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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, March 13, 1948
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;vn VOL. XL1V—NO. 208 Blylhcvllle Courier BlylhevillB Daily Ne 1'IIE DOMINANT NKWBl'Al'EH OF NOKTHKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Mississippi Vallev Leader Blytlieville Herald H1.YT1IKV1U.K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, 'MARCH 13, ID 18 Miners May Quit Work Monday to Enforce Demands ^ Lewis Uses New ™ Trick to Avoid Calling a Strike WASHINGTON, Mnrcll 13. (UP> —Soft coal oprnUnrs feared today that John u Lewis, miners might start walking out of the pits by Monday to back up their leader's demand for a pension plan. Two responsible Industry suukos- mcn agreed thai a strike next week Is "certainly a possibility." "Things could start popping iiuy lime," said one spokesman. "It wouldn't lake much tu set oft a chain reaction." Thoir fears u-oie pi ninpled by Lewis' unnoiincement late yesterday that he has instructed all United Mine Workers locals to bi'kill discussion of what he called the industry's refusal to consider pension demands. What, worried industry leaders most was that Lewis lit diti not specify whether this meant a strike, and (2i announced .scornfully that he would not Rive the government, any advance notice of a walkout bv his 400.000 soft coal miners. Some operators said tlie fact thai Lewis did not set a strike d;ite mi^ht, be interpreted by the minors as n signal to quit any time. Very feu- mines are open today, so operators conjectured they would have to wait until Monday to find out what's up. In his letler to Ihe locals, T ewis said the "bituminous coal operators havr dishonored the i!H7 wage agi" vnt and defaulted under its S visions affecting the welfare d." He charged, thai they "con- Lie to violate the contract. 1 ; "This office iiropuscs." said "lewis, "to so forward In requiring the coal operators to honor their agreement. Your cars will soon be assailed bv their outcries and wails of anguish." When newsmen asked whether Former Secretary of State Byrnes Urges Larger Air Force, Selective Service to Meet Emergency CHAItUvSTON, S. C.. Mim-li 1:?. (U.I'.)— Kormur Sonx-Uiry of Stnte Jumes F. Hyrui's — omplmsmuj? he Imcl no ot final iulonnnlioi!— today called Co.- inum-diute ivemuWnl ol' selective seryu-o and a much Isiryor ail- force lo meet the world crisis tlliil miiv exist 'four or live weeks from now." • ' Hi; predicted Unit Ihe Uu.<suins, umtri' (lie nuisu of llu> ll:ili:i n Communist I'avlv, n " nked Ki " l " iul ° rf « Sheriff With Eviction Notice Bares Warm Heart On Very Cold March Day SPRINODALK, Ark.. March 13. <UP>—Maybe you think policemen arc cold-hearted. Tomitown Farmer D. Coi liana doesn't, Washington County Sheriff Bruce Crider received im order lo evict Corliann unit his family from ihcir residence in the Italian community yesterday. On two previous occasions, while the property dispute was licina foUBht in the conns, Coriiaua. had made life dilficult for Crider and his deputies as they tried to servo sumDiises on him. But the i)in. powerfully sheriff looked out of the window of ins office at the snow and the persons walking l>y. bundled in their warmest clothing, and he (lipped the eviction order in a drawer. "We'll wait until the sun comes out," he said. Ark-MoEmployes Receive Awards Electric Firm Honors Seven for Safety And Service Records Five service pins and two safely awards were presented to employ- es of Ihe Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. hen- at a dinner in Ihe Holel Noble last night that followed tlie opening session yesterday of the annual general meeting for kev personnel of the utility. The second day's session of the „„. [„„ o , (j^cnoslovikn -il ir 1 "*«?",""*;• w r>?" •:?»'