The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on October 27, 1964 · Page 18
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 18

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1964
Page 18
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18 The Palm Beach Post 'luesday, October 27, 1964 Court Report CIRCUIT COURT Civil Action! Common Law Oct. 3. 4 L IMJ-C Domog'i Exc. of $15,000. - Imogens Taylor (JonMS F. Simpson) vs Sovosorl, Inc., et al. Accident 4-21-64 Belvedere near MeGinley Ave. WPB. 44 L I0S3-D Domqes t433.3J - Horace D McCowan, et al (Alley, Maass, Rogers s. Linosoyj vs fcerrruae diane. eic.i Monies due under ooreement. 6-, L 1064-C Habeas Corpus Curtis J. Word (No Attv of Record) vt Stale of Fla. 64 L 1065-E Damages $1 761 .49 - Henry fA varnadore, etc. (Hamilton & James) vs Lost Tree Village Corp. 64 L 1066-F Damages Exc. of S1000. Annie Mae Hill (Horace E. Beacham) vs Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.; Acer dent at A & P store 1800 10th. Ave. Lk. Pk 7-3-64. 64 L 1067-A Damages $2500. -WEAT-TV, Inc. (Jomes Nemec) vs G. Kaminer, etc. Telecosl facilities furnished, nld and delivered claimed by Pltf. Chancery 64 C 2560-O - Mtg Frclr. S. A. Grlmoldl vs Clyde S. Price, et ux. 64 C 2561-A Mtg. Frclr. - Atlantic FS&L vs Joel S. Courtman, et al. 64 C 2562-E Mtg. Frclr. Atlantic FS&L vs Wynnewood Acres Corp. et al. 64 C 2550-F Mtg. Frclr. - Federal Natl. Mtg. Co. vs Alfonso B. Malewski, et al. Oct. 26. 64 c 2557-F Mtg. Frclr. - Community FS&L vs R-Rlte Bldrs. Inc. et al. 64 C 2558-D Mlg. Frclr. - Community FS&L vs R-Rlte Bldrs. Inc. et al. 64 C 2566-D Support - Ardlth Bradley vs Donald R. Bradley. 64 C 2569-C - Quallf. of Trustee Re: Trust under will of Ruth E. Potter 64 C 2S73-F Mlg. Frclr. Suffolk Franklin Savj. Bank vs Philip Harry Brown, et al. . t 64 C 2570-A - Mtg. Frclr. - First FS&L WPB. vs Leonard E. Brown and Emerald E. Brown, hw; Mtg. S4141.68 L 15, Melaleuca Ests In Sec. 12. T R 42. 64 C 2S72-B Mtg. Frclr. on several Parcels of land - Edwin F. Froehllch and Sarah F. Froehllck, hw. vs A & J Dev. Inc. and Wynnewood Bldrs. Inc; 64 C 2573-E - Mtg. Frclr. - First FS&L WPB vs Chester W. Shlnn & Ellzobeth T. STc 2575eD-Mtg. Frdr.JS534.1fc Lot' t, Lura Lane In Sec. 14, T44 R42. First FS&L WPB. vi Clotyde Lewis, et al 64 C 2576-B Mtg. Frclr. - Hrst FS&L WPB. vs Clarence Lewis and Lue Anna Lewis, hw; Mtfl. S1384.S6 - Lot 66, Lincoln P64 C'2565-A Quiet Title - Ebenezer Weslyn Methodist Church, Inc., vs T. B. DeLancy, W. B. Thompson as Trustees of Ebenezer Weslyn Methodist Church, Inc. of DelB; Rev. Ellioh E. Newbold as Pastor; Tycena Moss, James Moss and Florence Fritz as members of Church. Divorce Actions Oct. 26. 64 C 2564-C Shirley Jean Monn vs Jock E. Mann. 64 C 2574-F Judith Heyl Putnam vs Keith Collier Putnam. 64 C 2571-F Vlrdie L. Prlchard vs Robert S. Prlchard. 64 C 2567-B Lee P. White vi Donald O. White. John H. Gasklns vs Grace Grlffls a-k-a Grace Gaskins; FD Dlv. Barbara Seesholts vs Roy Seesholts; FD C Emmltt E. Bruffy vs Maxlne H. Bruffy; FD Dlv. Luella M. Glasper vs Allen Glasper; FD Dlv Rose M. Wood vs Gerald R. Wood; FD "'Audrey Gull Knapp vs Ralph Knapp; FD Div. . . Betty C. Reldenbach vi Frank A. Reidenbach; FD Dlv. Court orders Oct. 26. OSS 8!" Foster v, Esther Hart De-Flare, et al; Order Denying Pltf Motion for Sum. Jomt. I juage Morrow. McCaughan Mtg. Co. Inc., vs Morris J. ss?. s? wjz. sonnPBhwP,o,F6D DaHlrb,erS.alH.'stl'& Esther A. S.lrn vs Co-Merglc, Inc; H. E. Neller, Trustee for Harbor Point Riviera liud, ana n. c. Neller, Indlv; Order - Def's motion to Dism. denied. . ,r Southern Bell Tel. & Tel. Co. vs Gulf Oil Corp. and Howard E. Ferrln d-b-a Ferrln tms. Inc. vs Gulf Oil Corp. and Douglas F. Plltsbury; Order - these cases art consolidated for trial and are to be tried without a ury, and Tronsf. to Dlv. E. WAHO, Inc., vs Morris B. Baskln, Order - Def's motion to dlsm. granted. Same vs Jay P. Callowoy; Defs motion to dism. denied. Judae Hewitt. First FS&L WPB. vs Leonard E. Brown ond Emerald E. Brown, hw; Order of dlsm. irr.ih.rln. Glover Roder ond Jomes Soder, hh. vs Robert Andrew Speulr; FJ ,0r De' County Curt Mrs. D. J. Haldt vi Mr. and MM. Elmer Draudy; Removal Tenanr. Probate 21944 Istote of John J. Schumann Jr. deceased, Exemp- Marriage Licenses Sa nt Ray 30, DelB. and Morla Yolanda Lopez 22, DelB John Lawrence Berinl 24, DelB. and Jean Rae Large 32, BocaR. .,.,,, Mathlas Auer 76, BoynB. and Elizabeth Mortha