Morning Register from Eugene, Oregon on October 22, 1916 · Page 6
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Morning Register from Eugene, Oregon · Page 6

Eugene, Oregon
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 22, 1916
Page 6
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; ; ' s ' tlX THE MORNING REGISTER. SUNDAY. OCTOBER aa, KBNEE TOO " nn. mm Well Balanced Nebraskans Outclass Oregon Opponents AOOIES MAKE ONLY SCORE WHEN CALET DBOPS BALL. In the Last Period Reaxdon Fumbles Bill Within One Foot of Nebraska's OoaL FOOTBALL OUTLOOK IS B EIGHT Springfield High Expect Good Season This Year. PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 21. By mak ing gains when gains meant goals, the University of Aebrasha a well-balanced football team defeated the eleven of the Oregon Agricultural college here today, 17 to 7. From the kiekoff to the final whistle, plays of the most spectacular kind kept the spectators en their feet. In every department of the game the lornhuskers played slightly better football than their opponents. There wero few fumbles, but most of these that occurred were costly. In the second period Nebraska worked the ball to within a few feet of the goal. Then, as Caley started across on a line plunge, the ball bounced from his hands. Conn, the : speedy Pasadena boy, playing halfback for the Aggies, caught it on the fly, and from behind his own goal line zigzagged his way past tackling opponents in a 100-yard dash down the length of the field to a touchdown. He also kicked goal. . In the last period Hubbard, of the -Aggies, recovered a tumbled punt and earned the ball to Nebraska's 10-yard line. iui one root irom Nebraska' goal line and with only one down, the Aggies lost the. ball on a fumble by Aearuon. - . The playing of Caley, Biddell and Dobson in the back field, and Corey at right end for Nebraska, stood out prominently in both the offensive and defensive. Uoaa was the one bright -star on the Aggie team. The Aggies were o at classed in" the panting end of Nebraska. - O. A. C. Uorey (eapt.), r. e.. ..Qili, r. e. osair, r. I....... ....JsleJieil, T. X. "'"t g...... ...naiKer, r. Moser. e..... SdrA. Kositzky, I. e. G. Bnsch. 1. a. Bhodcs, 1. t.... Brooke, 1. t, Gardiner, 1. e. Bissett (capt.), h e. vrney, q Koardon, q. Hidden, r. h .Conn, r. h. iiobson. i. n B. Anderson. 1. h Otoopahk, f. .....'..Newman, f. score by quarters: Nebraska . 7 0 0 10 17 Aggies 0 7 0 0 7 Officials: George Varnell, Spokane, jcieieej owmey isoncsKe, Michigan; "'"F'i vn a. " rensteimaciii Princeton, field judge; J. Frederick Bohler, Washington State college, head ouDstitutos: - - University of Nebraska, Cameron for Bhodes, Cook for Caley, Norris for Moser, Caley for Cook, Bhodes for Norris, Doyle for Dobson. Oregon, A. Anderson for waiKer, Hubbard for Gill, Moist for Bissett, Williams for A. Anderson, Bose Scores: UniverHifv nf v.i-n Corey, one place kick and two goal kicks; Caley, two touchdowns. Oregon Aggies, Conn, one touchdown and one gum muk. Final score: Nebraska 17, Oregon Aggies 7. ... " lime of quarters (ReaMer Lsna County Special) SPRINGFIELD, Grp., Oft. 21. Not withstanding the defeat of the local high school football team at the hands or the second team of the hugene high school yesterday, the outlook is bright for a good year in this line. So far the line-up is: Bcnre. Quart er back; Woolley, full back; Kester. left tackle; Cotton, center; Lester Hill, ngnt Halt; Bryan, right end; McKav, right tackle; Granuv, left cuard. The subs arc: Rodcnbo, Dimm, Gossler and Male.. . - EUGENE TOO LIGHT FOR BP IN 1 NEW Downs Chicago by Score of ; 10 to Nothing HASKELL INDIANS GIVE WISCONSIN LIVELY TUSSLE. Navy, by Getting the Breaks of Luck, Scores Victory from West Virginia. 