The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUNE 8, isae. n BLYTHEV1LL1S, (AUK.) UOWUEK NEWS PAGE FIVB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per lino for conwcu- Hi'o lascrlions: One lime p«- nno 10o Two times per line per day .. 08c O'tircc times per line pci einy . Me 6lx limes per Hue per An; .. OBc Month rote per line 60c Minimum cimrne 60o A0s> orctcrco ror inrec or aU limes ami stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times Hie nd appeared and —Uiiatmcnl. ol LIU mnrtc. All Classifies Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- Blue ol the city must be accompanied by cnsli. Rales may be Hmlly computed fram auovo table. ACivmismj ordered tor irregular Inscrlioiis tnkc tlie one time rate No irapo'nsiDnii? will be token for more tnan one incorrect ur '.erli&n of ally classified ad. Business Directory ! Real Estate'' Mrs. J. J. Diivis — Silencer Corstllcre Call 4H1-W for appointments We Guarantee lo Save You Money on Screen Work of All Kinds I'AHMS I'OH SA1.I! TUliMS UKASONAUIiK Loeuled southeast Missouri Kl'IIEI. li. THOMPSON L'arutlimvlllc, Mo. 1'OR SAI,K CHUAI'—HOUSliS ul 700 W. Ash; :«7 .t :«9 S. Division, wiiu pitying tenants. BAR-! ^ U | a , GUIDE I .Harbor Shops HOLT'S IIAKIIKH SH01' 101 South anil St. 1IA1HCUT 20e. SllAVH 15e Hath—Close 8 pin— Shine 8 room limiso, furnished or unfurnished, 'j Iniths ntul sleeping l«fii. oil Wnlmil. <J. J. Crane, (Mil K8 "r 2». e-k-13 For Sale For Kent Phone 19 <|Ulck ; ' "ill Handle. Mildred 'H. 1, Box 21-A. E. Cox, H. TKANTIIAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room ny. Pianos $1 up. PHONE %•! All our 1SBU 1'iiUcrns WALLPAPER now on sale nl fiix-ally reduced lirlces. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. l-XHl SALE SlIlSlJIfltAN I.OT.S—h'AltM IiANll Land In Mississippi & 1'emlscol Counties, Reasonable Prices ii Terms <ii;()K(lH VATKS Phone 30U~I)nx 322 Shoe Repairing Buy With Confidence! Drive With Satisfaction 1931 TOIII) V-S I'OKIJOR irilli Trunk, 10:«;, Nciv I'ainl & Kent Cov- rrs *391 lOSS 1'OltI) V-X. New I'ainl & Seal C'nvns. New Tires $175 CUI:VKOI,V:T Moll'l A-l. A TIJDOIi. good buy WANTED —,-LI. KIN1)S JUNK. Scrap Iron, i3 to $5 Ion Aluminum, 10c Ib. Brass, 2ft to 4'/jC Ib. Copper Wire, 4c to 5c Ib. Radiators, 4 Vic 11). HIDES & FURS WOI.F AKIAN PHONE 116 'Shoes Half Soled, 65c& up Strings with job. le extra S ATI SP ACTIO N Ci U A R AM;i' K E D TIUJE 111,111! S1IOK SIIOI- Next 16 u. T. Worthy's (HIAI.1TY SIIOB SHOP Men's Hnlr Soles COc. 7SC, Men's K libber Heels 25c. 35c, 50o Men's Mill Soles and Heels S2 l-'Linuslii'd Rooms. btL 1 . Call U7-J, Be kl.) ivmiilcle furnlsl)lni;K lor 3 roonit.. Suednw for small cash pay- nirnl. l.ravliiK tuvvn, K. J. Clrii- 'iiini. U1!U Walnut. H(> till Certified Potato Plants Tomato, Popper A; KUB I'lant.s C. I', ll.iuks Cor. Luke >t Main or 52U 11KAN & TOMATO STICKS. 