : - '•"• i.iui I'll lovbncito A; EfcclUi fcook'cd 31'civks . All Uiulthg UrauiVi or BwV, Whiskeys, Wines a in 2 t'n'ck.ighi Ons 'As 'Oil 21 Iltyhwny (Ji 17 IIollnUil, Wilrt *' Ul t'hSfob Heitibrirhbids-tiles CUREl) WlflWUT SUrtGiEttY & Biff, sore ini VU'h it* dhromtort. All dlseajH fiii) conJlijojii at ,'rieryoiu orlitrt, foot ellmt'nU »n'4 ikln cinc'fr« ticileii »riil cured at our cUiilc. DRS. NIBS' & NlEs and Groceries At A Savings h'riii Savfe Hero \Vo j^hv ttljjlrtSi i|H«*.s «ii i'dliUri 1 ^l ttii tiWra GAIHESMKT. Its W. hUlit SJ. ). /*. & fc. - //A CA'rcrnll.0 HclbcU-il Tcsls . Itillc iui AVr« nii 'jittor luiit). 1 nil.iumtcc liii* cccA iw H'ftnil As tlio brsl nl /I. F. DltiTRlCU I'liiiim 70D ur :t7a 'Kxpcrt Wiring WALPOLE'S "The Complete filcclrlcal Slo're" J10 Sr>. Zmi t'Jiifn'c 311 itox coi Wyii>cviiti>; Avk. lUslilH Maiia'jpr HAMILTON TiiysT fcO'Nli f5|mi)iio'ix'd Dy lliniillloji I>C|x>.5lu)ia Corp, S KE I)S .'-; - I'lelil Brcds. All Varieties. Onh. Koybcnns. I,cs)icdc/ii, AKnUn, Any Qimnllty. Wholuwilc .'i Ilclall \V, 0. UKiCVKfi So. St, lllylhcv'l'ile, Ai-k. I'liono WELDING AT BK^T I'lUOES 8ERV1O8 COTTON SEED .,», i'. i,. NO. a First Vfir From Itrccdcir {.'usldiii (Utinod BRAXTO^ (JILL Ml, Arfc. • Now LocalcJ i\ ibl Nottli ke'ccrij MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE ., I>ON Cilcnlntnra— Kcpalrlji^ — 1'aHs— itihtjoru Ml mnkM ol ucbiilll Typcwrllcr«, Adding M»rlilne« an( — '' Sporting Goods Complete Stock Goldsmith's Baseball Goods Just Arrived! SHOU'SR-HENUY IIAKDWAKl! CO. IB 11 HORIZONTAL ••>-•'•?•> Pictured VJ scientist.- 12 Ovule. 14 Away. '15 Prevaricator. i.I6 Airplane. . 17 Branch. i 18 Growing old. i 20 Feminine ; pronoun. ir'Zl Rope walker. 1 23 Gibbon.' : 24 Exists. Expert;^* - Answer l» Previous Purzle America. . J. i 28 Form ot "be." |30To puton.'.-tS 5ISllc;imlcl ' 132Bone. vjf<i,53 Wild ox. : : 34 Passage, '"; \ 36 Halt. f. > 38 Therefore. ; 39 Opposed to « Sea robbers, i C1 Male 1C He was also / known as a I 10 He propounded 'j the law ot 22 Form ot "be.", 26Tliick shrub.'! 28 Languishes.^ 1 ' 2!) Drain. 31 Fiber khots.ij SSFci'n seeds.' 35 Complains. S] 37 Man. ""•' snatch by'/ '54 Four and five.' 3 Back. , 55 Sea eagle. '. 4 Thought. ' ~>f j 57 Golf teacher.^ 5 Faraway, ") j 59 Bronze. /'', : , .2 ,6 Usurper. .j higher. ' ' 60 Also. /j»*r^f .' Hail fool. i41 Bultcr lump. 62 Tatter."'"'';-^ 8'Exullant. • Ji ij Either "*! 63 He was ,1 *V 0 Toupee. * force. ' VERTICAL -14 Convent ? worhcr. •& 47 Pealed A. a .« Fo 49 Small 50 To merit. /Ty . 2 Small islands."^ ' ' ' j'caico. \.™ ^, Forin of "a.".y Small shark.'fj To merit. /Zy/ / 52 Permits, i 2 1 / 56 Sun god.'' y .. ... ---_..— . 58king of.•^j': ^vi To perforate' A famous ilObrcss coat cue! Bashari.'Sjt, .'! the skull, v 9 .mathemalii. ill Measures. '/ 59 Sloth. >*i, •^ci.f.,1.: ,--v _:_. iSrtaU an cm. 61 Hawaiian biri i 45 Note in scale.' fnlcunliirs— Ile]iiilrlnit— I'nr BY V. T. HAM LIN OH', ov: HEWS BACK.! THAT MEAM5 I'VE GOTTA VISIT1N 1 WJTH |R A SPELL, ANVWAV SHE R&RE IF.'SHE .KNOW WONTH11S<T ARE A LQVEW THANK voih AMP TRP?'GLAD) HOW WERE THINC ? S WITH VOy WHILE I " OUR APARTMENT. ANP STUFF =s BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES «V .BlVGA'R MA.RTIN OKi '. w\vv\t » 0V Hf^E TO •^ \-tWJt Xft\TUVb r e ,(\ OO U 1 . AW V-JWS^i Mt AM 1 GOVJNik OO ' WASH TUBBS KY K'OY CRANE Sihicc for the Guilder BUT HOW'D VOO LOSE YOUfc. VA &i'w. EASY? wor / TH' HECK HAPPENED? i.GEe WIZl VJHO VroyLDU'T BE CURlOUSf A MOHTH AGO vou o)s^ppE^c- ED VERY A\YS - TERIOUSLY. HAD TMO'USA^D > NOW. W SHOW UP, WITHOUT 1 TOLD BEFORE, PODUER, IT'S A WM'TER WHICH r PCEPEK MOT TO DISCUSS, WELL, WHO'S THE CLW5Y DOVL CALLING YOU ITS A PREFER MOT TO DISCUSS! 8V NEASERVlCt. tVc. T. M, tlV MEllRlLL BLbSSER FRKCKF.ES AND HIS FRIENDS ^ DADDY , ivr COT O OU'i : . U HE YOU Hi. TO OCBATi NECiATIVE SIDE JJI.V ..^ ^ L *•'•* ''1 \^"^(> f$ /'4. ;J:.:V-^ //./JB / ••'• <*••••, . > /.-, %;^ & /':'/ ^ ..'"- v "«-^ V ••• ' f». .L I COULDN'T TEI-L . HIM J IF HE KMEV/i HE'D FORGET Mo LIMES PURPOSELY SO' 1 1,D \WINJ ! 1 DOM'l wAMT THAT TO HAPPEN) .' J SO \J YEi, DADDY .'. YOU'RE \ TlilS DC'BATc DROPPING ) MEANS A LOT OUT AL- \ TO FRECKLES- TOObTHER J 1 RFALLY VaMT ^ MlM TO WIN—" BESID'ES, THAT'S WHY I HAVfeMT BEEN SEEING Y&®Mi#'&&F^&%%%&'* \>tj^~ ~~ — ~~^&? HAVEN'T SEEN HIM BECAUSE \c HtLL GET OF DUDLEY WANGLE.' I / A CI-lAKJr.f 1 TO- BET, HE'D GIVE A LOT Tc3 / DUDLEY IS GET 'A CRACK AT _./ DEBATING IN DUDLEY.' ^^^T K MY PLACE.' '""\'\ 1 L_J I

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