The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1930
Page 3
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17, 1930 Battleship Nelson to Cross Atlantic COURIER NEWS Blink Assurance of Good Will to U.S. Man-j i-iwers Olf Colon ; By MILTON IIRONNKK j NEA Service Writer , LONDON. (UP)— When next PA- ; iary the best, ships In the Atlantic I luadron ol the American navy are '. igagtd In their annual spring ex- ; rclses off Colon the Atlantic en- j the Panama C.inal. tluio j ill be. present a groat, gray, grim- j lokirig buttles!)!)), the Nelson, bij- ', er and more powerful th:tn any- i ling Uncle Sam possesses. It will j e there not in anger, not 10 spy, j ut in friendship. In fac:l. a; in, ; xprcss Invitation of the Amo.-i- . an 'government. For this Br.iis.i j hip will be present to return a ] nuvtesy call paid to Scotland last • Kilmer by the American battle- ' R/ps Utah, Florida and Arkansas. I The thing came about in this y: The Biitish Admiralty re- itly deckled to send a squadron its newest ships from Us Atlan- forces to show the flag in West Han waters. Tnerefore. it was aided that the Nelson, Rodney, the United possesses, the Nelson, .'.llhcuBh larger and more powerful than any lighting . . _ flagship of Great Britain's Atlantic Meet, will be a welcome visitor to the American fleet maneuvers ofl Colon. The giant craft here Is pictured with her commander, Admiral Sir Mleliael Hodges. 1 the great mine barrage across „..' North Sea, preventing German submarines and privateers from —- -' auuiimnm-:> mm privateers ,' ?,° ', Dorsetshire ' Nor - getting out Into the Atlantic, and Adventure, under Admiral j The American battleship squad- Michae Hodges commander- , ot)l under Admiral Hugh Rodman. IllPf rtf flirt * dHni.tin T? inn' . . ... ... . _ M chief of the • Atlantic Fleet, lould visit Jamaica. Barbadoes. 'rinidacl and Demerara. Tluy are sail on January 8. As soon as the American gov- rrunonl heard of this it extended formal invitation to Admiral dges to visit the American-Heet his flagship, the Nelson, And s Iryvitation wus promptly ac- ipted. His host will be Admiral J. Chase, in charge of the Anieri- m fleet off Colon. Most Powerful Ship Tlie'Nelson will be ot tremendous iterest to the American officers, ecause It is a far newer and more owerful vessel than anything in le U. S. Navy. It was completed 1827, whereas the West Virginia is finished In 1923. The Nelson is !,50Q tons; the West Virginia 32,- HX -The Nelson carries nine. 16- ich'guns and twelve C-inch guns, 'he -West. Virginia, has eight 10- ich guns and twelve 5-incH guns. le Nelson carries 28 smaller guns, he West- Virginia D. . man But. aside from the professional: c nlt ^ Play In Radio Bridge Contest L'trip loves of Puxico, Missouri, Institution Waive Preliminary Hearing. BLOOMFIELD, Mo. Die. 17.-C. • li. Cook.'.cn. Conner cashier of (lie, recently closed Citizens Stole Bank . >[ Puxlcu. yesterday waived pri-- ( Imlnary hearing wl:ou arraigned i u JusUci- court charged with mtifc- '. ng fnlfe einrles mid embezzlement ot tlic funds ot the institution, and : was bo'.iml over to the next LMIH el ' the cliuiH court. U is probable,,' nccnrdlni; lo Prosecuting Attorney C, A. Powell, that he wil not be tiled tu'lore the nrsl of April. In the meanwhile bdnd, fixed ftt JlO,- 000 lias not yet been made. Lynn Varbie, nsslslnnt caslilcr, charged Jointly with CoDkson, wns i nrreslcd Siiturday and also waived preliminary hearing nnd was bound i.ver to circuit court. His bond wns fixed at S1.SOO, which lio mudc. '[tie bunk':, books Indlcnle a shortage in excess of $25,000, but. no s.iucnu-jii by cither man has been made as to Mic disposition of Die money. Cortson had been cashier of the closed bank fof 15 years nnd was one ot ihe most valued state's witnesses in the trial resulting from the closing of the old Bank ot 1'nx- ico seven years ago. joined the British grand fleet A pretty game was played In the ed. He knew that closed hand had ' . probably