The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1938
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH. 25, 1938 Luxora Society — Personal BLYTHHVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS As Bronc Bust the Bronoliucters The Luxora P. T. A. met in Ihe high school auditorium, Wednesday afternoon, nt which time Mrs. Charlie Thomns was the leader of the program which featured an educational picture show, "Road to Mexico." A report was made Hint the P. T. A. re.j)i'esenlntlon nt the pnitit demonstration held In Senior hall amounted to S'J.40. or ten cents lor each one present, A report wns also heard on lhe program presented liy Mrs. li. O. Wilkins nnd 'Y Mrs, .lames T. Rnmlle, as represcn- k I Intivcs from the Uixorn P. T. A. * by Invitation of the Osccoln p. T A. before tluit body nt last meeting. A .nominating committee was elected; Mrs. H. T. Ballew, Miv 13. O. Wilkins. and Mis. Geor;p. Cmddnck, for the selection ol of-1 ficors for the coming year. . ! '.Irs. Bailee's room, second grade, received the dollar for the largest iiUPndance of mothers present Miss Crubtree announced a meet- Ing of the :i:iull study group on April C. at 2:,'!C p.m. nt Llie Home Economics eotta°c, The subject for discussion will be "Children Like lo .Mind." Tlie Luxora Literary and Bo,-)k Club met Thursday night with Mr.s. li. L. .Hoiick as hostess in her home on Maple street. Two book reviews were given. "Conversation at Midnight" by Edna SI. Vincent Millay. by Mrs. .1 i m m 1 e Slock, and "Edward Eighth" by Hector Bolitho, by Mrs. James Randle. Original poems were read by Mrs. B. O. Wilkins. Mrs. Lem Stanford, and Mrs. Randall Nichols portraying the costumes worn by the club ^ members nt the meeting on George ^ Washington's birthday, A St. Patrick motif was carried out in the refreshment plate, mid a musical story contest, represented by Irish songs, wns enjoyed during a social hour. The Methodist Missionary Society met in the church parlor Tuesday afternoon nnd. completed their Mission study, "Rebuilding Rural America", taught by Mrs. Randle. An officers' meeting was also held, at which time the quarterly report was compiled. Tlie bridge parties for the week included a one o'clock luncheon at thc-Riistic Inn. Blythcville, Wednesday when Mrs. s. ,f. Smith had Mrs. Rose Schmafzvcid, Mrs. Alice Vesey. Mrs. Noble Hunt, and Mrs. Alvin Wnnderlich. of Memphis, Mrs. Thomas P. Hudson. Mrs. Russell ;Bcweh;: : airs. Charlie Mif(lin. Mrs. 1 Groyer"}Driver, Mrs. j:"lvn'n MiffliUt7Rtrsr Sam 'Bowcn;' Mrsv'-jOi: \ 'Hires. Mrs. c. B. Wood, and Mrs. ^j Jesse Brown as ' her'guests. Tiie high score prize, a white pottery vase, tulip design, went to Mrs. Joe Hires, second high, hand decorated scarf set. to Mrs. Sam Bowen, nnd cut, linen cup towels, Mrs. Jesse Brown. Wednesday night, Mrs. Sam Row- Aims Big Guns at Lithuania Hiked with dramatic nction. the picture above was snapped at 11 Houston. Texas, rortco when one of h 1 .- bnckmg Ijioncos ran wild and scattered cowboys like c'liair. The mim lying on the ground was inni led ilirec times, but by some miracle escaped injury. On the Icuce 11 busy cow'ooys are pictured t ,< / e S sk - vv ' ;ir(! - Note lhe Oll ° one "> «H» black shirt on the left, sailing one companion's ,rm tn i B1 ' !I . S|1 ".' IK """V' 01 ' , by lhe hcatl - ' rllc ]nit ~ r ' f™™" »•'"> Iw™'- clings to the arm of the to tlie right, «-ho Is-n little late starting, The rider of the bronco wns thrown Just one jump after the picture wns taken. Holding In check