The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1930
Page 2
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JPAGE TWO 1UYTHKVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NKWS WEDN1-1SD A V, DECEAIBEK -WSftJ. News of the Blytheville Schools Dixie Beauty Is Washington Dob v of thp^,£f morel wheels at the''swi'6ol. ~ *• ' The Vpiorcl jchpol U having a Chrlstm'ssi tree and program. ' ' Mfs/.XlaVB. rield.vvlll have Ihe Young.'.^JalrQns. club. . The'- TJiurWp j club is meeting with MfE.'J. A,'Leech. Mrs. harry W, : .Halnes is hostess lo the -tJld-\V«elc- Bridge club. The JPIisrlirj, Lutheran Guild .Is meeting with-,Mrs. Gecfe LanR. The Kill- C&rc club ft- having a. party a(Tthc Women's?'dub, >' "Friday ~^;" Tlie' Woman's club I? having Its annual Christmas party "aX the club house! A Sonnet Not in a silver casket 'cool with 'perals -, Or rich with' red corundum or with •'blue, Locked, aiid the key withheld, as .other girls Have • given their loves, I give my !love -to Jiou: Not in a IcVyevs' knot, not in a ring \Vorkfed Ic-'6ucih : fashion, and the ISSeYicl Pistil— " " Semper, .(/Klelis,",;.where -a secret :-...SprIflg ••• ,'. . ,. :;-... , Kennfcis.a drop i of mischief for the Love in £he bpcn<hand, no thing but jhal.,... , .. Unjtmmed, unhidden, wishing not to hurt, As one i should, bring you cowslips • In',a hat,,' Swung ftom the hand, or'apples in x Kef" iklrt'.'./ ! 1 brjftg yjju; 6a)iiiigi out 'as children "Look what.; juvej And these ave all for you."' ; .j->. .- ^Edna St. Vincent Mlilay,- EnteHsin at Rook Thc six tables ... „ members ol the /Tuesday Rook-club" who were guestsxjf Mrs. J. W: Bp.d- er and Xfrs.-J:- E.ypell yesterday BflcMKfon.^.'.erlJoyed "* a delightful Christmas. party; at the Bader hcme. . :'•/."..... A lighted • tree, fianX^fl with tap- era in Christmas holders and vases filled with red berries? was the centerpiece for a tableun, the living room.' Wreaths at UM windows and aoofc had electrloi'lapers in ilielr centers and wal]'»Yascs were filled «1tri red berries*" FoV refr.?sm<ists each tabla- had frr its centerpiece a miniature' tree which held appropriate favors, for the guests. .An appetizing plate of chicken salad, cranberry frapi>6, fruit cake, divinity loaf and coffee' was Served after several games ot rcoX. Besides the club members ttwss guests -attended: Mfsdamcs 'Herman. Cross, James B. Clark, ^R. A. e, R. B. .Nc-ten._ W. T. Denton, 6/75 of News Mostly Personal One Hundred and Twenty] Kmnloycs Attend Sessions ! at Hotel Noble. 24 Senior High | Students Named ' on Honor Roll! To the Southland Junior High ok J '.j'v?: ; .-;<». of Iofditts, : ihdii4fna Among the charming debutantes of the current Washington soclnl sea £cm''i5 pretty Adcle Townsehd Jalmckc, aliovo, dnughlcr of Assistant JS. R. Swinney were Memphis vls'- Mr. anil Mrs. Crawford Greene arc leaving this aficriicou to spend tile huililuys with their parents at Tort Smith and Arkadclphia.' Mrs. J. A. Lrcch nnd Mrs. Rus- cel! Phillips sp?jit Tuesday Hi Memphis. Henry Hudson left this after. neon for ijtamps, Ark., where he will visit for two weeks. Mis. T. M. Pleininons of Fair! mont, N, C., who is visiting, her [daughter, Mrs. C. W. Affllck, has i re turned from R brief visit in Mem! pills. ML.:; Rosa M. Hardy- lcavcs.;lo- ir.oircw for Gates, Tenn., wYjerc she will spend ll-.e two weeks holidays. Mrs. Otto Kochllt/ky has re- luvncd from a week's visit, in St. Louis. Glfnn J. Durham leaves Thurs day for Hamburg, Ark., for a two weeks visit with relatives. Mrs. J. w. Morse of- St. : . Louis I will arrive Friday lo spend 'the holl- ! clays with her daughter,'. fjlri'Otto KochlUzky. and family. ! William D. McClurkin, wifo'js io j spend two weeks vacation at Pres- I coll. Ark., leaves Thursday.'