The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1936
Page 4
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PAGE FOUfe BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COUIUEH NEWS MONDAY, JUNE 8, 1931 . THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS I THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBUSHJCRfl i 0. B. BABQOCK, Editor H. W. 1IA1NES. Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Tnu., New York, Chlcafio, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered ns second class matter at tlio post office at Dlytlicvlllc, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October 9. 1917. Servco DY the unlioii Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By earner In flip CHy ot alyttwvlllo, 16o per Kjck, or fG.50 per year. In advance. By mail, wltlilii is radius ot 60 miles, 13.00 per year $1.50 for six months, 75o for three monUis; by mail in postal zones two to six, Inel'lf'". $6.50 per year; In zones seven and eight, JIO.W per year, payable In advance. 7V» U. S. IVar Minions, Hitler is a I'ilwr in kind of who is boss It is about lime llinl someone iiulhority showed Hie Unilcd Sli War Dcpaiiinenl jnsl what country ttiis is and just in it. The War, whic-h is supposed lo lie the strong arm thai protects the republic, is now disclosed to have prepared the blueprints for n dictatorship in this country; a dictatorship as ruthless and oppressive as any of the overseas varieties. This sounds almost incredible. The truth of it is revealed in the series of bills reportedly prepared by the \\ F i|i- Department lo be introduced and rushed Hhroti(rh Congress upon the outbreak of hostilities. All these bills, however, have been inlrodueed by Spn- ator Bennett Clark (Mo.) of the senate munitions committee. Clark has no desire that these bills be passed. He merely wauls Congress and Ihc country to know what Ihe War Department had in slorc for us. Tlms-e bills would provide that in time of war the entire, country would go under absolute military control. The president would declare an emergency and, as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, would instantly take over the whole country. The press would go under censorship. All men over 1.8 would -be drafted. The right of habeas' corpus and • the right to jury trial would be "•' suspemfed:"~'rhe president could sei/.e " any property that he saw fit, at any price he chose. The manufacture, sale, transportation, and distribution of all foodstuffs and commodities would be licensee!. > If you have caught your breath aL'ler reading I hat amazing outline, yon arc invited to rcali/.e that these powers • would exist for six months after (he president declared Ihe emergency at an end — .iiiul lie need not even issue that declaration until he felt like it. That our War Department, should sponsor a bill so completely in violation of every tradition of American freedom is almost unbelievable. Think, for a minute, what its consequences would be. Every bit' of property in the Unilcd Stales could he confiscated for any purpose the president might think good. Every working man in Ihe country could be compelled to work any number of hours, under any con- ditions, at, any wage, in any factory, that the president mii*hl decide. Any man who balked at any of these provisions would he tried—-not by a civil court, but by an army courl- 'marlial. Neither lliller nor Mussolini ever thought of anything much more drastic than that. It may possibly he, as the War Department claims, that rcgimentalion of this kind is essential lo winning a war. If thut is thu case, it is up to this country to adopt Ihe most uncompromising kind of pacifism, ipr there is no conflict on Ihe horizon the winning of which would bu worth what this War Department plan would cost. But it is far more likely that some mililjtrislie functionaries have simply gone slightly screwy. The best tiling Congress can do is to take up these bills, dcbale them, vole them down overwhelmingly and demonstrate that Ihe people of this country just aren't having any. After such a demonstration, the militarists might have difficulty in jamming them through upon the outbreak of war. At any event, Ihe nation will be well warned. The War Department might as well know right now that the American people don't want a dictatorship at any price. 