The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1930
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1<)30 lil.YTIIflVILI.K, (ARK.) COURIRU NEWS MB 'OF SUFME OF They're Laplanders From Lapland! iCwillnecl from page om: ' l«l«ral aid to the states in mater- : "Hy and infancy liealth ~-urk. j!-,- tt'as directly due to Ihe influence <'f women. This act explied In . 1529. but the National League ol : Wcinon Voters is leading' £ fish; . for .vjnie son of substitute which Convrcss s.ooner or later. L'he right to serve on juries also , lias been granted to women in 21 ( .U-.s anci the Dis'ii'let. of Columbia during the past 11' yenr.\ wiu n compulsory provision li> niiit Moil of the women leader v.fic, 1-fclped id the sutlrage light I'.^v 1 ; continued in politics or in non- rllian political activity. Mrs Carlie Chapman Catt. prL-.sidsm o; i - National American Woman • Kurt'i'aye Association at ttie time the amendment was adopted, is; now tne leading spirit in the an- ' muil women's conference on liie Must and cure for wur and also '. ''-1 tlie International Woman Sufi- : •jje Alliance. Alice Paul, head or the Women's CutVrave Committee which picketed, went to jaii and otherwise made demonstrations in | behalf of suffrage, later headed UK-' National Woman's Party antlnov.-: is writing a book on the suffrage \ i|iiestlon. Mi^s. Maud Wood Part:, cnair- . niun of the suffrage association's • congress on a committee, bscams 1 president of the National league j ol Women Voters and since relir- j inn from lhal office has spent most j her tiufe in Europe observing t vnrioiu, international conferences, i LAVOISIICK'S IURT1I On Aug. 20, m3, Antoine Lnvol- mill, Supt. of schools. Hcsiionsc—Jmucs Doucv, member of the Class of 1930. Alter tin. ceremonies the picture was limit; in Hie honor position over the door of the senior room, where it will luing for n yenv, im- lil (he iii-xi claw's plctuve is pro- t senlwl. Tlu. members of the Class .of '30 present wore: Mls/es Aili-cn ;ler, French chemist, and one of | jjrcsvrr anil Voililc Mishap and he founders of modern chemistry.. Mcssr.-. Jamvs Golxr and HeilKrt! born In Park, Franco. |Sumin:u. Showing itrtiii precocity as n boy i in niiithcmntk 1 !'. nnd ('lie physical niellos. Lavoisier w:is carefully illumed ul Miwnrin Collese. When im!y 23 he lecelvi'd the pvl/.e of- Krcd by the Fn-ni-h Academy Of Science-; for till. 1 lies I anil elieupcsl 'iiii-uis of lieiitiiii! city streets. Two i years later he was elected ft mem- • U>!- of tlie academy. : 1U' lirst, turned his attention • to 1 ilitmisiry in 1170, when he beRim '-•MJi-riment-. in combustion. After tL'.ir years he published Ills Phys- 1 icul and Chunk-id Kssay.s, in which \'M de::ciibed Ilis own theory of com, bunion whicli latc-r wits to fnrm : iht 1 rorncrhtone of modern chcm- ; L-:ry. Ho deifnnlnct! thnl In all | i ases r.f combustion, the matter ' ivitii which tiic combustible bub JM.UICV combines is, in nil instances. vi(a! air," teamed today oxygen. j I^voiMer was of considerable !: eiTk't.' to his government. He In- ;t:odi;i-ed valuable hnprovemcnts In j the mamifnciure of gunpowder ..inii-rovLd methcd± cf agriculture on ienllflc principles, participated in piepaialion of tlie metric sys- unii iuruiNl a plan f-r simnll- :*'s tiie picture. Left are Plicr Tluuni and France.^ Moore; • tyin 1 ; lh° collection of- taxes After '•h; devolution tliis connection with i .'he government was Hie occasion of | Mrs. Sam Uryan, and! ,;,'. . r ii. lm ,.i ,„. „.,,,;.,, When these two citizens of far-away Lapland visited Scaltl.? recent ly. ell /nine lo herd reindeer In Alaska, they Intrigued Hie Interest of two maidens who thought Lapland had something to do with Icps •. |" ru 'jn^'juVu Nolcs nlu-r.:-. udmittcd to the niythe- vllle lic.