... • • Miss Grace Moullrle, 9!-Menu• sha, is in the city today'' shopping. j Tom Llltle and C. E. Atkinson :are attending to business In <M«ni- , phis today. i Louis Horton has gone to Jonesi boro where ho is now employed. j Miss Cora Lee Coleman and The* we™ lnploycs and ,8 resented. These cities were:. Biylheville, Leachville. Monelte. Giucola, Manila, Walnut Ridg-?, Rector, Corning, Mnmnr>',h Springs, Ark., Thayer, Irouton, Bismarck, Potosi, - Poplar Bluff, Piedmont. Kcnnett, Caruth- ersvllle, Steele, Ceinpbcll.Haytl and Poi-tageville, Mo. The following numbers formed llv program: talk "Right Of Way," W. C, Gregg, Right cf Way super- You are so far away, now, it seems.' cral '.' 00 , m5l . , — - ! I know I have wandered fur away, i ^ PMI las bought I here are 24 .students on the sen-' But I'm going to return to yjiT facUl> '' baU8lu for the : some day. semester' " Maurlne Branson Douglas made \\ s .. . . ...... ____ 11 were made by Stanley Atchlson" Marion Cooley, Evelyn Davis, Mitchell Johns, Margaret Moore. Aim Tompkins made 10 K, Virginia Tompkins and Thelma Worthington made one point less. Paul tlie twilight at lin; Hie cotton fields so white, and Doris And the old South Caronlla m=: points and Haaga has G'.i and Dorothea Rogers, and Mary Cumniings B. - u ^ hose makl ng 7',-i were: Lillian Intendent ol \yalnut Ridge; talk I Briscae ' An na Mae Jones, Jane ••Progress : of Arkansas-Missouri | Kochtltzky and Sunshine Adams, company." T. G. Seal, Ely- Denny Fendler and Kathryn Mar- llieville, engineer; talk "Prosperity of the Nnvy. Ernest Lee Jnlmckc. the Jnhnckes make tlielr home in New Orleans. When not in Washington,! ltors yesterday. i Miss Mamie Blythe, of, Littl? Rock, will arrive, home the last ot Organist ~' C'V ii n ~~ni • •• t " D WCI * to s Pe»d the holidays with i GLlOtt UUilCan 1 laying jher parents, Mr. and -Mrs.,.Virgi With Musical Company her parents, Mr. and -Mrs., .Virgi i Oreene. .,•,- , r .. [ Miss Cora Lee Coleman niid J. E. iCrltz, county agents, are attendinj | to business in Osceola today. Virgil Greene attended to busi- Elliott Duncan, son of Mrs. Annie Duncan, whose siage name is "Billy Elliott", is now playing with | llcss ln MoncUo yesterday .the musical show, "Band Box" with | Mr . am] Mrs Cnarl( ; s Cri g 3C ., jr., were visitors in Memphis yj> terday. Miss Marguerile Pride, who is t. anil Depression," C. V. « Sehaugh,, Blythcville, district manager; talk i Johnson. -Our Service In Local Industry," | Oliver Coppedge, city, a guest; two , raal select!- us, Louis C. Echols, | rlly; talk "Spirit of Progress," R. B. Sanders, Kcnr,?tt, district manager; piano s-olo, Miss Nina Wills, Psra'gould, a fjueit; talk. "Job Analysis," Miss Eunice Jenkins, Blytheville, book keeper; dramatta- U'jn of "Playing. the Game," em- pi- y:s of loc'al and general offices; Messages From . the Management," 0. P. Moss, Blytheville, general- manager; talk, Marcus Evrard, eiiy. a guest. The meeting was at the Hotel Noble. Wcmen employes of offices of the company In 22 cities of Arkansas nnd Missouri, whicYi fran the Woman's eonirhlttce. of the firm, met Iwre "Tuesday for an afternoon ..