1 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ADVENTURE by Jean Seivwright © 1936 N£A Service, Inc. IIUKI.V mini: TODAV CAJT. i-:vi:ni/iT, muiiitiuux to irruuii' n ilmfKucr, rouir* lo ,\>*v Yurk Hud — due to 11 Nlrcjke ot lurk— l» Jilri-J \'i 5IAI).\.Mi; I, I- /M'lTr:, iirulirli-tur at un ni.tu- nlvi* Hlioit. -Miitltuiic l>rovi'» t<jiii- nud dllltcuU to wurk nicnuic IIAICKKUAVI-ZS, >-UUHK lirllxt, IK IiLliTCNltd 111 Cull mid oin-rH IUT friendly udylcr. l-'rr- H|JL> KCCV DICK KKAltt.l-lS, ulumt. fcl*lrr, )tOSi-:3[.\UV, wnu livr ruuiiiiuutc lit Ht'Iidol, HI.IUIU)I||V, In Arltunu, MA11IC CHAPMAN, lunir II MMILdc-r.r. >v- turiiH to flnd lilx old home In tbc lj. uf tin. VruriT* Jllnlni; Co. k MiiKiu'cU (hi. deal Jq cruoki'il. duf* Jiul kntnv the ivlivrt'- iilmulK of |I|N jilei-r, (lull, the rfclilful oiviu-r til (lie prdiiertv, JII-J.V. HA), I/, 3!ud ..... r I.|V,.||C--K MHI, I* ri-iirCMciitln^ tlic 'i'ravi'jr* Ilvr« . N.VI'Al.n; rilKS'iO.Y, w II III!' IIIIIIIL- I'lulj ll> Cull, HlYi-rllxriiiriLl Iti tbu "in-.raomll" uliiniti of H iii.WM|iuiirr Hiking T(ir iirurmiitlon nl,ni|< I' Ul'- -HIKTT nr l,l« ), c lr». Sliv wrllii n rn»l)', mid lalvr iiu-i-l* a Hits. HAHTUX mid (HI* her ;il,nut Cull. .Vullilh' does mil kiiinv MrK. llurtfm it mi emiilufc uf llie Tniyerii L'mikiiiitiy. NOW no ox WITH TIII: STOIIY CHAPTER XVII AN DHAFPEN rose Irom the shaelc. "Well, so long, fellows," lie sale!. "Got to get home now. Going to town tomorrow. Anything you want?" "Reckon not," Jed answered. "How about you, Mark?" "I wouldn't mind it you'd bring me some tobacco." Ho handed DrafTon n dollar. "Thanks, old man." Two hours later Jed exclaimed, "Well, I guess you think I've been pretty dumb, falling into the Travcrs' plans like 1 did instead of making same investigations. Here's the address ot that fellow I told you about. I ain't got it Written down, 'or I always keep things like that in my head— " He repeated the address of Giles Jlar- ding's New York law office. "Thai's fine," said Mark. "I'm afraid the pen's n pit rusty. I don't use il very often." "f guess il will do," Mark Chapman answered. He wrote slowly, for he -wanted to make il clear to (his rnim who was a friend of his brother-in- law, Peter Everett, that he was making no claim to the properly. He himself wps well enough fixed for an old follow, but he ur.'fxl Harding to find Everett's daughter I need you here." With a snor;| he slammed the receiver in cradle and left l!ie office. * ' * , | "TVTADAME lias just telephone..' She's coming down for i couple of hours this aflcrnoon, : ; be on your good behavior," ai; | nouncccj Clytic, looking into il; designing roofi. 'Take Selma. that "We to yourself," never have — it she was slill uickly "Oh, that's right. Always Educating to Work If you ;isk Dr. William 10. Cinidy, ii.stiociiilu siipm-iiilemlciil of Now York Oily schools, tlio whole pliin of modem cduciilion ii> wrontf. Accordingly, Dr. Griuty thinks it's liijjli lime lo maku a fuw iicrtinent revisions. "I don't think the ciluciilional teni we lijivc .sot up mods Uiu needs of the siluation today," he declared recently. "We've kept our in school, hut on Llie wrong "Nine out of 10 students cnler the learned professions, cannot have Unit, they waul children did. \viiiH If