* '"•»«»«»>• «h^rr^a,± 1C If! I IT PAtiKS SINGLE COPIES FIVE' CENTS the Soviets covet control of GlToa>. Turkey, llaly and France." he said. He foresaw "no mined Invasion"! of uny ol these countries, lint he said there was "no impiHtant difference in Ihe direct methods nf Hitler ill 103S und tlie indirect methods of Stsilin in 1948." Byrnes spoke at the !05th anniversary of the famed Citadel Military Collreo. It was his first sprc<'h In many weeks and came on the heels of President Truman's and Secretary of Stale George C. Marshall's crave warnings of n "very, very serious" crisis. Byrnes said those words- 1mm America's top officials—me "alarm- ini! words." He reiterated (heir appeals for "cool judgment," Inn added: "When MIC president ami I lie secretary of state so ilesciilie world romlilinns, it is time fur those (if us who are private citizens to think not only calmly, lint • seriously, alinnt Ihe situation. "It is time for ns to ask—what are we doing alMut it? "Arc we prepared lo meet a. world crisis? I say we are not. "Are we Roinr; to prepare? 1 hope so. I pray so." Byrnes' words were perhaps the strongest that have heen .spoken rilldliK the monntins; tension since the fall of Czechoslovakia, al- this morninp and reconvened at j 1:30 this afternoon with a tines- j tioii-nnd-iinswer program on the company's operations. The Rev. R. Francis McDevitt. priest in charge of Ihe Church of the Immaculate Conception here, was a principal speaker nt this morning's session. He spoke on "The Fight lor Men's Minds " Ark-Mo President James Hill. Jr.. last night presented a 30-yeai' ... . - • service, pin to Will McClellan. 'NO- 1ns meant a strike, the mine chief- gro worker at the company's ice tarn picked up a copy of the coal plant here and n 20-vcar pin to wage agreement signer! last July. Mrs Marie Thomas secietarv lo With emphasis he read a clause to j the president. Pins also were'pre- the effect that miners shall provide i sentcd to W. L. Crafton. Blvthe- ''Victory Smile their labor a.s long as they me "able nncl willing to work." He dirt not elaborate. Osceola Airport Field, Leased by City, To Be Used for Vets M Flight Training The Osceola Municipal Airport has been Inspected by the Civil ville Meter Department superintendent; Carroll Clark, chief operator at the Walnut nidge plant; and Fred Hanks, head of'the company's Ice operations at Popular ' ' Mr. Kill was presented « 25-year In some (planers of Congress for "action." The former secretary emphnsi/rd he was expressing "onlv my views" and that he had not talked either with the President or Marshall. But his appeal for immediate slcps to prepare for "any eventuality were spoken against the background of iis long government, experience and his own efforts lo negotiate wilh Ihe Russians. "Mr. Molotov (Soviet FulcH'n Minister V. M. .Molotovi does not! Candidate Thomas E. Ucwcy interrupted his bill signing labors In his ( piutj ns C overnoi- of New York to look over complete New Hampshire vine tabulations, just, handed him by James C. llagcrly, Gubernatorial understand English." he said, "but: 1 "™ secretary, left. Herewith Is presented the first 1948 Dcwey "Victory ...,-. spofce arid commended the Mi-vice" award winners. ...... A safety plaque was awarded S. T. Jennings. Mammoth Sprngs dis- | Irict manager, for a record of no accidents in Ills district in 507 days. j Mr. Hanks received a safely tro- | phi' given him because there have been no lost-time accidents in his dislrict since 1942. President Commends Employes Hill commended the Ark-Mo Aeronautics Administration and employes for Iheir work during the certified for veterans flight train- ' P a - SL year Harmon Taylor, mana- iiiE under the G. I. Bill of Rights, K er of *hc Ark-Mo General Office It. was announced today by the Osceola Chamber of Commerce. The inspection was made this week: by G. L. Moore of Little Rock. CAA airport, inspector. With certif- Ication of the field receiver!, ground school classes in the veterans flight training program are scheduled to begin at the Osceola High School next week. Twenty-four students have been certified for the flight instruction hcrc. was