15 minutes each. 8mith'i Picture Framing. . 65 East Ninth Ave. 10-17-tf RY PORTER " ' - I Local Team Defeated Sixteen to Nothing Yesterday Inability to smother the heavy line smashes of the Corrallis backs and a lack of sufficient speed to counteract the greater weieht of their opponents. together with the opposition of the little god, Luck, -are the reasons for the 16-0 defeat of Eueene hieh school on Sincaid field yesterdav afternoon. Outweighed approximately 15 pounds to the man, Eugene was unable to drive her backs through the advance strin? of the visitors' squad for consistent gains, while the Corvallis team, although showine no treat flashes of bril liancy, was ever able to dissect the Eu gene defense for frequent yardage. Both Teams Fumble. Both teams nlaved vorv poor foot. ball throughout, fumbles occurring fre quently. In the first few minutes of play Corvallis worked her way to Eugene's 13-yard line and registered her nr wree pomis Dy a neatly executed field goal. In the second quarter the Eugene line tightened up greatly, but Corvallis,. by quicKiy executed series or line pune- lures ana en a runs, scored touch down. Engene broke up the visitors ; attempt to kick goal. Again in this quarter uorvailis reached Eugene's 20-yard line, but here, the local string UCJU. . f - j i , Score at end of first half : ' 9, Eugene 0. " ' ' The feature- of the last half was a touehback by Corvallis, a result of Corvallis' left tackle blocking Encreno'a attempted punt from behind the goal posts. The remainder of the half was mostly a see-sawine to and fro An 'the gridiron, punting on both sides being freqnent with the greater gains being to the credit of the Corvallis punter. jucorn wins unrein. Punk" Alcorn.. Corvallis fnllWV must needs step forth to "receive the lunula as muiviuuai star lor tne visitors, while. Paul Scaiefe. Prince oun ana uraacnDurg were the main ob jects or ine-nowis from the Eugene rooters. The lineup: i Corvallis. fnno T? In! 1 1 . n. .? . ' ..,,., u, e nrreli, J. e. CHICAGO, Oct. 21. Playing a sparkling game, Northwestern univer sity sprung one of the bigges surprises Kochestor 14, Buffalo 2 in the "bin nine" football champion-1 it u..u: i.k..' 14. Norwich 6. At tit. Paul North Dakota Aggies 14, llamlin 14. University of Denver 7, University of Colorado 0. At Pittsburg Caruegio 27. Allc gneny 0. At Urbana Illinois 0, Ohio Stato 7. At New Pork New York university 0, Weslevau 14. At Springfield, Mass. Spriugfield i. il. J. A. Training school 'M, Am herst 0. At New York Fordhaiu 47, Susquc hanna 0. At Now York Columbia 0, Union 3. At iiruuswick. Jle. Colby 14. Bow doin Q. At Carlisle, Pa. Dickinson 3, Ursinus 0. At Williamstown, Mass. Brown 20, 11 llliaiubiowu U. At Washiugtou, Pa. Washington aua jeiierson la, Westminster U. At Lancaster, Pa. Swarthmora 6, Franklin and Marshall 0. At Rochester, X. Y. Univorsity of pig nine" loot Mil cnampion-l At n,. n ; m ik.. snip raco wuaj uv ueiuaimg Loicngo Gettysburg 27, ju to u. "was .ortnwestern s first At Ann Arbor Michigan 9, coll, left half of the Evanston team, was the star of the game. Hopkins 0, M. Costly Victory for Wisconsin. MADISON, Wis., Oct. 21. Wiscon sin won a costly victory from Haskell today, 13 to 0. In a plunge late in the final period, Eber Simpson, the star Badger baliback, was thrown hard and received a severe injury to his left knee. He will be out of the Chicago game. Haskell surprised Wisconsin and the Badgers were forced to play their hardest to win a game featured by long nJ t: ...Li:.. A. C. 0, St. Louis Drake 13, Washington 0. At Columbia, iio. Missouri 0, Ames 0. ; Western Football. At Albany, Ore. Willamette university 26, Albany college 7. At Los Auuelcs University nf Southern California 12, University of At Berkeley Uiiversity of Califor- : c - i ... , . um nvsuuieu dt, Aevaua u. 