Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 2, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1896
Page 6
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_ THE GREAT SQUIpMERICM BALSAM I It clears the head of foul mucous; heals the uorca and ulcers of the head -and throat; sweetens the breath, sad perfectly restores ;he senses of the taste, smell and"^ hearing. 5tops teadac.be and dropping 1 into the tLroat. Also destroys the germ wbich. causes HAY FEVER, making a perfect cure in a few days. Never fails! No fatal case of T,A GRIPPE ever knows, yhere Brazilian BaliL ''s 'faithluJIv used, it destroys the grippe gens and quickly removes all the after bad effect. N FA LLIB LE in ASTHMA, CROUP, BRON- cniTis,Fi.3Suiiisv. PNRUMOMIA, IJVSPEPSIA, EHEUMATISIT, TYPUOID and SCAPI.E* FEV.KK, MEASLES, and any disease -where there is Inflanimation, 1'evcr or CocgesHon. Greatest rilief in Consuir-^tion cve.t discovered. —, v-—Cures a Fresh Cold in onn dav. stopt -;~ i.-, - ; - nri'mucs. btops.rlnumB lu tlia hcs.il and relieves taifncss. Asnu'lnlcctloil !toramabo in Iem»lo troubles. For ontwnril use lie.ils Cuts, Sores anrtliiinis like rauclc. J?re Mfeuwlock-'awrrom wouaas. QUICK CURE FOR CONSTIPATION AND PILES. " L "" - 111 ills Hea«t,a Power is Almost Miraculous. The Bsst Family Medicine In Exlstcnso, {Meat Boitla contaius iOO Doses, or- Two Weefcs Treatmojit for Catarri ir.oa BOTTLE EQUALS THREE BOO, BOTTLES. 1-OffiE TESTIIWONEALS: "J/MziiJ?u 3a!s cured .me of inveterate-catarrh which I had for over 20 year.* /tt'is the inOjt wonderful triumph of medical science."— Gen.J. faritc Postlss. '•!& sroi!p., cold and the worst form of gripp we have fb^i 3 E'.'azilian B: Jm icvnluable * —Jar. IV. S. Booths, D. D., Pastor Del. Ave. £ap. Ch. "Mrs Lore has used the LOOKS DUBIOUS. Harrity Fearful That Democratic Convention Will Be for' Silver, THE BUCKET SHOP. Kentucky Elects Majority of Silver Delegates—Address Issued to Silver Men—Bolt in Ohio. Chicago, June 1. — A meeting'of the subcommittee of the democratic national commilvee was held at the Auditorium Annex Monday afternoon for the purpose of receiving from .the local eominitt.ee $11,000,' the balance ct' the $-10,000 pledged by Chicago to secure the convention in this eity, and arranging' the details pi' the coming convention. To a reporter Chairman Harrity said that if a silver plauk wa.s put in the platform he would ncccptit as the will of a majority of the 'party, and he would stand by it, llari'Ity's Hopes Kuiluced. "It la my belief," he continued, "that the cr.UrGitologa.llan from Pennsylvania will do the same, All the ti.ll: that has boon indulged to tlift eft'cut iliat tlie honest iniifioy majority oC the mulonu.!' corr.mitL.M will exercise Us uowcr to unseat c'.clc&uloiis 1« out CH' r plac-'0. 1 sLill liO]H ; : iu:U believe that there u'ill bo a. majority ot' soui.d money ddeyittc-s In. the convection, but ] am ready to admit that tho sllvtr sweep In Kentucky chantey nxtttsrs arul K'd'.iL-jis t;>y hopea. It will Illa-ly havii- some cft'ott u?on the states that have not yet spok-.-.i in i'uvor of ihu white- mutal." KENTUCKY roil S.I1.\'K14. icrippled up with rhewratistn, could not ge'_ my Land' to my lieod, aessi bottles of Brazilian Balm in si-;: months. Am now entirely eir I took ten 5<> ely cnred. r.nd as Him- e.-!S.T was at forty,"— A--ISW B;irrstt, cged S.f. A lady in Cincinnati v/as as ii^eclTvitli osthroa that during the v/inter for seventeen years sbe was unable t>5 slre.