The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1948
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUX COURIER NEWS CO H W UAINES, Pu01<$t»t JAMES L. VERHOEFF Editor PAUL D HUMAN. Adverttlns Manager Bole National Advertising Representatives: W»U»M Winner Co, New York. Chicago. Detroit, AUinU, MemptiU. Publlshed Eveiy Afternoon Except Sunday Entered »s (second class matter at the poit- OCice at BlythevUle, Arkansas, under act oi Congress, October 9. 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Bj carrier In the city at Blyinevllle or may fuburtui) town where carrier service Is maintained. 20c per week, or 85c pei month By mall, within a radius of 50 miles. $4.00 per year. 12.00 for six months. 11.00 tit three monthi; by mall outside 50 mile cone, 110.00 per ve&r payable In advance. Meditation Then belicvfrt they his words; they — Psalms IOC: 12. praise, Faith is to believe what we do not sec, and the reward of this faith is to sec whnl we believe. — St. Augustine. Barbs Winter skating romances thc usual term of courtship. The gal breaks lhe ice. * « » Saying you have no liarf habits makes you almost too good to be true. * * * Women still arc told to remove their hats in the movies—when thc usher recognizes ihcm. * » • A style authority thinks men need more color to their dollies. Green Is nke—right down In the puiti pocket. * * * Many politicians who start out to name names irtnd up Just calling them. Tackled Big Problem In Getting Natural Gas Potential users ol natural gas in Eastern Arkansas ;ire face to face today with their greatest problem in the 11- county movement to obtain « fuel sti|)|)!y which will make the area moru iitlraclive to liome owners and to new industries. The East Arkansas Natural Gas Corporation was formed less than a year ago with the idea of pooling municipal franchises in 22 cities and luwus as an inducement for a large and responsible distributor of natural gas to enter this great field which has been by-passed while nearly all other densely populated sections or Arkansas were able to get this clean fuel at rates competitive in normal times with other types of fuel. 'Utility rales fluctuate less than other prices during periods of inflation, such as we are experiencing today, and the price of fuel delivered by regulated utilities i s much lower by comparison than the cost of most other fuels. Some fuel prices have advanced as much as 25 per cent within the-past year. The newcomer among organizations in Eastern Arkansas has made progress. It is attested by the fact that Blytheville became the 13th city in lhe area to place in tlie hands of (lie association's directors a franchise for distribution of natural gas. Action by several other cities is expected to bc taken within the next few weeks. And the East Arkansas Natural Gas Consumers Corporation, which is operating without profit and without salaries to busy businessmen .who arc serving on the board of directors, is proceeding with greatest possible .speed toward the goal which was little more than a dream a year ago. The next step will be a conference in West Memphis on March 1!) with representatives of distributors of natural gas who are interested in entering ICast Arkansas and making the substantial investments which will be necessary to pipe natural gas to the various towns and provide distribution systems in each of those municipalities. Such a block of franchises doubtless will be attractive to the distributors of natural gas. Such distributors have assurance from the Arkansas Public Service Commission they can make, if they follow reasonable business practices, an earning up to six j,er cent of their investment needed to deliver natural gas into East Arkansas. Responsibility for making the best possible deal for the consumers in Eastern Arkansas is on the shoulders of (he directors of consumers association. Serving from Mississippi County H re B! A. Lynch, president of the Farmers Bank and Trust Company in Blytheville, and Ben F. Butler, mayor of Osceola, who also is president of the association. They were instrumental in junking •n original proposal to put the matter of placing the gas franchise into the hands of a special committee of five men and putting the responsibility on the