toastmaster. Charles R Newcomb, secretary of the electric company, who pl> sided at. yesterday's opening session, discussed this morning the company's financial conditions and plans for financing its expansion anri service improvement program. The 1946 plans for the merchandising and new business programs were outlined by Merchandise M~an---„ "Ber Bernard jaggers. course. Two surplus barracks build- w - w - Austin, traveling auditor hips from the Blythevillc air base ^ or 'he. company, discussed the problem^ related to auditing In tlie various offices throughout the territory served. Bancroft Terry, head of the company's Property Records Section, lead the group in discussion on tlie completion of various work orders, on work completed during the year, anri on Ihe proposed work scheduled for this year. Proper accounting procedures fur an electric company and the pr >- lems related to them, was disr-uss- ed by Auditor Franklin E Alkiu- are being assigned to the Osceola field. Ihe Chamber of Commerce said. The buildings will be remodeled and used as hangars and shops. In addition lo tun piper Cub training planes now at the field, a Cessna. Stcannan nnd Cub Cruiser are beinsr added, the Chamber of Commerce announcement sairt. A twin-engine Cessna also will be. made available to students for advance trainiiir.. lite Chamber said. Service facilities al the field now jj^/urie gas. oil, overnight ticdown sTvice, charter service, crop dusting and plane rides in addition to the flight instinct ion. The new Municipal Airport, located on Highway SI about four miie.s North of Osceola. was obtained for the city Irom the CAA by Osceola aviation enthusiasts r.ncl the Chamber of Commerce. Dr. George Cone is chaiiman of ihe Chamber's Airport Committee. The city has leased the field Irom ll.s owner. Mrs. H. J. Hale of Os t .:o- la. and subleased it to E. E. Tcrrv of Helena, the airport, operator. A'.- len Hunsakcr is manager ol the | field. During the war. the field was op- crated by tile Aimy as an atixiliarv nnd emergency field in conjunction with the Blytheville Army Rir Field. . to him actions speak louder words in any language." Byrnes' address covered a wide range and proposed many specific slcps. The highlights: Selective Service— A necessary "first step" to bring the Army up to *uthori/ed strength of Gfio.OQO from its present "pitifully inade- J)\U»" 550,000. VAir Corps— "The atom bomb makes the air program one with highest priority." As a "second step" he called for additional air forces appropriations. Universal .Military Training— "Desirable" for lonjr-trrm plan"inj: four or five years from nnw, but not for "the situation Dial may exist four or five wrks from now." He Imped the U. S. wouldn't nrerl any army that i]iilrkly, but if so he Mauls "an arm.v in uniform ami not on paper." Marshall Plan— Action should come by next week, but it "will not stop tho Soviets from further expansion Ihis Spring, if they than j Smile." NEA Telephoto.) Sorrowing Citizens in Final Tribute To Son of Founder of Czech Republic HHAGUE. March 13. (u.P.V—Western, iiewsirapflrme.i were not milled to atttud tlie state funeral service for Jan M»si*- S Vln the pan of Prague Museum, the Ministry,'of information announced lod.y Dixie Democrats MayDropTruman Showdown is Due Today as Governors Present Ultimatum WASHINGTON. M,,r. 13. iUPi-- A commit let 1 o! n-bt'llioiis J-iomh- 01 n Kovernorx mrt in i-losrd M> S . Mon todny to cnumh'ti- «, ivjnirl wmti'tinilnK Truman's civil rights program. Tlio j-oport will hi- submit U'<1 lo n •onfemii-e of -Sou'lH'in limrnioi-.