the 50,000 crack Polish troops massed in nervous tension at Lithuania's bwder near the disputed city of Vflna is General Stachiewicz, above, commander-iii-chief of the armies of Poland. He says he tvill not withdraw his men until Lithuania actually establishes official diplomatic relations in keeping with lhe accepted terms of his country's n had three tables of bridge with Mis. Rose Sclimnli'.rcici, and Mrs, Vcsey. of Memphis, Mrs.! Alic Cwiglil Ulackwood, Mrs. S. U Uliulish. Mrs. R. c. Bryan of Osce- oln. Mrs, s. J. Smith, Mrs. Orover Oliver. Mrs. Charlie Milflin, Mrs Jou Hires. Mr.s. W. L. Walters. Mrs. C. B. Wood, and Mrs. Jesse Brown is suests. High score went to Mvs. Jesse Brown, liosc, nnd Mrs. S. I,. Gliul- •sh. nn oven Ixiklng dish, for cut. Mrs. Bowen was assisted by her daughter. Frances Reis. in receiving tier guests and serving a salad 'ilate. Purple iris, yellow roses, nnd vio- 'cts were the lloral decorations of the home of Mrs. Jesse Brown Thursday when she had a bridge .imcheon for n group of her friends in Uixorn nnd out of town. Low t^wls cf violets were used in the ranters of the .small tables nt which the guests were sealed lor lunch. After lunch, each guest drew a tally carrying the number of her !>:i>.e. All prizes were place;! on ^he. dijimg table, this prize to be heftl until n more desirable prize could be secured by holding high score in progressing. This arrangement alfoidcd much merriment uid .competition throughout the five progressions. Tlie high total score holder was privileged to take from .inyonc tbe prize most desired of all prizes held, which went to Airs. U. C. langslon. hose. Mrs. Brown's out of town guests were Mrs. Rose ^cluualzreid. Mrs. Noble Hunt. Mrs. Alice VSscy, and Mrs. Alvin Wun- Jerlich. of Memphis; Mrs. W. C. iV'li.'lon. Mrs. Dwight Blnckiraoci, Mr.s. R. c. Bryan, Mrs. S. L. Cilndish. and Mrs. James Driver, of The eoirJilion of R. W. Thomns. who has been 111 for the past several months, is showing no Improvement. Mrs. RiiMeli Bowen had as her houscgucsta, Wednesday and Thursday, Mrs. Noble Hniit mid ftfrs. Alvin Wunderlich. of Memphis. Mrs. S. J. Smith, Mrs. J. Ivan Mifflin. Mrs. L. P. Hemming, Mrs. B O. Wilkins, and Mrs. C. B. Wood have been elected as delegates from the Bnptisl Missionary Society to attend the Arkansas Baptist. Woman's Missionary Union convening in Little Rock April 5-8. Mr. nnd Mrs. William Ellas had as tlieir guests Sunday, Mr. Elias' parents of Cairo, III. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Smith have had as their guests this week. Fred Keller, Bert Kncfflcr. and Miss Dolores Koss. of St. r/mls, and Mrs. Rose Schmalzreid and Mrs. Alice Duce Shows Beck How It's Done - " J State Patrolmen Are Winning Wide Acclaim ly man whose car WHS dninuijcd when It skidded iirlo n dllch on tlio slippery pavemmil. Mi 1 . David look the mini ,m ( i , ( n n | s i ll( ,g,, Ke lo Osci'oln, wliiw lie .secured n physician tor tlie loiirW. who was slightly Injured uiul made nr- rimiiciiieiit.s for n runn for the Chicane man there bufuiv he returned lo his duties. Koine oi ihelr nets of kindness nre not so routine. The oilier dny n cm skidded oil the pitvvnient mill Into a ditch. When lhe pnssnii;i'i.s nllSliU'd the au-yi'iu-old mntlifr of tlie driver wns on Uu 1 .side of lhe dlltli opixislip (he highway. The GS-ycar-old motorist who was sllKhlly injured, was helped fiom tin 1 cur, mid left by the road side white th<> ixillcemnn picked up the agiHl woman In his liiinns and carried hur to the patrol