„_ ' rnc 6-B group had an hueresl- ix were! 1n ? Th rift program last week, made by Doris'Secoy alid Addle 1 ... Thc 6 : B ? TOU P is enjoying plan- tin made seven points and that health bond. ~i i • •it' j Junior High will senci CiirUtuiv; i 1 want to her the old darkies sins i baskets to the poor for Christmas.; j Fourteen baskets were S3rit out ; Thanksgiving. !! Much, interest was e^p!':^c;i ••-' the annual "Who's-Whs"'v" 1 held last week. ' w. The P. T. A .party was a gran'-j" i : at night. . success. There ware twelve Jal'ier'J ••' u , ™ u3t be 0(mUmt t0 ' droam ' aM nr 'y mothers preseiu. M: 3 ; AtfV; 1 ;' today, cock's room won the.dollu: f;/'i:av-"' : ' Alas, Dear Southland, you are too,i ng the highest percentage cf iii'r 1 - 1 -' far away! ' prM5nt _ ::;::::::; DOROTHEA ROGERS . i .. shlnlno .. ., ,,., ,,-.„,,,. ™^ '"' T3.1i-r Via. Ell A I • OiilllllliJ IS IJ12 JJ j«'U13 L gu'll, Blytheville, Ark. , , lvUh ll)£ , ^ no . v ^ c;i .;^. ] ^"; I Mr. Stswan is gains lo orjaiiKj .,, I several basketball teams. "'.,...'. \ The 7-B Social eh^js'V,'. have been giving original lacleaii>i/'J illustrating tlie various rejiDiis.'o!.,! South America which th;y liay^ studied. The pupils have s'.io;.vi., given to a needy family, for their Chrismas dinner. ning a basket for the unfortunate much interest irt working out th;l;'i Sudbury School After school last Wednesday an intsrestlng soccer football game | for Christmas. tableaux and have pres?n;t:l spmr..{ I Gladys Carter is leaving our i very original ideas. Gwendoiyji-V'I ' school this week to go to Gary. In-1 fisher's tableau illustrat!n 3 life, jjiV we are sorry to Icfe her. | the Amazon Valley w=s SD £03,1'. diana, The 1-A pupijs are inviting their mothers to a Christmas parly Wed- was played between the pupils or OB and 6A grades. Tlie score was 0 lo D in favor, of 6A. The OB pupils are doing excellent work In penmanship. Their teacher. .Mr. Morris, says that tins room has reached 100 % in mustular movement. 1 • • John Hampton has brought a nice little-Christmas tree for our rcom. We are going to make the decorations for it. Ihat il will be given in c"3Tnrji/r,,. The 7A-2 class-had an .;"'„'.'.'. program Wednesday. "Kindness"- -I Christmas, tt . as l!le ai t,j ec t. The 1A.^ '•','[ ' class are 100 per cent in bayift „ ' ' ' ' !Christmas seals. The 7A-U isrcup.ii, .1 Evi, Mae Crane Is a new pupsl mi lanni to EC nd. ChrUtunr bV{" ' I the 1-A grade. , : ^ tobfhft |loor . ' prcgram w«l He 8'ven. ' * ' ! The 5-B grade has recently given; lows: "Pairy Stories" by Mack El-. The 8B-2 class has b-ujht jcms,., | pretty curtains for th::.- :oni3 class . made tn:m. Hotel Noble meeting. before the general meeting fclowed by a dinner at the The 2A pupils are making very ,._,^, —u,_ ,..,,„_ .... . muscling Christmas booklets for their language work. Dortha Duvall has a liule baby brother, and J. B. Wisdom has a baby sister sent as a Christ- inns present. * * i Our P. T. A. met December 3, and voted lo spend S50 for new books to partially meet the new der, Mary Lynn Sweat, 'Herschelj ma * 9 th = r f m Io:)k ™'>! "tt Oldhr-m, Robert Cunningham' Mrs SUckmon's .'SB- 1 EL Earlene Samon, Marvin Sudbury. cl »« had n play. 