The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS T MR nO\T TN A NT KTU^l'/Ct) A niru f-\-ct M/tTirnttHiAtarn. Aiiir*kin>n . vm rmnm**n . _ '• " * ^^^r 1UE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AHKANSA3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXYMI—NO. 234 Elythovlllo Courier, Jilythevillc Herald, Blyihcvlllo Dally News, Mississippi Valley I-oadcr. Bl.YTJIKVlU.K, ARKANSAS, WUDNKSDAY, DKCKMBKU 17, jn.'lO SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS They Are Noble Cowboys Citizens Bank and Trusl of Hamsoiil and Affiliated Iiistilulions Close. ! S AJi '5*^v4L"« ^ ^ %,R2F OF RELIEF or! Campaign for Weekly ~.. iVlculhlv Pledges to Be! Made; Work Underway. LITTLE ROCK. Dec. 17. (UP)- Aikaiuas' financial shell which was'; locked by the closing of more than! four fcorc stole and national hanks' a month ago, felt Ihe strain of a' second upthrusl when a grouu of. 12 banks, whose affairs were close-' ly interwoven, closed their doors j today. • ! Tile institutions suspending bus- \ iness today included some of th? j largest in the northwestern section, j The group was headed by A. P.- Hurlspelh. Harrison. Ark., banker. ] who owns shares in all the affected: institutions. The largest of the group is ihe Citizens Bank and Trust company' of Harrison,- of which lluclspeth is : vice-president. Tiie bank was capitalized at $100,000. and deposits as- j Ranching is a noble business when the cowboys on gregaied more than $1.000.000. I fair to see as the Hon. Joan and Nancy Cowdray. I I, H was generally conceded in banking circles here today the col- rni ,. ri ,., , ! cmvbo >" nre , . „ W1IIC " "'esc t in contrast to [lie georgeous raiment In! lapse was directly attributable to: the November crash, which carried i with it the A. B. Banks group, con- the year. misting of more than -10 banks and headed by the American Exchange i _ Trust company of Litle Ro'.ck. It i was reported Ihat Hudspeth held I I a large block of stock in the Litlle j ' Rock bank. j $ The closed banks declined lo \ make any statement other than to I say the suspension was caiised by j heavy wilhdrawals of the past two weeks, resulting from the failure of Caldwell apd company. Nashville, Tenn., banking house, and difficulties encountered by the A. B. •Banks group. .Two national banks were among those closed today. They are the First National Bank of Harrison and the First National Bank'of Eureka Springs. Listed among the banks closed tcday are: The Citizens Bank. St. - Joseph; Citizens Bank and Trust company, Harrison; First National Bank, Harrison; First National Bank, Eureka Springs; Bank of Alpena. Alpona Pass; Bank of North Arkansas, liverlon; Bank of Lead two comely grand daughters of the Viscountess Cowdray were piesented at court .in Buckingham Palace. London, earlier in They flre' pictured above at Lake Louise, Canada. Witli their erandmolher, they are on ? (our of the world. iTEE RELIEF Mrs. John R. Crockett Heads Community Com-, miiiee to -Aid Jobless. j STEELE, Mo., Dec. 17lh. — The' ciic and fraternal rrgml/ations of Steele have joined with the church-1 cs in a united effort to me<H the: ever increasing demand of to poor; and helpless for food and clothing.! At a mass meeting held in the' Orerturf store building last night a Community Relief Committee was crganized by electing Mrs. John R. I Crockett, president; -Dr. Alvin Ste- Money wllh which to operate is the Immediate and pressing need of the Uoodfcllows organization. | formed 10 coordinate the activities '• of all nycnclcs administering relief to victims of drouth and business depression in Blythcvllle and vicinity. organization has been completed and various committees are beginning to function, but r^saurccs h;u p c been insufficient lo meet oven j all of the most pressing call! for . assistance. _ ;.. | Up to daie,, while n few volunteer l contributions have been received, | there has been no organized clTort j lo raise money. Today, however, a | committee was 'ormtd. headed by iDr. H. s. Davis, which will make the ranch are as ' a canvass of business men.and others, seeking pledges of definite amounts on a weekly or monthly basis. . I The coupon, orinted elsewhere on ! this page, explains the plan, and • nit who are able to help, even i though it be only witli a small ) amount, arc invited to make a pledge anil mall H, with the first weekly or monthly payment, to Fred Warren, Goodfcllows treasurer, at the Fanners Bank and Trust company. General Meeting This Morning Men and women named to establish contact with the charitable, | civic and religious organizations of ] the community, committee choir- The outfits of a Airplane Drops Santa in Iowa City Tree Top IOWA CITY. la., Dec. 17. (UP) — Sanla Claus dropped in on lo- wn City yesterday by airplane and landsii in a tree lop. Fie jumped from' Ihe airplane when too close to the ground and his parachute • failed to op?n. - He was uninjured 'despite the fact thai he carried a heavy bag of toys. Santa's pre-Christmas visit was , sponsoreij by Iowa City d2- partmenl stores and despile the accident the white bearded saint headed a parade and visited toy departments. Bank of Filippin. Bank of Tyatt. Tyatt. the last two of which are branches of the Citizens Bank of Yellville. Mississippi Bank Closes ABERDEEN, Miss., Dec. 17. (UPI On. an order of the board of direc- lors the Commercial Bank anci Trust company, one of three banks here, failed lo open today, and its affairs were lurned over to the state tanking department for liquidation. • Capital of the bank was SaO.flOO. with a S15.000 sinking fund. The bank statement issued Oct. l, I9:in. shower! deposits of $118.000 with savings accounts deposited tolMir 1 .'' SI 32.000. covers Accident Victim -U, nconscious on Port Arthur Wins Fight for Freight Rate Changs cits- was appointed on a; committee to colicit funds and clothing. * At the first meeting of the new- organization held this afternoon a large quantity of groceries consisting of flour, meal, meat, beans, lard, sujar and coffee, as well as! an asEortmenl of clothing was Issued to a long line of representatives of des'.ilule families. „ „ „ I R. H. Owen, GO, farmer of near Fathers and mothers of ragged! Luxora, is in a serious condition s^^rsr^rn^is 1 : 1 th ° TT " ospi(31 Mim - ol life. One widow, the father ofj l 3 an au(omob '!e accident on the [cur children, asked the use of a-Ashport wagon and team that she nJght' Luxora, haul \voorJ t"> her open. tivo room j cvr'n ^nbin, in which, there litid been no cmmi i--- fi-<> fertile pasl 24 hours. "I can 1 col , 1( ] lt i c V handle the team myself, as I made! attach 1 "a hand through the crop this year. I imen arid workers met at 11 o'clock I this morning in the chamber of commerce room at the city Ijall to. hear reports and -discuss. plans'.' C' A, Cunningham, general chairman, presided. E. A. Rice, for 'the American Legion, Mrs. Neill Reed, tor th; Legion Auxiliary, E. K. :Latlni3r, for the ministerial association, H. S. Davis, for the Rotary club, and Marcus Evrard, for the Lions club, all pledged the active cooperation and support of their organlr.alions. Mayor Neill Heed, chairman of Ihe committee on solicitation and personnel, reported the appalnt- men of sub-committee chairman as i follows: finance, H. S. Davis; sup| plies', E. K. Lalimer; Joad, P. Q. ; Rorle. j -Mrs. Reed, chairman of the gen- | eral committee on aipplies,. an- 0 , p c . | nounced the appointment of Mrs, sceola Lar oalesman. Uis- u. A. t.ynch, to obtain Road. ferry road, northeast of late Tuesday aflernoon Mrs. Otto Kochtitzky. provisions, and Mrs. Ray Wortliington, to semble and distribute toys at Christmas lime, H. N. Ware jr., submitted a report in behalf of Sam Alexander, chairman of the wood committee. Woodyard Established • Mr. Alexander, has already established a woodynrd in llic 1400 block on West Main slreet. Several cords of wood, cut .to stove length, have already been brought. In for distribution among families in iminici- plowing right along with the men.' Ct> . pr n,i crc ° M« .