ear. \.Aiiolhei- Illinois tourist, who luul witnessed the accident, grubbed his camera and look pictures of the scene, "i just want to show III" folks liack home what kind »l lltithway policenu'ii they Imve down heiv" he snld. On n niimljcr of limes, the officers liavi 1 bci'ii asked to .slop mo- lorists. liccenlly. n rndlo nifssmje wns sent out from Hornbcnk, Twin, for tin' olllecrs to uo lo the liome of a relative and lo Inform him that another relative hnd died. The olUrer.s did. They have frequent calls over the radio lo slop ears having certain license mimbcr.s and have them "cull home." The tourists who iiiul nn iiccl- dPiu near here on circus day hist full, were deeply appreciative of the courtesies shown them. In this instance, the olllccr.s rushed to the scene of tile accident, culled nm- btiluiices, saw that tlio injured persons were taken lo the hospital nml 1 Aisled In liavfni! the car sent to B\thcvllle and the baggage cared for. Upsides being n boon lo tlio (curlsl.s. the highway police also r.cln the home folks. Almost dally and nightly they nsslst people of Ihls section wlio have Hut lives, cn- liiui'ttroiible or other motor Ills us they nre trnvcllng between the Missouri line and Memphis. In cases of accident they assist with the same service ylvcn tourists. Being n 'highway policeman Is mighty Interesting, so sny lhe two Blyllievllle men who nre employed in this section, but the entire stntc Is hampered by lack of men, they say. Arkansas has only 45 patrolmen on the highways while other stales hnve several hundred. Highway <il hns more traffic (him nny rouj In the slate, they have been lold, nnd two-thirds of the loiiMsls nre either from Michigan or llli- ! nols, they Imve found. > . ' PAGE THREE Demon strait on Club News Notes V. K. lioslon, puslor of the Tcmrile linptlst ehnreh of Memphis. will hold evangelistic services :it First i-lniK-h liern April :i-n. Memphis Pastor To Hold Fi rst Baplist Mcciing Apri! .V!7 . V. !•;. lioston. pu.slor of Ihe Je JJnpllsl chinch of Mem- jhls, will lio the preacher for Ihi: 1'ViuiijeU.slJo .ion-Ires ill the Plral Jnptlst chureh. April 3-17, Thi'M- i-rvlcwf will liu a purl of the city- ide cnmpulijn now In ' DuKwooi) Si'vpntetn members of the Dogwood home demonstration club and one KUWil, Mr.s. J, S. Cecil, met lit Hie home of Mr.s. W. II, Dyess Wednesday nflernoon. The business moellng on tlm year's home work was conducled by the president, Mrs. J. A. Payne. Knch chairman made notations on points Mil«)) applied to her line of work, Mowing nn opening pruycr by Mi.s, Jjye.vt, tin; roll wns culled by Mrs. Kurl {ircene, Mrs. Dyrss displayed 11 comfort nadi' from n blanket nml qnllteu in (In; iiiiiehlni 1 , filie showed '0 (jallons of homemade lye KOIIII Kid 201) chickens. Kueli (jnest wns ircKcntcd u fnvor In Hie shape of n toy mid (;lrl which wns made Irorn .'nrn lelt over fi'om Mvs. 1 ifghnn, Mrs. Walter Wood, who display- il a scarf mnde from .sugar snck- nn, read "Self Composed Letters Opportunity", following which sandwich nnd salad plnU 1 wllh ccd ton \vns served. All members nre limed lo Hive I'oinpleti! list ol thft year's woik Tommlfs Join From Af»r IXDNDON (UP) — Recruits from overseas nre joining the British nntiy In Increasing numbers, the War Office's director of public rolnlloiiK reiwrls. Tlie recrulli .'ome from distant cities, remote 'arms; from the Australian bush, *,he African veldt nnd Canadian 'umber lands. iMummilli-d Heads Stolen MfAMf, Pin. (UP)—Most unusual theft reported to the