5 &•• II IT. I.ONO, I'.ie UAC1I. (MIlOACiO MILL. C(J<il I'lXlnt HHDHOOM. iibli>. Hess Hull. Call 280. Geklf l'»l<!i'il oak. qunrlrr sawed, pan-l I c'li'il Hfflci' p:irtlt!iins. HuouRh to I Rcasoii-1 n-nr.(. u littuillful division In at Mure or offliv. Land Co, 'i newly ileeomted unfiirnlslied mum. adjoining Imtli. I'rlviUe j u<m|ioii"i;oo<'l for iscTro^-mnii entrance. Couple only. Call lit i -Olli H. Friinklin after 5 p. in, 3-p-ti j now Fantiiill Trnclor. Will SM.IX) for It, Tlionias ri-ioum uuliirnt.shi'd house, »i'i__!' . Reasonable. Cull MO. '3-ek-lf j I.-QR BAl,K-Use<l lee lloxe.'v mid Kleelrlo !!efiii:cbilors. llrundwny •"ales Co., Ill S. liroaclwiy. ' 3 Od kfi :i room furnished apt,, newly dce- oraled. Mrs. 1. O. Westbrook. 30-t'k-tf 4 r«>'n house, furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. Edwin liobhisou Call 274-W. 23-c-U 3 WIUNISHKI) Uooins. modern. Sink In kitchen. OH llcnrn. 23-p-k-M 1031 OHKVKOI.KT COUl'U willi Kiimlilc Seal. Mnlor ,t Tires O.K S 1 " MONEY HACK (JUAKANTEE Wilh Kvn-y H. * G- or Siinarc Ih-al t':ir liouglil 1'roiu Philli|is Mclur Co. 1 IlieiMl Allowance On Your I'rcs- ciil Car Low l-'in:inee Charge Through 1). C. C. Come liy and Iry any of Ihc above Cms on nnr 18 Hours Money Had; Guarantee. Open Evenings for Youi- Conveil- kree Oiivc liy l.ols and fJcl Ac- qiiriinlcd. Call ' 810—SKi fur Dcm- mistialion or liiforil'alion. Ask lor i;i-ives, Shanks, Calvin or ' PllilUPS USE!) CAR LOT - 5lh & \VaIiiul I'licne 810 or 811 Oi:cn at Night NO\V! Pay but of your bonus. GHO. BlllIK, Tailor 201 N. 2nd WBlASlM" •1,000 Gallons fo He Given Awny I'KKE To Our Customers! livei-v member of nur Otisoline 128 E. MAIN Ladies' and Chlkbeii's Half Sole:; — — ! 5CH: and C5c Qiialily Muterinl. 1 ; Laces any eolor. I'rc'e delivery sei 1 - viee. ;) PR BE Shines with half sole. Bus. Opporluuities I)iviilrl:il (o 25 fiallo'ns. rail \viii frotn When you buy at Jlaili'.y's ask for a membership eard. It eosts nothing. HARRY BAILEY'S Al Misscuri Stale Line t)o you want a business of YOUR OWN retailing Wnlklns rroducts. We need a j;ood nmii in Mississippi county. JvU-it own car. Average earnings $35 weekly. No ca)i- Hal required. Write Mr. Keenc, The J. B. Watkins Co., Mein- ns. Teiin. Shop With Us And Save Always iii