- ,° * t "" olferin;' ft d<-. anything, for „„,, . as little as 5te per day, only asked "„£„ <OP)-lrel::f until Ihey could find work,, " obllre • rhllrinMi bt)r Of CWE " W3S saicl lo dllldren |fc U nd In the driver's hal1 or Rt mis discov- I t hc O.V-CDV- ! the c WASHINGTON Dec. 17 (DP)-j ££•»„«. They- corf'd Hnd w^ , "«*"«. Lee Waters 38, a" neigh! j ""fl'arger p,,asc of the wood pro- Rates on cotton, lumber, grain and anytting. to feed their children | ** of C * m .™ s s , a d '? ha « biie-n ; grara £ n £ e - m operation Thurs- grain products from western and. was the general plea. L'£ und '". the drl ret"s seat of^av Announcement was made to southwestern points to Texas ports : I the machine in a drunken coM-ldavrh?thp rSr-™ fi ? V for exncrt were found today by; The crop in Pcmiscct county is" ditton. Owen was hurt when thej" T r Upxnndp HI -, ln '° l1 * 1 ; the Interstate Commerce Commls- i out. Thc money is spnnl and there• car went into a ditch it is under- li nr '.' f ~, ... '. rf.,f" y ', . {p n^ u-nvlr TTllnHrorlc ~f ^^I1^-n« I cfnod IOr ^ -I OOt V.OCO, dClUCrCCl •"ion lo be unduly prejudicial to Port. Arthur, and thc removal of undue prejudice was ordered. Thr. action was token complaint, of the Port chamber of commerce and shippers.! -'•—••—• — commerce said' is no work. Hundreds of children stood, are half clad and hungry. Every community will be taxed to the in ranks on the lirnit t° care for the poverty strick- Arthurl en members cf their own coinmun- ' ily until lime for another crop. The chamber of unreasonable rates were in effect;--r i , , , ~" "- : - • • vouchers Issued tor i here invrsiigaied ihe accident but I their search for ; employment for groceries, made lo give lo oilier men in cutting tills wood to stove size. Some Vouchers were mailed to c-unly .on grain ami grain products from : Missouri. Kansas. Nebraska, Colo- i rado. New Mexico and Wyoming. I It also charged they differential-1 ed In rates to Beaumont. Galves-' ton. Houston. Texas Orange. Similar claims by l!i? chamber of commi girding cotton for coastal and , .., J , , . coast-wife shlnnl™ { rom Arkan-i of a thir<1 ° r thc (ax p3irt imo lne l K«,°!?I own statc t™««ry 'n Products severed] ' a|1 J | from thc counties. I i A voucher fcr S129.77 was mailed! , to Roland Green, teasurcr of Miss- j issippl county for tax on products • severed from this county. ; Total severance tax collection for the quarter ended Nov. 30 was S143.882.58 and the turnback, lo Owen's companion p^ed^ruit^ I?, 1 lt wi " be - MM to hel P flnan " C T T U 1 i J'estcrdav afternoon " ' Severance Tax Turnback! Be A Goodfellow! This nifssajfi! is iiililivsneil to tlmso rilixcns of Ihijville iiiul vicinity who, no mallei how (huh- I'ov may luivu Ijoi'ii iilVedwl l>y drouth, indiislHiil (lopre-.sion, or liiink suspensions,' mx> eating ihrw s(|iim-e moiils i-vi'iy day an<l unjoyinj? tlic comforts of :i warm home and luk'iiimto drilliing. A tfooil many humlrcds of ymn- neighbors— fellow binnius dwelling in lliis community—have ni-'itlici- food nor fuel. Before the winter is over Uicir numbers will lie greatly increased. ton, Mr. and Mrs. Comfortable Oiti/en, will ho more comfortable if you know that you lire doing your slwre to prevent any man, \vomtm or child in this community from t'oinir without, the bare noce.ssilius of life. Let the i;oii|;on below bring you peace of mind in this time of difficulties. out. us your means permit, and mail it with a check for your initial contribution to Fred Wiirreh, treasurer of the Goodfellows, nl the Farmers flank and Trust Company. Unroll nu as a Cioodfellows Club. niembcr of the Ulythcvillc To support its work 1 will give week: Phone No. the lirst of unch month. Sign Here Address .... Pledges are for the period of th? emergency, which apparently, will be at least until next March or April. If you are not in a position to make a weekly or monthly pledge .simply send whatever cash contribution you are able to make now. -N'. K- —The best help is to put a man to work. If you can furnish a job, if only for an hour or two, call Phone No. 208 and a good man will be supplied at once. 12 Italian Planes To Fly Atlantic JUDGE'S RULING ROME, IX-u. 17 lUI 1 )—Twelve] giant seuplanc-.s on a trims.Atlantic Ilivht lo Smith America were scp- .