The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 9, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JULY 9, 1049 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURTER NEWS PAGE 8EVEW OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams J \ COOK Sez WO MOKE :C*J 6REA&E-HE £E7_ > C*MGED FUWWV THET U FELLERS SEEM TO KILY SET UP LATE \WHEXJ «VE RUNOUT a au BOBM THIRTV VEHRSTOO SOOM Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoopl* «GAD, FATWCR '. FATALLV WfcOrtG WITH Mfc.ISOPPPSS — MY MIND IS A« SHARP AS, A coesLBR's Meer«-e, AlJD I'M SWPSHAPft PHYSICALLY.'—BUT A»>I ON M.V IT . FOB VBARS, AMD x. HAVJ*NT HAD A MOHAWK* TRlK) t> &CN.P M* / — FIRST, LET'S PUT OUR FLAT ONTH» FLOCMZ. Like "THIS TO COT t>OV*Jlii ' AIT, POP! IT'S HIS SPIRIT THAT'S G It takes about 19 hours to convert coal Into coke. Pickard's Gro and Market • 1044 Chickasowbo SWIFT'S PREMIUM ! BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We OefiVer Phone 2043' Plenty of Parking Space CLIPPED ANGEL 1949, NEA SERVICE, INC. By Clive Grierson Cornish *vhu kail Inherited ihe Itark A»K*L *rt<r h^r father'* dralh, Cnrj tVBBtft Mtkr la • •* t»m< why her mine h«» CallrM *tf IM icald vr»- dnoHnn. <MILr U lit Br»1 patritM- 1/ilnJS—having hi* O*TN Idea* • !»••! vrnnirn nnrf vitnr*-^and ihrv kr J« Dark An*H for • (ew day». At thr mine he Mt-rtn Uacle J«k* «nd ArrhJe TrHxk, v*b« )• !• ground, Wfkr in convinced the - GOOD FOOD - DRIVE TO SIMPSON'S CAFE \rk-Mu Stale Line A Cool Place to Eat Sunday Special from 1 to 3 • Crappie Pish • Fried Chicken Dinner 75c • We Never Close • Service — That's Our Motto! We spare no eflorl la ptuvldlng an EXTKA everyday prescription service wrticb meant extra con- renlence to von Peel free lo can on us at an^ time Prompt delivery service Phone 507 WOODS DRUG STORE Innl and nrr«r off Ik mil II o tae »iin« taat w." T»e Ihrr d hrtd h*^» !A«I i»" ail *>pr rat Eon* before hi* drnlfc, Cory MJ-II. Sh* l« near) y hr*fce. * * • VI T WENT through the mine that •*- afternoon with Archie Trask, and the first thing I did was take chip samples across the working faces in each level. A chip sample is what it sounds like: you start at one side of the vein with a hammer ;md you work your way across, the chips Calling into your canvas sample bag as you go. You mix them all together, grind them up, and you have a pretty fair average for the vein. In this case I had to be extra .careful because Ihe real paystreak was a narrow band six inches wide, next the footwall. The rest of the vein was low-grade, flecked here and there with chaleopyrite but probably not worth the cost of mining if it had been by itself. But that payslreak, what there was of it, was a beautiful thing— real high-grade, with plenty of bornite and chatcocile. My lob was to be sure 1 didn't take too much and throw oft the average. Trask was with me and he rattled off figures;. "Two dollars a ton across 3 *& feet, S25 a ton across six inches. Works out 1 dumped the siufT In the rumble of Cory's convertible before I went over to the boarding house to eat. around $5 " average. What Cory forgets is thai in the old days that streak ol high-grade was wider." * • • TF/HEN we'd finished we took the bags over to the assay shed, where Trask introduced me to a youngster named Rige?. 1 asked Riggs a few questions and he sreetned to know his stuff. He thought he could give me the results by noon tomorrow. "Well." I said to Trask, "thanks for your help. And now I think I'll just roam around the workings PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Besl Prices Kirby Drug Stores FRAZIER BUS LINES Charter Service For Church Organizations, Baseball Clubs, etc. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. MIES & NJES L/censed & Insured Licensed & Insured for Your Protection Call tor Our Schedule I'hone 2391 or 4152 SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2851 Dine & Dance at THE SUPPER CLUB In South Osceola ORCHESTRA Every Friday Night 0. C. St. Cllit Call 911 fur Private Parties Rent a Camera for Color Pictures The irteaJ waj to remtmbei sptriaj •cc&sions. Also other types of can- *r« for rent \ BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2(A»6 W. Main Phone 3M7 NEED A TAXI? DIAL 968 BLYTHEVILLE CAB 501 E. MAIN Jack O/ment Richard Pujfh C O .STUDEBAKER What's the Best Way To Buy a Truck? SEE IT ... DRIVE IT ... PRICE IT IfllS Studcbakcr 1-Ton Pu-kup 1917 Studclmkcr 1-Ton Pickup 1917 Shtdcbakcr '/ 2 -Ton Pickup 1046 I)o(l B e I'/i-Ton Cab & Chassis 1916 Chevrolet '/z-Ton Pickup 1912 DotlRC Vi-Tnn Pickup 1911 Ford '/2-Ton Pickup 1910 Chevrolet '/i-Ton Pickup. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly SlmMwkcr D««I«T" Railroad & Ash Phnne UDEBAKER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEI The Old Sleuth Go RIGHT rN. \SORRY A LITTLE TRJCVC 1 PiCKEO UP IN THE FBI / LIVERWORTS MOST OP THE "I took the children to the amusement park yesterday, doctor—and I guess I bought them more pop, hot dogs and popcorn than was good for them!" I'RISCll.l.A'S l'OI> HY AL VKRMKKR ' CAR WASHED... GARAGE CLEANED LIR..LAWM5 MOWED HEDGE'S 1RIMMEO... WOW NO WONDER YOU'RE TIRED, DEAR' IT WEARS ME OUT JUST TO THINK ABOUT IT.'/ N * /•^ ME, TOO.'/ ' IMAGINE HOW I'LL FEEL WHEN I REALLY DO IT. 1 THE TROUBLE \S I ALWAVS WANT TO DO LUOO MUCH WRECK.' \ViilkiiiK In "" a Murder _<. THIS IS THE THIRD CABIN, ALL RIGHT. HMM-THE DOOR ISN'T ^l LOCKED. WASH TUB US liY LKSUE TURNER HfWE SEfcU HAPPENING O\JER IV! BUGG^WHIP. GIG I LEW fcASK-V \B MISSING* MOD M*. WEED WAS CURIOUS ftBOUT V\V VISIT WITH HIM VESTEeDlV/.' W THAT5 1HE SAH6 '4 CUT A PIPE IU5IDE THE WALL! THIS MAY « A »norHge TR.V FOR rue SAME THIWG! DUE BUILT A SHACK M TWI CORNER O' VOUCS, AMD VECF WE1GH8DK5 AWAKE WITH A MOTOR.— HEV.,. BEEM MJV MOK IDUS SOUNDS FROM WV BUILOIUG BUGS BUNNY HALP'THROW /V LIFE PRESERVER I — ' WH4T TH 1 BOAT SPRANG I WHV A LEAK / MALP/ /YOU W-WALK A9HORE? THE WATER'S ONLY UP TO YOUR CH-CHEST/ You Don't Say! BY V. T. H AMI,IN 5(7 My F>,fZT IN VCDR ROCKET- TO-THE-MCON TRIP IS TO BE RIGHT.' VOU'RE THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLP GOT WHA.T IT t WANTYOje KNOW-H(7\V NOT YOUR. PENNIES 5 \\1TH YCUK. <SAP<3ET5. WE CAN SIZING THIS PROJECT INTO EVERY HOME IN AMERICA... NOT ONE THIN DIME. I'M NO AW. I'M AMP OUR. TAKE WfLL BE 5#METHINfi UTTERLY RMSTA6TIC.' BOOTS AND HRR UUDDIKS BY KDGAR MARTIN and gel Uie geology Qi the pkice straightened out in mj mind." "Sure thine, Mr. McTaig. I'll b« n the mine office if you want me." He set out for the oHice and I went underground again. 1 was glad he was out of the way, because he seemed a nice young chap and what 1 was going to do might hav<i hurt his feelings. wen I right back to the slopes we had just left. The crews were mrprised to see me back so soon, bul not greatly—miners think all engineers are slightly nuts. 1 took four new sets of samples, one from each face, tied the bags and pul them in the rumble ol Cory's convertible. That evening I'd drive Cory to Driscoe, 20 miles away, where 1 could send out Ihe 1*5 by express on the Pacific Northern. Not that I didn't trust Riggs. 11 was just a matter of principle. Then I went to eat. • * # HE road between Dark Angel and Driscoe would be called a trail in any other part of the country, so we didn't talk much on the way. Cory sat outside while I went into the station, prepaid Ihe charges and wrote out shipping tags. Then T went back outside, Got the stuff ovil of the rumbte and carried it over to the counter. I asked the agent where the nearest phone was and he pointed to an old-fashioned party-line affair in a corner. I cranked the handle, and you could 1 hear receivers being lifted all the way up the valley. KtnalJy I got 'through to Efne at her home, "I'm sending some stuff in," I said, "Copper, gold and silver. Phone me at the Dark Angel when you get the figures." "Okay. And. look, what mbout "Take it easy," I said, "you're on the air."

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