-pltnl: Ailliur Sc'ttle. city; ! Hiss Ckiilmo Hnkcr, Keneu. Mrs. j I.ouls (i Echois. city, was dismissed. Read Courier News want ads . Sfoniiu-h Trouble, Neurilisj anil NervnusiK'-is Hunted My Tins Modern .Mt'tlk'itu 1 ri&ht. Mat.lias Sara and Ruth Mo^ts. Luxora Society---Personal dan^hlrr. Miss Mildred Bryan visited rela'.iv- ^ _ fcs in Jackson, Tenn., Thursday and , ivas cxeci Friday. i Miss Mable Ccoke loft Saturday :lj nvp '| cl , M . ly , I794 He t f Or Dij'mingham, Ala, where she j I will :-nler her fall work of sing-1 "• • ing plays for Sewt-ll and Company. • . Mrs. Ed Cooke of Hipley, Tern..! MrS] Snm Brvan ll!ls | Wcn elected : Mrs. Harrie Taylor Upton, also a; uas the euest of her brother, XS>', 0 , e:i ch the iourlh eratlc in the I member of the congressional com-i c. Cookc and family, Friday. ! LtiNora school t of Cardwell '30 Graduates \ Following a time-honored I the picture of the Senior class of Cardwell Hich School of 1930 was " The National League of Women Voters, asking various people of prominence for comment .on women's accomplishments during ihe- fnst. smtrase decade, received a niimber of interesting ansu'cv.s. "I do not think any one should undertake to pronounce a jndgmjii upon women from the point view of their use of the suffraij? privilege under the 19lh amendment." wrole Newton D. Baker, ior- p.ier Secretary of War. ; "I feel that women nave made a contribution to better government." wiote Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, "There are certain things v:Hch Ij' i.e expected o!'. to oblam.' MH. KllSSI.I.I, Di:NNIN<iT(lN Hie MJSS red Richards wno win uc'tn^ir IT.. _„,; » rr „,..! *r,. c r-^rr«o i liiiesis frr T lew divs ' , ,; , G " 01 « e grammar grades, a few of the al guests mi a ics. ci.ns. Sloner and daugh'.er of Indcpend- \ mm \ n, c Ilroenm W1 , -„ f ,., Mrs. Elliott Williams left Tuoi- ,,„,.._ i owa . I } ".""' I'roRram uas as fol day for Momcasle. Tenn., where i M ,'. , llu i Mrs . Dav is and family.; ' So ] lgs _ ••Mifsoml Sfy Own" If Millereis could read nil she will be_j!s sues of M!ssr-s Sn-; fo , lllc ,., y of Luso , a llavc moved ! 'Autd Lang Syne"-by all ' ' endor.sumits that Ifonloln. sic and Eullie Williams for a, from .. h oenix. Ari/cna back to, p ian ., - ' * "• weel: - i Luxora, where they will make Oeir RIVUS Henry Williams of Birmingham, i fnm r e home n i Ala., was the guest of his cousin.; M1 . s Ijn Davjs !t , [L Sunday o-j Elliou Williams, the first of tin j Memphis where she will take . _, t ™.,»^ u ul illt ,,,u,:, n = — v -eek- I hpi- rhttip^ at nnrqp in Thp Ranti^t r-r ,K n t n-_ n .. . ..' i «..;. ,..!.„ ' !l ] Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kress and •- son tlerman jr., returned Friday -alter visiting relatives in Little nnri ^ 1Kq \f n n,j T.itnpTnti nr osr-p-1 Tjan^;,,,, ..*r-.. ,»_ n .. ,.- (^.,1,1^ r i}p cn u lc v(1 ,.,. nervous- irritated and was not Ftancc!> new anil different mrdiciue, IKIJ- won, v.'hac encoura;:cment they ECHSS— "Chinch in the Wild- would n ml. Take, tor instance, the v.'ocd." "Glow Gently, Sweet Afton" experience of Mr. Rns=ell Diii- by (niart?t(e composed ol members ningtca. 4C02 Co'.tase Avenue, St. of the faculty: Miss Elizabeth Louis, who says: ', Johnson, Mi;-s Baltrof) >n- Sum- "For MX nionliis I suffered dread- Mr, and Mrs. Roberi Ashmore | milt and Mr. Wigger fully from K^uriils and stomach ! Reck for tvo weeks """ Mlss Maud Litllet011 o[ Oscc - \ Reading. "You Do Connf-Miss 'rouble. I Mr. a°nd Mrs. B V Cooper and , °* w «/^ "^,5'!^ A ^ S ?™ "'.. of ?»?e laculty. was easily Mrs. Robert Ashmcre of Oscsola , Dla " u Mrs - °- HowLo11 enter- 1 •M,S nuiKii .-i-i.m^.c ui w at =ui-., . , ,. , ,,. - Snlo-MUs Erlinc Nance, of "tile lo sleep well. Steadily I kept veto Luxora visitors Thursday '• L ame ,'L a , "!" nl]er of G " cfls otl lhe1 ''! Irvin - Teinicsiec. losing weight and strength. It Mi. and Mrs. Clarence Vcllmer i °«-'^ lfl11 !« wn . SOLi J h °f _Luxora, | Address nnd unveiling—Mr. Sinn- t c «^ only four tollies of Konjola , f . ;— __ ^ —. to ^ |||( al) m ^ j^^mj j ril ij] eSi Mel' 'Pilf'S TTpJllprl ' Now (0<K ' '"sesls witlioul pain • - , : Sunday witli a watermelon feast.; ------- _. ila!i .or distress. I have, a good appe- „.,,, tite nnd am regaining lost weirdU "IS and slrenet!). The terrible nenri- \vhilc Ihe hopes of its supnortars I Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wuntler-i !