* for ronfildt'nitUm lulci' In ihr duy Gov. J. Strom Thmiimml of Bon tli Oil roll MIL, rhiilnnun of ihr committee, divlliipd lo predict what action the conference wmihl Like on the report. Neither would he .sny whether the novinnor.s wmiM tvc- ommi'iid dropplnu Mr. Trunmn in luvnr of n luesldoriMu! ,'inul on- nuTptablr ID Soiuhcm : llul Imth Thumiond mul t lov. HI-LI l,nncy of Arkansas, u commit- li't- member. s:iid llutlv,, houvvrr. they M'ftlHrd llfl purt nf Mr. TLIL- mitn on Hip niMiioiTiillr tUkel. Oov. Heiuiford II. jeMcr o] Tcx- v. Ihli'd member oE (In- ntmmtli ild he tluniKhl (hut Mr Turn knight rccon.sldi'r his vucl;il diMTim- Innllcm U'^lslitt IVP jirocntin \\l\rn he finds out thai the South ti iLslnes-s. Hut Luney .said tho "prc.MuU ship cannot, c firry the pnvty In virlory In November. "Wi- must r;et nooo. Dt'iin lo lead the tSc.kcL." he suli!. And he cmplmslvtod Hint this mnniis x< fid of Ihe President. OnnomiUc Sin to Chiiirman \VH- Ihnu 1*. of South Carol 1 I -. who ruiJd he was .speakinn [nr llov J. Strom Thnrmoml, iromtnentoc succinctly: "We'll huve nrme u Ti uinnii." Go\'. Krnurnrd IT. JeMrT of 'IV.x ns expressed hope thnt Mi. Tnimni could hi* won over to (he Sou tit's viewpoint on civil i'jj»hls, "Miiyhe," hp suld, "the 1'ivsldon will Ki'l bnck on .solid ground »^^fi when he finds out ttnit H'.s irn \vlmt they uny abonl DUic." Tht stntu cxociil Ive.s Ksscmhtoi here to decide whn't to do uboul Mt 1 . Tmmrti)''i pint form which culls for niiti-lyneh]»K. null-pull tux nnd atjll'di.scriniinutSon h'fjslullim. Deiuocrnth; Nutlotuil Cn:i!ntuni .T, Howiivcl McGrnlh I old tills roin- mUiro Inst cnonlh thnl the pnrly would Mi])|X>rl the prp.sident's proposals- Mr. Truninn re]»cutod yes- tcrdnv Hint he would not back down from his oi'lfiinul recommendiUhm.s, ERP Revisionists Defeated; Senate e Forecast 28 Criminal Cases Before Osceola Court Lashes Soviets Twenty-ei ? hl eases are scheduled lo be heard in the criminal term of Ihe Osceola District ol Mississippi County Circuit Court which . .„ have i *£*'"* Monday in the Osceola Court decided upon such expansion."" °" sc -. Byrnes said passage in no way' " of tllc crises lllll 'e been would lessen tl)e need for his preparedness measures. Italy—Warn Russia now that If the Soviets start "indirect" aggression there, or in France. Greece or Turkey, the United Slates will call for Security Council action at once. and will itself "act immediately" | lo preserve the status (|uo unlil The j Security Council investigates. Russian Aims— "I do not believe . . . that with the complete absorption of Czechoslovakia and Finland the Soviets will te satisfied . . . We must assume (hat they have not completed their program of imperialism." Byrnes pointed the finger at Italy as the place of Russia's next move. "The Italian elections will be held in April." he said "If the So- viels intend to act In Italy as they have in Hungary and Czechoslovakia. we can e.xpect lliem to move whenever they reach the conclusion that Communists cannot win the election. They will not wait until Ihe elections disclose that the continued from previous terms while Ihe remainder have been docketed : since the last term. There are six murder cases and • eight grand larceny i-haice.s to be I heard. Circuit, .Judge Charles W. i LlRhl of Paragould will preside. Four eases are appeals from Justice of the Peace Court. are St;«te Funeral Coiulurlcd PRAGUE. March 13. lUPi Sorrowing Czechs by Ihe hundreds of ! thousands thronged the streets of I Prague loday to pay final tribute lo Foreign Minister Jan Masarylc In stale funeral services on an iicroic scnle. President Eduard Bene.s. who went Into scculslon after the Communist coup, led the whole nation In mourning Ihe beloved slalesmaii who plunged to his deatli from a window of his foreign ministry residence Wednesday. Benes arrived at tlie Prague Museum Bt I'SB p.m. for the start of the services. Accompanied by his! Cumden wife, he came In a Humbi ayses Heavy Damage To Highways U'm^R ROCK. Rrk., Mnrch 13. fUP)—Ul!jliu»y Dlrortor .,. C, linker hns itiformcii the SinU: Hii>^ w ^V Commission lliiil it will tnkc more limn $l,Sn»,nco lo innko nnn>;eni-v iT]);iir.T In I ho .slnlr'.s lif^luvay system ns a result of the .lamiar,v frw/.c.. Bnker -salt! the Rmiltrsl rtiun;if;i! wns done in .sonlh Arkrmsus, \r.