'HP JORDAN WIDELY KNOWN BY BOXING FANS More Than Eighty Years Old at Time of Death SACRAMENTO AND SAN JOAQUIN VALLEYS TEEM WITH GAME. Early Showing of Brooklyn Team in World Series Gave Supporters Hope. Navy Gets Lucky Breaks. ANNAPOLIS, M. D., Oct. 21. Again taking quick advantage of the breaks of luck, Navy in the final moments of play this afternoon won a 12 to 7 victory from West Virginia. - A penalty for slugging and a recovered punt put Navy within striking distance for their final tally A forward pass landed the ball on the one- yard -line from where it was carried over. . . LDS ANGELES WINNER OF COAST LEAGUE FLAG Vernon Out of Running by Defeat of Yesterday PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE. Gophers Defeat South Dakota. 1 Los AngeieT P.O. .605 .658 .500 .497 .496 .350 W. L. UIVVPIBOIICI -.-. o, 0....1 ' ICC HO lo kota university proved no majcb. for San Francisco . '. "" 99 99 the University of Minnesota and th Portland "' 91 92 Gophers rolled up a score of 81 to 0 Salt Lake 93 95 in today's game, which was played on Oakland-.......:..... 70130 a heavy field. At no time was the iuinneseta goat in daiger. A feature LOS ANGELES, Cal., Oct. 21. a a urns mrwaru pass in tne second rortianol aereated Ln Anwolo. fl i n period which Baston received and raced today, the Angels slacking up when the jua iw luuciiuuwn. 1 ovuiu ot tne game at can .Francisco showed Vernon defentprl hv Dukinn YvyuuiuiK xin-iuv wins. sua r-ortiana scored m-n nma in tho i.OdAN, Utah. Oct. 21. After boo. eighth. Sothoron's effcctiv niti.hln inn luu. k..(n. .1. - 1 - anil V '.. . i... 1 . . 6 ulu uuicu tuxco times tnis vear. i w auKUU 9 iwu iriuies were tne rea- the University of Wyoming scored I tures. - it. IT J. ... . P .1 . .1 Tkn n n . it. a. t. .... 6 9 0 5 and Boche; May, 1. t McBride, 1. ir. . . . Balson, c...... . Phillips, r. g.... Broders, r. t.... McFadden, r. e.. JJriggs, I. h., C. Campbell. 1. t. .J. Campbell, 1. g. Franz, c. ...Bradway, r. g. ....Callison, r. t. Hoffer, r. e. . ..Newman 1 h Icorn. f Foster, f.' uiassiora, r. n. Bradenburg, r. h Watson, q Scaiefe. a Substitutes Copple for Briggs, Cor- Beferee-John Bull. its first victory of the season, defeat ing tne uian Assies za to la n i hard-fought game. Trinity Beaten my Armv. -i WEST POINT, N. Y., Oct. 21. Trinity was badly beaten by the Army today, the cadets rolling up a score of CO A A i i ii. ... - . ..-:.v..... The score- Portland Los Angeles catteries: Sothoron Standridge and gassier. Oakland Dashes Vernon's Rones. SAN FKANCISCO. Oct. 21 O.kland at to u aeainst the Hart.fnril enlloninno continued tne week's rout nf Vnnnn The West Pointers used an entire sub here today by talcing its fifth straight icaui at tne outset, out the last two 8 um "IB runners-up in the pen- t of the .m race 0 10 z- incidentally, by los . . Iinor fnlnv'a noma' T.. 1 l i. .1 IN THE ROPED ARENA. CANDIDATE FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER ON THE DEMOCRATIC TICKET. . .1 stand for a common-sense ad-ministhatton of county business want a dollar's value for every dol-ar spent and if elected will see to Jt that the taxpayers receive this. I want an economical administration of county affairs and if elected will do my uttermost to see that this condition prevails regardless of politics. ; I reside near Walker, Cire., and have for 38 years. I am a farmer ; and ; have made a study of the road question. . I favor nJi Ala- trict having its allotcd amount of iuau money,. 