whole board. The re»poasibil% should b« with the whole board and when the franchises are placed with a responsible and experienced utility concern we feel that the gas consumers organization will have performed a most valuable service for each and every one of the municipalities in Kastcni Arkansas which shows sufficient confidence in that organization to let it represent them in one of the most important tindertakings in (he area in a great many years. VIEWS OF OTHERS Peace Pattern: Recovery Plus Security Few If nny conferences since the close of the war have opened on a more auspicious note then Hint sounded at Brussels, where representatives of Britain, France, Hclgiiini, The Netherlands and Luxcmboig arc working out a iciMonal defense pact. The cheerfulness expresses ilsclf even in application of humorous labels like "Spmikistan" and "Bevinform" to I he projected regional de- Icnsc system. The labels reflect tilt- enthusiasm of Belgian) Premie:- spnnk lot the proposed alliance—and the fact, that he impulse lor his project was British Foreign Minister Bcviu's speech calling lor a western European union. The encouraging outlook is partly- the product of a statement by Undcr-secrctary o( Slate Lovctl to the effect that if western Europe can build tlie house, America has some ideas for rcoting it. The mood at Brussels in expected to cool down when Hie actual problems of reconciling British and French views with [hose of the smaller "Benelux" stales have to be tncklcd. But even then the fact will remain: the decision of the live western European countries to pool their problems nnd their power, and the support which Washington now oilers them, are as pat to the world situation as was the^ likewise revolutionary concept of Lend-Lease in Its day. They are the result not of theorizing but of facing conditions. It Is an echo of unhappy far-off things that an erstwhile ally, Russia, appears as the catalyst for western European co-operation on both the economic and political fronts. When Marshal Smuts first spoke of a western European group, there still was hope that the searching experience world war would reveal common interests lor Russia and the West which would transcend the considerations tending to divide them. When, much later, Winston Churchill asked for an American commitment to a European anti-Communist front there was still a hope that misunderstanding rather than opposing basic purpose was the chief cause o[ world unrest. As Mr, Bevln reminded us i n his speech on "European western union," the Marshall Plan brought all this to a head. Moscow's relusal to cooperate or to pci-mll co-operation by other smaller states under its influence proclaimed the Russian Preoccupation with oilier things than the well- being of Europe. Of the common purposes that built so gallant an alliance of East and West rliiring the wa r there remains chiefly lh e United Nations. So it Is worth stressing that the regional defense system projected at Brussels does not violate UN concepts, it merely claims for western Europe the same privileges which Russia demanded for eastern Europe, and for which the UN specially provides. The heart of western European organization, however, must be a greater element ol power than 11ml region itself commands. That is why American encouragement of ihe Brussels purposes is so, vita) to It. It is almost certain that with such encouragement the purpose of Brussels will surely be duplicated elsewhere. A series of regional assistance systems tying all western Europe in the first phases of what one day may b c close political union can be The Lovett statement lias surcharged Europe with a new hope. By it Hie United states invites new and even vaster responsibilities than it 1,,-i.s accepted through the European Recovery Program. -CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. 