The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1939
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUL,Y 17, 1939 _BLYTimVlLLE, (AUK.) COURIRR NEWS OPPORTUNITY USES THE WANT-ADS-^ 1 —' —i 1 — ~. .^.i ... ^.^^J J - < ^/ u - i ** si CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION l} 1 rate per lliie for coiisecu- llve Insertions: One time per 'line .............. loc Two times per, line', per day ____ One Three limes per line per dny...oGo Ux times per line per day ____ 03i Month rate per line ............ 60o Cards or Thanks... ..... 50c & V5c Minimum charge' EOo Ads ordered for three or clx (lines and stopped before expiration" will be charged for the number of times the add appeared and aajustme'nt of bill made. All Classified, Advertising copy lub'mlUed by persons residing" out- ilde of the city . must lie accom- [lariied'uy casli. Kates may be easily computed from «boye table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Jisertjoiis takes the one tlnie rate. No resppnsibliUy will be taken tor" riibr'e- than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. For Rent Ne'ivly decorated 3' room apartment and 2 bed rooms. E. M Eaton,. 713 Chlckasawba... 17-ck-tt 3 room furnished apartment. 719 Uhickasawba, Mrs. Ramsey Ouii- can. l7-pk-21 2 or 3 nnriirnlshed rooms. Conveniences. Reasonable. 1129 W. Ash. 15-ck-20 .4 room unfurnished (ipartmsnt. Miss EliEC Moore. Call 227-J. 1013 W. Wnlhut. 11-ck-tf . 6 room furnished house, with bath. Will rent to couple without small 'children, n^rden and Orchard. Good Residence, section. Write Box "W", Courier News. " H-ck-21 3' room modern, furnished, apartment. Mrs. Henley, 1315 W. Main. 13-ck-U 5 room house' 006 Ash Street. J: lj. McDowell, phone 19-P-21. 13-ck-lt) Cool, south bedroom,-convenient to bath. 611 W. Main. Call 280. 21-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut. Phoiia 1 102. 15-ck-tt ?pthtp.ctory quality and service In Dairy, products. Cattle free of Bang's Disease, In besl of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Lowery. 902-j, for Ilalsell's Grade A Raw Milk. Cream, Country Butler, Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders, inspection encouraged anytime. Ilalsell's Dairy Promised Land. lioute 1 2 or 3 room furnished .apartment. Newly decorated. 814 Ilcarn. 3-pk-7-3 Morterii 3 room unfurnished apartment. Main and Second. P. Simon, phone T84. ,3-ck-lf Ollice rooms. Sudbiiry Building.,See •i Graltam'' Suctbury.. f . '•'•:'."• '• 2'ill Minnows For Sale Minnows and fishing canes, 300 E. Main. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. ' Coldflsh Minnows 8. F. Brogdbn, 310 liiiugan KINNOWS & COCK KOACIIES £arl Damon. Cor. Railroad * KS Personal Arouse Sluggish Liver, work nrT the bile, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains and that sour, nnrik reeling. Take otic box 01 KIRBY'S .'" ACTIVE LIVER i'lU,8 Mr. nl all Kirb.v Stores. CAN YOU Vou would not slart an ocean vov- age without, life preservers. Good brakes are your "life preservers" when yod drive. Safety Service No. 1 FREE Brake Inspection It costs nothing to KNOW the true condition of your brakes. Drive in for a FREE Inspection. Safety Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A complete aiid thorough Ford ABC Brake Adjustment, including adjustment of Brake Rods $-1.35 or Cables & Hand Brake. 