The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1936
Page 3
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VN, 8, 1936 BLYTI1KV1LLW, (AUK.) COUH1KN NKWH Millions Will See Exposi- lion, Opening Today at Dallas Hy NKA Service DA1.LAS, Tex. — Texas' KWlh birthday party opened here Saturday. Of C3 buildings clustered on (he grounds of the Texas Centennial Exposition here, C2 lire completed. Only the million-dollar Flail of State facing the main entrance to the grounds is still under construction. Beyond ttiat, every shrub, every tree, every electric light globe was In place when u great parade trekked five miles out from Dallas with Commerce Secretary Daniel Roller and Gov. James Allred in the van to open the show. A radio beam sent, around the world re- tnrnecl to slash a ribbon across the gateway. UNUKK 'SIX FI,AfiS >., Speakers represented the six flogs under which Texas has lived —the French, Spanish. Mexican, Lone Star Republic, Confederate, and United States. For this fail- is to glorify a region that combines tlii-ce of the most Interesting cultures of the United States, the romantic Old South, the lusty and vigorous Far West, and the picturesqueness of adjoining Old Mexico. The Cavalcade of Texas, a pageant., portrays stirring scenes from Texas history, the storming of San Antonio and the siege of the Alamo. Every effort lias been made to reproduce the utmos- ihere of the vanished frontier. THE KANGKRS— IN PERSON Genuine Texas Rangers, in person, swap stories with each other in a ranch-house headquarters on the Exposition grounds, and will! incidentally look after the polic- ! Ing. Next door Is an exact reproduction of the Jersey Lilly Saloon with its adjoining headquarters of' the fabulous Judge Roy Bean, who was "Tlie Law West of the Pecos" back in the" '80s and '!)0s. The straight-shooting Justice, who combined the best features of siiloon-kceping and justice-administering in one .small board, establishment, Is Impersonated by nn actor who looks like him. MILLIONS TO ATTKN'D Promoters of the Texas Centennial are countlm; on two things to endear their show to the 10,000,000 visitors cxiiccted. One is compactness — more exhibits and attractions" have Jieen crowded into a smaller space J than '• in most. expositions. The other is the hundreds of. seats, benches, and rest stations provided. The barking of sightseers' (togs, which at Chicago could be heard as far away as Keokuk. fa., is expected lo find to echo at Dallas. But there arc oilier noteworthy features. For the first time at any such national cxpa%'Jon. a building is devoted lo the progress of I he Negro race. The cotton and Industries are duly honored. History gets another nod in a reproduction of the first church built in the stale, San Miqnel KC Socorro set Sur, raised near El Paso in 1681. The exposition is remarkable for Its lighting system, which cost $500,000. Three thousand floodlight make night and day the tame. The federal government voted Sfl.OfK.OQO to the celebration of the Texas festival, most of which went to Dallas. Army ,navy and Marine units will also be sent to. Dallas at federal expense, for parade and police duty. Indians, prairie schooners, herds of longliorn cattle, log and board cabins, bucking bronchos, n reproduction of the Christmas Ball, the tilings which make the southwest's exposition noteworthy. HISTORY AND HILAK1TV And of course fill the midway features which have become exposition staples will be presented, the rides, the curiosity shows, the Foreign Villages, the modern versions of the Streets of Cairo, Ji.'iclher Ihey be fan dancers or 'nudists," will all be presented in abundance. But amid all the polllly of an exposition of education and fun, Texas remembers the battle of San Jaciiito, when during the summer exactly 100 years ago, they fought their way free of domination from the south and created the beginnings of what now the great empire of the southwest. Great Texas Birthday Celebration Is Underway al Dallas PAGE THREB Captain McMurray on t h c porch of palrol headquarters at the expcsllion—-a eemiini' and typical Texas Hunger. "Here you arc. ladeez and gennnlimm! Stupendous sights mid sciutllhitlni; scenes!" The mldtuiy ui. the Texas Centennial, now almost ready fur llie opening. Compact, and ulih comiwiiiliivly lilt']'- walkinu to be done by the visitor who "wains to see It all." Texas ollu-lids draw llXOOO.Otl) guests during Iho snnmoj. cxprci ihoii- ; .i, )w Reciprocity Agree m o n t With Missouri Will Rc- Kffccl i! :i Hood of protests cHl|!ln:ithi({ u u mcetlni! of lllythevllln busl- ti'M men lusl week. Karl Wise- came the Blythovillc Chamber of Commerce has sent out letters to all wholesale grocers over the stale, besides employing nn attorney. I can 'assure this honorable body that this effort uiul expense IS unnecessary." The order nbroeall'ng the reciprocity nBiwmcnl never went Into t-ffci't. As soon as It was learned licfc- that U. luul been Issued liupcrt Crufton, president of Hit- Chamber of Commerce, nml Ally. c. A. Cunningham called "Don Mr, Wla-iimn and persuaded hhn lt> hold H u]> |, m j| y !C y I'ould show him the strength of opposition to U. Ujion (heir re- linn lo Dlyllun-llle ii meeting of nun, .stnlc ri'vrnnu coininlssloner, ] liHni'Moil lunil bmlm-f,s men was las withdrawn nn order nbiouul- | held at which iirrtmBemonLs were •nn tlw Arknnsns-MLssonrl truck niiide for onHsllng Hie nid llci'iiso reclproc'lty u |> reem on 1.1 whulradrr:) and others of tllroiiBli- . . , - - ............ [ ------- ......... «• rpi- ivhlcli permits Arkansas and Mis- mil llu> stale in opposing the Or Miiirl business houses lo mnke I <!IT. The rosnome was Immediate Icliverlos across the stale line j nnd Mexican utinosiihcri 1 will be parent In ninny plnns. nit! ninonu Ihe ilnnccrx on the way. Pans? Nix I Hold 'Beat Roosevelt' I 3 ow\s r ow inaikjiiiinnsliip Is IUO for (lie ox- pert Runner, 1110 'or lire first chiss 'i-, nnd 2-10 for file second cluss Bimncr. f O I P II [1 I i I P' Twh ' 1 ' ""-'" hnvc ™"'Pleled the n Mi i n i T nn " s wilh 10 ° I> XT (ciu <inniincn- H I IB U U II rLLU- llon «llh seven cxpctls, llnve In ~ oiid clus j Company M Members En-! bl! ™ ™ tjage in Record Firing On Armory Grounds tin 1 111 si class and two In (lie scc- ! oiid class. No score under Ml) 1ms ade. Expressing divergent,views on many political subjects, Hevcrend Gerald li. K. Smith (lefl), leader of Jluey Long's "sharc-tlie-svealth" movement, and Dr.' Prancir/E. Townsciid, founder of the icvohinj old aae pension plan, are pictured in New York as they announced a merger of their forces for an "anyone but Roosevelt" program lo prevent the president's re-election. Indian Tribes In Iowa Study New Law Code TAMA, Ta. (UP)— Tiie Sac and Fox Indiaixs on Ihe government reservation near here arc seriously considering their form of tribal schedule of proposed changes. H wilt be submitted in September. Til,' fopou highest score to <|ulc> bus j by William l<\ i-'i(wer- alcl. Hi-si clnss jirlvalc, of I'l-oinlsiiil Land. otlii'i- high scorers Inuv I been: prlvnli- s. Menilii'.i. ail; CoiniKiny M_, local nntioim) guard Servant Paul Damon, :i-l(>: Private per cent qtmllncnllon. soinclhlnij that lias, never bi'en done In the without pi'ovldlni! their (nicks ivlili (wo sets ol license (UBS, Tln> imuu'Hi'.'.i'.::: order, Issued 1 Wiseman at the roo,ucsl or W. O, Unvls. sccrdary of (ho Arkansas Wholesale Grocers n.wocla- llon. wiis withdrawn by him at. Mr. Davis 1 rc(|iie.M, Ihe laller ru- potts In n bulli'tln mailed lo the wholesale urociM's of (ho slate. In Ills bulli'lln Davis says Hint If Ihe business nii'ii of Niirthmsl Aikinisns hull laki'ii Ihe (rouble j lo advise him of their views on l Ihe subject Ihe (rouble would "I'- never have arisen. Ills efforts l.> Imvi! Ihe reciprocity i aureeinent nbroi:alc<t, he stales, 'wore based on comiilalnls of Norlluml Ark' un.sns wholesalers against the t'i>iii|H'llll<]ii of cerlaln Missouri ih,V"',', concerns .sending trucks Into Ark- I i,~ 1llz,l,! IUUI\ Davis quickly reversed luvlllon on (tie matter. Malarniska Colonists Receive Fan Mail history of t'iu> reijlinent for urn-1 chine jjnn llrlnjf. PAI.Mrcri. Alarku (UP) — I.lko movie stars, Matannska Valley colonial.-! rocdve bushels of fan mull. hi past years, Ihe gorcrnor of Alaska not (he bulk of territory mall. Thousands wrote MIC- excc.n- llvc, nskluc for Pvorylhhijj from an Alnskan coin lo nn Kskiino lor Uii! llvlnii-rooni nianlli 1 . i lint In rcccnl inonUis MalnniL 1 ,- I'olony has received more llinii tiers, most of Iheni from iwrsons sccklnir Inclusion ainonit "onncr Midwest fmnllles. 