The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX _BI;YTHBVII,LE, (AHR.) COURIER NEWS Southern I.':iKiH' W Atlanta 36 Nashville Chattanooga Hlrminghatn .,...,... Little llock Memphis Now Orleans Knoxville '., St.' Louis ... New York .. Chicago Pittsburgh .. Boston Cincinnati .. Philadelphia Brooklyn Aiiu'rlran West Plains Newport Osceola , I'aragonld •lonesboro Batpsvllle of games In the Regulations Remove Pitcher's Advantage, Colorful Players Draw Inleresl KDITOU'S XOTK: This Is the last r.f Iwo stories on sotlball cvciybody's sport. » •, ' + BY JD1MTR DON'AHlIt; NKA Service Sporls \Vrlter • CHICAGO, Juno 8—As fast as Softball Is, with Its abbreviated diamond, the rules committee of the American Softball Association made three Important changes this year, designed to speed up the sport. The first, and probably the most iii'uorlant, is the moving of the New- York pitcher's box back 40 feet from Boston home plate In place of the form- Hot rail er 38 feet 8>« Inches. The shorter Cleveland ... distance gave Ihc pllclier a ills- Washington tiiict Dcivanlage heretofore; a lull Chicago pitcher with a gcod stride and Philadelphia stretch seemed to be almost upon St. Ixjuis the tatter ns he delivered his £\vlfl underhand offerings. •Eighteen or more, strikeouts Weren't uncommon In seven Innings in ilie pii-st; moving tlicj mound back will help Ihc slug- ] gers who seldom had lime to get | llielr bludgeons off their slioul-l ders under old rules. I Another regulation governing [ pitching also may work lo the advantage of the batter. Hurlcrs new are prohibited from employing lhe double wlndnp. an ucllon designed lo confuse hitlers In u way somewhat similar lo thi! freak motions Buck Ncwsom and oilier big league players employ. The third rule change was allowing runners to steal and score on a balk or Illegal pitch. Heretofore, scoring on a bulk wa.s forbidden, but now ail Inisc runners advance, Including the man on third. Slurs Color Game Standardization of the playing field to baseline distance of 00 feet, when played with Ihe'regul- ation 12-inch ball, also has cleared up a moot |K)lnt in the sport. With such a short organl/cd existence behind It, Softball really has outdone itself hi producing colorful stars. Since 19M. when the J. L. Gill Boosters of Chlcngo won' the "world scries," and through 193-1 and 1935, when the Ke-Nash-A's of Kenosha, WIs., and Crimson Coaches, Toledo, annexed the national. litlus, lhe spoii has produced its Dlw.y beans, Waller Johnsons, and Babe Jluths. . There's "Pill Wheel" Watson, rangy pitcher with all the anlic.s of Ihe eccenliic Dean, who plays wilh a Phoniiv. Ariz., k-ain, and Joe "Tivo-Oiiui" limit, another unusual individual who Is n lopuotch Phoenix Iwirler. •"Cannon Ball" Bill Bailey, former pilchcr will! 11 Cincinnati team, now with the Toledo chnm- plons on a coast-to-coast tour, has one of Ihc fastest deliveries in the game, aiul displays all the smoke of Lefty Bob Grove and Walter Johnson in their primes. "Wild Bill" Pecnick, a southpaw, who pitched the Ke-Nash-A's to Hie 1934 title, now tosses 'cm i:i for the Boone, la., club. In six seasons, Bill has worked in 424 games, winning 381. Among his viclories were 32 no-hit, no-run lilts. Bill is somewhat of a Babe Ruth in Softball, having a Hfc- lime batting average of .375 In the sport. Thai's Whiffing 'Em! Harry Krlft, who set a new record for overtime pitching In defeating Newport, Ky., 2-1, in the I0-iiming semi-final game of the 1334 tournament, which his Ke- Nash-A team \von, now is with the Eendix, South Bend, 1ml. team. In Ihe Newport game Kraft, a fast-ball specialist, fanned 38, al lowing only six hits. In four seasons lie has won 122 games, lost 21, and pitched 12 no-hit, no- run contests. The Softball world scries again will be held in Chicago Ihis year, Sept. 12-14. Soldiers Field, where thousands can be accommodated will be the scene of thc_b_atlle. Tile sport will need"" all the room U can get for the classic for In addition to the expected Increase in spectators, nearly 100 entries are expected, due to lh< Increase in the communities adopting the organized spoil in llii last year. Scflball is here lo slay am grow bigger and belter every yea —for 62,005,000 spectators annual ly can't be wrong. 