'Whew! That Was a Short Trio!' SATURDAY, MARCH 13, 1048 Sinners, Bovine Anatomy Enter Testimony in O/eo Tax Probe THE DOCTOR SAYS By Kdwin I'. Jordan, M. 1). Written for NEA Service The seemingly mysterious nature Mai-man and ch M |,^^ e ^ c ^iX^° e »^ tre he« I ,o < j-.v« Ir o,ea- «g ~££ ST^r «"» -M^'^if^mCrVelict * It is true that.nil th. „, ,!?",. l > ™ C . C 5. dod .. to . Use such oil s and -- ••> true that all the causes of' fals as were nvallal>i/>T".r" s "'"* ' = 7^2-«£ i iTi.a? '^ —-* Tiie witness, to get dow-i point, was Charles w Holm H is secretary of lh c Nationa/'co! susceptible operative Milk' Producers PVder in generation after generation Also, cancer seems to nm more in some families than i,, others. We know further that animate certain Finland's Constitution May Serve to Thwart Communist Scheme to Grab StiH More Power NEA VASHHTOTON ^respondent (NEA) '_ C]o,s= fo'ed or of only that we do not yet have thc complete picture. Mr. llolnian, of course, would er. ly improved. Many cancers can be reached by surgery which could not be attacked some years a"o Radi am and X-ray are also used successfully. With the general belief that can- , - —. ..... , cer, if it can be caught early, cnn I - vou ca "'i have one be treated more successfully has j cl «*-». and have a second for """" " "" ' " the clis- | ol ':'Jcd milk. And a third The witness .said Hint as he looked at it butter is the balance wheel of the whole dairy inriust \ \ cow rL. C! 1'.!??-.!' ls ' u .:. '-?. l»-™-ssed with faucet for of cancer anywhere in the body Nevertheless a person who has been said Holman "That examined for cancer and in whom j mean . s the unbalancing of dairy it has not been found should ceaic I | a '' mm s ail d the reduction of the 'o worry. Mai supply of fluid milk and olher Tlie answer to the cancer prob- ° a "7 Products." '•™ is research and Investigation. , :. comm 'ttcc is pretty handy at csults cannot be expected in M | ° aUm " a witness around. It batted lort time unless there is som= I ,.,'' Ho!ma " about for a spell, but tcky break or brilliant observation ' ,," I,,?, cl vei '- v far - So it turned to* ill in the long run some clue • i Wilson p. Douglass, who said* .nislaw Mikeolajczyk the resiEiiatlon of munlst cabinet members oslovakla as their constitutional I 200-m _ . . they must live Diet is guaranteed I next door to communism, most i _ !. It would be const!- | Finns are said to realize that they - J tutionally impossible for the Com- : must get alone with Russia There 1 -iiunisls to_ force the resignations of is nothing in "tin just f cation for ronm in ihn ' numisls lo Iorcc the resignations of is nothing in the proposed treaty, I countrlK i a " y " 0 »- c °mmunist members with covering only friendship cultural .. [ any hope that they could be legal- | relations and iinitiiHl a.sistance SO THEY SAY 15 Years Ago In Blytheville— mittce. .The dairymen—the Con' erpssmcn from Minnesota. Wisconsin, etc.. wanted to know if Cuda! hy colored its butter, too. Mr. Dotlg- ' hiss said he guessed they dirt. Ths 1 oleo bloc wanted to know if Cuda- itr a Ilarri squeeze and docs the col- enabled the Communists to rcroo're J it , the couslittition and so prevent these patriots from the scene. [ a Communist coup. Such tactics give the Communist i The next election in Finland Is minorities thc propaganda arug- ! scheduled for Juiy.vto choose a new incuts that their seizures of power ! Diei. The present Diet, has only 43 are peaceful changes of government j Comnumist members, linked with Communists abide by thei in the best democratic traditions. I 11 ' left-wingers in a pro-Russian ( taking over governments by T O „,,„„ ,>,. „„..„,„.„, ,„, „.,„.. , Democrat!,. Union „, f 5 , mem . j own versjon £, , egal mn])s * To make the arguments look even better, the propaganda is always accompanied by charges that it is the anli - Communist oppositiim which is conspiring to over-throw > their hers. The CoimminisUs thus con- Irol only from 20 to 25 per cent of the Diet. It is believed there are less than without the king and queen of diamonds, without the ace and kins the government by force and upset i oO.Coa Communist Parly members tin Finland. Most of the labor un- aie under lion-Communist thc constitution. Finns Elect Rrprcsrulativcs— And Their Successors control. The Communist press is In tlie case of Finland, however, noisy, but not too strong, and of Let tlie Communists use extra- ! of spades or ace of clubs. Therefore legal measures or outright military | he should have four hearts which force to overthrow a government. I would leave East with a singleton and Ibe United etate.5 will be fac- | heart.. If