11 elected will exert my best efforts to see tli at oil parts of. the county receive fair ucoiiiiuiu at ne nands of the County Court. , R F.N FRO W Y. PORTFR Southern California papers are rnfor. ring io ncinie urcnard as a second Battling Nelson because of his sensational knockout o Jack Whit. Tf ni,..,i should turn out to bo a great fighter Hcinie Miller would have th ln.,,,1, ' all the fans of San Francisco. Miller rcniainea ioyai to Orchard when everybody else around here was about con vinccu mat urcnard couldn 't fight. When Jess Willard wna in Ran Prn Cisco last week, somo one asked him if no rcmemnercrt Jiis 20-round fight with """ oiuiiu. - x snoum say 1 do," replied Jess. .."I guess I was the last guuu man tne-uunner ever whipped." We hear that Johnnv Dundee nn,i ns. wife, who were going to be divorced a while back, have patched up all their u ma are traveling around to- 6"" uipy as widgeon ducks. Harry Pollok editors that if Charley White docs not cease assailing Referee Billy Boche for ... uecision no gave J-'reddie Welsh at Colorado Springs he will fight White himself. Pollok states that if White ti ri bCCn fcowardIy anl h""g back i iS . i 8 Decn 8 better one ..u i iih woum nave beaten him far ther than ho did. Jack Bntton has signed to swap punches with Young Philadelphia Jack O'Brien In New York October 24. ' WILL PLAY SOCCER HERE obboon AND MULTNOMAH "" vjjAsn o TURKEY DAY, While, the fnnthnll taom. A r.. and Ifultnomah club are playing the an-nual Thanksgiving game in Portland, -v. .van. irom tne two lnstitn tions will bo :clnsh:nir in Kimono Coach Colin .V. Dvmonf nf fhn n. gon team has just scheduled two soc- K...cii wun tne clubmen. Tho second one is to bo nlaved nftr ti,.-i.. giving in Portland. fleTT12 2? mon ,,nve K P'""-tiemg for tho Inst two weeks. Only n few of last year's men are trying for V"y??r f new material Herbert Hcywood formerly of promi,i;g.UmVer8,ty' meat the "'O'1 aTt l1110 iard t0 b0Mt 4"e stock of ter .1.! "b".t.8" 1 reat h," 'er llm miserable showing ho . made Kainst the liod Sox pitohc?,, . periods were nlaved with varsity men in the lineup. Oliphant P?8 today's gamej Vernon lost her last starred for the cadets, nenrincr fnr chance for the championship. Los An- touchdowns and kickine four coals. geles clinching the bunting. ,1 The score . B. H. E. Princeton Drubs Lafayette. i : v 2 1 1 PRINCETON. N. .T.. rvf oi ti,. Oakland 512 Princeton football team disposed nf f8"?."6!.1 E: Johnson, Hess and V bv the score nf cum'u,'i Jrroun an vaaa- Lafayette here today by the score of I 33 to 0. Coach John Rush rushed in a iriug qi suostitutes in the last two penuus. Steen Get Hard Bumping. SALT LAKE CITY, r Oct. 21. Salt Lake hit Steen and Couch hard today Colorado College Easy winner. KZ 7' . '. 7 aneI maUe to tho Behool i " ai " ZT 5"" f " 2 6 2 fe ..f- V Couch and' Sepul chances n nf... . " "V """' "lery an "annan. Tigers scored in every period. In the first Davis caught a Mines punt on his 40-yard line and ran thrnnirh , entire team for a touchdown. SOME BASEBALL DOPE. The Cards have been lucky in finding high-class infieldors in an uniisiifLl man. Hanr&mf RmMVaM a 1 I ner. Vnnr, ann TJ..1 CAMBRIDGE. MaHR.. Hpf 91 tr. I Slated to nlav short nnn nensnn anj in. vard piled up 47 points against Massa- iUTe? nis arm i" fho training camp. Im- Aggies touay ana asily kept """""y a rooKio named Arnold Hau-tho visitors from scoring. Ki.;n,. sor stepped out and annnnneeil that h standing tho big total tally, Harvard's waB a shortstop And he was some wruvcu verv rnnoerl nQaA isuortstoD. liornsnv wna riiBenvnrn in again gave a brilliant exhiMHnn f a similar manner when flnrhnn fn neia running, but his long gains aown' wore rlim nl.inn.. . . ? I Vi. r .u ins speea ana use SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 21. Aside from n champion pugilist, probably 110 man who had anything to do with the ring. was better known to the boxing fraternity of this country than tho vet eran