15 22 28 23 28 21 2(> 2G 23 no League W. .... 31 2H .... K ... 25 ... 2't .... 22 ... 20 .... 19 Pel .700 .007 .5:11 50U .SCO .434 .431 Pet .G4<3 .583 .543 ,021 .460 .458 .401) .380 W. 33 22 IT) 15 I,. Pel .073 .U20 .540 .5112 .500 .•m .32(i .313 Northeast Arkansas League W. IB IB 15 13 12 7 .577 .577 .MO .402 .260 Week's SoTlhall Program To Have Many AIIructions lly .1. I'. I'lllDNl) Softball will hold lhe sport s|Wl- llght In ulyllicvllli! this week. Nine games will hi! played in four e niugs over a six-day period. Tonight lhe Clirls Softball League will play (heir si-iii'dutcd league rtoublclieader, Coca Cola facing Lnumlry, nnd Juck Applebaum Store clashhiE with Nu-Wa Cleaners. Wednesday evening tlie Commercial Softball league twin bill will bring together Hobinson Drug and liist Arkansas iBullders; Ark-Mo Power versus II. ~i). Hughes Co. The following nighl, another pair ' Sadie Stamey, who neat the Bottlers In impressive fashion, will pitch. Mitch mystery: sin rounds ihe lineup mill especially the pllclier for ilia league Applcbaum aggregation. ICiussir; Blackburn, star speed mc-i 1 ~ chant, whose right arm personally ace Sellinu Apijlebaum-, tal u ; em , to tl1 "' 1 -' viciori.-s in tt |p t 1 .' l . i row. is M'hedud'il in enroll in ! MONDAY, JUNE 8, 1936 cvs Lose 11 Ace; J to PJO!tiers, Laundry Meet BY J. r. ritiDNi) i Coca Cola HoUlets versus Bly-! thevllle .Steam l,:ciindiy; Jackj Aoplohaum Store versus Ku Wa Cleaners! 'Mint's the lineup in the Girls' Softball U-Utfue tonight tinder the arcs al lluley Field, Iwijinhig at. 8 p. in with UK* loop lend of Jack Apptcbaum's Slote, and second place, al slake. Coca Cola and Laundry, wno cliish in the opoiier, will be scriip- plng it oul lor second pluce, wilh the winner slipping into a lie for fhsl place In the event of n defeat of lhe Applelmiun InsMw. Holh have scored 2 victories and have tlie samp number of losses. Upset by Nu Wn cleaners last week, thanks lo a bin .second inning when the- Cleaners scored six runs and went on to triumph, V-5, despite u thrilling last liming rally, Coca Cola will be attempting a comeback. The pro- teges of manager l.ela Beck huve dropped two In a row. She will lie .school rit Cape Olrimlciui anil! likely will not pilch again in the- i It-agiH!. Hossie llemphlll ami Ha-1 •a-] Lutes nit In line for the Job. x'ov Welch and Wild Bill Rush Have All Night If Necessary By Marry Grayson Hain InKiiT Qmili Tying Ronnd AI Country. Civil club's men's tournament ycster- k-w golfers finishing the 18 hole round. A few others turned In scores for nine holes. As a result of tlie rain the period (or qualifying has been extended through Wednesday for 1 these who have posted no scores. | i,-on, St. Paul Golfers, who did not turn out! fi-uted yrslcrday, will therefore have tJ |( "untchi opportunity lo qualify while those<jn the who played only nine holes miiv i/-n»cto 11V .1. P. VHIKNI) Roy Welch, the Canadian Wild- tat. and "Wild Dill" Rush, the Haxhvlllo, Tenn., "Werewolf," must complete their nmlch tonight 1 il It takes nil night, Promoter! Mike Meroney has announced In stinting Ihe wrestling foalurc nt ' Iwo giant, long,, ^^ ol llui mat game, will meet in tin' second malch in a no time hull, and with but' Ihree holds— the draiifilo. low hitting, and eye liougliiK— barreil. Oley Olsm, ihc "terrible Swede" Minn., and unde- In a Blythcvlltn ring, Ills skill with a. stranger minus Ihe services of Jo "Pete" I yesterday's rain. Wilson, outflelder-pilchcr. Her hurling choice ,\vlll lay between complete their holes each day. I.eo LlnlM-nlch was probably Iho principal loser because of M. Whittle Latest or Aha Fayc Heck, development in the scored three on lhe lirsl round when •S^JT' 11 :!