The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 19, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY, MARCH 10, 1034 BLYTHEVILLB, (MULX COUBliiB NKWP PAGE FIVE iCiAssif IED SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Doily rate per ,ine ior consocu- live insertions: •• tHve average worus w a line)' One time per line ™ Tv.o timcb per line por day .. OBc Three times per lir," per day .. OK Eix times per line per day .. Oic Month rate per line 60c Minimum cn&rge 50c Ads ordered l<r uiroc or sis limes a»d stopped before cxplra- t'on will lie draig'.e lor the num- L<?r ol times Ihe ati appeared aiia adjustment of bill made. • All Cliissilied Ativeriislni; copy EuVjimtud by ijerson* residing outside of Hie city u ust be accompanied by cash, Rates may be easily computed from above table. KO tesponslbllltv will be. taseu 'oj mo.-e than OHU incorrect, insertion uf any classified ad. Advertising orrKicu jor irregu- ,ar Insertions take the one tune AUTOMOBILES, TRUCKS USED CAR BARGAINS 1929 4 itr. Oakland Si-dan .. S225 1031 •! dr. Furil wdaii 10W rnntiar. »C(!/1D 1925 1'onliic t dr. btdar. .. 1031 VoutUs 2 dr. «da» .. LEE-COPPEDGE MOTOR CO. BUSINESS D1RECTOUY I'hone -305 K. Main KOK KKN't will be to brine home to the uy, commerce and employment man In the .•ittcct" tlic [act that lie Dominion Is on the road to .rtter times iinrt In llic iirar! mure n will be in Ihe mltlst ol i i jl , ! ,i m .s s inc ol Ihe must prosperous p.-i1-1 wulm i n [. cts in its history. be vanlert out In n lurwnrtl , .,., 1>rjma <M , lllsl(!r ls ,„„, . r . l(|l . ,^ imo ,„, their COUIIM.'! iinrt uvkU , B ,„„„ In keeping with I'lvmicr K. 1!. Bennett's ixilicy thai uulli spectacular will be slan«l Canada, the various schemes be-1 with lenders In rwy brunch formulated lo speed up Indus-1 industry and commerce plans for tinjiiestlnns. At present a Doniluiun Government rcurcseulix- live Is working here, clls.cus.slnK ot to lnr:vjie business, to piovltlv wore *wii ana th«s Increase the pnv- cli;u:»u iiower uf tlic- LMniidlilll IKopli-. 'I'liti ^ only 11 mere dclnll In Hi' I'llme Mlniblcr'.s |i]aiu> for briiiv;ii]R u Lwliioss revival in Can.u|a. ' wur botiijinH-s un I heir UK; bland of Celebes, Indies. Roomell Beat "G. W." In VaUey Forge Poll WAYNB, 1'a. lUl'l-U'K it bud i'i'uf foi' tlie "utiUi." ami uiipiir- enUy even th-urgi; Wushluijtim niul Abniliuin Lincoln loRelhcr couldn't pu'venl Kriin);lm U. lluo.sndr.'i reelection, 11 lie were ninnini'. IliU til. Vulloy VUIKC Military here, 202 voted lur 1'ivMilriil Koowi'll, -H. for Washington and W fur Lincoln. MJcki'y MOHSL', u Hulk IUMSC vn- ti\. was fourih Altli II uiU'S. Mickey run on u plidfuim ot "a cheese fur m-ry UUIVMIIIHMII job" [ Mullierii' pension and ••(•liniiiiiiMun ol all cals In | f,,, r ,i n) .15 . s ( ; ,|e s a \Vntluiii;Um ;.oflul cue!:-.'." ', ,,f Columbia A:ikcil to iir.nie Ilii 1 nuk-l linpur-! Academy;,[out rinmcd icpcal ol, _thc I8ih ' nnu'iidineiil, ancl another "lite day 1 was born." A brilliant youu^lcr sild he planned to be 'a;.llaht' IKIIIM- kcc|icr bccaase "the future will always be so telgUl." laws ;uc In ill llic District L. O. .ViGSS, Undertaker Ambulance Service piione 3U UNFUKNI5HBD -1 room avail mem, bath. Phono 321; iilgln THREE room furnished apartment with Iwli. Mrs. Doac Mick. 110 W. Ash. THREE Room Furnished, APARTMENT with private bath and entrance Phono 72-W. Mrs. I. O. Wcsibrook. 