the Market for SCRAP IRON WOOL * Rags, Mcxal, ' Hides & Bones Blvtltcvillc Iron & Mclal Co 221 W. Cherry Call 448 1!135 Muster Chevrolet C o a e h. \Vliilc siilc-uall lires, 7,1101) ^^|^^j miles. City driven ^ Tninins .S500 Barksdale Mfg. Co. j Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONE 19 ISX, l)e I.nxc I'ljiuoiilh Sedan. A Kcal Buy IMS DC Solo Brougham ('lean ear, new tires Broadway S Company lit S. Broadway $275 HONKT VALUES If You \V;inl A Good Automobile Kcail This: 1935 C1IKVK01-CT COUl'l; .. SSflS n:t3 rj!ii;viiou;:r COACH .. 52w H30 CIlliVIlOI-FiT COACH... 5 125 1331 l'Oi;l) V-S COUPE ? M3 1929 roill) I'OKDOK SI-;i)AN S '•> 1931 OAKLAND SEDAN ....Sl« 192!) I'LVMOUTII COACH .. S 95 —TBUCKS— \>t. TON Character Ijonns from $100 to $2000 re'imlrt over a period of 12 to 60 months. No red tape and low yovernmcnt interest rate. Sec E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. naileries BETTER BATTERY SISKVICE Call J. B. Chine U Tom Jackson's Service Slallon Ar,T>yii'"noi r ' JOOL ljeil]'00iu.s, vcaKonabtc. Mvn. Jennie Cralij, 900 Main, Phone IMGKAM apiirlmenl, On. Inquire nl M-ck-tf inoni unfurnished house nt I2;i Viiif. Call 20U-J. 2-ck-(f 5126.00 Credit, on New Clicvrolcl or used ear, value $100.00 of iiio'-e. to buyer having no Irartc-la (i'.id diseounl for ensh. Uox "All" Courier News. dh t! Royal Family to Scotland for Holidays LONIJON (Ul')-.AII ineinlM'rs of Ihe royal family exei'iit queen Miny are expected lo. visit Heot- Innd (lurln.!; siinnner liulldays. (Jneen Mary plum lo divide her Mine between lliirewund lloiiM> Ymksliiro. where slu- will ]>• ilu' linest of her daurtiler, Hie i>rln- ecss Itoyal, and buiulrliiKliaui. Kliifi 1'Mvvavd ho|ira lo siu'i shorl holiday at ensile, lie also Is uiuler.skv.Kl lo liave plan- led n visit lo the Mediterranean. The Duke am! Duchess of York and tlielc two <I:m g hlers will spend most of the summer at Balmoral, Deeslde. The Uuke and Duchess of Kent mid Ihelr b;il>v! son, [>rince icdwurd, are expected: to be jjuest.s ill liahnornl Cast'e. I i Ono C'nsl; Tno I'lxli TIPFIN, O. (UI'l-A iluule tons" ol the liiuv eaiifjlit two llsh lor Kuil Klulb. He pulled In n L10-lnr!i. sl\ and one-hulf pound pike that liiul .swallowed on ll-lneh Drs. Wert & Wcrt Ol'TOMKTHISTS Over Joe Isaacs' store/ • "\VI! MAKR 'EM SEE" riiono 540 modevn. 1111 As!i. Mrs. George Matt'.icws. Cftll 294. ck-tf 'I IxMhooms or a two room furnished i\])iii-luinit. Rensoiuvblc. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hcarii. •! room nparlmeiit bath. Call 327, or 55 lit 12-ck-ll FnrnLshcfl S-room ttonsc. Fifth St. Couple Only. 608 N (III Itoom Apartment,- •! rooms fiir- nishcd. J. H. BraurU Cnil B05-.I 2c kt Good Used Trucks IfcM—1!£ Ton Ford 11135—14 Ton I'Oiil I'lik-tlp 1031—I J« Ton Clicvrolcl 1331—1 id Ton Intel •national All have (lood Stake liodlcs TlillMS Delia Implement Co $"00 credit on new Plymouth 01 Politic lit 20 per cent ilLicmiiil Cull 158 before June 13. 2-pk-3 Wrecker Service - {J;\s Ol'KN AM, NKillT 1'1111,1,11'S vSliU'VICK CKNT'KU Phones 777 - BIO llirforr Vtiu lluy Any Outliuard - Sec NEPTUNE 2 H. r. ( !l!/l'\ SliiRlf Cyl. 'ii 1 '''-' (Other Slws lo IB II. 1>.) HUIIUAU1) TIUK !!A'1TKHY (X). Now I/ocal«d »t 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER ' SERVICE BUREAU WON EDWAKDS, Proprietor All make* 01 relmlll Typewriters, Adding Macnlnrt And cula tore—RepalriiiK—r»rU—)i Ibbo nl QUICK ON Washe GRAVEL '.Call Us Phone 700 Snnevioi 1 Oo;il of Cn.'il— Siiinniitl, Gi'ciil lloavl, lU-illiiinl, rMoutiL't'iln, olc. SKItVlCK STATION 'I-'0« YOUIt CONVUNIENCK' ONE STOP 3 SKItVlCK ST* !)« YOUIt CON' SINCLAIR GAS AN!) l.WMICATION WYKH I'KIWY in clim-go of Sorvicc l)c|)iii-lnicnt. I.. 11, JOHNSON iji charge ' Hinly .Deimi-lincut. —»ATTi:iiv —KADIATOIl Ulil'AlK —11011V WOHK —i i:\i)i:ii w'ouic —(il,,\XS INSTAU/Hl) —AUTO 1'AltTS W. T. BARNETf AUTO SALES llodfio £ Plymouth Dealer PMONfi 888 HEAR! HEAR! a bur in I MsHncialion cortilicnlo tit your Icivctl ones wlicn thuy 'pnas 1C yon liny kind on avay, wo. will accept it at full viilno. on Llic pvovitlcil you buy na mucli its $50 01- more COBB FUNERAL HOME I 'HONK 2(i IMIOAKINC; THK NKWS! n'S YOUC GOOD-LOOKIklG ~ HI,THERE, N.6OY R2I5WD -TcLL OOOLA! C'MERE- HIM TO I WAMTA TALK &• OUT HERE - S ALL RIGHT- TO VUH - _^_S-1_ (I WOUDER. " * U - ~ \ ,^O VHATHB -A •?„£/ - -^- ^^Sr^WAUTS -/ vj YOU LOOK. LIKE YOURB HAVIKI' A GOOD TIME - D'YA LIKE IT HERE-; '.^~ ..•< I JUS' LOVE THIS PLAC& ^P^^f^"-' ^ ^^feg^. t _ T-,"- iKl GLAD -r'HEAR THAT. 'CAUSE THEM, WHAT I'VE GOTTTEI.LYUH, WON'T MAKE /-' WELI , YA FEEL SO ( WHAT IS IT.' \. ^—'*---' - -;-.-, T. ..^.- J __^__^ IJy Hiimlin WE'RE STUCK HERE.' WE P-^BY SOME CRAZY BREAK ^' CAM'T GET OUT.' WE'LL / OF LUCK, WE GOT THROUGH HAVE 1O SP£UD/^~^f> TH'TERRIBLE DINOSAURS TH'REST OF ^ YOU ^\ TWAT LIVE IM TH' SWAMPS OUR LIVES J MEAKI WE \ SURROUMDJMG THIS RIGHT f CAW'r EVER GO ) PLACE-BUT WITHOUT OL' OlWNy, WE'LL NEVER GET OUT i.~0. 5'. TAT. QFF.7T:'|- -V."' BOOTS SEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE AUOUT THE CLUB PRICE AT Hubbard Hdw. Co. 1331 CIIi:VKOI.tT TRUCK 1933 !