~ lying down, was er,tirely and penuaeintly r irod vnth Brazilian Balm. SCW..Q KY ALL. Dnu3s:fST'S a £• JA^i/cnM f r«n PI i j n i AIUO 3SAL.ZHS. o. r. jALabuN & i/U., Clsveland, 0, J"t>r sale by the following druggists.-' i:. F. Koesllug, general ageDt; Ben JTfelier, Johnson Bros., VT. II. Brkigbur st, G. W. Hoffman. D. E. Pryor, Q. A Moras, H. D. Hnttery and A. E. KisHer. Fi-co Culniiiio A(lvucuU.-.s KUict a Mujoi-lty or Ucli'^-atoh, LouiKViilE:, Ky., June l.—Frce silver carried Ilia state of Kentucky Saturday in the democratic county primaries by a good-sized majority. The con- \entioi;s were ealled In .select delegates to the democratic and district conventions., which meet at Lexington June .':. Wherever fi'ec silver was indorsed resolutions were adopted declaring United States Senator Joseph .Blackburn to be the democratic nominee fov reelection as United States senator. .Many counties reftisi'd to indorse Carlisle for the presidency, HUi'W. i \VouHi" Who U':uitc;l Liirfto Lots of liuckaia. IJut No Grain, *A woll-l*nown cit.i/.eu who resides in Northwest \V:ishir.gLoiu is u patron of a cu'rtai:] bucket shop,'says Uie Wash- ing-tun rtl;i,r. Ills wife was informed of thu ('act rind accused him of it with so much direc MICKS that he could not deny it. "You mmli; SUQCI on bucket:; in some shop, didn't you?" she demanded to know. "Certainly, dear. You sc-e tbe war in Cuba- creates :i great deinimd for buckets, and there is a place whe.ro you can give yoi:r orders n.nd sell thciu again at u jirotil." Nothing more was said, but the wife concluded to make some money on. brockets and uot let her husband know it. In some way she learned the location oj: the.bucket, shop, and going down town told wh.o she wa.s. ii-nS sa.id: "I wan.it Sll'O'-.vorth of buckets. The same* kind my husband bought." "It is a Ijttic risSy to-day, madam," said the proprietor, who did not- want to explain the operations of tho place. "I don't care." :-ho urged. "Here's the Tnojmy. I'll come after'the buckets to-morrow." The- next day -she appeared and was informed l.ha.1, the- bucl-eli; bad. been J boufjlit and sold at 5100 advance, but that the supply was <.'xha.u,su.'t! and they were going into Ihe- wh-eut and cor-n business until'more could be manufacture^.'. "I don't want a,uy wlieal or c-oi'D,j' she said; "but: ain't i.t ir.cn.ii. 1 caai't buy any more buckets'?" And tli? husband eoDgrn.fulaU-s himself on how be succeeded iu getting tlie bucket .shop pro- prie-tor to stop bis wife's; dealings without rr.vealijjg Mioir untnre, wliilc she Is u spring 1 hn.t and a dress ali.cad. INDIAN STOICISM. Chocl.!iYp VToi'Iis Kl/rhv I. f j) to LI:c Day of JNDIANA NEWS. Told in Bddf'by Dispatches from Various Localities. Missing l)nuj;btcr In Found. Kokomo, Intl., JUDO 1.—Mary Smith, alter many years' absence, nucl whose whereabouts were unknown to her family, bos'returned to flu's o'iiy to claim her portiou of her father's estate. 1'iC- tecn years ngo Miss SjnitJn clnughter of! a wealthy farmer, inarriecl against the will of her parents, and for this was driven from home and memory, being 1 entire)}' ostracised by relatives. The marriage was an unfortunate om\ Ii: three years she was deserted by her unworthy husband. Abandoned and friendless, she placed her two infant children in the orphans' home, and being in poor health she was eared for at, the county poorhouse. On recovering, she left'the poorhon.se, -wjindcring-.iwiiy no one knew where. That w:us ten years ngo. Three weeks ago the father died. Jt was found necessary iliat. the missing' Mary should be found, if alive, to sign the papers a.nd prove heirsliip to the $40.000 esuite. She was loeau'd at Valparaiso, where slie wa.s eng.igod as dishwasher at a college restaurant. "1KB .TRIUMP is ir.