the first time hi history that a foreigner had thus ( been honored and that his flag' thus flew. It was Rodman, too, who entertained King George when he visited the American ships. Rodman remembered that the King had once been a naval officer and had once taken a turn at flrinj • a furnace. lie reminded the King of this Incident and the monarch laughingly went below and heaved, a few shovelsfull of coal into the furnace of one of the big American battleships. Was Strict Disciplinarian Another very human incident is connected with' Admiral Sir Lewis Bayly, who during' the war commanded the First British Battle Some of . , . . and Henry P. Jaeger, Cleveland, Ohio. The hands were: Mrs. Shipley, Dealer, South: Spades. K. 5, 3. 2; Hearts, A, J: Diamonds. A, 4. 2; Clubs, K, 0, a. 4. Mr. Cobey. West: Spades, Q, 9, 8. 4; Hearts. 7. 5, 2; Diamonds, K, 10, 5, 3; Clubs. A, 2. Mr. Jaeger, North: Spades, A, J, 7; Hearts, 10, Q; Diamonds, Q. 8; Clubs, Q, J, 10. 7, C, 5. Miss Grant, East: Spades, 10, 6; Hearts, K. Q. S, S, ^, 3; Diamonds, J, 9, 7 C' Clubs, 3. Mrs. Shipley, South, opened the bidding with one No Trump. Mr. Cobey, West, passed. Mr. Jaeger. North, with two doubletons ill Iiis hand, feared that a No Trump contract would be dangerous, and as he is one of the experts who bslieve good was the reason for the squeeze Still it was remotely possible tha flic Queen of Diamonds was in the East, hand, and on that chance Mr. ^MI»V mum, u[ju UM Lnai cnance Air. uerwtui, mm uau> LIUUIL:, ,uc .uou Cobey discarded the King of Dia- badly needed. There Is an especial mond.s rather than a Spade which need for the latter, Mrs. Lynch wns certain to establish a Spade in said, as many infants have been Dummy. Of course Mr. Cobey's dis- found Inadequately clothed. CnTll u-ne l,>\mitnpinl \»,. T >_ Xft-e Plffrt ITrtphM^l-l" l\nc that two of. a minor should be bid j. . . , i 3*iuniiiuii. une aav some ot tne dinner parties aboard the yart-1 y( Uger Am - erican O m c ers were on . North Carolina's New Senator (Continued Irom page one) derwenr, and baby clothes are also squeeze had worked and tie had the e . rest of the tricks, winning 30 trick Housewives are asked to conlirbutc points below the line, and 40 for preserves, jellies and canned yoods honors above the line. At Progres- of all kinds. There Is also a great sive or Duplicate he would have need for potatoes and staples ot all scored 125 for game in one hand. Commenting on the bidding of the hand, Mr. Work commended thc correctness of Mrs. Shipley's mas time. kinds. Mrs. Ray Worthlngton Is collect- toys for distribution at Clirlst- No Trump, West's pass, and North's atlons. This, dates back to the isode during the Spanish-Amer- art war when Admiral Dewey en:red the harbor of Manila. A Gcr- famous ] guns. But the young officers came to love and admire the old man. And years afterward they had a chance'to show it. Admiral Bayly — —- - ^•^ i i tiiuiiv. c tu &HUW u. iuumrai uayiy squadron, more powerful than J had retired from the navy and ewey's little ships, got into a po- i with his daughter had made a Ion that seemed to menace Dew- trip around the world. It was and hamper his action. Without ny-' fuss or feathers, the British immander of a ship,.more power- il than anything that the Ger- lans had, got between them and ewey's lleet. It was a sort of nocc: "Blood is thicker thun water." Sealfd a Luting: Fruniship The Kaiser's men understood', ewey had no further trouble, but om that time on the navies of the vo 'great democracies understood ich other. The friendship , thus ! •gun was fully sealed during the eat war. Admiral W. S. Sims, wiio as sent to Europe to superintend ic operations of American men of ar in European waters, got on like house afire with the British, merican destroyers hunted Qer-, ^ n ,, lulu .ii ,».