announcer, "Hilly" Jordan, who died recently at theVetoruus' homo in Vouutville, Cal. Jordnn was more than 80 years old at tho timo of his death ami fur nearly nair a century no nau acted in tno cu pacity of announcer at virtually ovory 1 1st 10 battio or proinlnenco up ami down tho Pacific coast. Ho was con sidered au attraction by promoters who sought his services and ho bad trav clod thousands of miles in tho course of fulfilling these engagements. The Inst bout of world-wide interest at which he officiated was in Beno, when Jeffries and Johnson fought for tho henvy-weight title. It was noticed at tln'it time that Jordan was failing and his voice, which, in his prime, revcrbrated to every corner of tho largest arenu, had become woaker. Whilo promoters of all kinds sought to obtain the services of Jordan, the old man would not consent to act except at bouts of importance. He was as jealous of his rcputntoin ns a premier announcer as any cbampiouship pugilist of his title or operatic singer of bis art. It was Jordan's custom to make his announcements first from oue side of tne ring and thon from the other that the entire crowd would hear what he had to say. The remarkable fea ture of this was that in reiterating his announcement it was wordod exactly as nau oeen tne nrst one, whatever its engtn mignt be. His soubriquet of "Let 'or co Billy Jordan came from tho fact that it wi his never failing signal for the time keeper to sound the corn; for tho open ing ui nusiuiiies. Beports that come in from virtually an sections or tne coast of Californ: as well as the Sacramento and Sa Joaquin valleys and the Shasta region are to tne etrcct tnat ducks, quail and .uvuiia am uuuoutW.y - 1VUUU1UI tni year and that tho prospects of a ban ner bunting Bcason never seemed brighter. t , . ( . - v What applies to California in this respect may be said to bo general, not only in the Northwest, but in the Kocky mountain region as well, where nuntsmcn are reported getting exceed Buusiuvtory oags. wnne tno quality of both huntino- 4:-..; : . .. ... . 17 uua xinuiug is constantly variable, de pending on many conditions, it la iren. erally conceded that tho generally unort i uumiua is uuo in great measure to the constantly improved precautions which are being taken for we preservation ot wild uamo am f ah and the enforcement of the came laws A constant effort is being made by the fish and game commission of the oittercnt states to employ came war. ubiis ot mgn typo, in wmch spocial attention is being paid to their mental fitness. This fact is often alluded to n tne various reports issued bv these commissions and the results obtained apparently justify the particular caro. reports oi tne tisnintr bavo not linen as generally satistactory, although cor tain sections of the Western states nave proved up well for tho anglers. Cold weather generally is ascribed as oeing tne cause for a lot of the indif- ierent tishing. .f 'l!e, "'""g11-"1. as he received lit- no uuip ii-oni nis interference., Im"fl' Wins for Penney. PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 21. 1 Howard If you have to be a professional tncre s notning like getting the dough. Jim Thorpo asked Pine Village $100 a .ui x,ia services recently in a loot-ball engagement. . When the villao- o captured the baso steal 1 Mff hnn. nrm miik AO wis. -Tim to mens. Berry tho pentathlon champion, -just balked Jim served notice that he would ho spent three months in th no;t guard, played sensational football on Ban Johnson is being patted on tho Franklin field today and carried tho back for his shrewdness in allowing tho r"",""'; l Pennsylvania to a 15 to a, ul Jrls opeancr to tne lndinns to 0 victory over Pennsylvania - State. th-ogli last .; spring. With Speaker ,'fi i"J""g at iunoack, scored 12 lua Juu' lnB Kca Bx would have won rmi.