Geupen 64, BoynB. Thomas Hunter Mack 40. WPB. and Ruth Deanna Connor 44, WPB. Anthonv Lewis Brown 22. WPB. and Henrietta Louise Wright 17, WPB. Kenneth Herbert Smith 39, PB, Judith Arlene Hosklm 23, WPB. -Archie Lee, Jr. 17, Okeechobee and Marilyn Jean Berwick 17, WPB. Aaron Anderson 34, WPB. and Eugene Geraldlne Greene 33, WPB. Wallace Lynwood Johnson 3, WPB. and Ithel La Rue Rankin 40 WPB. Douglas Franklin Hutchinson JO, BG. OTdMario.LLoulsL,Jurn.M6,RBTG. Division A DMInct'lv Printing, Inc., WPB. vs Georae W Culver d-b-a Two Georges, '"Household 'Finance) Corp., vs Law!,e,T'! F. McMahon and Ruth McMahon, WPB, ''chapman Mfg. Co., vi LeBaron'i Inc., Pc'on$soMddted Elect. Sup. Inc., WPB vs Richard Brams d-b-o J. B. Enterprises, PB; $733.95 Division B , . Charlel Wlglesworth, LW. vi Clayton Woodall, Delray Gardeni; J84 .00. LA. Alexander d-b-a Alexander Reaty Co WPB. vs Carol Ferguson and Everette Ferguson, RIvB; S90.24 Gilf Oil Corp., WPB. vi Stepheni Const. Co. Inc., WPB; $424.35 Martin G. Nislsen, formerly d b-a Commercial Adv. & Printing Co., WPB. vs Cleanart, Inc., WPB; $55.00. ,.. PB Travel Service, Inc., PB. vi William D Earnest, WPB; Costs $10.00. Same vs Fred Hurdman, PB; $198.00. Malcolm Llndsey d-b-a Llndsey Plastering Co.. WPB. vi Vacor Const. Corp., N PB $396 51 Broward' Casting Foundry, Inc., FtLaud. vs Aci Concrete Producti, Inc., WPB; $138.00. Arraignment Slated Today For Four Accused Of Rape Four men held in county jail without bond almost three weeks since they were indicted by the grand jury will have an opportunity today to answer charges against them. Arraignment of the quartet, all indicted Oct. 7 on rape charges stemming from sepa rate Incidents, Is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. today before Circuit Court Judge Russell O. Morrow. The state attorney's office announced Monday that the arraignments had been scheduled. The four are: Home For Homeless Idea Is Aim Of Research Group A home for homeless ideas Is the basic goal of a newly-form ed West Palm Beach organiza tion, the Aquarian Research Center, Inc. "There Is intense interest and much activity in unusual phios-ophies and techniques here," says the center's founder and first president, Mrs. Harriet Bo-swell. "Many borderland ideas are enthusiastically represented by small groups scattered throughout the area. 'The borderland of science: unidentified flying objects, ex tra sensory perception, hypnotism, astrology. 'The borderland of religion: Reincarnation, spiritualism healing by prayer and faith. 'The study of yoga, Edgar Cayce's work, theosophy and the Rosicrucian teachings all have adherents within driving distance of the Palm Beaches. "But many times people who are truly interested in unusual ideas, even if only for a general discussion, do not know where to go to find others of like mind. "Aquarian Research Center, Inc., has been formed to satisfy this need to provide meeting rooms and information studying disciplines a little out of the ordinary a general center for such activity in the area." AKL is a chartered, non-profit organization, and by-laws have been set up In such a way that business details will be kept to a minimum. Some of the activities, principally lectures, will be open to the public. One lecture, by Dr. Daniel W, Fry, author of "The White Sands Incident," and other books, has been scheduled for Nov. 25. Other activities, such as a scheduled meeting Nov. 12 with Rev. Enid Brady, noted spiritualist minister and trance medium, will be strictly for members only. While general membership Is currently being formed by invitation, interested adults may obtain information looking toward application by calling Mrs. Boswell or from any member of the board of directors. Directors, In addition to Mrs. Boswell are: Julian Stroschine, Arthur Sovern, Michael Roth, Jonathan Koontz and Neil Mi-chelsen. and Weather Table WAa'rCV-TON (AP) Weather Bureau report of high ou-J low temperatures and rainfall for selected areoi. Maximum temperature for I wur period, minimum temperature for 18 hour period, precipitation for 24 hour period ending 7 p.m. EST Monday. Albany, rf.Y Alpena 75 54 Amarlllo 7 69 Ashevllle J ?? Atlanta 1 Atlantic City W Baltimore Birmingham 72 42 Bismarck Boise 54 43 .04 Buffalo o2 53 Cape Hatteras 66 39 Charleston, S.C 70 51 Charlotte jj Chattanooga 70 38 Chicago '0 52 Cincinnati 72 34 Cleveland Columbul 72 36 Dallas 70 65 .61 Denver 71 31 Des Moines 64 47 Detroit 74 52 Fresno 7 Houston n 63 , .63 Indlanapoll 72 40 Kansas City 63 52 .22 Knoxvllle ' 36 Little Rock 76 43 Lot Anaelei 6' 0 Louisville 2 35 Memphis Meridian 75 61 Milwaukee 74 48 MpU.