The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1944
Page 3
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^TUESDAY, NOVEHMEtt U...1944. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COIMUER NEWS FAGS'THRU j£", * Bedrooms Will Be Personalized , Decorative Headboard ! Beds Now Open Stock > Of Many Stores Bedrooms will be more person", f. nosl-wm-. A recent suvvcv stated (Hat Tfi per cent of the home makers interviewed wanted to EC l«l bedroom furniture from onei stock rather limn In suites. Sine decorative headboard beds (box si>i'ing-on-lcgs or boxsyrlna set h frame with a headboard'and IK lootlxmrd* have become part of tin open slock of leading deparlmen and furniture store at prices whicl in the average budget, hnusewlvc. may now hare them without an qualms of conscience ivbout extrava saute. Equipped with a quality box- spring and firm, resilient mattress these teds are as comfortable fib tliey are attractive. When planning the number am arrangement of bedrooms for :i brand new post-war home, it is wel to Consider the size of (be family living habits, and tlic number of guests one may expect to accommodate. A small child's bedroom should either conned with or b« near that of Ms parents. A bedroom which Is to be used to some extent as a living room should have n preference in window exposure and view. Consideration should be given lo possible furniture arrangement in each bedroom. Twin beds, of course require more floor space and wall space than a double bed, and should be arranged so that there is a clearance of 20 inches on each side and nl (he foot end of (he beds winnows and doors should be arranged for cross ventilation, and windows should be placed near the ccilinir to let In maximum light and air Mch bedroom should have direct access from the hall AM should be If possible, beds should be placed so that they are not, facing the windows. The sunlight from eastern exposures, street lamps or other lights streaming in the windows, Hitting the sleeper directly In the face, can be avoided this ivav Individual requirements, likes or the itan bC consldered tefo ™ plete Placement of electrical Outlets type of lighting, extra nieces ot furniture, which may not be ac quired until later, and various other items, depending on the person who Is to occupy the room, must be careful y planned for i,, advance. Jhe tag thing to remember,-how-' ever, is that comfortable sleen etnipment lias always been always will be tire most impor.,.. pcnroom equipment. All the finei !L nr 5eri i e i S> I » tls l lren «s and van ,™ M nUraollvc gadgets in ih "•""'•• can't insure a good nit Preview Of Postwar Homes A thumbnail preview of post- Victory homes, in contrast with the so-called "miracle house", Is given by Practical lluilder magazine in Ihc following summary of ivlmt builders associated with' Ihe National Ass'n of Home Builders say they can produce. APPEARANCE: Little change simple lines and conservative decoration dominant with house designed from inside out. One story house popular. Rumbling house of California and Florida type will cause people to buy larger lots KITCHEN: Larger, with planned equipment, work surfaces and stor- ngc space. Where cost allows dln- IIH,' space and ventilating fan BASEMENTS: Popular but'not in warmer climates. Improved condensation and dampness Insulation. liAPHROOMS: With bullt-ins cabmcis, etc. showers standard fixtures. Two bathrooms per house or at least a bathroom uncl a half DINING ROOM: Smaller Or merged with living room . V^S', ROOM: According to budget will get ... builtins, niches (nooks, larger windows receiving more daylight „„,! outdoor setting MEDHOOA1S: Will E et window seats, cabinets, large, fitted clos- els; all built In dependent on owner's pocketbook. HEATING: Warm air, hot water and steam; automatic and more of- licicnt. Winter air-coiulltloning liu- pi-oml; all year alr-coiidltloulnir in future. Panel or radinnt heating to increase; solar radial ion, perhaps. ' LIGHTING AND MrRROKS- Placed where needed. Heavier wiring and more nutlets lo handle extra appliances especial BUILDING MATERIALS- Favorites will remain, some improved Newcomers appearing, such as structural insulating boards room- sac wall board, e(c. Plnsler