• an . submarines in company with | to have been rltlsh destroyers. Admiral Strauss years ago. . known he was landing at a California . port after crossing ' the. Pacific in a passenger vessel. The American Pacific fleet • happened to be, there. Many of its officers had served under the stern old admiral. When . his ship. came into harbor he was astounded to see the whole American fleet dressed hi gala form, flags flying. They gave the old man a royal welcome which moved him to tears. Living, brilliant-hued bacteria have been found in coal that-is millions of years old, and appear to have lived there ever since the coal was formed. Bacteria also have been found in specimens of pre- Cambrlan rocks, usually estimated formed 200,000,000 Mother Nature's Curio Shop which held Ihe bid. Miss Grant, Ease, opened the play with the King of Hearts to show or Queen, or both, of the suit. Mrs AIU iiujijp, wesis pass, and Norths .rersuus Having uuy 01 inese ur- two Clubs because of his two doii- tides to contribute arc asked to bletons, provided of course that, the bring them to the city hall or, If nnrinnr >^A f .^t r ^A n,-4 t,/j i- , j na £ ^ Inconvenient, to call No. 201 so that they may be cnlled for. Ulan,/, ijuai,. itau a close decision ^ delegation from Manila nttencl- as to whether, she should bid two ed the meeting here this morning understood that bid to show strength. He mentioned that Miss Grant, East, had a close decision , Hearts '• or pass. However, Bhp . ever, Bp , doubtless reasoned that tier part- Which It is hoped will care for rcs- ner w ' - - ner would have been 'Justified in ' passing Declarer's No.Trump with diate' vicinity, was underway. The a comparatively - strong hand, and there was a' possibility of gi'me-in Hearts if her partner couia support that bid. And everi if ' ^••« me «.i[ig ui iiearus 10 snow * A ' 11 ' u "*t DIU. Ana even • If hw her. partner that she held the Ace partner did have -V weak''holding OF Ql1P£rl rtr hnlli nf »Vin _,.J t •»» f horn tt-nr r-m'nll —---n-ii'ri! '. .^ . - "' there was small possibility tfiat'two -• -»u^^»,, v,* uui,n, ui LUC suit. Airs, ycic natt Slimil pOSSlOUIty that tWO Shipley, South, spread her hand for Hearts would be doubled for buai- Dummy, and Declarer, Mr. Jaeger,! IICS s. and trie' bid. might induce th« t/>ot «.«i, „, u ,_ „. • ' ' ' 1 .i/te /rf^e SK/LARR Of ENQ.ANO, 51NGS AIL 7HR.OUGH THE V AND IN SUMMED. If 15 SIIEKT Fto« CWW A REW HOURS NEACi /VUDNIGHT. ITS' BURST OF SONS LEAVES THE IT DROPS TO £v4R7H 4SAIN. AT TtvlES 7 BIRD SOARS So HiGfY ir is LOST TO SIGHT WHEN EATEN SV HORSES, AfFECTS ST/J4NSEIY.. 'ANO fflNNOT" 'IEOOR.QACKEO, ., S0ME HORSES A CRAVING : RIANT: _OI«M tt NU took stock of his assets. He counted two or three Spade tricks in his combined hands; one Heart; one, possibly two Diamonds; and five Cluba ... a minimum of nine and a maximum of eleven tricks. He then won the Heart King with Dummy's Heart Ace. West played the Deuce, and Declarer him"-lf false-carded the 10, hoping to make the adversaries think he had "no more Hearts. To trick two Declarer led Dummy's •» of Clubs; West played the Deuce, North the Queen, another false card, and East the Trey. Declarer continued the trump suit by leading the 5 from closed hand- East discarded the 4 ol Hearts- Dummy played Ihe 8 of Clubs; and West won with the Ace. West then led the 7 of Hearts, Dsclarer p!ay- ed the 6. East the Queen, and Dummy; the Jack. Miss Grant, Kasi. did not continue the Heart, suit as she was almost certain that the only' five Clubs. adversaries .to .stay'away fr^m* N O Trump. Mrs.- Shipley,: South: 'aftir the Heart bid, did well, to toy three Clubs. Had she bid two.No Trum'rii with one Heart stopper,' her partner, Mr. Jaeger, holding eli ciubi headed by Queen-Jack-Ten and » positive entry, would .have passed and -game would Tiavc been sacrificed. - ' .'."'