-iwo nciu goals and a touch- loe lmB la down, and waa then . .u- !i d ,lOCI,UBo of an injury. Be' Becker of Kansas City wns tho v....K run so nign in the third po- n mo American association nod that at least two of the players ,,'8 ycar with an average of .343. Jim 8". miu it list Ilgnt. 1 ' "wrjn Montana Trounces SPOKANE. Wash.. Oft 01 n When Marauani weighinff their rivals 12 nonnrla'fA hn pitcher of the two world Series iramna man, the University of Montana was imPly Intended that ho should smothered Oonzaga university hero this p,t"n tho fir' P?1 ' each contest on V n r annual iootball game " ? was Powerful, big, well- , ,. . . uamncea team, against a fast, hard- "allor Johnaon. only pitched 48 x.guting ngnt team, with tho weight ST1?8, .l oor Walter, he can be an aw-counting in tho rosult. 6 ful loafer when he wants. Additional Football I Or over Alcxand er aal1 hn tnt anmA . At Worcoator, Mbbs. Stovens Insti- b,hinR, comi"g into his eyes when Jack tuto 6, Worcoster Technical 0. Coombs, the C.olby"Koh-I.Noor," sig- m i V . 'V0"' it. Colgate 33, Rhode Island 0. ' At Louisville University . of Chat- a. ii' L"uvt'r""y or iioillsville 8. nailed to be taken out of the box. was sucn a big thing to do. It Jllst how oi-Onr. a nliih tha IJn.l a At Alliauco, Ohio Case 12, Mount I? was demonstrated by the gnmes of Union 0. At Mcdford. Mnaa Tnfta 15 n ton Collcgo 0. , At Jowa City Iowa 24, Purdue 6. ' At LOS Anirelea Whlttln. ll on Arizona iinlt.nt..U m ' vAt -0l?."d ork"' N. D.-North Da kota 7, Mac A ester 0. At Durham, N, 11. Npw, Ugmptkire, the world series with Trls Speaker left Villi MEB8ENOEB aaBVICl. POB QUICK DELIVEBY of packages parcels and notes, call the Hut) Messenger. Country calls mneeltl at tseMgOi Ffcoae 402, t Notwithstanding the fact tfci.t the jjoaion Americana worn nnmnnn.j favorites over tho Brooklyn Nationals to win tho world's baseball championship, reports from .up and down tho coast inaicata tftat never have ..,-!, large crowds watched the hn lotin. played by tho newspapers. Brooklyn's sensational finish In tho ninth inning of the first gamo, when they all but tied tho SCOre. fnllnwn.l by a stiff argument they put up In tho octuuu gnuiu, nau mucn to do with this, "If the Dodgers can make it un comfortable for Boston on tho lattor's own grounds, what will they do when they get them on the Brooklyn yardf " was the trend of tho crowd 's argument n...un uven mo annorcnts of the Bostonians conceded thero miirht i, ovum merit. Thou followed Brooklyn'. vlnin. i the third game, which carried the In. torest over to the fourth contest. When Boston took this, it wns generally conceded that it was nil i,... .1.. 9J.UUtlUg. For a one-sided series, however, tho trend of circumstances managed to keep up the intorost of the public for 1 V V B 0 games to au un usual extent. . SALEM AND EUGENE PLAY ANNUA! FOOTBALL CAME TO BE xMuvxiii XHOVEMBEB II, Eugene and Salem nln i,i. .m play their annual footbaH gamo in the capital city Saturday, November 11. and tho local students oxneet. t r..n an excursion for tho occasion. inu excursion will leave the S. P ejiot in Eiisenn at 7-.K1 a n. .1...' dny nnd return to Kmrenn in'th. ning. It will arrive in Salem at 0;30 a. 111. The Salem students lmvo promised to meet the exeursionists with a brass band and a big turnout of stu- ic. ; Thlvi,,',lfirs wl" be shown the Btato buildings, such as the capltol, penitentiary and asylum, during tho forenoon, nnd tho gamo Is expected to begin gt 2;30 in the .ftctnoon. 