Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 23, 1936 · Page 12
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 12

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1936
Page 12
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Be Formal? Nothing Doing, Says Hollywood! Social Leaders of Hollywood Say Flannels ai a formal Arc Permissible, but They Still frown on me Ancient Hollywood Custom ol Party-crashing. Center: Dolores Del Rio, One of the Movie Social Arbiters. Upper Left: Anita Louise. Upper Right: Constance Bennett. Lower Left: Douglass Montgomery. Lower Right: Gene Raymond. Hollywood actresses, to being the colony's social leader. It's the new law when she says, "There Just isn't time to observe the formalities of printed invitations. And certainly there isn't time to write formal regrets. What's more, no hostess, these days, should feel a social error has been committed if a guest telephones a last-minute cancellation. Times have changed, and the pace is too fast for formality." Then there's that old question of a woman, and her make-up compact, and the etiquette of using it in public. Strict social form would put this on the same low plane as the act of picking one's teeth in public. But Hollywood says it is all right applying make-up In public, that is. a point where a man can come to a formal dinner, if the day's necessity has demanded, wearing flannels! "And that's all right, in my opinion," Constance Bennett, who docs her share of entertaining, said recently. "A gentleman Is still a gentleman, no matter what sort of a costume he wears. "Naturally, at a formal affair, formal clothes are in ordor. But, personally, I'd rather have a guest reach the party on time, than have him appear hours late because he rushed home from the studio to dress." ONE of the important contributing factors to the downfall of accepted standards of etiquette is Hollywood's lack of time. There is nothing busier than a busy actor ufilcss it be a busy actress. The actual work on the studio "set" may burn up anywhore from eight to twelve hours. And that's not all. Meanwhile, movie people arc in the wardrobe department for fittings, in the photograph gallery for "still" pictures, in the publicity office for interviews, in Heaven knows how many places for how many reasons! "It Is entirely proper to give Invitations by telephone," declared Dolores Del Rio, recently "And acceptances may be made the same way or even by telegram." The beautiful Mexican comes nearest, of all Constance Bennett Believes a Man Can Be a Gentleman Even If He Wears Slacks By Linda Lane EMILY POST, and all the other czarinas of etiquette and decorum, are prophets crying ulono In the wilderness as far as tho summer social season In tho movlo colony is concerned. Tho new slogan for Hollywood parties Is: "Bo correct, if possiblo but, first, be comfortable." Hollywood novcr was noted for Its'formallty. Professional people seldom havo tho time, or cnorgy, to adhcro to tho rigid restrictions of what Is supposed to constltule good behavior. But most hostesses, until recently, at least went through tho forms prescribed by tho books. And their guests did their best to follow suit. Not so, from now on. A painless and bloodless revolt has been In progress for several years. It has finally reached "Why not," querrlcd the pert little comedienne, Glenda Farrell. "I can't see where the value of etiquette comes in if it means making a woman go around for several hours with a shiny nose or a smeary mouth. Besides, there's a certain charm and grace with which to touch up one's face. As long as a woman does it daintily, it seems correct to me." The feminine population of this movie village voted "aye" to this one, too. Speaking of table manners, you will find elbows parked on dinner tables, this year, in Hollywood. AS FOR the male side of the picture, three eligible bachelors, Lyle Talbot, Gene Raymond and Douglass Montgomery, all noted benefits In no longer having to say it with flowers when they call on a girl, and being able, occasionally, to avoid the rigors of formal evening wear. . "A girl expects a corsage every once in awhile," Raymond recalled, "especially If she's dressing formally. But sending flowers ahead every time you call on the little woman is as out of date as the Virginia reel. "It used to be good form to send candy, too. Fortunately, that little social usage went out of date when they began watching the calo-. nes." Believe it or not, the single social sin Holly- New Informal Ideas Allow Elbows On The Table, Lipstick Applied In Public wood can't forgive is a custom once considered "cute" party crashing. UNTIL recently, a host might invite 50 guests, and not be surprised at all to find 150 In his home before the evening was through. The others just "crashed" the party. No one minded much. But eventually someone, at the risk of being labeled a bum sport, asked some uninvited guests to leave, and the declaration of Independence from gate-crashers had begun. This is probably the only tenet of the books of etiquette with which Hollywood agrees. As for the rest, little or no concern is felt any longer. In Hollywood now, the first consideration Is to be comfortable. If that allows the party-giver, or the party-givee, to be correct at the same time, that's fine. If not, it's just too bad. Shall It Be Love Or A Career? That's Movie Bachelor's Problem By Jean Wright Speaking About Glamorous Stars-Here Are Amusing Things They Do By The Chatterbox there is no immediate prospect of a Mrs. Henry Fonda, the house is already for her. Fred MacMurray says, "I want intelligence in my wife, but not too much she might see through me. Seriously. I do not think that a marriage can be successful in which either the husband or the wife is far more intelligent than the other." Within the year, will the following comparatively small group take the fntal plunge: Nelson Eddv. l.yle Talbot. John McGuire. Michael Bart-lett, Gene Raymond, Dick Powell, Robert Taylor, George Raft, William Powell, Cesar Romero. Henry Fonda, Francis Ledcrer, George Brent. Randolph Scott, Ronald Column. Conrad Nagcl. Fred MacMurray, Charles Ray. Edward Everett Hot ton. Sir Guy Standing, and so far Into the night. '. It a Lcjip Year, girls, and anything can happenso what? FRANCIS FORD looks like he is getting ready to double for Santa Claus two months ago Director Henry King, who Is directing "Ramona," told Ford to grow a beard in preparation for a role in the picture. Incidentally, Loretta Young, who is playing the lead in "Ramona," payed her first visit to the dressing room that was prepared for her last fall the picture was postponed because of the decision to film it in color. GOING to the dentist won't be an unpleasant task for Claire Trevor from now on because she and her dentist are going, bowling in Beverly Hills he is Dr. MacDonald. Owen Davis. Jr., and lovely Virginia Field She's the niece of playwright' Auriol Lee) are holding hands. FOR a publicity stunt, Ann Sothern was asked to autograph a picture of herself for Dick Powell, the warbling lad. "Say something bright," she was told. Ann thought and thought, and finally came out with the following inscription: "Notes to you! Ann Sothern." GINGER ROGERS, Barbara Stanwyck, Gene Raymond and Anne Shirley are among the stars who broadcast their "goodwill" greetings to South American fans via short wave radio. Jane Withers taking all the kids in the neighborhood to the Circus. MICHAEL WHALEN'S pet Irish bull terrier, "Lady," won't have anything to do with him now after he comes home from a day's work at the studio with "Lightning," the police dog playing with Michael and Jean Muir in "White Fang." Michael says it is sheer jealousy. JOHN CARRADINE has removed his chin whiskers, worn successively in "The Prisoner of Shark Island." "Under Two Flags" and "Mary of Scotland." and is he relieved Although they still deny a romance. Gene Raymond and Jeanette MacDonald still go places together. There's really no secret about Louise Latimer's beautiful new star sapphire she's buying it herself! ; ROBERT FLOREY, Paramount director, has written the history of motion pictures in America. It took him seven volumes to tell the tory. Heather Angel and hubby, Ralph Forbes, din-, ing in the Beverly Brown Derby: Ralph's hair has grown out to HERE for his role in "Mary of Scotland." Irvin 8. Cobb wears a cowboy hat while writing. THE house occupied by Frances Dee, Henry Stephenson, Helen Westley and Sara Haden In "Half Angel." Is a replica of the home once owned by Washington Irving along th Hudson River. SOMETIMES it is posmble for tht . buy clothes from the Wudio rdro partment at the completii o? f pictue 1j they rcmg-1 to suit their ccWri iu WHICH shall it bo love or a career? That's the big question today in Hollywood and it's a question the males aro asking not tho females! Aro tho days of bachelorhood waning? No. say government reports; yes, say tho girls of Hollywood. And to prove It, little Venita Vardcn has not only captured Hollywood's famous bachelor, but she has tamed him. Jack Oaklo in tho future will be known as one of the best-dressed men because tho little wife, Venitu, is now selecting his clothes and telling Jackie what to wear and mostly what NO T to wear. Hollywood has more famous bachelors than any other hamlet or city in the world. They aro moro sought after and receive more mash notes than a Vamlcrbllt, Astor or a Whitney. So-o-o, don't hesitate, girls. It's Leap Year, and tho eligible bachelors admit they are willing to jump on" the deep end If, as and when thoy Ami tho RIGHT girl. Great beauty is not ono of the requisites for "the right girl," it was discovered in a survey : of nlmland'a leading men, but that undellnable appeal known as "charm" Is an absolute necessity. An Important deterrent to Hollywood marriages is that most of these eligible males haven't the time for romance The movie colony works long hours, and it Is a physical necessity for them to get their sleep. The arduous routine doesn't leave them much time for extended courtships. Tho fact remains that $1,000,000 worth of Hollywood bachelors are still In the celluloid waters, refusing to nibble at the luscious bait that the glamorous wenches extend. SEVERAL years ago, Michael Hartlett was offered a cholco between marriage and a singing career. He reluctantly sacrificed tho marriage. "I've ncvor been sorry that I chose opera in preference to marriage." he says. "It would have been unfair to subject a girl to the uncertainties of my quest for success." But now that he has won wide acclaim in opera, radio and movies, what will be the answer ? The girls of the Coast are just as reluctant to marry as the men. Janet Gaynor is carrying on a romance with Robert Taylor, and In all probability it will eventually dissolve, as all Gaynor affairs do. Greta Garbo has not greatly influenced the Hollywood males. Gilbert Roland has been dancing attendance upon Connie Bennett for years, and until recently Gloria Swanson has monopo-llr.ed Herbert Marshall. Henry Fonda says It is all right with him If he gets married by next Christmas. The sooner the better for Henry, for he is a man with a strong love for family life. He has just bought a home In Beverly Hills, and although he dm:4)'-i PACE FOUR-B V m ML . Nelson Fddy, W hose Voice Thrills Every Girl He Mvvts, But ll is Still Singh. Tf : Mk'hiK'l hirtUrt, RttcheWi. CiMf: (" K.ivnioiul, BlomW Film tWre W IViVr Lyle Talbot, a Favorite of Hollywood's Exclusive Set, Has Ncvc Said"! Do" to a Winistcr. Left: John J. McGwire, Who in pite of His Increasing Popularity $)iong the Girls Has So Far Refused to Enter the Marital State. to Live Alon, AltWaii J tit ilkamM g IWlMM u - o 0 o o 0 O

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