-St. Paul 68 44 Mobile ? 49 Montgomery 74 40 Montreal 57 34 Nashville " 37 New Orleani 80 59 New York 78 52 Norfolk 72 41 Philadelphia 77 43 Phoenix 84 54 Pittsburgh .' 71 42 Portland, Me 60 37 Richmond 76 35 St. Louis 71 46 . Salt Lake City 68 33 San Antonio 76 60 1.59 San Diego 70 62 FLORIDA TABLE Apalachlcola 72 56 Daytona Beach 79 64 .06 Ft. Lauderdale 82 64 .02 Fort Myers 84 63 Gainesville 78 -59 Jacksonville 75 58 Key west 86 73 Lakeland 81 65 Miami 84 71 .05 Orlando 83 67 .06 Peniacola 77 49 St. Petersburg ' 67 Sarasota 86 63 Tallahassee M 47 Tampa 83 el State Unit Hears Pay Scale Study a review and adjustment of pay scales for state employes and a statewide health, hospitalization and life insurance program was presented to the Flor ida Legislative Council Commit tee on Personnel and Retirement on Saturday, by members of the Florida State Employes Association at the Lucern Hotel, at Miami, according to the state president, Mrs. Gilbert J. Walne, 434 Foresteria Drive, Lake Park. Also presented was the implementation of a classification and pay plan for mental health workers, semi-monthly or bi weekly pay periods, uniform conditions of employment for all state employes where practical, and further legislation to streng then and preserve a true merit System in state government. The program was presented at the public hearing by Clayton England, association director and chairman of the legislative program. Librarians Get 'Home' Schools Home school assignments for 11 Itinerant librarians have been listed by John W. Martin, coun ty school superintendent. They are: Mrs. Bess Weaver, Boynton Elementary; Mrs. Jessie Cald well, Central Elementary; Mrs, Frances Fountain, Forest Park; Mrs. Elizabeth Golden, High land; Mrs. Martha Thuss, Lan- tana Elementary; Mrs. Vera Smith, Melaleuca; Mrs. Edith Davis, Palm Beach Gardens; Mrs. Dorothy Richter, Palm Springs; Mrs. Louise Morse, Plumosa; Mrs. Marga- rite Clemons, Riviera Beach El ementary, and Santa Garrett, Soutlt Olive School. So-called "itinerant" libra rians serve a group of schools, one of which is their "home" school, or base of operations. Long Otkls Given On Moon Landing! LONDON (AP) - The London betting house of William Hill announced Monday night it had opened a book on the race to the moon, with odds of 1001 against any Russian landing there alive before Jan. 1, 1971, and 1501 against an American landing by the same date. Hill's said it launched the book because of multiplying requests from the United States. The American requests poured in after publication two weeks ago that Hill's had laid odds of 1,000-1 against any human from anywhere on earth making a safe moon landing before 1971. For any other nation the odds are 2000-1. Jackson Hoffler, 35, of Pom-pano Beach, accused of raping a 21-year-old resident of that city July 10 in his parked car off SR 7. Broward County sheriff's deputies said the alleged crime occurred in Palm Beach County. William C. Zeek, 23, of West Palm Beach, accused of raping a 39-year-old woman at her home July 21. Willie Blackmon, 26, of West Palm Beach, accused of raping a 52-year-old woman while she slept in her apartment Sept. 20. Clarence H. Sims, 22, of West Palm Beach, accused of raping an eight-year-old girl at his home Oct. 2. YMCA To Begin Health Lectures The Young Men's Christian Association of the Palm Beaches will begin its 12th annual lecture series on health education on Nov. 3. The series for 12 to 15-year- olds has five sessions titled "The Amazing Thing is You." The announcement was made Saturday by Dr. Edwin Brown, YMCA education committee chairman, who said the lectures will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Palm Beach High School auditorium. Subjects to be covered, said Dr. Brown, will be body growth and development, human repro duction, health attitudes and moral aspects of sex. Area doctors will lecture and lead In discussion periods. He said any boy of junior high age may attend with his father or other male adult. Chamber To Observe Golden Anniversary The Greater West Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce will hold its Golden Anniversary Ball on Dec. 18 at the Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach. "This will be a very gala event," W. P. Moffitt Jr., presi