The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 381
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 381

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 381
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Page 381 article text (OCR)

vj?8THE PALM B5Qtf . POST.. RESIM ?7 J How to frost windows? Let me count the ways Zynolite, sold in paint stores is an aerosol spray. Use One coat for light frosting, then two for more opaqueness. Clean off when necessary. 3. Zynolite, sold in paint stores is an aerosol spray. Use One coat for light frosting, then two for more opaqueness. Clean off when necessary. 4. A hand-held sandblasting blower will do the same thing. 5. Frosting paint, made by Sapolin; in paint stores. That should be enough to protect one's privacy. Rubber roof takes place of flashing Q: The shed roof on my addition will ! PETER HOTTON Boston Globe Question: How can I frost the windows in my bathroom? Is there any coating I or material that can be used, or does the j glass have to be etched to achieve the ; frosting? A nswer: Let me count the ways: i " 1. Apply frosted Contact paper. It's easy to remove if necessary. 4. 2. Cut a plastic ceiling light panel to fit the window, and secure with glazing points. JIM YOUNG, GRI (407)745-1286 f - l M 1 g GimelstobC) Better Multi Million Dotttr Club Homes Realty Inc. I FEATURED LISTINGS 7 - ju,! -4 TURTLE CREEK VILLAGE Large 3BR, 3BA Pool Home on Golf Course. Spacious patio faces south. Perfectly kept. $259,000 RIVERBEND Rlverview. 22V4 1st Floor Townhouse. 22 Garden 1st Floor. Decorator's. Charming! $85,000 Each Planning A Long-Distance Move? lines to a tree from the house, but I would like to make them removable. How can I do that? A: If the tree is wide enough, drive two large steel hooks into the trunk, about 12 inches apart. Install similar hooks into the house, trying to drive the hooks into a stud for much more strength. Make a loop of rope so that it can be hung, snugly, over each set of hooks. Now drive a large, round-headed brass screw part way into the tree trunk six inches below the rope connecting the two hooks. Add another screw a few inches below the first screw; and add a third below the second. Now, you can pull that rope hung between the hooks down and hook it over a screw, for a tight fit and a clothesline that is fairly non-sagging. As the rope stretches, you can pull the rope down another notch, hooking over the second screw. To remove, reverse the procedure; release the rope from its screw, lift the rope off its hooks and store it. Vinegar dissolves soap Q: Someone put dish detergent in my dishwasher, and now the suds are all over the place. How can I get rid of all those suds? There are tons of them. A: Cold water will do it A lot of cold water. If you can get the dishwasher to run on cold water, do so, without dishes or anything in the dispenser. If that is not feasible, pour cold water into the dishwasher drain, and keep this up until the suds are gone. Vinegar will work, too, because vinegar dissolves soap. Fill the dispenser with white vinegar and put the dishwasher through the rinse cycle, empty. Repeat until the suds are gone. Placing shed on concrete slag Q: I am putting up a small potting shed on a concrete slab already in place. Can I put the shed directly on the concrete, or should I put down a sill or a plate of some kind first? A: Putting the shed directly on the concrete depends on two things: 1. If there is a 2 by 4 base plate at the bottom of the walls, you can put the shed on the concrete. All you have to do is drill through the plate into the concrete and put in bolts to keep the shed from shifting. 2. If the concrete slab is high enough above the ground. The top of the slab should be at least 4 to 6 inches above ground level. If it is flush with the ground, I suggest a sill to keep the shed above the ground. Iinstall a 4 by 6 pressure-treated sill around the perimeter of the shed (except at the doorway) with bolts, and nail or lag-screw the shed to this sill. have a 3-inch pitch in a 10-foot span, and will be rubber. I was told that the rubber roof is self-flashed, meaning that it will go 10 inches up the wall under the siding where the roof meets the house. Do I need any metal flashing with it? A: The rubber roof going up the wall under the siding takes the place of metal, so the metal is not needed. Incidentally, rubber is ideal for a nearly flat, one-slope roof. It is state of the art for such roofs, taking the place of roll roofing, which rarely performed very well for long, and a built-up roof made of tar and gravel. The latter is a good roof, but has yielded to rubber roofing. Resin drops in deck are fact of life Q: The cedar floorboards on my deck are very nice, except for one thing: a whole bunch of little resin drops oozing out of the cedar. How can I get rid of them and keep them away? A: The drops are pretty obviously cedar resin, but any softwood, including pine, fir, cedar, juniper, spruce, and others, will exude those resin spots, which is essentially congealed sap. If they are hard, scrape them off with a chisel. If they are soft and sticky, remove then with rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol. You cannot keep them away. No sealer will prevent their coming through. They might go away by themselves some day, but don't hold your breath. Paint remover strips brass Q: I have to strip an antique brass and iron bed where the paint is badly peeling. I think the big brass balls on the uprights are solid; I don't know about the other brass, which may be plated. How can I strip the paint? I'd like to paint the iron and leave the brass as is. A: Use chemical paint remover, and use plenty of ventilation as you work with it. Work outdoors if possible. I think a good remover for this purpose is CitruStrip, a citrus-based remover that does not contain methylene chloride, and therefore is safer. Because of the narrow rods and tubes of such a bed, it is best to apply the remover, let it sit for 15 minutes or so, then instead of scraping, wipe with rough cloths. Repeat if necessary. The stripper will not harm the solid brass, but may remove some of the brass plate; if that happens, you could sand off the paint instead. The brass will be heavily tarnished by any remover, but can be restored by polishing with Noxon or Maas and buffed with a power buffer. Needless to say, but it must be said: Wear skin and eye protection when working with paint remover. How to attach clothesline to tree Q: I'd would like to attach two clothes You Need RealFind USA Get the latest residential real estate information on almost anywhere in the U.S. Get it free. Get it fast. Get RealFind USA. Just call: 1-800-732-5230 or visit our Web site at : www.realfind.comrelo RealFind USA is the new service that brings you the real estate section or special publication from the newspaper that covers the area you're interested in. Delivered overnight to your doorstep, in most cases. A service of Recognize your agency's outstanding Realtors. Association members who want to submit an article can call their association office or Mike Hetherington at Residences, Marketing Department, The Palm Beach Post, at (561) 820-4914.

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