La Grande Observer from La Grande, Oregon on May 20, 1942 · Page 7
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La Grande Observer from La Grande, Oregon · Page 7

La Grande, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1942
Page 7
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THE LA GRANDE EVENING OBSERVER, LA GRANDE, OREGON With Major Hoople Wednesday, May 20, 1942 .... Out Our Way . R. Williams Our Boarding House f JM- Jwowi kwowwhvhe's J well, he's got 1 WMMMmW GOOD BOY, GLADSTONE mi D1FFRUMT THAW US-HE X THE ADVAWTAGE, WfwMmmf VOU I LEARNED UOl TO SAV XmmM', 'Bt'i-SS&W MAKES EVERYTHING THAT OF US IM LOOKS. OU Lt ftRNfD HOVN TO feFV SE-J ME DOES SEEM DIGMIFIED, TOO--HECAM N1 TUW QUICKER. THAM SONE MWC - -fBSSEH EVEU COLLECTIM' JUNKf MAKE AK1 ARNILOAi: 'M OH.VES. OF THE GUVS IN MV . f?-., ?3 fl f V Clo! ' 1 ThW-rA J? OLD BOV.STWS AFTER JTooW CI A- hs S 'EM--WB naake''em 'V CM T1 rvB) "MA30R,DID ' (( ( 0j ;fc "V "1,- 1 r-r. I look like we - VTW-K ) V THE STORK , ' jjj ,t .. ec u. t. t. ofr. lMi? ZL VeS- m wmilwiiicf.i. . Pnae Seven UOU GET ,.Kay THE A.LVN Blondie Chic Young RAPA--IJERE COMES THE ICECREAM MAM Bice cream come? SERIAL STORY CARIBBEAN CRISIS BY EATON K. GOLDTHWAITE copybioht. it, NCA SBRVICL INO TUB STOUV Four vUltum nr. rive nt fl llutt'h Went IndJmi ulniid to eouipllcule till life of 111 It Tul-eott. who ! flnlKhliiir kIx rrnra tbrre n braneh uiuunKcr for tin Ainerleun elieiiilenl llrni. Tliey lire llttltfe, IIIH' MueeehMort an tiudl-tor, wbu tmoieilllltely ai'rwr. 111 II f n InrKe xhurtiiKe in bin iu-countm Muellotvell, n urlrrtlve liruiickt to take Itlll bnrk to the Nttlti'N If uuy lrre:ulnrlt- were found, find June PiiU'mon, beami. ful cumin of lllll' former rutim-mnte. Awnkened liy Rliouu on her ilrMt nlKht nt tbe lalnoU. June goe lo tlie, duck tu Itnd n reiietcnde aklliurr trying- to two miiiiik-Iclcd refniteCH an tile iMlnnd friim hlM acbuuner. When Mnrlloivrll trim to Interfere, one nf the kli-per'M men felU hint tvllh n ultu-k-jnek. REFUGEE VISITORS CHAPTER VIII TUNE PATERSON'S hnnd was v rinsed lo ner mouin as u in nttempt to recapture the outcry that had revealed her presence. The silly bag was at her feet and thus she stood, a lovely, xrigni- encd girl outlined in the glow of a searchlight. Captain Jackson's scowl was swiftly erased: a star tling while grin made a gash in his dark face and Ms eyes reflected inner fires. "Cttramba!" he said softly. "An' I thouifht thces one I 'ave was beautifull Senoritn, you 'ave thee suitcase. You wish passage, no.' You want get away from here, no?" He leaped down from the cabin roof, strode forward rapid ly. "Juan! Take the Senonla s bag! Pronto, fools. Theenk wc 'ave all night?" The girl stood transfixed, star ing In tenor nt tho prune figure of MucUowell. A moment before he had been a staunch, trust' worthy figure, armed with . nistol. belligerent, aggressive. Now he was deathly still, a rtvuiei of blood coursing down his neck "No!" she cried violently. "No, don't want to go away The attacker whose blackjack had so quickly subdued Mac-Dowell was attempting to wrest the bag from her lingers when Leonard Halsey galvanized to life. With a low grow! lie rushed, lowering his shoulder so that the man called Juan was sent reeling backward Into the oncoming Cap tain Jackson. The action was swift and the Impact solid, and the swarthy, swagsering skipper fell backward, twisting in des perate attempt to save himself. The shotgun had him off balance; its butt struck the pier with a re sounding flitonck and the roar of its discharge blasted heavenward. Perilously close, that lury oi hot and fire had been. Then vent followed event in confusing wiftness. Halsey scooped tip MocDowell's pistol. The huge native Tomos moved with the peed of light, capturing Juan In his great hands, Sebasticn, clutch ing his Injured arm, kicked viciously and accurately at a fallen man who was attempting to rise. Only Bill Talcott did not move. Whether bewildered or frightened, he stood stockstill, lifting not a linger to assist Halsey. Talcott's face was devoid of expression, his eyes blank, his arms at his side. Back, all of you!" Halsey shouted, leveling the