-.rpy, r"u:r\r Every :.-::::: v.":a -,'.' i.'if V. c^ir'rfu! £.:::!:: ". * ; Cc.l::;-.:?:'? Slr.Il^oCiI, p.:),! "ill 1 :-! ,'.1 lr.:t !."• iafomn: I'):•... I.;-M nui-coil.iit must M-I.I'. tr.is r.t-acrin:on of men." '' ' LOVU mi! SJLVJiK l-'riouU.'J of ?<Sv koeplnp: tho System In a Healthy Condition. CURES 2-URES Constloation, Acta, on tho Liver and Kidneys, Purlf/Q3 th« .Slood, Dispels Colds and Fevers, Beautifies the Complexion and •» SHfaslnff oncl Refreshing to tho Tasto. SOLS BY ALL. DRUOG;STS. JTJTA. nicely lllr.siratud eicluy-pajre Lincoln Story Book fivca to erco parchatir.r o* x ^tcfcaze of Lincoln Tea. Price 25e. Aslc you.r dtaircist, or LiNO3LN TKA Cc_ Tort Wayce, tn*. ICor Sale by B, F. KEESL1NO. ROACHES + BEDBUGS * MOTHS*ANTS*ETC» [ .POISONOUS 5 25CTS * BEWARE OF IMlTATJONSt EXPLOSIVE?ALL DEALERS J TAKE NO SOOSTJTUTE* AFTER THE ARMADA: TOiii Comblti'itlon of Trade und FrlTato \Viir Ifiidor lillzubotli. Tho defeat of the Armada inspired £nglatid with energy and hope. Our •people, says Blackwood's Mag-axinc, became bu.sy traders. Flemish traders JraiTbecii ruined by war, Flemish refu- g^eii had -flocked into Unglajid, and Antwerp, the great port for now work! • comiiifres, had bccn^sacted and taken, ling-land succeeded to the trade of which •the Dutch bad been deprived. Beyond the ocean lay a vast world of wealth, •of.which Spain, united with r/ortng'aJ, claimed tlie monopoly, tihcu-cby cxdud- injf'.Eng'lis'h commerce from tho larger 5alf of the. planc.t. Systematic vio- .Teiic-e—'-that >*, the eorubinn.tioTi of trade •with private, v.-at-—wa« the only mode :ur. •tt'h.ich this monopoly could be at- !ME nnived at this covert mar- Itiirie war both .before ujjcl after tho Armnda, and the-strngglPKbeitwcciiKng- .lislh traders uncl Spanish monopolists •were far too 'numerous. ;uid important •io ndmit of pent* between tho two gov- •arutnents. It was this spirit of corn- .tncrcial ojlvc^iturc, whether it be called •,iiir.icry"or a. Iie-roic attempt to rescue tlie -.ttcvr v.-orli'l f:-oui the inquisition and give i L'back to the free use oi' the human race, which was th-e firat.ste.p in the development of throe colossal growths — 'CriU.sli trade, r,;'i Us!; empire, tJie British navy. .."EcIulH'L-- nl a K«volul!niuiry llnro Doact. Xew YorU", June 1. — -Miss Elizabeth !It. Stark, (jriiiuldjiug-htcr of fifin. Joiui Stark, died Sunday In Afunchester, re. Il. v ag,cd G!) ,-\-ears, ' She was born in the Jiouse in which she died'on the old Stark pta'cc. S>lie «';LK n daughter of John Stark, third, and Saruh Fletcher Pollord. hi; was n iiiembcr of t-he New .(I.-impshirc Tiistorical society and tiic Colonial Dnincs, and vice president. of the Dau'jfhtt'.rs of the Anifrican ]ievolu- -.iiori. C'yclom; \ Ictliir'floiitH u> .'Itomplils. 'Memphis, Tenn... June 3. — The -body -ufu white wo'inan, clnjiping in her arms ilic hr.it] y 'of an infnn!,, was fli-iwn from ihc rrve.7 in front of this city Monday. inoth r. re- badly decwmposcil and are sup- •sosi'd to bo victims of the St.. Louis iy<!louf;-or to'li.'ivn be™ lost o.ff the ferry boat .Kalhoviui-, wliii'li was. capsized. ana jumlc at-l'airo. II!., in n tornado last '.vcT-1;. . ' - A "sircut 'ivatcrcr ,\n Calcutta who. jprinkie'a the Etrcfita -from -li watersldri oaxr.ici:l-''OB his. shoulders' .is .paid sbt ' ' liraln, 1'rovlslonn, Ktc. Chicago, June 1. FLOUR— Dull and little wlcr. Quotable us follows: Winter— Patents, s:i.GOji'3.SO; straights,' 52. 