The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 19, 1934
Page 4
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TgJS BtYTHBVILLH COUBlBft NEWS 00, "ao)e '8t. inc. PuNkhei Bmy AJternoop excipt Sunday. Entered is second c!»u milter at the'post office at B:ythevll)e, Ar- kansus, under act ol Congress, Oc|TP* Ipbcr'9, ion. Served uy the United Press RATES By currier In the 'ciiy ot BlvtlicvUlc, 15c per «ek or $6.50 per year in advance. . By within a radius of M. ml|es, »3.00 per year. tl.5t) lor six months, &5o {or Iliite monlhs; by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 nor year, In nones seven aw 1 eight, 510.00 per year, payable In advance. Food jor Demagogues "The itlcas Unit lliorc i.s :t snvy conflict liuUvcon euy>iUil a n (I labor, Unit madiinery is tin evil, tlmL competition must be ruslraiitud ;in<l iiitcfost abolished, Unit wuitllh inuy Iju created, by the issue of money, Unit it i.i the duly of t'ovcrnment to furnish ctipHal or to furnish work, are rapidly making way among (ho great body of tlm people, who keenly fed a hurt and are sharply itwsdou.s of a wrong. Sucli ideas, which bring great masses of men, the repositories of ultimate political power, under the leadership of charlatans and demagogues, arc fraught with danger; but they cannot be successfully combattwl . until political economy shall give yonie answer to the great question which shall be consistent with all her teachings, and which shall, commend itself to the perceptions ol the great masses of men." The above wtu written more than 60 years ago, during the great depression which came with the subsidence of the inflation of the years immediately following tlio Civil War. It was not written by a hard-lwiled defender of social and economic injustice. it is a paragraph from Henry George's introduction to "Progress and Poverty," the book in which he ijt- itempted to show the way to an ccpn- .j'dhiic order in which poverty would bo unknown to those able and willing to work. ,, 'It is u, paragraph .worth, reprinting because it has lost none of its truth in the yews s,ince it was written. The distress of millions is today, as never before, the food on which "charlatans and demagogues" grow strong. And let it be said that while the theories of the demagogues are as illogical as ever, and . their ideas as dangerous, the. wrongs against which they cry outj-ure real. We have little reason to complain against those who follow the fraudulent and dangerous ideas of the demagogues as long as \ve arc unwilling, to devote such effort and make such sacrifices as may be necessary to provide right answers to problems which cannot go unanswered. ' In yesterday's St. Louis Post- Dispatch a lengthy article by Charles G. Uoss, Washington correspondent, presented figures to show that even with a return to the "prosperity" »f 1929 our unemployment problem would not be solved. There seems to be no reason to doubt the truth of that, for even in 19'29 there was considerable unemployment, and since that time thore has boon an increase Ijolh in number of available workers and in productive efficiency. That .should furnish a key to the major problem we must fare. For .-urely there is .something fundamentally wrong when unemployment ap^uar.-; unavoidable even though there an: almost unlimited human needs and desires to be filled and almost unlimited natural resources with which to lill them. Common .-uise tells us that the remedy i.s not in class warfare or a return to primitive handicraft methods, both of which arc destructive of productive-ability, in [he printing of more money, which adds, nothing to the store of wealth, or in a public dole or governmental employment, which are null-productive. l!ul if we are to answer Ibe demagogues who demand tluise Ihings in the uumi's of suffering millions we must provide something better. 