West held four hearts ed with the decision of whether it ] to the king he might have been will be content to write another reluctant to double for fear of dis- note and sit idly by—or whether to ; closing location of the king How- prolect the independence of small [ever the fact that he holds foul- nations, it will go to war. without getting her fingers ned- Mr. Douglass said, sirs, he Is a scientist and that sort of thing is out of his province. Automitive Hint If a wire in the car's electrical si-stem bcgans to smoke or burn, it should not be grasped with the bare hands, however, as it may cause severe burns. ! hearts is the key to the hand. high prize for ladies, a kleencx roller; Mrs. B. p. Potter a cookie jar B» F.RSKINE NEA Staff Corrcspunrtcnt IN HOLLYWOOD •••••••••»•••••••••••••••«*••••••«•! HOLLYWOOD — i NEAl—An old .Young—"Sweet Sue." . . Laura I Universal film. "That Night With j Leslie, vocalist with Sammy Kayc's | Declarer had already lost two ! for ladies low; Mrs. Eddie B. David iamonds and a club, and a couple > a bud vase for ladies cut; Mrs G. of diamonds had to be ruffed, j E. Keck a dressed chicken for the Therefore he should reason that j grand prize; w. W. Shaver a brush unless East's singleton Is the king set for men's high; Raymond Smith _ the contract cannot be made. So ash trays for men's low and Joss | he should lead the seven of hearts Horner shaving cream set for men's t£-'t;1ti,'trt;*'tSit;t;l, : lrtSrtiiiS*"*-*-* ' 1i amon <ts and a club, and a couple McKENNEY" ON BRIDGE You." will be given a bic iiiitimir re-release all because of a sir] named Eva Paul who plays a ble role. EVR is now better known HS Mrs. Winthrop Rockefeller. Wouldn't you know it department: If tlie midnight fights at Sunset strip giggle palaces feature, important personalities the heart waiters call thc newspapers and pamper thc participants. But it a pair nt unknowns '"------------------- starl throwinc punches, the heail- | waiters call the local Mib-sUUion of the sheriff's office nnd thc battlers arc carted away ill a hurry. Commodity prices fell Because the American housewife has run cut ot money.-Albm ••-. Luet. board chairman. Western Meat Packers' ASSIK ' * » » Lo-valty to America | 5 somcllilng that canaot be imposed by laws pvoljibiting a list of specified acts, it, comes from within, and springs from a sense of deccncy.-j. Edsar Hoover, director. FBI. • • • If we can't .settle um!cr.sta:;clm ss between «orx- e.s and management in our own mdustrml area, we must be liavln 3 hallucinations to think we can settle ml.smideiManrtm ES among nations- Earl o. Shroe. president, u. s. chamber of Commerce. While the whole wurld Is in pcln and lhe country m danger. „„„„,- politicians merely squabble for petty patronagc.-AdoIph A Doric Jr., chairman. Liberal p a ,i y 0[ Ncw York While il is Hue n mt dollars alone will not save Europe, n is equally t,- Uu that Europe cannot bc ^avM w.,bout dollar s .-Gov. James H. Dull , H , of lemuyU-Bnia, supporting ERP. The problem of nigh prices can only bc solved Un^'^rJace K " W *"* "" " Ot " PC * Ce - ciiiaiui a r .d private inltutivc cannot liinciion nornially.-Bcriurd M. Baruch. ItKO is lonkitij; over ils nuisi- r^l properties for Hill Williams. He was a well-kno«n vaudeville (l^nrrr before he signed «lth the SlUlllfl. Chela, the Chimp, signed a new contract with Sol l.e.s.scr to appear more Tarzan films. 1 minutes later." Someone orchestra, w-lll be ficrcen tested at ..,. . Warner Brothers. Edward Ry- r IffUriflff HoldillQ an has been buying dinner for Ann i T , m , , .,., Blyth at lhc Dells. There ,' eS *- S 1 1116 Ability "'•'••• be another Greg Peck on the. „ By \\nliau1 E. ."McKeijiiey Anierica's Card Authorily Written for NEA Service from dummy and go up with thc ce. Now a diamond should be ruffed cut prize. The Busy Bee Club of Sudbury School elected o: fleers this week to .screen soon. The Arthur Murray teacher with the .same name will bc screen tested by RKO. Another cycle of aviation films coming up, First is "Slattcry's Hur- j graded. A great many players would ! ricanc." a story about weather re- . make the contract. but*verv few with the nine of hearts, a club re- 'serve for the month of Ufarch. the [turned and ruffed by declarer, and ! are; Doris