The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 19, 1934
Page 6
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f AGE SIX BLYTTIRVIU.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Worry Seams Fack ofMack »But Rooks May Bring Smile Veteran Manager Playing j For High Slakes With Unlnecl Talent I EDITOR'S N'OTK: This is (lie i frrnr.^i of u serifs of ilopr Miirlos frc.m Olr lilt Ifuglir tr;uiltli|: r.uu|is. HV Bll.l, IIK.U'CIIKK NKA Service Snorts I'.ilitur lOlfT MVERS. Fla.--Nn clul) Is! om.siamllnsf i" 1'ic Air.frirun U':i- I gin- rats ihls ycnr. ! The AlliliulP.s can WHIP throngl) ! If liicy J):iv<- luck uiili lliclr yoniif ! pitl-ril'l'S. ' ; A young man who lurii.s <lo\ut i a Job worlli $3000 a (lays ought 10 luve lii.s In-art e.x- amlrrd. Tlipsf were HioiiiiliLs uKm'tl by Connie Mack, man:!!) 1 ! 1 o[ (lie A's. as lie begins tn rebuild ;i loom shatlejrd by a fuifinchil depression \Uilrh panily/ed HIP 1'hil- adelpliiu liirnsti'.ts. Mart: Mill is in [litre flghtiiiK. -Tills looks like llie clnffsi race HIP American L»'nHiie has known In years." he .said, as we stood looking at nn a.ssnrtment of players, ninny ol wliom were wenrlnu the A's uniform for the (irsi lime. "Washington isn't u Great team. The Yankees have lici'M Rolng hackward. "The cjuestEon with n.s Ls Aliening. If we nre fortunate enough to find a couple of young pitchers among the men out there, we will be in Ihe flelu nil tile way. "I am iilcicing confidence In (lie three young men we purchased Irom Oklahoma City. Al Ron ton, Vcrr/m Kennedy and Harry Mntu- zak. There's Bcnton over there wanning up now. That's a good o'.d pitching nnme. Big, isn'l lie?" The wriit-j- looked. Yes, he was big, all o! G feel 4. nml nil OV.ln- homa brawn and gristle. The vntcran Eddie Hominul. pitcher for the A's lor 15 yenis ami no\v n coach, was watching Henton and giving Him iwinters. Occasionally Mack chltnnl In with some advtce about. ho\v to htdc the ball with the glove before delivery. •"With these young pltdiers," Mack continued, "it's n nmtlcr of confidence. They have great dinnces ami grcnl ability." Would Mr. Mack name n few of his starting pitchers? The writer produced a rosier. "Well, you sec \ve have only three men who were with Beset by more problems limn any oilier big league manage., Con-,-] am placing confidence nit' Mack, leader of tlie Athletics, is svenrlng a worried look these days, lie's trying to rebuild « wrecked Philadelphia squad utter ixislng of Grove. Cochrnne. Earnshaw, Wnlherg and Bishop. Ifeie's an excellent do-cup of Connie .showing the lines of care in his face. I "Jones Spell" May Aid Bobby In Tournament at Augusta In the il::-ee young men we purchasrd from Oklahoma City." says Connie M;u-k of his new pitching staff, nboie are the three youngsters vinh whom the A's leader hopes to rebuild his learn—Vcrnon'Kennedy, in action; Harry Ilatnzak. npi»r left, timt At !asl year. Tliey are Cnln, Dietrich and Mahaffey, who Ls the veteran of the staff. But Marcum, who came lip (rom Louisville last Labor Day and pitched a couple of shutouts for us, looks like n fine prospect. Then there's Bob Kline, frorn Bwton, a really capable man. "I nm placing great, faith in those five. The others can make good if they live up to the reports .of scouts." The "others" arc eight or nine young men from near and for. some purchased, but most of them • p'cked up as "free agents." The training camp slogan seems to be: "Come to Forl Myers it You Can Throw a Ball," , • ! ••' ,* * To tylHtKe young men what to pitch ^[ack is depending on the veteran catcher. Charley Berry, acquired from the While Sox. ATLANTA, Ga. (UP)—The nation's grcnt goiters arc wondering whether Robert T. Jones will tats the "Jones spell" over the field of golfers who compete in the Masters' Tournnmpnl at Augusta. The great Atlanta golfer will return to tournament competition In the Auguslix uflnir after havms "retired" In 1030 with 12 major golfing tlltcs Incited nivny. The rivals of Jones are more hopeful than ever that this will be their chance to defeat the champion of champions when he returns to the golfing wars after the long lay-ofT. But Jones has demonstrated recently that lie still know.