^ united by n storm OUT Hie Me-.l- Ul'V Law IllVolld Under Dc- lU-rriincun and landed In Iwul (jroups. eliilu of the pfune.-! reach-1 Ing Carlngena, Spain. .The ot'U'r tour ami l\vo supply plunes ncroniiianylirg UUMII were forced down on Majorca Island, oil Ihe roasl uf Spain. cisiou of Federal Court in New Jersey. ' . " WASHINGTON. Dec. 17 (UP)-! Attorney Gmcral Mitchell today Ullicctcd United Stales district at- OliDETELLO, ITALY, Dec. 17 tUl')—Twelve glaul Savol sen- planes, under" (he command of Oenernl Italo Balbo, Itnllnn minister, soured nwny todny on Hie nir Ural leg of America. their flight lo Soulh Dividing Inlo four Mnmdrons. the ncrlnl oraviui headed southwest ward for Spain after rising from the water of Hie Inlet here. Preparations for the flight had been In progress more tlian n ycur, I nml for the Insl several clays the l " nlly (a Iplnnes hnd bM) walling here for I 1 ™" 1 ' ral favorable Hying conditions. Dc- 01 , 1 . 0 ' loiney Phillip Foreman of Newark, N. J, to appeal directly to trie supreme court the ruling of Federal Judge William Clark, holding Die- Eighteenth amendment Invalid; • NEWARK, N. J., Dec. 17 CUP>The Eighteenth amendment to. the Walnut Ridge Suffers :••••" $50,000. Loss by Fire WALNUT RIDGE, ARK., Dec. 17 (UP)— Fire, causing damage of approximately $50.000, destroyed Hie Raiikin building, housing the Lee Rankin Grocery iand Hardware company, shortly before dawn today. The headquarters of Company K, Arkansas National Guard, was gutted. United Stiilcs constitution has been . held Invalid by United States "Dls. : Irlcl Judge William Clark on . the grounds It was Improperly ratified.. The decision, which will go eventually lo llic United Stutes su-' mrt, Is based on article five constitution, the amending . parlure wus decided on this morn-! nrUclc ° r whlch r> rovitte ' l »'. tne Ing after receipt of word that cllllllon "' M « c Clark, the -• weather along ihe course had tin ! lr '"' s[ " of power from Individual proved. ' j stales to federal government must be ratified by constllutlonal con^ vcnlimi rather tlian by. stale.Ieg7 islatuics. . . Judge Clark held Ihe question covered by his decision was entirely a new one and not the same point nvolved In so-called national pro-. . iilbition cases ol 1920 when the 51ghtcentl: amendment was upheld . by the supreme courl. i_:'i.^. „: Is Conslllutlonal Authority. "In those cases," he said In'sum- mary of his decision, "the courb was .considering the. constitutionality of the subject - matter .of the amendment and was not asked to concern Itself wllh Ihermanner in which It was adopted." •..:'.. Judge .Clark has had ruVdecls.;.. C.OFC. SIGN JPJ11931 • Little Loss Indicated by Re- ults of Campaign This Mornim Cities Calm, Communica-| y ", r - , s Continued activity of the Bly- UiLv.xlltc Chamber of Commerce IhroiiEh 1B31 seemed assured toddy by; results obtained In a membership drive made this (fbrnlns by three committees. j While the campaign Is by no i means complete all but a very | few or the 1930 members inter-' | viewed signed up lor Hie coming Will Keep Congress in Session Until Bills Are Passed Sav Party Chiefs. WASHINGTON, Dec. 17 (UP)— Congress will uol adjourn for the Christmas holidays until emergency bills arc passed lo aid Jobless in (he city and drouth stricken farmers. President Hoover was as- ?ur?d by Senator James E. '.Vatson of Indiana. Republican leader of thc scnalc. Congress speeded work on emergency relief measures following a warning by leaders of both parties that adjournment for the Christ- ms; holidays