dent, announced Saturday. "More details will be publicized as soon as the plans are ad vanced." POST-TIMES TV CLOCK TV STATIONS WTHS-Mlaml Channel 2 , vj-iigmi cnannet 4 WPTV-West Palm Beach Channel S WCKT-Miaml Channel 7 WLBW-Mlaml Channel 10 WEAT West Palm Beach Channel 12 TUESDAY Legend: M Movie 5:457 Instructional Showcase 6:00-7 U.S. History 245 6:15- 4 Sunrise Semester 6:307 General Chemistry 6:4010 News In Spantsn 6:45- 4 News In Spanish 7 Sunshine Almanac 6:4510 Give Us This Day 7:00 4 Popeye Playhouse 5-7 Today Show 10 Potpourri 12 Post-Times Newi 7:1012 Three Stooges 7:30- 4 News 10 Carousel 8:00 4 Capt. Kanoaroo 12 News 8:10 12M "Santa Fe Troll" 8:4510 Punnv Company 9:00 4M "The Damned Don't Cry" 5 Debbie Drake 7 Mike Doualas 10 Banlo Blitv 9:30 5 Amos and Andy 10:00 5-7 Make Room for Daddy 10 Best ot Groucho 10:25- 5-7 Newl 10:30- 4 I Love Lucy 5-7 Whafs This Song 10-12 Price Is Riant 10:55 7 Golden Circle Calendar 11:00 4 Andy of Mayberry 5-7 Concentration 10-12 Get the Message 11:30- 4 Love That Bob 5-7 Jeopardy 10-12 Missing Links 12:00- 4 News 5 Say When 7 Noon News 10-12 Father Knows Best 12:30 4 Seaii-h tor Tomorrow 5-7 Truth or ronseauences 10-12 Tennessee Ernie Ford il:45 4 The Guiding Light 1:00- 4 Love ot Life 5 Lite oi Rllev 7 Match Game 10M-"Return to Paradise" 12 Post-Times News 1:1012 Passing Parade 1:25- 4 News 1:30- 4 As the World Tums 5 Let's Make a Deal 7 Girl Talk 12 77 Sunset Strip 2:00 4 Password 5-7 Loretta Young 2:30 4 House Party 5-7 The Doctors 10-12 Day In Court 2:55-10-12 ABC News 3:00- 2 Travel Treat 4 To Tell The Truth 5-7 Another World 10-12 General Hospital 3:15- 2 Arithmetic for Today 3:25- 4 News 3:30-4 Edge ot Night 5-7 You Don'f Say 10-12 The Young Marrleds 3:45 2 Industry on Parade 4:002 M.D. International 4 Secret Storm 5 Match Game 1 Mickey v.ous Club 10 Four 0' Clock Club 1? 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Weather Sports. 10M "Destination Tokyo," Pt, 1:30 2 Arithmetic For Today 4 Walter Cronklte 5- 7 Humiey-Brlnkley 12 Laramie 7:00-2 A Wiser World 4 Red Skelton 5 Pioneers ' 7 Kentucky Jones 7:30-5 The Olympics 7 Mr. Novak 2 Point Party 10-12 Combat 1:00- 2 Folk Festival 4M "The Mountain Rood 1:30 2 Cincinnati Symphony 5-7 The Man From U.N.C.L.B. . 10-12 McHole's Navy 9:1)0-10-12 Tycoon 9:30 2 People ana Politic! 4 Petticoat Junction 5 Zone Gray Theatre 7 That Was The Week That Was 10-12 Pevfon Plac 10:00- 2 Man to Mon 4 The Doctors and the Nurses - 5-7 Campaign and the Candidates 10-12 The Fugitive 11:00- 4-5-7-10-12 News 11:25 4M "The Big Operator" 11:30-5-7 Tonight Show -10M "East Side of Heaven" KM-"Old Hutch" 1:00 5M "Guns Don't Argue" 1:20-12M "Santa Fe TroN" 3:I0-12M "The King's Vocation" 4:30-12M "Old Hutch" Note: These llsllnqt are bUDDIlM bit the Television Stations ana The Post- Times is not responsible tor losi-secon Changes. RADIO LISTINGS WIRK West Palm beach 1290 Wb'AT West Palm Beach (MBS) E50 WUBF Delray Beach I4J0 WJNO West Palm Beach 1230 WQXT West Palm Beach (NBC) 1340 WLIZ Lake Worth 1380 WZZZ Boynton Beach 1510 WHEW Riviera Beach (ABO 1600 WSWN Belle Glade (MBS) IIATTlt FTiftyr v cooi MAlir.fI1 r(i) t2 CGtiirz s.,.swlT.vr U Z' L-iinn . ZJ' r -n i Vy-ft -jy j - v v. vt KANSAS CITY " rf J OCNVKl SANfUNCISCOX I I WAKMIJt HIGHEST TEMPERATURES IU CLOUD FORECAST m-j mat Li '.etw. , MIAMI WEATHER FOTOCAST SHOWERS pnnn SNOW RAIN :T THUNDER t7. ZfZ; STORMS K T FREEZING RAIN OR SLEET WEATHER MAP for 24-hour period ending 7 p.m. today. Scattered showers ore likely to develop over the Lower Mississippi Valley and in parts of Ohio Valley, the Northern Rockies and the Upper Plains. Rain is expected along the North and Central Paci fic Coast. Otherwise, fair to partly cloudy skies should prevail elsewhere. A warming trend will continue along most of the Atlantic Coast, while cooler air moves into the Northern Plains and Upper Mississippi Valley. u s E T H E P 0 S T I T I M E S. F 0 R R E S u L T S A N D P R 0 F I T S CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION TRANSIENT WORD RATES 1 0 Word Minimum Charge CLASSIFIED ADS 833-4033; Do Per Word Per Bj (Applies In Advertising not under (ifned AtTeement) Times 1 4 I 7 10 Cost .90 2.70 4.50 6.30 ERRORS The Post-Times will not be responsible for more than one Incorrect Insertion. It an error appears In your Ad phone the correction In to pur olflce before 11:00 A.M. Monday thru Saturday FEEK DATS 4 Consecutive days tor the price of. thiee dally Issues. 