The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1930
Page 6
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•\c,v. six Sleele Boy Leads Throughout Bout; Young Kayocs Memphis Negro, Waging a vicious and ajryfcssivi battle for ten rounds. Fit* Wlilt?- ner of Sieele. Mo., won a decisive victory over Sergeant Wolfe of Memphis lii the main bout of Joe Craig's fight card here last night. Whitencr tore into the Memphis Jcv: from the stall nr.d hit Wolfe with everything he had Inn could not pul the Blulf City veteran on I.. Wolfe kept his chin well covered up and occasionally snapped out of i;is huddled iwsiure to wallop Whltcner. The only knockdown &; Die fight wen! to Whiciier wh: *at the Memphis boy squarely t the canvass but Wolfe was up without EL count. While Whitencr led the flghi throughout Wolfe appeared in b=l- ttr sha)>e with !he lust round and came out of his corner to tt2nd toe to toe and slugged with the Missouri tough boy. The linal round was easily the best of the bout. Otto Young, Blythevllle negro, all but knocked Freddie Hall, Mcm- phis darky, out of the ring in the third round of the semi-wlr.dup Young jerked Hall back Into t'ht ring Just as the Memphis hoy seemed certain to plunge through the ropes and dropped over the knockout punch when Hall came up from Ihe canvass. The first round was fuirly even but Young scored two knockdowns in the -second round with the bell saving Hall. K1d Bradford. Ash street, dark, sprung a surprise by hauling James Macklin, better known negro, to a draw. Bradford was not chri}Ue£ with much of a chance against Macklin before the fight but It anything, he had a slight edge on Macklin at the finish. Sailor Smith won over Johnnl: Eeaton, brother of Tommy Rya 1 Senton. who defeated Smith last week, in a four round bout tlrnt ended with the referee raisin' Smith's hand while Scaton luins helpless on the ropes. Smith's left caught Seaton on the chin for tlK finishing blow. Kid Grlggs and Young Edwards porters at the Broadway Barber shop, put on a torrid draw in Hi: opener. -.=_---~_r~~ -_•• - . ••-_..-:_^r-^_. - r! - m ' ll £V i y.:l::L.16I<Kj <'<H;I:II.:!; NI-:\VS Bang! Another For Hack Wilson II I BRUSHING UP SPORTS BMLEIICS; When Hack Wilson, who Is b.Uthu: viith D.ibe Kiu.i for home run honors this year lilis tl-e bill ii hit. Wilson, whose four-base Wo«s in lhe National Leslie are knocking cxlslinc'records'for a row / | tenpins, is shown here lifting the apple tu remote regions dutiin; the Cubs-Giant;, Pedlcy's Persistence May Win Berth On Title Team nvv. AND :v * vrvrv~> urns WjllMM fi.RAUCIliR liaseball Repartee This Dnn Taylor, they tell us. is a mean man with a word, ttis wise-cracking on and oft the diamond has done much to relieve the strain under which the Cubs have been battling. > Dan is the new face and voice in the Cub outfield. He has been taking the place of Old Hoss Stephenson, who hasn't been feeling so well lately. Dan came to thd Cabs this year from Reading, where he led the league in hitting last season with a mark of .367. He was up in the big show once before, with Washington, but drifted to Memphis. His home is Lash, Pa. Dan Is new to the big leagues, but a member of a very old school of baseball players, the same school that graduated Rabbit Maranvllle and some others with R quick tongue and the ability to use the right word In a tough spot. During the recent crucial series in which the Cubs battled Brooklyn. Dan got off what Gabby Harlnelt tells us he thinks is the best wise crack of the season. It popped out while the Cubs were ai bat. There was a runner on third and one out, with Hack Wilson at bat. Tile Brooklyn infielders moved in. Dan Taylor shouted over to your Uncle Wilbert: "Hey, Robbie! Do you see who's at bat? You better move back these infielders or next thing you'll have to pry one of yonr boys off the fence with a putty knife." Mickey Minces No Words As choir leader of the raucou,';- voiced -kidders of the big leagues, we nominate Mickey Cochrane, with Dan Taylor In the role of what track handicappers call a "keen contender." His crack during the last world series cannot be forgotten. It- seems that during the game at which President and Mrs. Hoover were spectators, some very ofl- color language was being passed around by the players. Judge Landis heard it plainly from his box seat, figured the presidential party must be hearing it, too, and told ?,fessrs. McCarthy and Mack to have their boys be more discreet After the message was relayed to the players between innings. Cochrane put on his armor and went to the plate. The first Cub batsman was a little slow getting to the dish, and Mickey turned and called out in a quavering soprano voice, 1 Come on, girls, let's be up, and doing." t * • Gttlinr Goats Sometimes kidding wins ball games. It was Dan Taylor's remark to Adolfo Luque, the hot- By lUI.I.IAM NKA Service Spflrls Writ NEW YOliK.