pistol. "Talcott, pull yourself together! You, Jacksoiu got those men aboard and get out of here. I warn you, I'll fire at the slightest disobedi. ence! " r There was one coming over the side witli a knife in his teeth. Unhesitatingly Halsey fired. The knife man yelled In pnin, scram bled hastily back to the deck. War Is Declared Against Crickets CONDON, Ore., May 20 (UP) Farmers and stockmen today prepared a spring offensive on the dreaded pest, the cricket. The extermination will be fought by airpjnnc and ground equipment in an attempt lo drive off swarms prevalent lit harvest time permanently. The drive will be directed by the bureau of estomology and plant quarantine. k LlJ m I'M SURPRISEP AT VOU LETTING VOUR 11 ZTTl ' 1 ) T SI SON'S CIVILIAN MORALE FALL SO i ilirj Atleu Ood V T. Hamlin i " V KIOOW...F3L)TyOU CA! ' 1 f YOU BROUGHT ME f A FEW HOUBS LATER ) f VERl fUEEDID ; BUTX DOM'TGETOLD WOMMUG OUTHEEEJUSJ MOvM LESSEE.. A hi OSCAR.X IWfiO- KMOW A.MVTHIMG OUT OF HIS LAB- TO SHOW ME HE SAID RIGHT I dYdJUHGET IkTO MAKE ! ABOUT CHEMICALS ) ORATORV LOMG I A TROUT f Z'ji OPPOSITE TH' THTUFF TESTT X 4 ...I CANST EVEIO ErJOUGH FOR. , IFOOLWHEM GOSH SBIG ROCK J I vCHJ WAMTEokT' READ LABELS ME TO GET . . ( I HAVE IM- 8 ALL RIGHT IS frY . ONBOTTLES THE STAJFFC1 TOETAMT X If Xt! XT ? V ':' jt " Red Ryder v reanarman IZmm g'.", ocr-rrn 1 f A UAOR Ai 1 I AMD THE HE AM QUIGK.SALLY M ' Fl SALLT DUCKS Obf SWS TriE CAWAS TRAPS RED JT rjKGZv' A h Kb Kjy,, Staeavis little:. Front tent fOLE and utile: . . A fat Vi7ARot5E'' X-l.tMZ.L i BEAVER ArM) RED INSIDE. AS-- . I xft tMJL ITKIW ?S - ' ' I tut r- Frerklestnnfl Hi Friend Merrill BlosseT I " r " W W" P TjL --v -.mmmm m r , - r : gposBm - FJwS- I ISTMIS Y 1 2-B-346 8j6&4--9l.237a' FOUR. TlRES DISAPPEAR--- ivm-atME. I ffjfST m, yr,l ANOTHER. TIRES ON OUR LIST AS IFTMEY'Rrr BUTTMEV DISAPPEAR. AMD THEYV KUR. JjM SONNA DISAPPEA, B.,100- fT,., " S"? - ': , 1 , WILD AND WE HAVE THF r- MSSlNG? WERE MISSING COMEBACK MORE BUT! AWT EVER v fpJi r iTl 7 Li'V" - " v ; 600SE RIGHT SERIAL. J -L4 AM HOUR 5?BPZ 1 7 DISAPPEAR COMING- BACK I jrmy C-. ., i " j Ogjl NUMBERS 4 f? UJ yCoyE BACK CS-" J K l 1.7 I V l Ml ---l I fl VJ, I It I 'I . I USI l I . - --?- 'I ' 1 1 MI If 111 X Bf Mfl JJ. If P-iTVi I 1 I I . r ' r. f - m Cl K. B .An SLM I - .IHr - (k Bi V Stjg jjjfJ eCOPB. 1942 BY NakiHaO . T. M. REoTtTs PAT. OFF '7 .tj Wash Tubbs Roy Crane kh-VTlSNOtOMfiEB PWPEg-l(PBXARETO IpjyC gPOTLIHT A i rTN SAFE TO 60 INTO STAND?! MUST CHILD i SHOOT HEB rUlrlPREPLEERINa EYES f-. :, VJT jfff Vjf U Df?LORE5A E VILLAGE! 760! I'VE 60T SHE'S SWEETHEART Mfel I JK P iS. J ' II j? f ipw J ki - ; J rJvrr ? 5 vytfw 1 1 1 Mi M mV Victory X ff'f K J I.WV EfeaT .S-V J F-lS S y.r-J ' Vgj L rJaWaa. ' enpiiiw by ne SEBViCt. i"C t u err, u s. rT. orr. VJ. AS for the fellow In black Tomas' hands; a single thin dry scream had come from his hps. Only once it sounocd and then ho was quite limp. As if ho were a bag of nitrato, Tomas tossed him aboard with a mighty thrust: moved to the next, picked him up and slung him to tho ship's deck and thus with tho lost until of the schooner's crew only Jackson remained on the pier. The swagger was gone from the dark skipper. His face was livid with fear, his eyes riveted on the gun in llalsey's hand. "Donl shoot me." he begged. "Don't shoot " Talcott was coming over. Head down, legs spread, anger sup- planting the blankness in his eyes. "Halsey," Talcott said m u cold. unnatural voice, "It wosn t neces sary to shoot that mm.. I'm still in charge here, and while I'm boss there II be no gun play on Abas. Put that nistol awav." Halsey's mouth gaped in astonishment. "Have you lost your mind?" he gasped. Talcott shrugged. "There's been too much noise already. I'm surprised the natives aren't on our ears by this time. You know how much chance we'd stand. ' "But your foreman, Sobastien "Sebastien was knifed," Talcott said calmly. "Knives moke no noise. It was Jacksons idea to scare us by firing that first shot, He Boesn t appreciate, or care, what we're up against on this island. But you should. So put the gun away." Hardness settled-. on Halsey's face. "Of nil tho fools," he grunted. Swinging, he