-, how to whack the tall, and the Masters' Tournament will be played In his own backyard. For Jones designed Augusta National Course, over which the 12-holc medal play ol tlie Ifltmiament will be held. lie has pul In franc practice sessions on it. and this month he set a new unoclclnl course record of 05. White the golfers who hope to defeat Jones acknowledge Hint Ills game' appears to be a.s good a? ever, they base their hoi>c on .seeing him go clown to defeat on the grounds that Bob nuiy not the old fight spirit, or that his "tournnmnu nerves 1 ' are as good • There is a long list of youthful golfers who have risen to stardom since Jones was manager of the golf links. They may not, have the fear of Jones thai, the veterans who played against him may have, many of the golfers reason. Tlorton Smith, the last golfer to detent .Jones In the Savannah Open of February. IS3D, believes that Jones Is not invincible and that the champion will not hold the psychological grip over the other players this season that he for- nerly did. Paul Eunyanr young ^prolesslon- il player of White Plans. N. Y., Ls being rated as a possible threat to slop Bobby. Tlunyan never has played ngalnst Jone-s. Charley being regarded ns Cochrane's successor. Yonng Eddie Madjeski Is in reserve. The Mackian infield src-ms to be well set. although for a while it si-Dined Connie would be without a first-sucker. Mack had a lol. of trouble with Jimmy Fosx In contract matters, and with Frank Higglns, too. Higgins led the league's third basemen last year in every department of baseball except wild throws. It Ls around those two that, the A's leader will bull a. "Jimmy FCKX is a, nice boy." IHack told me, "but he was siwiled by a lot of newspaper men telling him that he could gel moro money. "We paid Al Simmons three times what he was worth when we were winning and getting crowds. But we can't pay, players more than we arc making! "When we signed Simmons for $35,000 a year, we had prospects of drawing more thim a half- million people at the gate. U Isn't like that now. In 1M3 we didn't have 300,000. "Last year we still would have been in debt If all the players had worked !or nothing. Thus year baseball may cotnc tach. But how do I know? I can't break into the mint and get the money. I don't want to go to jail at this slage of the game." Whereupon Connie Mack suddenly • discovered far across the diamond a rookie InfleWcr who wasn't coming up right with the bail lor a throw. Proceedings were halted while the fault was corrected. With a .wish to the eflect lha the faults of the Athletics this year would be corrected, too. w Sell Connie Mack, very busy will We rookies—and his thoughts. Read Courier News Want Ads. as in the days when he was winning lilies. NSWERS TUKE ;Bormcr President Calvin Coolidse dleil JAN. 5. 1SJ3. TEXAS has the xnin-' bery of counties. Krilrea }iw on-theEASTCOARTol alyns the HE1) KlvA. Ihe Sontlnvest to tune up his mo lor. K.inimy wants a crack at .linun; ^-iMcLariiin's uclimvrighl crown ! which Lite Helfast Spider copti« Irom Young Corhett III. Wriglcy Field in Los Angeles tew summers ago during a or.c roancl smash. This is his ultima! |snal. ! Mandell and McTyarnin hav fought three times. In 1028 Sam my '.von a 15-round decision ove the present \vcllcr champ. Th foltowtnp, two years MeUirnln tno two decisions over Ihe ten roun plan. Sammy blamc.s Ihe dcfca on financial worries and trouuio with hLs manager during 1929-3 The -province of Quebec Is larger than Alaska. Itoth in land ami water era. The Mississippi-Missouri rlvr system has. nn average flow ol 675,000 feet ]>cr second. Read Courier News Want Ads. Mandell Seeks Bout With Jimmy McLarnin TUCSON