- 1 ^ »•'«»« """•* «*"** (i ^ Hunt, twn best falls oul of Ihree. Wi-lrh. perhaps one of the (ln- f-sl wrestlers ever to work in a Ulylhcvlllc ring—when he sticks . to lik nitlin'— readied his peak i hud III.M week by tossing the Texan, birdies Ili-x Moblcy on his cclebraled ear in a thrilled-packed exhibition. NRW YORK. — Jack Dompsey, ehahman of lhe Wesl Side Hospital Development Committee of New York, is lo be honored ai a'dinner here on June 17. Palrons and patronesses are Mr. and Mis. Morgan Behnont, Mr. und Mrs. Gene Buck, Mr. and Mrs. R. Roland Harrhnan, Mr, and Mrs. Harold W. McOraw, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Swope, and Mr. and Mis. Urantland nice. The very best people, as the late Tex nick- ard used U> say. Here is t'ne flossy Invitation: consecutive Ihree holes of forced to quit his because of the shower. Me will hn'vc lo start over again . ; Those completing the qualifying round Included Farmer England, who was low scorer with nn an- FViullcr, W. Cecil Shane and | Laundry camp Is the signing ol Marvin "Soak" Sanderson, star Hist baseman of the Knuous Store In the Commercial Softball League, and athletic director at Luxora high school, as coach. Pour of his I'anthcreltes — the Clcorgcs sister, "Toolsle" Stnnd- lield, pitcher, and "lluslor" Me- Danlcl, cak'her—nre culhlandlug members of Hie. team. "Toolsle" Is first round match _ expected to get the mound noni- , completed between Wednesday and limtlnn wllli McDanlel, who has Sunday, nick Hclnsma, ' country mannerisms much like a boy,'he-• dub pro, announced today. Ixical hind ihc bal. | golfers participate In nn Inler- EntlHised and encouraged by club malch wilh Kikeslon next their hist week's victory over Cora ] Sunday and tin- first round of Hut Cola, their Hint after three drub-] local tourney must be completed hlni;:i, "Hob" Barnes' Nu Wa iR.fore that lime. > ' Cleaners Intend to keep up their good wurk. Nothing would suit them bi-ller than lo lake the lenders for a cleaning. Decided hnprovL'iiii'nt in team play ami timely hitting (end to make them Three weeks before both had toll- r<[ over a ninety minute route without cither scoring the deciding fall. The Canadian Wildcat Is u past master al the' modern stvlc 185 rough stuff ^-of'^cir 1 " 1 "H"---' 1 '-- -"""ri'ri •*"""" ""<"• must hc^Si^'f teI " hlS l('x>p arc slalcd. 'The rejuvenated i>nllll|): Motor comp team takes on Pus- lime Billlaiil Parlor, and Famous Store will atlcmpl to shake it's two game losing streak at McMulllu's Cash Grocery's expense. ' Perhaps lhe biggest soflball at- lractio'ti h slnce t'ne game was inau gurntcd (wo years ago. is slated for Friday. A triple header features two all-star outfits from the girls' division 'In a five-inning game; ri. 15. Hughes versus Hast Arkansas Builders In . five frames; and the Coca cola Bottlers, Commercial Appeal champions, ami perhaps the Today's Games an even bet against the Ballmers. most outstanding softball team In tlie entire south, meets a nicked squad from file bays' league, over lhe regulation seven Innings. Early Maxwell, Comtner'clal Appeal .sport.'; promotion director, is bringing his three pitching aces Donald "Flash" Slalnbrook "Smoke" Tripled, and Andy Cliinn, and plans to use at least the llrst two. With the exception of Iho all- star events, all games will starl nl U p.m. Tnc big evening's e.nlcr- lalnmenl will get under way n half hour earlier. SnlilUtrn Lcajjut! Memphis al Birmingham. Knoxville at Nashville. Chattanooga at Allanla. Only games scheduled. National League Philadelphia al Chicago. Baslon at St. Louis, New York at Cincinnati. - Brooklyn at Pitt.slmrgli. American League, Detroit at Boston. St. Louis nt New York. Cleveland at Washington. Chicago al Philadelphia. Nurihcasl Arltansas League No gamt's scheduled. was drsquall- lieil for low blows ngnlnst "Schoolboy" Knos. A week later he fell a victim to the clever Mobloy, but last Monday night lie battered lhe Hi-no youth. Balk . Owens, In straight falls. The match should lii-ing everything into play, inch'id- ins a ring post or two. Olsen's greatest match .was ri'-'ainst Ilie Chicagoan, whom he ili'fciitcd, two falls lo one. He Is smart, ring wise and can 'wrestle.. While he occasionally goes in for Ihe showmanship stuff, he usually has his attack all planned out, working on the defense and waiting for a mistake by his opponent. When il bobbles' up, and Ihev always do. he moves quickly and