7 Consecutive days tor the price ot five daily Issues. 10 ConsecuUve days tor the price of seven daily Issues. BOX NUMBERS 25c extra Replies to be mailed 50c ANNOUNCEMENTS 5 Notices POST-TIMES ADVERTISING ACCEPTANCE CODE 'olaora nd"bacVyn.h faithtui penormari w. r B- ond claim. . . Misrepresentation or statements that are false, misleading or exaggerated. e her aireciiy or . . . , Ha mni rienCO of either readers or advertisers in Classified Advertising ore not acceptable. Each advertisement must constitute a clear statement ot the bona-flde otter proposition or announcement made In good faith. Any violation of this code shall be reason lor !" . - further advertising from the vloloter until copy is made to conform with The Post-Times Advertising Accept ance uw For help, Information, call TE 1-1900. ALCOHOLICS cared (or. Nurse ond oroeriy on aury. w-uruoj g.-jojr. 7 Baby Sitting, Nurseries 1,. ft. .l n.'rzttLzB 13-Hetp Wanted, Mala NEED roofing, shingle ond shake) mechanics at once. Apply Mr. Ice, Tylanders Inc. SIS Palm Street. 7:00 -:00 AM. CONTINENTAL type waiters wanted for dinner position. 833-33B3 between 10 om-12 noon, Monday through Friday. DRIVER wanted. Abby Taxi. 530 Lake Ave., Lake Worth. "You're wrong, Judge, I bought tho ear In tht Time Wont Ads It wos the monty I stole!" 11 Travel Opportunities HANNA DRIVE AWAY Delivers your car anywhere U.S.A TE 3-2233 440 24th St. WPB. EMPLOYMENT 12 Help Wanted, Female 3 YOUNG lodies, oge 25-50, to do pleasant outdoor work. Neat S pleasant personallt'. Salary. See Mr. Covert, Rm 3, 125 Lokevlew Ave, WPB, 8:30-10 AM GENERAL INSURANCE EXECUTIVE SECRETARY MUST be able to take shorthand, n nnrt ha tit nutnnre to executive Frlnoe benefits. Reply In writing, stotlnr qualifications to Box w-yiu r05T-lirrrc. FATHER needs housekeeper, live-In, rnr inr 3 vtor old bov. S25 Week. Write Box D-160, Post-Times, Del ray, COUNTER sales help wanted. Paid vacation & other comDany benefits. Aoply In person, S 4 S Cafeteria. 7925 S Dixie. ENTHUIASTIC, Ambitious Women Interested In Money & Opportunity White 848-4140. EXPERIENCED .upholstery seam, to Inln Florida's largest Up- holstet chain. Good salary, fringe benefits Apply Best upholsterers 1612 South T xle Lake worthy SALESLADY for pastry shop. Some part lime worn now, tun lime in pnnn Naat. deoendable. EXPER IENCED. Apply 290 S. County Road, ro. EXPERIENCED dressmakers, for exclusive custom shop. 386 Hibiscus Ave. P.B. TE 3-633. LEGAL secretary for demanding job In reol estate, mortgage and title work in norm ena. must do quicn, accurate, dependable. Salary depen. dent on ability. Write P.O. Box 9996, Riviera Beach. 4 PART TIME Door to Door Canvas sers wanted, con ohj-umv. COUNTER LADIES, and Curb ladles, for evening work. Mug Drive In, 2399 North Federal Highway, Delray. WAITRESS OVER Jl, nights 4-12. 6-days a week. Good pay, pleasant working condi tions. Please appiy in person, vagabond Drive-In, 2425 Broadway. m,. pamda u hour droo off ALERT WOMAN with soles oblllty, ANNS PANDA - 24 nour arop i on 0in working condl- servlce. Heoim inspeciea. .-iu. -,;- rresthaven USE THE POST-TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS FOR RESULTS 7 Baby Sitting, Nurseries rhard Children. Babysitters. Regis ter with us. ABC Babysitters Bureau. 965-7903. 8 Personals READINGS $1.00. 3?1 Southern Blvd. (V: Mile West ot 4 Pts.) I AM- 10 PM Udliy aunoay. WILL CARE FOR Aged or Invalid person In my home. 844-6978. NURSE has home for elderly person or couple. Wholesome meals personal TV - Reasonable. 833-3907. PARTY & BANQUET NEEDS ALDRICH'S UNITED RENT-ALLS 1015 Belvedere Road, WPB 1442 10th Street Lake Park SPIRITUALIST READER SISTER FAY HELP on all Problems. 11271 Federal Hwy U.S. 1 Juno :AM to 10PM. Doilv-Sundav Readings 82.00. Phone 842-2744 8 Personals DFVILLF Retirement Home for men and Ladles. A dellahtful place to live and rest Delicious food. $95 month UP. TE 2-2356J 10 Lest & Found LOST: Blue oolnt Siamese cot, Fri day October 23rd, Palm Beach. Coll It 3-515. L05T MALE Mln. NPB. Area, named VI 4-56S7. SCHNAUZER. 'Toodie." Re- Homes. 2551 S. Military' Trail. EXPERIENCED counter clerk for drycleaning and laundry. Apply Fen-Roy Cleaners. 421 Belvedere Road. No phone colls please. MCnim SFrRETARY. INTER NISTS' OFFICE, PALM BEACH, TYPING, AUDOGRAPH. fcXECU TIVE CAPACITY TO TAKE CCM pi ftp rHaRr.F nF OFFICE. EX PERIENCE MEDICAL DOCTOR'S OFFICE ABSOLUTELY ESSEN TIAL TOP SALARY. TE 3-8486 CURB RIRI-S 91-35. married. 