° ™'_'^'s bod . v t 3 some medical j Clinic. Suite 519, 926 McGee St.. very source of the ills°Konjo!: ere being gradually but steadily lick a fulfilled." "Tlie chief gain which f notice- . _.._ md family of Memphis were | institution so that he may acquire ,ue=ts of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin j '• business education and put hi; the g' Wunderlick Sunday. women's sullrage." wrote | John Thwealt of Chattanooga. son through high school. His pro- from - -- Prof. James K. Poliock. ro'Jtical; Tenn., was the guest of Miss Hel- Science Department, Univerjiiy of! en } low ton Sunday. Michigan, "is tluit there is n;w j Mrs. Joe Powell and daughter more opportunity 10 secure tli-; ] Lois Mae. are visitiiv jLiioptiou of necessary governmen- ' see. lal reforms." • j Mr. nnd Mrs. Bliss Yancey and "Cn the whole." wrote Prof.: daughter. Mary Bliss, of Hugnes Charles E. Merriam of the Political I Ark., were the guests of Mr. nnd Science Department. University ol I Mrs. Louis Spann Sunday. Chicago, "I think women have I Mesdames B. C. Poimcy ami Ed- every reason to be proiid of their ' ward Schmalzreid of Memphis were |^ ! rlrtl 10 years of tl'.eir use of tin 1 j visitors of Mr. and Mrs. S. J ' tnllot." ! Smith Sunday. They were cnroute to Chicago. Til. CAT ADOPTS SQUIRREL ! Mrs. Elizabeth Brolasky and CONNERSVILLE. Ind. (UPi— AI children of Memphis were the baby squirrel, found In the. woods guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. W and brought to the farm of Elisha Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. Will Cockefair, has been adopted by a I Lucas Saturday and Sunday. posal was made in a leiler (n th: Arkansas Democrat. LITTLE ROCK I UP)— Or.e .n"Tenn'ei-' shoili <' not go wanting a haircut ' or shave the next holiday in Lit- llc Roi:k—Labor Day. Barbers from all over Arkin?n?: will mcrt here at the LaFayette ', Hotel Labor Day to discuss pass-1 pge of the barber's license law a ; \ the next session of the legislature Kansas City'. Mo., for a new free is designed to relieve, but, a corn- copyrighted bcok which (ells all picte treatment of from six to about hemorrhoids (piles), fistula ei^bt botlles is strongly recommond- r.nd other furms of rectal diseases cd. and which fully explains a safe. Konjola' is sold in Blytheville, sur.?. mild treatment that has re- Ark., at Kirby Drug Slores. and stored more 40.000 afflicted by nil the best druggist;, in all people to renewed health. There towns throughout this entire sec- is no ccst or obligations— Adv. lion.— Adv. cat. The foster mother washes the spuirrel r cgularly just as a kitten would be taken care of. Cockcfair said. Mrs. Macmn Forrest and gnest- v.ere Manila visitors Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Galyean and ROGERS, Ark. IUP railroad officials estii half of northwestern Arkansas'! glowers were holding most of the remainder of the crop for higher prices. Movement of the crop has been much smaller than in 1929 when :-bonl 1000 cars were shipped. Only GC cars have been sent so far but growers said much of the crop was moved by truck. WARNING ORDER Chancery Conn. Chickasawba Dis- County. as vs. No. 4808 B. B. Glass, doing business as Blytheville Recreation Co.. Defendant. The defendant. B. B .Glnss. Is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption PINE BLUFF. Ark. (UP)— Fr Construction company of Tola Kniis.. was low bidder on Ihe Fifth- Sixih-Ohio Street paving job. th'.' largest ever attempted here. The companv submitted a lisure of $151.33i!.70. hereof answer the complaint of Ihe plaintiff, S. F. Grimes. Dated Aug. 25. 