surely, and the match Is usually in lhe bay. ' Bloomflekl, an experienced Jewish (trappier, hasn't bi-i-n working in Mils territory long, but In his three appearances has recorded two wins. He is said to be a capable opponent for tin: sly Swede. Legion officials have announced that a lady will lie admitted free with each paid adult ticket. Promoter Mike Meroney will act ; as Ihe third iimu in the ring. Mr. and Mrs.. Morgan Belmont Mr. and Mrs. dene Buck Mr. and Mrs. E. Roland llarriman Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. MrGraw Mr. and Mrs. Cirantland Rice Mr. anil Mrs. Herbert n. Swope request the honor of your presence at a dinner for Jack l)eiii|)sey C ha 1 rip an Wesl Side Hospital Development Committee on Wednesday Evening, June Seventeenth at eight-thirty o'clock Holel Astor Single covers Five Dollars Tables reserved Il-s.v.p Mrs. Morgan Belinont 434 East 57th Slreel New York Imagine Dempscy, the M a n Mauler, being lliusly feted 15 years ago. Building a man up. tearing him do\™. anil building him up again is the formula for fiction, which Is what Dempsey's life story reads 'Ike. Once a holw, Dcmpscy skyrocketed lo lhe heavyrt'eig'hl cham- lionship, to be acclaluieci by many is tlie daddy of them all. Dcmiiscy, who had many a hcarl- nche before, jusl as quickly lum- Jled to Hie depths of unpopularity through his trouble with the select- ve draft during the World War. Those who knew him realized I'.iat .his wa.s Ihc resull of a youngster being ill-advised by older heads, but that didn't abate the slorm of crilicisin which made Dempscy hesitant about, apearing In public. * • * Jack Took Hard-Way A lot of phonics chisel and elbow their way to the top, but SEE FOR YOURSELF Why Double-Mellow' Old Golds IOO% FACTORY-FRESH Baseball Results Southern I.c.ignc Memp'nis 7-2. New Orleans 5-5. Birmingham 4-7. Little Hock 2-5 . Knoxville 2, Chattanooga 1 (7 innings, rain; second game rain). Nashville 9-0, Atlanla 4-2. National I.<-apue St. Louis 6. New York 3 . Chicago 4. Brooklyn 3. Pittsburgh 0, Philadelphia 2. Boston 8, Cincinnati 3. American NEW York 5, Cleveland 4 (16 in uings). Datrolt 10, Washington 8. Chicago is, Boston 5. St. Louis 9, Philadelphia 5. Northfast Arkansas Ix-ague Wcit.Plains: 10-5, Batesville 4-4 Others tflin, "All-over Seal" at Top. Note "AII-overSoal"at Bottom. Note thnt the inner Cellophane jacket opens at the TOP; this makes nn allover seal at BOTTOM, free of (olds, that the outer Cellophane jacket opens al the bottom; this makes an all-over scaled TOP; free ot folds, exposed seams, and air crevices. exposed seams, and air crevices. Proof against any weather. Neither Old Sol, with his driest rays, nor the Rain Man, wilh his moisture, can rob Old Golds of their fragrance and freshness. "All-over Seal," all around. Note that there are no unprotected seams on any side of the package. Eacti jacket covers and te-enforces seams of the other. DempEey's position of prominence in a world other than the pugilistic Is fne Just reward of a person of genuine worth, it also strikingly Illustrates just how much a man can live down by proper conduct. Dempscy confides thai he never was happy unlil he married Hannah Williams In 1033. He is immensely happy now, wifn a beau- llful wife, and baby daughter. It tcok more than a pu'ncli and a spectacular style lo make Dcmp- ?ey lhe mosl magnetic attraction In Ihc history of timing, jack brought boxing to lhe j«ople and never lias lost louch with them. Thai is the principal reason lie retains a large share of the irc- mendons popularity that as wills Ihroughout 'nis late years as champion, and while he was lighting to regain the crown. Dempsey became lhe mast active and traveled of all champions once tlie public again wanned up to 'jiim, following his unfortunate mistake during the war, and sad experience thereafter. The fact that so many lines claimed Hempsey as their own helped him to those live gates ranging from a million lo nearly Ihree millions. Dempsey belonged to lhe miners and strong men of his native far west, with whom he worked. The stage took 'nim up when he became nn actor. He went Hollywood just long