. At.Contract. Mr. Work garc tliB probable bidding as: South, one No frump; West, pass; North,'with a count of 12, would have sufficient strength for a jump ' to three No Trumps, but would bid three Clubs preference on account of the doubletons. This bid would ask South to choose between Clubs and No Trumps. East would hardly be justified In bidding thfee Hearts- and South would bid tour Clubs' since her No Trump Is quite thin and the hand has four Clubs West would pass nnd North' would bid Heart, outstanding was held by her partner, West, and should Hearts be led Declarer would be able to trump In one hand and discard from the other, which probably would present him with a trick. So to trick five East led the 6 of Diamonds, Dummy played the Ace. West the 5 and North the 8. Declarer led the Deuce of Spades from Dummy to trick six: West Played the 4; closed -hand the Jack, and East the 6. Mr. Jaeger. Declarer, then knew- that, he need not lose a Spade trick, but thai he must lose a Diamond unless the fourth Spade in Dummy's hand could be made a winner, or unless he could force West to make a fatal discard. Declarer reasoned it probable that West held four Spades, and it was also probable that he had the King of Diamonds; therefore a squeeze might be effective. To trick seven Declarer led tha 6 of Clubs from his own hand: East discartted the Trey of Hearts; Dummy p'ayed the King of Gluts; and West discarded the 6 of Hearts. Declarer continued trumps with Dummy's 9 of Clubs; West discarded tho Trey of Diamonds; closed hand won the trick with the 10 of Clubs- and East discarded the 7 of Dial I monds. To trick nine Declarer led the Jack of Clubs; East discarded the 8 of Hearts; Dummy the Deuce of Diamonds; and West the 10 of Diamonds. Declarer then led the thirteenth trump from his own hand; East I discarded the 0 of Diamonds; Dmr.. my the 4 of Diamonds; and Mr Cobey, West, was effectively squcez- Mr. Work concluded hia talk by giving questions 7 and 8 In his Bridge Handicap test, based on these hands: SOUTH, (Dealer): SPADE3 5 4- HEARTS, K, J, 4. 3; DIAMONDS A. K, Q, 10, 8. 4; CLUBS J WEST-' SPADES, A, K. ?, 6, 3, 2; HEARTS, 10, I, 5; DIAMONDS, a, 7; CLUBS A, K. NORTH: SPADES, 8;' HEARTS, 8, 6, 2; DIAMONDS 3 2; CLUBS, Q. 10, 8, 7. 4. 3, 2 EAST SPADES. Q. J, 10. 9; HEARTS A Q. 0; DIAMONDS, J, 6, 5; CLUBs] . West Is tho Declarer playing with Spades, the trump fat Contract Bridge four Spades.), South haa bid Diamonds. North leads a Diamond, South wins and continues the suit Trick three, South leads a third Diamond and West rufTs with an honor. Tricks four and five arc trumps won In Dummy; tricks six and seven are Clubs won in closed hand. Question 7. What suit should West lead to trick 8 and where should the trick be won? Question 8. Can Declarer make game against the best defense? the collection of articles of fbotl. . Persons having any of these nr- reported that a relief program, 'denta ol that city and its Imme- plari -being followed Is to issue grocery .orders, for wood, and Is operating successfully. Uslnj motors of only eight horse- po>'er,''Qerman experimenters have flown • tail-less airplanes at less than usual speeds and descended it sharper' angles than prssible wlt'h : Bwift cralt. ' ' O«rrn»iV weather, observers study atmospheric conditions daily by airplane nights, tTieir planes carry- lilt 'recording instruments and cameras to photograph cloud formn- Uons.' ' -. • One of the fastest showers ever measured with nn automatic rain gunge was that of May 1, 1D08, at Porto Bella, on the Isthmus of Panama, when 2.41 Inches of rail fel In three minutes. The north itar Is never visible to persons in the soutliern hemisphere. It Is visible Ihe year around on clear nights to persons north of th; equator. mm Btnictlon ol tleWtrt hlghwiyj above the , streets 'Cor C»sf trayel. One fcuoh ovtrbead.. lane extehda north and south along the Hudtoh river w»t*rfront -where cars can travel at a fast ^cllp' without Interference from crosa traffic. • : Provisional President jn Charge After Successful Rebellion. Former Governor Cameron Morrison, above, or North Carolina, now will represent his home state In Ihe United States Senate. Long an outstanding Democratic leader, he has been appointed by Governor Max