The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 19, 1934
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH 19, WM BLYTHEVIU,E, (AfcK,) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE As Lindbergh Asked*Fair Trial for Airmail Carriers P\VA l.o;m Refused an< Owners of Property Refuse Revenue Bonds I|.oj:i-.s u( tin- cily admliilstra- lloi) tor puvclwse. improvement, :u!<l oia-r'itio.i o! Hi- 1 l^^ 1 K-alcr- j works and syj.tom have laileil.. Maviir Oml Shane Kdmilmi 10-, ilav in [ii^losiiiK thai n-i;o'.ii;-; IH.IIS for ol the w.r-i-' v.oiks hi-Ai- :i|i|iiji<''i'ly Iw" 'I''"-! The iiiiiii'ipat barvir-r tc a ihit-i nicipiilly ii 1 *"'-'' »'«! opi-rn'.id ua-| l.-nvoifo lias l^'en Ihe i.-flual of iiwiifis ul vhe plant to amp', u-ve- JHIC Loads in ]iayn:enf of ill-- iilji-ml prii't- "( SlSH.OtlO, it is sui- od. The priee agreement v.' 1 .^ originally reath(:d by the d'cJeiv.l lce<-ivi'r lor Associated, iw.'iu-r of the p'.aiil. and the ciiv. with the city pjannin;: to obtain funds frctu l)ie Public Works Ad- luinislrav.on (or pui-ch:_»e ami :n.- provi'itient nf the plant. A propa-'.'d loan of SIM.OOO (oi'i purchase and impio-.'.'tiieiu, ot ttiej plant :in<l system wns approved by! the .state PWA otficc but v.a:;' .sdehccl <ir turned down iu Washington. Official sof the FU'A indicated a willingness lo loan the city S45.GCO (or improvement ot! the plant and accept rsvcmie! byntLs in lelurn, but jjohiled OULJ that a loan for purchaie of thei plant cotiM no: he obtained under 1 its reuuirtment.s. With this inloi 1 -, niatioii Mayor Shane n:id numbers of his waterworks committee then proposed to the Associated Utilities receiver that ile accept reu-nue hinds for the purehrise price, bm ivccivd no favorable r,-- . ply. The matter is now considered "dead," officials here ;.ay. 'ost H;is Projiram (or 1 provonieiil JIIH! Use 30-Ac-re Trad doep nnd filled with fish, U was Williln the next lonr weeks, I'oiislrnciton work of various phas- rs will In. sturteil within the pink. The HIM step. Legion leaders slate, [will be letmwlrllan the Ini'UO Floral <ll:il! [i un iireim. Tn this will be ..j wctkly »-r(..«tlliii{ malches. jsinit ntlK'r s|xirts contests the lx-,!;inn spiiiisois. when llnlshed, the I Aivmi will M'al iijiiiniximalely 5,tH10 llU'i^.ons. ihv luM'.i-stof It. 1 , kind lie- Itwien Mniiplii:. mid Nl. I.'.ub. CAlUITllFinSVILLE, Mo.-l'eml- ol Comity 1'osl Nu, 8« of (he American Legion hits ptnvhiised die FnlrsriHiiid^ Piuk. Iwatcil (jn Uic we.sleru e.dyo u( tills eily, Lieeon'.- liiB tr> nn iintiomiermenl ni:nlr by past officials. The piuchtiM 1 hss hc-eu "hium- Inij tile" fur -somi'lime anil shnrl- ly before Uic Miiuk of (.'iiriilhei.s- \llte, furiuer uwiii'r ul th* 1 p-.i.-K wi'nl Into liijnlilullon. the deal was rnnsldriul closed, lluwi The Editor 1 ! Letter Box Col. Cliaibs A. Lindbergh's confident str;iieluforwaril mnnnor and excellent lieailh and spirits ore \yell rcvculril In llit-sc iniusiinl camera f!:o'.s made while lie tcsllflctl tc-fore the Semite I'o.slolfice CommlUce. iMmlcerijIi sjioke, lie said, not In bclinlf or bis company but In belmll ill what lie beliiMed right, when ho icp?aicd tiiat cancellation of airmail contracts without trial or Iwnrlng was unjust. A carious crowd, including many evidently aclmiihig «oram. jiackeil the committee loom to see iinil Iwnr Ihe slim, .