\i~~ tlcnlarly DLstrirt Sfvcn nroiuul Lushing out ill Russia. .Inn I'apa- nck. C/.tThoslovakia's chief Unttu 1 ' Nnllons deh'KiiU 1 , lormally askec thnt Ilic United Nnllnn Henirltv Councii cluiriic Soviel. llussia will aiiKresslon In his country as u result ol Hie Communist coup th iNKA Telephottu Nation's Packers lecting Strike Yards Arc Cleared r\r i • . . _ Ut Livestock on Eve Of Workers' Ky Jiiim L. Steel* llniled I'rcss SlafT Correipondent) WASHINGTON, March 13, (UP) •Tlie Keiuite squared o(t today for llmil round of oratory on the Miirsiiull plnn and Us barters jire- <>d passage by midnight with only a score of votes 111 opposition. Ku confident were tlios* favoring the 51-monlh European recovery inouiain that Hen. Tom Coniully, D.. T'cx., told n reporter "we've Knocked the props out" from mirier lieptibllciin "revisionists" efforts to alter the |l!iin. The Henate lust night voted dinvi, M to 31, an amendment by Sen. lloheil ,\, Tuft, u., o., to slash $l.:iUU.!)00,Ol>D-iibmit 23 per cent— from Ihe llrst year's spending au- tlunl/iillrm. "Revisionists" admitted 1 31 voles Ihey got on the Taft leiKlinenl were nlwnt the most they could itope for. Joiiimiiy jJifuicied tliat even few' • 'i 1 senators would miswer "no" oa lllKll pllSS;l|{C. IIc|iulilli>iiii whip Kemielh S. VVIierry of Nelirasku he ex- liei'ls li> hulil Ihe Kenale In M-ssion loiilBht until tin; measure Is paswd nml sen! to thr ll<iuse tor action. One ominous mite for ERP siip- poiters was vola-u |> V chairmriti .Styles liiidges. li., N. SI., whose appropriations committee must actually finance the program nutlior- in'cl In the present bill. Bridges siilil his liixitip would demand a fret huiul In iiasstm; on the multl-bll- llon-clollur llgines. and would ig- • noro Ihe "hnrrane of Kovcmment pniinigunda." iiKiilnst a tut. The nd- mlnlstrulliin wauls $5.TOO000000 to' nm the progritin for the first 13 months. Only nne majnr hurdle remained to lin ernssed iM'fore flnul passage. Sen. .Tnsc|>)i II. Hull, K., Minn., wm reaily |[i push an amendment for a Weslern l-uroiiraii mllilarj »1- lUillli—inilstite ItiK llnileil Nation! —I" halt Ihe advance of LVimmun- Isru. There were alniut a dozen other proposals, hut nnne appeared likely to timrh oft extended debate. Hejccllon at the Tnft amendment, comltiK nt the end of an llli-hotir session, took most of the steam out of the "revisionist" drive. A conli- llon irf '24 Reimblienns and 32 Demo- > mils julnr(l_lujcijcpiino tbe..mi^« which Taft snld was necessary to | protect the U. s. ccdpomy and draw j from Uuropc ILj own best efforts to ! help Itself. Tnfl, whu termed tlie $5.300,000,000 nRiue "11 complete guess," clashed directly wilh Bcimte President Arthur H. Vandenlieig. who described the DKIIIO as "a tight nt." H was Conunlly, (hough, and not Vnmlcnbcig, who hurled the most Hi- sedan, with a silicic motoicycle escort. Following his car were Talra sedans , carrying members of Ihe cabinet. j Tlie new Czech recline headed i by Communist Premier Klemcnt [Gottwald conducted Hie mammoth the followiiii; cases: Georgia Lee i Jenkins, murder: Frank Moore ! murder; Oeorgo York, mtircler- Al- , hert Wliite. murder: sic Johnson ! rape; Chester Porter, burglary and giand larceny; Jimmie Lee Davis. . grand larceny; and Lavcrgne Turner, grand larceny walk of life . An estimated 200.000 mourners lined the course of the funeral pro- j cession through Ihe streets of : Prague. Tramcars anil all kinds of | vehicles still were pnurlng more tiinated damage son. Adjourning at noon, the meeting was rccomVned at 1:30 p.m. and opened with Mr. Hill as moderator for an "Information. Please" pro-,... , 11 ., 1J ,,., ( . ,,, iu . u gram. The program was desipncd so ; Communists are In the minority that employees could submit oral ' or written questions !