Muir for president; scc- |the eight of diamonds ruffed with : rctaiy David Stevens; Eloise' Bar- ithe queen of heats. The last three nes. Albeit Sahba and Woody Sims tricks will be won by declarer with : will prepare programs for the thc Ihrec high hearts. ! month. Today's hand Is the type which a player's ability can connais.sance pilots purchased ; uc by 20lh Centrny-Pox from aulllor , tion ' s Herman Wouk. DOXI.EVV O.N Afll Brian Donlevy will do a series of radio shows based on thc true cases of Lloyds of London. ARCIH Al Morris set Ihe deal. Uonlcvy plays an insurance Investigator. Red Skclton denies he's headed for the Xfayo Clinic for a physical check-up. make the correct deduc- When East's opening lead of the Medico! Scientist June Allyson is denying, too. She .says 'Ihose stork al thc studio cracked. "This is the """O" aren't so. -BUI." she adds, first lime an actress ever sicucd a ' " r '""cn'l eiven up hoping." conliact and chewed it up a few Tllr London Palbdium is paging -•• Roy Rogers and Dale Evans for a month's personal appearance there in the fall at S15.000 a week. F1I.MS OUTDR.IW CIH:i!C!ll-:s Here's more proof that motion pictmTR arc important. According to the Library of Congress, films ontdraw churches five to one. When John Payne returned lo thc "Saxon Charm" set and announced thc arrival of a baby boy. Su.<an Hayward asked how hi.s wife, Gloria de Haven, was feeling. "There's nothing to It." said John duckins, -She had a lit'lc P^ync." Tlircr Holl^unod .stiulins are KK«SK"ashlne Iccl'i bccav-c Ihcy t'.iniril do" n Urnry l'o:i;la's Rro.iilnay hit. "Mr. r.obrrls." AKCII! I.claml Hnyuard win nuke play Inln n picture for inrtr- | pfmlrnl rclrasr. | A!! luwycr.s .-.hollUI rnj j j thc pic- , I ture Just tnnouncecl for Robert i Donna Rccd, unhappy with lirr rnlcs^aml Lick of roles xt M-O-.M, is asking for release from her contract. Richard lt»ri, wlio Just checked out of !M-G-M. m.iy vi-inil up in (lie Iliird top spot in Republic's "Wakr of the Red Wilch" with John Tavne and Gail Russell. W3432 * AJ 109 *KQJ Tournament—Neither vul. South West North Elsl ' * Pass IV I A 2V Pass Pass 2 tit 3 ¥ P;i ss P.-IJS 3 4 Double Redoubled V Pass Pass Double Pass Pass Opening— + K v diamond king held, he continued with the queen of diamonds. West overtook, led back thc seven of spades which declarer won In dummy with the king. At this point declarer should lead Not In the script: "I wish worn- i'he deuce of clubs from dummy, en would stay off of platform heels West will win with lhe king, and HORIZONTAL 55 Female 1,7 Pictured relative medical 5 ' Verb forms scientist. Lord 5S Smal1 c =nclles __ VERTICAL Ucst 2 Of the ear 3 Bc seated 4 Daybreak 13 Unemployed 14 Set of teeth 15 Rig 16 Take into custody 18 Gazelle 22 Lamprey (comb, form) ^ Recipient 5 Sacred song 26 Eater 6 Demigod 27 Belongs to il 19 Oul of (prefix) 7 For fear that 28 Period 41 Color 43 Belongs (o hel 44 Transpose (ab.) 45 Pause 12 Peruse U From " Rl f nl < ab '> M Salt and bc pclilc. Their overpowering Mature is making shrimps out of most men."— Louis Hayward. Sign i" a Hollywood Boulevard corset shop: "The world may bc in bad shape, but you don't have to bc." Mead Courier Kewi Wan'. Adt. now let us say he returns the deuce of spades which will be won in dummy with Hie ace. Then thc ' ace of clubs should be cashed, and ! now it is time to play the trumps. The average player wi!l reach In for the queen and take the finesse, but not good players. They will review the bidding mentally. Obviously Wes'.'s rrd3«'>!e was made In Ihe hope ot driving the opponent! to four hearts. West doubled 21 Golf mound lo'strain a\ ' 23 Sonlh Dakota 11 Love god (ab.) 24 River barrier 25 Crimson 27 False god 29 Roster 3?. Unit of weight .13 Born 34 Let it stand! M Gull-like bird 37 Auricle 39 Neither 40 Size of shot 42 College cheer 44 Horse's gait 46 Mystic syllable 48 Nole in Guido's scale 50 Closer 52 Hawaiian pepper 53 He revolutionized with t;-- Vila! principals of i «nU*tpsl« 30 Indian weight 16 Above 31 Number 35 Paving substance 36 Child 38 Hindu queen 39 Water wheel 40 Finest 47 U'ai god 48 Alder tree 51 Continually 52 Goddess of J infatuation 54 Guineas (ab.) 56 Spanish (ab.)

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