1 (Replacement- part.? not Included) Safely Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and REUNING JOB FORD TASSENGKK CARS Disassemble- entire titakc'syslem- Free up all brake cams— INSTALL 8 NEW BIJAKB SHOES-AdJUSt }, and brake—Adjust brake rods—Lubricate cross shaft —Arijusl ' pedal clearance — noad lest—One arirtilional adjustment, sftsr delivery COAIPLETE INCLUDING LABOR AND >/y95 8 NE\V BRAKE S1IOES " PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Sth & Walnut Phone 810 For Sale USED CARS ably priced. O. E. Mazer, lleiiwm- cigip. MO. i2-pk-i9 PKTCKS SI.ASHKD TO GIVE Clieck Writer. Safeguard Model F. Used only short lime and gowl j new. will sacrifice for 1/3 oilg- Innl jiriccl H. C. Merck; .000 W. Mid il. IS-ck'-ttJ Orist mill and complete blacksmith shop equipment. Reason lied, Dinoc' brood sow willi eight pigs. Charlie Brogdun, Noiili Franklin. l 10-ck-U Gold fish minnows. Day" arid night. E. U Kellh. 416 No. 6lh. 21-pk-7-2'i !J3 K. Kentucky, M-. rooms «'ith bat)). Newly papered and iwlnl- xi. $200 down .riaiyiiient, • remainder to Include principal. Inteiesl, Insurance and l8X»i; payable monthly like rent. Ha^'ey Moirls, plKnc 128 or BOB "' 2j-ck-7-ai My Stucco home and 2 acies lips 5 robins and b'atli. Blocked ,linrd- >'nod floors. Phone 252': or 317. Paul Bvruni. 23-ck-lf Cans for Jug Fishing coiujileto with straps. Giinrnrilccd : Won't leak. 7',{ cents each. Raymond Brooks. Slcele, Mo. 9-pkV-D Notice Fishing License con YOUR" CONVBNIBNCK. WE A HE PniiPAHED TO ISSDK YODK FISITING LICENSE AT OUK STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWAUB CO. I'honc 35 •Dairy Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN Welding EXPERT 15LECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING Drag- line and heavy iveliifng and heavy specially. Barksdale Mfg. Co, I'lione 19 or Hcs, 1019 Washing, Ironing Expert washing ;nnl IroiiliiK, Cheap; Hough diy inut Mulsh, a qulUs $1.00. One (Iny service, Willie Bell Grcvu, bUiliul city l<:e pluut. -. V-pk-8-V Lost YOU'A HAUGAIN CAH OR TRUCK l-'OH THIS L'AU,. Uliiek cocker nunnv. '37 Plymouth Coupe Only $295 '34 Chcv. Coupe Only $98 '34 Cliev. Coach only : $105 '3!> Chev. Coach On,, $149 '37 Chev. Sedan' Only $314 '37 Ford Tudor Only $337 TRUCKS '33 Chcv. 1J Dump Only . Jp /o '36 Ford Pick-Up . Only $137 '35 Chev. Pand only ..-,. 5>1;;8 '37 Ford H Truck .$355 Terms to Suit Yun PHILLIPS . inonllis oM. Reward. Call 615J. HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde Le^is 2 gallon!! of Dnmsim I'linns,, Ap|)l.v Lois llo:per. Courier News. •' Milk Drinker Averages 153 Quarts Annually STATE COU.EGK, 1'a. (UP)-eU you nrc an avcniec Aincrlcnn, \*6u will consume 153 quarts of milk; IV . [icututs of butler; inure ihtai IH'e pounds of chcccse. and too .It 00 with .two gallons of ice uenni this ycnr, ' nccordliig lo I. Ii, Pnik- In, Ilic dnlrj' 'exyerl tit I'cnnsy)- vaiila State College, And to supply tills demand Ain- crknu formers will keep iM.OOQ,- COO cows from which they \lll ie- reivp cne-nilli of Ilielr iolul Incomes, he siild. Parkin's statistics point out Hint il each American over five ycavs old would drink tin extra glass ol milk each day, $51-1.600,000 would be aditcd to the annual inconw cif [annci-j. Kvcry ual>y bam In Kiicliind Is E-.idillw) wtlli n aim of SlOCl) 'for natlDiuil and locnl debts. . J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Crailu;ilu OptiHiio- MA In lilythcvllle. Olnssrs Filled Ciirrtctty "It's iniiyslco lo me how nnylhinjj Mulkd willi liny can bo this " \ Nova Scollii proilin'ttl '^,40(1,000 Ijnircls' of H|>|>les during 10JB, Now I.oiatnl at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAKIIS, ,l'ro|irtctor AH ' Makes u( Hr^'ulll' TypewrlWni, Ailrtlnu M«chlrt«». (nil Cafculatora—Kcpalrliiit—I'urts—Itlblinilj To Present New Star till')—Dcnhq Mcjrrs, tooir as n LONDON 16-jcar-old Vancouver girl will begin her flist season star lullcrhm with the Bullet, ut Covciil Oiudui. iHondc, lull iiiul gincoftil, Dcnlse !ms uoLkcd hnid ut her rjillct laming sinco she \\iis n chl'd, i|oi chnnco , uiicn tho ballet won. e o. lo VuiKoinci sho Joined t)io com- >nny and loilicd eight montlis In Ausdallii She li iiioiul and thrilled ovci PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock' GuHr«nlcc(j BesJ |> r ) c «« Kjrby; Drug Stores PRESCRIPTIONS-— Safe - - Accurate Voui licsulpllon Druggist Fowler Drug Co. M.iln * First !