A,riz. (UP)— Tho nock- ford fliLsh lia.s new ambitions. The market crash of a few years ago, loss of his lightweight crown, n series of managerial troubles and the fact- that he has 'just turned 30. is .Til a closed tank to Sammy Mnmlctl. Thus "Grntlc- innn Sammy" has hied himself to J*IO:NTUY, MARCH 19, j<m Bill Brauche r s Tlial Funny* Eddie linniincl the oilier day row up a list of n Athletic. Helves he was taking from Furl lycr.s la Mlnnil for a bait game, lie veteran coach was asked: "Wliy so many pltclieis? Surc- ynn won't nceil tliat many for a all Kame't" "A tall game? Say. I'm flgnr- ig on an inning" .rapine I-*'!" CuiicerniiiK Rommel: You know lit Athletics' coach Is Die form- r knuckle-bull king of the major agues. Tin- olh«r racli ol tne .s Ls Lena Hlaekbiirne. lormcr anaKCr of the White Sox, Lena margined the. Sox In the tn-foulent days when Art "The real" Shires made his majoi cagne liow. The point is, Lena an remember knuckles, loo. An Shires blacked Blackburne's eye ne night, with five of 'em. Bill Lona insists the point is far etched and .should not. have been u-ought tip. * * 4 'onfusion in Chicago One of the coaches Roger? rorjisby is drjwndhiB upon to each his young Brownies how lo ilay ball is the veteran Charley O'Lcary. There is a .story con •ernhiK Charley, W )i o is one of the Jlilcano O'Lcnrys, bin who lest! U-s he is no kin at all of tlie Mrs. O'Leary whose co\v kickei over a lantern ami started Chicago fire. Twas a cold wintry night am blizzard was sweeping Chicago' streets. Snow was .so deep that n nan adcd in it uj) to his knees lienven help us! No night, for a ran to be onl at all. bin there, 01 corner, in the wee small hour tootl a solitary Hgnrefi whippjn his sides ilh his arms lo keej liiniself from freezing entirely. Officer Hennessey was walking his heal (as usual) when he no ticed the. stranRo Msnre. and s still it .stood Hennessey be Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance an to fear It was Indeed a man ozen standing up. a! Ha! Ha! Finally Hennessey overcame hi.s atura! reticence to liolher a man ilng nbonl his business and went ) and spoke to the figure: "Ho, there! And, on a night like Us with nil ihe wind.-; In the firltl. nncl nil the MIUW.S, ivhat Uu> evil an: you .slundlnc here lor, ian, ir man Inderd yi; art?!" Tlio answer was Midden irpmlnu: "I'm waiting for a AIIWI car, ml there hns been now for an our. Is the line broke down?" "Devil a bit of a street car ye'll lid here, man, became this is a treel withnut tracks on it. Uo liren Mocks east!" Whereupon Cnnrley - O'l.oary r'f-nl thiec hlocks cast. Anyway that's the story they ell on Charley O'Lcary, mid "he's 101 the man to Ije denying it. aim IIOF'\ 'S Tlotf !,usli<-. To I'^iul Visit Of Week • [lore Tomorrow Phone 197 WHAT Bulk Garden and Field Seed Also Genuine Aludden Lamp PIU-(K - - HOs BURKE HARDWARE CO. To The Tax Payers of Blythe ville, Arkansas In Paving District Number 2 and 3 The lax books will lie closetl on Apvil 1st., 1!)3<1, and aflev tliat ditto penalties and rosls will have lo be added. The Hoard of Commissioners are negotiating with representatives of the homl holders for thu purpose of refinancing the outstanding ohligations of paviiig districts Number Two and Three so that u reduction in Hie annual tax rate can be made. In order to do this it will be necessary for a large amount of delinquent luxes lo he paid, and we are forced to sue the dcliniiitent taxpayers in order lo effect a savins for all the taxpayers. Tf you as a taxtuiyer desire to avoid the costs of suit, and penalties and if you are interested in the reduction of taxes here-after, it is necessary to make payment between now and April 1st. Don't neglect lo act upon Ibis, and i[ you will put your shoulder to the wheel, and hep us in this situation, U will he to everyone's host inlerest. Remember thai this is tho last call for these taxes and that the delinquent hst will he turned over to our attorney on April isl C. J. EVRAKD A.T.