•' O K D TliUCK V-8 SZS5 1931 DIAMOND "1" 2 TON TRUCK S175 TOM I'hune Wall Paper NEW PAt'i EKNS—LOW TRICES CANVAS, PASTE AND TACKS A H K ABOUT PITTSBURGH'S NEW 1'AINT FINANCE I'l.AN The Arkmo Lumber Co. 1'hoiie 10 Wanted -- Used Furnilure Spot Ccisli Paid Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 B. Main Formerly Davis & Dodson Lost S. A. E. Fraternity Pin. REWARD. Mrs. U H. Moore, 1020 W. M','n. He Kll Ouilease Icfl in William nroek. Roulo 2. Box l(i(i. car -Saturday. Wilson. .Ark. 8|> kll COIN I'UnSB eonlainiiiB S20. i.inanAL REWARD. MVS. Uus- scll rhillips. STOVE3 fffORED FOll SUM- MEU Local Hauling My Coal Is Black But I Irea You While JOHN MK'HANAN—1'HONE 30 GliARANTKED ELECTRIC A I WORK, rcaKonable. Prank CJa blc, riionc 218, Osceola. Eggs, Poultry Baby Cliicks DAY OUt & STARTED any day MARILYN HATCIIIiRY White Airedale dog wil'n tan. on tack. "Bunch,' 1 !(E\VAUD. New. York Store. 8-ck-ll Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For F.ggs & Poultry AND IIMR_HUnj)lI5S 3 O\D VOO ME ViWV.t "L V/OtVb HOWtSV ',Mi\i» ? AW, COMIC ON^! V ^ VOvi'LX. \<MOW KOW MUCH Hv Martin WASH TURNS COME ON,SON. IF WE'RE ID | WE'LL LEARN WHO MURDERED JEFF/ TAKE PICKET-, WE BSTTER LOOK /URf SMITH' ..OVER HIS ENEMIES. FIRST. HE ONCE TRIED TO SHOOT PICKET / MOW, NOW,0£PltTV. THET WAS / VEAR5 AGO. TWENTV VEARS. JUST \ A LITTLE MI5UMQERSTANCTN' \ WE iHUK. HAT&S NEXT PAY JUST I'ALS, KVUH SliSCK! '/ft! KiO, OP COOR.<bH MOT COOV.O, VEK<bT,TRY TO «V_ •', ^ ;fc N CCJJENDLVyWAL, IN A WAV. WE'D EVER SINCE? y KIND OF NOP,50METIMK, IF WE PASSED ON THE STREET, AN' ONE TIME I SPOKE TO HIM IJy Cnini *&• T^SSES (ONLY ONCE ?>/ YEP, THAT WAS ENOUGH! HIS HOSS 1 GOT AWAV AN' COME IM MV GATE SO I SAVS TO JEFF,"GIT THET MANGY BURRO OUTA MV VARC 1 OR. I'LL SHOOT VORE BLANK ' /-BLANK EARS OFF."J DIDN'T HAVE TO SPEAK AGIN. EITHER..',,—— FKKCIU.KS AM) HIS FKIKNDS frVtWr. BY UFA J £ N T 0 StIRPlUSK TO TA«! ict. me. T. M. REC. U..S..PAT. OFF. ^' • BOYS, IF THIS 13 V/HAT I THINK rr IS, WE f HAVE SOMEMWG HERET ! IT'S A MARVELOUS TVUWG... MARVELOUS!.' V,\ E. Main W KIAME IS PECK...I'M A PROFESSOR...CURATOR AT 1HE SHADYSIDE MUSEUM ! -THIS BOK'E IS THE TIBIA OF A SABER- TOOTHED TIGER ! /^ rr's A TIBIA FROM AW EXTIWCT CATOF X THE EOCCKJE OR PLEISTOCEWE PERIOD. 1 rrs FOSSIL REMAIWS HAVS BEEW RXJWD IM I-JOPOH .AWD SOUTH AMERICA ? J*; a IT WAS A CARNIVOROUS BEAST FROM THE FAMILY OF MACHAEROMTIDAE, OR MIMRAVIDAE! Hy Hlnssoi sazr-. I 3oYoEoV....TriAT.'S JUST V/HAT I THOUQKT rr V/AS.'.' '<-^, •» ; '•(••> T ie > -1 ,vV 3' / r ({*$• trt.U.S. TIT ^FF it' t

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