7 he Longer Lije. Ui'. C. \V. C'rilu, noted Cleveland siirK<!<>n, tells a l.os Angeles audience tliwl, with proper allention lo lieallli, lliere is no reason tvliy a man sliutilil no! e.xtoiul hi.s active cairur lu the age ol' 80 ur Ijuyond. Fretjuent physical e.xitiniiialiuiis, In; wiys, would roniiil failing eajiaeitiuri of vital organs and would niakn il possible for i-oinutlial nlej)s lo Le Inken. All of wlik'li, of course, is highly encouraging; Ijul il is jusl uiie more - instance in which our scieuliiiu knowledge .seems lo have outrun our social sense. What i.s (he use of enabling a man lo keu|> working to thu » KC O c «()_ jf industry and uusiuess decide thai (he man over GO is luo old for a job? Unless we revise the idiotic ' notion that a nmn's usefulness ends with middle age, Ihere i.s small use in e.\- Icntling liis active life *]wn. Frankly, I huvc grave fears thai we (Hit Hcpublican jiarty) cannul elect any new .'iemi- tors. On the other hand, we oughl tu be able to elccl 75 new representatives. —Former Senator Jumcs E. Walton ot Indiana. * * * No other human enterprise would have anything like the .success marriage has if it were handled so carelessly, so casually and with so lillle science. —Prof. Ernest n. Groves. University of North Carolina. I woiilil not consider selling the Giants unless so much lAoncy ivcic olicicrt that no sensible man conlct refuse. —Cliarlr.s A. Sloncham, president, of New York • Giants. * <• » I liiivv performed more than 'J.I'jWi rejuvenating ojierations, bill I am always ready lo learn more. —Dr. Scvue Voronoil. ylancl specialist. (ABJKJ COUEJER NBW8 MONDAY, MARCH li>' 1984 - GUNCES By George Clark I THIS CURIOUS WQRLQ ium-acv of walks nails ot- AND ONE LAR&5 FEMALE /AAY FURNISH CAVIAR. VALUED AT f/oo NEPTUNE'S COP BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Wcdnnday, Marrh 19, 1824. W. A. (Boots) Davidson irxlay innounces IhrouKh tlic Courier News his candidacy for alderman rom tlie Third ward to succeed Mcl.eod, present, incumbent. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Worthins- lon arrived Tuesday from Little Rock lo make their home in this city. For tlic present they "ISX I'm not hurt,, but flit: farra«r had a very valuable cow— Food May Contain- Organism Causing Auiobic Dysentery BY nil. MORKIS FISUBS1N K'dilur. Journal ot. (lie Medical Association, and <if Hyirria, the Health Majraiinc Tlie most common mclliod «f [runsinliliiuj the organism oi timcblc dysentery is tlirotiRh tho conUiniiiiiUIon of food and .drink food handlers who linppen to lie curriers of tlic cntnrneba his- lolytlea. These B in '24 hours, to us many as 30 to 40 In -24 hours. • * * As u re.sull.. the patient rapidly Incomes exhausted, complains of nenint' In the back and weakness in the leys, and is likely to be dopressMl mentally. There may to liUlc or no fever; rven in severe- cases tlm trmpcrHtaie reaches at most from loo to 102 food handlw.s piay be I decrees, but. in very severe cases cooks, tllsliwushers, w t- may go 'higher. As result of the excessive action OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams any other kitchen help in a family or in a hotel. Even the common liy might •ins this disease to your household. If you don't screen windows nnd doors. The by 'feeds on excretions trom which he' then can carry Hie organism and deposit It on food. . ... In China and Japan, human cxcrelions. frequently are used as fertilizing material for' vegetables. This Is a serious menace to'health, because it, hns been shown that Hie cysts of this parasite will remain alive in the moist excretions for as lonf as two weeks, and when they contaminate the vegetables, they in this wEvy.mny trans- mil the disease. • * * S'mr-e the organism may live, in the intestines for months or years without producing serlouF. symptoms, il Is not possible to say just how long a lime, is rer quired' for