23JP3.50: clears, JS.^OiTfU.H 1 : soc- ends 52.OOQi2.10: low srado.s. 41.70®!.00, Sprinc— Patents, $3.0003. G.I; straltfl'ts, $:.CCrS "Of)- bakers', $2.1002,3:1: low sradcs, 3. COG L7G; Red Dog, Jl.2501.40 ; Byo, $:'JC1«.SO. WHEAT— Moderately (ictlvc and lower. May, 5fiS@5S!4o; July. 50%@5S!4c: Septcnv tier, STKQJS-yiCj COnN— Eanler. No. 2, 2(Vi@27*ic: No. 5 yellow, 27-X©27% c anl3 - Sc ' J» nt . 27f/i27MC; ar.a 27 ) ,4@27 : i6c; July,--.27^i&l'-7%e and 288 ;s',f,c; September, 2S%ffli23'ic. 0 -VTS— Lower, with mocleraic trading, Jtine, 17%ii!X"i4c; July, I'^frlSc ; September, ISQUSKc. Samples lowr-.r. No. 3, 171i@lS',ic ; No. 3 white, JSli©10.?ic; No. 2, 3S%@lsy,c; No. 2 white, lny&S&VjC. RYE— Bull and quiet, No. 2 cash, 33c. Sample lots, 335iiQi3-lc, • J.uly delivcry,,a,'ic. BARLEY— RemiLina salable. To-day a lit-' tlo more was orCcred.tlipro havlnffbeensomc ncgymiilatlon over the adjournment. Tho I'eel I ntr was easy. Thin, '!S<0>27c;"falr weight, but oft color, 28lHi2[io. Good color, fair to good weight, 20iij l 3L'c; choice, S3c, fancy a shade over. MICSS PORK— Oilerlnss rather liberal and. demand fair. Prices easier. Quotations riinfrcd at $C,S7Vi@7.00 tor cash: $t;.SOQ O.SO Cor June; .$i;.?;(§G.DO for July, und SV.CO® 7.12',-j for September. LARD— Demand moderate arid offerings free. • Prices easier. Quotations ranged at $•1 1Q@4.12V- ior cash: S4.10@'1.12W. for June; S4.12!X..(ff4.1S for July, and S4,250.1.32yj for Sep- tc-mhcr. BUTTER — Quiet and steady, rather tame. Creameries, 10@liic; Dairies, SQilJc. LIVE POULTRY— Only moderate demand. Turkeys, 9o; Chickens, 7»Mc: Ducks. O&'lOc per pound; Geese,' per dozen, $3.00^ 4,00, New York, June 1. FLOUR— State and. western quiet, easy. WHEAT— No. 2 red moderately active, steady, %®VjC lower. June, (MV£@!i5%c; July. C.l^l@M l-lt!c; September, M!iiJ?i;-l 13-l(ic; December, W&W 11-lSc. CORN— No. 2 fiuic:, easier, June, 33'/«i® 33'ic; July, ''3-l',Ji©lW14c.; Scptombor, S3c; No. 2, 33',i£M<Hlc. i »OATS3— No 2 dull, easier, July, 22?ifil3So; western, l'-Hff25c. BEEF— Quiet. ?i-.-.ady. Extra mess, ?P.OO ©7.00; famlly.'JS.COQS.OO. POP.K— Steady. New mess, 55.7^13.25;, old nicss,.SS.CO(&S.iiO. LARD— Dull. . Steam rendered, $3.3C nom. BUTTER— Modcra.to demand; steady. 'Western' dairy, 7iff>nc: do. ereamery, n@ ISc: do. held, "(JBllc: do. factory, "Ct'lCVjo; 2£lg:lnK, J5'/£,e; Imitation c'l'en.-r.ery, lOiic. CHEESE— Quiet, easy.' Part skims new, 2(8H«!e: full skims, iyj@2c. EG-GS— Fnlrly active; llrm. Western, 11& 12c. '. : , Natlonul Silv«r I'urty Ur(.'/;s tlio Wfi!i.v .11 null to OrRHUizc. Washington, June J.—The national silver party, through its chairman, J. J. Molt, has issui'il from its hcadqnar- tersin this city an adiiress, to the friends of silver. This address u'cites that since the founding of the national silver party on ,7ui:imry -.'; last the work of organization has bi.'ois steadilj' but quietly pursued and the country aroused to a pitcl) of excitement unknown since tin: civil war. It.declares th:bt the convention of the parry to be 1 'hold in St. Louis on .Tune 22 will undoubtedly be OIK: o!' the most important conventions and nulablt: gatherings ever assembled in this country. Upon the wisdom 1 of its nets and that of ths people's party convention to be h'jld at the same place and time depends, tin- address declares, "the vital question as to .whether wt> can haven just settlement of this money issue in our genera'..ion. .Thi; address concludcs.as follows: "The repnWJ<\'t?i p.