>ortaining to the company's operations. Tlie questions submitted were answered by Joe T- Hughes, personnel director: G. O. I.arid, rate engineer: F.arl Thomas, assistant to Ihe president, and Mr. Pollock. Mr Democrats in Senate Battle GOP Tax Program WASHINGTON'. March 13. (UP) I —Democratic leaders set out today 1 to get Ihe party's senators solidly behind a substitute for Ihe Rcptio- I Means' S4.70D.903.000 tax-reduction I program. A meeting of all Democratic sen- I ators -was called for Monday m H. 0 ^ of cainmc unanimous sup: for the SI.000.000.000 proposal I of Senate Democratic Leader Alben 1 W. Barfcley. | Yarbro Infant Buried Fnners! services for I Swain Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs I Richard Swain of Yarbro, who was I dead at. birth this morning at I Walls Hospital, were conducted this I afternoon at Cobb Funeral Home I Chapel by Rev. It. L. Robison. pas- I lor of Ihe wcc! Hlvtheville Parish. | Burial wa s in Ehnwoort Cemetery. Atkinson and Mr. Newcomb. Army Announces Maneuver Plans For 27,000 Men CAMP CAMPBELL. Ky.. March 13. (UPl — A month-long tactical maneuver involving some 27.030 men of the Army and Air Force W'ifl be held here beginning in early May. Maj. Gen. Percy W. Clarkston, Camp Campbell commanding officer, announced today. The maneuvers will be carried out under assumed combat conditions, witli the 82nd Airborne Division, from Port Bragg. N. C.. and the Ninth Air Force playing the ler.rhnc roles. Details of the particular military situation to be assumed were not announced. The purpose of the maneuver. General Clarkston said, will be !o Richard i train the new regular army and air force recruits involved" The joint nature of the problem, he added, is designed to provide opportunity to test otil the oldest typo of troops, ground troops, In coon- eralion with the newest, the air- soldier, and the in-between eronnd- air soldier, Monday Last Day to Pay Income Taxes thousands into the street leading to - - Wcncestas Square, where the serv- New cases follow- Anthony Tho- |CI ' K began, mas. murder. Robert Lee Goldman. I E ™» 'he byways leading olf from I rape: Klmer Johnson, murder; "'e main thoroughfares were packed : Herbert Raymond Dane, rape: I llu ' p c deep for live hours before Ihe: Dave Allen, carnal abuse; Dnrman I sli "'t of tllc procession. i Pearson, burglary and priini! lar- Police ringed the square, posted ! ecny: Billy stone, grand larceny: five feet apart. Airing Hie whole Samuel Wade, assault with intent lenglh of National avenue Ihey were to kill; Rtifus Colcinan. burglary | spaced at 20-foot intervals' and grand larceny: James Hutchinson. obtaining money under false pretense: Louis Deal, assault with intent to kill; Porter Ciarrett. gvanrl larceny: Wesley English, assault nlth liilcnt to kill; Benjamin ren. two charges of forgery ;\<i:\ utlerin»; Chester Porter, si and lar- The police. Boy Scouls and many civilians wore black armbands. On every corner hawkers peddled MR pictures of Masaryk. the son of Ihe founder of the Czechoslovak republic. Shawled peasant women offered that area at nearly S^-^.OPO. The damage total by dlslrlet-s was: Dislrict I, Wynne-$Zl. r >,3/)! Dis- liicl 2. Pine llhlfl SIB1.80!): !.>>•;- Irlct 3. Hope—SIDC.SM; District -I, Fort Smith $42.8:10; Uisti let, n, Katesvllle-$in-I.COO; District 0, I/tile Rock—$113.341); District 1. Cain- den — J248.JBO; District 8, Russellville—$11.153; District 9. SpilugdaU- an<l llnrrison- $'!72RH; and District 10. Paragoilkl—$210,800. LeachviHe Over Top in Campaign To Aid Red Cross Contributions to dale in Hie annual Red Cross financial campaign for SI1.C84 in Nrirlli Mississippi County today stooil al $5,435.47 and three more (Oiiununilirs luue net -jr e.\«!C(lcd their (jiuttiis. lx>aclivi]]e. where [nlly I), sieeil is (h'ive chaii-man. repuit'-d com rib,i- tions amountiiig lo S775, ihe qunta [would b •t for the conmmnitv. Ex<•eeiiiii • i lieadnua j j Ticket in City Election j 7"o Close Sunday, Mar. 27 Mississippi County taxpayers who ' - ' ' ' ' " : " •" - have not ycl filed income tax re- : Only a week remains ,,e:o:e clos- tiirus for 1947 today had only (wo ilu - r of " lc nnmiripal leleciion licket days left in which to beat the • aml b - v llnun loday no new ranrii- dcadline Monday midnight. - ''ales had filed petitions Monday also is the deadline for filing estimates of 1043 income for Iho.