Gardner to succeed the late • Senator Lee S. Overman. GUATEMALA CITY, Dec. ll! (UP)— The government of Provisional President Pnudilllo Palm was overthrown by a revolution yesterday. General Manuel Orcllan, commander of Port Matmnojros, who led the revolution, was named provisional president. Minister of War, General Mauro De Leon was killed during the sharp fighting In the capilnl center. Constitutional guarantee;, .were restored after the revolutionists succeeded In lorclng Palm to resign.. Palm had succeeded to tho position upon the resignation of President Lnzoro Chacon, who wns declare^ physically unfit for the duties of inice. . . ' ' •. Fighting In the capital was severe during the overthrowing of the Argentina leads in grape production among Latin-American nations. "The Supreme Authority' WEBSTER'S NEW INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY A light meter has been invented for motion-picture studies to measure the intensity of the light from high-power electric lamps in any part of a room as a guide to cameramen. Bladder Weakness Wo: th >rk» fast. atartB circulating thru l syitcm in 15 minutes. Praised by tuaands for rapid nnd positive no Here's the EVIDENCE Hundred) ol Su pr *ma Court Judges concur in mineil proved ihe work »• cheicauihcrilr. The President! »ntj DCS p« Hrad* ol all l«dlD| Universe* »ad ColSettB give their in- dcrucect. The Government Print- ingOfficaai Waihtnticn UK9 Iha New Inttma* lion Jl»j the itsndird tu- .ca all DNncnci ol the Covi ratctnt ne It. The ColIcRcs voted overwKclmir.ilr In fcvor of Webjicrasiiandirdol prcnur.ctnicn in ir.itt'tr to qucitiom fc-jbrtitltJ by lh« Chicigo Wotaan's Club. Library in one Volume £(TJlv*lent in type calter to a i;-vcli:iae crKyc!c;wJij, 2.7CO pit"; 452.0COeal.:ti, !r.:larliat NEWWORDS; 12.CCOb;ocr«ph- icMltr.1l [rl; LOW ROUND TRIP FARES for the HOLIDAYS via —to points in MTSSOURI-ARKANSAS-TEXAS OKLAHOMA snd KANSAS —on the Frisco Lines, and to many |X>ln(s on other lines In thr?c nnrt tcrf-iin olher states: a'so from points in slates shown TO MEMPHIS, TENM Selling Dec. 19, 20. 21. 22, 23. 2-1. Good returning until January 6, 1031. —and to many destinations in CALIFORNIA and ARIZONA Selling Dec. 16-22 inc.. and Dec E.; THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST FRISCO LINES Dee. 10-22 inclusive RETURN LIMIT JANUARY 15. 1M1 FOR FULL INFORMATION' ASK THE FRISCO AGENT W. S. Merchant Passenger Tronic St, Louis, Mo. Automobile traffic in New -Yori Is being speeded up' by the', cop--, fianto Domingo.- capital of (he Dominican republic, la the' oldest city in tho new .world'fettled by Europeans, ' but '• P»nama city, founded by! tho. Spanish In 1519, jclaims to be. th* oldest white settlement -on the mainland 6( 'the Amcrlcu.- •:''-...' ..''. In the cooking Ausplcts of Ihe Courier Oli ntuplcn or Ihe ConrtCT N^ rtctBUj,-Mri_ ?*yr» Oliver Douf'an slmtet ajoiMi-'feeih6$»."'if •',<&£-:• ' . Lnf. Naturally, then, she iia§' «bd rtcgmnKB^s , Crlsco, (he modern; ,«borteninf.,!..'. ,.' *! V-' : "; * ••• White Cake that's really white A white cake that ta a white cake is only possible when one uses a shortening like Crisco — pure, fresh and sweet-flavored. A shortening, too, that's so fluffy you don't need to cream it! Think how much time that saves in making cakee! Featherweight White Cake M cup Criscu I cup sugar H cu|> milk t CTI]« (lour lllrn(1 Cnxo «mi >ugar. (Notice ho* ilwlf arouDtl ti-iry UBJT graU c/ Wfmi. Ti«t'« »fcy h makes such fine ttitiirrj rticj.) Stir b ttiavitdf milk •nil sif led drjr ingrol'k-nL*. Fold in AorouftU; llifllj b«t(tB egg whiles. Add vanilla. Turn bittf* into t frautd kjrv rake pniu. Bake in • modtntc ovon (MO* F.). be wii »n>- dcsirtd idng. (To nuke it into » itdj B*ltuure C»i«, UM a "u;^g j dales, ftga «jxl nuts icoutcocd vlth kcooa juice, aad joe with boiled king.) In its new air-tight can — aa fresh and swccl as the day ft was made. 9 tff wkita 1 I

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