The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1949
Page 9
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THURSDAY, APRIT, 7, m.YTHEVH.I.E (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE Reorganization Bill Is Approved Senate Cptnmittee Okays Reshuffling * Power for Truman WASHINGTON, April 1. (/P) — A bill giving President Truman broad authority to reorganize government agencies, but reserving a veto lo Congress, was approved unanimously yesterday by the Senate Expenditures Committee. The veto could be exercised by cither House or Senate. It wouU have to be invoked within 60 days af'.or a reorganization plan is .submitted to Conflicts. Chairman McClellan (D-Ark) said the reorganization bill will be re ported favorably to the Senat within the next few days. But h .said because of the crowded Senat calendar no guess can be made a to when it will be considered. The House has passed a some what similar bill. The Senate bill glve.s the dejit greater latitude In reshiifHEn agendas. But, whereas the Hous voted that both House and Senat would have to veto a presidentia plan to kill it, the Senate com mil lee ruled that either chamber coul block it. Also, the Senate bill limits the reorganizing authority to April 1. 1953. Navy Wages Pus/i-Button War /i $35 Million Ordnance Lab Senators Want Data on Proposed Anti-Spy Measure By Douglas LnrM'ii Nr.i Staff C'fHTcsiMimienl WHITE OAK, iMd.—i NEAl —Push-button wnrfuir 1« safn, fun anil comparatively cheap the way they wnge it :n tlie Navy's fantaMic now $^5,000,000 ordnance laboratory. Occupying a 933 -acre tract in Wiiite Oak. just \'2 miles from I he Willie House, it's probably the most heavily guarded Installation In in* Washington area. | It's the most modern and revolutionary laboratory of its kind In the world, in Us crazy assortment of giant- tunnels, tanks and tubes, every secret and outlandish weapon that the scientists have dreamed up will be tested. There's a huge, pipe-like affair about a quarter of a mile long and four feet, in diameter used for a missile range. Any altitude can be simulated by changing pressures anrf temperatures in the tube to de- WASHINGTON. April 7. I/I') - m Vmmv] nKiilnsI "enemies from itJnn," Senators [railed A Horn ftiieiMl Tom Clfiik yrMmxhiy (or .Mtitled n i lestInning about mi ad- Is trillion bill n lined at spies ml saoi.teur.s. Tlu- •iidusurc would wrap new re- tt'LrUnnrt 11 round secret documents N'rmit the nruM'i'iituni of accused pies iif any time Hltcr the nlh'KCd ^lyln^ .uid iT(|Uln>. the iTKlstrntkii! >i espiomiK*' und subotaKt' iiKt'nl. 1 mined by n foreign, country or "a i l hi- [oitilita (>olhicii| party." 'he Lirmrd iiervli-f.s put their ^ s LUC IllWS ci-lilntl tin 1 bill as a ficimLr 1 l:i'> Subi-omurill'H' oprneil ( n^s yi'slonluv. hul .Snmtois ] ti [or ihe eflrcl on Imlividunl , uml 01'eiiani nf the press. iV: told ihrin then tluit "wr iy.iK to lighten up src-inity vvihoiit \'l(>l)ituig [inut.MiU'n- ig Three Mop Plans to Settle German Control WASHINGTON, April 7 (/!»>—The United States, Britain and Prance are undertaking R major effort to iron out their differences over three-power control of Western Germany. Diplomatic officials agree that if the three can set together on termine the flight characteristics Sui>*Mboniu wind blows Uumi^l the [ r stiii ff lun ml Ulitm 1 ) :r [he Navy's (tush-bu[Ion \v;irfur lakioialiiry at Whllr Onk, Mil litre Architect Alalrnlm Ilk* Irlnlil). who ilr-slRiirul tht- tunnel. Kt mill's Us wnrlthiRS with Hcrti:ml 1>. Cllbi-rl, Navy scientist. 