•.lulling flyer. llur bank HUUIK Into llt|liUlnlltin.l dimut \vn.s oxprc.sseit Ijy j authorities us lo wheihiT or the sale would In 1 iH'.ivi'd on • Inn. I (hi 1 wrilir. «hci ''•'•""I | i-liun!'.ul bis nilnil V. s ! lili'li'ly (hri'i- tluu's ^ K'l ! u I illl Ml >,1|< •i IIP r. i:. it. A. e KilIlM 1 :) news iit'iii In Saliinlny's liMKli'il. ' W'irl: Ol itelh'f Is Upheld" Is ri'iilly amiis- .uu"i<ni; fur the ii'iis'Hi thai Jobs. How many o! lliese people do you suppose brouglit on disease by being cxixwcd to the weather? Why shouldn't they have hid* sli-lter? Ul the PKfJA nnswcr (iiiMtlons. I nm nol concerned tvlwiil tlie jxople who nre satUfled with tlur l-'KltA, mostly |H!opli; who don't" iieod nld. mid those who have nl— it:idy not Ihelr suck of aroccrlesr'" My iK'Utloii wns not gotten up lif~ lite InleiTSt, of well-to-do oml ttell-sallslli'd |it-op!?. J am only (lei ply rqnreriii'd nlwut the dls- siUkfled ones, (or whatever re- lonns me (n be made in, and r.y thl.s wliole eovenimenl wl-tip will uive to tonic from the dlssnU.i-~ fli'd I'leiuenls. A .sulMled el«s.s K apalito ol iiroyji'S. 1 !. ' A rtcnilc-r. • niytlicvlllc, Art. 8-1 Ore. Women Admitted To Bar Since 1885 ' iita H "mi- iT lie could „,, ar( |i-le. mpliiillrnlly Hint PI-IRA. .vllhoul finimln- HAI.KM. Ore. (UI'i-Eliihly-foui 1 ,., wntiK'.n Uuve. iK'en adinttlcd lo the» bur I o pnicllce law In Oregon Miice l8Hfi, record. 1 ; of tin: .supreme., eoui't show. ^ The legislature of \SK . Him hi: u rin ,| ix-inn ! mi \ M iys. tlmi Idicati'd that Hi is tnlnd iilxiul s ILM euok Mire Mi 1 . l':ilu>rsun in- 1 w:is no (onndii- >N Burdette Junior High Gosnell Club Meets Many Se.lllcvs Are .Moving Into Dunklin County Community A modem cotton g\n is now muter construction at Hives, Mo., •n tlie heart of the cutover land in Diniklin county recently opened no and sold at n state tnx sale after being forfeited to the state hy the Wisconsin Lumber company. Rives, loratetl about IB miles norlliwcsl of Elylheville. is an old nights this week with a j"™" 11 • silt ' ° f lllc Wisconsin Lum- thai enll.s for the hypnotizing and' burying for an how anrt, a hulf in four blocks of ice a (jirl. who wilf Iw in full sirhl of the audience all of tlie time. The Rajah's program will start .it (i:45 Tuesday. Wednesday ami Hypnotist Coming to Roxy Theater Tuesday ••nnjari V'o^i." heralded as the "Famous East Indin Hypnotist," will t;e at, the Roxy ilscnier lliu-c Is Publishing Paper The Burdelle Junior High sclKJOl is ]>ublishing fi Junior HI Journal. The anff indwtev. Estelle Jordim, editor in chief; Billie Craig, man- ngiug editor; Dennis Voss, assistant; Hetener Jarratt, social editor; Charles Ifardin. .s[K)rts editor; Emily Tompkins. ;isslstnnt; Billie Crook, iote ttlitor; Eva H\iUi Gunter and Buster Steward, columnists: Elizabeth Harrison and Lina neth Broatli, tj p ])iMs; Oma Patton, sponsor. Tlie four page IxxikleL is to be published weekly with contest. 