'Annt lo Thomas Gipson, and Charlotte I ™«en by Yzeldah -Crocks. Bugg. "Wings Over Bulgaria" was',8 ive » '" assembly. The cnn I loltl '" nn interesting way by Irv- wcrc: Marshall Wnlkcr Musical company which Is nt Springfield, Ohio, this week. . I . Mr , Jy ~ •, .P. Prirtc. .. • •-, •-,. Deli imd Vidnity "< Cliff Markiiam. 'of :j?aragp!i!.cl'. -ij ; transuding, business ..hers today. Miss Winnie V. Turner spent i B " rt);>r a Jane Monaghaii, dninii- TuestiKy anil piirt of Wednesday In t( : r ot Ml '- alld M ra. Matt M«a- the Drll school giving inlellirjence i e ' 1rm &•• is "' at .their home on tests to the children. ] Kentucky avenue. Tne P. T. A. will meet \Vednc3- | Miss ftlnr 8aret Merrill will leave duy afternoon ill Hie school. ! Saturday for her Clnien- Friday afternoon the Avmorel I 1 ' 0 "' Ark - lvllcre she will spend the boys an:i girls played ba?l:<<ttall Ilollt1a ys with her. parents. Mrs: Marie Hickman, city, chairman, presided in the business session in which accomplishments of 1030 and plans for next year were [nkc'n Up. • In the 'program these talks were ven: '"Rural Elcctrfleation," Miss etiirah Nrjly, Blytheville, steno- npher; ''Courteous Service to us'tdmers," Miss Vestal Essary, arutheravllle, stenographer; "Elec- icar Safely In' the Home," Miss jatricc - B'lankenship, Monette; i">.nc Lighting and Decorating," is. C. D. Wills, city, Home Ser- cc-Director; "Electricity In the i,". Mrs. Lloyd,,-. Kennatt. A. ano.selection by Miss Nino. Wills, irngouldi .-a. guett, and the sing-, ,g of- p t ep songs .-.concluded ..-^c O. E. Wilson, - Fitzsimrr.ons, ' .7. "D. 5toyall,i;Mj Gtoree Lange, E. E. Alexander, M. G. <Soodrich, \V. W. Hollipcter, B. A. Bjnch. O.' Shonyo, D.'M. Clitler, J tt; Eltfnb *••-•• '• >««••.• i--'-- binsj.&f Steele, •.;•, -' -, : .. GaiU tn Meet At- the me;(ing of the. Pilgrim Lutheran church Guild Thursday oftern'oon, at Ihe liome of .Mrs. •' George Longe, the Christmas pro gram' for the church and aiding with the Dell boys and girls. Aimorel won both games. The Dell school will cltiso Fn- Mlss Elizabeth Haley, daughter; day afternoon for Hie holidays. For of-Mr. an.1 Mrs. R. I. Haley, wlllm,,, vacation, which will last [or a be presented in n piano recital lo-| vvcek , Mr eml Mrs Piuc i, b . u . k nuri Mr. and Mrs. J. .Nick Thomas have as their guests. Mis. Luu'is LeRoy and Mrs. Louise Chapman. jOf Memphis, who will l>2 here two days. J. C. Noah returned loilay. frrai n brief business trip,''to S; • '" night, at .Blue Mountain colir-o. j s' = "n"RayVnomi'Vlll '&o {o"s:acy and' z ' ol> 5' Clements, pt tho.'.'.Uhii'pd Miss., wlwrc she is, Llu!c R(X . 1; Mlss Kirjjimiji] wl] , be |Stntcs army, who was' slatloVicd .in a nenibcr of the Junior class. Her instYJctcr ic liendrich Phcnlfev. Slitf'also plays Hie organ nnd will nnpcaiv in services of • tile First Baptist church «hlle sf-ndl"? tha holidays nl home. She arrives Friday night. the prettily decorated tree nntl i:i in Tilythevillc with her mallior. Mrs. l!l ° '^"i"' 111 -one for two years mi-. Lnne will Le in Dsll a'.ul in BIyllic- i'" two months ago when ii? was villc with her iiarcnts, Mr.' nncl '"nsfenoi to Washington. .D. C Mrs. J. D. Booker. needy families will be tte principal the bridge games Mrs. J. Nenl Gcs- matteii taken up. . - (ell won the ladies' prize, a rules'., -----. - r -. .... Ju TSis congregation is"planfiing a tcwel.