'I In- tictv r>Q-lnillding liibn- ralorj rover 1>!18 ai'L'i-s. basic German policies ft will mark another milestone in the growing unity of the non-Communist West. Secretary of State Acheson, British Foreign Minister Bevln and French Foreign Minister Schuman held preliminary talks on the German problem last week while Atlantic power foreign ministers were gathering here to sign the North Atlantic treaty. Having devoted Monday to the treaty signing and Tuesday to the opening of Ihe United Nations Assembly In New York, Acheson, Bevin and Schuman now can set to ^•ork in earnest. They will try in *Che ne$t few days to reach basic agreements which l hey can then pass on to subordinates in London Paris and Berlin with Instructions to work out details. Bevin is prepared to remain here until next week if necessary foi the success of the talks. Schuman is reported prepared to remain indefinitely, If need be. hiough any kind of atmosphere. At egularly spaced intervals there are ;lass openings for taking pictures of the missile in flight. Another test firing range looks ike a big long hall. Super-fast cameras along one side lake pjctures of | any sized projectile in flight, the whole length of the range. Contin- ious pictures of the flight of a bullet have never been possible before. Th ere,'.«; a 15 0 - toil prc s.s t] r e tank, the only one of its kind in existence, 38 feet long, nine feet in diameter, made of steel five Inches thick. It actually stretches under pressures up to 2000 pounds pel- square inch. It Is used to test hulls, torpedoes, mines and diving genr. the human ear. This "dream" lab also has (he | world's most powerful X-ray testing gear, including R 10,000.000-volt betatron. Able to penetrate 20 inches of steel, it will be used to study the inside!) of captured mines and torpedoes. j\nd [or detecting flaws in various steel mechanisms. The whole [r.bilious layout of 50 weren't sure could be solved on stmre ships. Mo,\l spc'ctiu'iiliu of nil tin- hinld- ing.s is Uie supersonic- wind tunnel, which can produce ak .speeds up (o 500 mill 1 . 1 : \wt hour. Most tit II Is built from nftunl pails nt Hit- famous Nn/1 supersonic tunnrl ut IVuiKHiiumSe In tlir Uiillir. where [ o[ tlu 1 basic rt'seurch wn,s dom; on the v-a. Working wl(h Nuvy enKhu'rts and Gorman .sdi'iitisU. nice was nbli 1 lo intiki- iimny Improvements ovi-r the Nil/I vi'i.slim. The tunnel operates by cvhnlisting the uSr out of a mt'lal .sphen- and Uirn IctlinK ntmo.sphcrLc pressure forct it Imrk into the sphere throutili the , IIIR section. Mice doubled the .sl?e j of the sphere to n illmueter of f>'£ [ ft'el, thereby Rrently Inn-ea.sinK Hie i» I r .speeds it can produce. One strange problem that i v nn- frented Rice was Unit workers on the Nn/.l tunnel hud pL v rlo<tU'ully j their memory. Finally fja/.l dtn:- tors had rilscovoretl thut It wus caused by vapur Iroin mercury thut had escaped Crom ihe varloiis meii- sitrinK tlevlces and seeped Into the Moor. Rice had In design n floor absolutely free of nny cracks or Joints where mercury coutd caller).. Another problem was the deafening noise the Nu/.l tunnrl ituulo. II WHS so Loud il slmtti'i'i'd glass for miles around. He licked this by rilnn!nc elaborate sound-proof oulld- hiK. Vibration wns Another problem, which WHS licked by running I he tunnel I h rough seven different ldhTRS, car-h with it-s own tnun- datlnn. Other construction [eaturcs Include mos'ablc ,stccl partitions In most ol the huiUUngs tn accommodate te.stinn of different sl/ gear, windows that will blow without shiittcrhiR in case of