llu-y to be in THIS CURIQUS WORLD Bf \ Ferguson glad lo do anything for a neighbor." Whislling for his dog. Draffen took Hie path to the Rancho Anjjclo. "Obliging sort of chap — Dan Drairen," Jed remarked. "Yes, but has it ever struck you — " Mark paused. "What's thai?" asked Jed. Then be whispered hoarsely, "Guess I know what you're Ihinking. I've been thinking the same myself — ever since Rex Hall came out that DrafTcn's getting mighty welfare. But thing more than he did before— just that I'm going to get even \vilh the Travers the white collitr. group, iiiul we l llio Iriigedy of excess. Wo ;irc ing to have to iulroclucu more vocational activities and re-establish' (lie <!ignit,y-or lalinr." Dr. Grmly's Kilgge.stiun SCUIIIK entirely .sound. The siil.uriii.ion point in the white collar and prolcssiomil groups has just about been reached. There has nevci' \n:tin bill onu means in the world of imposing one's will on backward people. —Ilenlln Mussolini. » * t Our American teachers are a nervous lot. They should dunce, smoke, dress In style and live like other t>co]t]e. Suppressions and Irns- tralions of otu teachers arc bound to be ic- llcctal iu Ihc children (hey teach. —Grove C. I3o\vnnui, superintendent of North Adtuns, Mass., schools. * * * We of America arc altruistic—we arc good neichtiors—but we cannot prevent wars between forelBii countries...We will not, go to war lo protect Ihc foreign Investments of any financial buccaneers williin our midst. —Harry H. Wood- rinj, assistant secretary of war. GULL,, BANDED AT ROSSITTflN WAS TAKEN AT V£RA GRUZ MEXICO. bunch. "Well, how'rc yon going lo do that?" 'THE oid man spat vigorously, Ibcn shook his head. "Guess all I can do is — wail!" "What would you say, parkier, if I told you I've got the very card in my hand that you've been looking for to Ejike Ihe Irick?" "You mean, on Ihem, loo? by accident you happened down Jed took his pipe from his mouth. "Just that, Jed! •HIC.HLV PICTURE: OF A FLAGELLATE, ATlr-TV ONE-CELLED ANIMAL. THAT LIVES IN THE INTESTINES OF TTEKAMTES AND DIGESTS THE/SS. 'fOOO F~O/Z lo be mighty careful about this. be Ico high, the soap should be IJ as possible because he was suspicious of the next step the Travers company might take. * » * AS the aroma of an expensive cigar was wafted along the corridors of the magnificent New York offices of Ihe Travers Mining and Pcvelopmenl company, every one fell a sudden thrill of excite- a n a i) OU i j| " mcnt. The fragrant smoke announced the arrival of the president, and with Cal Travers' appearance fireworks always started,. "Well," lie boomed, when he en^ lercd the manager's office, )in- hcraldcd except for the perfume of his cigar, "have you got that Everett properly yet?" 'No! I've discovered Everett left a daughter—she's the only heir." , "Umph, and what are you gor uig to do next?" Travers inlerr rupled, "I'll write Rex Hall and have him send her an offer for Ihe liancho Angclo." • "Write!" snarled Cal Travers. "When every minute counts! When We musl have that ore. What's the telephone for? Will it never enter your thick head that when I say I want action I want it? Get Rex Hal! on Ihc wire." The room was blue with smoke when Ihe telephone tinkled and Bertram Gage announced Rex Hall was at llie other end of the line. Tersely Cal Travers gave his orders. The Ilancbo Angelo must^be secured immediately—the very existence of tlie company depended on that — but d\iomf!cy musl be used. "Gel Ijvisy immediately. Oder $10,000 cash if the deal is put through in 10 days. Tell her t'na place is nothing but a pile of rocks but you're an artist and want it a studio.. Tell her anything yo\i like, so long as yon can get the place. Be ready tp fly in case fusses here." Half an hour later .Clyfie p^ her head in at the door once a cm "She's he-re, and she's raising Ca about everything. Whew-w!" Gail felt suddenly apprchensh' She had done n great deal of wo; ] while Madame had been awr but would she approve ot it? Again tbc door opened and Li j called, "You're wanted in ti showroom, Miss Everett." • Laying her work aside, G; hurried away. This was the sin; j mons she's expected. "Oh, Gail!" cried Rosemal I Searles. "What luck lo find y! I in!" [ "Rosemary!" Gait gasped relief, and all her forebodingf "Dick fells me you've g wonderful job hero. Do tell m ! 