-irl.v Is committee! to tlir: Koltl standard throiiRli tin? platforms or SO par cent, of the slate conventions, am! ,in.v straddle that may he mnile In Its national platform will deceive no one. The democratic party must riot expet", the country to aucopt ar.y candidate It may name who Is iicqnicsced In by the .cold-wing • oi tliat party. Thu question of vital Importance la for silver men to name n fiundldate for preslclentfTvhost. 1 nomination will ho readily acquiesced, in l>y the bc- Ik-vCTS In monetary reform, friends of silver, look to your Interests and organize now whllu the fr-jlt Is rlpi; for pluek- tiig. Do not wait on Uie problematical action of any party." The sloiu>:in uf '.he. Noi'th A'lnericaii 'ndi::u is proverbial. In l.Jif loj>;T ago when o::i: i: 1 ;::;: warred apiinst another, J'aOl;.:; |ir:s'Oi:ers wore JK-eustoKied to sttunl [orttir^ wil.::out flincli:!;;; 1 . The rr.c't n:;:y lirn'o dc.^eiii.'raU'f.l, b;;t. itsre- inavkahli' i-Isoracti-'ristii; js sti!! conspicuous. A story fold by u. Avcstx>m ciU;:™ io a. ^'\"ashinfi t lon-Sl^r rcnortcr .funiisiiies a g-ood i'.'Jtistral.ioii of I he in- dilTi'rcp.cc wil,!i which even the Indian oil to-day views death: "In the Choctaw Indian nation there is no jail 1 in which eonviutcc'l murderers an; confined," said he. "When I first went to Uie Jndiruj ir-rritoi-v I settled in tlie Chcc'taw nation, and hearing 1 that acer- taiu Jnclia.ii v,-;:s au excellent; hand on ihc; ranch. I hunted him up and asked him if he would work for me. 'I will work until the 20th of next month,' he said. 'Vi'hy not lon,£ru'?' I inquired. '1 ain to be hi:iifrctl Uie 2'Jst,' : was his rc- ply, in an iineonciM'ncd way. I hired him, and upon "inquiry learned that whr.t he said was true. Cut one man has evt-a- failed to return for hanging lifter l;i; h.-;s been scnteeced, und my Ir.dian (.lit! :-.C't prove an exception to Ihc rule. C',\ i he day before the execution v.-ns 1o lake place iic left ns.cnlmly :i.« thane:!) Coins' on a. visit, and the Jjarij;:- i.np- wok plat 1 :' nt the time appo:nf'«l. tie .Ind;:: ers I. eve; him." ! AN Locates a Corn Cuoltoil JDiirins « Stcrin. on. In-.-., June 1. — [nvi-stifja- tions of the blight wl corn w;O]is in this, county cause local scientific men to arrive nt the- conclusion that the eleetrim! condition of tlie iiir clia-jjiff Ois loni.-io'o was different than it 'has ever been before. In certain sections the corn is> brown :ind dead, and can be reduced to powder by rubbing between the hands. It is blistered as though subjectecJ to a most terrific heat. The theory .Ti- vaiiced is fbnt there were electrical eur- rents in the nir Wednesday night th.i-t were brought in contact \\ith the ground by the wind, and thatthey were so hot ns to blister tho growing corn. The matter hits (ittr;n>t-ed a groat <lo.il of attention. T-i r-.:»: nervousness, lack *" G;'r-ror.f.-r,!, '?.. t-ll-'-j^rv, ol-r. i ocrchnr.f/e n. .'i^^ed nn^. wnvr* r.r.:".-r f:-r orvcf 'j-jphsaws, bttoyzzcr ar.'l ]•"'••"• r. 'i o cure iorcvcr cffccw ci' (.-^cuc>ca.i;v:rv.-cr::. r— V7\-, o>c. 'io pivcfnllEtrcnutl 1 ., tlevc^OTirnont sr.d -.c^o t^ i-vcry porticii o^U crras of :hc b^'lv, .A~e 5)0 l)-r:-i<;r. Failure i-j;po::-;);lc. Tv.-o t.'.'.-'.i^.i:i;l i-cferc:iccs. The Ixtek J3 purely racc'ir.-l .ir;l seicn:!."-. v.-.rlcs'iioc-JriosityECCkc^, i;ivu:.:_"::.- t.o ccn >::!v v.'lioco«Ut. A tlcsnairir.it man, 'n'ho ha:l a--;i-\l to -j" l.::n'.i c?;ar wrote: " .. c!l, I tdl you that f.rrt ('.