0. WfiUion. sccrelnry to , unit, had Us first record llrins; sat- i Itoy Key, 340; I'rlv.ule . Kills ilur- i-rlviilc Ustls Aklus 3:18 Ciuy T MrllnnT mid urday when n number of (lie incin- i«!l|.-. bcrs did exceptionally well, accord- 1 I.itut. nig to Cajil. Wendell l'lillll|is. In Ucnl. Ardrn 1). Cnnvtti'r have lic Ihe past the fn-lng has been done, hi elmrgc of lite nrlng ahvacly ilnnc vL!'?,,! 5 '! 1 !""""' C11 ™ l )'l 1 ; nl ; nt '; iltl> ' 1 ' 1 "'"' are 311 men in the conipiiny 1... ..... , year but tills year it is being don at the armory wllh n .22 niliber machine ynn, recently rocjived. Out of a ixjssible score of .100 ified, the qnalincallon in nmchine gun I .An effort Is toby firms Ihis War. :ill ol'hers of the coininny ot (ill having ulrencly (pial- ih.ido Inr 101) Royal MouiitctJ Hunts Girl Los! for 28 Years WINNII'l-Xl. Man. <UI»>—lloynl Canadian Mounted Police have re- Miini'U Ihi! Utt-yenr-olil .search for Olive l)U|)iii\\'. ^ .Olhv. then n ijlil of B. vanished white on a (tain Junrney fi'oin Port William lo Kcnora, Out., on June III, 11)08. No truce ol her 1ms ever been found, null] recently vvhen ll.C.M.l'. reived heailiinarli'rs Idler from here Alberia farmer who said he saw the' girl a few weeks ai;o. Inliabltaiils of llie southern hrmisiihcre can tell time by the .^outhctn Cros.s. In part, Ills nnnounccincnt says: "After nimiiM'ons confcretice.s wllli Mr. Wiseman on this subject, running over a period of two years, he decided lo remove the recliiriKlly ngrccmcnl between Arkansas nnd Missouri, (hereby forcing All Irncks tialng business In Arkunwis lo lake out Arkansas license, and issued an order lo tlie n«hl men (o thnt effect. A few days after this order was Is- suinl cointilnlnts licumi to come In to Ibis office lelllni! of the dlsas- Irous effect such nn order would have on business in Northeast Araknsas nnd ri'(|nesllnn llmt I use the Inlluonce of this offlca to havo Mr. Wiseman remove his lute order mid restore (be reciprocity uureument. l!« has conscnt- i'd to withdraw, his talc ortlcr and restore Ihe (ilil ncm'menl wllh Mkwurl. T am luklni; llils melliud In iji'lllim this message'tn yon be- mi'iidou.s drop as Ihe result. AOKTYI.KNE" WELDING AT BUST PRICES ,1'ROMI'T KKIIVICH Barksdale Mfg, Co. I'llONR in RADIO REPAIRING A Complrlo t.tnf of Tulca »nil I'irU IIU KHAKI) TIKE ,t HATTKUV CO. I'HONE VI manaL'cnient. The two tribes famous Cowboys' Texas relics, are acres of rich Iowa farm land. Ap- iroxinialely '1,500 acres are farmed by the Indians themselves. The rest is rented to white fann- Affairs of all the Indians now arc nianajjpcl by :i bnsinc-ss coim- c\l, which hns ftnictionc<l for years, Younger members of the tribes want to have a voice in business affairs, anil are clamor- ng for a . ehunge. A eoiuinittec of the braves lias :icen appointed lo work out a Dog Is Fire Fifliler BULYEA. Sask. (UP) — Bulyea boasts having the only canine fire fighter in Canada. He Is Dick, an Alsatian, owned by Oh Kin Chinese hotel-keeper. Twice Dick has saved his master's holel" by stamping out fires wllh his paws and nose. now own 3,300 Heer Ilarrnl for Police j \VHEf;LTNG, W. Vft. (UP) — j Police cnuglit drinking beer on | duly will be suspended indefinitely j without pay, Chief of Police Al-1 bert Mcgale ruled when reports [ reached hLs office thnt patrolman were leaving their radio cruisers to quench their thirst. family Laxative The average length of silk In a inele silkworm cocoon is I52G feet, Knitting Classes Tuesdays & Fridays, 2:30 P. M. 1109 Chlckasawba INSTRUCTIONS FREE ORDERS TAKEN FOR "BERNAT" YARN Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. c. Haley Phono 192 Ceylon -is famous for Spices Brazil is famous for Coffee ... but Turkey is famous for Tobacco ... the aromatic Turkish tobacco thai; adds fragrance and flavor to Chesterfreld Cigarettes. "A/y trtctfifr uailtA years for htr M'*yteg t and now the wouldn't ketp house vit/tout it." After all whntnioresensiblein vest men tcouUnewtyue'.ls make? A Maytag provides quick, careful, low- cost washings for years anil years. The extra fine material a rut workmanship throughout will appeallo your sen scoftniceconomy.TlicreVin easy payment plan. See the new Maytag I rimer MAYTAG E. B. GEE SALES CO., INC. 51!,^ am] Alain Sis. niylheville, Ark. THE MATT*0 COMP*Hr . M>HU MCTUFIEH1 . rnimnt r. Itll . MEWT OK, C 1SS6, LIMSTT e, MTIM Toi^rco To.

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