'Oh, there's not a lot lo tel she replied, but as she answer!! Rosemary's questions and ask | olhers, she failed to s< a vindictive look in her dark cy;| watching from the drapery c<:| coaled door leading to Ihe c signer's room. "Yon musl come out and spc'l a week-end with ns again. Moll]I and Dad said they had such a njl l|me willi yon, and of cou|| Dick—" Rosemary got no further, shrill voice caller?, "Mees E-:ve it is ngjimsl my rules lo have ytll friends come bcre in busin | hours." Gail rose quickly. "I—," began. "Oh, I'm sorry- 1 ' 1 exclainj Rosemary. "I thought I'd—" she did not finish the sentence,'! i\Iadame deliberately v/alkcd 'I t\vccn (he two girls. "Almoslf though she were swishing away like a siray chickfl thought Gail, disappearing bclij the heavy drapery. Madame thought nothing vnl of Ibe incident (for ihc girl w;l plain little thing) until Thcr: the head saleswoman, said, as returned from lunch, "Yon n'l hive had a good customer. I :| a' liveried chauffeur closing door of a Rolls-Royec ns I a in!" - ( < >. -• ,' "What?" cried Madame, tamers, but no! no!" She flouril into the designing room. (To Be Continued) MATTAPONV ElVEfe, IN NEW YORK, GETS ITS NAME FBCW\ THE FOUR. SMALL RIVERS. . -THE MAT, TA, PO AND NV. . - ITS TRIBUTARIES S-S Termites feed on wood, but they cnnnol digest it. by placing a termite in an atmosphere of pure' oxygen, it can Ije deprived of its little IhEcllale assistants, the tiny animals which digest the wood, and UUMI the tormlle starves to death, even though it- continues to devour a normal amount of wood. Neither the tcrmllc nor the flagellat? can live when separated from each other. easy to reach, the mirror should not bu so high that the cblid en mint sec itself washing and the towel should be readily available. Tills dnes not mean a midget- si/c bathroom for every home. It ciocs mean, however, .suitable to Sell 'Proof Money' at Premium | PHILADELPHIA. IUP>—Twenty ) years of famine among coin collec- i tors arc being followed by tbe .... , ,,, I proverbial "feast," according to of- toes or steps on vvlneh lo stand | ^ Qf ^ ^.^ ^S mim NHXT: ^Vhat mammal has MIR slowest known heart beat? OUT OUR WAY By Williams I CAN'T FA'EM FEEL BOTTOM, WITH LONG STICK- BOY, IT'S BIG, IN I'LL BET THERE'S HAS, THER PROBW WOULD BE COLD IN TV1ECE, IF ~ WENT IN, CU£ OlJ rvWJ 1 BUT IF-1 SAY IF, AGIM IF I WENT IN, THERE 1 D/f SOMETWIW IN THERE- MlpDEW TREA-pUKE. VW/BE - SOME. C3UTLAWS' SWAG, EXPLORER'S GOLD; OE 1NDIAM TREASURE BOV-I'D BE EIGHT IN THERE, IP I PIDM'T 6OOD SUIT OH WWE A UABVT OF CLOTHED THEY CAM'T DO , a lowel rack exclusively for the child. It is remarkable how mrcb can be accomplished in establishing good habits it they arc made easy rather than hard to acquire. The home is Ihe proper place in which to establish habits, since most of the child's time is spent in Ihc home. Kcyjipard Criliciml TOLEDO <UP>—The most used Iclters In llie English alphabet are a, r, I, o, and s; the least used •\re y, k, x, q, and z, according to 3r. Jesse L. Ward, associate:! pro- :essor of secondary education at he University of Toledo'. On Ibis basis. Dr. Ward has proposed a revision of typewriter keyboards. rain Child in Habits of Cleanliness lo Maintain a Healthy Body MOHK1S MSHRMN nrnal of Ibf American isMiriafinn. .mil