police department here was llmt of three miim- inlllcd human heads, which were ilclon from (he museum of n laxl- ilcrmlsl, Tlie heads were those of i man, a woman nnd >i baby of a 3r,iith American tribe, ivlilcli Is sponsored by tin, 1 Mlsils- lerlul Alliance, IJr. Uoston Is a .imdunlo of the Southwestern Theological Scml- :mry mid far lo years hns been remicssee's represenlnllvc on Ihe 3nndny R'hr.ol bonrd of the Sonth;n> Hniitlsl eonvenllon. Ho hns H'ld imslorntes In Mississippi nt iVInonn uiul clnrkncliile. fiervlccs will l» conducted tnom- hid nndailijht dully. An extensive lirogrnin Is lielny promoted by the First, linptlst chlmrch In an en- Ini-Bi'inciil campaign this week nnd ncxl, preparatory lo tile revlvnl A biislliii! host to rolnnd's foreign minister. Col. Joseph -Beck, .right, Good Target LAKE CHAULES. Ln., March 25.' —Doyt Morris, recalled from Albany by the Athletics. Is tlur lallesl. third Ijasemnn In the mnjors. Hi: stands li feet 3',i inches. 1'relty Fair Kccoril KENT. O., March 25—Buell Graven, Kent State University 13H- . ,^ ,,^..... v ,,, , lls . i uiinn~iji(.juiitiLiLiM cn.sis. j\iiissouni nfld [i pilots (fei»oiistrntc (he lutcst nioricl v h\i\cx for his visitor. was Premier Mussolini of iinly, shown in one of his rare erimiins pound wrestler, won 27 straight, vic- niomeiils as he gnldcd the Poll.* oificial through Italy's "City: of "the i lories in thrcu years of com pet I lion Air. Giiidonln. Sliortiy after tills picture was taken Beck ruslicd i without once being defeated home to assist in lhe Polish-Lilhuanlan crisis. Mussolini had Italian . •: ' During 1937 the city of .Toledo, —_ I O,, received $103.342 [mm parking Vcsey, of Memphis. 125.000 skulls Fractured ' | llletcrs ' or npproxlmalcly 35 cents "The Call lo Every Christian." a j Ll'ri LE ItOCK Ark irjP)-More i r ° m cvei 'y " lel01 ' """'V ""V- Ilo.iie and Foreign Mis-sion jxigcant, than I'W.OOO skull fractures occur i It ,, ..Miniated n,,,, nholl | K ,,e, w,l, be Presented to^t,. ^nembers end, year in the United j cen \ ^^ ^ antomir' 1 '" '"' of the Young Undies' cln« of the cording lo the Arkai M at lo a.m.. under tlic direction of Miss Margaret Moffilt, president. Mr. and Mrs. R. \v. Nichols spent the week end with relatives at Union City, Tcmi. According to an old Yorkshire. England, superstition, cutting n child's nails (hiring the first year of his life will cause him to »»roiv up a thief. TWOOD U BRAND STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY Thl> Whltkey Is 2 Year* 0 nios. Old HIRSCH'DISTILLING COMPANY MHSSS CITY, 90 PROOr A GOOD PLACE TO GET YOUR Gas and Oi! And have Your Car Tested Free For BRAKES LIGHTS BATTERY WHEEL ALIGNMENT GENUINE Ford Parts PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5(h A Walnnl rhone 810 fractures were the mobile accidents. re-suit of aulo- m of the car. Thanks, Chicago DETROIT, March 25—Detroit University feels it owes Chicago n vole of thanks. Five regulars on the Titan's winning basketball team hall from the Windy City. In Ncvadaville. Colo,, "ghost town." stands a house, built during I gold rush days, of brick hauled by ox team from Omaha. Neb., COfl miles away. ' H Is estimated that llirotighon the world, during 1937, 4,089,B7 passenger cars were produced. Mure Milk Wagons Kslt NASHVILLE, Tcmi. (UP) _ Tim familiar eiop-clop-clop of old Dribbin pnllehtly plodding along Nash- vilc streets pultlng a milk wagon— us much u part of dnwn »s the smnisc Itself—Is (jrowlnif fnlntcr Dairies lire supplanting the wngons with