&T. (Aratricon TtlipKont & Telegraph Company) means to your telephone service The men ami women who furnish your telephone service horc could not «lo their joU so well without the help ol' American Telephone and Telegraph Company, parent organization of the Bell System. I f a lietlcr way of doing a job gives lic.ltor telephone service on the Pacific Coast, it may work equally well in tiin cities and towns of this state. Staff exports of American Telephone and Telegraph Company, parent company of the Bell System, search constantly for these economies and improvements ... tost them ... study them. Tlie perfected result is offered to aid the. 24 Hell operating companies ... of which the Southwestern Company is one...give a nation-wide telephone service, uniformly good, at a fair price. Tltis is a fundamental policy of the Bell System. It is based upon the l>e- lief tliat what is best for the telephone user is in the. end the policy that will bring us the surer, morn enduring measure of success. SOUTHWESTERN IHl TEltPHONE CO. Carney I»nslie, who will lead the lylhi'vllle ciiicka-M-s ns head coach for the first time n'-xt Ml will pud a week visit here lomorroiv. returning to Hie Uni- \ersity of Alabama at Tusealoosa where lie is n .student, and served the past season as nKistant freshman football coach. I.aslie has lx?en looking over his prosiieclK for next fall unit becoming acquainted ivilh his men. The latii'r have teen in the midst of a physical education program. Spring football practice can not begin at the school until May under nites of tlw Arkansas high school uthletic association. Board of Directors Will Lay Oul Schfduln For liidf-pcMKlenl Bill! Club Tin- niythoville ban-hall t .| lrh .xmfmiiij. the niytheUll,' -]>,.,..] fnr 1934. will hold a ditr-Mor- meetlns! Friday illicit, Mareh ri-J al the fiiy hall to arranqo ' i,' xelu-duK- liir llu> cumins sea^un .loliri fltniili. Ini.sint.s., jiian. iu ,!,. nf the lu-KHviilicm for H.^.. I: ycats Is awiiii i^iin? in that ^p. iilK'nd tin- ineeliiii;. Siiiilh K n ihnriiy lor tin- Mai.'iDeiH thh! \\M. CilovCi- will •,«••. us |il;vl)agiM- i.l ll »' team :,uil f| : ,ny Alkias !ls iMi-<l as iliii'cttii.s Hinitli arc: Frc-cl man: J. A. liasi 1 socnu-n-y-iivas nvc-r. .1. Jlolherl" j.'V R|]( s (;^'[ Oiiiiske and Smitii. II is iindcrstood Hwt the team will play other independent' a>!Bie-K| gauoiis utayinn ir.ore of a Home'* .schedule than thai of t i lt . ,,.. im Smith pin on the Ik-Id lasi year Riff Moiiuy al Auctions ~, RICK LAKE, Wis. (UF>)_ A dcl-1 nge of ol:l iypy larue si/ed orecn- • backs hus flooded this vicinity B t- recent, auction sales. .M O ,. C ll]an 518,000 in the old currency was- turned over (.o a bank after a sa v at Chelnjt, near here. '" A ntne-fcot earthworm ivas found in Australia where four to six fool specimens arc not uncommon. ROXY LAST TIME TODAY Mat. g.-.-iO, 10-2'ic Nile (1:45, 10-25c ROSEMARY AMKS, VICTOR .!O1{V and .JOHN UOLKS in 'I BELIEVED IN VOL' Adventures of the Ncwsreel Cameraman "FollowinK the Horses". All Star Cnmertv Last Time Today flint. 2:30, 10-25c Nile fi:45. 10-35c Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. and Nile—I0c - 25c BOY! DID THEY GO FOR A RIDE ON A BUS! I'.'irammm! News & Hartly Comedy Tuesday • Weds. .—10-25c NITE—10-35C AYRES Ul CROSS COUMTRY CRUISE with JUNE KNIGHT \ ALICE WHITF, Alan DiniSirt, ; Eujcne Paltlli, Htnty Armetta. i Story by Sunlty Rauh. Producid ' o? Cii! Lummlc, Jr. Diiecltd by Edwird BuntU. Pres«n;«d by Citl.Liewmto. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE. ' ' ' Smilh & Dale Comedy— "Hold Your Temper" Fox News Yon wnn'f solve it till the and—hut you'll love (he romance—and thrill tt> the mystery! ITCOmER/ OF me. A with KUZAHETH AU.AN I,K\VIS STONK A. Metro-Go'.dw-yn-Maycr Picture Piiramonnt News OdHily Comody— "Vital A'icluiils" Pepncr I'ot Carloon in the l,mv"

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