-ancl a tic went to Dayle Itcn-1 'esc as the result of a gift oi'SJ.OOOi Charles Craig, of Kansas City, is men's award. j licin thu,ie ivrpornllon.' transncliinj business here. i iws arriivd home for a 00 day fiir- j lough, lie is Ihe guest of his pir- KKN'TED ! C1US ' ' Mr - «"d Mrs. L. T. Wood APPLETON, Wls., iUI>)—All ex ;»nd_his sister. Miss Ann Clements, perimrul in esthetics lias ticen i ^ I ' E ' Cernicc mid Eli Saphlan, of started nt Lnwrcnr? College here j Cnruthersville. who are here for Pictures rented lo sludc-nU slay, have returned from St. LouU coileciiun of Ihe toi-i^iwre tliey visited for several clays. . pfbaram in which tlie I dcrson lor the r ' " chililreii of 'Uie Sunday school will take^'part. ' •. .^. r - : . P. T. A. Meets! The Parent-Teacher association of the Lange elementary school met Tuesday afternoon y at 'trie school lor k Christmas- program. After the siting "Sile«t Night pupils fof Miss Eileen Foster's room gave'b. playlet. Miss Gladys Hardin's roam won the dollar prize for having the most mothers present. -.' * t • . Club Metis fcr Dinner. The hostess served an appetfting "' , ",V fruit salad with sandwiches, olives j ""'*<•"-'•_ and coffee to the 16 preseiu. mny liuve originals byi Miss Xfary Catherine Martin, w)io DC Goyn. Charles Hell, attends Lindemvood college at St Rend Courier NEWS Want Ads. ARTICLE NO. 81 BY \VM. K. MrKKNXI-.V SccrctarA', AmcrK-nn nriil-:^ t.rasuc After a silaycr lins i;iken n\) conliact and played It for any j Helen Hyde. Max Poilark. Bcrtlui Charles, Mo., arrived lasl nigiit to i Jaqucs, and many c:!icr artists in: spend the holiclnys will) her nar- thcir rooms al a nominal cost lor a ems. Dr. and Mrs. S. p. Star; ; ™'- :s '- cr - : George Hum lefi this afternoon | for Quiltuan. Ark., where lie wll spend thr holidays with relative. Miss L;uira Bassetl will go to Conway tomorrow where she wil visit relatives for the holidays. • Mr. and Mrs. Spurgoon S. Pat | terson. of. Birmingham. Ala , wil I arrive Monday, by motor, for a u u . ith relntics An.,attractively appointed dinner was jrerved in two courses ID mcin- high - Fcore prizes.-blooming plants. Mas Club. . The last party, WEST tiiB Tuesday I S—0-8 Contract club until after the hcli- j H—,VO-4 days was given by Mrs. J. Nick D—Sons Thomas yesterday- 1 afternoon when [ C—X-X-Q- Mrs. Earl Koonlz of Sprinjfield. J-IO-7- Mo., and N5rs. Charles Martin were | 4-3 guests. Hosiery went to Mrs. M. A. Isaacs! lor club prize arjd the guest a'ward, bath powder, :.was Mrs. Koontz. -v; •"•- '•""' The. delicious', salad 'course snowed the Chrlstifias note as did the NORTH S-J-9-7-54-2 H—K-8-6 D-10-8.5-3 C—None EAST S—A-K- 6-3 H—HO- 7-5 D—7-6 SOUTH—DEALER C— 9-8-5 S-10 H-0-3-2 , . the declaration to scum club.;. ! The ; The hand is very interesting as, , n , 11C(1 . Two . To( . s .. Tr3 , ; i; pio<luccs a triple Mp.ieeze. Nw'th ; McHEIIEE. Ark..(Ul'i-Fnr Hire opened the ten oi lii.-.moiuls. thc;,. c:1 , s ••^vc-Tces." king of timkc .top of his partners siiit. which : wu i^ s ln D , s , m Cci , nty . hnd :WCM trumped with ,!„ three of : s: ,,,, 0[1 slocks . but now 5f '..