mctorl/ed wagons. lint More Ili'ans Is i'lca SALINAS, Cnl. lUI't-Callfoinlr bean mowers expect every American cltr/.cn to do his duty. To snvc the Industry, cncli must ml more beans llicy say. ft Is estimated Hint the "Cub Convoy," « group of B4 llghlplnne Hint llcw to the Miami ntr race from all over the country, traveled n total of itKl.OOO miles without single nccldcnt. Mount Elbcrt and Mount Mas sive. two of Colorado's llttli known mountnln peaks, hold tin record for height III Mini .stale wltli I•1,420 feet of height each! They tower more tlmn SCO feet above Pike's Peak. it lhe meclliiK April 1:1 ul tbe ii! of Mrs. 1). (JurreU. Files Divorce Suil J. M. Hiichnnnn lins Illcd suit i chancery court here nualnst M, G. lluchanati, asking for n divorce on Ihii ground of Indignities. Hold nnd Evrard are iiUoineya for Uuch- nu\n. 1'ollci! Itrsruc Thrills Child BOSTON (Ul')-l'ollcc staged a spectacular rescue when two-year- old Marian Dnvls accidentally locked herself In n third-story balh- reom nl her home. They used n ladder. Marian enjoyed the melo- dramiUlc! rescue, but wondered why police <lkl not "Just unlock Ihe bnlhroom door." MimkeyD us "C'lvll Servants" SINOAPOIIR (III 1 ) — Two monkey.? lire .to become "civil servants". In lhe SlnHts Settlements. The government IMS Introduced an estimate of about $10 to buy two mon- Jtey.s from the Stnle of Kclntitan to help outers oi the botanical department collect specimens from high trees. U Is reported lhat the United Slnle.s Army Air Corps stands In Immediate need of l!00 more quid lllal eaiidldiites to complete the quoin for the March class nl His; Air Corps training center nt Randolph Field, Texas. CAUI) OF THANKS ~. We wish to extend our most grnteful tbnnks to our friends nnd iieltjhbor.s who administered to us so graciously during our recent bc- rciiveinent In tlic loss of our denr mother. May the blessings of the Lord be upon you all. Mr. and Mrs. c. J. Cox Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Slsk E. A., C. W,, L. E., nnd D. 11 Hnyncs and families. 'flic cnlclmn chloride and the rock salt thai ts thrown on the streets of the cities durliHj the winter have n very harmful effect on the lacquer finish and on the eionilinn of the body of your car. GLENCOE BARBER SHOP Enri E. rarker, Prop. Glcncoe Hotel Hide. Ifarul or Kleclrlc Manlcurlnic Three words fell you what thousands of happy owners tell us *JLjffa(?S ' No MATTER what you n-ant, V^* oc want »b pay, rontiac'» ll»c answer. M'ant a lou-.pricctl car? 1'onliac is priced so near ilie lowest you'll never feel the difference! Want all that's new and IKSI? Ponliao lisa 51 new features! Want lo ride vrith pride, slop villi the best, save more mon<*>% cct rnlirrly new comfort and It mulling case? llcrc^a (lie only !o\v-prtccil car that nils your onlert Take a 10-niiiniic ride. I'*iml out vliy oivncra eay— "Potiltar'a llic one sure way lo j)tca»c \to\\\ [ntrBC and pride." AMERICA'S rafts! LOW-PRICED CAR BABCOCK MOTOR GO. HrcWihvay & Walnut Phone 1000 LAZY Drop In and tiy on a pair. Laiy-Bon.i Flmlblt Shank Oifordt mak* llf»'i walk E.A-S.Y! Th.y at> built lo • xtrcli* ond itlmviat* th* aich*t vrSII* you walk. A corn- lortandityUiliotforoau^hltf, molhci and Biandmoth«r. $4.50 up . TO O/ Y OU'VE SEEN the solid, well-built fellow walk up to the weight guesser ai the County Fair— and (cave with a box of candy or a walking cane. Me was different from the ordinary fellow , . , he fooled the weight guesser! 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