—A yomijj man from the peK'lied on the back of a tireless mustang. Is lighting odds and Iradition lo ride as one of America's "Dig Four" against, the BritLsli in the September international polo brutles. The young man Is Eric Pixlley of Riverside, Calif. For yeats ho has ridden hard in pursuit oj his ambition, lo play with Ihe UiK Four against Britain. But no young man from the west ever rode as one of the Big Four. The east doiuinntcd in every In- lernnlional match. Pcdley, however, refuses lo abandon the chase, and this year it b>stns to appear that ii will be Impossible to leave him olf ihe American team, tf IVdlcy rides, he will be the only one of his kitxl—the first westerner torido with iluu liule band of bhie-blixxt- 3d ball rhasers. Polo hnn known no more persistent player. It has been six years since lie rudely rode into the national IH>]O picture as a brilliant .member of the Mldwick Four thai .vori the American open champion- jhip and htoughl California its Ilrst important polo prestige. In the summer of 1924 he had RP. clght- joal rating and he was invited to sit in with the International squad preparing to defend Ihe Westchester Cup agiilnsl the British. It seetued assured he would ride —but .something happened. It was said he could nol obtain suitable rriounls. Maybe il was politics, which had been played with polo before 1924. Maybe it wns dandruff —bui Pcdley did not ride. ' This year he is riding right back In thrrc again—undaunted, in the lest matches he has shown all that Is needed to put him at No. 1 on the American team. He has a string of 19 ponies, most of them bred on the plains where trails never gel too long for a horse. He Is M and has ihe build of a cow- l:oy, nearly six feel lall, and is lithe and quick. At Stanford he was u urciil boxer. He is a dnshini; hoLsi'inan and a deadly hitter. He makes sncelnciilai 1 plays and makes them look rasy. Ukc Tommy Hitchcock, leader of the Big Four. I'edli-y has ridden horses since lie mis a baby, lie has been playing polo for 111 years, improving conii>.li-i!tly. Tills year he is al the lop ol his game. Since In- battled for a p'.nc? on (he American ii-am six years ago, Pcdley hns altered his style considerably. He used to hit from tack In Ihe saddle, alter Ihe qualm old English custom. Bui he lias shortened his stirrups and rides HOT hi the Amciican fashion, hitting from a perch well forward in the saddle. Ills accuracy makes up for what he mlgiil liii-k in distance. 1'i'dley'f axiom being llial yon can'i net a home run on a foul ball. He is in polo as Willie Keeler was in baseball, p. place hitler. The other day in a talk to candidates for the American team. CnpUiln Hitchrock stressed (lie fuel lhat accuracy would he an Important factor in the selection of the team. That sounds like I'eclley at las', is in. LoTCFPROMlSlM6 NooMG MEM NEVER P/XV 8ACKLIKEWPHOHSE Mackfiien Lose Close Game lo Second Plate Cliib; National League Idle. NKW YOfiK.-Vi,e Washington | fk'iiator.s cut another uame Irom ihe long lead of the Philadelphia . Alhlclks Monday iviih a thrilling I 3 lo 2 victory over the American ; piici 1 setters. Monday \vas an olf i i!iiy for the National league. Joe Cicnin, Scmilur slnitsum. i (•nine through with two timely hits, tatting In three rims to ai:l the f-cnaloiV raiise. Bad Sam Jones pitched brilliant ball m defeating ;)ie V.acknicn. allowing them hul six hll.s while Dob Grove failed in his elTon lo win his 22nd. Tom Jlridges. rookie right-hand' ;r, made his first majo: league by holding the St. Ixiuis is while his mates, the Tigers, MOII a 1 to 5 victory. Waile Ilo.vl came to Bridges 1 rescue in the ninth. Tnc nciroil .sliiKKCrs uol 11 ! hit;, incliidini; a homer by Bill '. Akcrs. I By virtue of Monday's win the . Washington Senators cut. the lead of the Mnchmcn lo six and one- half games. j Mart 1 llro \vns Danny's skull, and Mrs. Taylor's boy shouted a few words at the Cuban 1 that turned the back of Adolfo's neck a violent red. On the next pitch Luque. blind with rage, laid one through the middle and Danny drove in the winning run. What did Danny say to Aclollo? "Hey, there. Luque, din anybody ever (.ell you you're a 1 ! \ t. \ ?" It went something like this: Why. the rude fellow! All Star Team Beats Parap,ould Nine Sunday MANILA, Ark., Aug. 25.