still strong, but dry wall construction coming up. PLANNING: Attention paid to setting of house to site. Planning or communilies; curved »trcels business ami recreational centers" spacious parking lots, landscaping', Sirloin steak gets its name f ro , two tench words, -si,,-. ,, lonee," meaning "upon thc loin" to Rubber Heel MarSks from Your Moors Here's the easy way to get rid of the unsightly marks made by wartime heels of reclaimed rutber: Simply moisten o cloth with Bruce Floor Cleaner, rub it over the floor surface. Old accumulated was and ground-in dirt disappear. Light wax base helps restore luster. Will not injure finish orfleor. A product ofE.L.BruccCo.,v,'or!d"slarg- cst hardwood flooring maker. 60c qh $2 gallon E.C. Asbestos Still Available For Building Uses Lumber distribution now is strictly controlled under a limitation order recently issued by the War Production Board. The rcgu- la.ions affect all users of lumber— industry, farmers, home owners and even the Army and Navy An over-all distribution system is been set up which permits lumber dealers to supply only those buyers who have a proper authorization to purchase, except for a very limited amount which thc W'PB says will be allocated for unauthorized sales. This latter amount «'ill vary with the urgency of the umber supply situation. Due to thc critical shortage of umber which lias made this control necessary, users are being irgcd to use less critical materials vhcrover possible. These include isbcslos cement products, which ire being produced in quantities because they utilize thc shon nsbes- cs fibers that arc mined along mil the longer fibers needed for var use. To insure adequate supplies of = critically needed long fibers MB non- pel-mils the use of as- uestos sidings and shingles with^it restrictions, for necessary re- •uinjilelcly re-side or reproof^nv milding on which any part of the ivcsetH siding or roofing fs in nccd 'f •painting or.other miatntenance. Though they are being widely us l C <1 to replace critical items ns ' products and similar build-' ins materials arc not wartime stili- .stiliitcs. Asbestos cement shingles and sidings ha\'c been in use for years and have pioved their worth an ( i durability in many kinds of construction. Being of mineral composition they arc impervious to lire weather, rot, lermitc.s and rats, and do not need painting. Fixit Tips For Father Now (hat the little man of tlic bouse fixed the waffle iron here's another short list to challenge his technique; A sleeve board Is especially helpful in ironing children's garments. Tell him to take his coping saw and cut one out of anv three-qunr- ter-ineh scrap he can'find. Nce t | more closet spaco for can- YouVe~Not Too Old To Feel Young This is a message for men who f !7 k.', 1 . 01 ™ lifc b "t- »o longer find it thrilling because of the luck of certain vitamins and hormones, rromone, a recent medical discovery combining vitamins and hormones mn v multiply the vim nnr' zest and enjoyment you once knew your whole approach, your whole- attitude toward life, ma v improve when you begin to use Tromone Now it may be possible tor middle aged men to again enjoy the same spirit, vitality and pleasures that made their youth n thing ( 0 remember. Adde d years may not subtract from your pleasures when you use Tromone, the new medical formula combining-vitamins- and -hormones. Follow directions on label Tromone for sale by Robinson Drug Co. and druggists everywhere "Ing or dollies? A hammer and a •snw with a INIIM O n the end of 11 n, «', .," boiu ' (1 nnci « t( ™ ' lnll! * ami ofenllmos salvage from four io j^cub^feet of lost space. Get tn . wlli l l w"l you do with the- Illilc to s during ti u , | otu , w , n(ci ,\ lnys? W«l you have them in Ihe kitchen mil your feel or out in the yard n tlii-lr own weather-proof play- ho,j»» Toll hin, InlmJSoiorth or lumbcr-hc can do it now-mid ° '« «'oi-k NothliiK win milke ,,i m cl bigger than to bull,, ,. hoiisc, . btivtehed or broken webbing miner .sagging upholstered cl.nlr seats in be repaired at home If the holding the („,,., of the togciher b not, broken and con'mlon?