-,,„„„ Garden. covent Rescue C1UND"CANYON, Aril (UP)- Chlct Park Hanger perry Brown juis nwlgncd to one of the odtUrt tasks evei eh en man to perform II wns to icsctic an echo Tourists riporlcd a man ciylng for help Blown need lo Hie scene arid rowid a lourlst silting on a rock liic ri;n jiioutinp Intp NU-WA , Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 ; i ,•-' For Prompt Laundrj J' »nd Cleaning Serrict FRED HARMA'N Only 5th & Walnut I'llOUB 811) For Sale or Trade Suburbiin : grocery and inarket, for sale or trade. Well located, established business. Wrilc Box "P", c/o Courier News. , aa-ck-tl Notice Upholstering and Hefmislilng. M. Toiulin, 214 S. Krsl O-ck-B-O Rooni awl Board Comfortable rooms. Reasonable rales. 803 W. Ash'. Phone 093. '. - 22-ck-t EARTH'S SATELLITE HORIZONTAL 1 Lunar heavenly tody. 511 is seeri at 9 It' 1 revolves from to east. 12 Alligator. 14 To aver. 16 Fixed practice. 17 Nominal. 19 Call for help. 44 Twenty-Jour 21 Otherwise. hours. 23 Elector. 45 Provided. 24 Bill of fare. 47 Whirlwind. 25 Go or, 48 Cotton cloth, (music). 50 Ozone. 26 To ouscrve. 53 Ringlet. 28 Lava. 55 Various 29 Noun ending. allege: that il 30 Praying figure affects heallh 32 Ascot. , and crops. 34 Note in scale. 58 Carmine. SGHalf an em. 59 Short sleep, 37 Tanning pot. 60 Female deer. Answer to Previous F«77lc VERTICAL 2 Visual. 3 Horse food, 4 New York. 5 Artless, 6In. 7 Healthy. „. 8 Russian ruler. 49 Discourteous 9 You and I, 50 Venomous 10 Gaelic. snake. 11 Device for 51 Pronoun, stoning fruit. 52 To free. 13 Mountain. 51 Finishes, 15 Senior. SGBcam. 33 Father. 61 Beasts' home, 16 ft around 57 To 'pull along 41 Portion of a 63 Diplomatic the earth In 58 Right. curved line. agreement. about a 62 Compass 43 Print measure 64 Marine fish. month. point. Hmitli Bur v^iuTSAVE- rrsEfn.E Af VJAtE. DAMPED •You RlSKEC = -1~O£ MINE __ FAIR ENOUGH, MORGArJ, 9UT USE TH' VJAItf?— I'M HEAOIN FGR OLD MEXICO Tb V1E.I.P A CAPtU(JE OAUGltfER vfton BEING 'DRAGGED -WE I'VE.'BONE.' ' A Hrfikc'tv 1'rnmisc BY V. T/ HAULIA ALLEY OOP'S LAST JUMP IM H!5 LOMG SEARCH FOR OOOLft WHEN •~~ OKW,.. GIVE VOU'A H/XND P6 SOOM AS r-CAN GET DOWN FROM GOUV, HE DON'T MOVE,' ME MUST BE HURf! WELL, IN THAT, CASE-- \N1) HER BUDDIES EDGAR MARTJPJ V.OOK. OOT! \VAHII TUIJHS VE$,SIREE'; GENTLEMEN" WELCOME TO'HiPFA-HUU AMP TOE 60LPEN PALACE HOTEL. HERE, BOV6.LIVELV! FETCH THE GENTLEMEN'S 1RUNK I He's Coins to Fiml Out BY ROY CRAf{B w STARS: WHAT \AWI-AIRCRAFT VOU GOT IN THERE,! GUNS. /"WE CAME ANY WAV? i\EYT THEY GOT SUMPIM )of- COURSED THEVHM&L BUT. VCU DONT HfkPfA BUS] RIGHT OUT W *''" ''•""" POIVN FOR TH'&ROU5E SHOOTING NOBODY TO KHbw ABOUT VOU CUBBER HEADEP N1MMV OkAV.OKAY,' BUT VOL) CAN) 8ETCHA. LIFE ONONETftlNS- THEV WC»JT K«P It A SECRET t FER IONS FKKCKLES AND;HIS 1'IUIiNDS Nubbin's -No ,1'ikcr WE'RE X^BOUT GAS A&MM WHATiL WE I L GOT. BUY IT -/MONEY--— WITH— /THEM FOIXS PAMTS / UR'- AT BUTTONS? /BES6F5.T ir our ON-THE iy. MB' S»••**.-.-/-?\ WH6XJ i. WA'S A NOISE "• LIK& ONE p' THOSE- TMERE. NICKEL .SLOT ' MlTTIM' 7H' JACKPoT I TH' POLKS GOT TK- IMITATED A ' , MACHINE/ ,, ED, Me WITH NICKELS c . 18 Musical note. 20 On its — ^ •arc litany depressions (Pi.). 22 Domcslic slave. 24 Kind o£ ?.V And. M While. 31W6rli of 33 Dal a. 35 Sprite. 38 Diverlcr. 39 Evident. 40 One that pities. 42Divesl5 of barh. «To fish. 46 Awtiy.

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