The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1946
Page 4
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BLYTHRVILhK (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS -? Provide fccnation Area Afl tolly CM E»joy II MUtfe AmocHvt * F . '"* WMt Uvinf stun* at such.a pr»' •. sVwt overtook the (old nine "Hfs that may be redden coowebt of your attic. :t«i area, deep! te sloping «r>d' exposed rafters, can be made as useful and as attractive is •HV other part pf the houw. The attic, for one thing, can be tin,ideal place for the family's pas- Urn** Wid hobbles, U It Is appro- • ffU4\Y talshed, The experience of «** suburban family shows what can be dorie with enthusiasm and a lit. It all started with (he father's de-1 -twminftUon-to-have, a dark room, i essential to his pursuit of amateu/ photography. The basement, he rte- j ' elded, was too damp, so he took H t look at the;«ttlc. The space there was.more than needed and this led to the Idea of converting It Into a recreation center for the entire family. : On* end of the area wafe parti- - UatMd off for a dark room mea- Mtinc about 12 square feet. The »est of the attic became a combination liobby room for mother, ' who sews and paints; and daughter, who has all the hobbles of an active child. A sliding gate guard* the. stairway «nd n sliding door as- »»r«s privacy for father and his .chemicals Walls and «i]higs of both,rooms are built of insulating building ^ board, applied In sheets four feet ,, wide. These big boards nre easy to t ««ir «nd nail and they covered the - rafters andstuds In practically no 1 time, Being an insulation &s well .Ha structural material, they help — provide the even temperatures so - essential for' physical comfort and ~ the proper use of photographic ma_ terials. >- The .insulating board follows the - Unes of the room and forms a four? ~ foot-vertical wall at either side. Be_, hind the walls 'is generous room .'for 2 storage space. A gay decorative ef- _. feet has been painting 3 wide strips in eoral over the celllns . and sloping walls, ending in coral - scallops. The natural finish of the - Insulating board provides the alter_ nate color. v- Leri o\er pieces of insulating r board are utiliiied to add a number _ of decorative and practical touches, _ JnerucUns a display board for prints, -3 a *art game and a combination :,. l**eH-out window and bulletin board * for the dark'room window. ~ Jn the larger room a screen for *. showing movies rolls down over the . window. The dark room is also a v-. ^°T k .room for editing and splicing '' «*?vle film and for enlarging and ~ mounting prints. Counters are ar- /,j ranged for all 'necessary equipment. \ A. bl S. comfortable chair has been 5 -'."stalled and the room can double g- as * study. t?' Technical advice from the phqto- ;>' graphic end was furnished by the ... magazine Popular Photography. - American Home magazine designed ~ the layout and the decorative plan. v; £99-Production Cut £ By Damp Laying house u Laying hens usually cannot "r-' »"»ptfrthemselves readily t o sudden * changes in temperaure and maln- ~ taftY- high egg .production. To pro^. vide more uniform inside tempera „. tures, regardless of conditions out - side, poultry raisers are insulating ,:- their laying hguses.-Insulation and ;...T**??'l*'ipn help to prevent conden- i sation, wet liMer and damp fen^ thers, which retard or even stop | e gg production. Among the:mater• ***5_^i inB "'-*^ ^Wely. is insulating • «*<i!,». structural material which ' is jieaaily applied" as'sheathing or ' Interior iining; t P . ....... r . Buy SIX PAIRS and get the Guarantee Certificate. 6 months'wear or six new pain free. i Knit proportioned to fit xnall, average and large «» man. r" Laundry tested tnd ap> *•• '^^^Nf 9^^^^&fBf ^V^^R 'Hobby Space for All in an Insulated Attic Hpbbiea can be a family affair when waste space in the home ii properly utilized. These picture! , tfll the story of how an amateur photography enthu- •iatt transformed an unused attic into an ideal two- room recreation center—a dark room for himself and a cay leimure-time room for mother and children. Lower lift is the attic js work was bepun. The completed playroom (above) is a combination studio. lytyt,,,!!, l'l,ol,,g,,fhY sewing room and extra living room. The dark room (lower riRlit) has sliding doors for privacy. Attics need protection against weather extremes, so intu- latiiiK board was used is the structural material for walls and ceilings. Easy to put in place and paint, the insulating lioard keeps the rooms warmer in wiriter and cooler in summer. The bulletin board over the studio couch also is ol insulating boarit TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 1946 \e-roof liourLIL l»iilMd PAINT Mode by "The Oldest Mixed Pain; House in America." Def.uxe House Point is mado loi ihoae who believe in the bcsl. And lot Iho veiy bcnl results qivo tlio pain! n lirm, E'JTD. etidut- inq loundalion ol Vcino Calvert Del.uxc PRTMDICOTi:. On new of propeily pteparoa old jobs, PHIMLHCOTC insiucs portna- ncncc-no scaling 01 peeling. " Oelutt lioui* I'aii.t cctnn in 10 rotor* blacV. and white - toi Him qlony. ••duHnq beauty 11 hoj ivmaiknbln cov^iitnj aivl ifieaJin^ piopeitiei — bilo M>ikh hn rjon* 17 yeari ol *ci(?nli!ic tiiMicli arn! ochiui pjlnllnq •«•» T>>* bptt com only a linle net* p«t ijoltcn nnd ill pei feat coil i l«*i than chcapei (Krini Ait loi a coloi cotJ 10 leop l«i i TiU»aa4-"ti*llk cclen Ear litnuoinq. fleicnc* Aik Deluxe " OUS[ PAINT " • UrJLUXt p R) M [RCOTl : E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. It's so WITH READY-PASTED WALLPAPER N* PatHl No Tools! No Munt frov«d In Mor* Trian 1,000,000 Hom»i > can do Jt( Already pailtd — ' JIM dip >D wat*r anil smooth on th« waJL MM I* 30 stlnul««. ( «hO»s» ip ta*/ Start dftn breakfast — !«•"• d«a* b*fer» noon. Or start and •Up •• you picas*. IB spars tin*. OM hous* — you 4o«l mm kar» to com u» fumltut*! • O»oijiil««ii washabl* and fad»prool . «t>aia«l**d le stick w jew " «VI tOOft HO#t£ NEW BEAUTY VAtH THESi OTHOt PRODUCTS ••• Snf*n IQnmtr m •« ... «hn< f m« «i son up to M% «. '•* °'P '" Wof«T-or»rf U^ Jf Co*sf eo.1.. Thn* |i.9« bo»i — •quo] to 3H ofdlnary rolls wall•d l»cludlnq 20 ft. matching boi- ' I • 10*11 rag* for only J5.M. «•»*»» Joday - •*• Ow mar 1 Tslas pofl»ms foi *vs:y PLANTERS HARDWARE COMPANY, Inc. 'A: Kell 1.79 COLORFUL PATTERNED' 3UILDING PAPEft VUich heavier fhan wollpaptr! Colors are permanent ; ; i eaiily :leaned with damp cloth. Simple to apply . ; ; may be tacked or jailed to any smooth surface. Words Patterned Building Paper will lelp protect your home against heat, cold and dampness. Choice if patterm. Roll is 36 Inches wide, has Winch margin for lapping . . covers 500 sq. ff. Come »o Wards and select your pattern! GRANULATED ROCK WOOL Bog <av»tt 16 tq. ft. 3 imchti d*mp 99c Install Wards Rock Wool now for year-round comfort. A 3-in. layer makes your home snug and warm in winter, and as much as 15° cooler in summer! Easy 1o install, ;;. do it yourself and save! Colorful (but tough) Hexagon Shingles, plus the finest workmanship, will give you a roof to be proud of! All you heed do is select the color . . . Wards will handle the job from that time on until the last hail is driven.'Come in today for an estimate, or send in the coupon,below. FHA OR WARDS TIME PAYMENT PLAN There's no need to wait!. You can have your home re-roofed right now, and spread the payment out for months! Get detailed information at Wards. I, SEND ^1 THIS COUPON MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. •102 \V. Main St. Blytheville, Ark. ! would like a free estimate of the cost of re-roofing my home. The best time for your representative to call will be at. • o'clock, on cj a y name ; . address WARDS THICK-TAB ASPHALT PoH 5.00 KIMSUL BLANKET FOR HOME INSULATION Nationally-advertised KIMSUL 1 A dusttess, lightweight blanket typs of iniulotion that's simple to install, because it's flexible and easy to handle. It expands 5 Vi times its packaged length and won't sag or settle after installation. Gives ample protection against both heat and cold. One roll wilt cover 100 square' feet. Buy Kirmul at Wards;;; and protect your home! WARDS 9O-LB. ROLL ROOFING to covw 100 iq. ft. 5.95 Shingle tabs twice as thick at | butt to give a more attractive and pronounced shadow line- The deep, rich color and eye- pleasing design will bring new beauty to your home. Naili Hell O A C .«..*+ D Economical and good-looking on homes . . . practical arvd colorful on barns and garages! Longwearing, flre-resisfont, surfaced with bright ceramic granulei. Covers 100 sq. ft. WALLPAPERS TO SUIT YOUR TASTE! 6c • si »Sle roll It's fun to choose wallpaper patterns from Wards big selection of over 300 designs! Some ars "Nationally Known" others are exclusive at Wards! There ar« pattern; to fit every room. UNSURPASSED IN COVERAGE, 3.Q5 HIDING POWER, DURABILITY! J.* n Guaranteed equal to ony, superior to many other top quality home painb! Full-bodied, Super White goes farther : :; end stayj whit* longer, for it's self-cleaning. Rain washes off dirt, leaving a freskH painted appearance! Applies smoothly . .. and withstands s«v t j weather changes. Gallon covers 400-450 so,, ft. 2 good coats, Single Gallon 31 MONTGOMERY WARD

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