would not be permitted until Ihoiie bills are passed. The wav was open:d for action i n . — . „ by Ihe house on a drouth relief I Question I WO ID Death measure en which the administra- i lion and senale had been al odds, when • Ihe agriculture commlltee' voted to report on a bill calling for a $30.000,000 appropriation. T-J , n __ " lut uimftciy mat. some lions Kestored, But |Ylar-j c " rtal !'» cnt '» Hie chambers bud- tial Law Continues. not unlikely that some H hi the chamber's budget, will be necessary," E. D. t'ec- jsuson, the presldenl, stated, "but . ,!lhe results of Ihb morning's cf- MADR1D, by telephone lo Ihe i forls were Buch as to make It Untied'Press.via Ixndon, Dec. 17— certain thai ihe organization will The danger of conceited revolution be able lo continue on an effective appeared to have passed In. Spain ! basis." today as the capital and most of Ihe large- citws remained calm. Strikes in the provinces ore reported disintegrated. Telephonic communi c a 11 o n i through Spain mid to some foreign! counlrtes had teen restored at! noon. This is the first telephone j dispatch except by wireless to Bucnrs Aires from Spain In the last', ",",aw continued in Madrid i M«««huSCHs Senator Will and the provinces. The capital LSI quiet although civil guards were I heavily armed. ' Restoration of telephone com-: munlcallon was taken to mean lhe ! Covennrsnt was confident the silu OFiUKEISflCT Cot- Demand ol ton Shippers. WASHINGTON. Dec. 17. (UP) — A resolution recalling [or congres- ation Is under control. General slonal Investigation of the federal Uamasco Bcrcnguer was confined' farm marketing act, th» authority lo his room suffering from an at- I for governmenl purchases of wheat tack of tonsllltts, but there was nr> and cotton, was prepared bv Sena- revolutionary Incident In Madrid tcr Welsh Democrat Mavncrn yesterday and all was qulel loday,! sells, for introduction today" although the situation In Barce-: Announcement that Walsh' was Icnla remained possibly dangerous, expected to propose the Inquiry followed demand for such investigation made last night by thc : American Cotton Shippers assocln- of Missouri Teacher •^™ pre<enlln » more " lan ] - OM ions.reverse4,by the.United States : circuit "'court '•' Of .-sTicnilsXiri ,lf.j'y', Ihrce cases, all'of them'concerning'• patents. His decisions on 30.cases, of various kinds, have been .sustained by the higher court. The judge Is 39, ihe youngest federal,Judge in New Jersey, and is regarded as an aulhorlty on constitutional law. He was born in Newark and was graduated from Harvard university. He was appointed to the bench in. May, 1925. •Test Sponsored by Bar The only. Immediate effect of his ' decision, -Judge Clark said, would be In ..New Jersey, and any arrests for the retail sale of intoxicants in Ihat stale would have lo be made under ihe stite prohibition enforcement act pending appeal of the ruling. Appeal would stay the effect of the decision 'until It could be ruled on by a higher court. ' Thc ruling will be effective only in those states In which United Stales district Judges concur. Validity of the manner In which the prohibition amendment 'was adopted was tested before Judge Clark by a group of lawyers/ all members of the New York County Lawyers Association, after a study of two years. Thc group represented William Spragtie. a township clerk In New Jersey, .who had ; bEen indicted for transporting beer." By today's decision the indictment' was quashed. work an dsome will be available ; for distribution amonj families j KXiFE EXECUTES TRIPLE PLAy " CCdirg sas, Louisiana, homa. Kansas, New- Texas. Receiver Is Sought For Nashville Papsr One way of nssisllnz the Good- NEBRASKA CITY, Neb., (UP) ; . men who otherwise iernaiowicz's knife, caure It.would be unemployed and to finance to ,-pen and bury itself into Pete's the free delivery of wood to faml- knuckls for a, mcmenl, fall onto a lies in need cf fuel. Orders may be bench and cut Walter James on telephoned to Sam Alexander at hi* knuckles. Hum to try; floor, the Chicago Mill, or to l!