16p k20 WEAR-EVER lUuiniiituu is liclter and costs MO more. Sola exclusively ai Hubbarri Hardware Co. 5-ck-i-S Reuair Fii.nilurc- Now Yon can save- money by liaving furniture uyhulstercd no\v us materials are cheaper. We make the old new again. Free estimates. Comu'.ctc line samples. Work guaranteed. Jenkins i Son, VI3 chickasnvba 26C-M-21 \\'c six:ciali«; in FliJuT Sweep Special kind.s lor special lluors HubLurd ll-irdwarc Co. ' 12c M-W Comfortable turuistied BEDROOM with garage. If desired. Mrs. P. E. Coolcy, phone 117. 2 story modern house on Division, just north ot Catholic church. Reid, Evraid & Henderson. Phone BEDROOM for 1 or 2 gentlemen, 1?SJ^ 801 W. Walnut St. Call 451, '""""- -"-" 5-ck-lf PURNISHED bedroom, 1011 W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed. Hardln after o R M. lo ktl KOOM & BOARD free figm>: diacnosis in yuur home. Mrs. J. J. Davis, I'horc 431 Spencer Corseticre 2Gc U-2G EXVEKT Typeuriltr and Adding Machine Repaiiin;;. V. S. WanW- 116 E. Roic. Call 105-J. '' " . 260 k3-22 FOR SALE EARNKD aired altalfu iiay pt-r ion; lev 1 ; tou'j tmu cotton scud. £.. V. lull n-pt ROOMS or room and board or meals. Good meal, clean rooms. rates low. Close In. Mrs. Lolliu 421 S. Second. .a-ck-i-8 WANTED WHITE MAN vdlh lamily to rent or sharecrop. Good worker. "A" Courier News. lQ-iik-22 TJNFURNISHE D Thi'ec-room apartment with bath. Close In Call 30ii. WANTED TO BUY Ior Sale CHEAP: Mew Vitality navy olue I'UMPS, 7 AA. Call 3Wi. ONE BARBER CHAIR CtlL'Al'. iwrs. >i. W. Lcc, Jonier, j\rK. i-ip f:-i-l- 1 Oliver row crop tractor, one '1 row planter, one -1 row cultivator one 16 by UO disc harrow, one 3 row buster with marker. All in lirst class condition. Gay ana Binings, inc. lie M-i> TWO goud mules, priced icsson anic. 11. A. Smith, 510 W. Mam. AUTOinOllVK 17C ilibcrling Tiit-s K Tubes, Utplacc ineni yan^ ai.<t accvs^orics u all kinds ttir ^ITI> m.ike ol car. ^ulomuiivu Uyjii, ;4cLiuard kidv Co. Ic US- Auto All Kinds Tin; <UK-iUu Installer! Lumber Co. 1'OULTKY fi; EGGS 1 \vill ji;iy UJc [>ci puimd for licnb except tcahorn lyi^c. -13. '!'• Wouay, 31S East Main. I0-ck-2i rrrsli rggs daily. It. I. licir'.sctting CBSX. rickurcl slurc. 1011 Chii saivlm. 8p M-1U KAIJY (ftIICKK All Varieties. CiiMurn liatchint; .soliciteil. Set each Tuesday, hatc]i cacli WctlnesiLiy. MAUILYN HATCHEKY Halclicry Cotli; Ccr. No. 8C UA'L'TEKIES Hew I'orcl Batteries Hcnlal - Itccharsinr; - Jlcrjiri r ~1 TIHE & BA'ITERY STAT1O> REAL ESTATE lur X;i!c: HI East Davis, an ex quisilc home; nothing prettier i Blyllievillc. will 5E || „„ terms a CC;. Call our uMkc fur apiiolnlmcm IltOMAS I,,\ND CO>IP.\NV, sol l-'or Trade: city ptoiwrty tor farn Mrs. fxl Hardin. !D«lct SKEDS & l'I,AN-rs BKED Potatoes, &oy beans, fiel peas anrt ailaiia teert. Get m prices. Earl Hatcher. Call C35-J. 22-CK-3-2 MALE HEL1' WANTED MAN Wanted !o tupply cus,to:nei willi raiumis Walkins Pi-oriuc in Ulyllirvlllr. Hubincw fftablishcc earnings avcraec S25 weekly, pa starls immediately. Write J. ' ! Watklns Company, 10-84 W. low Ave., Memphis, Temi. \Vc Pay 5J.; Ctr-ts fur No. I Beef Hides Matthews Store, 60S N. Glh St. 16c e Pay $2 per ton for Scrap Iron Also buy hides, brass, copper ad, etc. Wolf Arian, Phone 176 28 E, Main. !!6-ck-3-26 Vant to buy all kinds Used Hous hold Gooiis, Stoves. Hiehcs ash prices. Leighton's Second and Store. 320 V,. Main. 10pk4-10 LEGAL NOTICES . SALK NOTICE is hereby given that the ndersigncd commissioner, in com- liance with tlio terms of a decree endured by llic Chancery Court the Cluckasawba District ol lississippi county, Arkansas, on he Mill (lay of February,' 1934, herein II. V. Carpenter laintic. No. 5C36. and James M. Buckiicr. ct pi., were Defendants, vill sell at, public auction to li^hcot and brst bidder, for casn, n a credit of three months, at he front door of the Court House, llic liDttrs prescribed by aw. in Hie City of Blytlreville, on (he 9th day of April, 934, the following real estate, toil: North half 'if North half of imarter. and North half of South half of No.