nccl- drnlnl explOHlons, find spark- floors. MuJ (ii-H'-ni 1 .S I .noy li win. the lest Ith'H I In'i i* \s'ii^ no » He nipt "In Invuiti 1 prlvilr^e.s untl limnunitie-s of on r oil L/C us." bill lie Mild "u s.i ven- v,n si ut r lilts Ihe i l^ht iuul "This e\ti'in1s to ilefotMllnn itsrlt [\KHinsi (lU'infe-s from within us well us Ilios" tiom wilhnul." he mMeil S]]tMik»n>; of tiunticts fruin wit liln itiy. Uwiii nald "tin- m\\K~ ind NtLcni;th of this Ihrrnl iliLn^ new nnd stiiin^t 1 In U is H t!n cut whirl) i,s ciiost (hlitciiU Ui coLinti'LiiL't." With the Courts CltniU: IVIitlon ;tnd mdrr rm 1 irmnvnl iii\.»i)'l'.lLf.s o! (Ii-ruUl IJci' llnig 11 minor, i'oiuuiiin 1'Ii'its* I-«'t' Wi!>«!ii itiul Company, n bu HC.VI trust, by J. II. G'niln, Minimu IniMi'i- vs. W. K. WiilliK'e. Mill i'iiH<vl lUHVfU on LUTomil. iltnuKh (hen- Is MUMC tin' m L^ln of lui'ti'in 1U 1 prmmbly rrniulns of ilnlhiK rtlxint the Mm. To The Citizens Of Blythcvillc Thin is Id express my appreciation to tlic volor.s who plotted me to the office of Alderman in Ward Ona. I nin iiwuro of llio responsibilities Hint K<> witli I lie office Hint 1 solicit your counsel and j.;uiilance at all liniCR. Siiu'eroly, JIMMIE SANDERS HubbarcTs Read courier News Want Ads. A 75-foot steel drop tower tests I buildings represents a triumph of fuses on projectiles which weigh | construction and design. The design job was done by the architectural firm o[ Eggers and Higgins. Malcolm Rice, chief of their Washington office, supervised the job. He up to 1000 pounds. The world's largest anechoic room, three stories high, is completely "dead"—soundproof. Sirens, microphones and acoustic air fuses are tested in this room, as well as the effect of explosions and imusnal air waves on faced some weird problems thai even the Navy experts themselves One group o[ buildings had lo be absolutely non-magnetic for testing magnetic mines and navigation instruments. Rice couldn't use any von and steel in it. He had to substitute copper nails, concrete and i plastic plumbing materials, wooden beams and pofc.elnSn light switches. Me had to specify that the sand Unit went Into the bricks and concrete be screened to keep out particles of iron oxide. One building In this group Is wired with all kinds of electric circuits to duplicate terristrinl magnetic fields, a facility that could be u.scd in connection \\ith research OUR FORMAL OPENING THURSDAY, APRIL 7 You'll enjoy attending the new Murr Theater in Osceola. The completely new brick structure with modern equipment and furnishings provides all the conveniences to make you comfortable. Air conditioning and hot air heat assure yon of a pleasant temperature any day . . . and, in addition, you'll like the clean tile rest rooms and the lounge. Six hundred fifty body-form scats in the aurti- toriuni plus 185 seats for Negroes in the balcony promise relaxing sitting comfort. So plan (o at* tend the new Murr Theater soon. FIRST SHOWING 7 I'.M, Thursday 'The Adventures of Gallant Bess" 1,000,00* SUCCESSFUL BAKINGS DAILY WITH Daily Showing at 7 p.m. 2 p.m. Matinee (with continuous showing) on Saturday and Sunday WATCH THIS NEWSPAPER DAILY FOR MOVIE SCHEDULE orr KI;C;I;J.AU LIST I hut's the .special invilc-in allowance for your old radio or phonograph when you purchase this Pliilco Model 1603. ['lays Long Playing and M.uul.ird records with new hrilli.ince of tone. Powerful radio covers full Standard hand. Beautiful walnut cnhinvl. LIMIT!:!) QUANTITY. ACT NOW I Hubbard& Son, Furniture

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