11 concerning activiik-.s o( the school editorials nnd nev.'s oi R coniniunhics. in Community Kitchen The Gosnell Home Dcmonslra- tlon club met Thursday In the nesv community kitchen. The club las a well kitchen In the school. There were 15 members and several visitors present. Mi's. Crtuv- ford, the sponsor, gave a demon- trillion In canning mext. Tnc members have, planned lo have the regular monthly meeting on the first Thursday of each month, with canning demonsUftlions at intervals between. The other Thursdays of the niontli will be devoted to com- Bcrnlc Jenkins of (he Ixme Onk comimmily. died Friday nl ;) o'clwk ul the f'unily liome. KuiH'ral services were held Saturday morning nl 10 o'clock with the llev. W. Wiillere olflclaling. Jnieniiem was mtide nt Ekron cemileiy. The L. G. Moss Under- ;nV:in|; company mis In etinrisc ol 'r'ral urranyeiucnle. those tiikin:: rhunje "f thi 1 defur.;:: bunk. The iraiisaciliin. however, uns ruled atl ri^hl Uy Hit 1 b.wk li(|lllrlii[illi: aiicill The Legion plan. 1 , lo rciii'idrl the ) lion. e(r. Nov. he cluinite.s hls]" Sl park, ntnl nmkp it mi vnlurlwiii- \ nilnil nwlii Kiwi make-, nn mlmtv '" menl mill civic cenler fur this city [sion Itiut just iilial. wan churned nnd surrounding territory. It Is planned to luive iiu mi- nual (air, the [list, tt> be held this fall. Knees, inlilwuy nllracllim\ n }nw ariiiilLtliig women to Die bar, although suffrage was not until many yenrs Inter. Mrs. Mury'i Leonard passed (he bar exnmma-. i tons In 18WJ, llrsl of her sex to do'. .so. Four women passed the last county fiirm and home ills[iMiy> nnd Ihe like, will be liiul htic Ihi frill, the I-eijlon slute.s. An iinnunl circus Is also pliimied 1 1< a munity work for the benefit the church and school. of f H:c (iiie.slltin. K" Ilieie by lire I'ost. Dmlins lilt .summer jwii.s plenty of Mippllos. plenly ol months, biusebnll will piovr: onu u( [iiii;il|c:ini!, for relief, but ovvlnn '' ..... ' ' " ' \\-.\r. for lie s:iys, 'Tluit will] limited ]»'isniui..l mill wlttr llmiex- iinil-. iif oses IT WAS IMI'OS- SI111.I-: TO IIANDI.K ALL HE- „ QUl'.STH TOR 1IK1.1' I'lJOMl'TI.Y. . "™ U7 ,.'"' lllel " 8 cl . B 5'™"K'S U IJv this admits!,,!, ,ve are tn mi-l" 0 '! 1 ' I'W'lWrm, quickly. Creo- .'.i'iMnii.1 that due (o i, shmtTOni™" slml cpmbliK-s 1 iimjor helps m. •illti'i- help iirompl set vie'. 1 wn A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal' ' Uie park. the iittracllons Post, Intvntlnt; Mninelsliind. In (he wlnlrr feat niMloniilly known i Ue held." The i'osl Inriic, modern ctnnce portion of Hie 30-atie forms the I'aik. Wllhin '(.he nvnl liicelrack, llin Po:,t plinw Hi bndscnpe 11 cnin- in-lu'stins will will erect u hull .'in FOIIII- trnrl that Davenport Baby Dies The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs D. A. Davenport of Gosnel! died Suntlny at II I'. M.. al the family home. fimernl services were held Mon- diiv attcrnoon at North Snwlin cemetery with the L. G. Moss un-jiuimlly pnrk. Tlie woMern Insldo dertnking cojnimny in charge arraiiKements. lo n >,hnrUi i .:i' tif oifleo lielp i)L.'ii- \\L-IIT inatii' to \vull. IIr/\v lonw ici a slek, inUl. nnd liuhgry dnnres by ]:i-iMtn Ix 1 siippuscd to wnll? Ilov: one. Powerful but harmless. Pleas- iinl to take. No ::nrcotlcs. YotlF, o'Air druggist Is (o rc- limd your money on the spot II.