jibbed the pistol in Jackson's side. "I'll see that the authorities hear of this, Mr. Jackson. I'm the new manager here and you won't find me as easy to get along with as Talcott seems to have been. Now, what bout these passengers you have? N answer, the heads of a raal and a woman appeared over the side. The woman, June Pater-son saw in that swift moment. was dark with the throbbing beauty of foreign lands. Her skin wns clear Ivory and her eyes wero great dark pools of fear, The man who followed her was a most remarkable creature. He possessed a tremendous quantity of hair that must have been dyed. nd his eyes were hidden behind lliick-lensed glasses that gave his round face Uie appearance of an orange hiding behind automobile headlights. He was shaking vio lently. A word of protest was on Tal cott's lips but Halsey ignored him, I understand you have papers" Halsey asked briskly. Tho woman nodded abjectly. Halsey glared at the schooner's master, and hurriedly Jackson searched: found a stained, dirty envelope in his hip pocket, passed it over. "Open it up and read tne contents," Halsey ordered June Paterson. Dawn was flooding the sky when, in the light of a pier lamp, June Putorson opened the envelope. Uppermost was a pass port issued in the name of Martha Swenson and the photograph It horo was an excellent likeness of thq woman. The other was for Professor Albert Constantine, followed by a list of degrees, and its ' photo too seemed authentic enough lo Identify the strange little man. 'tThese seem to be in order," she announced. Halsey nodded. "Good. We'll hear their stories later. Do you have luggage?" In answer two suitcases came hurtling over side to crash on the pio. Having asked and received tho answer that these were all, Halsey prodded the deflated skipper aboard his vessel. Not a word was spoken as the schooner's auxillnry moved the dirty gray hull away into the cobalt sea. On the pier, Mac-Dowell groaned suddenly and sat up. Halsey leaned down and expertly scanned the detective's wound. June Paterson watched, marveling at Halsey's calm efficiency; watched, too, with open contempt as Talcott stood ineffectually by. Talcott seemed to have shrunk in sUiture; already Sebastien and black Tomas were regarding Halsey with the faithful eyes of dogs. Dully she wondered if what had been intimated about Talcott might not after all be true. (To Be Continued) Pieces of quart, often contain several minute cavities filled with water. Grange Hall GRANGE HALL A contest, "The best talk or essay on garden preparation," with O. C. Fleshman, Frank Jasper and R. A. Masterlon taking part, composed the main part of the lecture hour program nt the last grange meeting. Fleshman won first place, receiving for a prize a pound of Wallace's famous hy-bred sweet corn seed. Mrs. Laura Bates, chuirman of; the agriculture committee, hod charge of the contest. The rest of tho entertainment consisted of songs and a roll call, "What is your best paying crop? At tho business session it was decided that Blue Mountain Growers Ban Jap Easter Lilies BROOKINGS, Ore., May 20 (UP) Croft lilies will replace Japanese Easter lilies, marketed all over the nation from here, because of the rising prejudice throughout the country, growers announced today. The decision was announced following n conference with Henry Rosacker of Minneapolis, president of Rosacker florists. would cooperate in serving lunch at the dedication of the new grange cooperative building at Island City. By Ripley IT IS IMPOSSIBLET0 B0V ANYTHING IN NCW ORLEANS FOR EXACTLY 13 CENTS BECAUSE A 2 PERCENTSW.ES TAX IS IMPOSED ON ALL SALES OF 13 CENTS OR OVER SALES OF 12 CENTS ofv, UNDER ARE. TAX FREE, VfVli fHAT GROW Ji ESKIMO IGLOO GROWS ON TWElNSIPE.' THE HEAT of the people's bodies slowly melts THE INSIDE WALLS WHICH RECEDE EVTERNALLV, NEW SNOW 13 SHOVELED ON THE OUTSIDE AND SO THE IGLOO GROWS LARGER AT THE RATE OF AB0OTCWE FOOT WEEK fV. K RKl ' WAS BORN IN 5UNRI4,TCT1 PIED IN sunset; N.t bijWRUVSMITrl miasm, HAIR NATURAL V-SHAPED STREAK IN THE HAIR Of ANTONE CARBOZA.NewBedford.f'lAsi, J h . HAIRLESS HOGS Rotsed byJIURRV mt LoconB.N.V l

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