infection lo develop. However, there is some good evidence that tire swallowing ol tlie j-sls of cntameba liistolylica is ollowccl. in from 10 to 05 days, •ith an average l>criod of lii days, y the beginning of the symptoms hnnvclcribtlc of this disciise. Usually the disease comi^ iKidcnly, but most often it IK-J..., fllli mild diarrhea. . wliirh erad- lally becomes worse. Wlirn the \\?xusc tcgins suddenly. Mirr? is evcrc abdominal pain, wiih uau- ea and vomiting and a rhllly cnsalion. The irrilniion »[ the I becomes acule and Ui< . cut tries to evacuate ' UK bo DOMT STRAIN YOUR E.VES. THEYRE BOTH THE SANE -EXACTLY.' I COUNTED THE NUTS 1 PUT ON THEM - THEV'RE EXACTLY ...ALIKE, SO RELAX ENJOY IT. . ..THE HAPPY MEDIUM. epealcdly. This irritation may . lant that tlic number uf actioiis if the bowel will vary froai •; to of the bowel, such patients have tenderness in the abdomen, the skin appears sallow and jaun- ilicccl, and the patient loses wcleht rapidly. . ' The doctor will \vaiu to examine the blood to find . out how much the red cells of the tltxxl have been injured and also whether there is any significant -tea in .the number or while blcod ells. Frequently the distinction between this condition.'appendicitis, and peritonitis will depend on :arehil examinalioirol - the blood. Mrs. C. S. Stevens on West Ash streets. Complaint comes to the Courier from business men oi Uikc and. Lilly streets to tlic effect thai flocks of chickens ajc (loins; llicir utmost to prevent, the gardeners ol that section ot the cits' from doing' their bit in that !ine. :imi tlie complaints .say Hint, since tlie eily lips an ordinance, unless Uic chickens me locked up they will meet the headman':, axe without further warnings or alterations. - earlier period, when the roc is. hard. I A laigc female may yield as much as'15 gallons, or 2,400,000 eggs."! Braiuse the sturgeon is such a valuable priffi, it is becoming very rare. '• NEXT: What cily was built on lup nf eight oilier cities'.' Massachusetts Town Plans Clam Experiment WAREHAM, Mass. <UP>—Voters o( this town have appropriated S100 to finance a clam farming In view of the opinions of shell lishcrmen tnal clams can be grown j commercially, as arc riuahaiigs and! oysters here, instead of depend-.- ing on nature to' supply them,' citizens voted the money to Tjuy to acres of salt marsh for IKC as. an experiment station. Read Courier News Want Ads. CHURCH EXCUSES By Geo. VT. Bulum Dear Aunt: • 1 do hope your next letter will give us a more detailed description of j'.isl what liapiXMictl— where he comes tiom and what he calls Ins business and jusi why you- call him a toy friend. When Archibald read your letter he handed MIL letter back lo me and said— just Ihink. and at her aye. I lold him Unit perhaps you were talking about some onc you knew years when yon were about my age and that iwrhaps he had, so to speak, nnd sucicicuh out, of your life rcapjK'arcd. I just ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nc*s liar, bc c » nu- horizcri to announce- the follo-.vlng is candidates for public office, sub- fcL lo the Democratic primary n-xt August.: Knr Member iir (,'cmgrc^ CLINTON b. -(JALDWELL lor Kfirriff and Collcilnr CLARENCE H. W1LSO-; Tor Re-election (or Sqconii lerm For County Treasurer JOE S. DILLAHUNTY ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG AUDISON &MI'Ui 1'or Counly Court Citrk KRF.D PLBEMAN I'or Uc-EIccllon for 2iitl 'ir;m I'or Asmwr R. L. (BILLYi GAINES U. C. (1KB "urli. Ml Ihe liiiliillril _ humr ill millionaire ,I1M \\ktn t-'Ield'n U n H C h I r r, |JS- TKI.I.i:, :irritr» l-tiblllo Jnll, I. ln%c Mitk hvr. par'"*"—a k |?!"" ?"""!"* "' '•''< n ii'erriiM ' e irl. M?''mnkr" "hli fclioir iiXh .V (Ml II IN MiVI'S. nnnlril fur a niurdcr ji-jn-s u c i,. ""* "l"c» o Kurm or Hro* Mm and this climate." "What's the burfi-;- 1 t.uuie ast in one. ol lliojQ not thrive lu dusky<i ask him ' wlicrc we can g&; oom<r ciotlios name, of this ,mil whether we nn mm n tiiJ.. we can ami Ibe name: ,,„„„,„ (l , rllcd lQ 3i , lgjc . l'«c »riMi- nlRht raMlta »...