-Ui halt of Southeast miarlcr of Section Nine (8) Township Filtcen (15) North, Range Thirteen (13) East. 00 Acics. HAIL) Sale will IK had tr> satisfy said decree in. the sum of S2.300.QU with 10 per cent interest from November I, 1Q32. THE purchaser ;il said siUf \u[] be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment- uf [he purchase money and a lien will be retained upon ;aid proncily us additional security for the payment of such purchase money. WITNESS my hand and tlw sea! of said Court, on tins, llic Will day of March. 1934. R. L. GAINES. Commissioner in Chancery Frank C. Douglas, Ally, for Plaintiff. 13-26 1'EBDS We ^JK•(ializc in sccrl rorn. Ir'armrri Cash feed anil .Seed Co. fhone IH7. ' 13,, M-13 CO AC, « AVOOU Coal Kiid Woo*) Kentucky egg COAL M; slag W pe' ton Ash & Railroad Sts. 15ck2J Canada Plans Drive For Business Recvoery MONlKfAI/ lUPi—A wi recovery.' movement, designed to accelerate the upward busin trend [hat has been evident since the beginning of [he year, will' be launched In Canada this spring. One of the objects of the move at. | (inn went, in hlslury, OUR BOARDING HOUSE CONTINIHOS 1IIK STOUY! ROftU PDESAGt?) Tti i OF A repDSoHe Motibitrc oi ; junap r,; Htvvn rv iif SIDE or» TII' AvllAK'NG \im\ tVf\R-- ?!;l; : .;C?',i ;r .;-,./,T 7 j5 r 'Kov;,AiLEV, MY '"' MViifoAtrM WHA WHO IS TW=, BOOTWBY BLOKE WHO 'DROPPED ANOAOU Ut TA.K.6* ON COAA_ , Ar4 THEN •DOES HE. INTEND To <SO \N1O t>W/OOCK < ?'-v.\& VAE. \i \\MJ\-S A ttt^&S RA^L ^CQUA^NT^NCC {\ HOUSE CAJEST • VOU fA£T IN LONDON -OP, S O p WIIA1 | TO VVT1UIW CAUSED run. OW:R - BOV, SCHOOL HE'S IS HE AN OLD CtLlMWt <*?*!&> O p YOURS? ,\N LONDON_ HE NOW A SPOT OM YOUR Tit? ''n WM WHNV, in'OUM, V«IO CAUSCO TlV ' HIRE HE CftME.CHftSINti A STnUl;UOA1IMUS/ DlON'T BOtllCR ASOOT BOND5.TICD IIGHT, V4\KU \1E USPltD 3OMtTUmG ViE VINI1C01O VIEIA.- HI-RE VIA1 A CWANCC COULDM'T PA'K B'>'. 1H(\T HUE IAV TA1AC I'D ^\^H^; 'tw MI IIUHK I'D SWEO 111'DAY , 13V STOPPING Vtf BRUTE Vinil ft GREW DISPLAY/ ^;,v/i :w<;) •'s V'juum: / t\ mr ^. OF HQQPLt rMNOR - BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Marti* m DOOR yOO'UE J IM, FROWT WW4'T WMSC UOPWOOO ALONXa IT'S THE ^ELECTED TO ESCOBr 7Ht /WHUT DtESl WHV OOM'T \K HtfOV'tf THEV 6IVE 'ME NWHER, 16EEM WAS A F.V Ot.0 MAMrt V.'HO LOOKED LIKC S.lfO 'SWALLERED PICKLE. OLD MAN%.'.'j OWE OF US TO Tfl^E OUT AH' SHOW 'CR RANCH ..._... Aeour i / SOME VOUNG SOONQIT TIKEO O' THAT OtC FOSStl. THEN IT'S SALESMANSAM WE I, I,, WHO WON, OK U)ST? P, lAIWUTel BOOBY OoUJHi OWED A CA'&O'.V,< DEL DOOt-O/ (W <xftVE ~Q<' CUEcK 1 -" =.Te. f ^ i r-t". f-\ Pitj (NM 1 I'ft^OEO PE.Te.t OCOM / ne. :HecK. To HIM'. MOCIJ PeTe's p.s ^S HSCKI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A LOT OF PEOPLE SHADY6IDE "nilUK 1M A MOST OP THEM ^RE JGAIOLIS OP I1Y SUCCESS IN BUSINESS... 1H REALLY NOT AS BAD AS 7'M. PAINTED.' l-IMMi?PH.,..V)HY...EI?.. C-OIHG. YOU A YOUMa MA4.' I COULD PUT YO 1 .! OUT OP YOUR UGI'.C DAYS, AND HERE L AM.OpFERIMG TO BUY YOU OUT M I r>CHT BEL'EVE r.vEr-:Y3o,f,' is TRY- y M;C. 10 cwiTAT ;/E ... .^ 1 H/.VEMT MET .' \^ EVERYBODY YET! YES, SYLVtBTER,!! ISN r RIGHT TOR TO QUESriou MR. SCUTTLE THIS V/AY SCUTTLE. TD UKH TO KltoW JUOT V.»Y YOU'RE CE7TIMG SO BIO-HEARTED. L All Of A S'JDDESl DoNT ' LET TVJ5.' OLD BOY PUT. . ANYTHING OVER CW YOU

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