1 ' The Very tiai'Latet Fal1 Styles are Shown Here Direct from New York. Priestly 2-Bone Lids. Why Pay More. THE HaWdASHER Men's Outfitters The Store That Sella $17 Suits With Two Pair of Pants WILLOUGHBV & BANGS 713 WILLAMETTE STREET BANTAMS 10 BOX FOR WOULD TITLE IT OM Mike Gibbons Offered a Match in December CHABLIE WHITE EXPECTED TO ENGAGE IN THBEE FIGHTS. Strange the Hold Ad Wolgaet Ha on 1 Patrons of the Boxing Game. Denver will bo the scene of a number of important fistio events this winter. Word comes from thero that Jack Kanner, backed by Denver businoss men, 'is arranging for an elimination' tournament among tho bantamweights wun run Williams, Kid Jlcrmau, Johnny Ertlo, Benny Chavez and two or three others as contestants. Kanner has also wired Mike Gibbons an offer to box in Denver during December, if Miko does not care to ac cept tho offer himself, he is privileged to consiuer it in benuir 01 his brother Tom. Kanner is figuring, too, on bringing "red Pulton to Donver for a go at told 1110 that you got paid on the first and fifteenth, you embezzler. Judge Joo Bonds, tho heavyweight of Jack ivearns, and Johnny Kilbano to meet Johnny Dundee. In addition to all this ho is negotiating with Charlio Whito to come to Denver for three fiirhts. each of 20 rounds to a decision, Denvor being uuu 01 mo two or tnrco important cities in the United States whero contests of that kind are permitted. Kanner has been nromntinir fli.1,f for the last four years, and by straightforward business methods has gained eminence for himself and put Denvor on the map as a boxing center. .. It is remarkable what a hold Ad wl. gnst nas on tno puDlic. There is not a man wno keeps posted on tho boxing gamo who doesn't know that vni is all inj Larney Lichtonstein, his man ager, Knows 11; woigast himself knows it, and yet there isn't a day thai- wi. gust uoes not get a telegram or two offering him matches. Sometimes he gets He is whinncd bv Until!,,,, -v:i. San Diego. This battlinir Nick. n sons who have seen him in action say is tho bummest fighter that ever horn- ra into a main event in southern California. About all he d ing is stand in the center of tho Hue and mnlto faces. 8 Whether the faces Nick made at Wolgast entitled him tn thn or whether Wolgast is a poorer fightc than Nick, who is a Mexican, the fact romains that Wolirnat in.t 1 . withstanding ho boards tho next train out of San Diego to fill two or thro" ring engagements in the northwest. - Some say people like to soo Wolgast because the public wants to see an ex-l world's chamnion. If n in .t.i, r.t..u. "v ' 'g Frank Erne.""0' vi8" "1 The quick, safe and reliable roofing material Especially desirable In the country or where there is no water system, because Durable Roofing IS PRACTICALLY FIRE PROOF It I flood rooflnff and rflves (plenum satisfaction becausa It is made right Free samples and Utcratur CET IT OF YOUR DE ALER.OR WRITE . USPIRECT. Durable Roofing Mfg. Co. Portland, Ore. For sale by - : Sold and Guaranteed by 4 ELMIRA LUMBER CO. . Fourth and Pearl Sts. x. w. cmith et nr in n 1? -c : UX-West Olmrter ? ?L t " i ' B S7 Ril..ll.n DlOCK Joh.Mo.WRfc aL to Pl j t... ulB "lock , M Larmel addition n ., ' William B. Powell et iix to E. L Olios rart of lota a. it vi. . T nlllsorri, addition to Km, Ij. Hi Lonir to n. B iwi Walter , E. Dver tn ni..i ' ... .. una company Ut 21, block 8 Tl Urmel addition to Glenada ' U Meeker Didn't T oi,... 2ny chock the"t Mrs. Mcokeri Yes: but v ...... 2 Drainage It may not be necessary to drain all the farms in Lane countyyyct a majority of them, .'-.would ; be Rreatly ..benefited by a thorough system of open and tile drainage. As well', ;, attempt - to grow crops on hot deserts as attempt to -grow them with wet feet. We have money to loan to responsible farmers for drainage purposes. . THE firstNationalBank Eugene Oreeon Moisturp for crops, but , moisture overdone undoes.' - itvvur

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