5 days or 5 nights. Apply 8AM-IIAM, Col lege Hut urive-tn, zui Lucerne v. Lake Worth. Mr. Martin. MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST and secretary experience and references required. Moturlty desired. Reply box w-yoi post-limes wm. MAID FOR generdl housework, aooa cook. References, Kepiy dox w-vu rosr-iimes nrn. SECRETARY Wanted. Typing and shorthand. Phone, JU 2-0700. AVON HAS Open Territory IN Northend of West Palm Beach. Customer list waiting. Christmas aift selling at Its peak. TE 2-5111, give name & Phone number Attention Ladies CHRISTMAS TIME Is Our bla earnlna time. Several openings for women who wish to earn. Make a Merrier Christmas for yourself and family. Write Box 1101, WPB, or phone TE 2-5111. FOR A WOMAN WHO IS INTERESTED IN EARNING $200.00 A MONTH OR MORE. FULL OR PART TIME. CAR NECESSARY. FOR APPOINTMENT CALL 832-6348 BETWEEN 2 AND 4 PM. PERSONAL PLACEMENT SERVICE FEE: ONLY 1 WEEK'S PAY 502 Guaranty Bldg. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEMBER 12 Help Wanted, Female COUNTER GIRL, food ond fountain, Walt's Corner 4314 Broadway WAITRESS Wanted: Lou's Diner 3701 Broadway Riviera Beacn vi vjo WOMAN wanted for sandwich and .ih work 7 A M. 3:30 P.M., 6 day week. Apply Pot Latch Restaurant 2601 Broadway Wfts. 13 Help Wanted, Male GOODYEAR TIRE 8, RUBBER CO, NtLua men Age 21-35 Unlimited opportunities for Careers In marketing. Marketing Manager Trainees Storo Manager Trainees Credit Sales Manager Trainees Service Sales Manager Trainees Experience helpful but not necessary. Good starting salary. Complete fringe benefit program. These art PERMANENT positions Applicants must be willing to Relocate as Goodyear Cdreer dictates. START YOUR CAREER WITH GOODYEAR TODAYIII THE WORLD'S LARGEST RUBBER COMPANY Write for Interview appointment. R. B. Nichols Store Manager 421 North Dixie West Palm Beach, Fla. An Equal Opportunity Employer WANTED EXPER. FURNITURE & APPLIANCE SALESMAN. GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR RIGHT MAN. MUST HAVE f' PI Y AT FISCH FURN , AP PLIANCE. 100 N. FED. HWY. LAKE PARK. FNr.ltJF LATHE AND BRIDGE PORT OPERATORS WANTED. ONLY FIRST CLASS NEED AP-PI Y BFNFFITS. THERMO IN DUSTRIES, INC. 609 NORTHWEST 28th STREET, BULA WIUI1 833-1105. LIFE GUARD. APPLY 221 So. Oc ean Blvd. Palm Beacn. MECHANIC station attendant. Tun up's, generators, storter. Gull Sta tion, 3ou so. uixie. UIIUTcn. Cnlunun iTTh ynrlenC selling water works & utility supplies. n.., ujiih aynrl,nrt nd apply. Write Post-Times Box W-755 giving compiere rwum RETAIL ROUTE AVAILABLE NOW Palm Bch. county, Ft. Pierce J, vera Bch. for qualified man. Willing U ork hours per day. 6 days per week. Approximately $112.00 per week to start Phone tor interview 683-0873 PM to 9 PM PAlklTCDC nlMt Mhr,M Hotel itlM so. ucean Diva. PRODUCE MAN wanted. Good op- job. Experience self-service super mOTKei Operunuri netesauiy. vwiiyu- ny benefits, group Insurance, paid vacation, accumulated sick leave. Anniu l.nm Mnu'i Food Center. 436 Northwood Road. EXPERIENCED Used Car Salesman GULFSTREAM MOTORS 900 S. Olive EXPERIENCED baker - decorator. The Cake Shop. 2015 N. Dixie, Lake Worth. APPROX $1.80 PER HOUR Minimum of 10 hours weekly for students. Active retired people or employed persons needing Income. This lob involves passing out Fuller Brush samples, and taklna orders from established customers, cot r.e-cessory Phone 7:30 to 9 PM In the evening 965-4699 ot 965-2264 BE your own boss. Dealer route open. No Investment, we train vou, Coll 8 AM. 848-8156; 842-1087. TV technician, inside or outside, part- time ot fulltime. 582-5731. SERVICE STATION attendant. Must be experienced on light repairs, Turnbull Sinclair Service, US1, Box 115, Jupiter. 746-9004. EXPERIENCED Male Puerto Rlcari cook. Must speak some English. S.A.F. Farms. Phone 965-2493; 965-9976. SMALL LOAN MANAGER applica tions being accepted for branch ma nager, people S Loan LO. or aruarr. Excellent opportunity for qualified man. All inquiries neia in sirici confidence. Send resume to J. H. Schllcgtlng, Supervisor, people s Loan Co., Inc., 365 E. Main St. Bartow, Florida WANTED 5 MEN - To Staff our factory branch. Must be willing workers, adaptable to learning 8, Healthy. A permanent position with a toroe CorDoration. Earning opportu nity, $65 per week to start. Apply 2800 S. Dixie, 11 am. MAN for general laundry work and rouie. cuitsiream Launary, our 24th. $100 UP PER WEEK We are expanding our WPB