-,- ;'; c-'O I'll i just bfcbolcfi ivitl!> jov. I '.i m.-.tli; one of the best ranch- K:I\V. ar.d •! regretted to lose ENGINEER'S LUCX. W.ITIIDJRAW FKOJT.-' TICKET. Ohio I'foliibitlon CnmMclatu.s Join In \lia Sprinn-iiold, 0,, June 1. —ilo'st of tlie candidates, headed by Alva Crabtree, of this city, nominee for secretary of state, have wit-hclrawii-froni the prol.u- bition state ticket as a resultof the split at Pittsburgh. A state convention of the new national party vyill be called at once and a full ticket nominated. It is. claimed the broad-gangers outnumber the narrow-gangers three to onej Sijg- IJ^t fl^M. 011 itiU « ^2 kc ! 1 throughout Ohio Tn regard to the comity ticket. A Eiirbur'H Formidable Slffn. Over the sh.op of a baxber in the Isle of Jfan, who supplies bis customers with ull kinds of fishing 1 taclile, may be read: 'Tisca.to.ria! Ee.pos-itx>.r>', Tqn- sorial Artisit, Physiognomical Hairdresser, CraJiium Manipulator, Capillary Abridger, Shaving'and Haircutting wiUi Anibiclextrous Facility, Slininpco- ing on An Unfair AttvantuKC. / There was a -cricket match, played in England recently between 11 ladies and 11 gentlemen (not uu uncommon juci- dent), and tho latter hod to-bat with broom handles. The men were badly beaten, nbcl afterward it f.uniQd out that the ladies had "rung in" a clever boy bowler'by dressing- him up in .one of ills sisteir's frocks. •e cl 1 Froi- Gold from Ills Cut) vyimlovr. J. riowlan. an engineer in tbe employ of the fiurJington Uailroad company, recently made, :i good ore "find" in a curicLis ir.aniieo 1 . His route is over the line which vuus Ihroug'h the. very heart of t):c Ul.'ick Hills. On bis trips up and down t-hc road he noticed at, a point tv.-o or three miles north ofjiocl: ford a ledge that, cropped out nt ths sui face near an open. c^t. He linaJly be came convinciii! r-iiat. the appearance o (he rock bore :i ¥lo-iki:i;r resemblance t some rich ore he had previously seen i: mother p.-.rt'of tlx: Black Hills.' He toll a practical niiiicr named 1'ete NcJsoi of his discovery mid induced him to lo cate the ground, ngreeiug Uin.tif Jy'elsor did this he would Jot him in ns an exjua partner. Nelson, sjccQrdJiijjly locatcc tbe property nrdci- the f.amo of thi O.lga-group, ta.kiu<; up four claims in tin location. A sninple was soc;r/cd from the ledge anA taken to a-:i assayer. After testing the ore in the customary chemicals, wha.t wns ut lirsl supposed by the assayer to be iron pyrites proved to be free gold in lar^'e deposits throi;<>'h the rock. Tbe owners are jubilant, ovci their good fortune, and have ah-cadj refused a good oiTcr for fln interest. The ledge can be traced 3,000 feet, and .will average four or fire feet in width. - Got » L>rcnc!ilnff. Fort Wayne, Jud., June 1. — A violent windstorm, accompanied by the greatest cloudburst ever seen in this part of the country, and ten-hie lightning, over-. took ,30,000 people in Lindcnwootl cemetery at the close of the memorial services at the veteran soldiers' graves. The rain fell in blinding sheets for -iO min- iHes, and umbrellas went sailing skyward, wliile women . and children. drenched through, huddled together like sheep or. drifted along helplessly toward home in the great storm. The streets became rivers and water iiowcd everywhere. Shot find Killed. Goslien, Ind., June ]. — llichard Van Tassel, a slock buyer, was shot and killed here while resisting; arrest. The murdered man and two brothers jverc all intoxicated and precipitated n riot, engaging 1 the whole police force in n running hand-to-bnnd fight. JvfarshMl Kigney wont after the crowd single- handed and brought down the leader with n single shot. Van Tassol had frequently sworn to kill the officer. Public opinion is with Marshal IJijjncy. S(;ehl»£ Opinion*. Anderson.' 