- >c«r couuh or cold Is not relieved by Crcoinuliilon. —Adv. D' or end of the plot Is low, and loruis a smalt, nnuirnl lake. Abi^it hli>i B. Y. P. U. Holds Social is survived by his brothers and sls- Thursday ulghis. He will local t'irl for liis hypnotic feat if one volunteers, il lias bcnn nn- r.ouuced, but in case none oilers Jjerf-etf fnr the ordeal he wiE] use n. rnfiinlKr of liis company. Another feature of his perioi munce \', wilj be llw hypTintiziag of a youn^ man, who will l;e phtitii on a b'Jil of nails with a -IC3 iiouiul \voijihi upon his chest. Sheddan's Salve Historic Names Found In National Forests PORTLAND. Ore. tUP)—Names ol historic national forest landmarks in Oregon reveal records o( luunnii history and migration. . Typically iiisloric names are Mount David Douglas, in the "Willamette National, named in honor of the famous Scottish botanist who. in 182G. ft ret classified tbe Douglns fir tree for science. Tomahawk island, in MiiHnomah County, murks the vicinity where Captain Clark's pijie tomahawk was stolen by Indians in I8D5. Snoqualniie National Forest is from the Indian tribal name, "Sdoh-kwalic-bhth." or moon people. *r company and is on the Cotton ( -j'he Shady Bend B. Y. p. U. lind. B;lt railroad. ' : a Eoc i a | Saturday when this cn- •Iht Riu \vi!l he a four stand 80- j tertnlnmciil was staged: play. "The saw outfii pmvercd by an oil en- : Little Brown School House on the Backers of the t;in, which j Hill," ati old fiddlers' coulcsL, he the only one within sev- j g, O up singing with (juitar accorn- milos, hoi» to have machin-1 p;m imem. nnd a coiilesi lor Ihe ery and ccinlpinenl inslalled hy!oldest couple nresent April ISlli. i A road nlong tiie Dimklin-rem- ^ iscot line is to be extended south i r.!oi>s: Die eastern line of tiie new- i ly owned «» section to tlie Ark- I Kills Neimtl};i:t I'ilin ansas line, affording residenis of '. Swift darting, nerve exciting.! tlie. sectidit n direct route to Bly- • pain stabliing neuralgia can be U-.eville. •.'.-itliiii 12 ir.umhs, iv is • eased rmrt the congestirai broken Miitctl. : with Shecldan's Salve. H conlams -More than 12.CCO acres of nbom : !in amazingly powerful, toothing. .10.000 fo/feiied to the slate of; icnieslion figliting drug not foimil Missouri by the lumber company'in ordinary falves. To ease imiscu- heen .solil at public auction , lar pain, joint soreness and to v.ith some 35M families trom all I break deep chest eolds, croup or pnris of the country moving into I LOiifhs. You can find nothing Hint Ihe area wiliiin the jiiist few ! ^el-^ so swift, or brings such amax- montlis. j inn results. Two kinds: MILD for will be plinUed llowcrs. Miinll shrubliery, nnd rustle, bridges. btnches, nnd alters will lx> erect ed along the .shores of Hie hike. 'which is to te made TOHIC live feet UIIK woiilil it hnvc taken In hi\vt> .dilcil IIHIIT oll'lc:- force .vnirlclent « hnvi 1 handled ilirw cnses of icv.'l |>rnni|)Uy, espi'-Ctiilty wilh so liiany stnudiiiij nriiuml wanllni; Blue Star Kills Foot Itch Germs Rt\il>l>nrn fiuil Ucli RITIIIS did \vhcii Him 1 Star flliitnicnt melli ntiil smil^ in. l : nr licliy cc/^inn, rjisli, t(-llcr, l hiMWfn-|n. plrnplei mid utliiT skin Inuibli's, yuii tail Mm! iinllilnil us fine us Illuc Slar Olnt- mciil. Due:! nol ljurn.