operation, and need 2 more men who ara neat, own a good car, and dre willing to put In a good days work. The men selected will have the opportunity to earn In excess of $100 a week right from the start. No canvassing or collecting. Your appointments art fire-arranged. See Personnel Direc-or, Rm. 3, 125 Lakevlew Ave WPB. MAN TO INSTALL Mufflers. Mechanical Ability. Apply 2740 S. Dlxli WPB. ALLIED AGENCIES 3RD FLOOR DATURA BLDG. REASONABLE RATES MECHANIC OPEM TV REPAIRMAN OUTSIDE $80 DRIVER TRAINEE $70 MAITRE DE OPEN BARTENDER MGR $125 STOCK ROOM $50 MGR TRAINEE OPEN Choice Positions Now WANTED High school or Collect boys with car who want to work after school and Sats. Guranteed SI. 80 per nr. Job consists of Distributing Fuller Brush Samples ond taking orders. Call 965-1699. APPLICATIONS ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED FOR THE POSITIONS OF PATROLMAN AND FIREMAN FOR THE TOWN OF LANTANA CIVIL SERVICE ELIGIBILITY LIST. APPLICANTS SHALL BE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 21 AND 35 AND MEET PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS. APPLICATION FORMS AVAILABLE AT THE LANTANA TOWN HALL DURING REGULAR OFFICE HOURS. EXPERIENCED service station at-tendant, contact Mr. Wilson, 6111 S. Dixie, WPB. JANITOR wanted to do day work. 550 per week salary. Must be between ages 30-45. Apply In person at the Personnel Department. Palm Beach Post-Times, 2751 S. Dixie Highway between 8 and 5 weekdays. BARBER WANTED Steady, good pay, call 832-9606. 14-Help W'ted, Male, Female TOP VALUE STAMPS MERCHANDISE MANAGER An excellent opportunity Is now available. A position with adventure and a good sound future can be yours. You xelve these benefits: Paid Blue Cross and Shield, a 100 per cent paid retirement program, twa weeks vacation, life Insurance. Sent 'our personal history to Mr. Ruehl, Top Value, 250 Bird Road, Coral Gables. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR RELIABLE, EXPERIENCED HOTEL, MOTEL OPERATORS. CALL, IN PERSON 421 N. Olive Ave. PUBLIC RELATIONS Mon or woman. Full time to wrlto club bulletins advertising, social news, photoqraph & direct social action in Palm Beach area. Must have transportation. State salary 8, experience. Reply Post Office Box 1171, Palm Beach. 16-Sales Help Wanted EXPERIENCED Salesman. Frances. M. Puffer, Roaltor. 11991 US1 Juno. 848-9531 848-2441 SALESMAN Far Used Car lot. OV 3-2600 Male or Female AGE no barrier. Experience unnecessary. We will train vou to sell a locally & Internationally advertised non-competlve prestige prcauct Our expansion In this area requires additional personnel, (.or necessary Call Mrs. Lynne, TE 3-H877 Have fine opportunity for 1 or 2 sales persons In well established Real Estate Office. Call 832-7118. EARN THE most - sell the best. Leads only Encyclopedia Britannlca-Call LOgan 5-0301 Ft Lauderdale TWO men needed with 210 or 21S license. Leads, monthly bonus, fringe, benefits. 585-6101. SALES MANAGER To take over active Real Estate dept. of mortgage. Real Estate 4. Insu- rnnrn fn E. B. LEE OR WM. WOLFE 212 Datura St. 832-7565 BROKERS-REALTORS r v nrn ir n-r n i,artfAnlA- c;ri-n 1 1 m.iu suits i svji ojci nvi- five for ladles handbags. Territory Imnortina- I nk Worth, for aDMini ment. 19 Situations W'ted, Femal BOYS - 16, Over, To work part time in ice cream Karior. bj'jJ-J4ji. SELL and service White sewing ma chines. Salary plus commission plus bonuses. National Sewing Machine Center, 323 Clematis Street. WANTFD: Experienced man for water works type maintenance & repairs. Write Pahokee Water Works Dept., Pahokee, Fla. MECHANIC Wanted, for small vending machinery. Mechanical exper ience neiptui. t-aii Deiwetjii f-e p.m., for appointment, 683-8807. EAGER to Earn $. Car, Phone, White. VI 4-0326, 582-6071, 848-4855. GROCERY WAREHOUSE man want- .d. Goof opportunity tor ngni man. Pvnmrinnrnii nrocerv warehouse 00- eration necessary, year round fob. Company benefits, paid sick leave, paid vacation, group Insurance. Age 20-35. Apply -5 p.m., Mays Food Center, 436 Northwood Rd. FOUND. Salary envelope, Call TE 2-327., REWARD, lost vicinity Westward Shopping Center, ladies red billfold, relur.i imporlcm paper. 