-e who annual pav is more than iS.OCO. The Intcriiiil Revenue office hi the Lynch Building here remained open this afternoon to aid taxpayers and a zone deputy collector of the Arkansas Division of Ihe fn- The services becnn al the Pan thcnn of Prague Museum at the head of Wenccslas Square. Wooden frame pylons had been erected over- lernal Revenue Service will be ill the office through Monday. city offices. Deadline for films; is n.idniuhi : nexi Sunday. Voters" in the mum. cipa! election April (i will elect Ihr-e Mafarvk' aldermen, a municipal judcc. a ciiv Masai yk. attorney and a city clerk. They alv> will vote on three proposals —expansion of the city limits. o.uki:v: meters, and a one-mill libr.iiv tax. , ~ ...,ii. .heir Quota of $75. H'juk Watci 1,1- bunchcs of snowdrops lo the mourn- j idents conti ii>uled a luta! ol SU.Kili "'* , l ° wcnr as l<*ens of their nrlef. •> V. Waddell is drive cliainnui there. Promised Lund resiilenl.s went over Iheir quota of Sll'.l by rontrih- uliiiR a total r.r S174. The Promised night at the museum uu National ! Land fund chairman is R. L, Gaines. avenue and at each corner of the' A partial icpoil loday from Mrs. Legionnaires Bridge over the Vltava ! Karl Buckley, who heads liic drive River. They were ((raped with black j '" "'e Fust Ward in Blylheville. i letters ".IM" two feel high, (showed that tesidfiils in that dr;- I Factories and schools were closed.! "''el exceeded iheir quota of S225 , pi eparation.s (oday for a nation- ! wide packing house strike which i would shut down About one-third ; of ihe industry. : t > ackeis cut doxvn on Iheir U\'e- } stoek purchases and planned to j l(mif;ht. Many of (ho big corn birlt ' stin-l-.yards nolilicd fannei.s not 10 ship animals to market unless they! contact Ihe buyers fir:,t. i The strike is scheduled In begin '' at 12:01 a.m., Tuesday. It would involve KJII.OflO members of tlie CfO United Packing- House Workers at abniit. 100 meat industry plants across the nation. As !iie .strike deadline ncared, federal labor conciliators coniinui'i! Iheir mi-clings svith repi-i'.seiiratives of the union m:d the parkei-.s in a [ lasl-ditch attempt lo head ofl the 'I hi- union luis askrd f(u- a 'J!l- (-enl-an-liDi;!- pay incieasc. but in- dlc-iten i, uniild M-llle I'll' a IHIOT: ol 1!1 ,-enl:-. Tiic pai-ker.s have of- It-K d '.» laisr wa^es nine cr-jits .ill liour. , C',ini-iliiikjis here said Ihey were: kec]iiiiL; liieir \\ r ashin^lun head-' quaiU-l.> llltonned ol develnjnneill.s. ITiKlrr tin- Tiifi-IIartley law, Iherc siiil \',;is a i>(i',,-,il)i]iiy tlia! a strike could ric a\-iuleri by rc:>n-iu^ the dispnt'- in Prt-.-ident Tninian, I Tin- dc. i.-,Hin on whether t t > lurn the di,p;ilc' over lo Mr. Truman m.uie by the Washington 'I the conciliation i of me "out of a hut." He warned that Ihe U. s. must "nil the stomachs" of Kuropean peoples and spark re- ves- ' setTire. Mr. TlllllKtn then cim]d ask The masses of peasants wore Ihclr' thus far bv $41 Sunday best. H was like the clav 11 ' ' ' the iitkiiinry general to KCt an in- jiiiKriinn delaying the walkout for fin days uhile a rnct-finditig bo;a--.t in\-(-stiiintes ihr issues. 30,000 Miners Staqc Walkout In North France \vhrn ttioy hurled fnthcr, Thomn.% Jfin O. widrr W.TV ii. \V:mt On From Recce. \vhn p c Urn D;uby is drive t'hairninn. ronti ibut inns of $14 h.ivp been icptit tr<( to dutt. ' in ril Weather Three Waive Hearing On Charges of Larceny Jimmy Beavers. L. W. Fil/hUKh and Gene Fisher, all of Blylhcvill™. waived preliminary lica'rinir >n charges of grand larceny in Municipal Court this morning and were ordered held for Circuit Court action. Bond for each was set at S2. r >0. The trio is charged with Ihe lhc;t of a lire and a wheel belonging T> Lester Godwin Monday night. Thov were arrested yesterday bv sheriff's deputies. ; Auto Crash Victim's | Condition Improves | Condition of j A. Wmten. m. general manager o! Lanjiston Wro- leu Co. who was seriously injured Tuesday ninht in an auto "accident, was reported as "improved" at noon today by attendants at Blytlieville Hospital, where he Is undergoing , treatment for a fractured .shoulder end ankle, face cuts and a head i injury. I Mr. Wrolen was injured when j Ihe ear he was driving led Highway 61 .