(ailv.} NOTICE Tn thi: niracrs of ^lngle lilts In (tie nil! p.lrt of jMupIr Ornve Cernetrry: This Is ,tn notify you ilmt the maurdx w^ll Ue InwtTfd mid all obstruc- (inns remnvcil so (hat the sevtun may care for these luls. MAI'I.K flHOVK CEME- TKKY ASS(M.'IATION I!ea<l Courier News Want Ads. children;. STROMG for University Lacks Students To Fill Ail Jobs PHILADELPHIA lUi'i—The University of Pennsylvania is in tlie uniaue position of having more jobs than undergraduates .to fill them. The deiiiutment o( student aid reported recently that although there ;s n shorlafje of work for i!v:umcu studncus. it has 147 positions for men still unfilled. The jobs include research into causes of bank failures, translation of Polish journals, painting outdoor -signs, typing statistics, Xray lesearch work, cataloguing the trophy collection, nuaiberjnr; (he stadium seats and raising animals for cxperiiiicnlnl work. London. Berlin ami Paris, re- six-ctivcly. are Europe's three largest cities. (jet the tacts about the NEW FORD V -8 TRUCK arettes New features! Kconomy! New Fevfovmaucc! New HICI! lif.OOI) I'RKSSIFKK ( l«ieV Relief, or } ou Only Pay When Satisfied lf yon suffer from High Blow! Ptcssiire, dizziness ringing in (lie ears, cnn't ,;leop ' at 'nights, fec-l venk nnd shnky. ijjui taste, nerv- ti's. Tl your hcnrt pounds and you fear a parilytlc stroke, to c.cmonslr.ilc Dr. Ilnycs' jirescrip- tion we will send you txKlp:>id n regular SI Ireatmciu on absolutely FREE TRIAb. While it i5 non-specific, ly.niiv cases report remarkably quic. 1 ; relief; o(tcn .svmptonui diminish and normal sleep returns with;n 3 days. Contains no salts, physics, opiates or (!ope. Safe with anv diet. PAY XOTHIHO UNLESS GREATLY IMPROVED. Then rend SI. If not Improved your lepoit cancels charge. Wrlle Dr. Hayes Ass'n. C213 Coates. Kans;it City, Mo. —Adv. New full-floating,rear axle Sturdier "rear-end" throughout Improved special truck type V-8 engine Heavy-Duty truck type cylinder heads New Bronze connecting rod bearings Before you buy,any haulage or delivery unit let us tell you all tbe facts about iKe new Ford V-8 1 rucks and commercial cars — about V-8 performance -arid economy of opera!ion and upkeep. Phillips Motor Co. Atithnrizerl Dealer Iractically untouched by human liands W F.'I) like you to sec Chestcrfielils'. We know yoti'tl lie impressed by the iibsolute cleanliness of our factories. The tolwccos are the best tluit money can buy. Expert chemiststest forcleanlincss and purity ;\li materialsusc(? inany \v;\y in the manufacture of Chesterfield cigarettes. The factories nre modern throughout. Even the air is changed every4'^ minutes. When you smoke a Chesterfield yon can he sure that there isn't a purer cigarette made. In a letter to us on eminent scientist snys: "Chesterfields arc just as pure as tint - water yon drink." f from thf agtinlte making imi(hi t/itbwotit tiny iwf'ftfttt ugaretlti- esterfield the cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER

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