„,, n iunn ho hrm Keen mi*lrr;*lln£ a i-llild. lie 1J>ink* Ifce nan I* iJcnil, MIT-MI: :,.,,i rjF.ur. mo, t ». «ci- .hi, ;rt,<. ,,, x , Ihins |... lW i,,, MIUMK hi. 11 In n hir lirp;it Mill* Iflu'l-'nlVl'l'lo '• l £ !1 |','ciMl"i>i l 'r fc™ t "for futia. AI Ihr l-'irld haute Hcjirrh tic- 3lnn for I'nMiro «bi» in briirvril nil . Ifc*. Jfttritm WAY kno frnn* •ra an;i. Xoyt» |, r ,» Inland nknck hr l». • •! irur l,u • kr -Tell-i (lie I li-.'urn far lln »c<>-i.irit I;, il, •n:irrtl x'.H-. I'.-i .111.™ n Ml i- sill At-||Ili:y, I'm,. t'J' pin'"'"' '' ts '"' " "arch for \U\V (.0 (»• WITH THE ST011Y CHAl'TKIi XVI A FEW bours later Marcia Tread way, fn Havana, cn- icvcil the Itiu llolcl. Here, as il^rkncbs scille'l on tile Prado ai:il llie outline o( Murro grew vague, she niliboil her face with cold cream and settled on a clialse longne lo itiink and decide wbat lo do next. Obviously Ilierc must tie certain ways to gn about liml- iug a person but ulie liad never considered ihcin before anil foumi; /\ Ilia line outside I lie window! Cluoss we're Kuin' 'em some cj- cUemeiil/'- "Where we aoin 1 from licre, Ilcau?" Loll it leaned across the table. "Havana," lie answered. "N'over lilrte when you're sapposcil to. It's always a give-away We're goin' ?o ilavana and fioin' lo Hie carnival tomorrow. We'll BCl uiioiigh bere lu start. There's nn iliinger-lici-e. I'll hot ihey don't get more tliaii one newspaper a week in Hits imvn ami tuc man wlio sets it is pruuuhlT loo sleepy lo read anytbin^- ['.vccpl who won Hie lottery, l.nok aclive ami alerl, don't ihey?" be ended as he slanccd toward Hie line uul- sidc. crowding ami joslliiia onc aiiollicr in order lo see Hie utraa- «er.i belter. can't sec any other explanation, so jiltiiii 1 write at once and tell me all about it. I just cannot .stand the thwight o! you. my only and dear Aunt, losing har head and no iclhns what else, so just let all your Church work nnd Grandiup ijo at least Ions enough for you to write me all thai yon know or suspect, wlili [he youii?- cr s;encialioii buy frieiut don't mean anything—Inn when n i>er- son of your nix Iwijliis to speak ol her boy friend anything happen, , For Coiwl»bk of Chlckabiirbi Township JACK .ROBERTSON could Wwidrow.. \Vilso:i co.ichcd the I'lincelon Unlvcrsitv [oolnatl team in I8Q3.. . CITY 'OFF'ICES Election' Tuesday, April 3 Kcr City Clerk S. O. CRAIG R. L. MCKNIGHT ROSS BEAVER3 For Cilj Atlomej HAM MANATT herself fumbling, if she consulted a detective she might bring I'alililo closer to the aniliorilicL- tliau she wished. Tlicrc was no doubt by now that a description of him bad hcr-n broadcast widc[y together wilh Hie facts of his supposed crime. Klie frowned, riibljen- away tlic frown, and then tluscil her eyes so tlglitly that small wrinkle;- (tooil out a r i«nd lliem. At that moTuent f.ollie, licnu »ml Pablilo were seated at a lalilo In a small, dlnsy cafe looking out on an equally dreary tlrcct. Natives of the town crowded on Ihe narrow sidewalk oiilsido t.o see the strangers w[io liad conic lliere to cal. A waller, wcarins a from limiiiiriilale apron, stoort ready lo lake the order. I, sliovcleil coaliinics.or Hie Ibrce patrons. Tablito. knowing the- SLMII- f.-li.'iutiid. itnsu-crcil, "It Is boiicr lo be too early than too lale." "True, Senor," Uic n-aitcr agreed. "An<I many brsin ilic tclr. lliia night." He, tlccidctl that I'ablilo, despite Ills light hair and eyes, was a native. None but natives ..'poke Spanish In this way, without accent Tbs oilier two were not Cubans. r.TC recc-niinendcd the "polio ton * r!zo," the fried bananas and a nlng that hud unusual age. I'abliio ordered. "Toll blm to make It snappy," l.oltle entreated, "or I'll eat tlie UMo doll] and set hydrophobia." "U «UI \>t halt an hour at the t,b.NTI.