„"„, : ciubs. West then proceeded tn,i-nRc-r dread his attacks, tic wa P'..H- six straight chi!) tricks. The . t,i r , prc1 . , OC e;itly. by Anriv Rai idimimy followed «:lh ihrcc clubs' p %0 inment (rapper." He got hi niiri the Jack and trn ar.d nvc ot ; i:;1!1 . . by tllc lrnck hc lc(t An bl -hearts. North tlisc.ird:-d ihrcc dia-.i, vn toes on one foot hart teen ci . mnnds. two spades and a heart. | ,, ;( b} . n | rii p ir^t year. •South followed vlth t«o clubs and , clhcardcr! Tour diamonds. On thf C-6-2 Thf "Ihe hano 1 was plnycd at a'.iuion South li:o dc-.ilcr bid four tii.i- club, North ix'cnis to feel. the sc,UEeze and Is forced to ills- i card the eight of hearts, bearing : c!c«n to the lone kins. South: plays the queen of cii.imon<ls. Declarer Is very caicf'.il to iv-j tain Ihe seven of diamonds in' tliimmy, now diKirdlns; a sm;ill sparlc. The queen u'. spatics i> I .then led by rtecliuor. followed! v:th the eight wliicii is «on m' diimmy with Ihe kitK. On 1:10. w court spade leail South is fK-o<xl; i to discard the deucr n: Iv.v.its.' itxi effective decorations featured with mc nds-a prc-emirtive b.d in an. wii-n the ace of s]ir. ( it alargetrcc.^ ^ ^ i endeavor lo shut oul his opv.o-'fiom dummy. South is a..,,,,,,,. llx nenls, bnl We^',. with hU ions I hdplcfs. If the fcitiB ol diau-.or.rtV . „ , -._. , f ; «b sun. bid five- cl-.i'.... Nc.tli:)., dkcardcii. the srun «:i: IK Mr., and Mrs. Joe Trleschman | went to live diamonds. KJ?I. hold-^ood in dummy. It the \ ClBfc lias Xmas 1'artv. were guests of Mrs. Max B. Reid Itst evening .when she.jdlso' enter- t&ined the memberj; of the Younj Matrons Brirtgc club and their liu^- banrls"fo?'^«ici arrmnrf"t;hrisltii5V| parly. '..-'. Tliere were gifls for everyone on in? two hijh CRrd tricks I'.irce: diicsrclcd. declarer ciubs. wciil to sl\ duhs. South ' unal! heart, win in his m\:i \,.;-r.\ for a srn'ri then blci ?ix dlamon(i« nnd W<M with Tic ace. pick up :ho fcelnu 'hat l'.f.k;iip and (ineen from N'ovth go O.T.UI ir.ou- tlian f, o' Fomh. pint cash the nine <j[ ':;incite and hir. 1PI ht.i-nrs M-cnld for Hie last trick.' ol'set part of Hint ios : . ; ,nrt 'Copjrighi. 1030. NEA Suvice. I ing Osborne. berg" wns discussed in a Very interesting way by Manerva Saliba. A Christmas Story wad'read in- Eagle, Lind-' Ann , Marie Collier; . V/. J telligently by Bonnie anan. Jean Buch- Sudbury 4B is expecting to have \Viilingiiaiu; teacher. Cracker; pupils, •Josophiro JolAiir, son,' Lucille Tyrone, John Ar:icid»- Pauline Hires, Carmen L3v:!s. :;>.-r The 8B-2 class gave a stive.^J a needy family. Barnes Crook fufc' nished it. a hundred books in their home; The 7A-I class gol out cErl;> '\!:i<;;. I room library by December 15th. We'ncsday afternoon for Iiaviro-.;nv3.:'. are having a bcok shower that day. i days of perfect attendant, 'ihia, is;-,,! state library requirements. The P. T. A. tunils are and spsna by !he organizati school necessities, and are way connected with school in no i taxes. I Juanita Wisdoir any more this year. m °" 118 l ° t be with the only section to get out.-1 Tho o-B Reading ciub gave an! Lttilff€^ interesting program last Friday on 7B-3 class of Jmiior ;,!1» : i school enjoyed Eskimo phs t'-xtir,-,, 1 day morning. This treat \\-is .