1'nd., .Tune J. — Vi'illiam Why, ex-president 01 the Amalgamau'rt Association of Iron and SH'ol Workers, is making investigations in the Indiana gas belt laboring circles for the conimittpi: composed of Herman Stumpf, cominissiont'r of immigration; I):- J. IT. Sen nor, commissioner ofJCew York, n.iul 15. F. McSweoncy. appointed by Secretary Carlisle to got her data a.nd frame more rusti-ictive immigrarion , /.'ud .tnothcrtlius: ^ "If you iluinpc'l n, cart ]oai! cf p;r.'. i r.tiay ' l.:o r.syo'jr raothod Jinadone. \vnib 10 the BRIE MEDICAL COMPANY, :•;:;' ,:o, N". Y., nnrl Q>-k j'nr i.li» Jittle book ::, i "C03J1 J LETE SfAXHCOU." Eeferto ; :i^ })^r.er, nnd tiie coinpar.y promises to send th.- ijoolv, in Denied cjivclopi.', without a^y 7 1 "'l;s, ?~\d entirely free, tn-.-l it i ; ; v.x-Ji mlro- (..OBJ. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC THE-«—S-— What Zoa . SAW titoclt.. Clilcago, Junel., CATTTjT:;—Market stendy to stronpor. Fulr to best .beeves, K!.50iJiM.a!;; stackers and fc-cdors, $2.Su©D.Of: mixed, arid bulls; $1.60® 2.*:;; Texan. N.OOffitl.OO. •; , HOGS—Market 30e 'lowor'than Saturday.'s closing. ' Zil(fht, 1 53.C!®i40; rough paeklnR,- K.70®!:S3: .mixed and butchera!, J2.96®3;25; heavy. packing' :^nd ..shlpplnB,' t2.9C03.15;- IS won't do for WOMANKIND no medicine will. For sale by B. P. Eeeallnf and Bea FEMALE PHILOSOPHER. How u Young Miissiicl'iusotts Wife Toote Her nufibiiiid's Dcsortlon. A young Massachusetts wife .\vns deserted recently by her husband on t-he fifth rujniriTsary of tbair-iDarringe. He ran uivay ivilJi ;i pretty o-in! silly girl of 18 who \vorkeu iji Uie si'unc shop -with him. The deserted wife treated the matter "aJmoKt philosophically," according to the report of the iJoyton LTcrnld. She suid there hnd bwn no difficulty between, her liusb.'infl and herself, ;md that they were "very ngrecnblo t-3 each other up to Uie last." T.ut sho, iKlded: "II he is crazy for the girl, nJl right; I want nobody who does pot want me." . It strikes'us that this is not "almost" but' altogether philosophical. • Why should any self-twpectins' woman, or man either, want jiuybody who does not want them—nud not ocly-.wniit them, but .prefer them to anybody else, in the world ? In the savage sto to, or wherever women are regarded us property or as toys arid men as necessurj- protectors, 1 !i different feeling is natural. But civilized 'men, nnd women, too, ore frequently, less-sensitive and unselfish'than the noblest; brutes. ' l ' . " It, may have been philosophy, or it may, have been onJy pride; but the vouDg Massachusetts \ufe spoke \Mtb urusual fineness of feeling. , Kills JliinHClf. Hammond. Ind.. June 1.—Shooting a bullet from .-in ugly-looking pis into bis nioiith ivas the menus employed by Frank H. Slave, of Lake View, to end his existence >.i>n». The iiinn \v:w found in Ccntr::! pnrk within 3CO font of the ccno'.'iph jipcor.