-.e Gosd- where It stuck point down. .;fellows.headquarters In ihe cham- MT. r ,,no ,-»..-.,,,,r :bsr 0( commerce roans, telephone -MILL AIDS bXEMPLOYED j mimbsr 231. Federal Reserve Branch Bank Directors Named ST. LOUIS. Dec. 17tUP)-Dlrcct-i lllc The association's standpoinl was Boston Travel io Europe Shows Increase Over 1929 BOSTON.'(UP)- Trans-AUantic passenger travel from Boston to Europe during the nrst 10 montlis ors of the federal reserve bank to-. day elected Ihe following directors to succeed th-^e whose terms expire January 1: Memphis branch, R. Brlnkley Snowden. 3 years, W. H. Glasgow. Memphis, one year. Little Rock branch, W. A. Hick, 3 years, A. F. Bailey. Little Rock, one year. rtnnnunwment was also made thai the federal reserve bank has I named the following branch man- i O'crs to succeed its appointees: Memphis branch. E, L. Anderson, Dlckerson. Miss., one year; Liltle of Ihls year showed a gain of by a committee of co:—Two men were taken Into custody per cent over tl;; same parted of ton shippers who declared the! today for questioning In connection '"! 1929. according to Richard , hurst, secretary of the Best lief "the entrance of the gove Both are strangers in this community, but the shciiff c".?cUncd to give their names. Thc mutilated body of the teacher was found in her ramtry sclurl icom four miles scutli of Maryvllle $50 Judgment j yea? f ° r " 10 sams ' p " ; ° d to State Supreme Couit' LITTLE Baughman ROCK, Ark. - W. rf Blytheviile filed RIG CATAMOUNT KILLED : BIG LAKE, Ark.. (UPJ — Lon R. Wius^-n, farmer-hunter Is proudly an exhibiting a 57-pound catamount. -w«... .„,.. „,„„ .-vuv,. - ....... ^ ----- - moun last night. Physicians said she was ?PP ea ' rr01 " an order o! the Miss- , five feet, eight inches long. He kill-' '^' cou ' the victim of a criiiilna: aUack. Two Slightly Hurt in Car Collision On 61 county circuit court In the ' ed the cat after recent raids on 1 -'Supreme Ccurt ycsterdnv. duck decoys. It was the lareesl R. rv- t 1 ^s,? 1 "?". 1 awarcllng w - ^cle of thc cat family seen In R. O.erton $50 claimed to be due'-these parts In years. In connection with divislc-n of pro- WEATHER Rock. Hemp Wiliiaaii, Hot Springs, its city and' C-coc!a. sustained car col-' l!c for but 1 One of bi'es a o by Karl * , r d ' S !? r r, t ;? tr !o?;i carblllU 188«! - •••* '" • "^- «.*v*.i H -vj'iiieiii. iiinu I tax on oil and Us producls account and the company Is matching those .rrao-|tr the large Union county Tax. donations, dollar for dollar The 1898! MiSoiLFippI county's only income funds is e.xpsnded lo provide rellel ments today, particularly heavy for men, and chil- Cn3 " dCntlrri " ... Arkansas-Cloudy and unssttied judgment was reduced to $50. with slowly rising temperatures to- whcn th? car,; was appealed to'cir-'night and Thursday.- Local rains iHshn-au Ri cu " court - ' of snow in Ihe west portion Thiirs- jiignRay ui, t . ^ .1, u • ~ "J" 111 /"' 0 m!!( ' s - a '' l ' [ ol Blyt ' 1 , 0 ' Cecil Shane represents Overton; through, even vlllc, lale yesterday afternoon The whllc Baughman has Alexander ! According to Ihe official weaker mail. When treacherous condition of tho high- nnd Cooi)er for coume i • ; observer, Charles PMlllpj, U snowed —— -one and a half Inches In tho pasj Operating automatically when the 2 * hours - "^e minimum t;mp?ra- surroimdlng temperature rkes dan-. '"fe was 27 degrees and the riuxl- . Harshman serv- way made rllppfry by snow and I D. 3 In his au- rain was held responsible for the was stopped by a snow accident U is ur.cierslood. Barnctt ' s ' ' Both machines •••'ere damaged. ofe was injured germisly, a fire alarm has teen In- mum 39 degrees, On "the same day suffered Injuries vented that can be placed at any a year ago the minimum was 53 p-lnt In a room, as it requires no degrees and the maximum 70 A-wires. I pees.

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