-iv£;': .nished by Mi'. Greene as 73-3.Jiad-'.'j j the best attendance record cfl,.;:is--| j seventh grade; This group vccintft Dinner was served lo the 39 iK-sii "t n table gay with Christias trees .and candles. Thc wrnien were from: Blyihe- ,31e L .IjeachvilIe, Monette, Osceoia, lani'.i, Wzlnut Ridge, Rector, Coring:, Mammoth Springs, hajV>r, Ironton, Bismarck, Potosi, Hcmer Smith, inlar Bluff, Piedmont, Kennett aruthevsvllle, Steele, Campbell iayti. Poita?iville, ^5o. the "Indian." "Indians. Customs! The F-irsl Grade pupils had as : ly elcclecl-Gwendolyn Fisher yxu-n- and Manners" - - Robert Lovelncc their visitors Friday afttfnoon.'De- j dent of their class'after accEfitiirj-" -.aiuJ.Carl. Lay. "Indian Dances"— cember 5, Miss "Turner, cA)l(rtty !1 9li-! Butler Barksdale's misfire Henry Wilson. 'Uoycl Hngan. Rol- pervisor, and fourteen teachers of' other officers kept their s and Hunt, Pauline Davis, Charles! rural'schools who were attending a' sitionsv • '••',.a tii Wood. "Indian lottery" — Nancy j group meeting in Blytheville on i The 1B-3 science class had • Kirshner. "Indian Poems"—Albert a I [hat day. While "Hiawatha" -Earl "How Hiawatha Lenrnert to Hunt" —Blond S. Heath. "An Indian Do- While in this room, they i interesting program Hcoc!. observed tlie opening exercise-—a the parents short phonic drill, and Ihe reaclins I school Tuesday. attended night; 1 They sti;iie:l - CYCLK COP HITS THE GR!T NEWPORT, R.-I., (UP) — From low-until January 1, Newport's motor patrolmen" will be motor tttrolmcn in name only. The dc- i.iiiiufru upproptiation for main- chance 1 of motorcycles has be-on xhausicd. and with their ni:irhines useless for want of gasoline, four nembers of the "motor patrol" are JbliVid lo cover Ihcir , j classes which conslslcd o fthe IB 1 friendly and harmful i:i£?c;s. - •-• •> • Ark.,, sign"—Cordon Hamey. "Science"— : Ol . cup veat ji r . g the printed readin; The 7A-1 class was on; hunar.xh-; " "—"• | charts of the childrens' actual ex-! per cent in buying Red Crojs sceb.v • |»ricnces compased by the children Everyone bought al least Uvc themselves. Tile 1A Group read a story from" their textbooks, supplemented by | the reading from library-, backs. The. i activities were directed by -Vfisi Elizabeth Halslead, the .teacher.' . The 4 A room is planning a Christmas play entitled — "Simla Takes a Rest." The cast has not been selected, but the entire class will be represented. The 2B children have been enjoying a few famous picture studies this W3Ck. Some of them are. "The Sisline Madonna and Child" by Raphael. "Madonna and Chilli" by Botticelli, and "The Christmas The Third Grade Thrift club met Tuesday afternoon of-., this we*. The following program .was given: Bennjainin Franklin's Tin-ill by James McMullins. Eighl children! KIXO GETS RKFL'ND WINDSOR, (UP)—A conscienti- us I'Kal council . has discovered read verses lelling about tiie troubles of children who live on Spendthrift street and the pleasures of be. "The Night" by Carregio. The i those who lite on Thrift street, following children have been chos-1 The children arc laking a great en by the class to act this picture; interest in saving their, money. Child" by Oianpietrino. ^ enjoyed seems to boats afool.! ' The one mcsl Evtry pitaplc that mars 5 r . ' your i)6auty is ^ tiisch.irgc . ".of poisonous mr.ttcr. Take l ?; ,- NATaRt'S riEMEDY-ffl— ' and rid yoyr Eysloni of - v _ poisonous matter in the :, ' J . natural manner. Quite " I often pimplps AFC the ciniplc sijru that your system needs this rcik], pa"fe, vegetable laxative to help it. Go*", n box at your dnijrji3t's. 2-ip^ trj it