™' I>iUl<ll "« ' s '» ^ Kllclii-n coimtcrs and work siir- f.ices covered with Jleum or felt- base floor covering , nuy uo cU>lm . ''"',"; 1 '' wi "' « 'lamp cloth ' Turns Attic Into Theater And 'Railroad Room' How annoyance caused constant «P In t'lf. r™' " " K " k '' lvilln Sllt building 1C of" '" B combinaf'lon l0 pl!,y e - nnd study-room for the boy o Ihe "Srl^SlsVo/Sg? ironies and Gardens.' ushig C long lengths of Insulating board tiles" 2 <lroi>a In encli nostril ork swiftly to liolpyou 1 e r» he,. collvrrlKl „„ llllfll|lsh " i- Into a large cheerful ,<».... ' P <!','"""">' IntfiMed as a pluy. the mother .epon.s | h i. », Booklet Gives Help us the assiimncc of i-m-i'iti officials that rest It I us on Hciio,, ,,|,, b,. „,„,„ , ,^ po^hl... thousands of n critical cyo on dilapidated homo Interiors, some iiiiswi'i-s to DIP quc.stioii ,,[ | low rooms will, mu-ko.l walls ami ,.,'tl- »BS can be mnile over nru sifv.- »i an Interesting booklet. "Tlic Mill! e of nccorndre Insiilntlun," which can be had without c«sl by wjllini! Ihe liisiilntlnii Hoard liistl- tnte, 'Jin North UiSulIc: St.. Clii- Amt'Hcim rullronils are cnrrvliig Wico i ho uimmiit ol iivl B h( im'wit by mil In tin, i,,st war vvllli GOO 00(1 lower cars. uccor<llu« lo office of defense •InmspurtiiUon tlniivs NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS sc: KAT8 MICE AN» KOAOII CONTIUU GUAKANTEEI) WORK «• ....... fntat tsw Buy Your PLUMBING SUPPLIES FROM THE MAN WHO KNOWS YOUR NEEDS. RIGHT OVER WAtlPAPER AND MAHy OTHI-R SURFAC?S FIRST CHOICE FOR l'^"^r:^. «•-'"<"""»«<« litfi'. walHword, bosemenl v, D ||, 5 - "0 "MINIf" ODM 2. APfLIIS LIKE MAGIC 6, WASHES (AilLY 3.o«iniHONtKou, 7.iov«i m coio« 'Ik OAt. ro>M t PAINT KITCHEN ond BATHROOM WALU With SH£n\V,N.WlLUAMS SEMI-LUSTRE Semi-gloss finish tor ti'icji- nil interior woodwork. O.OD I Durable - wusliablc. f;.,|. GOOD HEALTH Is The First Step to HAPPINESS Blytheville, Ark. EVERYBODY KNOWS that aood hca ,th is cssenfia , to ffce moss ot CYCry memfcer o , yQUf fami , y /f fe ^ ^^ that thc daily bather is healthier than the occasional bather and more alert! EACH DAY as your bath cleanses and refreshes you it re norvo strain ... rcv.Ves spirits ... helps condition you against changeable weather. Had your health bath yet today? Daily Baths Make You Feel Better —and others notice it, admiringly! Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!" PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. PHONE 51! -—•TtTSfWF^^n^ j J>-~ Millions of , 1CW Ooodyonr AH-Syiiiliclic Rubber tires are now making- ;,iil wife , c Ju'^ory on tlio roiul, rolling up amn/iiiff rcconls of cxlrn snfcl.y, oxlrn service . . . llio Hiune plus performance built into every Goodyonr over 20 ycnra of. tiro leadership. On sixteen tuxi Heels opcmlli) t r i n !u j mimy sMca lh(j iivqrago Hcrvico before ro,m m »ng in 22,360 miles. lliouaanilH of loslmiotimls from doctors, fnrmers and wnr workers ovcrywhero prove thc Irciul wear of (hi.s new Gnwl- .vear c([iinl (o (h c ( TO ul W cnr of Ihe nvoniffc pre-war rnlibur {ire. Surely, if you judjjo tires by i>ci- forniiinco, your bestbuy is a Goodyear. Briny in your certificate today. Now Goodyonr Tubes Sqve $*J»G5 Tires. No Certificate Noedod +9 2-CUP SILEX COFFEE MAKER PfllKT OVER OLD WALLPAPER DRIES IN 1 HOJIR-WflSKABLE! • Here ara four odvanlngo of Pittsburgh'* amazing now typ« of pamt: 1. One coot at Tcchida it usually •ufficient-may ba applied right over wallpaper, dingy plaster, on basa- ment walls, etc. 2. Comes in pasloAvm. Add water, and one gallon of Tcchide p.isto makes l'/j go ll ons of paint, enough to cover an average room. >. Eaiy to apply gn d quick to dry. 4. Wnshabls - slnyi irpotlCM witli ordinary soap and w«ter, Rcdecoratsyourrooms at ra «H cost with Pittjbur 8 h Tcchid.. On ulo «t A Complete Slock of Pittsburgh Paints You don't pay for wale Tachlrf*. You add [t y and lav* money. Ona gallon of TctJi'tl, I to gofloni pal;-,l — t for lK» aviroii roonv H ymim HARDWARE ; GO. Makes 2-cups ... no more, no less ... of delicious cof- fee everytime. Easy-to- clean, economical-to-use. Of : sparkling crystal cleat; glass. Quantities limited, Greatly Reduced! 11-Piece Gift Set I'YHEX liroilors ,29 I'VREX 1-Q1. Ciisset'olcs ... PYHEX n-Incfi I'ic Plates ... 35 24 C 410 W. Main Phone 2492

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