683-219. FOUND piece c iewelry. North end. Describe. Box 9105, Rlviero Trach i fST Riviera Beach Hlah School Area. Small dog, White with black spois. Smooth hair. Fox lerrier nam-eu "Susie" Child's pet. PLEASE call N B Smith VI I-1W5; 832-8441. Reward ALLIED AGENCIES 3RD FLOOR DATURA BLDG. REASONABLE RATES HOUSEKEEPER-COOK for pvf. estate, live-in 365 OFFICE GIRL M0 PANTRY GAL OPEN CHEF S125 COOK $60 OFFICE GIRL SHORTHAND S220 MEDICAL-DENTAL TRAINEE $240 STENO $75 BOOKKEEPER $85 PBX OPEN BANK TELLER TRAINEE $235 Choice Positions Now OPPORTUNITY AWAITS YOU If you con type a minimum of 55 occuraie words per minute, and worK day or night. Age: 18 - 35 Ideal working conditions. Company benefits. Apply In person to Personnel Dept., Palm Beach Post-Times. FEMALE CREDIT MANAGER One of the Nation's largest, fastest growing promotional self service department store if chains needs an experienced, manage- 1 ment-minded, Credit Manager. Growth potential assured for competent career-minded individual. Excellent starting salary. All company benefits. Apply Post-Times Box W-308. WILLIAM DANSKER PLACEMENT SERVICES .1 I'mlife Attvnr.v OIFEHIM; A PROFESSIONAL APPROACH TO JOB PROBLEMS ( nil or ( lime in for I'erMinal Interview 9-5 I'.M. SAT. KVK BY API'MI TMKiST PAN A BLDG. 832-7587 WANTED: STATION ATTENDANTS. APPLY MANAGER; DIRECT OIL CORPORATION 805 SOUTHERN BLVD. EXPERIENCED House Workr-By Day. 582-8463. HOME Addressing, Inserting, Christmas cards, business materials. Reasonable. 848-5356. EXPERIENCED MAID wants dovt work. Cleaning, laundry, Ironing. References. 833-6006. EXPERIENCED maid desires days work. References. 833-5417. EXPERIENCED DAY worker desli es work or babysitting. 832-0373. HOUSE CLEANING PROBLEMS vVe supply everything. We are fast, professional and Inexpensive. Windows, shampoo ruqs, walls, floor ANYTHING Superior. VI 8-6671 LADY DESIRES Position as Officii Manager Bookkeeper, Experienced In double entry, machine pay roll Tax returns. Etc. Local resident over 5 years. References. VI 8-4842 after 9 AM. SWIMMING pool trouble shooters-re pairmen. Must be experienced, good working conditions, top pay. Call for appointment. Rule Pool Maintenance (.0. r-ort Lauaeraaie. MASSEUR, take charge men's, wo men's eolth soa Palm Beach White house, 2545 S. Oc?an Blvd. MACHINISTS fool make, s, and Oyemakers, 1st & 2nd shifts. Top rates, overtime, paid holidays, vacations. hosoltoMzailon, etc. Florida Tool and Gage inc. 4120 soumwesi in st. i-t. Lauaeraaie, phone WPB, 832-8805. FOREIGN employment Information Construction, other work projects, Good paying overseas jobs with ex tras, travel expenses. Write only: Foreign Service Bureau, Dept. 199, Hraaenton Beach, Fla. SHOE SALESMAN experienced. Per manent. Excellent opportunity. Sel by s, 207 Clematis. TALL vouna man caoabl of stock control . . , Apply Davld't Fifth Avenue, 339 Worth Avenu Palm Beach. RAND'S SHELL has oDenina for service station mechanic. Must have own tools. Salary and commission. 5aji uroaaway, wkb. INS. Trainee, Life and health. 25-45 1 vr res. J85. Personal Placement Service, Guar. Bldg. WELDER layout mechanic for structural steel and miscellaneous metal fabrication. Salary open. 833-3718. personal Placement SERVICE FEE: ONLY 1 WEEK'S PAY 502 Guaranty Bldg. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEMBER EXPERIENCED references. Palm Beach. WPB. Specialized laundry housework, days 833-8918. IRONING. Experienced. Will call for and deliver. 832-6585 after 5:30. 20 Situations Wanted, Mal ALTERATIONS AND Remodeling by competent, experienced builder. Free estimates. TE 2-5211. PAINTING INSIDE & Outside. Clean & Reasonable. Repairs. 848-7667 CARPENTER Kepa irs, alterations, roofing, torm shutters and painting 582-9459. LAKftNlcK atiwraiioni, ling, repairs, paneling. C Anderson ait l ilt WHOLESALER, buying, selling, kAnL L-aaninn. trirtdrnnhv. Inventor control, shipping. 844-5747. HANDY Mon Odd Jobs worK guaranteed. 965-7925 after 5:00PM. REPAIRS, CARPENTRY, Mason-ry, Concrete; patio work, utility closets, Painting. 683-2268. AAARRIED MAN AGE 30, would like part time work evenings. Will da anything. Call 683-7492. 20 YEARS experience In Caretaklnq private estates, Plantations, seeks posiTion, rosT-times pox n om. 22 Schools & Instruction ro A MCI ATir-IWC A. INTFBPBFTA. TIONS In Russian, Portuguese, Ger- iman, Yugoslavian. ornmeriLU( gnu private correspondence In any of above mentioned languages. Call JU 2-6181 Mrs. Iwanov. 9:30 - 5:30 Tuesday through Saturday. REAL ESTATE SCHOOL Roscoe L. Egger, Sr. 582-9664 ROOM FOR RENT IN. . . SOUTH BORO SHOPPING CENTER 3700 Block of South Dixie Very Reasonable Rent - Adequate Parking Area. Call Owner 833-6542 3 to 5 P.M.

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