-itPcl by tbe school children. -LcUors sbow tha(, he ig a member of Gross Pnrk ComiciT, Koyal .League, despondency is the cause as- pigned for the rush act. SVIACKiNAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers The Created Perfection yet attained In Boit Construction--Luxurious Equipment, Artistic Furnishing;, Decoration and Efficient Service, . insuring the iighcst degree ol' COHFORT, SPEED AND "SAFETY. FOUR TRIPS PER WEEK BETWEEN Toledo, DetroJt^Mackinac PETOSKEY, "THE soo," MARQUETTE, AND DULUTH. LOW RATE5 to Picturesque Mackinac an* Return, including fleals and Benin. From Cleveland, JiS-from Toledo, $15; from Detroit, EVERY EVENING ..... Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland with Earliest Trains . for all points East, South and Southwest and at Detroit for all points NorUi and Northwest, Sunday Trips Juno, July, August and September Only. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, PuHn<=Bay & Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet Address A. A. SCHANTZ, a. o. «.. DETROIT, HlOH. THe Beirait wt Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. Home for Oltl Fcoplp. Avillii, Ind., June 1.— The old people's home,.erected here by the Franciscan sisters of the Sgcre^ ijicart, wa,s fjpjv m,-illycTe^ic;){c(? in the pi'esence of an immense crowd, lit. Kev. Eishop Kade- mauher, of Fort Wayne, officiated, and addresses were made by Kev Father Cyprian, of Joliet.Ill.; Judge Joseph W. 1 Adair, of Columbia City; Luke H. Wrisley. of Albion, und J. >f. Robinson, of Fort Wayne. Kills Sinai! Anfmiiln:' Hunting-ton, Ind., June 1.—A heavy hail -and electrical storm passed over this locality and much damage was done to fruit and grain. Keports from th6 country, arc that ftillen trees are stretched across the highways in many places. The hail find rain killed lambs ond pigs. Two Boyn Drowned. Mount Vernon, Ind., June 1.—John, the seven-year-old, son ot Cr.pt. B. HocU- raan, of the steamer A. G. Owen, and- James l\cno, ngccl 12, fell into the river and'\vcre drowned. The bodies were recovered. ONE-HALF SIZE Of BOX. POZ20NF5 COMPLEXION POWDER bus bocn the Rtan&ird for forty yonja and is more porulnr to-a"ar tfc.'m ever bcforo. IB uio Ideal complexion powde rcfreslifnfj, ctennly. t^nltliful nt:^ li/trmjcsa. A doljcaw, inviiiblo priMgctlon to the face. nttlcrnt Sf.e,\nV» G«r» FCFF BOX Id f;nven tree of charge. DRUGGISTS A.VO FANCY STOSES Sheriff Prcyonts n. Jinn Gmno. Indlnnn-polis, Ind, 1 , June 1,— Thcgnme of bagcbnll s>chcduled,for this city Sun- lay betvvec.n tlio Kansas City and In- dlanapob'n chiba wns not played, ovjng o interference of the ulicrifl!. • • . . MuficlG Tetlfi In Swftr.orlanfL Physical strengtjh is highly rated in •wi.txerlnnd. In several cantons the custom still prevails of holding wresting matches. The champions taking )art iii these athletic sports belong- to he most diverse ranks in the social Ooing For A Lake Trip? You'll tally enloy al) of Its dolltflitt 1 f you lalto one of tlio ;^C2 JIICHIGAW AND LAKE SUPERICH TRANSPORTATION CO'S mm STEAMSHIPS, Sailings between Chicago and Alackinac Island four times every week. Tlio. new st«oJ steamship "Manltoo" Is i -| -viilnir D'il.ic«. Travels 'twJxt 1 Chicago.. i-.'rrtevntx. Harbor Spr}i>s», Petoskey,.', nkinoc Island, etc. ' ' .•'.•. Write for our reusable. reading matter, (roc. or V ask ycup nearest: agent. ''• • i Address Jos. Berolzueim/>'| G.l'.A. ,' . • IiAKE miCH. AN» L.1KE. ' SUPERIORTHA»S.CO.:. Ruth indN. Water St.. Chicago;: J.OHI in rt vox- . •" ' '-Gloucester, 1 Mass., June 1. — The chooner Winona reports that about wo weeks ago John JeflCrcy and a young- rrcnchman of tbe vessel's cre>v went stray in u dory. on the banks in a fog, nd. that nothing has been learned of heir fate.

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