enough to become a member of the colony. He raced horses and so captured the lurf. He entered lhe lioU-1 business—became u man of affairs. * • * Slill llni-l'ollui Through it all, Dempsey never went hig'h-lial. The lowest preliminary boy was Ills friend, and was welcome in his company and camp. To Ihis day lie hasn't gol- len away from lhe rough and lough business t'hat made him rich and famous. The same restless energy that made Dempsey such a great fighter and attraclion made him a success as a business execnlivc. With age, the old Mantissa Man acquired poise. Dempscy is a big operator today. Restaurants, hotels, oil, land, a candy manufacturing, concern! and various other interests keep 'nim on lhe move.' But with it all, TJempsey find- lime to lend a hand to charity time to lend a hand to charity in an even bigger way than when he ruled the pugilistic -realm, and to sec and help old friends. He never has said no in all Ills life. Jack Domnscy rates lite parly. LIE Buys Franchise of West Plains Team in North- cast Arkansas League CARTJTIIERSVILLE. Mo., June 8 —The franchisor Ihc lending West Plains, Mo., club of lhe Northeast Arkansas League has befn purchased by the Caruthersville Baseball association, wil'ii approval of the league, and the club will be taken over by Carulhersville Tuesday, . ii was announced toilay by David M. Pillow, Hayli, president of the local organi/alion. The opening home gam? of lhe Carulhersville club will lie held Sunday, June 14. A double-Header will be played wllli Batesville that day. There will be a brief opening dny program of ceremonies. Tlie West Plains club will brought to Caruthersville intact. At n meeting lasl nlghl of stockholders, Pillow was cleclcd president and wlrt C. Matthews, former big league player, was namt-cl secre- lary-lrensurer. T'ne hoard of dirc.f lors will consist of pillow. Dr. T. J. Collins, and Van L. Johnson. Willie Mnlloure has be?n named cns- lodlan of the park ami James Clyde Harper, scorer nnd statislician, A committee has already raised $1.000 in (mills for the club arid more is belni; sought. , Uass I'rovc IJngralelul ! HEALD3BURG, Cal. (UP)—Ho- iner Cake, couiuy poundmasler spared the lives of five dogs that they*might, guard his 50-gal!on tank of gasoline. But when thieves came, tlie dogs failed liiin. Bailey's State Liners Route Dexter Cln!), 18-12 Harry Bailey's state Liners defeated the Uexter, Mo., Hornets, 18 to 12, in a free hilting game at teh slate line park yesterday afternoon. wii!HU<r started on the mound for the Bniley team but was sent to Ihe sliowers in Ihe third vhen the visitors began hitting. "Slats" Thompson look up the mound duties and kept the Hornets in hand for the rest of the game. ' '^ack Kinlcy, fte.ld manager of the Bailey club, was injured while making a difficult catch in left field. Ills right collar bone was fractured when he fell and he was taken lo .the' Blylheville hospital. Next Sunday the naiby team will take on the strong Senath, Mo.. Red Birds at the slate line park. Thompson will probably pitch for tlie Stale Liners. ' Transparent steel, made of sheets thinner than papor, is proving usei- ful in Ihe manufacture of scientifip Instruments. No more chinning MADAM! It used to be said of the Master Draper, head of an oldtime dry goods store, that he stroked his chin knowingly when certain customers walked in. This was a sign to his assistant that they could probably be "shaved'' ... or given the worst of the bargain! Today, walking in and buying the'goods for a new dress is wholly without any such hazard. Tlie fabric marked "wool" is just that. Pure silk is woven from the natural silkworm product, If the fabric is composed of one of the newer, man-made yarns,- the type of rayon is usually named in a sign on the counter, or cm the end of the bolt of cloth. And the price, you get out of the advertisement ... no quibbling about that! You read before you shop, and buy just as much as the pattern-envelope calls for. Every day, now, there are especially good buys in dress goods. looked at all the advertising pages today?

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