—An all- slar-lcam from Manila and Hor- nersvllle. Mo. defeated the Para- Bculil nine yesterday al Cavdviell. Mo., 11-3. Luke -YomiK, all around baseball player v,'ho lias been play- Ing left field for the Manila cluti all sea-'nn. was; on the mound for the all-star team. Ha held the Parngould n'.ne well in hand throughout lhe game. Crow who has been subbing on the Manila learn during the summer caught lhe game, and performed well, lie FC- cured three hits in addition to his icceiving duties. The regular battery of Manila, Monk Wright and Hoth. along with C. Wright, had [one to Cape Oirardeau to with niytheville. BEfEPUBUS Ray Francis* Allows Mem- phiaus But Four Hits; Pels Rally lo Win. Memphis 84 New Orleans 77 Birmingham 74 Atlanta 72 Little Hock 08 Chiitianooga 5P Nashville 58 Mobile 35 >/UA.f\ IS THE ONDf 1 OWE OF THE GRECT LiTtlE PHILIPPINE FICi&RS To HOW A WORLP'S TlTl.E HELLACKING/ BH0QQB WINDERS SCORED ,IM BJEW TIME A CWJOER, American Philadelphia Washington New York ... Cleveland .. Detroit Chicago ..:. St. Louis ... Boston League W. L. 267 j Cherry Valley to Play ...85 ... 77 .... n ... 06 ... Ql ...48 ...49 National i.ensue W. L. Chicago 74 - 48 New York G8 52 Rrofiklyn ' G9 50 St. Louis G7 50 rillsbiirgh 03 59 Boston ..., 55 G1 O/ncinnati 52 G7 Philadelphia 40 83 Pel. .064 616 .i84 .51''! .481! .390 Pet .607 .567 .55 .545 .51 .451 .437 .325 Osceola Indians Tursday OSCEOLA, Aik—H?nry Kelley and his Cchrry Valley boys- will play in Osceola Thursday. "This will be lhe second game series, the first resulting victory for Cherry Valley. i The Inubns have strentghenfd ATLANTA, Chicks nmde. Ga.—The the other Memphis teams In I the Southern circuit' !ay down and RITZ THEATER Monday and Tuesday II roll over all season ;tntil they 6 to 4. The Barons got off to a five jumped far in 'the lead of the rim lead in the first inning and Southern League nennnn!. scram- wercnevcr headed . Each learn used ble but now with the pennant all two pitchers, but. cinched the Prothro charges The New Orleans Pelicans earn? arc finding • the "Olhers plenty from behind with a rousing four tm! 6h. '• run tally in the ninth inning and nliv r- T! '. C Chiclui '° st t0 lhe •«'••»"<» j defeated Chattanooga in the first plaj i Crareeri yesterday as Ray Fran- of a three game series. 10 to G. cis held them to four hits ar.d no Eichi'odi hit a home run ir. the runs «hile the Crackers hit die) third with two on. offerings of Kelly hard enough for a 4 to 0 triumph. Rcy Carlyle's big bat aided the Cracker cause. The Little Rock Travelers fell in the wake of. the Birmingham Barons again Afonday by the score of their t?am since playing -Kellcy's bunch and have won thei r last three games. Happy Foreman, lefthanded ace. is -slated lo pitch for the Indians v.-ith Kelly working for' ihe Valley boys. ne of the i ' The Monette Buffaloes play here in a 5 to 0 I Sunday and Tuesday. Read Courier News Want Ads. Games Today .Memphis at Atlanta. Liitle Rock at Birmingham. ' New Orleans at Chattanooga. Mobile at Nashville. American League Washington at. Philadelphia. National League St. Lonis at Cinchinali. Pittsburgh at Chicago. HOME THEATRE Monday and Tuesday ATIO-2 txH 4 O'CLOCK CHARLES 'BUDDY' ROGERS "Safely in Numbers' tempered Cuban. Uia't sent Adolfo!Sound News Talking Comedy and THE HOUSEWIFE SAID: "I RENTED my extra room" Sugar and fruit juices are good foe everybody and water's a necessity of life. Three year old "Buddy"can take his along with "Grampa" who is 87 "by heck" but still a boy at heart. up in the air in Ihe tenth inning or one of those hectic Cub-Dodger bU72e<! a fast one close to Admission .Matin; with j James Murray and KUirynr ' Crawford, aNo Western. : Admission Matinee and Xi^li! j lc-25c ! The more you tell the more you sell had that spure room long of course, bill it just occurred to me that I mixM be able (o rent it, and use Ihe "rent money" to pay part of the grocery bill—so I put a small Want-Ad in the Courier News and presto, the room wns rented." Perhaps this is a siiRgeslion for YOU. Phone .Wi WANT-ADS Courier News R co

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