=outh o[ Wilson after h,' swerved to miss a mule crossing 1 Ihe road. New York Stocks and f Arkansas forecast: Fiiir „..« [sllghdy wanner today. Partly clon- f dy and warmer lotiiphi and Sun- cKiy. Minftiunn this morning—23. Maximum yrstrrday—3(i- Siin.<;rL today—6:03 tomoi'fou--'-6:13. Precipitation, 24 hoin's to 7 a.m. today—noiie. Total since Jan. 1—13.60, .Moan temperature. miirUvay between hifih nnti lo\v> 235- Norm^l inosin for March—51.2. j This Dale Insist Year 1 Minimum ftii.s morning- -48. Maximum yesterday—57. Precipitation, Jan. 1 to t)ii^ date . —3.9* IU 2 p.m. Slocks A T .V T Ainrr Toburco ........ ... Anacoiulft Copper ...... , Bcitli -Strol Cliiysler ....... Gen FJrch'ic ........... .. GOD Motors Mont^ntnevv \Vnrci |N V Central | Int Marv4Vitcr 3 North Am ; Rp|iiLl)lln .S -Thiity ut today <'o;ii lidds »>f N'orllirvii ; Fraiin 1 . hoiDrci of Communism, in j u h;\t ini.:hi pro\r to Itr thr Cnm- inuiu.-l [ J ;tft\'s liist :.Uo: in \\ .Sprint; j Tin 1 ll:t; i-ui> <>t I.ihtii- luiublr 1 v -:init' j t\vn ti.i.'i.s ijrion- ihr HJ-n.uion con- I Irivm f on (lie EOivoiiriin rrrmrry ]48 3-B P 1(1 H''>!ii or Miirslull plan was sch- :il 1-8' \V!cir>pica<l .strikes would be hard :n 3--\ : on I'^'c'iuii nuhi'iU'y, which figures f,.-, i_n : in the si'lf-help portions of the 3J 7-8 T : .H(*. c;rnn;il strikes nil but p:tra- .S1 5-H b''cd J-'rnnee Into hist year. New York Cotton 13. CUP) — Plane Missing Over Alaska; 30 Aboard XIINNKAI'OLIS. Mar. 13 (UP)_ Northwest Airlines reported today that one of It., DC-4 passenger Planes with 30 persons aboard Is overdue at Edmonton. Albcrln, on a non-schedule, charter flight from Shanghai lo New York. The plane last reported by radio lo Anchorage. Alaska, between 1 a.m. anri 2 a in. ft failed to make a similar report over Glllcana, Alaska, approximately ICO miles cast of Anrhorage. The plane was carrying 24 members of an American oil tanker crew und six crew members. l-'ire Observed on MmmUiii SKATl'LE. Mar. 13. (UPI— Coast Guard headquarters received a radio message today from Ihe Kodiak-Anchorage area reporting that Giilknna range station. 200 miles east of Anchorage. Alaska, had : spotted a fire on the side of Mount I Sanford In the Wrnngell Moun- j tains The message said that a DC-4. I possibly the missing Northwest ' Airlines plane with 30 persons : nbnard. had been reix>rteri over the station at 11:03 p.m. iPST) last nlalit. j Tiie radio message contained on- lv the fact that a plane had been reported and lhat a fire was observed on Ihe mountain. 50 miles to the east of Ihe station. Mount, Sun ford Is a rugged 15,208-foot peak. ocony K4 11 ;.-4 24 fl t-4 l."i :i-l! IT ]-2 ,\KW YORK. March Close steady. ouen high low close ' Mar 3100 3425 3399 3-123 May 3413 H445 3410 3-1'23 j July 3:i30 3365 3130 3347 i O=t 3C50 3C6R 3045 30(51 S Steel .".".'..."..'.".'."i.' 69 1-8 I Drc 3ill)D 331"> 2337 Spots close 3521, up 40. 2933 Arkansas Lawmakers Streamline Voting Procedure in House LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. March 13. iUP>— The American Signal Corporation of Milwaukee. Wis. held ft S59.fl95 contract today for installation of an electric roll call system in Ihe Arkansas House of Repre- scnuitics. CnnsttUiHion is expected to begin in the near future and is lo b< completed in lime for the 1949 geu- cral assembly. Tlie system will include individual voiir.g key.s for each member, a prtmitnenl vote recorder and vls- u;il vote Indicator panels. The purchase was authorized by tlie ,917 General Assembly which put an ;>drutional lax on liquor to finance tlie installatioa.

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