1930. W. W-.' HOLLIPETER. Clerk. By Harvey Horris, D. C. J3sse Taylor. Atty ad Litem. Held. Evrard and Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. Aug. 2G. Sept. 1-8.15 In the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District ol Mississippi County, Arkansas. Travelers Building ,t Loan Asso- j elation, riaintiff vs William Hall, et al. Defendants. WARNING ORDKR The defendants, William Hall and Ethel Nimn Hall, are warned to appeail In the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi county. Arkansas, within thirty days, and answer the j complaint of the plaintiff. Travelers Huilding &^ Loan Association. Witness my hand and the seal | of said court, on this IGlh day of August, 1330. W. W. HOLLIPETETt, Clerk. By Harvey Morrif, D. C. Rfld, Evrard & H?nde,-son, Attorneys for I'lalnliff- Aug. l«-25. Sept. 1-8 NOTICE The $275 R. C. A. RADIO Will bo Given Away i. SATURDAY, AUG. 3(1 i About 4:30 P. M. ROSENTHAL'S Across from Home Theatre Than You Ever Saw Them Before With LESS Rubbing Rub-—rub—nib—your arms tire and your back aches—yet you can't eecm to get your clothes as while as you would like them. So uanecetsaryl Here is the easier, b*lt«r way. Shave • llule "Standard" Parowix— one-fourth c.Ote— -into tht boiler with your clothes. It loosens the dirt for you. docs away *ilh nctd for excessive rubbin f in the *va »h lub, and makes the doihes whiier than you've *vet nee a thorn before! AleaipoonfulofholParowai mixed with one-fourth pound of hot *tarch tnaies liner* sno»y whit*, smooth, l«lf. Four big iliclia— 15c. Al your deader'*. Cheap food, You wouldn't buy an imitation egg for the children's breakfast. It's poor economy always to buy cheap food — and sometimes dangerous. Horlick's comes in scaled glnss jars, not in tins. Richest malted milk! Send us ten cents today for sample and mixer. H O R L I C K > S RACINE, WISCONSIN r« war j j ^ i 1 For Wednesday Only m $1.50 Car Washed and Brakes Adjusted STANDARD OU. B a I Phone 315 I FREE BRAKE TESTING IE /TATICN 8 Cor. Ash and Broadway K .--.s PAGE THKRh TOCKED FURNITURE LE THAT \VOHi) KXl'l.AINS RM.l.Y Til 1C POSITION \V« AUK IN We tiiid no. wiiy of knowing lli:K we were ;{(>i»K lu have Ihe Rrealcsl drouth in history, therefore \ve lmii!;hl niir l-';ill i-eiitiircmenls ;is usual. Now we lind our w'iirelunises puclu'd full.of nieivhiindise lhal must he sold. These prices are onl\ utind until uiir slock is hark to nornml as we «m- nul afl'tinl to lose any more (liau HC jnsl have to. MATTRESSES Hiiiiiu'f Col tun Mattress Layer Kelt Matlress This i-olInn nialfi-css is 'iiur Itesl lollon nintlrcsA, wcijjfiinif fully SO IMiuiids, wilh Rood heavy lickin-- and rolled eilse, wrapped in heavy liaper and only S-l.<)">. SIMMONS BEDS On;- best quality Simmons, 2-ineh post beds. These are genuine Siiiiinons heds of the liiKh- i'sl Quality in any color ;uul all si/es. (Not stc(»\(l hand lii'tls.) Our best (iiiiilily Cune Chair, (his is ;i real Cane Chair made like !hev ma<le them in olden times. Marsh Kitchen Cabinets You must see this wonilerftil Miirsh Cabinet to apprceiitte il. This is a full size Cabinet in Oak, (Jre-en or dray ;iml hits all the trimmings, Hour liin, Hiurnr bin, hic'atl hox, iind iioreehiin table top ami Kiiarauteed perfect in every wiiy. \Vt' have a ear load lo dispose of not hitfr Ihan Sepfember .'lllth. Black Diamond Ranges $25.95 This is an iill cast, (i eye rnnj,'e, guaranteed to bake and draw snod. AlMUnaracledUlang-c in Green ...... i?49.95 An - v ;lfor nr 5 iiui'iior. huill in oven, Leonard Oil Stovo wilh stand, any color Half Price $39.85 $3.95 Maple Rockers Wilh Arms, Well HniU $1.95 Card Tables (Joocl Slrnnif Onos $1.35 Bed Room Suites l-l'iccc Iteilrnmu Suites, four good lookin.s; styles from which lo select. .75 Dining Room Suites fl-Pieco Dirint; Uoom Suites of genuine Walnut. ;in exccplioiuilly fine h;irsain Living Room Suites :i-!'icco OverslulYi-il Living Rnnm Suites, H<>n<l .laai'.Kird (.'phoislcry Cabinet Heaters $7.95 We have a l:ir.(re slnrk of used furniture thill we will take mighty near anything we r;m s;el for i(. Alakc us an offer on what you want. UB8ARD URNITURE CO. Ulydicvillc. Ark.

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