of Hy- Ihe Health Magarinc long has b~cn con- idrred one of Ihe iiriiw virtues human beings of all ages. of cleanliness includ.c a full baih at least twice a week, preferably once a day. rcgu- iU washing of the luinds and in'e as needed anil invariably i.isiiin^ of the bauds befnre cat- iw :uui after joins to Ihe toilet. Habits cl cleanliness also in- ing of tbe teeth, prcf- ihly every mornln; and every before- going to bed. there is the habit of In- ^anliness, whirh involves 1 bowel movement?, estab- iirelrrably as a habit each i;~ Immedialcly ylter break- scalp Is loo dry. some may be rubbed in. olive Cleanliness is imu'h more likelj j to became babilnul it it. is inticle easy. The \vashsland .should not A deluge of orders from nu- mismatologists (known as "coin cranks," followed tbe recent announcement of the Treasury Department, t'oat the prac-Licc of issuing "flawless money" would be resumed. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgcnthau, Jr., is said to have been prompted to this move by the late Louis -McHenry Howe, an ardent numismatist.. The last issue of proof money, as it is technically termed, xvas made in 1916. The coins are being struck under the most, careful conditions to insure tile perfeclion of the product. Each coin is individually Ireateri, slumped from polished discs with shining, new dies, and closely scrutinized for flaws. Col- lectors, it is said, are "quick odl draw" when it comes lo KpnUin:'! most microscopic of flaws- Collectors will pay,, in add! lo pc^tage fees and face valu;| the coins, t'hu following charge;! the souvenir pieces: 35 cculs frl anil 25-ccnt pieces; 10 cent;I dimes; find 15 cents for nickel-s'| P3miics. All coins will be from 193G. No one at the mint wouttl I why the premium on dimes sll be less than that on pennies | nickels; but everyone agreed ;| t'hcrc was enough exlra work i Ihc processes to makt Hns iMcEt Council House:. LONDON (UP) — London '. more municipally-owned b than any other city in thu w The housing committee, whosi; timalcs have been snbmittei the London County Council, spent nearly $17,500,000 March, 1930. Courier News Classified Ads OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoo; •s shr.uld establish a rou- fnr their chil- should not mran remain immaciiliUe all day I! it plays as it. should, it y to gel dirty al frequent is. m>l il must learn that u*.-s invariably precedes mlhicss will include not only h;>lh. but brushing cleaning of llie i suitable shampoo, hild \vlrn pbys outdoors may nerd In iinve every three or foui After Mich washing •ap is rinsed out. If the Announcements 'nic Courier News nns Men authorized to make formal announcement or tlie loiuwln? candidates for public office, siibjcel to tbe Democratic primary ncxl Aiieiist 11: Tor Krpresrnlalive in Congress 2A1, Ti HARRISON For Prnsreutin^ Allorney O. T. WARD RRUCE IVY UKNVKIl I,. DUDLEY Fnr Comity .Imlsc O. H. KEGRAVES VIIJGtl, GRKENR S. L. GLADISH For Shcrlll anil Cnllcclor HALB .1ACKHON JOR S. DILLAJIUNTY E, A. <EI» RICE For Tnunty Treasurer ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG For Rc-Eleclion for 2nd Term For County Court Clerk MISS CAREY WOODnlJRN Far re-elecllmi for second lenn l-'or Slate Senator LUC1EN E. COLEMAN For Cmuit.T Itcfire-scnlalivo IVY W, CRAWFORD ' For County Assessor tl. L I BILLY) GAISES Per Re-election lo a 2nd Term E6AD, VVOrAAM, CEASE YOUR BLITHERIMQ CljATT ER — Qo- fv\V UKE A WAT? "DRUrvY^v 1 MUST HAVE CAUaHT A CMILL, SALSMTERIW6' AP.OUMD A.T YOU 6OT THAT "fHUMDER • 3ER YOUR VVI<3 ; 1 'RAMPAMT IM A "FIELD OF BEER •BUBBLES-—I'M WEAVIWG ^ A WEB AKOQklTP "PART OF THAT*BOO "REWARD "ROLL., ' i BEFORE YOU <SQOK! AVJQTHET OWLS CLLJB ORSY AMP EMPOW SOME A~FRICAM— 6QLF SHARPS WIThl THE WASTES '5OME MORE

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