|.;.M.\.\' who twirled his njrjii.-taLlies talercil Ihtn anil ivkeil I lie trio lo drink witli linn. .'al>lilo tl.ankcil hi,,, and in turn n«kc<l him lo tiriuk. Tlicn llicy both rcftiscd otic another wflb many ihaiiku anil so cmled lliat customary ccremnny. "Yiiu oirghta be able lo pick nn •jDiisiilrrablo loot lomorrow, I.oi- lii'," Hcan slntcd'. Slic imilrtcd. '\on any good at that kind o( IliinsV" he asked, lurnfug lu l' a u- lito. ''I don't believe sn." "Hell, hnw you Kniii' lo make a hvias'."' Hcau askcrl. "I ilon'l kuow," I'ablilo answered dully. "I'll look out (or you. honey." said Lottie <|iil-:kly :i n>l v.-armly. "Oh. I'll got alons." I'iihlilo assured Uir-.m with more touli- dciicc in hia voice than be felt. U is not easy for men lu hiding "'Inch he drank, but a small part and he gave Pabliio smch information as.-t'uey necdeil. "Are. you scouvfcg the country of Hie new Kovcrumciil?" tho boy Niicstioiieil, his cyea suddenly b"- coiuiiiu even brighter. "I will let you judge tliat, Sunor," t'ablilo replied. "Ah, yes! Tho wise man Ja "You are ready and well ahead!'° apaly openly for work he rcal- or the carnival loraorrow." l,e i":<1. And there would bo Noycs omiiicnUd, luokins 'at iho Oi-1 loo, now of course waiting tor at (he hold in Havana. •>oyca would have, lo tio ted and liousiil. '1'ljo problem was too lilg ami he iricii lo dismiss It but tomul iliat he lems will when flesh nc:3 ami )ii!d not. ft re r 'cfiise 10 tic. forgotten is acliing [rom wcarl- Ihc mind Is whirling I rom lack ot sleep. "(Jo slow," B cau warned the olners aa the food arrived. "Tho audience, oulaldo ij likely to suspect EOliietulus funny if you don't. " See?" silent," the boy said, uoddiug. * • • "JiHEX he stood up. U K \,\ m -iM. • be said, making a. cercmoil'y of a courtesy as do moat'Latins, be liimself would escort lliem. t.o tlic shop of Sanclio who sold the apparel of value both for itie acnoi-3 and IIio scnoraa: He himself vvoiilrl awaken Sauclio wUu sleiit early, anil tlien ho blinselt wmild lake them to Hie bouae o( 1'cilro u-lio owned an nutonmblle which iij lime—God. being por- fcclly willing—WO«M deiivsr them in safety in Havana, Iba beautiful city of laiiKliter aqd saicty. Kanclio outfiUed Lottie, Pab- lilo and U e «u in a way which ina-Je them look like (Jubao-i from onc ot the litllo villagob^^f bit liulliy where they should Ji-irc been Blender and n blt.plnchert wbcre there should linvo besu icionr. >!can tiirncrl bcioro a pocli- marketl uiirror to groan aloinl. Ho had earned hie nlnknaiuc early through hia particularily about bis attire. Now he sar violently brown sboulrtors so paddctl a3 -to - suggest pin cusblbns, a wasp-waisted coat and a. 6r«n aucl Ian cliccked waistcoat. • Hii sboca were a violent tan, s:;cb being Hip only iliocs ot SBnclio'a stock. I'4blilo cnoss a.suit ot an auiazii); blue. Baocuo aijd.the boy .guldo who bad been fouart at Ihe cafe were entranced. .I,ot- lic was Icsa awkward tljan tba men lu her ill-cut country Hi She, looked a hcwlloerer] rather sweet cbild ot tbe provinces and younger Hian ahe uid looked In many liard year'3. "No ono now woulr) knoF you. 1 ' whispered Ibe self-appointed s"IJ>! la t'nblito as be considered,I'ab- lito's answer to. hia question about tbe matters ol Epfcrnmcnt. "You are cuapged, utterly changed! But God .will know J you and guard you!" j Paulllo doubled Ihls. but. bs ' gripped the other'* hand Jrralj Lottie and Piblilo did see and they ate with a slowness that was| la ne 8aW goodby I8d>'h» proof of a commendable and un-l'hs new journey witb a little usual will power. Be*u! warmth at bis beart. Tea mlnuta> "succcs?." Pabltlo lifted hljl la ter tln'y itsrt •• the way Slass Out it »4ii with a heavy Hj>aa<». him!. (In Continued)

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