and look for remarkable results / lIUd—Snft — Fx:-cl!l Vcnclcbic '" Tor.ighl— Toiiiorroip ^friy^S-* n' Kin" Gcorce had iwid it $235 study as a part of their Chrhlma- I The Third Grade pupils are rnak- •"'- • •• ' io much The item In the rc- jords ot the Egham. Surrey, coun- •11 reads "H. M. the King ire Windsor Park); 9s. Gd. overpaid on ,his assessment for last half-year. Return! lo be made and set off ,inst current rale." Prcgram: Miry Louise Ccoper as I i l;g SanUi Glaus spelling booklets. Mary, .lack Chisholm as Joseph.- -- : — Omer Mislio, James Trotter and i . Walter Followny as shepherds; Ros- | ie Snlibo. Eana Mae Bcshares and i ^ Lillian Wacie as Shepncrdesses: i . , , , , Clarence Masscv as the shepherd Paticnis admitted lo the Blythe-1 " ville hospital: Cleo Hall, city; R. j dog: Billy Yaverty as Ihe fnitliful ]donkey; Nita Marie Mitchell. Peggy 'Closed Taverns Couso Crime Riirk, June Workman, nnd Peggy I LONDON. iUP>— Crime is on the i White as angels. I icTc.isc In Ceylon, according to Hie ' , . . | aiimial report which blames the! H:u . 0 ; ( | HaU brought the 2-n! rise Ic the closing of taverns/'There, class a chrlslmas tree, is no doubt." said tn? report, "tlialj . » . he closing of taverns tends to de-; Mrs white's room had cliargo of feat its purpose by causing more* t i, c c |-, niw l program Monday Mor-i crimes of vlolenc,? than when lav-' n i ng llle rollowing program was I ems existed and litwor was ob- rendered 1 I tainable between fixed hours.'' Seng—If jtsiis Goes With Me— ' ; by entire assembly. AUSTIN. Tex., (UPi-Miss Janet, December Quotations — by Ten' Sheppard. daughter cf Ihc Texas j Q OVS m t\ Oirls. ; Scnntr.r wiio fathered the PrchibM Twenty Third Psalm — Mildred • tlon Air ;ncinient. is hcndini; a bevy | Morgan. of University c( Texas girls in a| piano Duet—Jane McAdams and: state concert tour. As president, Evelyn Smart. j of the Glee Club she alro directs Qur Doctors -- Eight Boys and' the club's vaudeville sketches, and! Girls. sings an alto in the Varsity Co-Ed My sister's Best Feller-Jnnc Me-1 Qunrtct. ! Adanu. j I Christmas In Mother Goose Land; To reduce the fire hazard the |—Fourteen Boys and Girls. Turkish government has forbidden: •" • > construction cf wooden houses in i The pupiis arc collecting food to. the congested sections of Istanbul. I make up a really nice box to br H. Owen. Luxora; George Flecman, | Burn Arkansas Senii.ftnthracite No Soot—No Smoke— All HciU 2 Bundles Kindling Tree with each Ion $10.50 Al<o other good co;i!s BUCHANAN COAL COMPANY I'honc 107 REMOVAL SALE-Your last chance licforc wo move lo our new location in (he lugrant Bldif. All Dresses, Coats and Millinery al ONK-HAU' THICK DHKSSKS SlH.ilS (o S22.50 Dresses SID and Sli.2') S12.0S to S1-1.9S n^^sscs S(i.50 to S7.5I1 S7.SO Dresses SI5.50 S.i Dresses S2.50 Gifts of Ki<l Gloves, Silk 1'ajam- as. Handkerchiefs, Tics. 1'ursf s, Hosiery a n <) Costume .Icwclry. All greatly reduced. COATS S:i5 Coats SI 7.50 S^5 Coats SI 2.50 SIO.S18 Coats SIO.IIO Si 2.08 Coats 86.50 The New Economy Store Across the Street from Home Theater men ;irc ctjiial f n r c Ch-.inte. You may he I IK- next io pay . . . unless you've ar«' ranged lo have us n;i)S I'OHyou . . . through sifi' Accident Insuianec ynl- icy at a low price. ' W. M. Agency EZSXES31

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